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Title: Tiny fake foods and a zombie brain
Post by: teaandcraft on May 06, 2015 06:46:04 PM

Here are some of the recent things ( I have been making with polymer clay ^___^

The peas are spheres and the pod was made from a rectangle which I gently smooshed (technical term, there) around the peas. I painted on the faces after baking ^___^

Fairy bread is an Australian dessert - it's buttered white bread with sprinkles on it. Yeah, it's a bit weird, but it's a staple of children's birthday parties! I made the slices of bread first, baked them and then added the crusts with some brown acrylic paint. The butter is cream coloured puffy paint, and the sprinkles are made from thin polymer clay sausages which I sliced finely with a scalpel.

Pancakes are really easy to make! They are just flattened spheres made from beige clay, and the butter is a tiny square of yellow clay. I baked the pancakes and the butter separately and then glued them together with the chocolate syrup, which is brown paint and dimensional magic.

The jammy dodger and the slices of toast were done mostly the same way as the fairy bread. I added crusts with brown paint after baking, and the jam is just paint. The jammy dodger is made in two parts and held together by the jam.

Lastly, I made this zombie brain. It was made with beige clay rolled into sausages and after baking I painted it with glow in the dark green paint. I think it still needs something though, what do you think? ^___^

Title: Re: Tiny fake foods and a zombie brain
Post by: stillatthetop on May 07, 2015 12:21:41 PM
I think the zombie brain would be cool with some pinkish/reddish paint between the squiggles. {More technical terms for you  ;D} Your food looks yummy. Very cute, indeed. Are you planning them for fridgie magnets?


Title: Re: Tiny fake foods and a zombie brain
Post by: teaandcraft on May 08, 2015 07:16:09 PM
Oh my, we are getting into the jargon over here stillatthetop! ~___^ I was thinking the brain might make a good fridge magnet, but the rest I've mostly made into jewellery. The peas are now a brooch, the pancakes are a ring, the fairy breads are sweater clips ... but I haven't done anything with the jammy dodger or the toasts yet! The jammy dodger is too small for a ring (well, for the ring backs I currently have anyway) but maybe if I find a tiny magnet it can join the brain on the fridge! ^___^