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Title: Butterick 5331
Post by: Forteisbest on June 12, 2013 12:01:27 AM
A long long time ago, I started to make a dress out of a lovely dark blue bridal satin.  Alas, the dress was too short when I finished it (tall people problems, sigh), so the dress was set aside.  A while later, I saw the dress again, and decided I wanted a blazer.  I don't wear blazers though, and I don't own any, and I don't know how to do buttonholes on a machine.  Also, my by-hand buttonholes aren't...acceptable yet. :P  But I had this pattern in my good ol' stache, and so I pulled it out.  My finished project is view D, but with B's sleeves.  Yay puffed sleeves, eh? :D

Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, I consider myself an intermediate seamstress.  Meaning, I can follow directions and make stuff that fits, but only for myself. I haven't tried making stuff for other people.  But I do have to do a small amount of modifying stuff, due to myself being a bit different than the "norm."

Ta Da!  Overall, I like it lots.  Butterick and I have always been good friends.  Also, it was pretty true-to-fit, unlike other patterns I've used (being for skirts and corsets and such), where they come out being a good inch or so too large.  I did add an extra inch to the torso, and it's barely long enough, but that's my own fault, and not the pattern's.

I did change some stuff.  I added a lining to the inside of the blazer, because I thought it needed lining.  Fancy stuff has lining.  Also, it keeps the ugly seams from fraying and all that stuff.  The lining pattern was just pretty much the whole pattern, minus the sleeves and the collar/lapel.  I built the blouse, added the sleeves, built the lining, and then sewed the lining the the blouse, leaving the bottom, armholes, and shoulder seams unsewn.  I whipstitched the lining to the armholes, and I invisible-stitched the shoulders together by hand.

Also I added four small buttons instead of three larger ones (you can't see the fourth, but 'tis there).  This was due to the fact that I wanted my buttons to match the garment, so I used some fabric-covered buttons, which happened to be tiny.  I like the way it looks though.  I modified the pocket a tiny bit too, see?  There's a bit of a nick off the corner.  That happened to one pocket accidentally, so I did it to the other.  I like it better than two cookie-cutter pockets though, the nick in the front makes me feel like they're more...real or something.  Which they aren't.  They're fake.  Fake pockets, folks, fake pockets.

To hem the bottom, I whipstitched the outer garment to the lining instead of doing what the pattern said, and narrow-hemming it.  I don't like seams to show on my fancy garments.  It looks much crisper in real life, not quite so squishy.  But golly, it was a lot of hand-stitching.  See those tiny stitches?  That's a good hour's work right there, since I'm a slowpoke.

So I'm not sure if this is a "real" pattern review, since I modified tiny bits of it, but oh well.  I liked the pattern, and it was fabulous, since I had no experience making blazers or anything with buttons, really.  I'm used to zippers, elastic, and lacing.  But I decided it was time I learn how to make buttonholes, and so an hour and a half of scrap-fabric practice, I have a finished and wearable blazer with identical and symmetrical buttonholes.  Woo!

Forgot to add, I didn't do the stitching along the outside of the garment, like the directions said.  I don't like the way that looks.  But.  Other than that, and all the little stuff I changed, the pattern was great.  It really did lend itself to small tweaks, like all fabulous patterns should, I think.  That way, we can have individuality among garments, even if we all use the same pattern.

Title: Re: Butterick 5331
Post by: AlenaSelene on June 18, 2013 09:42:14 AM
It looks great! I'm glad you were able to salvage the too short dress. It's always frustrating when a garment doesn't work out, but this one turned out great in the end!