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Post by: littlenutbrownsquirrel on October 31, 2011 01:45:48 PM
This year I expressed my affection for cupcakes by being one!

I realize that's more or less the same 4 pictures but oh well.

The cupcake wrapper is made out of cardboard, tape, and a yard of aqua satin. I wrapped the cardboard around myself to make a little tube then taped the hell out of it! Next I sewed a long long tube of aqua satin (I cut the yard in half length wise and sewed the two pieces together then folded it over), made a casing for elastic around the top, put the cardboard through, and taped the ends of the cardboard together. I pleated the satin as I went.

The frosting is made of a yard of pink satin. This took some effort... I've never made any kind of shirt before and it was a little tricky but my guess work paid off! I cut the fabric to kind of look like a triangle, I used elastic at the top and bottom, and sewed the sides together- leaving space for my arms.

And last but not least! My bow! Sewn from red cotton fabric. Nothing too exciting there- I used a safety pin to pin it to my frosting.

And voila! A cupcake!

Hooray! Happy Halloween!

Title: Re: CUPCAKE!
Post by: kwality570 on October 31, 2011 02:21:45 PM
Nice!  You make an excellent cupcake.  :)