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Title: XXhi Converse help Post is very photo, website and question heavy
Post by: sk8rkat14 on March 09, 2010 03:48:59 AM
Ok well awhile ago I made a post about making the converse boots. ( Now since I'm on spring break, (woot!) and I have money to buy fabric, I have some questions that might help me considerably before I jump into this. Basically I am combining these two tutorials. ( (
By ripping out the high top chuck I have and making the measurements with that fabric and my own legs. Then attaching the fabric pieces to the chucks. My question is will shoe glue be enough to keep the fabric on the shoes or should I keep like a small trail of fabric on the chucks and sew the pieces on as best I can and use glue the as further reinforcement? As if thats not enough my second question is about this

These shoes use zippers and I'm already a bit worried about the boots being tight and me and zippers have a love/hate relationship. So would I be making my life horribly difficult if I substitute that piece with elastic? Just by at first sewing up 2 or 3 inches the folding fabric and continue sewing with the elastic in the middle? Yeah I am an in an out sewer, so I have just never really done anything with elastic so I don't know if its evil. lol Any thoughts, critisms or hints, and tip are greatly appreciated. If you read this whole thing bless you for hanging in there :)

Title: Re: XXhi Converse help Post is very photo, website and question heavy
Post by: TeenageRebelOfTheWeek on March 09, 2010 12:54:20 PM
I would follow the first tutorial in regards to getting the fabric put toegether for the outside bit and the second one for the actual knee-high pattern. But I'm sure if you used some decent shoe glue to hold the fabric in place to the actual shoe bit, it should be fine. As far as elastic/zippers go, the zip idea sounds pretty gnarly - especially if the zip was in a contrasting colour to the actual shoe! :D *idea...heehee...* But if you're in doubt about the zipper thing, get some heavy-duty elastic strips to put in the back of the shoe. I would suggest making a 'v' shape that would be around 5 inches long or so down the calf to however wide you need it to be without making youself uncomfortable - your leg will be comfy whilst to lace the shoes up!! :) I really, really hope that made sense to you!! Enjoy your new project! I think I might do it, too!! :) -x-

Title: Re: XXhi Converse help Post is very photo, website and question heavy
Post by: sk8rkat14 on March 10, 2010 04:08:35 AM
Yep your post made sense. I was just trying to get every possible question and/or hinderance out of the way before I made these shoes. Because they're kinda awesome and it would suck to screw them up. Although now you have tempted me to use zippers. But I just don't know if my man calfs can take it. lol But thank you you have now made my half-baked scheme fully baked....or at least a bit closer to completely baked...thank you :)