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Title: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: rlynn on April 04, 2012 10:27:36 PM

Swap name:Ongoing Pinterest Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: Rlynn
Co-Organiser: DawnsTrees
Sign-up date range: April 4, 2012 - April 30, 2012
Date to send item by: 2 weeks after claim
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional):NO
Restricted to people who all live in the same country? NO
Additional Age requirement? NO

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: NO
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
- Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: NO
- Does not have any negative feedback: NO
- Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES
- If within the US, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES
- If outside the US, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

Details of swap:
This is a pinterest swap, meaning that your fellow craftsters will claim you for something you have pinned on your pinterest site.  If you don't have a pinterest but are interested, go here to request one or PM one of the organizers your email address to request an invite.

If you are late in the March swap, please do not sign up until you send.  You will not be accepted.  Also please note that this swap requires that you communicate with your partner and the organizer.  Please send a PM when you claim, when you send, and when you receive.  People who consistently fail to communicate will be asked to take a break from the Pinterest swap and maybe try again in two months.

Please do not post in the thread until you have been approved by the organizer. This thread is for lists only. The discussion/gallery thread is located here. Post as soon as possible after signing up so we know you have found the thread and that you are getting updates.

FAQ: Please READ

How does this swap work?

You may choose from anyone's pinterest board once they have posted a link and bio in this thread.  This is not a chain list swap; its more of a free for all swap.  However, when possible it is nice to claim from those who haven't been claimed or who have claimed more than they have been claimed for.  You have two weeks from the date you claim to send your item on its way to the lucky recipient.  Remember to PM the organizer and the recipient when you claim and send.  Also send a PM to the organizer and your sender when you receive.  You may have up to 2 outstanding (not received) claims.  Please include the swap name and month in your subject line!  Please make sure to tell me who you are claiming, sending to, or receiving from.  If you are FOC you may have up to 3 outstanding claims.  Everyone MUST make at least one claim.
What should my bio and link look like?
Once you have been approved, you may post in the list thread.  There is no one way to do this but please be sure your bio includes the following:
         - your location and a brief bio (include allergies in red please)
         - your Pinterest link
         - list of boards that are to be used for this swap, or simply say something like "all my boards are game"
         - whether you are okay with supply claims

What do I need to send?
This swap is for either one medium or 2-3 small items for each claim.  A medium item is one that takes 2 or more hours, $10 - $30, some examples are a single necklace or bracelet or a scarf.  A small item is one that takes 2 or less hours, $10 or less, some examples are earrings/wallets/pouches/bookmarks.

How do the organizers ensure that claims are even?
We don't. But we do try.  One way is that we highlight your name when you have claimed more times than you have been claimed.  We ask that people claim from those that haven't been claimed yet or who have claimed more often than they have been claimed, but there is no guarantee that if you send 5 times that you will receive 5 items.  In fact, theoretically it is quite possible to not get claimed at all.  If this is a major concern for you and you know you would miserable if things were not always even, this may not be the swap for you.  However, I will say that for the most part this is not a big problem in this swap so far.  

How closely does the item I send need to resemble the item pinned?
It depends on who you are claiming.  Read the bios carefully.  Read the pins carefully.  Some of us pin items for inspiration and are fine with items that are simply inspired by our pins.  Others would like the item to look as close to the pin as possible.

What happens if I am flaked on?
If you are flaked on, you will only receive an angel for as many packages as you have sent.  If you were claimed for 3 packages and you sent 2 packages and one package was flaked on - you will not receive a swap angel.

What do I do if I'm not being claimed?
If you are not being claimed, it might be time to consider your pins.  Do you have enough variety?  Are there enough small and medium items?  Do you have items pinned that require a variety of crafty mediums (ex: knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, embroidery, etc...)?  Are your pins realistically craftable?  You should shoot for at least 20-30 pins (this includes only those pins you want to be claimed); maybe more if most of your items are on the large side or primarily in one crafty medium.  We have some talented folks on here... but not everyone can do all crafts.  If you find you aren't being claimed...try adding more pins.  

I hear a rumor that there is a giveaway; is this true?
YES!  It is true.  Each month, there is a giveaway.  You get one entry into the random drawing for each claim you make.  At the end of the month, we'll use a random number generator and that lucky person will receive a crafted item or crafty supply.  We cannot tell you what the item might be upfront because we like to cater it to the winner's interests and needs.  Also randomly but not necessarily every month, there might be additional giveaways so make sure to stay up to date on the discussion thread so you don't miss out!


Name of swap: Pinterest April
Craftster username
Email address
Your real name
Mailing address including the country
Confirm that are at least 16 years old or, if not, that you have moderator approval(YES/NO)
Your Pinterest link:  

Also, remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find other rules about participating in a swap.

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: rlynn on April 04, 2012 10:28:24 PM
Swap Participants
(2) rlynn 2/0/1
(1) DawnsTrees 1/0/1
(3) jexxican 4/0/4 - ready for feedback
(1) SamanthaM 1/0/0 - TEMP NEG
(2) craftaddiction 1/0/1
(1) Saintcady 1/0/1 - ready for feedback
(3) littlebluegirl 2/1/1 - receiver went MIA
(3) KodaNRoxyDog 3/2/1
(1) plaidpineapple 1/0/1
(1) thehappycrochetchic 1/0/1
(1) clayfaery 1/0/1 - ready for feedback
(1) missmelmarie 2/0/2 - feedback
(1) Mrs Shak 1/0/1 sent VERY late
(1) ehinders 1/0/0  NEG
(4) lindyv321 5/0/5
(1) ollieorange 1/0/1 - ready for feedback
(2) redpopsicles 1/0/1 - ready for feedback

(1) jo_mama 1/0/0 TEMP NEG
(1) JillHogan 1/0/1 sent VERY late
(1) redstar13 2/0/2
(1) sparks 1/0/1

GREEN = Please claim if you can, everybody should leave this swap with at least ONE claim
BLUE = Show this person crafty love, they've claimed more than they have been claimed

Due by April 21
jexxican --> SamanthaM for for crowns for her and her daughters
Saintcady --> jexxican for a box of kid goodies

Due by April 23
littlebluegirl --> KodaNRoxyDogs for a knitted scarf
clayfaery --> KodaNRoxyDogs for a sari silk & wire bracelet and a Chan Lu inspired bracelet
missmelmarie --> DawnsTrees for a T-shirt scarf and a wristlet
plaidpineapple --> craftaddiction for a fabric covered notebook and earbud pouch

Due by April 24
lindyv321 --> littlebluegirl for a wrap bracelet in this style
jexxican --> KodaNRoxyDogs for coiled fabric bowl(s)
ollieorange --> littlebluegirl for a hair bauble kit and a yarn ball/knitting necklace charm

Due by April 25
littlebluegirl --> ehinders for a pair of crochet armwarmers
SamanthaM --> thehappycrochetchic for a softie inspired by her pinterest angel package received
ehinders --> rlynn for peacock earrings
craftaddiction --> littlebluegirl for house socks

Due by April 28
JillHogan --> Saintcady for storytelling objects - sent very late, received

Due by April 29
redpopsicles --> lindyv321 for beaded bobby pins and earrings

Due by April 30
redstar13 --> lindyv321 for an anatomy hoodie
lindyv321 --> Redstar13 for peacock earrings
redstar13 --> rlynn for a pillowcase nightgown for Aria

Due by May 2
KodaNRoxyDogs --> missmelmarie for a tea wreath
KodaNRoxyDogs --> JillHogan for a tea wreath

Due by May 4
sparks --> jo_mama for a jean apron and a little something extra

Due by May 7
lindyv321 --> plaidpineapple for the hunger games shirt she has pinned along with a dance pendant
thehappycrochetchic --> LindyV321 for something off her crochet board
jo_mama --> jexxican for a hand loom, some star crayons for her kiddos, and maybe something - else if i can get it to work! angel found, Sent

Due by May 8
jexxican --> lindyv321 for some ninnies
jexxican --> craftaddiction for some finger hotpads
DawnsTrees --> clayfaery for some hair dodas

Due by May 12
missmelmarie --> ollieorange for a messenger bag or fabric flower wreath

Due by May 14
KodaNRoxyDogs --> sparks for crayon art
lindyv321 --> Mrs Shak for a sign she has pinned and the embroidery hoop wall pocket.
lindyv321 --> redpopsicles for a wrap bracelet
Mrs Shak -->  redpopsicles for a sewing machine cover sent very late
rlynn --> ehinders for a scrap fabric owl - holding until I hear from ehinders
rlynn --> jexxican for paperback cover and grow button flower hoop

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: rlynn on April 04, 2012 10:34:16 PM
My name is Robin.  I live in Portland, OR (U.S.) and I am a full time PhD student.  I am also the mother of preschooler extraordinaire, Aria Jae.   I love handmade and I love surrounding my child with handmade. 

If you decide to craft for me: my favorite colors are blue and green.  I love earthy and jewel tones.   I wear a lot of black and brown and sometimes a bit of grey and every once in a while something red, but mostly I wear black.  I like the look of steampunk and Gibbous jewelry and clothing.  I just started teaching a college course this term and would love some great jewelry to dress up my work outfits.

If you decide to craft for Aria: her favorite colors are blue and green as well, but she is seriously into rainbows so anything with all the colors would be loved.  She is into pirates, robots, monsters, rainbows, elephants, and dinosaurs.  She also loves the care bears (80s style, before CGI got to them), the 70s animated TV show Godzilla, Ponyo, Batman, Spiderman, the Hulk (as in the green guy), and He-man. We don’t really do princess stuff around here but we do like fairies, sprites, and gnomes.  Her newest thing is anatomy.  Seriously.  She loves learning about the body.  I have loads of things I would love for her pinned on my pinterest, including clothing, toys, and accessories.   We also just got back from San Diego where we hung out at Sea World for 2 days.  She is in love with Shamu and dolphins now.  She wants to train them and teach them tricks. 

With the exception of the board titled, "stuff I should make and gift," all other boards are free game.  Exact replicas are not necessary so please feel free to get creative and have fun... 

I am totally fine with a supply claim.  Good boards to look if you want to send me supplies...the boards titled "fabric love," "supply love," "pattern love," and "craft books."  I always love fabric, but please PM me before sending fabric not pinned on my fabric love board.  Fun colored buttons in various sizes and of various materials but mostly of the round variety are always welcome...


Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: DawnsTrees on April 04, 2012 11:14:02 PM
Hi! My name is Tina and I live in Vancouver Washington with my husband and two wonderful daughters (16 and 20). I am in a PhD program that is stressing me out - I have some very large things due in the next 6-8 weeks, so if I am a bit distracted just throw something at me. Crafting and playing on Pinterest are welcome distractions although I don't have nearly as much time as I would like to do them right now.

I like fall colors, turquoise, dark rust, green, forest colors... but I also like bright rainbow colors. Okay, I guess that I pretty much like all colors, but am less excited by Easter pastels and neons, although they have their place. I generally do not like camouflage patterns. 

My style leans towards bohemian / gypsy / hippie / natural. I am absolutely fine with you upcycling and using recycled materials in your crafts for me. I would prefer that the materials that are used do not come from animals (no real fur, and only recycled leather, please).

All of my boards are fair game for inspiration, except for "Wedding Photography Research" (my daughter had been hired to do a wedding photo shoot and we were collaborating on ideas). I don't need exact duplicates, so please feel free to use your wonderful creativity!

I am also fine with a supply claim - My "Crafts - Random" board has some supply items that can be crafted. My "craft supplies that I want" board has more of the bought type of supply. I also have a "craft books" board. I generally do not need the exact supplies that I have posted - similar is fine, as is gently used.

If you have any questions about my list or likes, feel free to pm me! 

My Pinterest:

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: jexxican on April 05, 2012 07:57:41 AM
Hey everyone! I'm Jessie. I live in Roswell, NM. Please no lame jokes. Thanks!

I am a SAHM to a 5 year old boy, 2 year old girl, and a new baby. They all love to get stuff in swaps as much as I do. Here is the link to my Pinterest board specifically for my kids, though I'm sure you can find inspiration for them on some of my other boards as well: Need info for sizing just ask!

No allergies. I do have a cat and a dog, though unless you're making something for them I guess it doesn't matter too much, does it?

Not really any major dislikes. I like to think I'm pretty eclectic.

As for the whole pinterest thing: All of my boards are open to interpretation, though I would really not like anything from the "If I wore jewelry" board because I really don't wear jewelry, though like I said, feel free to be inspired by it. The same with my "art" board, really. I don't have a lot of wall space, though I do have a hoopla wall so feel free to make something for that. I prefer function to form. I would really rather get something that is inspired by something on my boards rather than an exact duplicate. Supplies are cool, but I am kind of trying to destash a little. "Supplies" off of my "Books" board would be super.

Colors and tastes: I wear a lot of blue, but like purples. Relaxing they are. I already mentioned I'm pretty eclectic elsewhere. I'm not usually very girly. Russ is all boy and LOVES orange. Alice is a girly tom-boy. And my husband is straight up nerd. I think that's all there is to us.

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: SamanthaM on April 05, 2012 02:54:11 PM
 I am glad to be back for another round--I already have a few pins in mind that I am thinking of claiming (narrowing a list of ten or so to 2-3 is HARD!)

My name is Samantha, and I am a married mom of 4 little girls (9,8,4 and 4 months). I went a little pin crazy when pinterest first came  out, so I have  a lot of pins!!

I am a freelance writer and love handmade! I am working on a waldorf doll now (slow going!) and we have a nature play table as well.  We have a little flock of pet chickens, and I'd love something inspired by chickens (I have a chicken pinboard!), but all of my boards are fair game, with the exception of edibles, too many food allergies in the house! I am reading the Harry Potter series to my big girls right now (they can both read, but we are doing this one aloud together), and we are up to book 5, where we will be stopping until they get older. Anything harry potter is sure to be a hit here, particularly ravenclaw or gryffindor themed items.

I have a tiny hoopla wall started, and would love to add your work to it; I also adore little stuffies and pretty much mini-micro versions of anything, from teacups to terrariums.

Aside from food, we have no allergies (I have indoor cats and bunnies!) and I would be thrilled to receive a handmade item :) I am very set for commercial supplies, but am always interested in handmade supplies.

My pinterest:

Thanks for looking, and happy crafting!!

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: plaidpineapple on April 06, 2012 03:02:45 PM
Hello, I am Sandra.   I majored in History and love all things historical.  From Documentaries and old Maps, geneology and historical books- to unrealistic “historical” dramas ( The Tudors, Jane Austin type romances, Deadwood etc).
  There are no allergies in our house.
  My favorite colors are pinks, purple, periwinkle, yellow and white.  I really like all colors though, but tend to not use neutrals and orange.
  I like lots of different styles, though in clothing I fit well with Blair on Gossip Girl.
 I am a married mom to 3.      
 Please craft using the "Swappies" board, and the" pretty pretty" and the "bags, purses"  board as inspiration.I tems can be simply inspired by-not duplicates.
  In addition I would LOVE anything Girl Scouts, Care Bears, Lord of Rings/ Hobbit or Harry Potter related.  I do not have a lot pinned for those subjects so go with your imagination.              

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: thehappycrochetchic on April 06, 2012 03:27:15 PM

I'm Julia.  I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.  
I am not allergic to.anything.

I have a hoopla wall so i would love to add to it.  I also would love to get a sewn softie, a crochet hook roll and a knitting needle roll/case.  Not sure if i have any of the last two pinned but you can see my style thru my pins and craft accordingly.

I  love pretty much all.colors,.i dont really dig muddy colors, since it is spring , almost summer, i am loving bright colors.  I love patttern.  I am okay with supply claims even though i dont have a ton pined.
i love moda fabric and modern prints, linen and linen like.  Japanese cottons too and i have almost no supply of solids so if someone wanted to give me some solods that would.rock..cotton only please. No.broadcloth

I dont have pins for my kids but they love to get stuff too so here is some info if you wanna claim something for them.
lily-7 **her bday is 4/28 so she would especially love something.  Loves monster high, justin bieber, music, dancing,pink, princesses, arts and crafts  ****FAiries--she has such a fascination for fairies so anything fairy related would be great!!

emma- 5- loves my little pony, princesses, all things pink and girly, dolls, scary stuff i.e. vampires and zombies (the kid is brave;), play felt food, birds, fairies

ayden-5 loves gears of war, halo, star wars, skateboarding, xbox, teenage mutant ninja turtles, transformers, helicopters, video games and legos

andrew-3 loves spongebob, johnny test, curious george, monkeys, cars, helicopters, trucks, trains, spiderman

My style is super eclectic i love tons of stuff from different styles, victorian, gothic, steampunk, vintage, modern, graphic...whatever catches my eye.  I love hadmade;)

All my boards are game.  I love craft if you wanna send me just ask to see if i have them or not


Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: Saintcady on April 06, 2012 04:24:27 PM
Hello! My name is Cady and I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and our 4-year-old son Max. I'm a full time student and stay at home mom.

I love purple, dragons, geeky stuff, and earrings. You will notice a complete absence of clothing for me - let's keep it that way. Max loves trains and animals the best.

Please, nothing scented, and try to keep projects away from smoke and furry pets.

My Pinterest:

The best boards to choose from are the top ones. There are six labeled Swap Potential and roughly divided up by type or medium. Feel free to just take inspiration from some of the others (like the Quotes & Signs board, or Geek Joy, or Kid Stuff). I do have a board of craft supplies I covet as well and one for craft books. Probably steer away from the Projects I've Done board. Items I've already received or that I'm expecting from someone else are noted in the comments or have been moved to the received board. I'm happy to answer any questions! Thank you in advance! <3

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: clayfaery on April 06, 2012 05:05:12 PM
Hello everyone ! I'm super excited tp join this swap

I live in Durham North Carolina . I enjoy a ton of different mediums but the one I always come back to is jewelry ! Currently I'm trying to teach my self tin smithing .

  It's hard for me to pick a favorite color but I do hate yellow .. I don't know why. I'm trying to learn to like it . If you look at my inspiration board you'll see all the colors I'm into. I love texture and color.  Right now I'm very very into hair things as I'm determined to let my hair grow out this summer and not cut it short . I adore the whole tribal fusion belly dance aesthetic, bohemian ,burlesque and anything sequined and gaudy , it's the magpie in me .  I curently have no access to a sewing machine so any of the things in the purses to make , or anything that uses a sewing machine would be super mega awesome .

If you have any questions just feel free to ask me !

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: missmelmarie on April 07, 2012 04:29:44 AM
Hello Everyone!
My name's Melissa and I live in the tiny town of Dixfield, Maine. I am still fairly new to the swapping gig, but oh, how I love it! I have no allergies or anything that really bothers me otherwise. I feel there is lack of access to creative and handmade items in my area of residence, and so this is perfect!
I have an amazing boyfriend of five years, no children (yet) but I do have a one year old nephew who is amazing. (He officially turns 1 on Easter, how cool) We just bought our first home a year ago, and I am having fun decorating and being a handy woman.
I love to fill my home with the homemade, homemade anything is a pleasure. Every board  is free game on my Pinterest. Nothing has to be exact, I would adore anything merely inspired from it's colors or style, so feel free to go wild  ;D I love all colors, and have a pretty scattered taste. Jewel tones are a favorite. I love vintage inspired items, and modern and funky are completely welcomed as well. I have a hummingbird fixation, I have a minor in Wildlife Ecology and I love spending time outdoors, anything nature inspired is sure to be worshiped here.
I can't wait to start pouring through all of your inspirations & wishes, and to craft as much as possible this month <3

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: missmelmarie on April 07, 2012 04:52:37 AM
Hello Everyone!
My name's Melissa and I live in the tiny town of Dixfield, Maine. I am still fairly new to the swapping gig, but oh, how I love it! I have no allergies or anything that really bothers me otherwise. I feel there is lack of access to creative and handmade items in my area of residence, and so this is perfect!
I have an amazing boyfriend of five years, no children (yet) but I do have a one year old nephew who is amazing. (He officially turns 1 on Easter, how cool) We just bought our first home a year ago, and I am having fun decorating and being a handy woman.
I love to fill my home with the homemade, homemade anything is a pleasure. Every board  is free game on my Pinterest. Nothing has to be exact, I would adore anything merely inspired from it's colors or style, so feel free to go wild  ;D I love all colors, and have a pretty scattered taste. Jewel tones are a favorite. I love vintage inspired items, and modern and funky are completely welcomed as well. I have a hummingbird fixation, I have a minor in Wildlife Ecology and I love spending time outdoors, anything nature inspired is sure to be worshiped here.
I can't wait to start pouring through all of your inspirations & wishes, and to craft as much as possible this month <3

I did forget to mention, I am totally fine with supplies. I am always searching for something new to try, and therefor always in need of more. I dabble in alot :)

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: littlebluegirl on April 07, 2012 07:36:30 AM
Hello everyone!  I'm Leeanne and I live near Liverpool in the UK, which I know means there's less chance of me getting picked due to shipping costs.  I am happy to ship overseas, and can't wait to look at all your Pinterests!

I suffer with mental health problems which prevents me from doing a "proper" job, but I do volunteer in a charity shop/thrift store which means I get to pick up all sorts of weird and wonderful goodies.  I live with my cats Harlequin and Murdock who are fans of handmade toys (epecially if they have nip in!)

All of my boards are open except Things I've Made and Things to Make.  Please feel free to interepret things in your own way, I love unique handmade goodies.  Supplies would be good, I have a board for that.

I love purple, amber, silver, olive green and indigo.

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: KodaNRoxyDogs on April 07, 2012 08:17:50 PM
Hi Everyone!

I am 28 years old and live in Springfield, Oregon with my fiance (Brandon), 2 cats(Darth Maul and Samantha), and my little chihuahua puppy (Loki).Never thought I would have a chihuahua, since I have always had labradors, but hes a funny little monster and I love him.

I am studying for a degree in Pharmacy, and I work full time for a cruise line here in the Springfield/Eugene area. I love movies, The Hunger Games, Denver Broncos, Family Guy, Zombies, Polar Bears, koi fish, and dogs. I also love Transformers and Mario stuff. I do not have a board for Brandon, since he got his own Pinterest before I could make a board for him. I have made a pet board, but its pretty slim right now. Both the dog and cats would love handmade toys or other fun pet things.

All of my boards are open, and I am fine with duplications of what I have pinned, or interpretations of what is pinned. Random Wants, hooplas, stuff to try, bath and body, scarfie wants, and jewelry are probably the best boards, but any board is fair game. The quotes/funny stuff board has quite a few things I like as well, and I many of those pins I would love on a bag/hoopla/painting, wall art anything etc. I am working on reorganizing my boards, as I was pinning pretty much everything to random wants.This will probably take some time, but Im hoping to  make it easier to navigate.

Although Id really love something crafted this round, Im open to receiving supplies as well. I do some papercrafting, I am learning to cross stitch, knit and crochet, i make jewelry and I paint. Im also wanting to pick up sewing again once I get a sewing machine.

I do not have any allergies.  I love handmade soaps and such, but if you choose to do this, please no musky scents. Otherwise, I like most scents and most colors, Im pretty easy to please, and I am sure I would like anything someone chose to make for me!

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: craftaddiction on April 09, 2012 01:17:47 PM
Hi everyone. I live in a sleepy little town in Iowa. It is very cold here, so I don't get out much (plus, there is no where to go). I spend most of my time crafting. I knit, crochet and carve stamps. I love sewn items, but can't sew. I live with my boyfriend (of 7 years) and our small dog (Sissy, who is afraid of everything). My favorite color is pink. I also love bright colors and pastels. I am not a big fan of dark colors and earth tones. I love "cutesie" patterns, like hearts, flowers, butterflies, cupcakes, ect. I also like paisley. My tastes are similar to a 6 year old girl's  :)  I don't have any allergies.

All my boards are fair game except "Christmas Gifts" and "Things I've Made". My pins are just for inspiration. I don't expect the exact item. Usually I like what function the item serves and don't care how it is made (ie. I might pin a side loading case for my laptop, but really any case would be wonderful).

I have no problems with supplies claims. It is very hard to get supplies here. Those can be loosely biased too (ie a different but similar type of yarn, though yarn isn't a good example since I like all yarn   :D).

Here is my link:

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: Mrs Shak on April 09, 2012 03:23:05 PM
I'm Kari from Wisconsin. I'm married with three kids (Kamilla-10, Alivia-7, Dalton-5) and am a bartender.

I like most any color but prefer dark (burgundy, royal purple, brown...). I like gypsy, goth and romantic styles. Halloween is a huge deal in our house but I'm not that into vampires and zombies. If you think of something you think I may like, please PM me so we can discuss, I'm very easy going and you'll probably think of something I'd like that I didn't know that I would like.

Use boards from Make this for us to Aprons. Be as creative as you would like with the signs and even though I have "For Gifts" I would like to receive these items also. Use my boards for inspiration, I don't think there are any pins that need to be exactly what the pic is. I am fine with supply claims. You may see some pins with **, these are items that rock my world. Please PM me for sizes of any clothes, hats, jewelry. I'm plus size and my kids are interesting shapes.

Me: wool against my skin (hats, gloves, etc unless they are lined), eucalyptus, patchouli, seafood (not sure if this would be a concern) and cats if they roll around and leave a ton of dander/hair on things
Alivia: cats (same as me), perfume-y lotions, some foods (

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: lindyv321 on April 10, 2012 01:18:11 PM
Hey guys, I am Lindy and I live in Arizona with my boyfriend, two kids, dogs and cats.  We just bought our first home in June and I have been having all kinds of fun decorating!

My honey doesn't "get" crafted items so don't worry about him  Wink  My kids are Adia (11) and Landon (7) who have their own board and would love anything from it. Adia's room is neon pink and black and white zebra striped even though her favorite colors are blue and green.  She loves stuffed animals, kittens, Justin Bieber, and is starting to care about jewelry and such.  Landon is all boy and loves all things Star Wars and Lego.

I love just about all colors (except yellow and orange) but am finding myself really drawn to turquoise/aquamarine/teal type shades lately.  I would love to do my craft room in pink/mauve teal and grey.  As for clothing I tend to wear A LOT of black and a lot of cardigans. I like to use bright accessories for a pop of color.  I love turtles, tattoos, skulls, birds, Harry Potter, books, scarves, hats, hair clips, make-up, jewelry, and crafting.  I have started a collection of altered spoons and keys.  I have also started to collect felt badges. 

Please feel free to claim from any of my boards labeled __________ wants and the crafty ideas board.  I do not need exact replicas of any item pinned so feel free to use them as inspiration.  I am also totally okay with receiving supplies.

Thanks so much for picking me :)
Thanks for claiming me!

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: ehinders on April 11, 2012 06:06:41 AM
My name is Erica. I live in Redwood Falls, MN. I am an attorney and currently starting my own practice. I am renovating office space right now, so I would love anything law, justice, etc. themed. I also have an Office Ideas board for inspiration that might be helpful. I am married to the love of my life who is an engineer. We have a cutie pie daughter, Maddy, who is 2.

I love handmade goodies, so have fun! I would welcome anything for myself, or my daughter. My husband is a little skeptical of the handmade movement, so stick to stuff I've pinned for him!  My favorite colors are red, turquoise, blue and green. I do not like neon. I love jewelry of all kinds.  I do love anything steampunk, vintage inspired from the 30's thru the 50's, shabby chic, etc. You'll get the idea from my boards I'm sure!  I would absolutely love cotton knitted socks or handmade bath products more than anything!   

I've just started pinning stuff for Maddy. She's little enough that she doesn't necessarily give preference to colors or anything. If you choose to make her clothing, she's just getting into 2T's. 

Supplies are fine. I started a fabric inspiration board. I'd prefer similar to stuff on the board, or anything with blue and yellow in it (master bedroom project) or any color flannel for baby gift projects. I would love supplies to do soap or bath goodies (I have a few things, but more would be great). Jewelry supplies are always welcome but would prefer no acrylic, seed or pony beads. 

Here's my Pinterest link:  

All boards are fair game except Crafts I want to Make, Making for Swaps and Stuff I've Made. Inspired by is just fine, no need for exactness. 

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: FoxyBlue on April 11, 2012 06:21:22 PM
Wow - this does seem like a really awesome swap idea!

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: redpopsicles on April 13, 2012 08:41:15 AM
Hi! I'm Kelly from Oklahoma City, OK. I live with my boyfriend and our little dog, and I'm a bartender.

My favorite colors are blues and greens, black, red, and most colors other than yellows and oranges (for the most part). I love things many people consider geeky, but I just think it adds to my charm. I love reading, making (and drinking) beers and cocktails, playing video games and working on my garden. I love mythology and pagan-related things, and this year I'm focusing on learning more about herbalism and growing my own herbs.

I wouldn't mind a supply claim, although I do not have a supply board on my pinterest right now. Any board is open for inspiration, except the Quilting and Things I Plan to Make boards because they are more for construction inspiration for my own crafting. If you need any additional info for sizing and whatnots, just PM me.

I don't really have any allergies, except for cats, but they don't bother me unless I rub my eyes all over them or their hair is everywhere.

Here is the link: (

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: JillHogan on April 14, 2012 04:05:18 AM
I’m Jill from Boston, MA, USA.   My pinterest link:

Several boards are labeled “swappable.”  I would stick to those and use other boards as inspiration of what I’d like.  I would be ESPECIALLY HAPPY :) to receive something sewn or embroidered because I can’t do those things.  But feel totally free to claim me for something else, too.

I love bright colors, whimsical themes, cats, seasons.  I’m generally not too picky. 


Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: jo_mama on April 14, 2012 05:24:56 AM
hi!  my name is jo, i am 28 and i live with my husband and 2 kiddos in a small town across the river from st. louis, mo.  my favorite color is aqua and it is all over (the house, my closet, my children, etc) but i love and appreciate all bright colors - purples, golden yellows, teal, red, greens, etc.

my wish list includes several people that would include my family and friends, so there are differing tastes represented.  please refer to the caption under the photo or feel free to ask questions.  for most things i do not need copies of the pictured item (and in some cases i absolutely do NOT want the pictured item, it is just the closest to the idea i have in my head).  we have several long car ride trips planned for this summer, and also lots of fun vacation stuff!  so travel pillows, car games, car organizers, sun hats, new clothes items . . . are all great right now.  one of our destinations is disney, so i'm currently adding disneyish pins if you're into that.

any of the boards titled "i want . . . " are fair game.  after a claim i will move the pin to my "claimed" board, so if you need to find it after claiming be sure to look there.

my pinterest:

my big wishes right now are . . .
- an anklet that can stay on permanently (like, all summer), several pinned here
- this shirt/dress
- travel pillows or car organizers for my kiddos, several ideas here
- a growth chart, several here


Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: redstar13 on April 15, 2012 11:29:54 AM
I am Alyssa from So Cal. I am 32, yet don't behave as such :)

I am obsessed with sports - New England Patriots, Winnipeg Jets and The Ohio State University Buckeyes. Anything relating to those = AWESOMENESS! I have no kids, no SO, no pets that are "mine" though I live with some doggies. I am an auntie to three nephews and a niece and adore them all.

I love deep colors (jewel tones) and do not like pastels. I love feathers and rhinestones. I have a great love of 1940's and 1950's films, fashion etc.

Pretty much everything is fair game. And supply packages are always appreciated
If you have questions just pm me :) (

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: ollieorange on April 16, 2012 03:37:39 PM
I'm Cindy from WI, USA.
I love useful things. Knick knacks drive me nuts! I probably do have some knick knacky things pinned and those are ok I guess :). All of my boards are fair game except the one "things for other people".
My favorite colors are orange, brown, white, yellow and teal. I loathe purple and dark green, especially together.
Link to my board is below in my signature :)

Title: Re: Ongoing Pinterest Swap April 2012!
Post by: sparks on April 20, 2012 08:37:19 PM
Hello All April Pinterest Swappers!

Sparks here (here as in Tampa FL)

Here's my brain on pinterest

(it's a little unorganized -- I can make and create in a variety or medias-- one thing that I just keep having difficulty with is knitting -- so if anyone wants to make those fantastic Dr Who Tardis Socks -- you'll forever be a Timelord in my eyes) Or some type of metal cuff bracelet (have a ruler one under "style me pretty board". I do have a few hoops that I've started collecting -- so that's a possibility (there's a few under my likes as I haven't categorized them yet.

Generally speaking . . .
favorite color : aqua/turquoise
My favorite color combo is red, aqua and white
Love the ocean
Photography, Psychology/Brain
Like honeybees, cephlapods, wonderwomon, TURTLEs

And as for allergies (gasp) ;  chocolate

I'm pretty open, if you have any questions just let me know.

I think that's about it, looking forward to seeing what everyone makes.