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Title: Featured Projects--Quarter 3, 2010
Post by: MareMare on December 04, 2010 02:16:09 PM
Here are the Bath & Beauty Featured Projects for Quarter 3, 2010. These were chosen based on your votes via the "This Rocks" button and some other projects that I thought were especially wonderful!

Playing with Form and Color ( by RavingRosemary

Graduation Party Henna Tattoos ( by RenDuH

Pichu inspired make-up ( by AmbiguousArtist

Tree of Life/Woman Tattoo (;topicseen#msg4143541) by TBickimer

I'm Back (Raspberry Clay Soap, Bath Macaroons, and More) ( by simplyorganic

Thank you so much to everyone who shared projects! Don't forget to hit "this rocks" when you see a project you love and would like to nominate for a featured project or the blog!