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Title: High school scrapbook
Post by: phadedsky on June 17, 2005 05:29:37 PM
My friend and I are trying to make scrapbooks that encompass our high school experience due to the fact that we're going to be seniors this year. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how we should go about this (we each have our own scrapbook)?

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: Dragonmaid on June 17, 2005 05:39:35 PM
you could either make a seperate section for each grade and put them in chronological order, or put the pics of similar events (proms, homecomings, Halloween, etc;) together. Use plenty of stickers. If you saved things like dance ticket stubs, band  and chorus concert programs, drama performance programs, the corsage you got on prom, and such thing, that would also be useful.

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: Karensff on June 18, 2005 01:14:25 AM
You could also so pages with comments about the films you all loved or songs. It means you can look back and see what you were into through your school years.

Karen :)

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: phadedsky on June 18, 2005 07:13:01 AM
ooh! I like those ideas. I'll have to talk to Jen about them on sunday.

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: ming on June 20, 2005 01:53:31 PM
Be sure to swap books and have your friend do some pages in your book and vice versa. Too many times do good friends know more about you than you know about yourself  ;)

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: ambivalentgirl on July 14, 2005 10:58:14 AM
I started scrapbooking at the same time you did.  I have a whole album full of high school stuff up until my senior year - and then a separate one for my senior year (because I learned how to take more pictures and save stuff!).  All of my albums go in order, which I personally like because I can remember how and when events happened.  It especially mixes things up like dance pages, because four or five dance pages in a row would get a little boring, but with them all separated, it is nice.  That is just what I like though.  Good luck! :)

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: brownsugar13 on July 15, 2005 03:43:13 PM
u should use all of the things that you've saved through your high school years: ticket stubs, things from your prom, etc.  if u've saved more private things, like notes between you and your friends, that's even better.  another thing that you could do is have all your friends write down all their fave things(fave food, color, movie, song, band, etc.) and put those in for a page all about that one person.  hope i helped!  ::)

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: ChemicalsMyDear on July 19, 2005 08:22:55 AM
Funny, I've had a scrapbook for a while and haven't decided to start on it until now as well [this will be my senior year too].

First off make sure you take plenty of pictures. Even if it's just a regular day at school or a day around town with friends, bring the camera. Any meaningful experience that happens this year, save something from it [whether it be prom, homecoming, football game, spirit day at school, etc]. It might also help to write down a bit about those experiences too.

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: musicaddict05 on September 24, 2005 03:38:55 PM
I'm in the process of putting my high school scrapbook together at the moment. My advice is to go through old yearbooks and read what people wrote (alot of times, there will be inside jokes between friends that may have been forgotten). Also, get together with your friends to write down jokes, memories, anything about what happened in high school. Alot of times, they'll remember something that you forgot, or vice versa. I put mine together in chronological order, that way it'll be easier to remember when something happened. I started in 9th grade and went through to graduation. I had averaged about 2-3 pages for each year, but as I went on, I had more and more (I'm on my 5th for senior year). Take that into account, as you'll definitly remember more about what happens in senior year than 9th grade.
Hope that helps!

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: snlfreak83 on September 25, 2005 08:36:22 PM
I actually made one my senior year. I had taken a ton of pics during high school and never did anything with it. So I did each section with grades. I was kinda cheesy in the sense that I put a little intro to each year with some significant that happened. I am actually wanting to redo it because I was required to do it for school and it was my first scrapbook...its falling apart cause i have too many pages in it. So i was gonna divide it up....

I think you should try to remember things that meant something special to you for each year.

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: anitacj on May 16, 2007 10:44:34 AM
First I've been out of school for (let's just not say).My advice keep everything.Report cards (do they still do those),special projects,fave things(songs,bands,fashion styles & trends),take looootttts of pictures of classmates,friends,even teachers (they won't always be around).Keep everthing about dances,proms,homecoming programs,dance programs,concerts,whatever you're into.Then get all of your friends to take several sheets of paper and write special notes for your scrapbook (also have a autograph book,dog,teddy or shirt.
Put pics of fashion styles in the book & write comments about it.Oh and be sure to take pics of your school.Mine isn't there anymore they tore it down for a parking lot. :-[ bumma.Oh well.Just really take time to enjoy your sr. year & make lots of memories.Good luck and have a wonderful life.

Title: Re: High school scrapbook
Post by: haileyw08 on April 02, 2008 06:04:39 PM
im actually doing the same thing. but mines for extra credit in english lol. we have to do a page for each letter of the alphabet and the letters stand for something in your life that means alot to you.we also have to write like a paragraph on each letter. its actually really fun. i bought a kit at walmart about a month ago that came with paper and stuff that i could use( this will be my first scrapbook) so i have lots of stickers and im putting my graduation announcement in it and im writing little inside jokes in there that i have with all my friends. well good luck and let me know how yours goes!