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Title: Bra Sizes??
Post by: kythcat on May 18, 2014 01:57:30 PM
ok, I'm a curvaceous gal.  I just recently bought this pattern ([url]] ) from Lingerie Secrets.  Now it has raised a whole host of questions for me.

By my measurements, and what I found online, I'm suppose to be a 50F/50FF.  I've always been able to wear a C cup, but the bras I usually buy off the rack, while they fit for the cup size, the band size is usually too small.  I am about to use the above pattern to make my own bras.  How can I be a 50F when C has always fit?  By the way, my measurements were 50 band, 56 around bust.

Also, wondering if this would work.  Instead of the hooks that are normally used to close a bra, can't I use snaps instead?  Would be nicer when laundering as the hooks won't get caught in the washer or dryer and tear apart.

Hope someone can help.

Title: Re: Bra Sizes??
Post by: Nofuelleft on May 21, 2014 11:19:04 AM
Cupsize has to do with the bandsize .......
 An  A cup on a bandsize 30 is a different size  as a A cup on a 40 band .
It isn't the same cup on the whole bandsize range 😜

You said it yourself  with the ones  you buy the band is too small while the cup is right.
So with the correct bandsize your cupsize will also change.

Title: Re: Bra Sizes??
Post by: supertink on October 14, 2014 03:15:34 PM
The larger the band size the larger the cup size, in both width and depth.

A 36B is not the same cup size as a 50B. When you measure under the bust, you generally aren't supposed to add 4" like they tell you. That was when they used cotton and not power net.
For example, my under bust is 34 1/2" so I wear a 34 band. If I wore a 40 band like some bra measurements suggest it rides up in the back, is too loose, and gives absolutely no support.
My bust measurement is 48 3/8", a 14 1/8" difference.
Cup sizes basically go up every inch, so 1" is an A cup, 2" a B cup, 3" a C cup, and so on. A 6" difference like you have would indeed be an F cup.