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Title: art pen case tutorial
Post by: teag on May 18, 2014 09:37:38 AM
it has been quite a while since I have posted even though I have been crafting all along - At the beginning of the year I joined the Documented life project- a combination planner journal and art journal with weekly prompts-

one of the ongoing discussions has been about the proper storage of art pens (micron ink pens, prismacolor ink pens, etc.) for longer life-this has been of great interest to me, I Live in Florida and I find pens, in particular, seem to dry out quickly.
 The Manufacturers recommend these pens be stored horizontally, Like most people I had been storing my ink pens in a cup or pencil holder. After reading this info I started brainstorming for alternative storage solution- while breaking down cardboard food boxes this solution came to me:

Using the bottom part of the box as is I measured my desired height- the second measurement is the width of the box and the third is the desired lip of the cover

I then cut out my pen case

I forgot to measure the flap bits but included them as I cut it out, you can omit them if you desire but I find they strengthen the box

here you can see the flap bits folded in- in addition to strengthening the box they provide a nice finished edge

I then cover the entire box with masking tape. Why? I found, quite accidentally, that masking tape makes an excellent primer for printed cardboard- it took one coat of paint to completely cover the above pen box (lighter colors may require more than one coat)  if you have ever tried to paint over printed cardboard you know how frustrating it can be - Masking tape is quick, no drying time and provides extra stability.

I finished the box by free handing the flowers with a white gel pen, did dots with a dotting tool and acrylic paint, then painted the inside the same color as the dots- finally I used velcro dots on the inside of the flap and front of box for closures

Title: Re: art pen case
Post by: BeaG on May 18, 2014 10:55:42 AM
Great recycling job!

Title: Re: art pen case
Post by: elderflower on May 19, 2014 05:13:08 AM
So pretty. No one would ever suspect it of starting life as a cereal box. Your free-hand decoration is just beautiful.
I didn't know pens were supposed to be stored horizontally.  At school (50 years ago  ::)) we were told to store our ball point pens head down with their caps on to keep them from drying out.  I guess pen technology has moved on quite a bit since then :P

Title: Re: art pen case
Post by: teag on May 19, 2014 05:59:58 AM
Thanks Bear

Elderflower I didn't know that either but it all depends on the ink- gel pens should be stored vertically (in a cup) with the point down-

Title: Re: art pen case tutorial
Post by: Phizzychick on August 12, 2014 01:43:47 AM
Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing how you made it!

Title: Re: art pen case tutorial
Post by: WideEyedLife on August 24, 2014 10:15:48 AM
Lovely flower design and very inventive!