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Title: List of Tutorials on Craftster in Dyeing (Includes project thumbnails!)
Post by: jungrrl on February 17, 2011 08:17:36 AM
Here is what should be a completely thorough list of the tutorials that are available in the Dyeing board (  Some tutorials may have been excluded for lack of pictures and no tutorials listed on other sites were included.

If you find another tutorial that you feel should be included here, please reply! If you notice that a link is incorrect or a description is not correct, please let us know here, too. We want this to be as easy to use as possible.

Dyeing Wool Yarn with Kool-aid #1 (
(No in progress pictures.)
Dyeing Wool Yarn with Kool-aid #2 ( Spiral Tie-Dye (
Tie-Dye using Squirt Bottles ( Tie-Dye ( Dyeing a skirt (
(No in progress pictures.)
Color Bursts from Sharpies ( Coffee as a Dye/Paint ( Dyeing (
Dyeing Fabric with Snow ( Fabric with Ice Cubes #1 ( Fabric with Ice Cubes #2 (
Using Three Dye Baths to make a Rainbow ( Self Striping Yarn ( with silk ties (
Faux Batik using Gel Glue ( Shibori (Clamp Resist Dyeing) ( Shibori Dyeig (
Non-wool yarn dyeing (
(No in progress pictures.)
Dye tiger tail/monofilamnent/fishing line (
(No in progress pictures.)
Rust Dyed Scarfline (