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Title: Baby Booties Tutorial
Post by: rmpbklyn on March 02, 2011 01:53:13 PM
knitted baby booties

1) Knit 2 panels sized 4.5 x 4.5 inches. This fits for a 4month old. Adjust size for the accordingly to the baby's foot length, measuring from (heel to toe) plus seam allowance and room (for movement).   pic has four, but I only needed two.

2) TOE: on the REVERSE SIDE, draw yarn to one end picking up loops (of the ending chain stitch), as shown below

   at the end, pull to tighten, this will make a round, see below:

3) FRONT: fold a panel evenly, so it's 2.25inches in height( or half the width of panel).
    on REVERSE SIDE,  sew(bind using ladder stitch)  from the toe to the ankle, about 2/3 of length of panel or measure (1/2 the circumference of ankle +room(so it's not tight) ) for the OPENING of the babies ankle, then subtract that from length of panel
     so now it should look like a canoe

4) Heel:
     on REVERSE SIDE, sew(ladder stitch) the entire width (should be approx 2.25 inches), from bottom to top.

    Use yarn of a different color about 12inches, recommend using contrasting color yarn for decorative .
   on the Correct side, use a hemming stitch, starting from the center top front, working all around until reaching center front.

here's the happy customer. I made these for his baptism.


Title: Re: Baby Booties Tutorial
Post by: akitamom on March 05, 2011 01:51:09 PM
Those are really cute!

Title: Re: Baby Booties Tutorial
Post by: paperface on March 08, 2011 08:59:57 AM
OOOooh, i might try these! thanks x