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Title: Need some felting advice and recommendations...
Post by: dude on November 19, 2013 08:04:37 AM
whats up craftster community,

brand new member here. I'm also a guy with zero crafting experience and in need of your vast crafting knowledge. I want to create some quality car air fresheners that will hold the scent. Could anyone recommend any cheap but quality materials I could use? I recently read an article on using a blender with paper products and using a mold for the design, which sounds pretty interesting. Ideally, I would like to avoid gluing a piece of fabric to cardboard/stock. This might be a stupid question, but can fabrics be blended into a moldable paste? 

Apologize if this is the wrong thread, but it seemed to fit the best. I really appreciate any help. Completely new to crafting. :o

Title: Re: Need some felting advice and recommendations...
Post by: Harlan on November 21, 2013 07:14:06 AM
Hi Dude,

You might try something like 100% wool felt cloth. Wool will absorb 30% its weight in moisture which is a good wicking percentage. You can get good felt in a variety of thicknesses as well. Felt cloth is made of a lot of different materials these days. Some is even made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - I have no idea how well that would wick the aromatic oils.

If you wanted to create something that was a bit more decorative, you could use a variety of wool felt colors and do a simple design by combining two layers of different colors and cutting holes in the top layer so the bottom color shows through. You could probably find instructions for making felt cloth dolls (like gingerbread men or nut crackers) some of which are stuffed - which would give you the option to stuff it with something like dried lavender which is often used in sachets.

You might consider wet or needle felting where fibers are manipulated into various shapes. There is no law saying that car fresheners need to be flat. ;)

How long the scent would last would probably have more to do with what aromatic oils you use than with the material to which it is applied.

Hope that is of some help to you!!