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Title: "Zadi's" Birthday cradle.
Post by: P_E_S_T on October 02, 2013 01:03:29 AM
My lovely friend Larissa, has a wonderfully creative little girl called Zadi - and so for her recent 7th Birthday I knew I needed to make her something with girl sensory overload !!!
Her daughter and my son both go to a waldorf school and so most of their toys are either handmade or made from natural materials.
Now, I must also tell you that Zadi has a teddy bear which she has had since birth (we all have one of those don't we) and so I knew whatever I made had to incorporate "Fluffy - the one eyed bear" ;)

The cradle is wet felted around a polystyrene ball (cheating in the washing machine ;) ) from merino and is embroidered and massively beaded. The doll is a simple hand sewn doll and her body and cap is made from a felted jumper. The teddy bear is needle felted from my own fleece :) and then a little bead eye and a cross for his patch :) The blanket is the top half of the cradle cut off when you cut out from the ball - I simply cut it up into squares and then patchworked it (the inside of the cradle is a different colour and therefore I could alternate the patches on the blanket)

Now being that her birthday came the week after this challenge was announced, I knew it was all just fate !

Hope you enjoy the photos please let me know what you think

Title: Re: "Zadi's" Birthday cradle.
Post by: yoopidou on October 02, 2013 11:14:12 AM
It's so adorable, it makes me want to play with tiny dolls again!

Title: Re: "Zadi's" Birthday cradle.
Post by: Helcura on October 02, 2013 09:11:15 PM
So cute!  I love the colors.

Title: Re: "Zadi's" Birthday cradle.
Post by: Belladune on October 03, 2013 07:02:06 AM
How cute!! wonderful gift!

Title: Re: "Zadi's" Birthday cradle.
Post by: HSG on October 09, 2013 05:10:45 AM
Just incredible! :)