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Title: Glittery animals
Post by: imera on December 05, 2010 05:33:36 PM
I'm tired and sleepy, working on this project for four days (which is as long as I have known about this months contest) Just came back today and had to finish it before I'll go to bed, it's not fun not to have any time.

I hope you guys like it, it's the Christmas animals.

If you want to know how I made them keep on reading, if not scroll down to the pictures.
I blew up the silhouette, the elephant ended up on a A3 paper, the same with the giraffe and the long arm/tentacle to the octopus. Then I traced them over on cardboard paper, and cut them out. I then found some gift paper and tried to decoupage them on, which I can't seem to get right every time I try, need to read some tutorials maybe. As soon as they had dried I applied glitter on them; except for the octopus and giraffe I traced the images of the gift paper. Then I made a few bows and added them on the squirrel and giraffe. That is about it, I know the glitter doesn't show that well but they are shinning like the stars outside my window right now.

Elephant: It's 33 cm (13") wide and 28 cm (11") tall
The gift paper is my favourite, blue snowy town, but the elephant doesn't beat my favourite animal I made, the giraffe.

Giraffe: It's 48 cm (18.9") tall and 11 cm (4.3") wide
My favourite one, even without the bow, I love the angel paper but my favourite part was the spots on it.

Squirrel: It's 22 cm (8.7") wide and 18 cm (7.1") tall
Because the images were big and with a person it was difficult to add glitter, but I think I managed.

Octopus: It's 26 cm (10.2") tall and 44 cm (17.3") wide
I added the glitter today, it only had a few hours to dry before it had to go through a short photo session. The paper is only stripes so I had to add the circles, which I didn't quite like, but it's too late to change it now.

Koala: It's 19 cm (7.5") tall and 15 cm (5.9") wide
The cutest one I think, managed to get the wreath around its nose, and had no idea the bow was resting against his ear. I love glittering up the trees and wreaths, it was so much fun.

I hope you guys like it even if it's not perfect, I might have done something different if I had read the post before the first December.

All the animals will now be placed around in my sisters naked bedroom walls.

Title: Re: Glittery animals
Post by: PixieVal on December 05, 2010 05:57:27 PM
this is super cute! I love that you made them larger!

I had problems decoupaging on cardboard as well, but you can't tell in your pics. Mine kept lifting from the edges. Did you have a difficult time cutting the details from the cardboard on these, like on the octopus? It looks like it cut great for you, and am wondering your secret!

Title: Re: Glittery animals
Post by: imera on December 05, 2010 11:58:21 PM
It looks like it cut great for you, and am wondering your secret!

Aw, thank you. If you wish I'll make a short show and tell :) I could just write it but I learn easier by seeing, and anyway, I wanted to try it out again.

And about the decoupage, it's not that thick cardboard, and when I think about it it's similar to construction paper, it was something I didn't throw away. But my problem with decoupage is that the paper doesn't stretch out when it dries.

Title: Re: Glittery animals
Post by: Taramor on December 07, 2010 04:49:51 AM
They are very cute, all of them. I like the Elephant best - there is a kind of "dream" quality about him.