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Title: List of SHAWL, SHRUG, SWEATER, SHIRT, & TOP patterns on Craftster in Knitting
Post by: jungrrl on August 09, 2012 10:53:07 AM
Here is an almost completely thorough list of the shawl, shrug, cardigan, sweater, shirt, top, etc. patterns that are available on the Knitting: Completed Projects ( board.  No patterns listed solely on other sites were included.  If you find another pattern that you feel should be included here, please reply!

This has obviously been quite a big undertaking and with so many pieces to the puzzle, some things may have fallen through the cracks. If you notice that a link is incorrect or a description is not correct, please let us know here. If you feel that the list would make more sense in a different order, you can give us your opinion on that, too! We want this to be as easy to use as possible.

The full list of patterns and tutorials for Knitting can be found here:

Shawls, Shrugs, Cardigans, etc.

Large 3 Color Shawl ( Shawl ( Shawl (
Rectangular Garter Stitch Wrap ( Capelet (
aka Super-Simple Capelet by trufflegirl
Wheelchair Poncho (
Herringbone Poncho ( Poncho ( Weave Poncho (
Stockinette Capelet with Ribbed Edge ( Capelet ( Stitch Patterened Seamed Shrug (
3/4 Sleeve Lace Seamed Shrug ( and Fan Lace Seamed Shrug (
aka Cristaria Lace Shrug by sunshineravioli
Circular Shrug / Vest - Scale Model (
  • Pattern for 36" chest (
  • Alternate sizing explanation (
  • Alternate visual explanation (
  • Alternate visual for shawl collar (
  • Alternate written pattern (
Flat Knit Bolero ( Sleeved Raglan Shrug (
aka Anthropologie-inspired Capelet by julsey723
Clover Lace Shrug (
aka Anne Elliot Spencer by canarysanctuary
Snowdrop Lace Raglan Shrug ( Button Front Shrug (
Child's Seamed Bolero ('s Stockinette Stitch Shrug ( Ragland Cardigan (
Cropped Hoodie / Shrug ( Sleeve Cardigan ( Bolero Jacket (
(with option for shrug)
aka The "Perfect Shrug"/Ruth/Ruthie by Lothruin
Leafy Lace Cardigan ( Double-breasted Blazer ( Sleeves (

Sweaters, Shirts, & Tops

Tube Top ( Top with Fishtail Lace Pattern (
aka Lelah by HelenaJane
How to Combine the Lelah and Picovoli Patterns (
(Picovoli is an off-site pattern)
aka Lelahvoli by PlayItGeorge
Stockinette Stitch Halter Top ( Tank Top ( Top with Feather and Fan Accents (
Diagonal Rib Tank Top ( Bottomed Tank ( Style Top With Lace Panel (
Seamed Half Piece Halter ( with Feather and Fan Bottom ( Halter Top (
Stockinette Tank with Tie Straps ( Empire Waist Tank with Lace Bottom ( Weave Vest (
Raglan Shirt ( Leaf Shirt ( Raglan Tee (
Striped Raglan Shirt with Empire Waist ( Raglan ( Raglan Sweater (
Lace Panel Raglan ( Cowl Neck Pullover ( Bottomed Sweater with 3/4 Sleeves (
(Patterns for cotton or silk yarn)
Sweater with Staggered Fern Lace Panel on Sleeves ( Sweater with Lace Stripes ( Sweater (
Sweater with Charlie Brown Zigzag ( Sweater (

These knitting patterns have no pictures!! If you make one of these items, please post it on Craftster and let us know here! We'll use your pictures in the pattern list!

.:Bell Sleeved Shrug:. (***pattern added****)  (
Light spring shawl, now with pattern! (
Stately Shrug (with pattern) (
White mohair elegant shawl - "sheared" look attempt - w/ pseudo pattern (

My first, first sweater! NOW WITH ATTEMPT AT PATTERN (
Custom-fit "Caliente" top - TUTORIAL! (
perfect fit tank top (
sleeveless cowl-sweater thingy (now with tutorial!) (
The everchanging turquoise tube/tank/halter top! (Pattern on Pg.2) (