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Title: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: JustKat on October 11, 2010 07:42:32 PM
 Hi all. This is my first post on this forum so I hope this is in the correst spot, and I follow all the rules. I need help, and need it fast and fairly cheap. I know, crazy right. Here is my situation: I am pregnant with my third child at the worse possible moment. She wasn't our plan, but she is ours and we already love her. My husband just recently got rehired after being laid-off for 8mths (or so) and we were just starting to get things back in order when our surprise package came along. All this time has past without either of us noticing, and now the due date is ever so close. Anyway, considering this is going to be our last, and I don't see ( or expect) a shower anywhere in the future I wanted to decorate her nursery on the very budgeted side. I took a look around at what crafty things I have left and I guess I am going to have to go with flowers. Yes I have many silk flowers, a few vines and leaves, and craft paint. I have a little bit of girlie material but not much, and some yarn. What I am hoping to get help with is trying to make this room seem bigger, and at the same time soft and sweet. There really is no color scheme here either. I would like any ideas, links to other sites or anything that can help me in this small area. Please.

ignore the mess in the window. The central air unit is broke at the moment. The ac wont be their for long.

The room is only a 7x10 space, there is no closet, and because we rent at the moment I can't paint the walls; only that hideous door.
The baby bed, and dresser is from our son's nursery and the changing table was free. I have been fortunate enough to receive all the clothes from Friends and family.
It is a very tight space as you can see. It's not a closet itself but it may as well be. I am trying with many smiles to make the best of what I have at the moment.
I have looked at other posts on here with baby rooms, and the only thing I know I can do is the letters cut from cardboard. Or at least I hope I can. :)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. ]:)

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: graced on October 12, 2010 09:17:50 AM
Since the paneling is untouchable, the easiest fix (paint) is out. I don't think that covering the walls in fabric or a sheet would be safe enough for my tastes (fire hazard/smother hazard as even the most secure affixment is apt to turn loose at a bad moment). However, maybe you could paint over a cheap painting from a thrift shop or start with a large, cheap blank canvas and some inexpensive acrylics to paint some geometrics or primitive art (names? Mod flowers? butterflies? stripes/circles?cutesy family group with features and names) in pretty contrasting colors? It would give the baby something to stare at while going to sleep as well as cover a pretty large piece of real estate on those brown walls.

If you put the baby down feet toward the door, painting the thing in big color blocks would be an awesome eye-catcher. I'd repaint the white just to clean it up, then paint in the inset bits in pretty medium-toned colors. (Pink/yellow/blue/orange cream/green?)

A well-organized room will look larger, and some babies are fussier in busy spaces. (This is true of big kids, too; kind of depends on the kid.) It looks like you've got the organization thing down!  ;D

You might try adding a fabric shade/panel for the window or painting a cheap roll-up shade from a discount store (about $5?) to add some fun to the room. You can do the child's name there, or just a happy shape or design. (I used an overhead projector to put Disney characters on my kids' windows when they were toddlers. Very theraputic for me, and they still have them, though they're in the attic now!)

One thing I've seen lately is to put framed photos of family members (absent and present both, like grammy and big brother) on the wall above the changing table. A friend's daughter has wonderful "conversations" about the folks in the pictures while taking care of baby, saying things like "Guess who loves Lola? Uncle Mattie does, that's who!" while pointing out that photo. She's already noticed that baby has a "favorite" uncle!

Whatever you choose to do, I'd like to encourage you not to get too overwrought about the room. It's my philosophy that decorating the nursery is mostly for mom's pleasure. It's actually a quickly gone phase that isn't going to mean much long-term for your child's development. I've had friends do backflips to make a magazine-worthy room only to weep buckets a couple of years later when--as soon as toddler is able to express an opinion--the room has to be completely redone and those hand-drawn animals are Kilz'd over. Do it if it pleases you, but be prepared! :D

My two were born into a tiny house with no formal nursery with borrowed furniture. I couldn't resist the DIY gene and so did make black/white jewel-toned crib bedding and painted the room still used as a bedroom for an older half-sibling and as my home office a medium periwinkle blue. That and a teether-like bunny for each is all I did until they were toddlers and had a personality to help choose.  (I was working two part-time and one full-time job when the first one arrived and all that PLUS laying tile in the new house when the second one came along! Who had time or funds for more?!) I'm happy to report that as young teens, they seem completely un-warped by not having a fancy nursery.  

Decorating the child's MIND has a much longer-lasting effect than the four walls, I promise! I loved to focus on spending time reading library books with and interacting with the baby from the very first weeks. Books were (and are) our primary decoration around here!

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: JustKat on October 12, 2010 11:38:13 AM
graced, thank you for responding to my post. I had thought about putting material on one wall but it seemed so tacky. It had not even crossed my mind about the choking/ smothering/ fire hazard. So thanks for that. The painting is a very good idea, and I have an old dollar store painting I can do that with.
The window I have covered. After digging around I found a sheer fabric panel large enough to cover the window, and some half finished curtains started for my daughters room from a few years ago. I am thinking of combining the two, or of hot gluing some flowers to the sheer curtain.
Yes the nursery thing is for me, but I am trying not to dislike the house my daughter will come home to, and dress it up a bit. (TMI) Our house caught fire right before my Dh was laid off, and I guess I just miss the nursery their. Thank God we didn't loose everything, pride maybe. Hard times but we are thankful in many ways for what we have. :) Except that I really don't like this house. I know it's selfish of me, but if you only knew.
We have a large collection of books for the kids for various stages of development so I plan to use them wisely as I did all the other times. :)
Thank you again for your input. It has given me a few ideas to think on, and I am going to do a small painting for one of the ugly walls.

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: CynthiaButterfly on October 12, 2010 12:34:03 PM
You may be surprised that curtains, paint on the door, a wall hanging or two and a nice big rug will make a huge difference in that boring brown room.

My MIL has sheer curtains with flowers tacked on (I think they are sewn, but no reason you couldn't hot-glue them) and they look beautiful. Some coordinating flowers on a rug and the wall and you are all set.

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: graced on October 13, 2010 05:45:39 AM
Ouch! A series of unfortunate events like that would certainly leave you looking for some decorating solace (or crafting solace, depending). I hope your situation improves, and quickly!

I love the idea of sheers with flowers--lots of light will improve the atmosphere, and aery-faery-flowery sheers seem deliciously feminine, too.

If you didn't want to hotglue on the outside (I seem to remember that fabric flowers seem to attract dust at a rate greater than the surrounding surfaces?), you could fold up a "pocket" of sheer fabric over the flowers and sew them inside. Then there'd be no way for baby to get them, and they might stay a little cleaner. (I hate dusting, so maybe that's just me.)

I wish you had some of the fabric I have stashed. I had a very unfeminine little girl who resisted my every effort to flower-ize her life. (She's now a very girly teen; she just wasn't interested when I was!)

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: Bodkins on November 14, 2010 06:35:40 PM
Those panels would like great painted in alternating pastels, something soft like mint, lemon, and powder blue, with the largest ones pink.  Are you sure you can't paint them?  If the landlord is willing to let you paint the door, it might be worth asking about the walls also.  I know someone who was renting and even though she was sure the landlord would say no, she asked about painting one room, and the landlord was really supportive - turns out the landlord detested the old paint just as much as she did, but his budget wouldn't stretch to new paint.

If you can't paint though, how about installing some heavy duty hooks, and hooking your own panels over the yukky walls? Get the lightest craft wood you can (maybe something like that awful veneer that's already there) and paint it whatever you like, then hang it up like a huge picture?

A large rug would brighten up the room, and take attention away from the walls.

Something else you could try is rearranging the furniture - putting the cot at the end opposite the door would focus attention on the cot, and the walls would be less noticeable. You might then have room for a closet or bookshelf  to cover up the big wall, if you could afford it (try thrift stores and garage sales?).

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: Bodkins on November 14, 2010 06:57:45 PM
Another couple of thoughts:

 - big sheets of that foam stuff people make Halloween gravestones out of... I don't know what it's called, or how expensive it is, though (I'm an aussie, and we don't have foam sheets or Halloween here!). 

- A really, really big canvas painting type thing?  It might work if you made the frame out of non-structural pine (that sells for about $3 for 2.4 metre lengths here), and make the 'canvas' out of calico or even bedsheets? You could applique on a mural maybe? If you installed a hinge in the middle at the back you could make it outside and still get it into the room.

Title: Re: Baby Girl Nursery
Post by: Mrs. Nobody on March 07, 2011 01:08:44 PM
My suggestion is thrift store sheets for curtains and wall hangings. Anything with little flowers is really sweet in a little girls room. And I'd paint that changing table white.
Here's a tutorial for making crib sheets.
I do these with cheap fabric from Joann (1.99/yd or so).

A pocket organizer wall hanger thing would be handy too (and would cover up some wall).