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Title: How to dye a cotton blend, lightly patterned dress?
Post by: Rara_Avis on August 17, 2012 02:35:16 PM
I finally found a summer dress that fits me perfectly and I absolutely love. I loved it so much I bought a second one assuming that I could just dye it another colour and have 2 fabulous dresses. Iíve never dyed anything before so I thought it would be as easy as popping the dress in a bucket with some dye and magically pulling it out in another colour.

I bought some Rit whitener and a few boxes of purple Rit dye but the Rit website says that the dye will not work on fabrics which are cold-wash only. This dress says to hand wash in cold water or dry clean (but I already accidently put it through the washing machine already with no ill-effects).  There is no way for me to do a patch test without applying dye to a visible part of the dress, which I donít want to do since it is otherwise wearable. After reading through the FAQs it seems the general consensus here is that Rit is awful as far as dyes go anyway. Since everyone seems to agree that Rit is no good Iím happy to switch to another type of dye or paint.

The dress is 97% cotton and 3% spandex with a black/grey/white gingham pattern, with white being the dominant colour. Iím fine with the pattern showing through the dye, but I would prefer if I could cover up the gingham completely. Is there ay way I can make this dress another colour or am I screwed?

Title: Re: How to dye a cotton blend, lightly patterned dress?
Post by: Abbeeroad on August 19, 2012 07:20:11 AM
I use RIT quite a bit and while I agree that it's not the best it does work as long as you don't mind colors not being exact and a little bit of fading over time.

Since your dress is primarily cotton I think it should be fine to dye with RIT. But really the only way to know is to try it! Your initial assessment should be fine! Pop it in a bucket and see what happens! Or you could try dying in the washing machine. Refashionista does this all the time. You might end up with something slightly different than you envision so some flexibility will ensure you are happy with the outcome.

Good luck!