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Title: need help working with barge cement
Post by: shoeaddict2010 on September 03, 2010 06:23:06 PM
hi all,
i did a search, but i wasn't successful finding the answer to my question so i figured i'd post for the first time!

i'm currently in the process of making ugg style boots, only out of fleece, thermal knit and heavy wool felt. they look really, really awesome, but i want to add rubber outsoles. i finally found a supplier for soling material, and everything i read said barge cement was the best for bonding outsoles.

here's my problem- i'm having severe problems getting the glue to spread evenly. the outsole is not a problem, but it won't spread on the fabrics. now i don't expect perfection, but my first try i couldn't spread it on fleece at all, and it created such a gluey mess, and those weird, icky spiderweb like glue strands were on everything.

the only idea i have is to sew a very thin layer of rubber to the fabric first, and then glue rubber to rubber instead of rubber to fabric, but then the problem becomes that i have to sew through rubber, which i'd like to avoid if possible but i'll do if necessary.

any tips/ideas are greatly appreciated!


Title: Re: need help working with barge cement
Post by: glamboots on September 06, 2010 05:55:04 AM
I've never tried this for your application, but here's something that has worked for me in my career 'on stage' for costumes/scenery stuff. What you said about using a rubber sheet is fine, but here is something that works. Use your rubber not as an inner part, but as a transfer medium. Spread the glue onto a sheet of rubber, especially a silicone rubber, if you have it. Then quickly press the glued rubber onto your fabric and remove the rubber. Hopefully, the glue will now be transferred onto the fabric, and very evenly. The reason I said silicone rubber is that virtually nothing, including Barge cement, will stick to it permanently. Maybe it will work with other rubber, too, I'm not sure. Try this with a small piece. If I can't use spray adhesive this has method has worked quite well. I used an old piece of rubber roofing material on felt. I needed two extra hands, but it's still there and holding.