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Title: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: jexxican on January 01, 2013 01:45:17 PM

Swap name: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: Jexxican
Co-Organiser: ?
Sign-up date range: 1 January 2012 to 31 January 2012
Date to send item by: 2 weeks after claim
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional):NO
Restricted to people who all live in the same country? NO
Additional Age requirement? NO

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: NO
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
- Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: NO
- Does not have any negative feedback: NO
- Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES
- If within the US, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES
- If outside the US, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

Details of swap:
This is a Pinterest swap, meaning that your fellow Craftsters will claim you for something you have pinned on your Pinterest site.  If you don't have a Pinterest but are interested, go here to request one or PM the organizer your email address to request an invite.

If you are late in the December swap, please do not sign up until you send. You will not be accepted. If you still have outstanding claims in the December swap, however, you can still join as long as you are not already late in sending.

Also please note that this swap requires that you communicate with your partner and the organizer.  Please send a PM when you claim, when you send, and when you receive.  People who consistently fail to communicate will be asked to take a break from the Pinterest swap and maybe try again in two months.

Please do not post in the thread until you have been approved by the organizer. This thread is for lists only. Only post once. If you need to change/add something, simply "Modify" your post. The discussion/gallery thread is located here ( Post as soon as possible after signing up so we know you have found the thread and that you are getting updates.

FAQ: Please READ

How does this swap work?
You may choose from anyone's Pinterest board once they have posted a link and bio in this thread.  This is not a chain list swap; its more of a free for all swap.  However, when possible it is nice to claim from those who haven't been claimed or who have claimed more than they have been claimed for. You have two weeks from the date you claim to send your item on its way to the lucky recipient.  Remember to PM the organizer and the recipient when you claim, send, and receive. Please include the swap name and month in your subject line! Please make sure to tell me who you are claiming, sending to, or receiving from. You may have up to 2 outstanding (not received) claims. If you are FOC you may have up to 3 outstanding claims.  Everyone MUST make at least one claim.
What should my bio and link look like?
Once you have been approved, you may post in the list thread.  There is no one way to do this but please be sure your bio includes the following:
         - your location and a brief bio (include allergies in red please)
         - your Pinterest link
         - list of boards that are to be used for this swap, or simply say something like "all my boards are game"
         - whether you are okay with supply claims

What do I need to send?
This swap is for either one medium or 2-3 small items for each claim.  A medium item is one that takes 2 or more hours, $10 - $30, some examples are a single necklace or bracelet or a scarf.  A small item is one that takes 2 or less hours, $10 or less, some examples are earrings/wallets/pouches/bookmarks.

How do the organizers ensure that claims are even?
We don't. But we do try.  One way is that we highlight your name when you have claimed more times than you have been claimed.  We ask that people claim from those that haven't been claimed yet or who have claimed more often than they have been claimed, but there is no guarantee that if you send 5 times that you will receive 5 items.  In fact, theoretically it is quite possible to not get claimed at all.  If this is a major concern for you and you know you would miserable if things were not always even, this may not be the swap for you.  However, I will say that for the most part this is not a big problem in this swap so far.

How closely does the item I send need to resemble the item pinned?
It depends on who you are claiming.  Read the bios carefully.  Read the pins carefully.  Some of us pin items for inspiration and are fine with items that are simply inspired by our pins.  Others would like the item to look as close to the pin as possible.

What happens if I am flaked on?
If you are flaked on, you will only receive an angel for as many packages as you have sent.  If you were claimed for 3 packages and you sent 2 packages and one package was flaked on - you will not receive a swap angel.

What do I do if I'm not being claimed?
If you are not being claimed, it might be time to consider your pins.  Do you have enough variety?  Are there enough small and medium items?  Do you have items pinned that require a variety of crafty mediums (ex: knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, embroidery, etc...)?  Are your pins realistically craftable?  You should shoot for at least 20-30 pins (this includes only those pins you want to be claimed); maybe more if most of your items are on the large side or primarily in one crafty medium.  We have some talented folks on here... but not everyone can do all crafts.  If you find you aren't being claimed...try adding more pins. Annchen posted a great reply about this in the December swap that I highly encourage reading if you are not being claimed.

I hear a rumor that there is a giveaway; is this true?
YES!  It is true.  Each month, there is a giveaway.  You get one entry into the random drawing for each claim you make.  At the end of the month, we'll use a random number generator and that lucky person will receive a crafted item or crafty supply.  We cannot tell you what the item might be upfront because we like to cater it to the winner's interests and needs.  Also randomly but not necessarily every month, there might be additional giveaways so make sure to stay up to date on the discussion thread so you don't miss out!


Name of swap: January 2013 Pinterest
Craftster username
Email address
Your real name
Mailing address including the country
Confirm that are at least 16 years old or, if not, that you have moderator approval(YES/NO)
Your Pinterest link:  

Also, remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find other rules about participating in a swap.

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: jexxican on January 01, 2013 01:47:20 PM
Discussion and Gallery (

Swappers Name links to Bio
Bold and Blue = give love = claiming more than claimed
(w) swapper x/y/z
w = times claimed, x = claims made, y = claims in transit to recipients, z = claims received by recipient
(2) kittyvettech ( 2/0/2
(1) redstar13 ( 1/0/1
(1) elyxandra ( 2/0/2
(2) DesignVigilante/RebelTrendsetter ( 1/0/1
(2) jexxican ( 2/0/2
(1) szuzu1969 ( 1/0/1
(1) texscrapper ( 1/0/1

(2) gamemom42 ( 2/0/2
(2) Annchen ( 2/0/2
(2) lillyanka ( 2/0/2
(1) smashu ( 1/0/1
(1) stellato_escuro ( 1/0/1
(3) dessadoll ( 2/0/2
(1) Sinellia ( 1/0/1
(2) amalgam ( 3/0/3
(1) Koreena ( 1/0/1
(1) Zadok  (
(1) AmandaBL ( 1/0/1

Due Jan 17
*1/18redstar13 --> DesignVigilante for a floor pillow 1/19 --> 1/28

Due Jan 19
*1/16, 1/26 D.Vigilante --> jexxican for a hoop for my wall 1/31 --> 2/4
*1/18, 1/26 jexxican --> kittyvettech for a crocheted cat bed 1/30 --> 2/5
*1/18gamemom42 --> redstar for a sugar skull hoopla 1/23 --> 1/25

Due Jan 20
Annchen --> elyxandra for some nature inspired crocheted bits and bobs 1/19 --> 1/27
*1/19lillyanka --> Annchen for a knitted mug cozy and a set of stitch markers 1/21 --> 2/20
*1/19lillyanka --> gamemom42 for a Sprout Hat 1/21 --> 1/29
jexxican --> lillyanka for some hand spun yarn and some hand carved stamps 1/16 --> 1/29

Due Jan 22
*1/23, 1/28Szuzu1969 ----> Dessadoll Claimed for something from her wishlist 1/31 --> 2/13
*1/22,1/23,2/1 stellato_escuro --> szuzu1969 for magnetic chore boards for her kiddos 2/5 --> 2/10

Due Jan 23
dessadoll --> smashu for the SPOKA hoopla, and something to do with tentacles (with clay) 1/23 -->

Due Jan 24
*1/23kittyvettech --> Dessadoll for the stethoscope cover, casserole carrier and reusable papertowels 1/25 --> 2/13

Due Jan 28
sinellia --> DesignVigilante for something sewn 1/29 --> 1/31

Due Jan 29
smashu --> dessadoll for three dance bags for her kidlets 1/16 --> 1/29
*1/29amalgam --> sinellia for a button jar hoopla and two cat toys 1/30 --> 2/2

Due Jan 30
gamemom42 --> jexxican for a hoopla 1/29 --> 2/1

Due Feb 2
*2/2 dessadoll --> kittyvettech for the doll kit with fabric for her daughter, and something Beauty and the Beast inspired. 2/4 --> 2/16

Due Feb 4
*2/6,2/8,2/11 Koreena --> Annchen for some bath stuff 2/12 --> 2/18
zadok --> lillyanka for hand made rubber stamps & shoe hangers. 1/30 --> 2/25

Due Feb 5
*2/5amalgam --> zadok for an anime related item and a "List of Likes" item 2/9 --> 2/11

Due Feb 9
elyxandra --> amalgam  2/9 --> 2/17
*2/10 elyxandra --> stellato escuro  2/11 --> 2/19

Due Feb 10
AmandaBL --> gamemom for a crafty this & that spider and a little surprise or two. 1/31 --> 2/4

Due Feb 12
Amalgam --> texscrapper for a beaded wire-wrapped cross and a gem covered letter. 2/12 --> 2/14
texscrapper --> amalgam for a set of reusable "paper" towels 2/5 --> 2/14
*2/12 Kittyvettech --> koreena for a needle book, pillow and crochet pouch 2/13 --> 2/22

Due Feb 13
*2/13,2/18 Annchen --> AmandaBL for my version of "a weeks worth of excersizing" 2/19 --> 2/26

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: redstar13 on January 01, 2013 07:44:57 PM

hi ya'all! i'm Alyssa, from southern CA. I am currently in grad school for criminal justice (I am done in April! yay!). I suck at bios. Um... If you have questions about pins, just holler at me. I am a-ok with supply packages and please choose off of any board but not the holiday ones, the "for the little ones" or the food ones. Thanks in advance for choosing me! :) (

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: kittyvettech on January 01, 2013 08:05:23 PM
Hi I'm Tracy. I am a vet tech from Michigan. I love animals and crafting. I have a 6 year old daughter that loves DIY (train them young). You can use any of my boards. No allergies. I don't know what a supply claim is but I'm ok with it :) If you have questions let me know. Looking forward to swapping.
Update...I now know what a supply claim is lol it is exactly what it sounds like. I guess I can put a little more info about me.
I don't care if I get stuff exactly like my boards or just inspired by them. I'm a but of a nerd. I love rainbow, teal and brown and pink. My kitchen has a skull theme and my living room is trees.

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: elyxandra on January 02, 2013 08:17:16 PM
Hi everyone! I'm Elyse. I've been participating in the pinterest swaps since October, but took a break in December due to an already packed schedule!

I live in Ontario and spend my days running my graphic design business.
I love: cats & woodland animals, Canadiana, quirky films (I have a board for these), history, art, natural motifs (feathers, leaves, etc), nature/hiking/kayaking, cartoons, stationery, books and so much more! Please take a look at my boards :)
I love all kinds of crafts, and love supplies as well (I've just started my supplies board).

I don't need exact replicas of things I've pinned - I love seeing how people are inspired by what I've pinned :)
Feel free to PM me with any questions

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: jexxican on January 03, 2013 06:15:12 PM
Hey everyone! I'm Jessie. I live in Roswell, NM, USA. I've been debating joining again this month but D.Vig just joined and I'm liking what I see on her boards so I'm thinking I can make it work.

I am a wife to a nerd ( and a SAHM to a 5 year old boy, 2 year old girl, and a 9 month old baby girl. ( They all love to get stuff in swaps as much as I do so note how those links go straight to their boards. Need info for sizing or anything just ask!

No allergies. I do have a cat and a dog, though unless you're making something for them I guess it doesn't matter too much, does it?

Not really any major dislikes. I like to think I'm pretty eclectic.

As for the whole pinterest thing: All of my boards are open to interpretation. I don't have a lot of wall space, though I do have a hoopla/small art wall so feel free to make something for that. I prefer function to form. I would really rather get something that is inspired by something on my boards rather than an exact duplicate. Supplies are awesome, especially fiber so if you want to send me something from my "Fibery Awesomeness" ( board you would be my best friend. "Supplies" off of my "Books" ( board would be super, too.

Colors and tastes: I wear a lot of blue, but like purples. Relaxing they are. I also really dig fall colors, being a redhead and all. I already mentioned I'm pretty eclectic elsewhere. I'm not usually very girly. Russ is all boy and LOVES orange. Alice is a girly tom-boy. JoAnna, we're not so sure yet. She's a very hyper little baby. My husband is straight up nerd. I think that's all there is to us.

Some things I really want this month: hoops for my wall and a wall hammock ( for my fiber.

If you know anything you want me to make you (glass etching, sewing, felting, yarn spinning, crochet... you guys should know me by now and if you don't it's pretty easy to figure out what I can do) just mention it and I'll see what I can do.

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: RebelTrendsetter on January 03, 2013 07:42:10 PM
Hi Friends! I'm Diana. I live in Southern California. I'm 25 years old, I'm a barista at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf by day, and a knitter/artist by night. I have two small dogs that I love to dress in clothes and a geeky IT husband.

I love hot pink, Teal/Aqua, bold high contrast color combinations, leopard and zebra prints in wild colors, knitting anything, crochet anything, art supplies, craft supplies, The Big Bang Theory, cooking, Coffee & Tea, collecting mugs, reading, video games, etc.

Please stick to the "Want It: ___" boards, "Geekery: ___" boards, or "Fabrics" board. Thank you! :)

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: gamemom42 on January 05, 2013 12:30:53 PM
Hi everyone!  I'm Teresa.  I live in Georgia (I'm one of those rare Georgia natives; it seems most people here are from somewhere else) with my husband of 32 years.  We live on a little pretend farm with a spoiled cow, a mini donkey is who a bit of a bully, and two pgymy goats who are always good for a laugh.    

I really really dislike the smells of smoke and lavendar but have no actual allergies.

I don't think you'll have any trouble at all finding something fun to make on my Pinterest boards; they are extensive to say the least.  The boards that I would prefer you craft from are :

1)  Crafty Wishes
2)  Crafty Supplies I Want
3)  In My Spare Time... Yarn (because realistically I will never ever make any of that for myself)

On my Crafty Wishes board, I have noted any specific desires concerning that item such as size, color, etc...  I'm fine with you using items for inspiration rather than making copies of items, but I'm fine with duplicates too.  

On my Crafty Supplies board, I would be perfectly happy with used items in many cases (use your own judgement as to whether the item is still useful enough to send).

On My Spare Time... Yarn, I have not listed specifics since I really intended to make those things myself one of these days.  If you choose something from this board, let me know and I'll give you the info you need.

If you want to make something for me off of any of my other boards, go right ahead.  If I didn't like those things, I wouldn't have pinned them so anything is fair game.

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: texscrapper on January 05, 2013 01:59:11 PM
I'm excited to join in! I love Ongoing Swaps and  love Pinterest

HI! I'm Summer from Texas. I am mom to 3 amazing boys 13, 8, & 8. We live on a ranch outside of Houston that has been in my DH's family for over 150 years. We raise and breed cattle and my sons show cattle all over the state of Texas.

Like most moms today I try to do everything! I work at a local church as the Director of Children's ministry, sit on the twins elementary school PTO, volunteer in scouts, and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making, and various other hobbies. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store - I have memorized the layout, and frequent it often I am a diehard LSU fan - we bleed purple & gold in our home, and when we are home on a Saturday in the fall, you can be guaranteed that college football will be on the TV!

I am allergic to cigarrette smoke (one of the additatives), so I cannot accept items from smokers.

My Pinterest link is Boards that are for this swap are: Things I'd Love to Receive, Wish I could Knit & Crochet, Valentine Ideas (the decorative Crafts for the house, not the cards :)). Fabics I Love will give you a good isea of y style and what I like :)

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: szuzu1969 on January 05, 2013 06:19:16 PM
Hi my name is Susan. I live near the Lake of the Ozarks in the heart of Missouri. I have a 6 year old and twin 3 year olds, all are girls. They are my life and my joy and I welcome any crafts with them in mind. I am a room mother for my 7yr old and we always have a great time thinking of crafts and games to make everyone. I love just about everything on my crafts for me and my home board.  Thanks so much I look forward to crafting for you as well. Pinterest is my favorite as you will be able to tell from how many pins I have.

Your Pinterest link:

Here is a list of crafts I would like to do or to have done. They are just the most awesome I think.

Here are some jewelry ideas I like

I would like to have some of these for the kids in the car. We often take two hour trips and these help greatly!

I have twin girls that are 3 and in size 3T and 4t at the moment. I would love to have some of these clothes for them. I try to up cycle as much as I can.

My kids are my life and they would love any one of these ideas

This is my favorite stuff hope it helps. I look forward to seeing your inspirations. Hope it is not too much stuff. I am a Pinterest Junkie and I ain't afraid to show it ... show it ... show it.  ;D

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: Annchen on January 06, 2013 09:16:53 AM

My name is Ann and I live in Sweden with my husband Gustav. He's got his own board if you'd like to craft for him. If you love crafting for kids you can find stuff for my niece (Sally 2,5 years old) and nephew (Sam, born September 5th 2012) on the board named Sally/Sam. Geeky onesies for the baby might be fun?

I don't need exact copies unless the pin says so. Feel free to be inspired by any of my boards! Some pins are pinned because I want to make that item, but it usually says so in the description. They are sorted according to Annchen-logic, so I hope you'll be able to find your way. ;) I now have one board featuring items I've received in swaps, and one board with things I've made too. The board named colour/texture/scents should hopefully give ideas for colours and the like.

I've made a "flavour of the week" board. Never more than 10 pins (ok... 11), and I'd love to receive every one of them: In case you don't feel like sifting through everything :P

I do pin some things that can be considered mature, but those have their own board so you shouldn't have to stumble on them if you don't want to. I've tried to put stuff that would get a mature warning if it was on craftster on that board.

Supplies are fine. Used or repurposed items/supplies are ok.

Allergy info: I have no allergies. Avoid strong scents if making for Gustav (he gets migraines that can be triggered by scents). If you're making baby stuff for Sally or my sisters family they need to be smoke/pet hair free (or washable so I can wash before giving them away).

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: lillyanka on January 07, 2013 02:24:27 PM
Hi! I'm Lilly, and I started participating in the OPS last month. :)

I live in San Josť, Costa Rica, with my 6 yo daughter Camila (, and my two Dachshunds Fiona and Bruno ( I love photography and reading, and work as a Web designer/developer. Craft-wise, all I do is knit (and quite well, if I say so myself), but I can't do it too often because I have Fibromyalgia and early Rheumatoid Arthritis (although I do knit as often as I can, because I love it so so so much). I'd love to sew, but alas, I have no idea how (yet, but I will learn someday). Regarding allergies, we don't have any (yay!).

As for my boards, they're all game, but especially the ones called "Craftiness" (this is where the things I want most are), "Chunches Chivas ", "A Song of Ice and Fire" and "Hogar". I have a thing right now for hand-carved stamps and pretty aprons (I like to cook... A lot), and I love love love the ASoIaF books. I'd also like a hoop based on one of the Subversive Cross Stitch kits I have pinned. But of course, you can draw inspiration from any board.

I would also love some handspun yarn! <3 I have some fiber waiting to be spinned into some pretty yarn, but because of my health (or lack thereof, har har) I can't spin it, so if anyone would like to spin some yarn for me (I could mail you the fiber) I'd be forever grateful!

Pinterest URL:

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: smashu on January 08, 2013 06:29:21 AM
Hi! Iím Ash from Ontario, Canada. Iíve been an apparel and footwear designer for many years now and am just about to start teaching at a university! I also do costume design in any other spare time I have. I live with my sweetheart (I call him OH-Other Half) who appreciates but is not craftily inclined himselfÖYET;)

Colors I like: black, saffron, mint green, greys. Reds and purples, generally bright colors. Vintage palettes are great although I generally stay away from light pinks or yellows which clash with my pale complexion. Right now love anything tentacles, foxes, things related to such geekery as adventure time, venture bros, studio ghibli, harry potter, doctor who. In general love fairytales, fables and horror.

I am 5í7 but pretty small size wise. If unsure, medium is usually safe. If you want any measurements at all, just PM me and I can give them to you! Iím fine with upcycled materials, sustainability is an interest of mine and I love vintage styles!

I donít need duplicates of what Iíve posted. If you feel inspired by a pin, use your imagination! For my boards, Iíd love stuff from any of these:
+WANT! (swap, etc) (
+Want - Presents for Others ( [presents Iíd love to have made for my friends or family]
+Want - Ornaments ( [love receiving themed Christmas ornaments no matter what time of year it is]
+Supplies (

And the fun stuff. Iíve got a lot of allergies! Smoke, perfumes and synthetic scents, cats, gerbils, certain plants, moulds, certain metals (sterling silver or gold=okay). With the metals, it isnít severe and if I know something will be rubbing against me that I will react to I can put clear nail polish on it. I also have a bunch of food allergies such as derivatives of corn, wheat, dairy, mustard family, grapeseed oil, anything fermented. Donít let that scare you off please!

My pinterest:

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: dessadoll on January 08, 2013 04:58:27 PM
Hi all!  My name is Brieanna, and I'm addicted to Pinterest swaps! I'm 31.  And live in Saskatchewan Canada with my husband, 3 kids, 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 fish.  As well working full time as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) on an Orthopedics ward.  And yes, I LOVE my job...Honestly.  lol  A little bit about my kids in case you want to craft for them.  My oldest is Audessa (dessadoll) and she is 12, she is my biodaughter.  Our little 2 are R (boy age 7) and J (girl age 5)  They are a first nations sibling set that we very recently adopted.  We took guardianship of the children from foster care in Feb 2012, and our adoption was granted October 12!!! Yeah!!!!  I will gladly send a picture of my gorgeous family to anyone that sends me a pm with their email address.  
My 3 children and I love to craft.  The little 2 more than my tween, but that is to be expected.  I like piddle around in many different areas, felt, needlefelting, sewing, embroidery, polymer clay, paper crafts, hair ties/bands,  I can crochet and knit, but not very well, so I love anything that someone will make for me.  And even though I may be able to make some of the things I pin, it doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate if someone else did it for me to give me time to make another project    We do have 4 dogs (3 CKC Siberian Huskies, and 1 mini dachshund) as well as an orange and white very senior cat, and 2 siamese fighting fish.  I will do my best not to send copious amounts of their fur with the projects that I send out.  I have no allergies.

As for my boards.  They are all fair game.  The best bet is wishlist....but really, if you find it else where, and I pinned it, then its something I like and would love to have.   As for my boards...I will put an * by items that I receive in swaps as they come. (I'm hoping to start a pin board of things I have got from other craftsters.)

Hope this helps...Happy Crafting!

p.s. I will try to go through asap and put an asterix * by things I have already received.  But hey, if its something you really want to make me...go for it!

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: stellato_escuro on January 08, 2013 06:43:28 PM
My name is Katherine, and I live in Montana, USA. I am allergic to seafood, pine and cats.
I am married to a super awesome guy, have a three year old daughter, a 6 year old mutt and a one year old beta. I work full time (plus) at a newspaper, and since my husband travels for work, I do a lot of stuff on my own. My free time is pretty much late at night when my little lady is in bed, so I tend to do projects in chunks. I like to paint, sew, crochet, spin (kind of), draw, make jewelry and cook.
When I am not crafting, I am probably sleeping or cleaning. Maybe I am reading, but that is the least likely activity. My husband wants to get into better overall health, so I am working on tweaking our diets and getting outside as a family more.

My pinterest is: The off limits boards are Kingsbury Acres, Little Lady, Devour, Charity and Supplies. I REALLY donít want supplies because I am about to start a wicked supply sort. But I will make an exception if anyone wants to offload any acrylic additives.  :) Also, anything you make doesn't have to be an exact recreation...inspired by works!
If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask because I love answering questions. You can also check out my blog: I also have an old page for Craftster stalking:
Thanks in advance to anyone who picks me!

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: gingerpeachy on January 14, 2013 10:27:49 AM
Hi everybody!  My name is Ginger.  I'm 30 years old (turning 31 this month!!) I just moved back down to San Diego, CA into my own place!  I just got divorced, and pretty much had to start over from scratch.  However, life is going GREAT now!  I'm currently studying art in college, and taking a few sustainable agriculture classes on the side.  I love to sew (machine), knit, and embroider/cross-stitch.  I also dabble a bit in paper crafts and polymer clay. I recently started making candles, and would like to get into soap-making sometime in the near future.  I LOVE gardening, though I can't do much living in a tiny apartment with no yard or patio...but I'm moving into a house in the spring, so I should be able to take this hobby up again!  My favorite colors are plum, teal, red, and green! I don't exactly like the color yellow unless its a small accent color.  I've been a vegetarian for years (no eggs though!) and I LOVE animals.  I adore cows (seriously, hugging cows is one of my favorite things ever!)  I have two beautiful siamese kitties and a betta fish who somehow manage to coexist peacefully.  I'm pretty big into Hinduism and love anything India-inspired.  I really enjoy receiving homemade canned goods (like jams or pickles as long as there aren't any animal products like gelatin them!), and bath/body products like soap, scrubs, etc.  The kitties are addicted to catnip, and could always use a few new toys also!  It's been FREEZING here in San Diego, so I've been on the hunt for a new cowl and fingerless mittens/wristwarmers (though I can only seem to find mitts that are too bulky and I have rather small hands).

Supplies are fine, as well as used/repurposed items.  I do have more than my fair share of craft supplies at the moment, but I'm a bit of a hoarder and I can never turn down more.  :) (  all of my boards are fair game!  I don't have any severe allergies that would apply here.  Please check out the apartment dwelling board too!  I'm in the process of adding crafted stuff to there :D

Thanks in advance if you pick me!  Happy crafting!

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: amalgam on January 15, 2013 03:21:14 PM
Hello! I'm amalgam and I live in Missouri. I'm living the single life in my little apartmart as I
try to declutter from the past 15 years of my life. I work for a government contractor,but I have a Bachelor's in Theatre and Video which I haven't gotten to use yet and I plan on trying my hand at accounting in the near future. In the meantime, I'm really trying to hurry up and figure out what I'm going to do with my life.

Here's the link to my Pinterest: (
The only board off-limits is the Fitness Motivation board. You can either replicate something or use my boards as inspiration. I like bright colors, but please no pink. Neutrals are ok if they are being used for contrast. I don't really like country themes or overly cutesy. Please, no nudity, foul language, or creepy/gory stuff. :)

My Craftster profile gives a pretty good overview of my likes and dislikes. Unless it can be hanged on a wall or put on a couch or bed, I prefer things that are functional rather than just decorative (that whole decluttering my life thing:P). If you want to do supplies, I'm open to cotton fabric, scrap batting, thread, bias tape, and other sewing supplies and notions. I have no allergies.

If you need something clarified, feel free to PM me. :)

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: zadok on January 21, 2013 01:17:06 PM
Hi fellow craftsers. I'm Jeanie. I live in sunny Florida. I'm an anime freak & a table top gaming nerd. I can't stop reading fantasy & paranormal romance books.  I love animals (I'm a lacto-ovo vegitarian) and currently live with 1 cat, 2 birds, & 3 dogs. I only work part time which sucks for money but is great for crafting time. ^.^' I'm not allergic to anything anyone would send in a package so no worries there. I haven't had a pinterest long so there's not a ton of stuff on it but I'm adding more and more pretty much daily. All boards are game & I'm ok with inspired items and upcycled mediums. I dabble in all kinds of crafts so crafting supplies are always welcome.

Loves: blue, black, silver, tan, purple, teal, aqua, maroon, gunmetal grey, roses,

Hates: PINK, orange, gold, busy/floral prints, gaudy jewelry,

Mehs: yellow, white, copper,

Feel free to ask questions. ^.^

(I'll be back to edit this later ^.^')

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: AmandaBL on January 27, 2013 09:33:18 AM
I'm Amanda. 35. Wife, mom, girlfriend, stylist, cook & crafter. I would like anything from or inspired by my home, polymer, dog or want boards on my pintrest.

I know I am a last moment joiner but I saw something I really wanted to make for someone and had to do it.   ;)

I have no allergies.

Title: Re: January 2013 Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Post by: Koreena on January 28, 2013 07:14:00 AM
Hello everyone :)

My name is Koreen and I live near Niagara Falls, Ontario. **I have an American PO box for swapping with people in the USA**

I am mom to a giant boy who has just come to school at the university where I work.  My job is to provide "cultural activities" for students who have come to Canada to learn English & it suits my absolute love of learning about other cultures perfectly.

My current obsessions include playing roller derby (go Niagara Roller Girls (!), all things crafty, spending time with family & friends, and relaxing with a good book or movie when I have some spare time. Which is a lot at the moment... I've just had surgery on my wrist and so am home for a few weeks... I've figured out how to crochet with this stupid cast, but probably shouldn't since the doc said not to use my hand...   ;)

I am allergic to dust, mold & cigarette smoke, but don't think that those things should really affect what I receive...  I don't have any pets at home, but often spend time/craft at my SO's house and he has a cat.

All boards on my pinterest are fair game and supplies are great   Boards that will probably be easiest to claim from are: "I want these things. Bad (", "Decor Ideas (", "Things I want to make (or have made) for me (", "Crafty Supplies I need (" and "Jewelry (".

I love blues above all but like most colours except for pastels and neons.  I love bracelets, earrings & long necklaces and silver is my preferred metal...  Hand stamped charms are amazing, if you ask me. I love trees, words & quotes, birds, books, silver, retro/pin-up images...  There's really not much I don't love.

I guess that's enough about me for now!  Questions about sizing or specifics for projects are welcome

Have a great day everyone!