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Title: Hand dyed yarns - Knitting and Crochet
Post by: purplerainbowyarns on February 07, 2015 11:44:42 AM
I'm Beth and just started here today and uploaded the hand dyed yarns I make.

But can't find any category where craft supplies....It's for knitting and crochet but it's not knitted or crochet items. I am also addicted to knitting (especially shawls...), helps me cope with my EDS, I keep everything for me ;D And my daughters of course :)
Still trying to figure out how this works, I know there is a basic membership and a payed one. Trying to figure what can I do as a basic member who doesn't know yet where handmade supplies for crafters fits...will get there with time ;D

If you want to see my yarns, here is my gallery:

Wish you all a great weekend  :)

Title: Re: Hand dyed yarns - Knitting and Crochet
Post by: meleriffic on February 07, 2015 01:38:37 PM
Hi. Welcome to Craftster.

If your yarns are ones that you have dyed, but not spun yourself, you can post them on the dyeing board. If you did spin them yourself, then you could post them on the spinning board.

You can make a post on the board that is applicable and include a link to the photo of the item(s) you are creating a post about. A moderator can then reveal the pictures for you.

After you have posted enough times, you  will no longer need a moderator to reveal the pictures. You will be able to post them yourself.

You can participate fully here on Craftster without paying anything. If you subscribe and become a Friend of Craftster, you can then access the Friends of Craftster boards. These are basically boards where you can chat about Craftster related things, and whatever you really want to chat about.  I believe there are a few other perks as well, such as being able to turn off ads.