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Title: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Lists that have already been chosen
Post by: jungrrl on October 08, 2012 10:56:28 AM
For the reference of those who are sending to FOCs, we will be merging the lists that are chosen into this thread. That way they can be referenced while crafting. Items chosen are in red.

Full swap thread can be found here:

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: GatorWrangler on October 08, 2012 11:03:59 AM
My name is Colleen. I am a web developer and photographer and I live in Massachusetts. I like cute things and I also like vintage looking things and girly things. I like nature with both my photography and I like items that are nature and animal themed. I don't like bright, neon colors. I also like to collect things from other countries (non-USA).

a bag large enough to hold a dslr camera and a zoom lens, like:

Hair Accessories:

Blythe clothes:


a laptop case like this:

I love things that are knit and crocheted probably because I am so bad at it. :) Specifically I would like knit or crochet baby items, Amigurumi, or headbands for me.

I am redoing a room with this theme, so any items related to the theme that would work in the room:

My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and my favorite "movie" is the 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth so anything Pride and Prejudice related things would be great.

surprise baby girl related items - size 12-24 months

Something from my pinterest:

jewelry making items like pendants, and findings(clasps, chains, hooks, etc) (No beads please)

-no food please, there are lots of allergies here. Also no items from smoking homes please because I am very allergic.

Thanks so much!!! :D

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: WideEyedLife on October 08, 2012 11:44:41 AM

My name is Jessica.  I'm 34, living in Central-ish Indiana.   :)  Please no religious themes, or gore.  Nudity, swearing, no problem.   ;D

I'm basically easy to craft for, 'cuz I like most anything.  My pinterest shows a snapshot of the type of things I like, but feel free to do something entirely different if you like  :) (

My husband and I have 3 dogs, 3 cats.  We're building our home ourselves, and are finally at the finishing-off stage, so I'm looking for some things to decorate with.  Yay!  Like wall art, or table decorations.  Or just practical stuff, like kitchen linens.

Big wishes are in blue., but feel free to choose anything, or surprise me!


*Any kind of wall art.
*Nudey and/or sexy wall art, or other types of art--hand drawn, collage, embroidery, or any medium you can imagine.
*Art featuring your favorite swear word: like, for example, a lamp that says "f*ck" all over it. lol, or towels that say "sonuvabitch!", or wall art with your favorite swear word in multiple languages, or 4 pillows (F, U, C, K).  Think of the possibilities!
*Fantasy/fairy tale art.  From mermaids to castles to witches to princesses to whatever you can think of.  (Please, no gore.   :))
*Papercuttings or silhouettes.
*King size bedspread (not comforter) for a bed---Of heavy duty fabric, as it would be used to protect the underlying comforter from three dogs and three cats.  (I would love this!)
*An earth-tone blanket, any type or style is fine.
*A XXX size robe for a man---PM for size.
*Halloween decor (please no gore)
*Christmas decor
*A surprise.
*Miniature scenes

*Earth tone hand towels.
*Earth tone place mats that have round edges, not square (six).
*Big eyed frog themed things.
*Halloween decorations (please, cartoony, not gorey)
*Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations
*An embroidery project of your choice.
*A surprise!
*Miniature scenes
*Stuffies, any kind.

*Handmade rubber stamps.  Some themes: cartoony Christmas, whimsical animals, big-eyed frogs, sexy fairies, nudes, artist's choice.
*Christmas ornaments.
*Miniatures or other things that you might put in a shadowbox
*Cute things made of felt (some examples of the style I like) (
*A surprise!

I used to have tons of craft supplies, but I left them when I last moved, so I'd love supplies of any type (except yarn or fabric, as I don't really use them :)).

*Oil paints (even a small $4.99 kit would be fine)
*A shadow box that I can put stuff in, divided into shelves, or not is fine.
*Stamp pads.
*Rubber stamps, rubber stamp supplies.
*Paper of all types.
*Embroidery kits (even one you may have started, but never finished).
*Any extra supplies (except yarn or fabric) you have that you want to share.
*Big wish: impulse sealer, prefer 12", but smaller is fine.  Doesn't have to be new; maybe you have one lying around you just don't know what to do with? lol  I use this all the time for crafts, but my last one got lost when I moved.    :)
*books in foreign languages, any language.

Thanks!   :)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: jillybeans on October 08, 2012 11:56:35 AM
Hi everyone, I'm Jill (shocker!) and I live in Spokane WA, USA with my wonderful husband.  My husband and I are nerds, and currently involved in the life-consuming game, World of Warcraft.  I love to read, cook, bake, and craft.  I’m unfortunately not a knitter or crocheter, but I hope to be one someday!



  • Dress up clothes/accessories for my 3 year old niece, Olivia, (preferably stuff that will grow with her) – this can be anything really (costume jewelry, capes, tutus, shawls, let your imagination go crazy!  It doesn't have to be just sewn stuff, either.  I just stuck it here.  ^_^  Her parents are pretty nerdy, too, so feel free to go in the direction of Star Wars/Star Trek and the likes.  Her favorite shoes right have have R2D2 on 'em)  I made her a box of stuff for her birthday, but I'm going to add to it for Christmas.  In it she has a white fluffy skirt, a tute, devil accessories, bunny accessories, wizard cape and wand, super hero outfit, a few hats, a few silk scarves, a bandanna, groucho marx glasses, a mustache, a couple of yarn wig braids, a couple necklaces and bracelets.  Ideas can be found here:
 • Dress-up clothes for my 7 year old nephew, Isaac.  I'm gonna make him a dress-up box for Christmas.  Currently he has chaps, vest, a few accessories.
  • Plastic Bag Organizer
  • Felt food
  • Hooplas (Themes: silly and strange, whimsical, Harry Potter, Star Wars, hyperbole and a half, Hunger Games, forest animals, cats) Inspiration for these can be found on my pinterest, on my  Hoopla Board (
  • Lunch sack for me
  • Tote bag (I like to cart a lot of stuff with my to work, like projects and whatnot - silly and strange, whimsical, Harry Potter, hyperbole and a half, forest animals, cats, or just something pretty.  I like bold prints.)
  • Book covers (paperback, hardbacks, and young adult sizes)
  • Traveling book bag cover (preferably for hardback in regular or young adult size -

  • Socks (any style or colors, I love socks!  I wear women shoe size 6.5)
  • Cowl
  • Scarves
  • Crocheted Bracelet
  • Amiguramis
  • Little bag or tote
  • Poncho or shawl
  • Book covers or cozies (paperback, hardbacks, and young adult sizes)
  • Inspiration for these can be found on my pinterest, on my  Knit/Crochet Board (
  • Vulcan hat from Star Trek
  • Hat w/ beard (one for my and one for my husband)

  • Bracelets (chunky, fabric, knit/crochet, metal, whatev!  I just don’t need anything thin and delicate)
  • Tree of Life pendant
  • Long necklaces (nothing black because I have enough of those currently ^_^)
  • Inspiration for jewelry for me can be found on my pinterest, on my  Accessories Board (
  • Hand Made Soap (not the melt and pour kind)
  • Bath supplies, like salts and bombs (especially to help with relaxation and tension, I get migraines and bathes are my saving grace!)
  • Candles
  • T-Shirts for my husband, Mens XL, just regular t-shirts, no pockets and no v-necks (Themes: Nerdy, World of Warcraft (Alliance), Star Wars, Star Trek. League of Legends, RA Salvatore, Back to the Future, Princess Bride, Flight of the Concords, hyperbole and a half, Video Gaming, Trigun)
  • Painted Shoes for me, preferably flats that I can wear to work, women shoe size 6.5 (flowers, koi fish, forest animals, birds, trees, swirly designs, moon and stars, Asian inspired, world of warcraft, but please no zentangles since I’m in the works of making myself a pair)
  • Bookmarks (Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, WoW, forest animals, cats, silly, funny, food related, people with crowns, objects w/ legs, Princess Bride, Hyperbole and a Half, Video gaming) -
  • Handmade journals
  • Felt badges -
 • Elegant hairclips and bobby pins (I wear bobbies all the time!) -
  • ATCs
  • Anything Harry Potter, or The Hobbit inspired
  • Framed watercolor art
  • Altered art of any form (altered tins, matchboxes, ... whatever!)

  • Watercoloor paper
  • Bone folder
  • Buttons (any and all!)
  • Paint brushes (I seem to ruin these so fast!)
  • Stamps (ABCs, Trees, patterns, crowns, birds, bird cages, flowers . . .)
  • cupcake liners
  • Wool or wool-blend felt
  • Large beads (I have so many seed beads!)
  • Vintage ephemera
  • Metal stamps for embellishing into metal
  • Stamp carving supplies
  • Corks (preferably ones that use to be in wine bottles.  So much personality that way!)
  • Dies and embossing plates for my Sizzix BigKick
  • Shimmery fabric paint (not puffy paint, though!)
  • Beginner crocheting supplies (I so want to learn!)
  • Fun ribbon
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Crackle Paint
  • Embroidery floss in a wide variety of colors
  • Random charms and pendants
  • Colored Aida Cloth for cross-stitching
  • Beads (not any real tiny seed beads, please)

  • Chocolate (but nothing minty, coconut, or coffee)
  • Candy (my husband pretty much loves everything, except coconut and coffee)
  • Burts Bee’s chap sticks (love these!)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: alwaysinmyroom on October 08, 2012 12:09:59 PM
My name is Linda.  I love this swap because it allows wonderful, talented people who might have had very good reasons to flake on a swap or two to redeem themselves.   To make things right in the universe for me and you, here is my list:

1. Crocheted or knit baby hats. If you can do cute animal ones, even better.  I can crochet and knit, but too many babies are due and I don't have time!  Head sizes should be for about 6-12 months (yeah, I am late on a few!). I have three boys and one girl that need hats...unisex hats are cool, too.

2. Full apron... I have half aprons thanks to my wonderful craftster swap partners, but I have never had time to make myself a full apron...I just want something bright and happy for when I am baking or trying to cook.

3. Art for my walls...I am trying to cover my entire craft room with wall art...hoops, watercolors, etc. Anything not too big so I can fit a lot more artists...say nothing bigger than about 8x10..I prefer smaller, if possible

4.  ATC's--my themes are: the color red, Asian-themed, insects, sewing, vintage, circus, and spell my name (so far, I have an "L", "E", and "S")

5. Jewelry--I love wearing longer necklaces in the winter with my sweaters...I like pendants and funky pieces that make people ask about the piece--I don't want anything too dainty that will get lost in the background...but I don't want to look like MC Hammer, either!

6. Bookmarks are always welcome in my house...

7. Supplies:  I would love hand spun or hand dyed yarns in a quantity large enough to at least make a cowl...

8. I like postcards and stuff unique to the area you live in...this could include local coffees, teas, candy

9. I could always use another cute project tote for carrying around knitting or crochet...something small to hold sock yarn around my wrist?

10.  I have a limited Pinterest so feel free to ask if you see anything I might like that you want to make.

11.  Other: felt badges are always nice

Have fun crafting and getting back into swapping!


Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: mama24boyz on October 08, 2012 12:21:16 PM
Hi!! I’m Melanie and I live in Ontario, Canada.  No allergies in our household.  I have 5 kiddos, 4 boys and 1 baby girl.  Fave colours are blues, purples.  My main hobby is crocheting.  I WISH I could sew, knit and embroider!!  Though I LOVE all things crafty!!

Crafted Items

A swap journal!! I’ve seen them all filled in and I just fill in the blanks type thing.
A heart pouch -
A Deadmaus tshirt on a fitted tee mens small for my oldest -
Jack Skellington ornaments -
A poppet like this would be amazing!!! -
A hair accessories holder for Daysies ever growing hair doodads -
Cute headbands like these either my size or Daysies -
I LOVE this crayon art!!
I would LOVE these but to say SWAG instead for Quenton (even just the cases and I’ll get the pillow forms-
Something like this for Daysie -
A knitted hat like this for Daysie -
I would LOVE the Bella mitts for me!!
A full size apron for me, not just the one that covers your pants, lol, I get it ALL messy when I bake!!
Un paper towels.  I like the ones that snap together
A wetbag for the unpaper towels to hang in my kitchen
An UP related hoopla or a Yertle the Turtle hoopla, hey even a Despicable Me hoopla!!
A My Little Pony Plushie
A unicorn hoop for Daysie
A video game inspired hoop for the twins room, Mario, Zelda, Minecraft
A real life rescue hero hoop for Ethan, fireman, policeman, ambulance, firetruck, really anyone who helps is Ethans rescue hero
A little pirate pal for Ethan
Robber playset for Ethan
A dreamcatcher for the twins room
a fork bracelet like these or or
A SURPRISE!!! I have lots of info in my profile and a pretty big pinterest.  If you think I like it I probably will!!!
Some felt badges! I haven't had a chance to join a felt badge swap yet and I'd love to get one!!


Susan Bates bamboo handled hooks
Sharpies, in any colour any size
Grosgrain ribbon in any colours, and size
Safety eyes, any colour or size
I Love This Yarn in any colour.  I can’t get it here and its soooo soft!
Any video game related type fabric
Cake pop mold pan
One of those Barbie type dress cake molds
Cricut cartridges
Cricut cutting mat
Deep cut blades for cricut
Bone folder
Stamp carving blocks
wool felt


Souvenir spoons from wherever you live
Big Red gum

Thank yoU!!!!!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Calabaza on October 08, 2012 12:22:18 PM
Hi! I'm in the US. I'm 27 and kind of all over the board in my tastes. Among the things I love are Halloween, anything retro/mod/vintage including vintage travel, "subtle geekery", lobsters, flamingos, chick marshmallow peeps, languages, orange, darker yellows, reds, corals, black, white, gray... The list goes on :)

I have a well-filled profile and pinterest. I can give measurements if you need them and answer any questions that come up.
The boards *titled between asterisks* are for me, but all the others are open to your crafty interpretation!

Allergic to: most animals and their fibers (dogs are fine), smoke and strong scents.

Crafts (see my likes above and in my profile and pinterest for theme ideas--and pinterest-y surprise ideas :) ) :
-Bracelets, charm bracelets, wrap bracelets...(I like bracelets of any kind looser so 7" in length is good for me)
-Necklaces (18” or less)
-Pendants to slide onto necklace chains
-Fingerless gloves/mitts (not made from wool, cashmere, mohair or other animal fibers, please)
-Hair accessories: clips, sticks and pony elastics are all good
-Full apron or cobbler apron (I cook a lot!)
-Potholders and/or mitts
-Cookie cutters
-Note cards
-Wall art
-Throw pillow cases (12"x12" to 18"x18". I have the pillow forms so you can send them unfilled if you’d like)
-Composition book cover. I think I’m starting a collection :)
-Rubber stamps
-Button pins (is the right term? The little buttons that you pin on scarves and bags? Like campaign buttons without the politics?)
-A surprise!

Printed fabric
Knit fabric (at least a whole yard)
Different fabric (velvet, tulle, etc.)
Fabric trims (lace, piping, etc.)
Cool buttons
Zippers (invisible, metal, regular...)
Ink pads
Cookie cutters
Post cards
Sew-on purse clasp frames
Other supplies for making purses like rings, adjusters, buckles
Seed beads or a little bigger
Small, round-ish beads (like for wrap bracelets)
Sewing patterns that have interesting details like cool pockets, any size
Fun cake carrier

Continuing education:
-Any sewing/craft magazines or books
-Anything about smocking, especially Canadian/lattice smocking
-Anything about costuming or costume-like (articles on historical clothing and accessories or repurposing thrift-store finds, gothic lolita bibles...anything, really)
-Reprint (or originals if you’ve got ‘em) Sears&Roebuck catalogs

Not directly related to crafting but... I like collections of old short stories and they don’t have to be unused :)

I'm so excited for you to get back into swapping!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: gotgrey on October 08, 2012 12:23:58 PM
Hi, my name is Elizabeth.  I'm 38, married, and live in Oklahoma.  I have 2 boys, 19yrs old and 14yrs old.  The oldest is a sophmore in college and the youngest is a freshman in high school.  I have 4 dogs and a rabbit.  My list will be just for myself, as nobody in my family cares for handmade items.  Me on the other hand, I relish them!  I LOVE to: paint, sew, draw, carving, sculpting, making stuffed animals.

I hope I am doing this right.  Here is a list of things I would love to receive:

Handmade stuffed animals either sewn, knitted, or crocheted.  I LOVE dogs, foxes, wolves, otters, frogs, sea turtles, regular turtles, bears, lemurs, sloths, dragons, unicorns, bats, owls any and all animals really.

Supplies: polyfil stuffing, batting, soft cottons, fleece, flannel, muslin, minky, faux fur, faux fur coats, batiks, any soft fabrics in any colors,  plastic safety eyes in all sizes and colors, plastic safety pop together doll joints in any size, poly pellets, all purpose thread/any colors, all manor of jewelry findings, jewelry making tools, beads, buttons,  art supplies such as watercolors, watercolor paper, canvas, brushes, paints, colored pencils, oil pastels, drawing paper, oil paints, strong glues, all manor of clay, molds, wooden stuff to paint, ceramic stuff to paint, ceramic paints, all colors of embroidery thread, hoops, clay tools, stamps, stuffed animal patterns, soft doll patterns, cards, any scrapbook paper, stickers, $1 kits, cookie cutters, bass wood or other soft woods to carve, resin, old terry robes in brown.

Jewelry, I love jewelry.  Earrings, braceletes, necklaces, pendants, rings.  I really like anything having to do w/animals.  

Figurines of animals

Anything depicting/portraying: greyhounds, deerhounds, wolfhounds, afghans, borzoi, standard poodles, goldendoodles, golden retrievers, old english sheepdogs, long hair collies.

If it is or has an animal on it, I will love it!  

I am allergic to cats and cigarette and cigar smoke.  It's okay if you have a cat, so long as they do not come in contact w/your crafting materials or the finished crafted item.  Strong perfumes give me migraines.  

My pinterest:

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: gozer on October 08, 2012 12:41:06 PM
 Hello! My name is Becca and I live in VA with my wonderful husband, 3 amazing cats, a bunny, guinea pig, and turtle. I am a complete dork and love comic books, sci-fi, fantasy and ATC's.
 I hope you can find something on my list that you will find fun to do.
 Most of my items are themes that you can go in any direction with. I am easy to please and will love anything. Nothing has to be exact if I linked to it. It can be inspired by.  :)

  Pillow like this - or  You can just do the cover and I will get the pillow form. I am in LOVE with the unicorn one and that is highest on my list of wishes!!!
 Wall Art   - Mermaids, Octopus, & Little Red Riding Hood. Please no Disney. Can include nudity and small amount of gore.
 Peacocks  - hair clips, Wall Art, scarf, notebooks, pens, wristets.
 Kawaii - Basically anything girly and cutesy - necklace, earrings, bracelets, scarf, wristlets, tee-shirt womens sz small.
 Star Wars - anything SW related. Would love things for the house (place mats, pillows, wall art, coasters, trinkets) or personal stuff (purse, wristlet, earrings, necklace, rings, t-shirts ladies sz L)  Amiguramis etc.
 Owls - Cuff Style Bracelet, small items to sit on a dresser (tiny figures or boxes). Bookmarks. Anything cute that is an owl basically.
 Stencilled Tee-Shirt - Ron Swanson sz men's XL, Edgar Allen Poe inspired sz woman's M,
 Bracelets or random colors and styles. I love cuff style and friendship bracelets best but any will do. Random themes. I love random and surprises!
 Cute Monster Themes items
  I especially love the knitted deer hat with antlers.
 Anything with Gizmo - hoopla, pillows, earrings, any jewelry, bookmarks, small boxes, etc.
 Skeleton Key type necklace - examples  or
 ATC's (I am sure if you do these you will want to join the ATC swap!)
 Frankenstein - anything frankenstein related!
Anything inspired from my Pinterest


 Oval template
 Random Stamps, any theme and size
 Card making supplies (anything, ribbons, glue, gel pens, etc)
 Tim Holtz distressing ink
 bracelet clasps
 bracelets charms
 Rub N Buff
 I guess that's it. Hope it inspires someone! If you have any questions feel free to convo me!

Title: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: suereal on October 08, 2012 12:57:37 PM
What a great idea for a swap!  

My name is Susi, but I am suereal.  I live in a tiny town near Vancouver Canada, in our ranch style fixer-upper that I am working on as hard as I can so I can get back to crafting.  I live with my very tolerant to my messes and crafting Hub and our wonderfull dog Cosmo (named for the Topper movie and TV show from a zillion years ago).  I think you should pick me because I'm rather easy to please ;D

I think I will start with some themes first..

1.  My uber cute and super smart poodle Cosmo T. (for Tiberius) Wigglebottom, Squirrel Catcher.  He's 10 pounds and black.  I like poodles in general, as long as they are not pink and girly fluffy.  And while he is adorable, I call him my Little Wolf.  There are lots of pics of him at my web site

2.  Monsters.  Think cute and crypto (especially if it is a rare cryptid from a country far away). NOT Frankenstein, vampires and werewolf

3. Real, odd animals.  My favo being Vampire Squids and Poodle Moths at the mo, but I love anything unique, and that I will probably never see in real life...narwhals, sloth, aye-aye, any of the cepalopods (the more exotic the better),  preying mantis and other odd bugs, Luna moths and Death's-head Hawkmoth.  I also like Monarch butterflies (even though I can see them here) and Blue Morpho Butterflies.  I'm open to other exotic animals and bugs.  Maybe you can find one I don't know about.

3.  Smash Ups and Splices (my words).  By this I mean 2 or more critters smashed together to make something new.  Like my avatar, Cosmo with butterfly wings.

4.  Eyes...lost and lots of eyes.  Or just one.  I find 2 eyes kind of predictable ;D

5.  My favo band They Might Be Giants.  I bought there first album in the 80's and I've loved them ever since.

6.  Goldfish and Koi.  They are the theme for my kitchen.  There should be some orange in what ever you might send.

7.  Glow in the dark and things that light up

8.  Greens, my favo being chartreuse and olive tones, Blues, robins egg and cobalt being favo, Purple, deeper jewel tones, and Orange is my favo accent color.  I love it with all of the above colors.  I like colors that jump out at you ;D  My favo animal print is Tiger

9.  Unique things

10.  Circles, spirals and circles with holes in them

11.  Wonky things.  I'm not in to symmetry at all.

12.  The smells I like are lemon, cedar and other wood scents.  Think more "guy" type smells.  And I LOVE coconut anything

13.  Japanese strange things.  I can put up with a certain amount of girly if it is odd enough (like I like Sanrio stuff, partly because it is so overly cute).  I find Japan fascinating in it's cultural uniqueness

14.  Things made from these..

Now, stuff I DON'T like

1.  White, pink, and navy blue as the basic colors (sometimes one needs to use white..).  Not fond of red, but sometimes it comes in handy.  Hate pastels (I know hate is a strong word, but in this case it is true).  Neon colors in most cases.  They can be used as accents sometimes..

2. Things that other folks own.  Definitely think one of a kind

3.  Flower prints...most of the time.  I do love a whacky 60's flower once in a while

4.  "Pretty" things.  To my eye most things that folks say are pretty are a bit of a yawn.  That includes things in the "girly" department too.

5.  Super strong flower smells.  Sweet smells

OKies, so now things you could make based on the above.

1.  T-Shirts.  men's extra large or Large, 100% cotton.  I do wear tank tops as well, as long as they are long.

2.  STUFFIES!  Small med. large I don't care.  I just love stuffies ;D

3.  Wall art.  We have a lot of blank wall space in our new place and I like the cluttered look, so eventually it will all get filled.  Any type will be great, quilt wall hangings, paintings, drawings.  Cosmo wall art would be the most uber bestest.

4.  Organizational like fabric boxes, altered tins big enough to be useful, pouches and bags, pencil holders.  One specific one is I have a rolling cart that I am going to use as my tools cart.  It would be nice to have something to hang on the side with pouches and elastic spots to hold tools.  PM me for the specifics.

5.  I real want one of those fox scarves, in polar fleece of some other soft fabric.  I would like it in foxy orange, not a super bright orange.  It could be knit or crocheted but NOT in wool, or acrylic.  Bamboo would be the best...I have sensitive skin.

6.  Stuff for baths.  I love a good bath, but I have very sensitive skin.  I use Ombra brand washing stuff, and unscented Epsom Salts mostly, but I have received some very nice things from craftsters in the past that have been wonderful.

7.  Mug Rugs.  I use them instead of saucers for holding bowls of soup.  I also always have one at my computer, for mugs and washed fruit and stuff like that.

8.  A robe in cotton that closes with a tie that is attached at the back.  It would need to be XL and I want it longer then any I have found so far.  It's for after baths, so not fluffy, but absorbent is good.  PM for measurements

9.  Surprise me with something that is useful  Sometimes I don't know I need something till I find it or it gets sent to me.  I don't Pintrest and my Wist kind of sucks at the mo.  But if it is one of a kind, functional and well made I'll be happy ;D

10.  Pillow cases.  We have both normal size pillows and some special size ones.  I have a body pillow I use all the time and a small buckwheat pillow I use as well (PM me for the size(es).  Cotton or bamboo please, but either flannel or smooth finish fabrics are fine.

11.  Fingerless gloves in cotton or bamboo, long or just over the wrist.  I have a grey wool pair, but I would like some to wear when it is less cold and not itchy.  I'm starting to have some troubles with my hands, and I think it might help to keep them warm and limber.

12.  Slippers.  My feet are size 10 wide.  They are not so much for warmth, but our house is mostly tile and I need some padding between my feet and the floor.  So a slip on or flip flop type....definitely NOT booty type (my feet would just be soggy all the time)  It shouldn't mater about what the fabric is made from.

OKies!  I hope someone finds this all inspiring ;D

Title: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: craftADDchick on October 08, 2012 01:07:19 PM
Hi! I live in Massachusetts and I have an allergy to cats and dogs (but mostly if I come in contact with their fur, or they've been sleeping on yarn or fabric that gets made into something). I love science and nature themed stuff (science jewelry {earrings and necklaces} is a big hit at work- I teach 6th grade science). I love earth tones, greens, purples and  blues.

My wishlist:
Crafted Items:
Knit socks (my feet are about US size 7.5)
A homemade inkle loom (
Marbled paper
Lightbulb ( (or test tube) hanging vase
Robot dish set (plate, bowl, mug) with (food-safe) painted (like these ( or etched robots
Chainmaille necklace (not choker length, slightly longer)

Set of ribbon spool organizers ( (natural wood color)
Galaxy T-shirt ( I'd love a long-sleeved t-shirt so I can wear it to school for most of the year. Size L. If it's a women's fitted t-shirt, it needs to be XL.
Estrogen necklace
Hand-dyed wool yarn that I can felt
Square bottomed buckets (
I'll use them to store crocheted washcloths and linen dish towels in my kitchen
knit amigurumi critters (sea life, cute animals)- I'd love a knit nautilus!
Knit DNA (
Gocco notecards with a science, engineering or nature theme
A microscope slide pendant with postage stamps in it
(it can be the size of the stamp, not a full sized slide, and I'd love it if it was made with non-US stamps that had a science or nature theme)
Homemade soap (not the melt and pour kind)
Spoon necklace (
Insect in resin pendant
(any cool insect... I love colorful beetles!...but not a cockroach, because they just creep me out!)
Knit dishcloths that have a raised image (like a frog or something) in it
Science earrings (I love these virus earrings ( ) or cool animal charm earrings (I have hedgehogs, bats, llamas, armadillos, frogs, turtles, birds), but they have to have sterling silver wires (and not the post kind)
A set of 6 inchies ( for my collection
Fun 1" pin-back buttons (like the Badge-a-Minit type)!
I like to pin them to my jean jacket. Cutesy animals, flowers, robots (again, science & nature)
Embroidery of Harriet the Spy ( that I can frame for my "book room"
Hand Carved Stamps- I'd love a set that I could use in a bunch of ways (a set of moustaches would be very fun!)
An Adipose (Dr. Who) stuffie- Just a small one that can sit on a shelf
A Dinosaur Planter (
Fabric Rings ( I don't wear rings usually because they catch on my clothes, but these fabric rings are awesome. I'd love it if they had a science or geeky theme.

Colored animal safety eyes
Plastic bags to make goldfish-in-a-bag (melt & pour) soaps
Clear glass tiles for pendant making
Glue on pendant bails (silver)
Colorful zippers (love the ones with metal teeth, especially)- any size
Cool postage stamps (science & nature, architecture)

Acrylic Yarn Odd Balls ( in solid bright colors or jewel tones (worsted weight)

Thanks a bunch!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Belladune on October 08, 2012 01:08:49 PM
Hello!  I'm Kara, and I am in Canada.  I have a lot of allergies, but they are pretty easy to avoid, in swap packages.  They include: Sulphites (found in soaps & manufactured foodstuffs).  Gluten (obviously in foodstuffs, and even in some detergents!).  Artificial scents.  Alpaca (this is probably the sadest of all.)

I'm a spinner by trade and passion, so fibre is always welcome.  I love carded batts, hand dyed rovings/tops/slivers, and even raw wool (although that's a bad bad addiction, and I really should stop getting more...)

I love pretty things, and have a hoopla wall.  More Hoop art is definitely welcome.

I'd love hand knit socks.  Don't be daunted, I hate socks that slip so ankle socks are my favorite.   Well, that or knee highs, but I realize those out of the realm of this type of swap... That's like an XXL!  Size 7 foot.

I love beautiful hand bound books.  I've started a collection.

I have an obsession with aprons.  Nothing makes me feel more 1950's housewife then pulling a beautifully roasted turkey out of the oven wearing a gorgeous apron.

I do like handmade soaps, but the big thing there is that they be ALL NATURAL.  If you make soaps, but add things like SLS or Fragrence oils, please refrain from picking me for this.  I'll become a mess of welts and hives.

And of course, I have a great big pinterest.  Feel free to be inspired by my Craft Ideas and Crafty Pretty Things board.  And any other board, I suppose :)

Adding things!

I have 3 kids (boy -7, boy -4.75, girl -2.75)  They probably wouldn't mind recieving something too!  Stuffies, slippers, small/medium blankets, Stenciled shirts.... There is also a board for them on Pinterest.

I also have a husband.  Stencilled shirts, coaster, guitar/bass related items...

I'd love some couch pillows/covers too.  I've got 16" pillows, and am planning to bring purples and grey's into my living room.

So, I was cruising my pinterest and found some awesome quiet books for the kids.  I'd love to take the time to make them, but would love love love if someone out there could make me 3! 

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Homerof2 on October 08, 2012 02:01:01 PM
Hi I'm Cindy and I live in Alberta, Canada.  I'm married with two adult children and a wonderful daughter-in-law.  I have no allergies.  I love bright colors, even neons!

Crafted Items:

Hand carved stamp with a snowman or scarecrow on it
Miniature polymer clay food items
Rolled paper Christmas tree like THIS (
Full length apron (size ladies XL) in very bright colors (but not mint green or baby blue)
Crochet/knit zebra amigurumi
Snowman stitch markers
Small wall quilt with a snowman or penguins on it
Hoop (cross stitch or embroidery)
   Realistic looking owl, woodpecker or bluejay
   Anything from my FUNNY ( board
Christmas ornaments/items - check HERE ( for ideas
Homemade soap - citrus scents
Tablecloth with a Christmas theme (no santas) - would need to be a minimum of 54" x 70"
My Pinterest is HERE ( and if you see something on there that I haven't already listed and you'd like to make it, then surprise me!


cotton fabric with Christmas themes (but no santas), food, bright colors, black and white patterns, craft related
Lite Steam-a-seam
buttons of any size but please no metal ones
4" or 6" plastic colored hoops
14 count aida cloth
bright colored duct tape (yes, duct tape is a supply!)

If you want to throw in something fun, I like sour gummy candy, red licorice, licorice chalk and sugar-free gum.

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: alteredmommy on October 08, 2012 02:08:09 PM
Hey I'm Cheryl and I live in northern Alberta, Canada.   I spend my days on Craftster and love all things crafty!   I am enamoured with weird, crusty, rusty and a little on the dark side stuff ...any kind of heart (anatomical, sacred...whatever), skeletons/skulls, wit and irony, unicorns and moose.  Oddly enough zombies do NOT float my boat.  I love the graphic look of type on anything!

Anything from my Craftster profile or pinterest ( is welcome

-A smaller (I’m a little person  :D )messenger style bag with an adjustable strap and lots of inside/outside pockets in any kind of sturdy dark fabric/print.  I travel a lot and need something that I can fit my passport/documents on the outside and all the other crap I need on the inside.
-knit leggings ( in a dark brown wool.
-colourful hand knit socks, sz 8 foot
-handspun yarn, I love it all but especially thick and thin chunky stuff!
-Bella mittens
-any kind of embroidered art that I can hang up
-any kind of art 
-zippered pouches in different sizes
-reusable paper towels that snap together (my kitchen is 50’s prints turquoise, red)
-circular needle holder (
-about a 3 ft by 14” wide table runner for my dining room table to put under my fruit tray
-smaller knitting project bags (the kind with one handle)
-flannel sleep shorts for my daughter Moira, womens size Medium not too short.  Plaids, hello kitty prints, nothing too loud or cartoony prints (besides HK haha)
-crochet spock ears ( a set of 5 for Christmas stockings would be awesome!
-small crochet or knit flowers, in blues, greens, reds
-christmas tree ornaments made out of book pages for my Text themed tree

-Greek book pages, old poetry books with TINY print
-2 part epoxy clay
-wool yarn in any colour (no freaky neons please.  Or forest green)
-selvedges that are about 1 ½” to 2” wide, preferably with the writing and colour dots on them
-good rusty crap that I can stick to other stuff
-E6000 that has the skinny applicator tip (not the regular toothpaste kind of opening)
-1/4" cotton clothesline rope for making fabric baskets

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Koreena on October 08, 2012 03:01:55 PM
Hello  :D

My name is Koreen.  I live near Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.  **I have an American PO Box for U.S. senders**

I am mom to a giant boy who has just come to school at the university where I work.  My job is to provide "cultural activities" for students who have come to Canada to learn English & it suits my absolute love of learning about other cultures perfectly.  My boy is super tall (6'3), studies accounting, plays varsity lacrosse & loves to snowboard.  Any gifts that you think he would like are very, very welcome.

I'm also in a long term relationship with my wonderful manly man, Jay.  He is a "grease monkey" by trade & would love any kind of vintage auto accessories/art for the shop he owns.  So far we've redone the shop office floor in retro black/white tiles, have purchased a vintage pepsi machine & gas pump, & have stocked the place with things like old gas cans, vintage car signs & old radios.  Gifts for him would also be very welcome.

My current obsessions include playing roller derby (go Niagara Roller Girls!), all things crafty, spending time with family & friends, and relaxing with a good book or movie when I have some spare time. Which is almost never haha.

I love blues above all but like most colours except for pastels and neons.  I love bracelets, earrings & long necklaces and silver is my preferred metal...  Hand stamped charms are amazing, if you ask me.

I love trees, words & quotes, birds, books, silver, retro/pin-up images, anything unique, practical & organizational things...  There's really not much I don't love.

Big wishes are in blue, but feel free to choose anything or pick something from my pinterest boards


*Any kind of wall art
*World/atlas art or projects
*Anything derby inpired
*Handmade rubber stamps.  Some themes: books, words, trees, birds, travel/world, vintage, cameras, flowers, artist's choice.
*Tote or project bag
*Cowl, infinity scarf or other loose knit/crochet scarves
*Amiguramis (I have a crochet for charity club... we send toys to kids in Namibia.  Your toys would be sent with the package - any animals or dolls would be great!)
*Hat w/ beard (for my giant son)*A cozy blanket
*Bracelets (chunky, metal, thin and delicate)
*Tree of Life pendant
*Long necklaces
*Handmade journals
*Elegant hairclips and bobby pins
*Altered art of any form
*Apron*Hooplas (Inspiration for these can be found on my pinterest)
*Fingerless gloves/mitts
*Decorated throw pillow or standard pillow cases

*crochet hooks and knitting needles in any size
*Rubber stamps, rubber stamp supplies.
*Paper of all types.
*A shadow box  that I can put stuff in, divided into shelves, or not is fine.
*Embroidery kits (even one you may have started, but never finished).
*Any extra supplies you have that you want to share.
*Books in foreign languages, any language.
*Stamps (Trees, patterns, bird cages, flowers . . .)
*Cupcake liners or other cute baking/cooking accessories
*Wool or wool-blend felt
*Large beads
*Vintage ephemera
*Stamp carving supplies
*Embroidery floss in a wide variety of colors
*Random charms and pendants
*Colored Aida Cloth for cross-stitching
*Printed fabric
*Knit fabric (at least a whole yard)
*Sewing patterns
*Polyfil stuffing
*Poly pellets
*Jewelry making tools
*Clay/pottery tools
*Colored animal safety eyes
*Chocolate (minty, coconut, or coffee)
*I like postcards and stuff unique to the area where you live
*Cookie cutters
*Note cards

I hope that something on my list inspires you~ This swap is such a great idea to help people out!  Cheers~

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: microjivvy on October 08, 2012 03:06:34 PM
I live in Florida and I don't care if you smoke or have pets. :D


01. Knitted "fingerless" gloves -- actually, I like the ones that have "half fingers." Even in Florida, we have our  cold spells (though not cold enough for wool, lol). My home office doesn't have a h/c vent and can get quite "chilly".  No, really.  The style of gloves I like are in the following, but I'd rather have a less fanciful pattern (solid color is fine, jewel/earthtones preferred):

02.  Zippered cat bed cover in machine washable fabric. The kitty in question is a redhead and looks lovely perched on non-pastel blue, grey blue, or teal. :D Must fit an 18"x36"x4" foam pad (I already have the pad).

03. Homemade soap: (light) citrus or raspberry scent and "inclusions" for a "scrubby" factor.

04. Fabric lap quilt (machine washable, cotton/cotton blends preferred): I love jewel tones and earth tones, don't like pastels. Lots of mixes of pattern is fine, scrap quilts/crazy quilts are delightful!

05. Hand carved stamps (small ornamental bits such as hearts, leaves, swirls are most appreciated)

06. Lightweight catnip filled cat toys -- kitty is not particular about colors. :)

07. Zippered pouch (think makeup bag size), great if it has a gusseted bottom so that it can sort of stand on it's own (not a requirement). Machine washable fabric preferred,

08. Needlebook

09. Alphabet inchies

10. Quilted Pot Holders (not too particular about color of these -- avoid pastels and I'll likely love them)

11. Brooch - I wear pins with some frequency.  I like vintage/retro styles, steampunk (but I'm really fussy about gears that don't touch each other or do anything), and anything with a somewhat mature sense of humor (i.e., no fart jokes, lol). But nothing too girly-girl, either. Oh, and robots are always a good bet.

- cotton or silk embroidery thread
- vintage buttons (I have plenty of white shirt buttons and modern plastic buttons)
- jar of whimsies
- old picture books or pages (water damaged is fine, moldy is not)
- safety eyes (smaller sizes)
- game pieces (the older the better, but new is okay, too)
- jewelry findings
- leather scraps (the thinner the better)
- used wine corks
- broken jewelry (not plastic)
- vintage lace
- wooden alphabet blocks
- old postcards (used is fine!)
- old photos (preferably with people, but landscapes are okay, too)
- scrapbooking paper
- ephemera

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: pioneer9 on October 08, 2012 03:59:59 PM
I'm Valerie, and I live in New Jersey, USA.

I love reading, writing, quilting, and drawing. I like quirky/ whimsical styles. Nothing too cutesy, frilly, girly, etc. I have too many favorite books and authors to list here, but I am a big fan of young adult literature and can provide some kind of list if necessary. I tend to get addicted to TV shows that get cancelled before their time. My favorite all-time shows are Farscape, Life on Mars (the British version with John Simm), and Dead Like Me. Also a fan of the current shows Sherlock, Being Human (UK version), and Flashpoint. I’m OK with most colors, but am not too fond of pastels or neons. I am always open to answering questions/ clarifying things, etc.

My wist:

Please nothing edible or scented. I am allergic to any kind of odor/ scent (i.e. cigarette smoke, perfume, etc.).

Also, I do not have a digital camera, so please take gallery pictures before sending! Sorry for the inconvenience. I am always prompt about notifying when I receive, and will gush in the gallery thread for you, sans pictures.


*A cupcake doll, poppet, or other type cloth doll. Would prefer a “human” (no cat ears or tail, a natural skin tone) but could have funky eye or hair color. Boy or girl.

*12 1/2" quilt block in red/ black/ white (those 3 colors and none others) for a sampler I'm making. 100% cotton fabric, please.

*A sock monkey

*ATCs and inchies

*A stuffie monster, cute or whimsical

*Wall art (painting, cross stitch, mini art quilt)

*I'm currently working on two art journals/ altered books... one is entitled "We're All Freaks Here: A Book of Differences," and the other is on my favorite TV shows. Any kind of flat 8" or smaller art work or ephemera would be cool.

*I collect pinback buttons 1"-1 1/4"

*anything Farscape :)


*Shiva Paintstiks. Used are fine.
*Derwent Inktense colred pencils. Used are fine.
*Cotton fabric for quilting projects, particularly marbles and fun novelties. Anything from 5" squares to yardage.
*A brayer
*Any kind of art journaling or art quilting magazines, used/ old are fine
*Vintage photos of people (1940’s or before)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Mountains and Clouds on October 08, 2012 04:13:57 PM
Hi!  I'm Sara, on O`ahu, HI (US postage).  I'm 27 and live with my husband and two silly cats.  I'm not allergic to anything, but prefer no smoke.  I teach music and band at a middle school on the other side of the island, so I spend some time in the car :)

As far as crafting, I love to draw and paint, and I love to make and receive tiny things!  I am still trying to figure out how to get past simple knitting and crocheting.  I love trying new things all the time!!

Crafted Items:

-A gig bag for my baroque oboe.  I can get the measurements and everything, and I have an example of an old one, but it's icky!

-Any and all ATCs... make a series!  Be creative!  Do what you want, but I love ATCs, and I love when the artist has a choice about what to make!

-A doll/poppet- can be poseable, or sewn, or both!  I love dolls.  Please lean toward cute rather than creepy...

-Wall décor for my classroom (middle school).

-tiny anything.  Seriously.

-handmade book, journal, zine, etc.  I want to find out who you are!


-Altered matchbox or altoid tin, either artist choice theme or surprise me through stalking!

-a Hearty Coffee Mug!

-handmade soap

-a tiny diarama- any theme you want!

-a lunch box- for me!

-an awesome, reuseable Advent Calendar!!!!

-a mug rug! Any theme, I love happy bright colors!

-handmade games or puzzles (such as a piecepack-

-your photography prints

-here's my pinterest!  I love surprises!


-polymer clay- any and all kinds and colors.

-Paper crafting supplies- from scrapbook paper to glue dots to whatever

-Metal Findings­  anything really.  I love little stuff!

-Speedball Speedy Carve- the pink stuff!

-Felting Needles and/or Roving

-Yarn- I'm still playing around with whether or not I know how to knit and crochet!

-markers, pens, etc... can never have enough of these!

-epoxy resin

-ink pads- for stamping

-safety eyes for amigurumi

-any random dollhouse miniatures

-paperclay- any brand is fine!

Random other things:

-coffee (local to your area would be awesome!)

-candles- love cinnamony scents!

-your local candy/snack

Thanks so much for looking! : )

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: SevsOnlyGirl on October 08, 2012 04:33:49 PM
Hi!  I'm Dawn - I'm somewhere in my 40's, married 13 years, have 2 kids, no pets. I live in mid-Michigan.  I'm allergic to smoke, dog hair and strong perfumey smells.  My pinterest is  I work at a college so am surrounded by students all the time and love to have new and interesting things!

A Purse - I have lots on my pinterest!  Nothing huge, I'm only 5' tall. :)
A new wallet - something with lots of space
crochet hats for winter - the slouchy kind - LOVE them! Jewel tones or dark colors
crochet or knit fingerless gloves - dark colors or jewel tones
steampunk or victorian themed jewelry
Anything with Morticia Addams on it
gothy, cute stenciled tees in size XL in womens fitted
Anything Doctor Who related - my favorite is #10
Nook Tablet case with pocket for stuff (id, money, whatnot)
A mugrug for my cocoa and cookies - any color, any pattern, be fun!
cowl or infinity scarf
Anything you are inspired to make by my Pinterest boards!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: dreadlocklove on October 08, 2012 04:42:10 PM
Hello everyone!  My name is Jessica and I live in Northern Ontario, Canada with my partner and two young kids.  I am passionate about Energy Healing.  I'm a Usui Reiki Master and also pursuing studies in the Intuitive and Natural Health fields. 

If you'd like to help me get started by crafting business-related gifts, that would be appreciated.  Just contact me for the details.

Themes that may help to inspire you:  Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Vegan and Whole Foods Cooking, Homesteading, Consciousness.

I'm fairly health-oriented and am becoming increasingly conscious about what I eat.  I follow a vegan diet and try to eat as naturally as I can.  Please keep this in mind if you'd like to send food.

All colours that have that burnt tone to them are great and solid prints or those with very subtle patterns are most appealing.  I prefer natural fabrics/fibers.

I'm open to receiving items listed on or inspired by my Pinterest list (  I also have an Etsy ( and ( list.

Thanks for considering me!


- Handspun yarn
- Notched drop spindle
- All-natural incense
- Ceramic soap dish
- Wallhangings
- Pixie hood (I have big head full of dreads so it must be big enough)
- Knitted/crocheted socks or yoga socks
- CP soap (natural fragrances only please)
- Peace flags
- Drum Bag (Contact me for details)
- Psychedelic peace flag
- Hooded Scarf
- Silkscreened or embroidered shirt in any theme mentioned above
- Wind chime
- Yoga pants
- Pure beeswax candles
- Quilted laptop case
- Ipod case
- Knitting needle roll
- Any pottery
- Fabric bowls
- Poncho
- Spirit doll
- Polymer faces, similar to the ones in the example but finished (with holes on the sides)


- T-shirts (silk-screened, appliqued, etc) for Brahmi, almost 4 years:  dinosaur, heavy equipment, or tools themes
- T-shirts (silk-screened, appliqued, etc) for Ava, 5 years:  fairy, princess or gymnastics themes

Gathered Roots

I would love to have some business items created! 

- Breathe sign
- Handmade appointment book (with template inserts)
- Custom "Gathered Roots" stamp
- Business hours window decal
- Reiki/massage table fleece pad set

- Etc.  If you'd like to help out with this, please contact me for further details.



- Hemp, bamboo, organic or sustainable fabrics
- Quilting squares/rulers (except for 9.5 inches)
- 100% cotton thread
- 100% cotton fabric
- Wood buttons
- Quilting books/magazines


- Knitting needles (7.0mm and below or all circle sizes)
- Jumbo crochet hooks (9.0 and over)
- Sustainable yarns
- Niddy noddy

Fiber Spinning

- Handpainted roving
- Skein winder/yarn swift
- Niddy noddy
- Naturally coloured roving
- Spinning wheel (ha!)

CP Soap/Body Making Products

- Wooden soap molds
- Large round bath bomb molds
- Wavy soap cutter
- Preservatives
- Metal tins (new only please!)
- Soap beveller
- Stainless steel mitre block
- Tart melt containers (new only please!)


Salts (except Epsom and Sea salts.  No table salt either...)
Pure beeswax


- Organic Seeds
- Tincture dropper bottles (new only please!)


- Mosaic tile pieces
- Wooden discs to make drop spindles
- Wool felt
- Crystals and gemstones
- Ceramic/porcelain paint pens/markers
- Fimo
- Fimo face moulds

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: kjlutz on October 08, 2012 05:24:05 PM
About me:
I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and a house full of stuffies (a growing group led by one very opinionated stuffed puppy), and a toddler (who has her own growing army of stuffies).  I am a graduate student (finishing my PhD in Transportation Planning) and really can't decide what the future holds...

I would very strongly prefer if things came from a smoke free home due to allergies.  I have sensitive skin and cannot wear jewellery.

My favourite colours are black, dark purple, and red (especially dark or cranberry coloured reds).

I am always happy to answer questions, or provide clarification as I know I am not always as specific as I should be.  I am on pinterest: and there are ideas there of things I like for sure. 

I love M*A*S*H, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, CBC Radio and Calvin and Hobbes so just about anything related to those themes will be loved.

My toddler loves squirrels, foxes, tractors, farm animals, dogs, and her stuffed piggy.   

My Wishlist:
Big Things
A stuffed puppy of any variety
An orange cat puppet or stuffie like this (
A wallet similar in style to this one ( out of cute or plaid fabric.
Felted Frog Flipper Slippers to look like Kermit the Frog’s Feet (I have wide Ladies Size 6 feet—I can provide measurements if necessary)
A Coraline Doll
A busy book for my toddler (talk to me if you have questions  there are some ideas of things I like on my pinterest and she loved doing up clips, snaps and zippers)
A zippered knitting needle case (similar in style to this one for either double points or longs needles, or both.

Not so Big Things
Toy food or other pretend items for the toddler (she's getting a kitchen for Christmas and we would love some food to put in it--she loves pasta, broccoli, carrots, bagels with cream cheese, and lots of other foods and just about anything will be loved)   
Hand Carved Stamps (nature themed, science themed (esp Erlenmeyer flasks), transportation themed, snowflakes, or any of the above mentioned themes)
Embroidered, screened, or stenciled hankies
Cloth pads (with snap wings, and a waterproof layer)
Size 2T clothing incorporating any listed themes
Altered board books including any of the themes listed here.
Stitch markers (for knitting or crochet)
Handmade Cards (fairly multi purpose, would love if they had messages on the inside though (I have trouble filling all the empty space in blank cards))
Fabric napkins
Handmade soap especially spiced and other food scents

Any of Alan Dart's Wallace and Gromit or Shaun the Sheep Knitting Patterns
Alan Dart’s Westie Knitting Pattern
Novelty Fabrics (I am making an I-Spy Quilt so anything with a full image on it is great)
Buttons for clothing projects
Space themed fabrics or star trek coloured (black, blue, red, gold) fabrics for a Teesha Moore Style bag
Embroidery Floss
Clips like these (
Steam Punk bits and pieces
Beatles Fabric!!!

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Casey1201 on October 08, 2012 05:27:21 PM
Hello, I am Casey. I live in Southern Colorado but am originally from San Diego (quite the change). I am engaged to my guy of 5 years and we have 3 fur kiddos (dogs). I work as an Animal Welfare Officer for the Humane Society and love my job. I love color, mustard and teal are my favorites. I would love anything handmade. We are planning for a wedding that will be mostly DIY so those items are helpful!
-Chargers themed garter set like this:
-Camera bag like this:
-Paw Stockings for my doggies:
-Fabric bunting in pale yellows, teal, and off white
-Boot Socks
-Cowl neck scarf:
-Hoopla from my pinterest:
-Hunger Games coffee cup:
-Weekender Bag
-Fleece Hydrangea pillow in cream:
-Homemade beer soap
-Maxi skirt
-Slumped wine bottle cutting board
-I’m Fine tshirt in mens XL:
-Wedding Guest Book pens:
-Burlap stockings, Mr and Mrs.:
-Screen Printed “Trust me, I’m an Electrician” mens sz XL:
-Heating pad
-Very Sturdy bag for work stuff that says “I rescue dogs, what’s your super power?”
-Long feather earrings:
-Really anything off my Pinterest as well, link in signature
-fabric alphabet for a girl
-crochet Merida doll from the movie Brave:
-Christmas advent calendar, pretty open to any style
-summer theme yarn wreath, again, pretty open to any ideas
-"Texas is a State of Mind" wall art
-Beer soap
-San Diego Chargers lanyard
-Meatloaf Poppet:
-Crochet headbands:
-This embroidery:
-"Yall" screen printed shirt size small:
-Camo stocking personalized with "Chris"

-vintage jewelry, broken or not
-novelty fabric
-vintage fabrics

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: LadybugsAndBumblebees on October 08, 2012 05:43:14 PM
Hi!  I'm Barbara, (a.k.a.-"Miss Barbara") and I live in the United States with my husband and two daughters.  I am a preschool teacher for 'at risk' students and greatly enjoy working with them.  Thank you in advance if you choose to send to me!  ;)

I don't have allergies, but the rest of my family has slight allergies.  I can receive from a person who has pets, as long as the craft and the supplies for it are kept away from the pet(s).  No sender who smokes, or who has smokers in his/her home, please.  Thanks.

Here's my list:

-Holiday cards that are winter themed (non-religious, generic type, please...i.e.-like snowman or tree themed...)
-Gift bows made out of magazines, etc...
-Decorated journal
-small origami stars
-paper beads

-pocketbook (on the large side, please)
-keyring with mini purse attached (big enough to carry some money and my license)
-a nifty themed, whimsical pincushion
-table runner for my coffee table or for my kitchen table (PM me for measurements)
-dotee(s) in any of my favorite themes
-lavender scented sachets
-tote bag

-homespun yarn
-koolaid dyed yarn
-yarn pom poms in every color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, grey, pink)  (PLEASE make these as durable as you can, I would like to use them with my preschoolers to teach them colors, and they are hard on things.)
-chunky, loose infinity scarf

-a Tree of Life pendant
-bow tie necklace (long, please)
-mustache necklace (long, please)

-something with the following quote on it:  "Ahhh...I see the screw up fairy has visited us again!"
-handcarved stamp representing me and my three kids
-a piece of wall art, depicting the word O'hana, and perhaps the quote:  "O' means family.  It means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.  O'hana."
-decorated headband (please use the hard, plastic, u-shaped ones)

-pens (black or blue)
-pigment to color resin
-YARN!  (Red Heart acrylic is just fine by me!  :D)
-jewelry making supplies
-postcards from where you live
-scrabble tiles
-silicone molds for resin

I have a full wist and Craftster profile, which can give you ideas/inspiration/themes, can also PM me if you choose me, I love to gab!  

*I am unable to take and post photos, so if you choose me, it would be MUCH appreciated if you could take and post photos of the items you send me, if I am chosen.  Thank you so much!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: underthemountain on October 08, 2012 06:30:10 PM
Hi, I'm Roxanne and I live in MD, though I am a Hawaii girl at heart!  My daughter Lana (8 years old) has grown up on Craftster love from all of you. Now we try to pass that back to the community by crafting for charity together and doing an occasional craft fair!

Crafted items:

Would love any of these items, or a special surprise of your choosing for Lana.  Craft your passion!!

- any cute amigurumi for Lana and her BFF

- embroidered tee size 12 kids for Lana...anything cute!

- bleached/painted galaxy tee size 12 kids for Lana

- bleached/painted galaxy shoes size 4 kids for Lana

- pj bottoms for Lana--flannel would be great!

- superhero onesies for my nephew due in Dec--would love superman, batman, green lantern, think DC!

- handmade soap (not melt and pour) for my sis

- felt owl ornaments

- 12 felt piggy banks for Lana's classmates

- 5" x 7" or larger cotton (not flannel please) lined zippered pouches made with Japanese or cute fabric.

- painted alphabet rocks like these

- a knit DNA scarf

- 75 of the same item for the kids at the NIH Children's Inn Thoughtful Treasures program.  Ideas: origami, bookmarks, pillow blanks


- Urban Thread embroidery PES files in my Pinterest

- bead soup!

- sterling silver findings of any sort…beadcaps, ear wire, etc. Can be any amount, but would appreciate them in pairs.
- small metal findings for my Steampunk jewelry, esp love sparrows, owls, monkeys

- exotic chicken feathers or pelts for my hubby's fly tying (please PM me so that I can make sure that he doesn’t already have some)

- any unloved Cricut cartridges w/keypad

- used Cuttlebug or Sizzix for my felt adventures

- FQ or fat eights of cute Japanese fabrics..prefer ones with animals/people.  Tiny kawaii prints suitable for Blythe dolly dresses.

- rubber stamps, esp would love a large bird cage rubber stamp, a large bee, or faces

- Japanese craft books-used is fine...beading and felt, esp.

- flat front Altoid tins

- any supplies from my Pinterest

Thank you in advance for considering me!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Onyxnox on October 08, 2012 08:16:53 PM
Hi, I am Onyxnox, and hope that you consider picking me :D .  I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my SO and two dogs.  I am a nurse.  I love to bead, knit/crochet, and craft in general.  I am learning woodburning, and love playing with things in general.  I love blues, greens, reds, purples.  Love either natural forest colours, or bright jewel tones.  HATE pink, orange, yellow as the main colour, and not fond of pastels.  I love working with wool, but can't wear it because of allergies.  Even working with it can be a challenge at times.  Definitely allergic to cats.  Love scents like lavender, lilac, citrus, cinnamon, berry.  Love live theatre, musicals, opera, and heavy metal.

Wish list:

1. PJ bottoms for myself or my man.  We are both "generously proportioned" and love comfy clothes.  He is happy with flannels, plain, some cute prints if they are manly (deer, dogs, cammo, hockey, beer, trucks, etc).  I love fun patterns - cows would be great, dogs, skully stuff, Hello Kitty, etc.
2. durable scrappy rag rugs for tossing in front of the kitchen sink or stove to cushion our feet and can handle being well scratched into comfy bed piles by the dogs, and lots of washing
3.  Table runners for both my coffee tables - sewn, embroidared; looking for something pretty with a leafy pattern, in greens/neutrals
4.  Would love anything stained glass or fused glass - love love love glass.  Small bowls, plates, window ornament, ring/earring holder, or decorations for a tree, or focal beads - that would be a big wish!
5.  Love ceramics too - beads, pots, coasters, decor
6.  Interesting garden ornaments - plant stakes, stepping stones, something to hang up in the trees, etc
7.  I collect black/white cow kitchen decor - so if anyone has a yen for embroidaring cows onto tea towels, or making a cow trivet, or (oh to dream!) a stained glass cow for my window - I would love you forever (though you may be cursed by DH!).
8.  felted dryer balls - especially if scent can be incorporated, and linen water
9.  A pretty ironing board cover
10. bath scrubs, lip balms
11.  Reusable fabric gift bags - general use (birthdays, etc) or (secular) Christmas/winter themed.
12. Any kind of art work inspired by my dogs
13. Anything inspired or off of my wist (link at the bottom of all my posts)
14. Reusable food wraps, snack bags, napkins for work lunches
15. a cool handbound cloth/leather/felt covered journal for jotting down ideas and inspirations, or zip up organizer
16. art quilts/wallhangings/hooplas
17. containers for my craft room, like fabric containers
18. quilty door hanging or runner that is Christmas themed for MIL
19. reusable swiffer pads, dish scrubbies
20. notebook cover/book covers, pencil cases
22. anything inspired by my pinterest boards
23. Cute girly, retro 50s housewife apron for MIL for Christmas
24. cute Christmassy tea towels and dish towels for MIL
25. mug rugs

Supplies I would love:

Brass woodburning or soldering tips for my Walnut Hollow Versa tool, especially chisel tip solder tips
copper blanks
coloured Sharpies, pens, gel pens, pencils of any kind
beads beads beads
interesting patterned fabric
interesting papers - origami, scrapbook, etc
paper crafting supplies - like interesting brads, eyelets, etc
Judi Kins Amazing Glaze (just cannot find a supplier in my area!)
any UV resin
pendant trays/bezels of any shape/size
ribbons and cord
simple sewing patterns
leather pieces and scraps
any watch parts or Steam punkish findings/charms
scrap denim/old jeans (want to make a scrappy denim crazy quilt)
coloured shrink plastic
extra blades for craft knives
roving wool
micro beads
containers/organizers for beads/findings/ small items
Any beading/knitting/crochet/crafting/sewing for idiots magazines, patterns, books (like old copies of Craft magazine)
tea, coffee
Scrabble tiles, dominoes (especially if they are mini!)
Small glass tiles and cabuchons
mini metal charms and findings (especially things like mini coins, keys, animal shapes, leaves)
Glue on bails
Glass glitter
paper ephemera of any kind - old postcards, tickets, stamps, etc
rubber stamps/clear cling stamps
cute patterned ribbons
cute washi tape/patterned tapes
altoid tins, or metal lidded tins of any kind (like small tea tins)
Thin gauge (22-28 ga) metal (like brass, copper) for jewelry making
metal stamps with cute designs
embossing folders or dies (big wish, used is more than fine), like for Cuttlebug, or Sizzix Big Kick
ink pads of any colour

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: goldfishpollywog on October 08, 2012 08:43:41 PM
Hello!  Summer here from the Lone Star State (Texas).  At the moment I am mainly embroidering, sewing, and crochetting, but I have a whole family of geeks here begging to be surprised.  ;D We all love Doctor Who (old & new), Star Wars, Star Trek, Superheroes, Megatokyo ( Legos, Science in general, Firefly, Retro Video Games, Dr Pepper, Hats, Retro SciFi, lots of Geekery in general. We also craft together on different projects.  We are also easily thrilled! ;)

Only real limitations are that it be safe for family viewing (check with me if unsure) and nothing with Latex as I am allergic to it in a bad way. 

Big wishes Not neccessarily in size but hope:
Mike Nesmith's Green Hat from the Monkees ( Hubs
 Felted Dryer Balls  (
Yarn House (
Yarn Bowl (
 Cinch bag ( geek'd up a bit if possible.
 Reading PIllow ( for keeping my place when I craft & homeschool & cook at the same time.
 Ear Ivy / Climbing Earrings  ( Make Me Feel Amazing!  Simple (like a string of beads) is perfect as well, I prefer silver to gold.

Yarnie Goodness- My Yarncraft PinBoard (
Fingerless gloves  are a love of mine! They also help with some of my contact allergies. Simple, elaborate....all loved!
 Like  these faux cabled (,
 or Ninja (,
 or  Striped (,
 or  Geeked out Heroes  (
 ...or pretty much anything.

Amigurumi is always welcome!  This board ( quite a few, many with pattern links.
There is the Starship Enterprise, Video Game, and cute critters/monsters.  Have another idea that isn't there, run with it- I'm really too easily pleased!

If you are one of those who can whip up socks or slippers- I love you!  I'm having to limit elastic, so am in need of something to warm up cold toes in a ladies 7.5 to 8 

Any kind of bag or container is great as well, but I haven't got those links ready.

Sewin' Love-  PinBoard for Sewn Goodies (
There is a Bag Addiction that I am not even trying to shake.  If it holds things, I want it!  Boxy Bag (,  Foxy Wristlet  (,  Pow Pouch  (,  Pour-proof Purse  ( or even just a simple Tote with a fun look. 

Plush/Stuffed toys  love my home as they are never ignored for long.  A lot are listed on my sewn board, but check my  Geekin' Board  ( for more inspiration.
Tiny things that fit in pockets are positively delightful as well, like these  Monster Keychains (,or small woodland creatures ( really  anything from my badges board ( would make a great stuffed friend.

Supplies/Store bought extras:
Small colorful zippers
Yarn-Anything except Red Heart Brand please.  I adore self striping! Even leftover miniballs would be fun.
Felt- Yes to it all, if it is wool felt I will be beaming for ages
Gummy candy- it keeps the crafting going and can therefore be considered "supplies" by me!
Crochet Hooks- I tend to leave them places...
Embroidery Hoops- Any size
Safety Eyes- Any size/color
Buttons- Anything interesting looking
Thread- I think the dust bunnies are eating it like spaghetti
Embroidery Floss- This is licorice to the same bunnies, and I can use most colors.
My Little Pony or Lego Minifig Blind Packs- I have some ideas that I need duplicates for..

If you need more options, I have a hoopla wall that desperately wants to grow with inspiration, cheesiness, or geekery.

 I also collect salt & pepper shakers, frogs, goldfish, & peacocks.  For colors, jewel-tones, bold colors, and greys/blacks are your best bet for the whole family. 

Stalk my Pintrest or Craftster account....Get an idea, run with it.....Thank you for considering me!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: SilverMoon on October 09, 2012 04:00:38 AM
My name is Susan, and I live in Australia with my partner and 3 kids. I love anything to do with dragons, and have a very detailed pinterest for both crafty things and bought things, plus lots of my likes and interests, so there's plenty of inspiration and a feel for what I like. We are a very geeky household.
I also have a detailed questionnaire page ( on my blog. It has some common questions and also some sizes and measurements.
I'm not religious or easily offended. My favourite colours are Purple, Silver, Rainbow, Black.

My eldest son is allergic to dogs and cats so please don't claim me for yarn or fabric type things if you have either. Things like jewellery, hooplas/wall art and anything that won't hold saliva/fur is ok to come from pet households though

I'm more than happy for you suprise me with anything from, or inspired by, my Pinterest ( :)

I'd love something to corral unruly yarn balls while I crochet - this could be a yarn holder bag of some description, or even a decorated teapot, as long as it has a hole to let the yarn spool out of and keeps the ball from bouncing around on my dirty floors, I'm not fussy. (Don't judge me, I'd rather crochet than mop ok?)
I like bags. I collect them on Pinterest (, but I can always use more in real life, especially project bags.
7.5" Cuff bracelets (to fit a 6" wrist)
Oven mitts - I'd love a pair like these pixel mitts (
Something tree print, with J+S "carved" in it, like this hoop ( (but doesn't have to be a hoop)
Embroidered hoops - feel inspired by, but not limited to, my Hoopla ( board
anything rainbow, dragon, or caffeine themed
knitted gargoyle ( (if you are more skilled than I, and can recreate this in crochet, that's cool too)
stud earrings or other silver toned jewellery (
I'm addicted to button badges (!
patches or quilted squares for a TeeshaMoore/sheepBlue style bag I want to make. I'd love Craftster contributed squares!

Super big mega wish: a head. Foam glass, paper machie, whatever would get here in one piece. I need it lifesize, for taking photos and blocking hats/beanies.  Most pressing need is for an adult size, but I could use a child size one as well (but I have real kids for that, so not as urgent) Not fussed about medium or style, as long as it is life size (although if it was covered in porn, that would probably be a problem for taking photos)
self striping rainbow yarns (acrylic or superwash) with long colour runs
glow-in-the-dark or UV reactive yarns
Craft how to kits: I'd love to learn leatherwork, stamp carving, jewellery making, glass etching
ink pads for stamping
7.5mm safety eyes in solid black, or any colours/styles
whimsies (with or without jar lol)
freezer paper for stenciling (hard to find here)
shrinky dink pages
(there's also a whole board of supply type things ( on my Pinterest, including a separate board for my yarn lusts (

Also, I like the peanut butter/chocolate combination. We can get American candy here, but it's very expensive. Gummies are awesome, especially sour gummies, because they won't get stolen by my children or partner.

When considering claiming me, or what to put in my parcel, please take a look at the customs and quarentine restrictions ( Sometimes things can get through, but sometimes the receiver can be threatened with a fine - feel free to PM me if you want to check anything.

Thanks for claiming me, and I'm quite happy to discuss things - don't worry, I don't bite! :D

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Leslieshappyheart on October 09, 2012 06:00:47 AM
Hi, I'm Leslie.  I live in the US with my husband and four cats.  I have no allergies, although I prefer not to receive anything smelling of smoke.  I don't wish to receive any jewelry.

--I collect embroidered or cross-stitched pieces with the edges left unfinished that I can use in future projects (like a journal cover or on a bag).  I like things like: animals, nature (tree, leaf, bird, feather, egg, nest, flower, etc), koi/waterlily/pond; a capital "L" filled with a design; a heart with wings; or anything inspired by my Pinterest (  Send more than one if you want--the more the merrier!

--An altered tin to store full photo memory cards

--Any sort of soft and cozy cat bed.  We have 4 cats, so if you want to make two or three or even four, that's okay with me!

--Clothes or accessories for a Blythe doll.  I got a Blythe this summer and I've only made two dresses for her. She has nothing!  She needs everything!  There are a few ideas on my Blythe board ( on pinterest.

--Slippers, women's size 10.  Anything really--knit, crochet, fabric--my feet are getting cold!

--Reusable Swiffer pads, something like THIS (  I don't know if the different types of swiffers are different sizes, but the one I have has a 4" x 10" mop head (I guess you call it a head...anyway, the part you mop with is 4" x 10"!!)

--Anything featuring a heart with wings.

--Hand-carved stamps.  I would like something interesting that I could stamp on the outside of swap packages--pretty images like a swirl or flower; or "surprise"; or a wrapped present, that kind of thing.

--Anything inspired by my Pinterest (

--I desperately want some white paint pens, but haven't found any.

--Copic markers, any color.

--DMC embroidery floss, any amount, any color.  Even partially-used skeins are fine.  I have a basket full of random bits of embroidery floss that I affectionately refer to as my "tangle".  Whenever I want to add a bit of embroidery to something, I pull out a few strands and start stitching!

--Tiny metal cookie cutters for working with polymer clay.  Under 1" would be ideal.  Any shape, but I especially like hearts, animals, houses, flowers.

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: redstar13 on October 09, 2012 11:12:31 AM
I would TOTALLY be down with suereal's idea :)

Hi All- My Name is Alyssa. I am currently a student, getting my MS in Criminal Justice. I already have a graduate degree in Forensic Anthropology, but can't get a freaking job, so I am piling on the degrees :)
I live in Southern California, am a football junkie (Go Bucks and Go Pats!!), used to work in costumes and wigs in professional theatre, love reading, sewing and bones/skeletons. Fall is my favorite time of year because of Halloween, football season and My Birthday!! :)
Now for the list!

Crafted items:
3D skull. Artistic interpretations, functional, biological specimen style - anything of that sort. I love skulls and have a great desire to have a collection of 3d ones. I already have a crocheted skull, so other than that, free reign

Tunic style tops/ or long tees with stencils/ fabric appliqué (misses XL, but need to be long – I have the longest freaking torso!) Dark colors preferred

rhinestone brooch or hair bob. I am obsessed with rhinestones and feathers.

decorative or functional embroidery pieces (decorative being self explanatory and functional being tea towels, pillow cases, clothing, etc.)

Cool decorated or cool fabric pillow cases (standard size)

A knit pencil skirt (like jersey or something like that)

Craft Supplies
Rhinestones! or broken bits of rhinestone jewelry so I can make something out of it

Old anatomy text books or text book pages (I have a vision of making a decoupaged bookshelf covered in "body parts" and the like)

anatomically correct organ/bone embroidery patterns or cross stitch charts

I would never say no to fabric :)

millinery veiling/supplies

Cameos - the more random the better!!

Additional Note
I love anything with bones!! and Tea or tea related things!

I also have pintrest, wist, amazon lists - feel free to surprise me off of them!! Go crazy - about 99.9% are moderately realistic ;)

 wist (
 pintrest  ( Basically anything but the "For the Little ones" board. This is just ideas for my niece and nephews for the future:)
 amazon wish list  (

Thank you in advance!!

PS  this ( is another list I made up for the OWS, for a bit more variety :)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: fishstix43 on October 09, 2012 11:15:39 AM

Hi!  I’m Alicia!  I’m a chemistry grad student in Wisconsin.  I live with my boyfriend and two cats.

Likes:  lots of color! (especially blues and greens), argyle, anything food or cooking related, sciencey things (chemistry especially of course), using old, unloved things to make new, useful ones, wolves, video games (Luigi is my favorite!), BOOKS (fantasy FTW), faeries, Ireland, and RPG’s
Dislikes:  Super pink and cutesy or death/goth things.  Also, the color orange (it’s fine in small amounts, just don’t generally like it as the main color).


Homemade lotions/body butters- I have eczema, so anything with dry skin love would be great (please no soap though, full up on that at the moment!)

Wool socks-knitted, crocheted, made from felted sweaters, whatever!- (US women’s size 9 1/2).  I live in WI.  Warm socks are a must. ;D

Something World of Warcraft related for the bf.  He plays an Alliance Dranei Shaman, and would love something with his totem on it. 

Amigurumis of Mario or Bowser.  I got Luigi and my bf thinks we should have a whole set!

Very simple braided wire ring, with or without a small stone/bead.  Either size 9 for a thumb ring or size 7 for a regular ring. 

Cute herbal sachets- anything that smells good, but lavender is my absolute favorite!

Tie-dyed anything!  Clothing especially, but if you incorporate it into something else you make for me, I’m sure to love that too!

A votive holder like this (  Nightmare Before Christmas just like this would be great, or something cool from one of my other themes.

A serger cover for a Brother 1034D

A “waterfall” cardigan, in any color other than gray, similar to this (

Maxi skirts, pretty much any style or colors

Anything from my pinterest ( would be loved, as well as anything inspired by the things on there, or my likes, or really anything you just love to make! 

Craft Supplies

I would love an all-supplies package, and used (and clean) is always fine!
Fiskars 45mm rotary cutter replacement blades

Water-soluble fabric markers

Any of the books on my pinterest board here (

A simple key stamp (handmade or storebought).  I am looking to make a surcoat like this (

Fabric- plain cuts large enough to make clothing in things like wool, linen, nice cottons.  I have lots of crazy polyester prints, but I want to make some nice classic basics. 

Any sewing (not quilting) magazines, especially Threads and Burda Style/WOF

Serger thread!  Basics like black and white would be nice, but if you need to destash colors I would use those too!

Cotton clothesline/cord to make fabric bowls with.  This stuff goes like water, so I will take absolutely as much as you want to send me!

Rit Dye- any color other than black or navy blue, any amount. 

Tailor’s ham or sleeve board (or both!)

Gutterman thread, any color

Thank you for claiming me!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: TroubleT on October 09, 2012 01:56:48 PM
Hi there! I'm TroubleT and I live near Atlanta, GA with my wonderful husband and 2 kidlets. I am a Spanish teacher by day and a crazy crafting ninja momma by night. :D

There's also 2 boards on my Pinterest, Want! and Craft These for Me Please!, that you can peruse if you like. Link is in my signature.

My Wishlist

BIG wish! - A dark colored duffle bag for my martial arts gear. It needs to be big enough to carry my gloves, boots and sparring helmet. Maybe be like this ( only with out the Tai Chi decor. Honestly though, I'd be happy with something like an oversized reusable shopping bag that zips so that my gear can't fall out which a problem I have now. A sturdy, dark colored fabric is a MUST!

OR a dark colored Uh OH! bag to go inside my gear bag to hold things like bandaids, first aid ointment, aspirin. Maybe if it had zippered pockets for little stuff like this one (

~Wall art in your favorite medium - Theme ideas (, preferably a nature theme but not cutesy. I LOVE Fall so leaves or trees would be a WIN!
~Embroidery for my Hoopla Wall  - I have lots of theme ideas on my blog's Swap page. See above link.
~Artwork or Hoopla for my class room - Lots of possibilities here!
~Stenciled t-shirts (adult large, prefer men's style shirt w/o a pocket, cap sleeves look horrible on me) - I have a Tees for Me! ( board on my Pinterest.
~an altered zip up hoodie - themes like nature, Buddha (ohm would be cool!) or Japanese culture
~earrings - I prefer small danglies, not super danglies, post or fish hook is fine.
~a hanging earring holder that matches my bedroom or bathroom
~heavy duty pot holders - we cook a LOT with cast iron so it needs to be well padded.
~handmade ceramic coffee mug, maybe like this one (
~a Teacher mug rug for work - No Apples though...*shudder*
~reusable snack bags for carrying mid morning munchies to work
~an oversized cowl, big enough that it can double as a loose hood ( would be WONDERFUL!
~crocheted/knitted/sewn socks or house slippers (size US 7.5)
~headbands, barrettes or hair clips - I wear my hair back a lot but I'd prefer something not too decorative. I'd look silly in my martial arts class with a big mum on the side of my head. ;)
~headwarmer like a panta ( - YES PLEASE! dark green, burgundy, navy or chestnut brown
~a jewelry bowl ( (or saucer) so that I would take my jewelry off in the same place every afternoon.
~a full kitchen apron w/ pockets for me - I'm a shorty so ask me for measurements! I like the look of the repurposed men shirt aprons ( that I've seen on Pinterest.
~handmade Christmas ornaments - I love quirky, comical ornaments. Nothing religious please. There's no such thing as crafting too early for Christmas OR having too many ornaments. ;) , ,
~Sewn holiday coasters ( - I'd love some of these with snowmen or snowflakes. I can't have ceramic coasters in my house with 3 pets and 2 kids.
-ceramic or wooden trivets - We cook with heave cast iron so they need to be sturdy.
~a Kitty Pi ( for my Raven kitty - could be sewn, crocheted or knitted. She would LOVE this. :)
~a stamped necklace ( with my son's name - PM me for his name

~embroidery thread, cotton please, I would like to try a skein of the glow in the dark stuff though.
~wooden embroidery hoops
~Vanishing fabric pens - I go through these really fast!
~stitch markers for crochet
~fun fat quarters - I like doing small projects with them.
~fusible interfacing - medium or heavy weight
~pretty blank note cards to put in swap packages
~rotary cutter blades

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: p.kok on October 09, 2012 02:03:00 PM
Hi! I'm Petra, 25, and I come form Slovenia (Europe). I'm currently unemployed and working on finishing my university degree with a very long paper about the female characters in the Disney Princesses animated films. I live with my father and dog (and usually with my boyfriend, but he's currently working in Cambridge). I love sewing and I'm getting more and more interested in machine embroidery and digitizing. I also LOVE baking and I'm learning sugar crafts . I also love travelling, reading and watching TV series:)
I like natural colours(like brown and green), but I also like fashionable colours like mint and neons if combined with neutral tones. The only thing I can think of not liking are skulls.
I have no allergies (I just can't wear earrings).


Crafty things

-anything with a cable knit (socks, hat, mittens, pullover... anything:))
-hoopla art
-hair accessories (especially headbands)
-a (faux) leather clutch
-jewellery (except earrings;)), especially rings
-oven mittens
-random wall art
-funny/cute T shirt inspired by stalking me:) (or a t-shirt for my boyfriend if you would rather make one for a guy. he's a bass player and a computer programmer who likes most of the things I like:))
-anything inspired by my pinterest :) ( (but ask me first, because I already got some things in previous swaps)
-dog toys/ accessories (very durable ones, since our dog likes to destroy things:))


-fabric. any kind you think I would like, any quantity
-thread for machine embroidery
-sewing machine needles
-sewing magazines
-wedding magazines (I might or might not get married next year. I don't know yet;), have to ask for his hand in marriage first:))
-fondant stamps and cutters
-freezer paper: I have no idea what that is, but sounds like a lot of fun:)


-exotic spices (or spice mixes)

Thank you for potentially claiming me!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: lindyv321 on October 09, 2012 02:41:51 PM
Hi I'm Lindy and I live in Arizona with my 2 kids and my boyfriend.  I love tattoos, Sugar Skulls, skulls, cupcakes, Harry Potter and birds.  I enjoy reading and like to watch movies with my family.  I am very stalkable via Pinterest  I love just about all colors except yellow and orange.  I have been very drawn to teal and deep purples lately.  I am also fond of pink :)

While I would love to receive things for myself I would also love some help with my Christmas list so I am going to put some items on for others too!

For me:
Pretty much anything off my Pinterest
A Nook Color Cozy/cover which can hold the charging cord and my ear phones or with a little pouch for my ear phones that can be connected to it.
A kitchen Aid cover in rust, gold, and brown colors (my kitchen is also done with roosters)
Art of any medium to put up in my craft room
Altered Spoons or keys.  Paint em, bead em, wrap, em, whatever!
Embroidery Hoopla's for my wall!  Would especially love Harry Potter themed :)
Harry Potter themed ATC's or inchies.  Would love one for every letter of the alphabet
Jewelry!  Anything from my jewelry board
A Birthday Countdown with numbers 1-20
Knit socks
I love beanies, scarves, etc and have a ton pinned.  Would love some for the upcoming winter weather.
A cowl that can be used as a hood
A panta type thing
Something I can hang on the wall that has hooks or pegs to hang necklaces on.  My room is done in blues and shades of brown.  Something no wider than 12 inches...

For my kids:
For my daughter Adia age 12:
A Monster phone or iPod case like the blue one pictured here
Animal (muppets) PJ pants.  She wears a womens size S/M and is 5’0 tall
I Spy Ornament with 2012 on one side

For my Son Landon age 7:
Star Wars ami’s.  We already have Yoda and Darth Vader
Darth Vader Shirt
PJ Pants size 7
2012 Christmas Ornamet with Hulk, Legos, Avengers, or general Chrismassy
This brimmed Beanie
I Spy Ornament with 2012 on one side

For my stepmom-
 a family cluster necklace with stones for March, April, November, December, & January

For my sister:
Braided T-Shirt bracelets
Wine Cork Necklaces
Neck tie Bracelet

For my neices:
12 years old-A pretty necklace with a bird theme or bookmarks
16 years old-a new driver so an awesome beaded key chain with lots of pretty bright colors or a duct tape wallet
7 & 9 Name hooplas like these one with the name Myah and  the other  with Kylee or kid appropriate jewelry, hair bows/decorated hair clips, bobby pins

Grandma S:
Handprint pillowcase (can email the handprints)

Thank you so much in advance for picking me!!!!!!

Title: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: rubylynns on October 09, 2012 04:51:38 PM
Hi I’m Ruby, I live in Ohio. I have been married for 6 years to a wonderful husband and have a wild little 3 year old boy.  I also have 2 kitty cats that I love/hate depending on the day HAH!   I have a small obsession with pinterest so you will find lots and lots of ideas on there.

Crochet Items

Granny square anything
arm warmers
lap quilt
granny square bag
crochet skulls
bow bunting


Ruby Gloom
Scary Girl

Swen Items

cute bunting
fabric book marks
sewing machine cover
re-useable snacks bags

Hoop Ideas

- Ruby Gloom!
- anything from sublime stitching
-satin stitched barbie silhouette
-zelda theme a link to the past is my favorite game. 
-mario brothers theme
-cutesy ie: kites, laundry line, tree swing
-skulls or sugar skulls
-scarygirl by Nathan Jurevicius scarygirl or blister in a hoop would be great. 

Feel free to make anything from my Pinterst! thanks!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: MareMare on October 09, 2012 05:12:59 PM
Hi all, I'm Mary Ann and I live in Portland OR, USA.   I like to sew, quilt, crochet, make everything bath and body and dabble in a couple other things. I would love anything off my list or a Pinterest surprise! No clothing (for me) or jewelry please, I'm picky on clothing and have contact dermatitis so I can't wear jewelry, no matter what it's made out of. I love turquoise, silver, and am currently having a torrid love affair with gray. I like most colors.  I love gerber daisies .

Crafted Items

--A Hoopla! (is that the singular form? I mean you can send me plural if you want ;) ) Some themes that would be cool are any quotes or characters from any interests found in my profile, quick recap on faves: Clueless, Office Space, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Buffy, Zelda, Mario, the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I also love dress forms and have several mini quilts in dress form theme, so would love to continue that collection

--I would love this one in particular  ”To Whom” Hoopla (

--Something bookish and crafty. I have a BA in English Literature and Writing, so anything classic inspired or referencing books/words/writing is cool. No bookmarks please because I am a naughty lady and just dog ear the corners (and have a Kindle). Old books turned into something new is cool, like these shelves ( or just book themed like this block (would be a cool pillow) (

--A soft sewn scarf made out of stretch jersey. Plum, turquoise, or gray would be lovely!

--A table runner, I have various kinds pinned on a couple of my Pinterest boards (Decorative and “Crafted Items You Can Make for Me” and Crafts I Want to Make)

--Place mats! Either “my style” or something kid-ish that my nephews might like.

--A fun centerpiece that I could use year round (not holiday or season specific). I have a few pinned on the Decorative Board. Can you tell my dining room table is kinda sad and needs to be prettied up!?

--A travel paper piecing kit like this:

--Hair clips of the "alligator clip" style. I love flowers. I don't need matching pairs since I only wear one at a time. I have dark hair so I love bright colors and light colors, black gets lost up in there :) This is just one style ( I think is lovely. Small to medium sized is cool (probably not bigger than 3 inches across?). Decorated bobby pins (glittery!) are also welcome, I chopped my hair to about chin length.

--Pretty random, but I would love a stitched/painted/some form of this: “Hit the toilet, dummy!” with a picture of a bar of soap and some soap bubbles. Family story lol.

--Any wall art, painted, mixed media, photography, whatever. I do love the types that have a page from a book as the background and some kind of figure in front of it.

--Some luggage handles like these, except not in red or pink or purple please (my current luggage is burgundy.)

--A pinterest surprise! It doesn't have to be off the "Crafted items you can make for me" board, my "Decorative" board and even the "Crafty things I want to Make" boards have cool stuff that I just might not get around to making. ;) Just no clothing or jewelry please, even if I have it pinned!  :-* And I think I have a couple items there that I specifically say I want to make for some person or other so not those please.

--Stenciled/painted/decorated t-shirts for my nephews. They are size 4T, 6, and 8. They like bugs, trucks, super heroes, typical boy stuff. Blues, greens, orange and red are popular with them.

Craft Supplies

--Any of these  craft books (, or these craft books ( especially Circle Quilts ( or Modern Blocks ( or Scrap Republic ( I love craft books, and would welcome pretty much any quilting, crochet, or embroidery book, but if it's not on my list maybe check with me first since I do have a pretty decent collection :D Of course I welcome used books!

--Fabric! I love fabric, especially quilting cottons. Strangely enough I never seem to have enough solids but I love fun prints. I can always use polka dots and stripes as mixers and love modern florals, but not old timey ones. There's some examples of what I like on here:

--This (or other) chevron fabric would be a great staple

--A book of cross stitch patterns would be great

--Any of these fabrics from the Summersville by Lucie Summers line:  Brush Strokes, Scandi, Fall, Check/Weave in any of the color ways but the red (London)

--I LOVE Michael Miller Ta Dots dots fabric.

--Any Laura Gunn fabric (although I have tons of the Poppy line…some Lantern Bloom would be amazing, or Garden Wall or Magnolia Lane)

--Riley Blake Winter Wonderland to do some Christmas stitching!

--Fun buttons are always welcome

--I would love a couple yards of stretch jersey or other stretch fabric to attempt a dress (I haven't made clothing in years!)

--I love trim like tiny ric rac or double fold bias tape

--I love Lion Brand Microfiber yarn and am collecting it for a big project. I like all the colors but I think I don’t have any of the periwinkle-ish color so that would be cool (not sure what it’s exact name is)


--I've never kicked chocolate out of bed, especially if it's Lindt or Cadbury or contains nuts. Yum!
--Any books you've read and would like to pass along, I love horror, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural stuff!
--Random treats or tiny toys for my 3 nephews are always welcome, they are 4, 6 ½, and 8

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: indigo_roses on October 09, 2012 06:02:27 PM
Hi! I'm Katy and live in south central PA in the US. I teach 2-year-olds for a living, which can be a little crazy at times! I live in my small apartment with my 2 guinea pigs, Lily and Luna. I only have seasonal allergies to stuff that grows outside, so nothing for you to worry about. :) My favorite color is green. I tend to prefer shades on the darker side (not so much granny smith apple, more forest). My least favorite colors are the classic 70's colors - mustard yellow, olive green, burnt orange, salmon. I'm a pretty relaxed person, not super girly, though I love a good romance. I'm not a fan of anything with skulls, violence, or gore. I would prefer to receive no nudity. Swearing is fine, though. I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter and Doctor Who! My kitchen colors are red and yellow, my living room colors are jewel tones, and my bedroom is blue and brown. I wear earrings and necklaces, but no rings or bracelets, please. They would just sit looking pretty in a drawer.

stalk me at (

Crafty Items
- hand painted/hand dyed wool roving - I'm learning how to spin!
- hooplas! There's a hoopla board on my pinterest
- sewn project bags for carrying yarn projects
- wall art for any room, any size
- focal piece necklaces - long enough to be worn with a turtleneck, please. I live in them in the winter!
- Anything Harry Potter!
- Anything Doctor Who!
- Harry Potter themed Christmas tree ornaments
- Christmas decorations (no ornaments unless HP)
- sewn holder for plastic grocery bags
- pillow covers - either 14" or 18" (I have the pillow forms already) - there's a pillow board on my pinterest
- handspun yarn
- something from my pinterest! Just send me a pm first to make sure I haven't already made it. :)
- granny's daughters (just the first round of a granny square) - measure between 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" so they fit with the others I've collected, please!
- needlebook

- craft books on spinning/fiber, knitting, polymer clay, baking
- fun cupcake wrappers, decorating supplies
- worsted weight acrylic yarn leftovers (I'm working on a granny's daughters blanket)
- circular knitting needles - any size, but with a cable length of 32" or higher, please
- sock-weight yarn
- wooden embroidery hoops
- cuttlebug accessories
- undyed roving
- fun fabric - owls, cupcakes, modern flowers, paisley, batik, cute Christmas
- tapestry needles - I always lose these!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: sloth003 on October 10, 2012 07:00:03 AM
so. here's me. slothy- i live in Stratford Ontario CANADA. i have a hubby and a bouncing baby boy who is 11.   we share our home with a psychotic cat and a neurotic cat.
i love fresh, clean, simple lines, colours and scents. yellow, blue, green, grey, plum!  mint, eucalyptus, linen, citrus.
i love to  cook  and experiment in the kitchen with flavours and techniques. in the summer i am outside in the garden all the time.

I tend to have skin reactions (not nice ones) to lavender and i am allergic to nuts.
i do not like pink, fruity sweet smells and strictly decorative object d'art. my profile has more info. and my  pinterest and wist has lots of ideas?  i think so anyway.

I don't knit or crochet but I think the ami angry birds are the best things ever. I am a bit of a geeky girl.  Science and math, Dr Who, hubby is a gamer so some old skool game things would be cool too. 

i trust craftsters judgement and ability to make something AWESOME!

crafts- You should find some cool ideas in here. More so than my wist anyway.

surprise me!

Fabric baskets or bowls help for organizing
cloth pads/liners
embroidery hoop art
necklaces- cool pendants, prefer long
homemade soap, bath bombs, lip chap (no vanilla or lavender tho)
hand made note cards/post cards
stencilled t shirt/tank tops (L)  i like the big scissors. or swirly trees or something geeky
handmade stamp (maybe with a sloth? or an anatomical heart? or a book? or a tree?)
comfy jammie pants (Xl) for a pear shaped curvy girl
mittens (fleecy) (can you tell it got cold this week)
hand warmers...
Cool pilow covers
wall art

big wishes- i know.  but a girl can dream right?
big lacy shawl

supplies- used or part used is a-ok...
fabric.quilting cottons- decent sized scraps (2x2 min) up to fat quarters
embroidery supplies, needles, floss, hoops, aida cloth.
Fusible web for appliqué
Needles for machine or hand
odds and ends for teesha moore patches

tea lights, sharpies,nail polish, not big on chocolate, but caramel is good, or salty snacks. NO NUTS!! please.

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: bananaleg on October 10, 2012 10:33:29 AM
Hi! My name is Angie. I live in Washington state. My favorite color is purple; i also love yellow, green, grey, teal, and brown. My favorite color combinations are blue/teal and brown, and blue/teal and orange.

No allergies, but please no smoke.

If you want to get a good sense of who i am, check out my pinterest: -- I even have a board for swapsies... it's called "For Swapsies".

Things i love: 1920s, silent films, rain and clouds, Clark Gable, Elvis Presley, Doctor Who, swirls, goats, bananas, swirls, mustaches and beards, batik, Bigfoot, journals -- especially handmade, pockets, rainbow, herringbone, argyle

Things i don't love: skulls, goth, super cutesy, zombies, cats, pink (that doesn't include fuchsia/magenta/hot pink)

I'll need Christmas gifts for my two nieces (aged 7 and 5), and they love Wizard of Oz, Mr. Bean, and mermaids.

_handspun yarn
_mug -- shaped like this:
_a dress like this:
_overnight bag -- i hate using a backpack any time I'll be staying somewhere for the night, so i need something with a bunch of pockets where i can put toiletries, flips flops, and other things to keep away from my clothes
_explorer bag, like:
_infinity dress -- in black or teal or maybe green
_fabric coil bowl
_WIP project bag for walking and knitting
_Gibbous skirt
_homemade soap (not mix and pour) -- i love oat soaps
_ring with the phrase "my thoughts create my world"
_hand carved banana stamp
_hippie/patchwork skirt -- not too long
_some sort of yarn dispenser, or yarn bowl, i like silvermoon's idea of a decorated teapot!
_altered zip-up hoodie with something to do with my loves -- prefer it to be at least semi-fitted, ladies medium/large
_Teesha More journal

_pinterest surprise !

 Some of my main ideas:
--United States Army Air Corps insignia
  --maybe with the lyrics "a toast to the host of the men we boast"
--outline of Washington state with Tacoma marked on it
--Seattle skyline -- nothing too extravagant, just a simple outline, maybe like this:
--this text: #finishedwithgrace
--any sort of rain/cloud scene

_I’ve got a pin board with other ideas:

_polymer clay -- haven't used it in years, kind of want to give it another go
_handspun yarn -- i know, it's on here again... I just really want some. :)
_homemade knitting needles and crochet hooks

_tea -- i like mint, black, earl grey, and certain chais, and i'm looking for other delicious teas. Send me your favorites!
_i love chocolate and hazelnut.
_anything German
_local treats and treasures
_DVDs (or VHS would even be cool): Footlight Parade, Meet Me in St. Louis, any Cary Grant, Buster Keaton, Clark Gable, or William Powell films.
_non-US swappers, i would LOVE some candies or treats from wherever you live!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: silentblair on October 10, 2012 11:58:35 AM
Hi! My name is Blair and I'm in Minnesota. Starting to get a bit chilly here, so it's starting to be amazing for indoor crafting. Who am I kidding? Any weather is good weather for crafting!!!

I hope I'm doing this correctly, so here goes...

No one in the house has any allergies of any kind.
My profile is pretty flush with my fave movies, tv, and music. If you take a glance at my pinterest, you may see a bit of a nerd-centric theme. I do wave my nerd flag high, but please don't feel penned in by this.

My pinterest:

Color aesthetic: I've been really liking this lady's color palate so if choosing something not entirely themed based you can't go wrong with these...

Fave themes:
Nerd, Retro Housewife, woodland/fantasy, and kitch...

Not so Faves:
Animal Prints, Purples (as the main color), clothing, earrings, country, and food (or perhaps it's the food that does not like me  ;))

Ok on with the wishes

For me:
10 x 10 inch cloth napkins- I love to mix and match my table so barring anything listed above go nuts!
tea wallet
full apron- I love all aprons, but this one would rock!
Kitchen Towels- Embroidered, stenciled, or stamped the technique doesn't matter as much as they are fun!
Fabric Waste Bag for Car
Hoopla- I have a wall in my crafty cave started and would adore anything off my "wordy bits" pinterest board.
Crafty Cave Door Sign- Along the lines of "KEEP OUT" or Batman and Robin "To the crafty cave old chum"
Stitch Markers for Knitting/Crochet
Hair Scarves- I have super curly red hair (I kid you not, I cried when I saw the first trailer for "Brave". Merida and I share hair  ;D) and I've been doing regular bandana's for years to wrangle it in. Now I am crazy sick of that pattern and need to stretch my horizons.
Medium Size coffee mug with any kind of fun art on it. see above for my likes.
Fingerless Gloves- I wear the heck out of these things all winter. I like to put the stretchy full gloves under them for layering.
perhaps somekind of superhero ensignia on them?

DMC Floss (any color), small retractable tape measure, ceramic marker (black)

For the kiddos:
Long Sleeve Stenciled TShirts with Super Mario or any Nerd reference
Specifics: Girl 6yrs size 6 small/med in the tweenbop section. She loves the princesses and lego ninjago or any type of lego minifig
               Boy 3yrs size 3T. He has fallen in love with Luigi for some unknown reason. Also loves lego ninjago and all lego manifestations.
I think that's it. I'm super easy to please and if you have any questions please PM me.
Thank you in advance for choosing me.

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: camelama on October 10, 2012 11:43:11 PM
Hello hello! I am a geeky gal who loves to craft, primarily sewing but also embroidery, knitting, woodworking, and electronics. I work for the local university, managing a pharmacy learning center. It’s grand work – I love my job!  And I love life – it’s NEVER boring, there’s always something to do! I live in a little fisherman’s cottage on the bluffs above Puget Sound.  I love my little old Nordic neighborhood (settled mainly by Nordic people working in the fishing, lumber and shingle industries). My cat Phoebe is a floofy 16 year old that I adopted at a few years ago from a friend, as her living situation had grown bad. She is the loviest, sweetest, most adorable floofy kitty ever. Music, reading and crafting are huge in my life. I am a HUGE fan of P.G. Wodehouse, Angela Thirkell, Patrick O'Brian, and Arthur Ransome.

Themes: nature, geeky/techy/math, water, outer space / planets, stars, animals (horses, draft horses, draft mules, cats, crows, birds, cows/oxen, buffalo, porcupines, red pandas, foxes, orcas Orcas ORCAS!!!), mountains, clouds, lighthouses, salmon, treeeeeeees, books, tea, 1920s, ferries (no, not fairies, ferries! WA State ferries to be exact!), sunsets and sunrises, lovely flowers, our Moon (my dad has experiments on the Moon! I feel a very personal connection to our lovely orbiting companion), kelp, waves, raindrops (I live in Seattle, after all!), oranges, birds birds birds. Old tractors. Farming. Trains. Planes. Automobiles.  ;) Jazz, bluegrass, classical, early music, blues, piano, harp..... gosh, so much!

No allergies but no smokers please if possible.

Etsy faves:

Crafted items:
•   SURPRISE ME!  Riff off of something on my faves/pins/etc, have fun!
•   Re-usable Shopping bags (Seattle now has a “plastic bag ban” so all shopping is done with our own bags! Great to have a lot so you can rotate out and make sure you always have some in the car while others are being washed)
•   Other bags of any kind: zip, drawstring, fold-over, clutch, etc.
•   Reusable lunch bag set. I eat lunch at my desk, away from any kitchens etc, so a placemat & lunch bag are a must! I keep meaning to make myself more than one so it’s not always a rush to get it washed every single evening (cuz I eat messy sometimes!). Bigger is better than smaller, bag-wise, as I bring a lot of re-heat stuff and those containers a bulky!
•   Knitting project bags. I always have 4 or 5 WIPs at one time so appreciate project bags!
•   Knitting needle case/wrap/bag. Straight and/or circular and/or dpns.
•   Thread-catcher to hang off of my sewing table.
•   Mug rugs
•   Case for my Kindle Fire (I have a lovely monster case from the Monster Pouch swap but I like to trade off!)
•   Fabric/felt/metal/wood bowls, boxes, containers etc.
•   Fabric-covered buttons
•   Handmade buttons
•   Teapot cozy (the big tent kind, not the kind that wrap around the pot - I have a lot of oddly shaped pots!)
•   Coffee cup sleeves – I get tea, not coffee, and the water from espresso carts here is always SO HOT I burn my hands! (precious delicate princess-and-the-pea hands, my friends tease)  So some good thick sleeves would be great. The coffee cart is just down the hall at work so it’s easy for me to grab a sleeve and go get a hot water refill!
•   Tea towels! I love all kinds of kitchen towels but especially tea towels / dish towels, either with embroidery or cute fabric trim. My kitchen is cream and green but really any color combination works, my whole house is a mishmash of colors!
•   Cat beds. Phoebe Cat loves to curl up in a ball and sleep in so many different spots in the house, would love some very basic little round cat beds to put in her favorite spots.
•   Cat toys. Phoebe loves ribbons ropes and other dangly things, plus lurvs catnip and things she can rabbit-kick while on the ‘nip high. Or catnip mice to carry around. (I have GOBS of organic catnip, so feel free to leave it for me to put in the catnip and close it up!)
•   Pin cushions. I like pincushions that have low center of gravity, no glass/porcelain etc – can you tell my cat LOVES pin cushions and pushing them off my sewing table?! LOL  Also like them rather thick, and without hard items on the top surface – a lot of time I return pins and needles to the pin cushion without looking, so I don’t want buttons in the way – I’ve broken too many needles that way already! Heh. Examples in my Etsy faves.
•   Needlecase/needlebooks: I love these, love having one set up for each embroidery project in progress! No trouble finding just the right needle then!
•   Fingerless gloves/mitts. My little cottage by the water gets COLD in the winter! These help me knit or type in the winter.
•   Prints/paintings: I love little prints or paintings. Nothing big, nothing fancy – lots of ACEO examples in my Etsy faves.
•   Fridge magnets with STRONG magnets.
•   Scarves!!!!!!  I love scarves. I wear a long black coat in the winter and I like to brighten it up with colorful scarves. Not TOO colorful tho – for example, screaming neon not so much. But a bright color, that's fine.
•   Brooches – I wear these on my long black coat, or on the sweater I wear at work (my office is known as The Tundra, it’s so cold in here year round! I love it though!).
•   Earrings – I love bird earrings, colorful earrings, whimsical, dangly (but not TOO long, they get caught in my scarves in the winter, hehe!), silver. sparkly crystals. Or I've been wanting to recreate these dusty green grape bunch earrings I had once but have never found again.
•   Bookmarks –paper, metal, fabric, knit/crochet, embroidered, you name it! I have about 20 books being read at once so need a LOT of bookmarks!
•   Good mugs for tea
- teabag dish (where you put your used tea bag after your tea is steeped enough)

Craft supplies:
•   Fabric – any kind! Fat quarters, scraps, remnants, etc always find a use in my house. Content of fabric doesn’t matter – from cotton to slinky luxe stuff to suede, I’ll find a use for it!
•   Sewing thread
•   FELT! I love felt with any amount of wool in it.
•   Embroidery needles, embroidery thread, embroidery hoops etc
•   Pins of any kind
•   Buttons buttons buttons! I love opening up my button tin and seeing all the colors and picking out new favorites. 
•   Ribbons, trims, etc

•   Tea (loose or bagged)
•   Any local-to-you candy that you like! Or you can't go wrong with anything mainstream chocolate or mint!
•   Local postcards
-  feathers
- leather laces (I make cat toys with these for shelter cats)

Title: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: rackycoo on October 11, 2012 07:13:32 AM
Hooray for the Second Chance swap! I'm Kristin, and I've been a swap mod for so many years now I forget not being one. I think this is a great way for lots of people to clear up negative feedback, because being able to swap is so awesome!

I live in Georgia with my husband of 25 years and our dog, Stella. We have two daughters, both Craftster members, who are now out living on their own.


 *I would love a fun and funky sign for my craft room door, that simply says "craft". The room is turquoise with red accents. I'd be up for individual letters, like the ones you can get at Michaels, each painted in a fun way, or a hoopla, or whatever you think looks good.

*Halloween items! I'd love little figurines of ghosts, witches, or trick-or-treaters. Or a fun cloth banner for the mantel.

*Hand carved stamps. Background patterns or borders would be great, but just about any theme will do.

*Knit or crocheted dishcloths. My kitchen colors are black, red, or mossy green. White works fine, too.

*Decorated cards/stationery

*Santa figurines. I collect Santas, so I'd love a handmade one, any medium.

*Tiny "stocking stuffer" type items for my girls' advent calendars. These can be any cute thing that fits inside a small (2" by 2") drawer: pins, tiny amigurumi animals, etc.

*Stuff inspired by my Pinterest (link in my sig). Please note that I post a lot of stuff I made, so don't send me that! :D

*Supplies (I'm mostly looking for old stuff to do assemblage art with):
Old wooden spools
Rusty things: old keys, hinges, metal numbers, etc.
Ephemera: old book pages, bingo cards, stamps, postcards, etc.
Vintage photos
Old wooden puzzle blocks, the more beat up, the better
Empty Altoids-type tins of any size
Wooden cheese boxes
Rusty old oil cans (love these, don't know why)
Any other small junky stuff that you don't know what to do with, but suspect might make good art.  ;D

Thanks, and happy swapping!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: kittykill on October 11, 2012 11:16:31 AM
Hi Everyone! I'm Pam aka kittykill. No two legged kids but three little monsters that some might say are puppies. I am married to the most incredible man ever and we live in the Pacific Northwest. When I am not crafting, I work as an assistant for a forensic psychologist. I love all things vintage up to 1960's (no hippie stuff at all, please). My favorite color is pink.  I have a blog, that you can see in my signature and my pinterst is full of ideas.  None of us have any allergies.

Christmas stuff
Banner or bunting for the dining room window
Holiday cards (preferably with dogs on them)
I collect vintage Santas and snowmen
Putz cardboard house
Bottlebrush trees
Actually, ANYTHING off my Christmas pin board would make me a very happy girl
Christmas light like this:
(all of the ideas can be found on my pinterst)
mustache or beard ornament (could be felted, embroidered, on a ball)
felted fisher price people like this
Ornaments of my family like this
Christmas theme altered tin
Christmas cones for the doors
Wreath (any kind) for our door
Christmas card holder

For the hubs:
A vinyl drum stick wrap up (he is a professional drummer)
fingerless gloves
Robots or Japanese monster items (he loves both-maybe some art for his office)
Drummer boy plush toy
plush monster
PJ bottoms (size large or extra large)
Anything with Disney's Haunted mansion (plush dolls would be fab)
Lucha Libre hoopla or plush
Altered tin with "b" movie, haunted mansion or drums
peg people like this in the theme of haunted mansion, lucha libre or monster movie

For the pups:
Toys with squeakers
soft treats that are corn free
small beds

For me:
Dolls! I am on a collecting dolls kick again
Prayer scarf
Christmas hoopla (little girl and dog in snow would be fab)
New purse
Bib necklaces
Charms for my charm bracelet
case for my reading glasses
reading glasses like this (readers are 2.50)
friendship bracelet

In general
subway art for Christmas for outside
Lap quilt
red and white or red and pink blanket
lunch bag for me and for the hubs
pocket warmers
small wreaths like this one
winter tea cup like this
pillows of my dogs, like these
little bird feeder-we feed birds all year long
This saying stitched up:
sachets for the closet and drawers
This saying stitched up
hot water bottle cover
ice pack cover
tea holder for work (so I can carry tea in my lunchbag)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: StickerChic87 on October 11, 2012 03:25:47 PM
Hi all! My name is Beth, I live in Michigan with my husband, and work full time at a local pizza place. I have no allergies. I am super easy going, any questions, just shoot me a pm! Thanks for looking at my list! :)

Crafted Items
-Anything inspired by or off of my pinterest. (
-ATCs for my collection (pm for themes)
-Felt badges or TM patches
-Individual quilt blocks, 12.", any design, any colors
-A larger size towel backed dish drying mat
-Sewn/crochet/knit scarf (black, grey, green, or purple, *medium to darker shades*)
-Slouchy hat (black, grey, green, or purple, *medium to darker shades*)
-Crochet/knit fingerless mitts (black, grey, green, or purple, *medium to darker shades*)
-Standard bed sized pillowcases (any fun prints)
-Christmas decorations
-Crafted Bob Dylan in this outfit ( for my collection (, dotee, mini hoop, any medium!
-One of those over the armrest remote holders-our couch is dark blue
-Reusable swiffer duster covers
-Hooplas (!
-A decent sized needlebook with sturdier "pages"

Supplies (Used supplies in decent shape are fine!)
-Fabric scraps or FQs (Some Christmas/winter themed would be awesome!)
-Embroidery floss (any colors)
-Something to organize my embroidery floss
-Magnet sheets/buttons/strips
-Beads/pendants/jewelry making supplies
-Stamp carving kit
-Rogue potholders so I can make one of these (
-Coin purse frames

-Sour candy
-A good used paperback book (always looking for new reads)
-Easy meal or dessert recipes
-Magic (the Gathering) cards
-Pressed pennies

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Interrobam on October 11, 2012 05:52:13 PM
Hello! My name is Emily and I'm currently attending college in Baltimore, Maryland. I love drawing, writing, sewing, and in my free time I like to research American fashion and sociology in the 19th century. I have an adorable cat named Audra, who I miss very much when I'm away at college.

My favorite color is green. I also like blue, red, pink, and black. Nudity and a little gore is fine, no religious stuff or earrings though.

I have a list of desired items and a list of desired themes, ideally you would mix and match them (for example a Good Omens Hoodie or a Squid Scarf), although some of my specific items are already themed (like my Feminist Rarity T-Shirt).

Items I Would Like:
~A Hoopla, I like smaller ones with lot of detail
~A Stitch Plushie (from Lilo and Stitch, I prefer the version with 3 arms, antennae etc. and for it to be “life sized” or close)
~A Nightfury Plushie (from How to Train Your Dragon, the bigger the better)
~A Hoodie
~A Bag, especially a hip bag ( ) , satchel, or explorer bag ( )
~A Knitted Sweater with cute pattern around the neck/sleeves (
~A Sundress
~A Loaded Charm Bracelet
~A Pair of Socks
~A Skirt
~A Wallet
~A Pencil Case
~An Apron
~A Carved Stamp (or set of carved stamps)
~Craft Kits (learn to felt, learn to knit, learn to weave etc)
~Altered Altoid Tins
~A Poppet
~A Winter Hat (something that will keep my ears warm)
~Caramel, Chocolate, and/or Fudge (Butterbeer or fruit flavored is best, nothing with mint or nuts)
~A Better Off Ted T-Shirt/Bag that Says “I'm on Project Jabberwocky”
~A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic T-Shirt/Bag with a picture of Rarity that says “This is What a
Feminist Looks Like”
~A Petticoat, preferably A-Line
~Some Non-US Candy
~A Pair of Bloomers
~A Big Coffee Mug
~A Very Fancy Pincushion (I have tons of boring ones, I want something crazy detailed or funny)
~A Pair of Gloves
~A Scarf
~A Christmas Stocking
~A Sleepmask
~A Hoopla/Bag/T-shirt with any of these lyrics (I would prefer no more than one item in this theme):
~~~“Strange is the call of this strange man/I want to fly down and feed at his hand” (
~~~“Rain turns the sand into mud/Wind turns the trees into bone/Stars turning high up above/You turn me into somebody loved” (
~~~“North Isn't True/'til it leads me back to you” (
~~~“I will stay if you let me stay/And I'll go if you let go/But I won't go far away/Because you're my only home/And I will hide what you want hidden/And I'll roam if you say roam/But I'd just as soon you Didn't/Because you're my only home” (
~~~“Wandering stars, for whom it is reserved/The blackness of darkness forever” (
~~~“Lie there, lie there, little Henry Lee/Till the flesh drops from your bones/For the girl you have in that merry green land/Can wait forever for you to come home” ( )
~~~“I haven't seen you in ages/But it's not as bleak as it seems/We still dance on whirling stages/In my Busby Berkeley dreams ” (
~~~This entire song (

Themes I Would Like:

~Victorians and Victoriana, particularly Victorians dresses, particularly Victorian dresses from 1870-1880 (
~Hufflepuff (no AVPM stuff please)
~Octopodes and Squids
~Obscure Mythical Creatures (selkies, rusalka)
~Odd Animals and Bugs (narwhals, vampire squid, angler fish)
~Evil Faries and Mermaids
~Queer Pride
~Something Inspired by My Pinterest, Especially These Boards:, ,, and
~Anything, literally anything, having to do with these fandoms (Inspiration Here: )
~~~Books/Comics: Good Omens,  Dealing with Dragons,
~~~Movies: Paranorman, Coraline, Lilo and Stitch, Secret of Kells, Rango, Megamind, Despicable Me, Let the Right One In, In Bruges, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Cat Returns, Wall-E, Brave
~~~TV Shows: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Better Off Ted, Community (I LOVE Troy and Abed), Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Phineas and Ferb, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Rarity is best pony), 30 Rock,
~~~Others: Portal, Calvin and Hobbes, Lackadaisy Cats, Hadestown

This turned out longer than I thought it would be, ha ha. At least there are lots of options?

Thanks for considering my list!

Title: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: RhymeswOrange on October 12, 2012 06:19:04 AM
Hello! My name is Theresa and I'm a Telecommunications Project Manager in Durham, NC. I love crocheting, spinning, sewing, and reading. I have two wonderful children, Corbin 13 and Peri 8, a supportive husband and two kitties, Mikey and Olivia. 

My favorite color is orange. I also like purple, green, and black.

I have a good size wist: (
And a new but growing pinterest: (

I would love anything that you want to make me that you think I might like.  I do not require replica's of the items on my wish lists, you can use them as inspiration.

I recently lost 60 pounds and now I'm cold all the time.  I would like some more shrugs like this: (  or (
Or a shrug like this: ( realize these aren't yarny but they could be made from yarn : (
A cowl of any sort
A fashion scarf: (
Knit socks size 7
I would love this: (
My mom would love thisL

Stuffies (
Small project bag
A brooch like this: (
My daughter would love these: (

Other Crafts
These flowers are gorgeous (
Fiber for spinning, any colors or fibers
A cuff from zippers: (
I love glass beads: (

Supplies are not really on my list because my house is already stuffed to the gills

Please know that although I have links in my lists they are simply inspiration.  I will love whatever you want to make for me.
Good luck!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: thanate on October 12, 2012 03:11:51 PM
I'm in Maryland, and have stupid amounts of stalkable stuff-- see my profile or start here: swap info page (  Although a lot of it hasn't been updated very recently, so feel free to ask me as many questions as you want. :)

I'm allergic to tobacco-- and also pregnant!-- so if anybody in your house smokes, it might be better if you pick someone else. 

*brightly colored (think basic crayon box, not pastels or pink) baby clothes.  Probably winter weight in newborn-like sizes & summer-weight in 6 month; beyond that I'm not sure it's safe to speculate. :)  Good themes include N American wildlife, realistic dinosaurs, or space. 

*baby blankets, see color/theme suggestions above. We're set for afgans, & I'm working on a fancy quilt, but more basic things to wrap the kid in seem potentially useful. :)

*diaper supplies... I'm planning to go the fold & pin with a waterproof cover route, but don't have anything yet.  (and for transport I don't need a diaper bag, but wet packs would be good)

*a business card case, fairly small-form, to fit my 1/2 size cards.  They're 3.5"x1" and don't quite fit in any of the spare tins I have lying around. (phoey!)

*french press slippers or similar, size 7-or-so (ravelry link (

*I am a sucker for interesting yarn.  Handspun & fun textures are cool.  Or something soft, breathable & machine washable that would work for baby clothes.  Or I'd love a magic yarn ball, but only if you (& the organizers) don't mind if I don't unroll it for swap pictures, so I get the fun of discovering what all is in it while I'm making it into something.

*Also fond of gloves with 3/4 length fingers, or fingerless/long wrist warmers.  Size 7/medium.  Warm is good, but so are lacy/frilly bits, so have fun. :)

*some handmade tarot cards or an ATC-sized alphabet. (no need to make a whole deck unless you're inspired!)

*hand or machine embroidered patches I can applique onto stuff-- check out my stalkables for artistic inspiration. :)

*naturalistic yard art (wildlife, ceramic mushrooms, bird houses with small holes & no perch... no garden gnomes please!) or interesting wind chimes

*a shawl like the first one here: yay, multicolored! yarn ends are awesome! ( :)

*a fairly straight-sided, microwaveable, ceramic mug that holds about 20 oz of liquid. 

*handmade, inside-blank, greeting cards

*something else fun that doesn't take up too much space, inspired by my wist ( (read the comments!) or etsy favorites ( :)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: LaughingLark on October 13, 2012 07:51:21 AM
Hi, my name is Kris, and I share my home in Illinois with my husband of 25+ years, 3 boys, 2 fluffy cats, and one goldfish. For years, beadwork and jewelry-making was my first love, but in the last couple of years, I’ve become smitten with the fiber arts. I spin and weave, and my favorite yarns to make are crazy art yarns. I love the concept of Saori weaving—the imperfection of the pieces gives them their beauty. I also enjoy crocheting and some knitting, and want to get better at both this winter. Creative re-use and keeping stuff out of the landfills is important to me as well.

Allergies: Some perfumes have chemicals in them that can give me asthma attacks. Since I don’t know which they are, it’s best not to send me anything that has floral notes, or has been sprayed with Febreeze. Febreeze is one of my triggers. I can also be triggered by cigarette smells, if they are strong. If you like to make soaps or scented things, it’s pretty safe to send me anything food-scented (fruity, spicy or baked goodie smells). Just no floral anything. I also need to avoid angora, even thought I love it.

I really miss swapping. I have had to stop for a while due to some hiccups in our business from the economy. It’s getting better, but our income is still not reliable and we have catching up to do, so I’m concerned that I could get into a swap and then not have the cash to do a good enough job. I’m currently looking for work, and once I find a job, I’ll be back to swapping. We just have too many people not paying us for me to take the chance otherwise. I love making and receiving wonderful handmade surprises. I would be thrilled if you pick me, and I am quick with the communication, so I can help you clear your negative in a hurry. Being picked would be a huge treat for me right now. :)

I love koi, anything to do with wool and spinning, and learning new crafts. I want to learn needle-felting and wet-felting. We just moved to a new house in a new state right before we had a flurry of money trouble, so I have not been able to get as much art on the walls as I’d like to have. I’d have to say that hang-able decorations are my biggest want. My style is cheerful and bohemian, with lots of color. Think “old hippie” or “quirky”, and you’ve nailed it!

I do not like knick-knacks or anything that requires shelf space. Life is too short to spend it dusting curios. In our new home, we have less space, so any horizontal display areas are already pretty crowded. I’m also not a fan of “dark” things or depressing colors. Day of the dead stuff is fine, because it’s bright and festive; however, gore and goth is not my thing.

Wall art you could make for me could include painting, textile arts like weaving, wool art, altered art, quilting, you name it! Surprise me! I would even enjoy a tye-dyed hippie wall hanging for my son’s bedroom.

Another HUGE wish I have is for warm shirts for my youngest son. He is only in kindergarten, but he is in size eight, and growing! I can’t keep up with him. If you want to make decorated shirts for him, his tastes fall pretty much in line with the average six year old boy. He’s not hard to please. If you want to start with a thrifted item, that’s cool. I’m very big on creative recycling.

I’ve started a Pinterest board to give you some ideas, big and small, of things I’d like. If you have the time and want to stalk my other boards, you can also get a feel for my aesthetic that way...
Crafted Wishlist:
---Cheerful wall art
---Wearables for son
---Useful things for my home, like potholders, soap bars (see allergies), socks for my chairs!
---A needle-felting kit would be aewsome!!!
--- Backstrap loom about 18-19 inches wide.  If you can figure out how to make all the parts for a backstrap loom, I’d love one. I have warping pegs already, I just need the basic loom parts. You might be able to have your hardware store do the cutting. The flat wooden parts could be made with long paint sticks or yardsticks cut down and sanded. I’ll hunt for links, and add them here. If you speak Spanish, you may find better links that I can, though. The loom is basically a group of  dowel sticks and probably not hard at all to make. I just can’t buy wood at the moment. I’ve locked down my craft spending tight. I can provide my own backstrap--just need the wood parts. If you want, you could sew a backstrap to go with the wood parts, then I won't need to make one.
This one is helpful:

---A peg loom for rag rug weaving. This is a long shot (it could get heavy to mail), but I have wanted one of these looms for AGES. If you have access to a drill press or a good set of spade bits, this would not be hard to make. With one of these looms, I could knock out all the rag rugs I need to keep our feet off the cold floors in a hurry, and also use it to make Christmas presents. I would like to be able to weave areas up to 24" across, and don't need any clamps, just the wooden parts. I don't care if it's not perfect-looking, so long as it functions as a pegloom and the pegs are evenly spaced. Use stuff from your garage if you have lumber and dowels lying about. If you can do this, I would be beyond thrilled!
A pegloom in use:

---I need 2 sewn plastic bag holders to contain the bags near where I use them. The holders need to be hang-able, and a fun retro print fabric would be awesome.
---Shopping bags! I always need shopping bags!
---I need a crossbody style sewn purse in colors that would go with a chocolate brown winter coat, but are somewhat cheerful as well, to help me thumb my nose at winter. Only thing to keep in mind is that I’m almost fifty, so cute or kawaii prints might not be the best for me. Hippie, retro or sophisticated fabrics like velvet or brocades (or a combo!) would be great. The purse needs to be close-able, since I sometimes have to ride very crowded public transit and could be bumped and have things knocked out. I also need at least two pockets sewn to the inside for easy access to small items. The crossbody style is important, so I can keep my hands free to hold bags and hold onto the bar on the bus while standing.
---Top whorl drop spindles with a notch or two in the whorl edge. I always have several spindles going—the more in my collection, the merrier!
--- Stenciled project bag that says: "Spinning:
                                                   Because knitting isn't weird enough!"

 About the size of a grocery shopping bag, and maybe with an image of a spinning wheel on it as well, but the words will be just fine by themselves. Choose a strong fabric or decorate a sturdy purchased canvas shopping bag for this project--I will use this bag for years! I spin in public all the time, and people sometimes wonder what I'm doing, and why. :D

Supplies and extras:
Dye. Either acid dyes for wool or cold water dyes for cotton. If you tried dyeing and did not like it, partial jars are fine with me. I cannot use Rit or Kool-aid, though.
Spinning fiber, natural or vegan: Anything but angora. Even raw stuff is fine. I can clean it if there is not too much VM in it. I have an old drum-carder and hand-cards.
Wool, mohair or other fancy or novelty yarn—I can use any amount. Even really tiny balls. I’m going to learn freeform crochet this winter.
Sugar and Cream or other brands of cotton yarns, even smallish balls of them. I'm making dishcloths and tawashi as part of my Christmas gifts this year. Any colors!
Soft acrylic yarns. Any size balls. They have to be soft, though. I’m making some hats for the kids at my boy’s schools. The schools keep a box of hats and mittens on hand for kids who need them. Red Heart is too scratchy for most of the kids and gets left in the box. If it feels soft on your face, it will probably be okay and will end up warming a child. Small balls are fine—the kiddos like colorful things and I can make stripes. Any thickness of yarn-- I can crochet some strands held together to get my desired gauge if it's really thin yarn in colors school-age kids would like. Yarn that is obvious baby colors might not be the best for these kids.
Bits of yarn and fiber to feed to my drum carder. If you have really short bits of this and that, I can use them. I mean, even two inch bits!
Chenille yarn. Weavers love to throw in some chenille for texture. Any amount would be welcome. Same goes for fun fur and the like…
Angelina sparkle fiber.
Tube watercolors. I want to start painting again. If you have a used set you don’t need, sent it my way.
Circular knitting needles. Any kind, any size. Longish ones would be really great so I can learn the magic loop, but I also need some shorter for hats or cowls.

Thanks for reading this enormous post!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: IdlersDesign on October 13, 2012 11:00:22 AM
Hi, I'm Christina and I live in the Netherlands. I teach French in a high school and love learning foreign languages (currently learning Japanese), travelling, reading, discovering nature, gardening, drawing and crafting.
As a nature lover, green is my favorite colour! Please feel free to recycle/re-use.

I don't have any allergies but I'm vegetarian.

Wish list
Crafted items

I'd love a surprise from my Pinterest (!


- A knitted shawl, scarf or schoodie in (dark/forest) green
- Knitted socks
- Knitted or crocheted cuffs (examples in my Pinterest).
- Mitts (normal or fingerless) in green or scandinavian pattern.
- Crocheted dish scrubbies


– A crayon/coloring book case for my son, maybe like this (
– Basic comfy pants for my son (size 3T) Any colour, would love a mix of colours.
– A pair of pyjama pants for me (size small).
– An I spy bag (gender neutral please)
– Slippers (size EUR 39/USA 8,5/UK 6) there are some examples in my Pinterest, but just simple, easy ones are perect too.
- Fabric basket

Other techniques:

– Home made CP soap. Any natural scent but vanilla. Not too sweet please.
– Carved stamps (nature, animals, plants, Japan, craft-related or any theme from my profile)
– Pottery, especially tea cups, small desert/tea bowls in natural/earth colours or green.
– Letter magnets or other letters to play with for my son who'll be homeschooled.
– Anything with planets on it for my son, who's obsessed with it.

Craft supplies (used is ok!):

- sock yarn
- DPN's in different sizes (prefer bamboo/wood, but that's not necessary)
– sewing patterns (for training pants, slippers, wallets, bags, cloths, kids cloths (boys/gender neutral)
– Fabric: Japanese/cute/nature theme/kids/animals/designer. Scraps are ok!
– fabric markers/sharpies
– Ink pads
- paper bits and pieces for decorating my art journal
- Crafty kid's stuff
 – your favorite recipes for cakes, bread, vegetarian meals.
– pens (any colour or style, as a teacher I use a lot of them)
- stickers, postcards

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: amalgam on October 13, 2012 04:14:07 PM
This should be fun.Hello! I'm amalgam and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm living the single life in my little apartment as I try to declutter from the past 15 years of my life. I work for a government contractor, but I have a Bachelor's in Theatre and Video which I haven't gotten to use yet and I'm really trying to hurry up and figure out what I'm going to do with my life. My profile gives a pretty good overview of my likes and dislikes. My Wist is outdated but relevant and I have tons of stuff on Pinterest, so there's plenty to get inspiration from there. I have no allergies.

Crafted Items:
--Kyubey (From Puella Magi Madoka Magica) Plushie or Amigurumi
--Wall Art (Any medium is ok, as long as I can hang it)
--Art Quilt
--Ear cuffs
--Incense sticks or cones: I like the smell of lemongrass or light, sweet smells. A nice box or other type of holder for them to burn in would be nice too
--Brightly colored zippered pouches (help me keep my purse organized. :D)
--Nook tablet cover

HOOPLA!You can actually make these or use them for inspiration:
--Diagram of a chocolate molecule
--Button Tree or just trees in general
--Heart Tree
--A silhouette of some kind
--French Knot surprise
--Craftster's "Justifying Your Hoarding Instincts" quote

--Cotton Fabric: scraps and orphan blocks are welcome!
--Batting Scraps
--Quilting templates or patterns
--Embroidery Hoops
--Sewing notions such as tailor's chalk, thread, zippers, etc.
--Lite Steam-a-seam
--Empty Altoids-type tins
--Foreign candy,as long as it's not licorice

Likes and Fandoms
--Bright colors, I have a special liking for blues, greens, and purples.
--Japanese(especially the language)
--Some of my favorite music artists are Daft Punk, Sunset Swish, and Special Others
--I'm teaching myself how to play the recorder, so you might be able to do something with that. :P
--Animation! I like Batman: The Animated Series, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and many more that would take too long to list
--Dance Dance Revolution
--Professor Layton
--Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
--Nature, especially trees
--Circles and Swirls
--M.C. Escher
--Pressed Pennies
--Chewy Cookies

--Coarse Language
--Super Cutesy Things
--Neutral colors, unless they are being used to contrast bright colors

If you need more info or clarification, just send a PM! ;)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: wwrich on October 13, 2012 10:05:24 PM
I am Wendy, 40mumblesomething, living outside of Chicago (USA) with my husband, 9 year old DD and one fuzzy grey Tinkerbell cat.  I work for
the health insurance industry right now doing computer stuff, but in the past, I did computer aided drug design.

No allergies to speak of, but would prefer not to get things that smell strongly of smoke or perfume.  I do wear earrings (pierced), and have never had a problem with any metal.

I like lots of different stuff.  I have collected cats and dragons my whole life.  I always "need" things that are cute.  For colors I like darker/stronger colors -- like gemstones -- emerald, ruby, amethyst and onyx (black).  I am not fond of blue or yellow as a main color, and I don't like things in pastel colors.  I don't generally like things that are gross, dead or gory.

My daughter is 9 years old, and has grown up with lots of homemade things, so a lot of this list will actually be for her.

1) Anything cat-themed.  I like cat jewelery, cat figures for my curio cabinet, cat pictures for my walls, cat stuffies.  I like my cats cute and mostly "natural" (no clothes or non-cat-like behavior).

2) Anything dragon.  I like "western" dragons (think knights and princesses), not the Asian-type snake like ones.  I prefer cute to fierce.  I would love one of the dragons like this (  (I would love the pattern for that dragon too!)  I love this box (  This quilt ( makes me go squee!  I could devote a whole wall to embroidered dragons like this (, this ( or this (  A few dragon paintings ( would fit right in too.

3) My newest obsession is Monster High dolls.  My DD and I are collecting them and making stuff for them.  We would love any of the boy dolls, except Gloom Beach Jackson (we have him).  Previously loved is fine.  Elsbeth is all about animals, and is exceptionally obsessed with the Monster High pets, but they are hard to find in the stores.  Some monstery looking animals in the right scale would be treasured.  Clothes or shoes that fit the dolls would be great.  Small doll accessories are popular too.  We are not much into the other "stuff" (stickers, fake nails, clothes for the kids, etc.)

4) Elsbeth also loves "How to Train Your Dragon", especially Toothless.  She would love a stuffed version that she could sleep and play with.  I liked this one ( and  both of these (

5) Cute monsters!  I watched the gallery for a couple of the monster swaps, and would have found a home for almost all of the cute ones!  I especially love some of the cuties by loveandasandwich (  A few other ideas could include: Cute keychains (, stuffie/pillow mix ups (, pictures ( (I would prefer something that could go on a wall), curio cabinet stuff ( or hooplas ( I know that someone was making little fuzzy monster earrings for a while, but I can't find a picture right now.

6) A loaded charm bracelet would be fun!  I like a lot of the Harry Potter ( themed ones, and the fantasy themes.  Cats and dragons could be good!

7) A hoopla!  I have a wall of embroidery in my entryway.  Mostly cross stitch, but I would love to add some new variety!  I liked this  cat one (  I linked to a couple more in my dragon and monster sections.  I love some of the complicated-looking ones like this ( or this (  I find stumpwork ( fascinating.  This ( one took my breath away!  And this ( one makes me smile.

8 ) Artwork for my walls.  I love the idea here (, but I have no idea what I would like to see.  I also love her tree triptychs ( too!

9) Tree of life pendant.  You have seen them.  With gold wire and green stones.  Maybe some pink accents?  I love the ones with the moons in the background too!

10) I love this felted unicorn (  A cat or dragon on a similar scale would be great.

11) Chemistry based jewelery!  Here is DNA ( and here are some others (  Remind me of the old days.

12) Stuff for a dollhouse (in a 1 foot=1 inch scale).  Els and I built a dollhouse ( for her Calico Critter cat family a while ago.  "Stuff" for the house would be fun.  Furniture, tiny paintings, mini food would be fun.


1) I recently dipped my toe into making soap (the stuff with lye).  If you have some extra "fancy" oils or lye safe colors or scents hanging around taking up space, I would love to give them a try.  I am especially fond of fruit-like scents; raspberry, strawberry, orange, grapefruit, etc.  I am thinking of stuff like shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, and the colors that don't bleed or change over time.

2) I love beads.  All kinds, but would love some gold-toned charms, and quality glass or stone beads most.  Please, no plastic or seed beads -- I have lots of those already!

3) Patterns for dragons and cute cats.  (I can crochet and sew).

4) Whimsies!  I love tiny stuff!  Things for dollhouses are often in the jars that people swap around here.

5) I am looking for small hole punches in shapes that would pass for mini food items.  I would love a scalloped edge round shape about 1/4 inch that would make doll sized crackers.  I have a tiny (3/8 inch) dog bone, but would like one a little bit bigger -- up to about 1 inch in

Wow.  That was longer than I expected.  Thanks for reading this enormous post!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: phoenixfiredesigns on October 14, 2012 10:08:37 AM
About Me
35 year old woman who lives in Florida (USA) with my guy and two cats. Healing and healthy after major surgery October 5th last year. Engaged as of 12/25/11! ;D
  • My favorite colors are jewel tones (like amethyst purple, emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, turquoise, and amber) or earth tones (like greens/browns together).
  • My favorite color combination is a deep teal blue and chocolate brown together. It makes me happy.
  • My favorite colors for shirts/clothes are browns, greens, purples, and both heather and charcoal greys.
  • I also love things that go along with my "PhoenixFire" theme like reds/oranges/yellows together
  • I like silver but not really gold. (Copper's ok too.)
  • My favorite animals are cats, owls, penguins, bats and red foxes.
  • My favorite flower is the Daffodil.
  • My favorite movie is Back to the Future
  • My favorite hobbies include: reading, photography and I love all things Disney!

I suffer from migraines so please NOTHING musk/amber/patchouli/dragon's blood or floral scented. Unless it smells like you can eat it, it will give me a migraine. I LOVE fruit and dessert scents greatly though. Also, please no bar soaps (skin is sensitive to glycerin) and nothing with artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet (aspartame) or Splenda (sucralose) as I'm allergic to both.

-- DSLR Camera Strap or Strap cover I have some examples HERE (
 -- Mircowave Bowl Potholder ( OMG this is brilliant! (Would ultimately like 2; one for me and one for Love.)
 -- Sewn/Quilted Fabric Trivets You know, the flat heat-resistant pot holder type things you put between your pan and the counter? Examples: this ( or this ( or this ( or this ( or this ( More examples in sewn pin board ( These are just examples. You can use other fabrics/colors that you think I'd like. (Browns/blues, fun fabrics, cute patterns, etc.) I have regular "glove" potholders for getting things into/out of oven, now I need FLAT, insulated ones.
 -- Reusable fabric produce bag ( This is great! I hate wasting a plastic bag for one or two apples.
 -- Sewing Surprise There are tons of sewn things on my pinterest ( as well!

Knitting & Crochet
-- Hand knit socks. Something warm and soft I've got small feet so like a 6.5 size foot or girl's sized large socks for reference. There are some wisted here ( for inspiration. (And yes, thick ones for around the house are perfect too!)
 -- Crochet Parasol ( It's so pretty! Can be rainbow, or tones of blues, or blues/browns, or purples or earthy (greens/browns) colors. I just love this idea in general!
 -- GORGOUS Knit Shrug ( I love cables. I'm sure this is massively huge, but I love it so much I'm putting it on the list anyway. LOL
 -- Knit or Crochet Surprise Item - You can find more items HERE ( on my knit/crochet pin board.

Embellished Clothing (Dyed, Embroidered, Screenprinted, etc.)
INFO FOR ALL TEES: Fitted / "babydoll" styles only please! If Misses, size small. If Jr's size medium. I like jewel tones for shirts (emerald green, amethyst purple, turquoise, aqua) plus browns and greys best. Short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve. Scoop or V-neck best (but not so low I have to wear another shirt under it please!) I like Target's Mossimo shirts a lot but other brands are good too.

-- Decorated/Screnprinted/Stenciled/Bleach Pen/Embroidered/Batik/Dyed/Ombre Fitted T-Shirts Could be in many styles/colors based on my likes or shirt inspiration (
 -- Galaxy Shirt! ( I love this. I think either black tee, dark navy blue or dark purple tee is best for the base shirt color. I can't be around bleach (allergic to the vapors) so I can't make this for myself but I'd love someone to make one for me!!
 -- Bleach Pen Tees ( Could be in many styles/colors based on my likes or shirt inspiration (

Glass, Ceramics, Pottery, Etc.
-- Ceramic Sponge Holder I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ( The idea is so useful and the glaze is beautiful!
 -- Ceramic Ramekin Bowls Like this ( or this ( Could use some little bowls for dipping sauces, etc.
 -- Ceramic Oversized Soup Mug I've got several I love pinned here (
 -- Something Stained Glass I love stained glass. A little window decoration, a nightlight, a decorative piece - I think stained glass is so pretty. I have some pieces wisted here ( for inspiration.
 --  Ceramic/pottery/glass wish/surprise item Examples of glass items HERE ( and ceramic items HERE (

Hoopla, Embroidery, Needlework
-- "Damn it feels good to be a gangster" hoop like THIS ( or THIS ( Too damned funny!!
 -- Phoenix Feather Hoopla ( Love this in a red/orange/yellow color scheme!
 -- "M" Hoopla ( I love the font, the detail, everything about this example.
 -- Bat Hoopla like this ( He's so cute! (And Halloween or not, I'd totally keep him around all year!)
 -- HOOPLA SURPRISE ( I've been pinning some so take a peek and see if you get inspired!

-- Anything Back to the Future Inspired It's seriously my favorite movie of all time. DeLorean time machine items, shirts with logos/slogans/products from the films, Doc or Marty things - I just love those films!!
 --  Anything with a phoenix. I LOVE the phoenix and there's not nearly enough phoenix-related things in the world or my life. You can check out my wisted phoenix items ( or phoenix pinned items ( as inspiration.
 -- SURPRISE ME! Look at my my pinterest ( or my amazon wishlist (, my etsy favorites (, the colors I like, my favorite animals, or my favorite flower, etc. and see what you can make that you think I'd like!

Craft Supplies
-- Cuttlebug / Sizzix / Sepllbinders embossing folders or dies for cutting! Just got a Cuttlebug and want a bunch!! I've got some favorites listed HERE ( Used is fine!
 -- Gift Certificate to Amazon I know that sounds weird but I buy a lot of crafty supplies there; things I either can't find locally or I can get cheaper. Since it takes an order of $25 for free shipping, I often don't splurge, but there are things there I've been drooling over! :D
  -- Gift Certificate to FireMountain Gems Available here ( I recently put in a larger order, and got SO MUCH for my money. It's hard to buy in bulk but when I can, it's SO worth it. So if I could get some giftcards for them, I could combine them and make another big order and save a lot of money vs buying one thing here and there.
 -- Lampwork beads. Love. Wish I could make but I''m too scared of open flame. :D
 -- Earring Findings I could use some fancier sterling and/or gold (plate/vermeil) ones, especially chandelier style like this ( or this ( or this ( or this ( or this (, etc.

Thank you in advance for claiming me!  ;D

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Listessa on October 14, 2012 09:28:57 PM
Hi!  My name is Alicia.  I live up in Fairbanks, Alaska (USA) with my holland lop rabbit.   I work doing maintenance as a day job and lots of craft stuff for fun.  I cross stitch, knit, hook rugs (not latch hook- the real hooking with wool), sew, leather working and fur sewing, and many other random craft things.  Pretty much the only thing I don't do is paper crafting.  I love Halloween stuff, pretty much everything other than zombies, but I have a particular adoration for werewolves. 

I'm minorly allergic to tobacco smoke, and fish.  (I can't imagine someone
sending me fish, but just in case...)

I really don't care for pink (other than on flamingos), or purple.  Same with kids' stuff, no kids in the picture and they are not happening.  I'm not really in to anime type art or crafts.  I'm also not really in to Asian themed patterns and stuff either.

Crafted items:
-Palm Tree crafts!  (Any sort, I have an obsession)
-Flamingo stuff
-Wolf stuff, wolves are awesome.
-Reheat-able hot pack (one of the ones with beans or whatever inside that you nuke in the microwave)
-Knitting needle/crochet hook holder for a whole mess of needles/hooks I have about a million and a half that need a home.  The roll up kind or foldable kind would be super awesome.
-Decorated needle cases to tame the piles of needles of various kinds that I have.
-Plushies or felties of just about anything.  I adore them, and making them. 
  (I'd even love new patterns for different animals!)
-Knit mittens, reds and black are awesome and would match my coats.
-Knit socks of whatever color.  Socks are a major love of mine.
-Funky yarns of any sort, I love getting new spun things.
-Recipes for different foods, desserts, etc (I collect them!)
-Stuff made out of wood, like bowls and things
-Anything metalworked
-Any bunny toys are welcomed!  He is a litter trained house rabbit so I'm always looking for something else to keep him busy.
-A really cool Kindle cover.  (I have the last generation with the 3G and mini keyboard thing NOT the touch screen)
-Chainmaille jewelry or random trinkets.  I love that stuff!

-Specialty threads for cross stitching
-Cross stitch patterns of rabbits, wolves, dragons -ie Euro style not Asian, golden retrievers, turtles, sharks, fish, etc  (Nothing super cutesie)
-Real fur scraps/old fur coats etc (seriously, I re-purpose old fur or make stuff out of new fur)
-Chainmaille rings of various colors think sized for making shirts more than jewlery
-Miniature things
-Curio Cabinets (or mini ones)
-Beading supplies for teeny tiny beads- Delicas or Toho.  I love new peyote stitch patterns.

Random Likes:
-Supernatural TV series
-Critters (Wolves, flamingos, rabbits, turtles, coyotes, sharks, fish, foxes...)
-Home canned preserves/foods/etc
-Bones TV Series
-House TV Series
-Subversive Cross Stitch (and things along those lines)
-Oldschool video games ie Mario, Sonic, Tetris, Duck Hunt, etc
-Medieval art or tapestry styled items.
-Native American crafts, or books- especially on legends.
-Teeny vases or boxes.  I LOVE cute boxes.

Feel free to PM with questions about anything.
Shipping to Alaska via USPS, does not cost more than someone living on one coast shipping to the opposite coast.  Flat rate priority boxes do cost the same to come up here as anywhere else.  :)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: edelC on October 15, 2012 12:58:35 AM

Hi I am Edel and I live in Ireland, I am 45 and live with my daughter who is 17 going on 28, I am a college professor in engineering but really would prefer to sit at home all day and craft. I love to craft, I sew, make jewellery, paint, altered art, stencil and am currently learning bookbinding, I mostly like functional things. I am a packrat and so there is a lot of clutter in my house if something is functional and beautiful then its a winner. Bedlinen, storage, hoodies,t-shirts etc

No allergies, Live in IRELAND


I have recently lost 23lbs yay me! So while I have some awesome t-shirts, I could do with some sexy, figure hugging ones, I am about a size L now (14-16UK)
anything with Dios de los Muertos, 50s, gothic, vintage hearts, nothing too cutesy...(more on my profile). or Pj's, or hoodies.

stocking filler type things suitable for an almost 18 year old, (she is musical theatre obsessed, Grease, Cats, little shop of horrors, chicago, le cage au folle..all faves of hers)

wall art, (love good black and white photography)

Embellished jersey lounge pants.

Jewellery, earrings and necklaces in particular. I love silver, turquoise, red, orange, colours. I don’t like gold.

Altered art journals like these

Cute and functional storage type things, I love anything that is kitchy and decorative as well as being functional.

not a crafted item, but if you have a pair of old pink flamingos hanging out in your garden, I would LOOOVE them!


Patchwork equipment, especially square rulers, 6 and 9 and 12 inch square for use with a rotary cutter,

jelly rolls (love them, can’t get them here)

printed cottons, some examples of the styles I like are on my wists. I just cannot get any interesting printed cottons in ireland,

these are some of the designers and type prints I love…anything similar to this would be great.

Irving Street Flannel by Erin McMorris
Bliss Flannel by Valori Wells
Meadowsweet 2 by Sandi Henderson
Alexander Henry, Kaffe fasset, amy butler…

Wonder cut ruler for patchwork…or any of those rulers that have internal cutting slots.

Fat-quarters, squares etc…feel free to destash!!

Sterling silver jewellery findings,

Glass beads,

metal beads/charms

Stamps and stamp pads, embellishments for altered art,

Any supplies related to paper crafting, sewing or jewellery, patchwork magazines related to these crafts.. a supply package would make me happy!

 Craft books (ditto my moan on not being able to get many of them here) used/thrifted is fine, Just nothing to do with yarn..I don’t have the patience.

thrifted hula dolls from hawaii...(i love certain kinds of kitch!)

Day of the dead themed items.

I have a pinterest board with other swap ideas and of course wists

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Whistley on October 16, 2012 10:29:56 AM
Pick me! Pick me!  ;)

I’m Whistley – a stay at home mommy from Utah, USA. My hubby is my best friend and we have 4 amazing kids (ages 6, 4, 20 months and 3 months) and 1 silly dog.

I adore my family. I love the Princess Bride, Disney/Pixar’s UP!, All things Disney, Doctor Who, Merlin, Psych, old school Nintendo, Canadian Mounties and cute cryptids. I love foresty animals (moose, porcupines, bears, bats etc.) and Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  My favorite color is purple but I love most bright, fun colors. I love fun and silly things. I sew, knit, crochet, carve stamps, and dabble in whatever craft suits my fancy at the moment. I collect children’s books and Disney pins. In general I prefer things I can use to knick-knacky stuff.

My pinterest:

I do not like mature/adult or gory themes – no cursing, skulls or zombies please. Also, I’m not a huge fan of neon colors or old lady/grandma-ish prints. Also, PLEASE do not claim me if you smoke or craft around smoke. I have a little ones we are very sensitive to strong smells – especially smoke. Thank you.

Crafted Items
(use my “about me”, my profile or my pinterest for inspiration)
* A bag – a smaller diaper bag, project bag or purse
* Zippered pouches
* Jewelry using my kids birthstones (stones that are just their birthstone colors are wonderful)
* A mug rug
* Anything related to Disney/Pixar’s “UP!” or “the Princess Bride” (hoopla, stuffies/amigurumi, bags, shirts, boxes, jewelry … get creative!)
* A needle book
* a knit slouchy hat
* a fun pin cushion (inspired by my info, not the tomato ones…)
* an altered altoid tin or mini first aid kit box to use as a mini first-aid kit for the diaper bag
* Fun stitch markers (knitting or crochet)
* a handmade journal
* knitting needle or crochet hook roll
* a cool thread catcher
* a sewing machine cover
* a hobbit/fairy/gnome door for my giant tree stump
* A surprise from or inspired by my profile, my likes or my pinterest
* just a surprise – what do you do best?

* Yarn (no fun fur, acrylic or novelty yarns)
* Sharpies
* Knitting needles all sizes – I need circular needles
* a 3.0mm crochet hook
* Fun buttons
* Fabric (I love fun novelty prints)
* large lobster clasps
* Embroidery hoops
* a 3mm crochet hook
* Stitch/row counters

* Sharpies!
* Crayola crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.
* I’m a sucker for Swedish fish…the ones with all the colors – not just red ones
* Smarties! (Not the sugary disk ones, but the Nestle ones from outside the US)

Thanks in advance if you choose to choose me. :)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: ThriftyLiving4U on October 16, 2012 09:11:46 PM
Hi my name is Christy and I live outside of Atlanta, GA (U.S.) with a guy and 2 kittens.  We both work in Tv & film and enjoy most things industry related.  I’m not a girly girl. More WYSIWYG.  

My style is salvage shabby chic.  I do not object to pre-loved (used) items (I do love shopping at thrift stores, so upcycle/re-use).   There are a lot of ideas on My Pinterest (, so please feel free to get inspiration there.

Allergic to:smoke and strong scents.

I like most colors except neons.
Any kind of wall art. Maps, Nebulas, Koi pond, Flowers, License plate inspired

Papercuttings or silhouettes since I don’t have a machine 
Handmade Rubber stamps
Handmade journals
paper ephemera-vintage…anything (sewing patterns with envelope, old cards, postcards, stamps, tickets,  journals, magazines)
foreign language books or newspapers

Halloween décor – love it all, cute or gory
Christmas décor & ornaments, not religious please

Scarf or warm hat -whimsical (ie. Animal )or not- (generally warm colors) – fleece or soft yarn(sensitive skin) head measurement 21 ½”
Cell phone cover - Samsung Galaxy S III (maybe felt or fabric)
Stenciled t-shirt (white is fine.  No pastels.  Men’s L since I’ll probably be sharing it!)
Cute things made of felt (food, hearts, ornaments etc.)

Tree of Life pendant- or other pendant for my fav necklace (at least a ¼“ opening) or mixed media necklace, any length
(I DO have pierced ears but never change from my 24k gold wires, so no earrings please)

Art inspired by my furbabies that are no longer with us- see My Pinterest (
Jar of Whimseys
Altered anything (altered tins, journal, book etc.)
Cute Magnets
Bag made from board game not much bigger than 7”x 10”
Small stained glass pieces
Fused glass tiles
Foreign language newspaper or book
Fruit or vanilla scented candles

SUPPLIES (used is o.k.)
Bone folder
plastic safety eyes
Clear glass tiles for pendant making
Glue on pendant bails
copper blanks
polymer clay molds
Washi tape
altoid tins, or metal lidded tins of any kind (like small tea tins)
Stamps for punching metal

Stuff from your hometown : postcards, tourist info

Thanks for looking!  Hope to see you swapping soon!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Ewulotta on October 17, 2012 06:10:04 AM
My name is Eva and I’m from Germany. I’m a 29-year old teacher at secondary school. Last year we moved to the city of Cologne in the West of Germany. In my free time I really enjoy sewing, stencilling and felting. At the moment I rather stick to sewing though. My mum gifted me a serger last year so I’m trying my hand at sewing clothing. I like natural and bright colours (lavender, plum, cornflower blue, steel blue, fern green, sea green, bronze, brown, copper, saffron, amber, sunglow, tangerine, amaranth, cerise) and natural materials like wool or wood. Ever since I spent some time in Stockholm as aupair I have had a thing for Sweden and anything Swedish. I’m allergic to cat hair!!!!


Slouchy knit hat in autumn colours (for me, rather dainty)

Knit infinity scarf (in autumn colours)

Striped knit socks (autumn-ish colours would be great!)

Bella mittens (cornflower or steel blue, fern or sea green, lavender or plum

Amigurumi Hobbes tiger (the one from the Calvin&Hobbes comics)

Nativitiy amigurumis (sheperds or the three wise men - I’ve already got the holy family and two sheep. PM for size!)

Charm bracelets (antique brass, bronze or copper for the bracelet with any colourful charms)

Dangly vintage earrings (especially flowers, birds, owls etc. Had a nice pair of dangly bird earrings but lost one in classroom. I prefer antique brass or bronze but copper is also a nice choice. NO gold or silver coating please!)

Whimsical charm necklaces (silver, antique brass, bronze or copper - birds, leaves, flowers, trees or anything related to love or tea ☺)

Swedish Dala horse felt ornaments (in all different colours, just like these

Felt ornaments (holiday heart felt ornaments

Felt badges (Swedish horse, floral, trees, woodland, sheep, birds)
Placemats (a set of 4 would be great, embroidered with flowers, trees, stripes or dots, lime green, light blue, teal and/or violet)

Cloth Napkins (a set of 4 embroidered with eating related quotations would be fantastic. We've got a birch wood table so, lime green, violet or light blue napkins would be perfect. PM for more details like font or German quotations)

Handcarved rubber stamps (woodland, trees, leaves)

Scrapbook photo album for pictures of our autumn wedding (our colours were orange, red, brown and cream - pm me for an example of our invitation)

Screen print Christmas cards

Perpetual birthday calender (all my family and friends remember my birthday every year which is quite easy because it’s Christmas Eve but I always forget their birthdays. That has come to an end. I quite like this design: OR

FRIENDS peephole frame (

Anything from my Pinterest or Wist

Roving (hand-dyed would be really nice) for felting
Fabric (anything from the US, but especially designs like Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, Valorie Wells, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufmann or any Free Spirit)
leather remnants
Thread (cotton, all colours welcome)
Serger thread (all colours welcome)
Velcro (colourful would be great!)
Colourful elastic bands
Decorative sew-on ribbons
Clear acrylic round flat back cabochons (for bottle caps)
diamond glaze
Glue-on bails (silver or antique brass, bronze or copper)
Ball chain necklaces (silver or antique brass, bronze or copper)
Scrabble tiles
Cupcake liners

Sewing magazines

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: SewEnthusiastic on October 18, 2012 01:51:23 PM

I am Nicola and I live in the UK, I am an eclectic crafter and like to try my hand at lots of different crafts. I work as a trainer for people who want to work in early years education and am usually a happy smiley person :) I love handmade items and I'm quite easy to please.

Wish list;

The Beatles inspired teesha Moore patches.
Any Beatles related crafts at all.
A handbag (I like longer shoulder straps as have big arms lol).
Any matryoska items ( I love those little dolls)
An anatomically correct heart necklace (love anatomically correct hearts)
Goddess related art or jewellery
A measuring tape bracelet (my wrist is 8")
Hoopla's I currently have none :( (goddess related would be awesome)

Craft supplies ;

Any fabric - I'm a bit of a fabric junkie
Soap moulds

I have a Pinterest and am happy to recieve random items that you think I would like :)

Thank you!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Pixiefirefly on October 19, 2012 02:04:06 PM
Hi, I am Pixie. I am 40 something year old craftster who is raising my currently 4 year old granddaughter here in Southern California. I'd like to give the items to Alijah for Christmas. Things have been tight as I am sure for everyone else.

I am actually going to list themes instead of items and that way you can decide what you want to make, if you choose us.

For Alijah:
Monster High Doll
Hello Kitty
Curious George
Sponge Bob

Dr. Who
Harry Potter
World of Warcraft
Hello Kitty

Embroidery floss
Yarns (I crochet)
Buttons & whimsies (a little fetish of mine)

Thanks for looking and considering us. :)

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: klg_jlg on October 19, 2012 03:04:02 PM
Hey there, I’m Kassie & I’m a sahm/blogger at where I blog about my progress in becoming a greener mommy. My hubby, little girl, and I live in Idaho and we are expecting another little addition to our family in April. =)

Biggest wants in BOLD!

Octopus stuffie   

Growth chart similar to   or   or

My toddler needs some clothing in the next size up-All of these include tutorials, PM for sizing

I'm planning to do lots of books for her Christmas. I'd love to have you send your favorite children's book already wrapped & appropriate for a 2 year old. =)

This pattern to make her a hoodie

Paci clips—Need like half a dozen so I can have them for the new baby too.

Me- Okay I feel selfish for putting myself on here but it would be nice to get some things that I have some input on, ya know? I’m 22, and I’m a totally crunchy attached mommy yet my style is modern and classy

I also need some clothing badly. PM for sizing, I can alter if needed. =) <<DESPERATE WANT!! (With ¾ sleeves!) (Shorter though)

I recently found out I'm pregnant, I'd love some knit/jersey maxi dresses!! Can provide measurements =)


Amazing puff quilt for the new baby. I actually have the pattern so need to buy it. ;)

For our awesome friend.. Could be made to fit cans or bottles.

Ami Unicorns (I’d love to end up with one for each little girl in the family. That being said, let’s aim for 1 pink, 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 lime green, 1 aqua, and 1 purple. With these, girls, they NEED to have different colors.) You could do the whole unicorn this colors or white with mane and tails of these colors, however you’d like as long as they are visibly different from each other in the eyes of little girls ranging from 1-6. Lol.

Soy or beeswax candles for the women in the family --We are fond of “warmer” smells such as coffee, chocolate, apple pie, cinnamon, vanilla..

My SIL would die for this awesome HP apron!!

I’d love to have 3 sets of these (Maybe 2 for handles and 1 that can snap or Velcro around a lid handle in each set please!)!! One that coordinates with red, white & black, one that is reds/gold/blues, and one that is brown/green/aqua

Anyone make homemade extracts?? I’d love some as stocking stuffers!!

Décor- I really need some stuff to decorate with for the holidays. We have a tree with some ornaments, and that’s it! We are doing red, pink, aqua, and some green. Think about the modern christmasy fabric you see in those colors at the store..

Large fabric storage baskets to store throw blankets and some smaller to store cloth diapers

Bottlecap Serving Trays

Or these awesome glass serving trays

All season wreath

Fun throw pillows.

Cute wall décor

Another wall décor idea

More decor (aqua background white letter and any accent words in red or pink please)

Button tree art

Fire engine red spray paint for painting a wood table.
Also need bright white spray paint for said wood table.
Will also need a sealing coat/clear paint for said table. Will need to be wipeable for cleaning up messes since it's a dining table. =)

It's a start anyway!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: greybird on October 20, 2012 11:03:17 AM
Hi!   I'm Avesthel and I live in Florida (USA)!   :)   I love birds, particularly chubby song birds and chickens (hens).   

My favorite color is tiffany blue / robins egg blue. I also love black, silver, aquas, cooler colors (purple, blue, green) in either jewel tones or very pale versions. In jewelry I prefer silver over gold color. I have 2 chickens and 2 parrots and I love birds… particularly chubby song birds and chickens. I also love period pieces (like Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey), fantasy art, reading, rainy days, mushrooms, music, brown paper packages tied up with string! ;) I like to knit and crochet. I love gaming like World of Warcraft. Harry Potter is probably my all time favorite movie and book series. Although I also love Twilight too (books and movies). Food (baked, jams/preserves etc), handspun yarn, yarn, fiber/batts/roving, fabric (bonus if dyed by you!), Christmas ornaments, coffee, cute sheep, cute mice, handmade buttons (with holes for sewing onto things), strong fridge magnets (rare earth magnet strong) of various things like resin with glitter.

Politics. Orange, skulls, sock monkeys, pinup art or zombies (particularly the type with gore and blood)

I am fairly certain I am allergic to mohair…it feels like glass on my skin. :(
cigarette smoke and strong scents (perfumes) -- this is not an allergy, but I get migraines very easily from these scents  :(

In general I prefer useful items over purely decorative items, but not always.  :)   There are some purely decorative items I would love (and usually anything bird themed falls into that category). 

Have fun and thanks for crafting for me! :D



Hoopla - I would love one like this ( (one darker one like in this pic ([email protected]/) and the second one a slightly lighter honey colored body)   , or this ( (and these colors are awesome) , realistic bird (cardinal, tufted titmouse or other cute chubby song bird)

handdyed yarn using plants/natural items (like indigo, walnut shells, flowers etc)

handspun yarn

Harry Potter mini house sock ornaments ( --  I'm a Gryffindor but I'd love all the houses!   :)

handmade wood buttons (with holes for sewing onto clothing)

DPN needle organizer -- this one is awesome!

cicular needle organizer -- any of these are great!

Reusable swiffer duster covers

Reusable swiffer sweeper pad covers

fabric baskets

hand carved stamps -- cute birds, ball of yarn (maybe with knitting needles stuck in it), chickens (hens)

hand carved stamp for my handspun yarn -- A stamp approx 2.5" by 3.5" formatted a lot like this where it stamps the words "handspun yarn by, yarn name, yardage, weight, fiber" and leaves a space for me to write.

hand carved stamp for a christmas tag -- I'd love a stamp that said "to" and "from" that left me room to write names and had some sort of christmas decoration (holly or christmas tree) in the corner.  Formatted similar to one of these:

wind chimes

bifold wallet like this one ( -- no magnetic snaps please.  And it needs to measure less than 4" by 4".   I'm not too keen on this fabric either... something more robin's egg blue would be lovely.

Unless noted, gently used supplies are fine!  :)

swarovski bicone beads

any metal stamping stamps you want to destash on me - designs or letters/numbers   I only have a partridge and a basic set of uppercase letters right now.

metal stamp blanks

sterling silver jewelry findings

coin purse frames

glass beads

versacraft stamp ink -- any darker colors are welcome!   This is what it looks like:


waxed linen thread for bookbinding

sock yarn -- even leftover bits

glow in the dark sewing thread


smashed/pressed pennies

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: mandykaye on October 21, 2012 12:19:21 AM
Hello! My name is Mandy! I am a married, pagan, 34 year old, who lives in mid-Michigan! No children yet but I have a couple dogs and a few cats (but I also provide food to all the neighborhood cats  :P !) I work evenings at a plastic injection molding factory that makes auto components. No allergies! I love trees, bold colors, witchy stuff, sparkly stuff, hobbits, fairies, elves, gnomes, foxes, buttons, beads, tie-die, batik, books, movies, music....see my profile for more specifics.

*My Pinterest
I would love anything Pinterest inspired! The boards (Projects to try, my projects, funny and true, Cute!, ecards) are really just for me but the rest are up for grabs! If you see an item but want to make it differently...just go with it!

*T-shirts/sweatshirts/hoodies would be awesome for myself or my hubby! (PM me for sizes lol) I love stenciled, embroidered, painted, tie-die, bleach pen, iron-ons..whichever method! There are lots of ideas on my Pinterest for themes!

*Wall art, art quilts, hoops, door wreaths or ATCs!

*Altered books or journals. Also, I have a 3 ring binder that I am using as a Book of Shadows so any pages that are standard paper size would work. I would love any artwork, spells, crystal or herb info, deity info...anything pagan related. I have page protectors so those are not necessary :)

*Slippers about size 8-9 in women's. Any color or pattern. Or knitted or crotched socks. I live in a drafty old house so these are always useful in the colder weather! OR if anyone can make some heavy socks for my hubby that would be awesome too! Size 11-ish in men's. Neutral colors for him please lol!

*A nice set of holiday cards (non-religious).

*Address labels (please pm for info).

*A simple apron that goes over my head and ties in back. I make a mess when I bake so no fancy material needed ;)

*A purse with a long strap! I love changing up my handbags!

*I am always looking for different cookie cutters! Any size but the more random the shape the better lol! (I just purchased a set of Michigan shaped cookie cutters as an example.)

*Tree ornaments! Medium or Large Christmas ornaments or mini ornaments for other holidays!

*I LOVE handmade soaps and lotions! Any kind will do ;)

*Any sort of carved stamps or stencils.


*Tea/hot cocoa mixes.

*Any baking mixes (like in a jar).

*Any specialty beads or buttons.

*I want to start making mosaics so any glass/mirror/tile/ceramic pieces would be awesome!

*Any fun fabric remnents.

*Any sort of molds or cutters for clay (can be pre-used).

*Medium or Large sized paper punches.

*Textured or specialty papers.

*Ink/stamp pads.

I am easygoing and love fun things!!! Thank you for considering my list!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: puamelia on October 22, 2012 03:19:57 AM
Hi there, I’m Susan & I live in Hawaii. I have 2 young girls, a husby of many years & no pets. I have no allergies but they do so be sure whatever you send is clean of smoke and pet hair/dander at the time of sending. I work at a hospital, go to college, have mommy/wife duties, and of course I squeeze in the art/crafting. I majored in Fine Arts, and for my next career, I want to be a nurse (Su, RN!). 

I like to:   Read, work with clay, sew, make wire-work jewelry, craft with the kids, journal, write, sketch, paint, make dolls, cook, garden, crochet, knit, spin (drop spindle & kick spindle), watch DIY home & garden & cooking shows.

Colors I like:   Garnet, silver, Blues and earthy colors (dark brown/green/rust). Also just discovered I like contrasting colors together (like forest green or purple/silver, aqua,teal or cobalt blue/tangerine or coral, chocolate/lime green, sky blue/deep red), and color gradients (ombre).

Patterns I like:   swirls, paisley, abstract florals/vines

Other:   Pls. no violence, nudity, scariness etc. basically nothing young girls should see.

Stalking links:
Etsy Favs:

For my husby:
-Likes anything with Chicago Bulls (basketball) or Bears (football), black.
-Needs: a new scarf/hat.
-Wants: earphone wrap like this in Chicago sport colors, or Loyola Chicago colors:; stenciled tshirt mens XL
-Nook Tablet case with pocket for earphones.

For my 6 yr old DD:
-Likes anything with princess, pony, mermaid, butterfly shiny, sparkly, purple, girly-girly.
   -hair things (has long hair so clips, ties, headbands, etc.)
   -pj bottoms
   -winter wear & accessories for upcoming trip (gloves, mittens, hat, scarf, sweater, bag.)
   -fun big fat pencils.

For my 4 yr old DD:
-Likes anything with swimming, ocean, music, monkeys, cupcakes, green.
   -hair things for short fine curly hair
   -pj bottoms
   -winter wear & accessories for upcoming trip (gloves, mittens, hat, scarf, sweater, bag.)

For my 16 yr old nephew:
-Likes anything with art, manga, jiu jitsu, red/pink. Going to Italy this spring so anything that has to do with that.
For me, Anything Alice in Wonderland, or Anything related to the “I like to…” list above... including the following.

Crafted Items:
-Huge wish: a gored floor-length skirt, with draw string waist, in linen or lightweight cotton, any solid color.
-A Katwise-inspired sweater like this, with a cool pixie hood: I love this one, but not so loving the colors. I love the hood on this but hate the front - something off about the neckline and the line cutting across the front is not becoming.
-A tunic like this:
-A book bag (messenger style), or a wristlet, or laptop pouch for my asus netbook:
-or a school messenger bag just big enough for a ½” binder, 2” textbook, 10” notebook computer & pocket for pens & wallet.
-passport wallet. Any material ok. A “Manga” one for my nephew, going to Europe this spring. A Japanese, ocean or travel-themed one for me.
-pj bottoms in size 10
-pot holders in bright blue or yellow. maybe blue with white or cream coral branch or shell on it?
-I collect pincushions
-crochet or knit hats for winter - the slouchy kind, Jewel tones or dark colors, cranberry ok
-crochet or knit fingerless gloves, or half fingers, size 7 - dark colors or jewel tones, striping ok, cranberry preferred, cranberry/aqua, or tangerine/aqua even better. Really I’ll take anything. Really.
-hand knit socks, sz 8 foot.
-actually I want a set of i-cord knit/crochet earphone covers too.
-long sleeve fitted tees in size women’s M or L. If stenciled, along neckline or on sleeves pls. - I wear them under my scrubs.
-tank tops in size women’s M
-handspun yarn, I love it all but especially thick and thin chunky stuff!
-I collect hand-bound books, small boxes & hats
-Homemade soap
-handmade stamps - would love one with my signature logo - I can send you a pic)

-roving. Feel free to destash.
-knitting needles - any size. Just started knitting, don’t have much. Would love circular, straight, dpns, anything. Would like to learn how to make socks and fingerless gloves, and knit in the round.
-I am a sucker for yarn.  I'll take anything non-red-heart (Just got a garbage-bag full). Handspun & fun textures are cool. Bits and leftovers are ok. I use them for hair and for making little things. Or a magic yarn ball.
-stationary supplies for journaling, like coloured Sharpies, pens, gel pens, pencils of any kind
-pastel chalks, charcoal, erasers etc. for drawing/sketching. Used ok.
-lace, ribbon, string, velvet. Leftovers ok
-sewing thread, any color. I really need white & black. cotton or poly/cotton ok
-elastic (as in for waist band) in 1” or ¾”, color doesn’t matter. Left-overs ok.
-adhesives like glue sticks & E6000
-fabric: solids & non-Hawaiian print please. I’d love some muslin & jersey! and of course Poppet-skin (alova, ultrasuede, etc.) Pieces fat quarter sized up pls. leftovers ok.
-tube watercolors, acrylics, used ok
-brushes, used ok.
-magnets, used ok. I cut up the ones people use for ads to back things.
-glass paint. Anyone know how to get it to be raised/bumpy?
-mason jars, or any glass jars for that matter.
-silicone cupcake liners
-doll stuffing, wool or poly fill
-wooden embroidery hoops, and embroidery floss
-clear coat of any kind, including spray, paint, or contact paper.

-yummie goodies to eat. Favs are chocolates & caramels. And I love lemon
-fun bandaids
-cupcake liners
-bento picks. Actually anything bento related

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Lilibet on October 26, 2012 01:45:32 AM
Hello everyone, I am Lilibet and I'm 26. I live in Belgium which might prove a bit of a challenge to send to  ;). No worries, I'm more than happy with flat packages and simple things. Nothing big, so you don't have to spend to much money on shipping.
I'm a teacher, still living at home, with my parents and little sister. We live in a pyramid shaped house, and have two cats.

Of course, I have a Pinterest page, which you may browse to your own liking. I tried to organise the boards as much as I can, but it's not always easy. I pin a lot of stuff that I like, but don't but it on the 'Items I'd love to receive in a swap' board. Oh well, I know you'll do well!

Likes: Blackmore's Night (music)
Brave (the movie)
Celtic stuff (the knots, the knots...)
Embroidery (Hoops!)
English magazines
Flowery prints (like Jane Austen and consorts)
Gothic stuff (but not the spiders)
Harry Potter (just everything, not real favourites)
Hello Kitty (just Hello Kitty, not the kawai stuff)
Historical fashion (From the Middle Ages until the Roaring Twenties)
Hunger Games
Irish dance (Anything to do with this, and you make me and my sister very happy!)
Jane Austen (Her books but also all the adaptations)
Listening to music
Lord of the Rings (very soft spot for Hobbits)
Nintendo DS (avid gamer)
Nightwish (metal chick, but Nightwish is my favourite)
Outlander series, by Diane Gabaldon (oh, to have my own Jamie)
Pagan (I'm a Witch)
Photography (I have a DSLR and I love it. Makes the best pictures in the world)
Playmobil (we collect some, and we visit the theme park now and then. Wonderful stuff)
Puppets (I'd love to receive a puppet, but I realise it's such a huge thing... An Irish dancer, an Irish princess,... *dreams away*)
Reading (Books, books, books!!)
Stationery (huge weak spot of mine. Paper, dummy books, pens, ink... Makes me more than happy)
Stencils (I love to stencil, and I'd love to learn more about it)
Teaching (I'm an English and Dutch teacher, and I love my job)
The Sims (favourite game, by far)
Twilight (guilty pleasure)
Writing (now and then, I love to write, in those dummy books, mentioned before :P)

I love crochet, but I yet have to try out amigurimi. It's so intimidating! And I struggle with working in a round... *sigh* As you can on my Pinterest boards, I have several cute items pinned. It would be great to receive a crocheted nativity scene. Or, as that is a bit much, maybe just one item, and I'm just forced to learn ;).

Home sweet Home
This sort of goes together with the embroidery part a bit later on, but still. I love to decorate my place, and I really want to start my own hoopla wall. I also love drawings and paintings with historical fashion on it.

Not specifically mentioned in my likes, but hey, I'm a girl, and I just love jewelry. I'm not overly allergic to any kind of metal, so you can freewheel, should you wish to. I just like the more detailed and refined stuff. I prefer a simple necklace with one or two items attached over a chunk of metal around the neck anytime. Irish dance jewelry is not so big, so if you're able to do this, wohoo!
No blingbling though...

One link:
I fell in love with them (yes, another soft spot, fingerless gloves) and I had them pinned for ages. They don't need to be the exact same colour, absolutely not. I love purple, red and green. But, again, let those creative juices flow!

Need I say more, HOOPLA! I've been dying to receive one ever since I saw them on Craftster. I have a few pinned, but I'm sure that you'll find something to your liking in my likes  ;D. I also love many of the items on Urban Threads.

Paper crafts
I admire those journals, and bookbinding things. Too difficult for me... But maybe you can help me along? I'd love to make an altered journal one day, and got two books set apart for that. Maybe you can show me how? Plus, I do love scrapbook paper. Too much... But it's so pretty and shiny and aaaah!

Wow, just wow... Ever since I discovered this craft, I am in complete awe. I have a quilting package, ancient, but I'm unable to start it. It's a kit, so maybe one day... No, seriously, I admire this craft so much. Even if you just make me a quilted mug rug, I will be over the moon. It's one of those crafts that I'd love to learn, but I just know that I'll mess up.

It's already on the like list, and I continue to sing their praise, but oh, how I love those puppets. They are so pretty!

I dream big, but do not let that scare you, please! I'm here to help you redeem that negative, and you can already put a smile on my face with something that you made with lots of love. You can always PM me and ask for more info, or just tell me what you want to do and we'll see what we can agree on.

Happy crafting!

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: Witchhippie on October 30, 2012 11:00:27 AM
Hi all, I am Jeannette and I live in Florida on a little farm.  I love horseback riding, playing guitar, gardening, reading, attending Pagan/music festival, and of course crafting. I collect all kind of rocks (crystal, natural, tumbled). My mom says I am a gypsy type hippie rolled all into one.  I am a tree hugger and proud of it!!

I love most colors but I’m not a big fan of neon or pastel color and I am not into cuties type stuff.
No food items please
For ME!!
1. Poppet
2. Sock monster
3. shawl, scarf or schoodie ( jewel tone or natural colors)
4. Blanket/quilt ( jewel tone or natural colors)
5. Scrubs (XL-top and Large Bottoms)
6. Cape with hood
7. Goddess (banner/flag)
8. Anything Pagan related
9. Handmade tarot cards or Runes
10. Anything to help keep warm while camping
11. Hand carved stamps
12. ATC
13. Handmade bookmarks
14. Stationery, handmade journal
15. Celtic stuff
16. Tree of life anything
17. Amiguramis
18. Anything inspired by my Wists or Pinterest!

Any craft supplies would be great except yarn. I do not crochet or knit. :'(

I would love old/vintage items, especially paper that I can use in my BOS/journal.

For my son:
My son will be 12 on October 31(Halloween). I gave him 2 rats as an early birthday present and he is very happy with them. He also enjoys playing his didgeridoo and guitar at the festivals.

He would like anything pirate, bug, dragons, or medieval related. He has been talking lately about wanting to learn how to read Runes and spin pios.

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: sweety28303 on October 30, 2012 04:16:01 PM
Hi Everyone!
My name is Jolena and I live in North Carolina. I'm 24 years old. Some of my hobbies include crafting(of course) reading, baking and spending time with my hunny.



An Apron! I could definitely use a full apron. (in hello kitty fabric if possible. =])
Any kind of purse. I love purses and don't have enough.
Case for my Nikon.
A Case for my ipod.

HATS! I need more winter hats!

I'd really love a choker styler necklace

Paper crafts:
I collect origami paper stars.

Anything James Bond would be awesome. Hunny is a huge James Bond addict.
Anything Hello Kitty!
Anything on my pinterest (

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: VegasZombie on October 31, 2012 09:42:26 AM
OK, so I am a little late to the party, but I am going to throw this up here anyway.  ;D

Hi everyone!!

My name is Karri & I currently reside in Las Vegas. That changes shortly as I will be moving to fabulous Ohio after 15 years in the desert. It’s a long story, but feel free to ask. I don’t mind sharing. I don’t have any pets as the ex took the wiener. I’m not quite 40, have no kids, but am in a relationship with an awesome guy that has two grown (20 & 22) children.
Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, on my Pinterest is fair game & I love surprises: (

Christmas stuff:
Aprons for two boys (10 & 11). They love cooking & mom is always complaining they fight over the one apron in the house.
Apron for my mom: She’s a lot like me & likes things like skeletons/skulls, Misfits, Type O Negative, Rob Zombie… you get the idea.
Stocking for the guy
Two smaller stockings for a 20-year old male & a 22 year-old female. I have no clue what to do for them.

Much Needed Things for Me:
Scarf or 12 (ha ha) – see list below for themes and colors and whatnot
Socks – knitted or crocheted
Hats – knitted or crocheted. I am not picky, but I really like the earflap variety for maximum effect. Think the Jayne hat (which I own).

Just stuff I like:
Stamped latitude bracelet or ring (yes, I know that is a huge request) - 36 ° 7' 6.2" N  115 ° 10' 17.9" W
Purses – All shapes, sizes and colors
Sock Monkey
Hoopla/frames cross stitch

Fabric in ¼ yard or larger pieces
T-shirts – condition isn’t important as long as the graphic is intact
Snaps & closures

Colors & Themes:
Zombies – the more cute the better
Unicorns & Monkeys
Dia De Los Muertos
Colors: purple, green, pink, blue, Mardi Gras (purple, green & gold), orange, glitter (that’s a color right?!)
Bands: Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, Toadies, Misfits, Rob Zombie and/or White Zombie

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: sheepBlue on November 01, 2012 07:29:31 AM
Hi I'm Emma hailing from Ann Arbor MI. I have recently graduated from college with a BA in Art! and have started my own crafty business on etsy. I am addicted to awesome TV programming while I craft, and love random weird things. I'm not a huge fan of overly cutesy-girly things. No allergies to worry about as well.

Thanks for choosing me if you decide to!


shawlette - I'm addicted to these, so pretty! I'd love one in a teal or black preferably. The Holden pattern is gorgeous but I do have a couple already in that style, but something similar would be awesome.

wall art - I am collecting art to fill my walls up. I'd love something 8x10 or bigger - artist choice as to the content and style. Check out my wist for an idea of my style

wallet - I lost mine which makes me sad. Simple is fine, as long as I can keep some cash, my credit card, and license in there.

a cover for my ipod touch (G4), in the style of an ipad cover where it can be flipped around to be a stand while you read.

a cover for my car steering wheel! Knitted, sewn, however you want. I can PM measurements.

stenciled (bleach or regular) or screenprinted shirt (please not the shirts sold in Michaels or Joanns, they're just not flattering on me, Target brands work best!) - would love it inspired by Alien the movie, whales, sharks, day of the dead, dinosaur bones


sewing thread, any colors

rotary cutter and blades (I don't own one so any good brand)

long sewing pins

Square edge squeegee for screen printing - length 8" - 10"

100% cotton fabric in solid colors or subtle patterning (I use it for screen printing projects)

Staz-on ink pads - black specifically, but other colors are welcome

E6000 glue

black embroidery floss

Title: Re: FOC Second Chance Wishlist Round 3 - Sign-up through Nov 5
Post by: ollieorange on November 01, 2012 07:51:02 PM
Hi, I'm Cindy from Madison, WI. I live with my wonderful husband, beautiful black cocker spaniel and 2 black cats. I've had two miscarriages this year- I consider myself to have a son and a daughter, unfortunately however they are not with us.  My main job is as a job coach for people with disabilities (BEST job ever!). I also work part time as a florist and teach a floral design class at the local tech college. I also volunteer at a place that teaches art to adults with disabilities. I stay rather busy. I like clean lines and don't like kawaii stuff. I really like useful things.

I am very allergic to lavender and eucalyptus. I also cannot wear sheep or rabbit wool.

Everything except "Stuff to make for other people" and "no, I'm not pregnant again" is fair game on my Pinterest.

My wishes:
- Mobiles. I have  a few of these pinned. No baby themes please.
- cross body style purses/messenger bags
- knitted grenade
- Bike riding skirt garter
- quilted bathmat- bright colors and terry cloth back
- sewn receipt organizer for my purse with at least 3 slots- with all my jobs I have a lot of receipts to keep track of!
- The Mighty Boosh, Bon Temps football (True Blood) or IT Crowd t-shirt. I wear and XXL in fitted women's shirts. (I can't stand the standard Jerzees shirts from Michaels!)
- Insulated lunch bag with a long strap. I often have my hands full while pushing wheelchairs- I need to be able to throw my lunch bag over my shoulder.
- Embroidered or screen printed gnome themed kitchen towels.
- Weekender bag- in an orange patterned fabric would be fabulous!

- t shirt yarn
- whimsy jars/ miniatures
- craft thread
- Pearlized 3/32 cotton for weaving- any colors
- new sharpie brush tip in black
- any lengths of any of the fabrics I've pinned.
- gnome vinyl decals

Gnomes (our kitchen theme)
Deer, bunnies, nature
Colors: orange, turquoise, brown, white, yellow, gray, black

Thanks in advance if you pick me!