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Title: Stencil Painting Question
Post by: thehappycrochetchic on October 25, 2012 06:18:17 AM
I recently tried to stencil a bag with the NBC image on it, I made the moon in the background let it dry and then put the stencil of Jack and Sally on the hill over the bottom of the moon, the hill turned out great but J & S where they were covering the moon turned out horrible, not crisp and the lines were all squiggly. this is the first time i have done one color covering another and i didnt anticipate any problems. has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything i can do to prevent this happening again? i thought you could layer one stencil over another but is that something i should not have done??? Thanks!

Title: Re: Stencil Painting Question
Post by: zzdia on October 25, 2012 10:14:10 AM
Well, I've found that it's not really a good idea to stencil one color on top of another, because you don't have any contact with the actual fabric. It's better to do an inner image first, let it dry, then use your cutout from the stencil to cover it and stencil the outer image. You have to be careful, though, because freezer paper doesn't really stick as well to paint.

Title: Re: Stencil Painting Question
Post by: haroldlovesmaude on October 26, 2012 08:07:48 AM
This process would take a lot longer, but you may try using textile medium with the paint when you stencil. Do the first layer, let it dry, then wash the item a few times until the first layer is set in the fabric. Then do your top layer. I have done multiple layers (not often) before and have had similar results. You have to really make sure the freezer paper is sticking to the first layer when you actually go to put paint into the stencil or it will bleed. I guess I'm not a perfectionist since the slight bleeding has never really bothered me ;)