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Title: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: Smeddley on June 09, 2012 07:58:08 AM

Once I saw this patchwork skirt here on Craftster (, I wanted to make one.  Then an opportunity came up to dance a duet to the song "Roy G. Biv", and then I HAD to make a rainbow patchwork skirt!

60 hours of work, 1,234 4" squares, 16,042 inches of seams sewn later... I have two skirts ready for the performance!

Unfortunately, due to the fact we do a LOT of swirly moves, I also wanted to make the skirt lined, so you wouldn't see all the seams.  This was... tricky.  I put together a little tutorial (it's a little hard to read, Craftster compressed the pictures).  It's not much, but it kinda walks through how I did it.  

Here are some links if you want to download the full-sized (and very readable!) versions of the instructions on Flickr:

Step 1:[email protected]/7354546794/in/photostream ([email protected]/7354546794/in/photostream)
Step 2:[email protected]/7354546848/in/photostream/ ([email protected]/7354546848/in/photostream/)
Step 3:[email protected]/7354546914/in/photostream/ ([email protected]/7354546914/in/photostream/)
Step 4:[email protected]/7354546758/in/photostream/ ([email protected]/7354546758/in/photostream/)

(just right-click on the images and "view large", and then it will give you the option to "download large")

Here's a close-up of the squares:

Annnnnnd, the lining!

The skirt is rather obnoxiously heavy, and I'm probably not going to have too many places to wear it, but I'm proud of it!

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: mama24boyz on June 09, 2012 08:21:51 AM
I LOVE the action shot!!! I think its a beautiful skirt!! Awesome job!!

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: Kookaloo_Starr on June 09, 2012 09:37:03 AM
Beautiful work Smeddley and I love the swirly action shot  :D
Thank you so much for sharing your instructions  :-*

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: Mountains and Clouds on June 09, 2012 09:47:36 AM
I love this!!  Your work definitely paid off!

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: that1spazticchik on June 09, 2012 11:25:40 AM
This is incredible, and I love how it's lined! Great tutorial, too! Kudos!

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: MissingWillow on June 09, 2012 12:22:40 PM
Beautiful job!  It moves really nicely.

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: LA-Fairy on June 13, 2012 07:09:55 PM
Thank you for the instructions! I have made a small half circle one before, but it took me two days, so this should help.
I love the different square design ideas. I love it!

Title: Re: Rainbow Skirt (bellydance)
Post by: bananabanana on June 16, 2012 04:02:28 AM
Wowsers this looks amazing. Love the action shot.