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Title: chart translation anyone???
Post by: ohmyword on April 26, 2005 08:46:39 AM
I've started the schachenmayr princess vest (  a few times now with no luck.  I guess I just can't read charts very well.  Could someone translate the chart into written out directions?  It'd be a great help.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Title: Re: chart translation anyone???
Post by: veronique on April 26, 2005 03:50:41 PM
You mean like in japanese patterns?
I found this website:
Hope that helps! 

Title: Re: chart translation anyone???
Post by: melidomi on April 26, 2005 05:03:43 PM
Ok this chart only lists the right side (odd numbered) rows.
So even numbered rows are just purl (I assume, didn't look at the pattern too carefully)
you read the chart starting at the bottom (with row 1) and going from right to left.  So row 1 is
k1 tbl, yo, k2 tog, skp, yo, k1tbl,yo,  k2 tog, skp, yo, k3, yo, k2tog, now we're at the black squares, they're nothing),skp,yo,k6,yo,k2tog,(black),skp,yo,k3, yo,k2tog,skp,yo,k1tbl,yo,k2tog,skp,yo, k1tbl

you can write out the directions yourself, just start at the bottom right corner, and go right to left for each row, and the next odd row is above it. Good luck!
*one thing that's hard to see on the chart is the difference between the yo symbol and the k1tbl symbol - if it's right next to a decrease, it's a yarn over, if it's not, its k1tbl

Title: Re: chart translation anyone???
Post by: ohmyword on April 27, 2005 07:18:25 AM
Ok, I guess I can read the chart some, but with the written directions telling me how much of which part to do.  I started with the left front piece, and it says to the edge so many times... i got that, and that was 15 sts, but then it tells me to do the center for 25 sts... but when I do it I get 30??? am I reading that part wrong??

Title: Re: chart translation anyone???
Post by: lsm on April 27, 2005 07:56:49 AM
This one's on my "to do" list (will get to it someday).

I'm using the smaller size as an example:

Cast on 42 stitches. Purl the first row (wrong side).

Next row (RS),

1 edge stitch,                              1
3 repeats of the stripe pattern     15 stitches   (3 repeats x 5 stitches/repeat)
1 center pattern                        25 stitches
1 edge stitch.                              1
                                               42 stitches altogether. 

I'm not sure where you're getting 30?  The chart is a bit confusing in the way that it's set up. If you're trying to count stitches for the leaf pattern, look at the lablels and demarcation lines above the chart (stripes, leaf pattern, stripes), not the ones below.

Read through the directions and re-write them using Excel.  I always replot the chart in Excel as well, just to make sure that everything makes sense.  I use my own written notation, K2t, yo, etc., instead of squares and circles, etc. (there's no standardized symbolic notation, so there's no point learning it).

BTW, it's usually a good idea to start on the back.  The "oops" bits aren't as noticable and you'll be a pro at the pattern by the time to get to the front pieces!

explanation of edge stitch:

explanation of knitting terms (w/video on some):

Title: Re: chart translation anyone???
Post by: ohmyword on April 27, 2005 03:59:39 PM
Oooh!  I never noticed the top markings.. just the bottom ones.. I understand a lot better now... thanks!!  We'll see how it goes now.