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Title: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: lindsayrose on November 26, 2009 09:23:35 PM
(Swap Format taken from previous birthday swaps.) Thanks Maremare  ;D


Questions? Please post here in the discussion/gallery:

Details of swap:  This swap was organized so everyone can get something crafty for their birthday!  Please read the guidelines carefully.

1. This swap is list style, like the Ongoing Wishlist Swap, however it is NOT chain style. You can choose any birthday craftster’s list that is posted, rather than only being able to pick from the last one posted.

2. This is a medium item swap. A medium item is defined as a craft or recon, etc that takes you two hours to complete OR $20 worth of Store Bought Items. (If bought from a thrift store, estimate at what it would have cost new.) However you may also substitute a few small items for a medium.

3. If your birthday is in swap's current month, you can post your birthday wish list for this month. To do that, you must first PM me with the swap questionnaire filled out and wait for approval. While you're waiting, be sure to post in the discussion thread:

4. Once you have been approved, you may post your list of things that you would like to receive. This is the format for your lists:
Your location and a short bio
A list of crafted items you would like
Any craft supplies you'd like
And a few “extras” that aren’t crafted, things like candy or tea.
Remember, the more items on your list, the more likely you are to be chosen. The minimum of items to post is five.  Also including your wists is a good way for people to get the idea of your likes and style.  If you have any allergies please type them in red in your bio section.

5. Please post lists only in this thread. Discussion can be done here in the combined discussion/gallery thread:

 6. Every birthday participant must make at least one claim. You may have up to two claims at a time, unless you are an FOC or a first time swapper, and then you can claim again once your items are received (not when you mail out). New swappers may only have one outstanding claim; they may claim again after their first claim is received. FOC"s may have 3 outstanding claims at a time. Claims need to be made from the "crafted" and "craft supplies" sections of a person's list. The "extras" are just that--extra items you may want to throw in if you are feeling generous, but claims cannot be solely extras. Keep it crafty :-) (I'm asking that if you are sending mostly supplies, that you craft a little something for the bday babe.)

7. You may get claimed more than once, but your minimum amount to claim is one.  It is possible you may not get claimed at all. In this case you will not be provided a swap angel; angels are only if you get flaked on. However I do my best to make sure everyone gets claimed by keeping track of how many times each person is claimed. If possible try to pick someone who has been claimed 0 times versus someone who has been claimed 3 times.

8. If it is not your birthday but you would like to send a birthday present out you may do so.  Fill out the “non-birthday swapper” questionnaire and send it to me for approval.  Birthday swappers who receive a present from a non-birthday swapper must send a snail mail thank you card.  You will not receive feedback until I hear from the other swapper that they have received a thank you card.

 9. When you choose to fulfill a birthday wish, PM both the organizer AND the chosen craftster.  At that time, please request the address for where to send it.  After that you have 2 weeks to get the item out the door.
Note: Since I am starting this swap a few days before the beginning of the month I am asking that you only post your list after you are approved and wait to make claims until the first of the month. Thanks!
10. It is super important for everyone to keep good communication.  It is REQUIRED that you PM me when you've sent and of course, don't forget the DC#.  It is REQUIRED that when you receive, you PM me and publicly announce in the gallery (even if you don't have pictures).  

11. When one of your items is chosen, please cross it out so that it is easier for others to see what has been chosen.
(It wouldn't hurt to thank the person at this time either.)

12. If you are sending late you must PM me by your send-out date.  If your send-out date comes and goes and you don’t PM me, you will receive “poor communication” feedback.  It should not be my job to hunt you down and find out what is going on.

Please make sure to put "December Birthday Swap” or something equivalent in the subject line on all communications.  The most thing to me is communication.  Please PM me when you send and receive, and please reply to my PM's to you in a timely manner.  

Format for PM's:

Proper label:
"December Bday Swap" and either "Sign-up," "Claim," "Sent," "Received," or "Question"

When sending sent and received pm's include the send-by date, listed in the second post of the main thread, your user name, their user name and the item. Just copy and past the info from the second post if you want!:

Send by November 14
MareMare to kittykill--handmade soap and lotion

Outstanding claims allowed:
FOC's: 3 at a time
First time swappers: 1 at a time
Everyone else: 2 at a time

Become an FOC~


Name of swap-  DECEMBER 2009 Birthday Swap
Craftster username:
Email address:
Real name & Address (formatted for mailing):
When is your birthday?
Have you read and understand all of the rules to this swap?
Are you willing to send at least a medium item per claim?
(If not then you will not be approved.)
Are you at least 16 years old?  Yes/No
If shipping within the US, I agree to obtain a DC#: Yes/No
If shipping from outside of US, I agree to provide a copy/scan of my mailing receipt.  Yes/No
Quiz: What do you have to do if someone who is a non-bday swapper sends you a gift?

If it is NOT your birthday and you want to SEND TO A BIRTHDAY CRAFTSTER:

Name of swap- DECEMBER 2009 Birthday Swap (Non-Bday Craftster)
Craftster username:
Email address:
Real name:
Mailing address, including country and properly formatted for shipping:
Chosen craftster and item (if you know):
If shipping within the US, I agree to obtain a DC#: Yes/No
If shipping from outside of US, I agree to provide a copy/scan of my mailing receipt. Yes/No
I understand that I will be getting a thank you card and not a package for this swap.  Yes/No


Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

Please make sure to post in the combined Gallery/Discussion Thread to keep up with updates:

Previous rounds of the Birthday swap...
November 2009 gallery/discussion
November 2009
October 2009 gallery/discussion
October 2009
September 2009 gallery/discussion
September 2009
August 2009 gallery/discussion
July 2009
July 2009 gallery/discussion

Swap name: December 2009 Birthday Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: Lindsayrose
Sign-up date range:  Until December 31st
DATE TO SEND ITEMS BY:  2 weeks after you make a claim

Limited to a certain number of people?: No.
Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No.
You must be 16 years old to swap.

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
- Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES
- Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES
- Participant lives in the United States: YES/NO
   - If yes, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES
   - If no, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: lindsayrose on November 26, 2009 09:23:57 PM
Updated December 28! (Please double check :D)

Birthday (Claims Made/Sent-inTransit/Sent-Received) Gifts coming

Birthday Swappers:

lindsayrose Dec 28 FOC (0/0/0) 2 gifts
edie22 Dec 09 (4/0/2) 2 gifts
woodland_faerie Feedback Given
jca1982   Dec 13 FOC (3/0/2) 2 gifts
akredhead Feedback Given
morglanc Feedback Given
ThreadOrYarn Dec 22 FOC (1/1/0) 2 gifts
SevsOnlyGirl Dec 26 FOC (3/0/1) 4 gifts
thedreamer Dec 02 (1/1/0) 2 gifts
sg1psychopath Dec 25 FOC (1/0/0) 2 gifts
polutechnos Feedback Given
Le Mieux Dec 22 FOC (1/0/0) 2 gifts
Taniquel  Dec 06 Not FOC (1/0/0) 1 gifts
Tygir Dec 29 FOC (1/1/0) 2 gifts
Whisp3rd Dec 02 (1/0/0) 1 gifts
LolaandBean Dec 08 FOC (1/0/0) 3 gifts
MissDisney Dec 16 (1/0/0) 1 gifts
addictd2rachyp00 Dec 26 (1/0/0) 1 gifts

Non-Birthday Swappers

RhymeswOrange  Feedback Given
SciFunk FOC (0/0/0)Feedback Given
lovesclutter FOC (1/0/0) Notes coming:
PM Organizer
Late with Communication


Send by December 15

edie22 to ollieorange--- cowl and apple cozy
edie22 to jca1982--- something crochet

woodland_faerie to akredhead--- hedgehog stuffie
jca1982 to edie22---needlebook
morglanc to lindsayrose--- original mosaic art
SevsOnlyGirl to ThreadOrYarn--- Loungy Pants

ollieorange to akredhead--- gym tote and catnip toys
polutechnos to sg1psychopath--- button belt and supplies
RhymeswOrange to lindsayrose--- wrist/arm warmers
alwaysinmyroom to woodland_faerie--- woodland faerie scarf
Le Mieux to SevsOnlyGirl--- Crochet Bella mittens
thedreamer to woodland_faerie--- crocheted owlet(s)
akredhead to edie22--- jewelry

Send by December 16

jca1982 to akredhead--- long dangle earrings

ThreadOrYarn to thedreamer--- supplies and crafted surprise

Tygir to thedreamer--- scarf and something book related Unknown location possibly lost
alwaysinmyroom to Taniquel--- ornaments and other crafted surprises

Send by December 17
<secret santa> to SevsOnlyGirl--- Passport wallets

Send By December 21
RhymeswOrange to Tygir--- handspun yarn
akredhead to morganlanc--- bath fizzies
Whisp3rd to SevsOnlyGirl--- scoodie
jca1982 to Le Mieux-- wrist pin cushion

Send by December 22
morganlanc to Tygir--- wall art
Taniquel to Whisp3rd--- knitting project bag and stitch markers

Send by December 24
Whisp3rd to ollieorange--- apple protector and cowl
LolaandBean to polutechnos--- scarf

Send by December 26

MissDisney to ThreadOrYarn--- absorbent dish towel/ kitchen stuff ANGEL FOUND

Send by December 31
edie22 to SevsOnlyGirl--- pincushion and supplies
edie22 to morganlanc--- cowl Lost in Post
SevsOnlyGirl to morganlanc---wisty surprise
sg1psychopath to MissDisney--- pillowcases, picture frame

Send by January 10
addictd2rachyp00 to MissDisney--- Disney wall art

Send by January 11
lovesclutter to addictd2rachyp00--- tote bag and supplies

Send by January 12
ThreadorYarn to LolaandBean--- books and other good stuff
sg1psychopath to LolaandBean---misc. goodies
alwaysinmyroom to LolaandBean--- wist surprise

Send by January 14
SevsOnlyGirl to Le Mieux--- bella charm bracelet
Taniquel to jca1982--- apron
Le Mieux to sg1psychopath--- surprises!
Lindsayrose to ollieorange-- surprise
lindsayrose to polutechnos--- surprise

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: woodland_faerie on November 27, 2009 09:42:54 AM
 DECEMBER 6th is my day! Greetings from the woodlands of the Ozarks in Joplin Missouri! I am obsessed with woodland type faeries (not your fluffy girliy baby faerie stuff and nooooo DISNEY)I am also a pagan ... I love organic and natural looking things woodgrain and mushrooms squirrels owls and woodland creature…i dress like a faerie everyday and i am very tribal looking (big long dreadlocks) they touch my butt now, I love celtic pagan inpired stuff like spirals...I am tall and skinny with a big head and piercings i look like a furry cartoon character! lol I have  I love clothing and layers and textures My favorite color is rust brown(walnut?), brown, mossy green and type of woodland colors ( i hate blues and purples and "cool" colors) i don't want any food items… We are very outdoor's minded folks i like to be cute but have stuff that will last an excursion out in the woods! we go mushroom hunting and i do some outdoor photography and i collect natural things for mix media projects .just look at my wist you will defiantly get a feel for the frolic'n faerie that lives inside me! also for more inspiration BRIAN FROUD AND LINDA RAVENSCROFT are my favorite artist so you can get a feel for what i like from their art work! ( i don't want any food/ paper items...(books are ok like sewing books and faerie books) i don't want scrapbooking i don't keep paper stuff.... ;D yay ( the more feral and the more texures the better)

  here is my wist list
 look at it all some of the stuff is really fun

A crafted item from my wist would be wonderful!

 NEW STUFF! i am in need off funky armwarmers and leggwarmers in the woodland faerie style (make it really funky) lol
A list of crafted items you would like
A knitted woodgrain cowl
knitted mushrooms like from my wist
and fun

Crochet: I love the crochet hoots from
crochet knotty pillow( woodgrain)  off my wist
crochet little hoot or owlets  ( small crochet owls from roman sock)
any type of woodland type of crochet creation would rock (i like weird and imperfect things like funky scarfs or hats ( i have a big head so ask for details if making head gear of any kind!)[email protected]/2638743479/

Felted: anything feral looking like i hopped out of a stump!
 I would love to have a woodland felted pixie hat in brown or rusts or brown/ moss…. the more fun the better im a like crazy
 A felted faerie belt or purse with this flair
(well any stuff that Shade of Shadow does is right down my alley so honestly yeah...

fun recycled sweater scarft: looks very woodland faerie
A Toadstool backpack ( i can do without the doors and windows maybe make it more real looking i guess?) I want a fox hat i ask me for measurements! (really like this )

 ANY CLOTHING OFF MY WIST I LOVE THE STUFF ask me for sizes…(can be wool or leather i don't mind tee hee)
or inspired from (i love texture and recycling)
*odds and ends*
a moss inspired pendant its really cute
A woodland faerie poppet maybe?
 any nature inspired jewelry?

A creative personal medium that you surprise me with? Something i would be fabulous out frolic'n and mushroom hunting out in the woods...  
and of course anything faerie!

Any craft supplies you'd like: Brian Froud Linda Ravenscroft any brown or any faerie artist stuff you don't want anymore or green or woodland texture type fabrics or yarns….mushroom fabric….faerie charms or mushrooms…. I am always in the need of thread and sewing machine needles...sewing books...i really have been looking for the crochet today Jan/ Feb 2009 issue get the picture i think
And a few “extras” that aren’t crafted, things like candy or tea. - I like fun dip and any faerie stuff (not much for paper stuff or scrapbooking or stickers my son just destroys it or it becomes clutter) i like faerie books and photos of the woods or natural stuff like holed stones or neat looking branches ect…I have shadow boxes with woodland creatures and other oddities…. dead butterflies or moths! any small woodland creatures for terrariums too!

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: edie22 on November 27, 2009 02:17:08 PM

(2/0/0) 2 gifts

Hi! I'm 33 and I'll be 34 on the 9th.  I've been crocheting for so many years! my grandma taught me when I was about 8 and I've been doing it on and off ever since.  I live in South Florida with my husband of ten years.  No kids, no pets, I have a tiny condo that is literally older than I am.  I also dabble in making things with felt, I cross stitch...

I can't make jewelry to save my life.  I tried, and its just tedious to me.  Which means anyone that makes it is just awesome in my eyes.

I love the colors blue and purple.  Blue stripes are my absolute favorite.  I also love pink, pink and brown together...

And i'm completely obsessed with Star Trek lately.  Teh new movie had a huge impact on a lot of things, in particular Chris Pine (he plays the new Captain Kirk)... but pretty much the whole thing was just amazing.  We got a new HDTV for our anniversary on Halloween and I agreed to this specifically so I could see the new Star trek movie in HD.  

So anyway... onto the list.  

Anything from my wists:

-As you can see from my lists, I'm obsessed with purses and bags.  I would love a bag that will fit my new 10 inch laptop, camera, ipod and phone - with pockets.  
-A bag for my crochet/knitting with a little pocket to keep my crochet hooks in.
-A laptop cover - its one of those tiny new 10 inch ones.
-Bracelet - I love beaded bracelets! Especially in blues and purples or pink
-Earrings - I recently started wearing earrings again. I love the little tiny drop ones, that fall just below the ear.
Thanks to akredhead for some jewelry!!
-Anything needlefelted! I've never had anything needlefelted.  My favorite animal is a monkey?
-Needlebook - I keep making them for swaps, and never for myself! thanks jca1982!
-Anything Star Trek related or inspired.  
-hand made journal
-apron - either a half apron for crafting or big apron for cooking. I got one recently in a swap and its AWESOME
-Rapunzel scarf in Christmas colors (red/green/white) or Star Trek colors (red/blue/gold)

-Rubber stamp carving kit
-beginning sewing kit - I am getting a sewing machine for my birthday from my husband and I haven't sewn anything in about 18 years (not since early in high school)
-Shrinky dink starter kit

-yarn! I love yarn, even if its from your stash or lying around your house or whatever!
-Cross stitch/embroidery thread

-local coffee
-dark chocolate
-reeses cups
-hot chocolate
-birthday cards

Thank you!
(I hope I did this right, Its my first one like this)

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: akredhead on November 27, 2009 04:30:24 PM
0 Claims, 0 sent, 0 received

I'm turning 31 years old!!! and newly married. I work as an clinical therapist with teen girls at a mental health hospital for children. My favorite colors are jewel tones (deep colors). My house is a variety of colors at the moment. Some of my favorite things: Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek, Blackadder, Venture Brothers, Father Ted, Jarvis Cocker, The Sims2, guinea pigs, kitty cats, miniatures, bumble bees and hedgehogs.


- Garland like this:
-Fabric doorstop like this:[]=tags&includes[]=title but in orange, yellow, red and brown.
-Fabric bins like these:
-A big tote bag in a bold, retro fabric to carry clothes to and from the gym.
-Long dangly earrings (I mean long).
-warm socks for the cold Alaskan winter I'm looking forward to.
-a crochet or fabric doll of a character from one of my favorite shows listed above.
- Fun cat toys with catnip in them.
- Brooch like these:
- Pony tail hiders like these:
- A bag like this:
-A long wallet (like a checkbook size) that has slots for cards and id's and stuff...something that incorporates my interests and/or fandoms.
-Kanzashi flowers for my hair like this:
- I love original artwork to hang on my walls!
-A scarf like this:
- Crochet flower embellishments of various colors and styles. Examples:
- Cowl neck hood-scarf:
- Stress balls (squeezy balls)
- A craft that is hedgehog themed (see my wist for ideas)
- A scarf like this:
- A shawl like this:
- Earrings like these:
- I love this bag!
-I adore this necklace:
- Bumper stickers that are Firefly/Serenity themed that say "Alaskan Browncoat" or "My Captain Misbehaves" "I Aim to Misbehave" or "Gorramit!" or "I stop for Reevers"...You get it.


-beads and findings (no plastic or seed beads please)
-E-Z crimps
-lampwork beads
-hand dyed yarn
-decorative hole punches


- Finger puppets
-One of your favorite books
-Something from my wist:
- Toys for my patient's to play with during session NO METAL: slinkies, squishy balls...anything that is tactile and not hard.
- Bath and Body Works wall flower refills…almost any sent will do but some of my favorites: Moonlight Path, Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Pea
- Toys for my guinea pigs.

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: lindsayrose on November 27, 2009 05:50:19 PM
Hi there! First off I would like to welcome all of you to this swap, it should be a lot of fun! I am a first time organizer so if I miss something please let me know and anytime you have a question or comment let me know!

All righty! I'm Lindsay, I'm turning the big TWO ONE on the 28th. I live in Vermont with my boyfriend and menagerie of animals (turtle, hamster, fishies, tarantula, and lovely little kitten named Tuck). I'm a Jack of all Crafts master of none I guess. I dabble with paper crafts, jewelry making, a bit of simple sewing, needle felting and recently retaught myself crochet and I'm loving it. I love dark purple, aqua, bright greens and magenta (jewel tones) but I also like more earthy colors like sage green, burnt orange, browns, mauves, more muted dusty colors. Let's see some things I like are nautical themes, old images of ships, lighthouses, things to do with the ocean in general, mermaids sometimes but not the cartoony kind, trees, birds, silhouettes or paper cut outs (I think they are so cool), anything to do with nature really like flowers and leaves and things of that nature. I love damask prints, steampunk stuff is very cool, victorian style things are always beautiful. I think I tend to steer clear of cutesy stuff but honestly I will appreciate anything. I love Alice in Wonderland but not the disney kind. I love bugs, things with butterflies or dragonflies, fireflies well pretty much any of them.

Anyway, onto the LIST:D

Crafted Items
-Fingerless gloves (I've always wanted some of these. Preferably shorter, like to the wrist not up the arms.
-Any sort of mosaic(paper, stained glass, ceramic whatever!)
-I think an apron would be cool I'm a bigger girl though so I'd need one that has a larger front and longish ties.
I'd prefer a full front ones, I need one for cooking that can be pretty or whatever but I need one for painting type things too so that's fine with just whatever fabric.
-Any sort of house shoes or slippers for my cold tile great room. (i have big feet though, size womens 11)
-Any sort of decorated little tins or boxes, or wooden or that cardboard or paper mache containers. I have a ton of smaller things and I have a thing for small little organizational containment devices ha.
-Handmade soaps I prefer the cold or hot pressed types. No lavender please.
-Any kind of lip balm or chap stick.
-Hand spun yarn any color
-Any stationery or note cards with neat or pretty designs.
-Anything that you think I would like or inspired by my wists: (

Things I'd like to learn/Kits I'd appreciate
I am constantly looking to learn new crafts so even if I don't list it on here if you have a craft you enjoy and its easy to put a little starter kit together I would love it!

-Resin anything I'm really interested in it.
-Soap making
-Cross stitching I'd really love even just one of the tiny little projects to start.
-I really want to start learning how to spin yarn on a spindle so any roving
-I'm also interested in cake decorating or cupcake making so any sort of little supplies that go along would that would be appreciated.
-Kind of unrelated but I am trying to learn how to cook more of a variety of foods and my boyfriend and I are trying to eat healthier so a little recipe book or some recipe cards with easier healthier foods would be awesome.

-Yarn! (Any color any weight)
-Any crochet hook besides size G
-Any buttons that have the loops. Like the kind without the holes.
-Any old craft magazines or any crochet ones.
-Jewelry making supplies (Primarily lobster claw fasteners, thin chains, headpins- glass beads area always welcome)

Random Stuff
-I love dark chocolate
-My kitten loves getting presents he loves felt and socks haha
-Scraps of patterned papers and ephemera are always fun


Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: morglanc on November 28, 2009 02:23:26 PM
2 claims, 1sent, 0 recieved--3 gifts

hi! my name is morgan, and i'm turning 23 on the 23rd :) i live in central oregon, and even though its terribly cold right now, the sky is clear and the sun is shining! i'm a stay at home wife/artist(i get payed for neither :) i have an orange cat named butters who is the best cat ever!
 we all recently moved out to the woods with my inlaws, so that we can pay off debt and buy a house. i love living out of town, and i dont like large amounts of people in one place. i love nature, walking, meditating, painting, reading, and baths. i have 13 tattoos, and a full arm sleeve. i am obsessed with makeup. i like greens, and reds, blacks and greys best. purples, light blues, and orange are my least favorite colors.i dont wear pink or bracelets, and i cant wear earrings. i like things that smell like peppermint, rose, tea, and coconut. i also love the smell of nagchampa incense. i dont like the smell of lavender or patchouli
so anyway, here is my list. i spent a long time trying to think af a lot of things....

*anything from my wist

*homemade bath or body goody...soaps, lotions, bubble bath, scrub, lip balm, shampoo bar ect.--- thank you akredhead!!!

*home made journal

*a hooded long scarf in black or a scoodie

*leg warmers

*fingerless glove arm warmers in black that go all the way up past the elbow like the ones on my wist (i have big arms too) oooh, if they zipped up at the top that would be evem better!!!!

*brush roll

*stamp that makes lines to write on

* zombie stuffed animal with removable something like brains or intestines. (i already have a bear)

* a kit to build a terrarium.

* big funky ring size 10

*big purse with shoulder straps. i'd love one in black with white pinstripes

*necklace that is layered and funky. i like mid to long lengths

*decorated box that locks

*cowl made with something that isnt itchy
---thank you eddie22!

*mini buddhist shrine

*incense burner

*fun things for hair, flower clips, colorful clip in extensions


*gel pens


*paint brushes

 *milk chocolate
*fingernail polish pens
*lip balm
*anything vintage
*any magazine

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: jca1982 on November 29, 2009 08:47:17 AM
Hi Everyone!
I'm Jen, I will be turning 27 on the 13th. I think I'm spending my birthday taking my daughter to see the new Disney princess movie! I live in Wisco right now with my parents to save a ton of money to move out to Brooklyn, NY to live with my bf/partner/baby daddy in the fall of 2010. I am very excited about it.

I am a stay at home mom, I spend my day running around with my 3 1/2 year old daughter. She loves to create, so when I'm doing something crafty she is usually coloring or painting. It's fun.

I did my first craft show the other day and now I think I may have craft show fever...

I love pretty much all things crafty. I love to wear really funky dangle earrings, I love bold statement type necklaces. I can't crochet to save my anything crochet is AWESOME! I also really admire homemade soaps, not melt and pour, I do those. I like vintage pin-ups and erotica. I make jewelry, knit, basic sewing, and paper crafts.

To get a good idea of what I like take a look at my wists, also if you click on my etsy store, then my favorites I have another list of things I really like.

3 claims, 2 sent, 1 received

*Anything inspired from my wist or Etsy faves, would be cool

*homemade soaps: nothing really floral scented. I like peppermint, nagchampa, citrus scents

*Anything crochet: Hats, mittens, little creatures, handbags! Thanks Edie22!  ;D


*Handbag made with some really fun fabric


NEW *Apron...I'm little only 5' so something about knee length is perfect.

NEW *Hair stuff: headbands or barrettes.

*jewelry findings, beads, just plain cool stuff to make funky jewelry
*bright funky fabrics

*any local roasted coffee (I prefer dark roast but will drink whatever...whole beans)
*dark chocolate...the darker the better!

Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: thedreamer on November 29, 2009 11:51:12 AM
Hello!  I’m Agnes, and I’m currently a university student in Toronto, Canada!   My birthday’s on December 2nd, so as a result I will probably be spending my actual birthday studying for my exams. :(  I mainly crochet, but I dabble in lots of other crafts as well.  My favourite colours are blue (think the darker side of blue though, like navy, indigo), green, black, purple, and any other deep dark colour like maroon. I’m obsessed over anything tiny and delicate, and anything that’s nautical, woodsy, fall, wintery or night themed makes me pretty happy too.  I also like Disney (just not the pink Disney princesses stuff though, don’t like pink much), penguins, Harry Potter, Narnia, and LOTR.    If you need more info let me know, but I think my wists reflect my style and the kinds of colour combinations I like pretty well.

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So...Onto the list!

-something off or inspired by my wists!

-a nice tote for my school books; not too big but big enough to throw in a textbook or two and a pencil case, maybe with some inside pockets, and preferably a closure of some sort.  
A simple style like this: (pleats are not necessary)
or maybe something like this:  or or

I just really need a sturdy bag for everyday use :)  

-a purse/WIP bag would be lovely too; something like this (I liked the style of the handles):

-laptop bag (with handles and a strap, not just the sleeve)- I’ve been looking everywhere for one that fits my 16” laptop, but they only seem to make them to 15’4!

-mini crochet hook roll (for travel) like this; I usually take around 1-2 hooks with me, plus a pair of scissors and a yarn needle:

-crochet stitch markers (basically stitch markers that are open/hooks, or can be opened)

-steampunk jewelry- this one was cool, but I just like steampunk in general (the one with the key hanging off):

-miniature polymer clay charms (of anything, really) - I’m always in awe of how people manage to make things like that!

-a little coin purse with a snap opening like this:

-any scarf other than crocheted- knitted, screen printed, sewn, etc.  It gets chilly in Canadian winters.  Thanks Tygir!

-a handmade journal/notebook

-something book related like bookmarks, book plates, etc  Thanks Tygir!

-jewelry (other than earrings, I don't have pierced ears): I like simple pieces, prefer silver tones over gold, and adore whimsical pieces with moving parts, like lockets

-kits or supplies to try: polymer clay sculpting, book binding, tatting
-wooden/bamboo crochet hooks- I hear about these all the time but they don’t seem to sell these here.  I commonly use F-K hooks, but any size would be lovely :)
-book lockets- can’t seem to find some without a cross on the front:
-purse handles- I've wanted to try making crochet purses with real handles instead of just crocheting them, but they don't sell in the craft stores here...
-plastic safety eyes, 4-15mm.  strangely enough the store in my area sells only 18mm eyes ???
-any yarn!  A girl can never have too much yarn  :D
-crochet patterns- there’s some awesome penguin and teddy bear patterns I've been drooling after from PlanetJune

-probably not possible, but I’ve really, really wanted this for awhile:
-dark chocolate, or just chocolate in general like ferrero rocher
-tea, hot chocolate, French vanilla; keeps me up during exams!

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Post by: SevsOnlyGirl on November 29, 2009 12:35:28 PM
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Happy Birthday all! :)  I'm Dawn and I live in Mid-Michigan.  I'll be 43 on December 26th.  The end of December is a busy time in our family - hubby's bday is the 23rd and there's all the family get-togethers and all.  Since hubby and I are both familiar with the forgotten birthday, we make sure to do something special on each of our birthdays. ;)  I'm a Student Life Coordinator at a college - I run the student union, oversee the clubs, advise Student Government and plan events for the students.  I have two kids (14 & 8) and I've been married 10 years.  If you have any questions, just ask!  I just added a bunch of favorites on etsy, you can friend me on facebook but you'll have to pm me for my entire name. :)

Crafted Items
Knit Bella mittens - black, dark green, gray would be most wanted but other colors are fine too
crochet or knitted hats
gothic/vintage/victorian look jewelry
resin jewelry
loaded charm bracelets
stenciled shirts - L if regular fit, XL if fitted - see wists for ideas or pm me!
small bag for meetings - large enough for pen, small pad of paper, Blackberry, inhaler
purses - I love all sorts and types
PJ pants - pm me for measurements - I make them for everyone but not myself!
vinyl/leather/pleather case for Blackberry Storm
Wallet - space for cards, cash, coins, checkbook stuff please
scrabble message board
oven mitts
godmother book - like this:
passport holder - I would like two - one for me and one for my sister, we're going to London in August 2010.

Craft Supplies
thread of all colors
straight pins
elastic of all types
webbing for tote handles - all colors
fabric - bright and bold

books - I prefer vampire, werewolf, fairy - think Kim Harrison not Laurell K. Hamilton :D
candy - I prefer dark chocolate and sour over sweet
tea - I like all different kinds, hubby loves tea also so I'll be sharing
Tea for One set

Thanks in advance to anyone who chooses me!  I hope I listed enough of a variety of things. :)

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Post by: ollieorange on November 29, 2009 07:46:40 PM
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Hiya! I'm Cindy. My birthday is on the 29th- I'll be turning 30 this year (blech!). I have a long history of sucky birthdays. I'm hoping this one will be better! I live in Madison, WI with my hubby, my 2 cats and our dog Sophie. I work 3 jobs- my full time gig is working with adults with developmental disabilities, I also help take care of my husband's 97 year old Grandma and I work as a florist on the weekends. Sometimes when I'm lucky I even get to see my husband! I work with wool but cannot wear it. I think that bamboo yarn is dreamy. I'm also super allergic to eucalyptus.
I like gray, black and browns for clothing. Otherwise I like bright colors except for purples.

I would love anything from my wists (the link is at the end of the post).

*Purse- I really like this one-
*and this one[]=tags&includes[]=title
*cowls made out of something other than wool (allergies), gray would be nice- THanks edie22!
*artwork for my entryway- I'm trying to fill it with original artwork
*apple cozy (crocheted apple protector) - those are so cute! thanks edie22!
*moustache necklace - one that I can pull up to my face for an instant moustache.

I really want to learn how to paint silk scarves
I also really want to learn how to weave
I can always use glass fusing supplies too
Shaped hole punches- Martha has some great ones at Micheals!

Musk candies
Books- I love to read
lip balm

Thanks in advance for picking me!

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Post by: ThreadOrYarn on November 30, 2009 02:03:40 PM
Hi, My birthday is Dec 22 which means sometimes I get 'extra' candles from having one night of Chanukah on my birthday :) I'm in Massachusetts US, I do mostly knit, but I also crochet, spin, and used to cross-stitch, embroider and a little bit of tatting. I like the cooler colors (blues, purples, greens) but a little oomph of the red/orange/yellows doesn't hurt either. Nothing holiday themed please - I like being able to use my things all the time, not just a few weeks a year.  

My list, in no particular order (links are examples, not requirements  :D )


decorated (and absorbent) kitchen towels, potholders, etc
swirl pendant necklace ala PhoenixFireDesign (3rd pic here (

expandable shopping bag  examples here  ( and here (

bead tree (

a pair of lovebugs (

decorated small notecards (about 3"/8cm square)

pretty 'yarn wrapper' band labels - to wrap around skeins of my handspun with space for writing what kind of fiber, how many yards, etc

handmade soaps/gels/scrubs (not for bathtub soaking though, please) I like solid scrubs too.

cotton 'pettipants' aka a slip that looks like shorts  ( to wear under skirts

lounge-y shorts/pants (~43" waist) Thanks SevsOnlyGirl!

a snuggie (;all) I got one in a swap a few months back, but dh uses it more than I do! :D

rubik's cube stuffie (this idea (

cloth panty liners or light-flow pads

A pretty, but not really lacy, ladies crocheted/knit/sewn/beadedwire/etc kippah in white or black


learn-to bookbinding kit, supplies, whatever

decorated tatting shuttles (shorter than 3"/7.5cm)

anything to help me improve wire-wrapping beading kind of techniques. I'm self-taught and the teacher doesn't always know what's going on :D

 New Pathways for Sockknitters  ( book by Cat Bordhi
 Cool Socks, Warm Feet  ( by Lucy Neatby
The Intentional Spinner (
 Andean Folk Knits ( by Marcia Lewandowski

something from, or based on, my wists  (  (etsy items are tagged on the wists)

your favorite funny book (please not 'funny by being mean/angry/insulting' kind of funny)
1 1/2" (4cm) cotton fabric squares (any color except neon-bright, and no holiday themes please)
'souvenir' bookmarks from where you are
Chocolate, plain or with nuts (unless you want me to share with the hubby - he likes the mint & fruit-filled chocolates)
tea, hot chocolate mixes
I've just learned the goodness that's good coffee, feel free to share your favorite ground coffee with a newbie-coffee drinker

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Post by: beccabadger on December 01, 2009 01:23:30 AM
Heya everyone. I'm Bekki. I will be 22 on the 25th. I'm in Bristol, UK. I paper craft, sew, sort of crochet and sort of knit. I'll give anything a go though. I like darker colours, (black, blue, red, purple) and my ideal style would be victorian gothic. My main style isn't always suitable though as I work in schools as a music tutor sometimes. I play the flute, piccolo and baroque flute. My main job is as a freelance web developer. In September I'm planning to go to university to get a music degree (so things that may come in use then are always welcome). I love trees and nature. I'm allergic to strong scents, especially lavender. I don't like skulls.

My wists: ( (There are notes on most items, please read them before starting crafting something  :))

A cool belt (ribbon belt?) Thanks polutechnos!
A protective pouch for my camera (ask and I'll measure it)
Clothes for my bear (again, ask for measurements)
A nice notebook to use as a journal from January
Some knitted/crocheted gloves (I'll find some examples soon...)
Something nice for my hair
Decorated plant pot (blues)
Oven mitts
Cloth pads

Paper crafting supplies (literally, anything)
Buttons Thanks polutechnos! (More are always welcome!)
Yarn (even smallish bits) Thanks polutechnos! (Again, more is always welcome!)
Fabric (although I may get killed as I have loads already  :D)

Random things (I'm a random person)

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Post by: polutechnos on December 01, 2009 09:57:26 AM
Hi everyone. I'm Leah from London, England. I'm originally from the USA. I'll be 20 on Dec. 28th, and I love most everything crafty. I sew, draw, do photography, bake, make jewellery, and I love trying new crafts. My favourite colours are black, dark greens, blue, and brown. Purple is fine too. I'm not nuts about pink, but if it's paired with brown or black, it can be nice.
One of the things that makes me happiest, is making others happy.
This rather sums up my style (or what I'd like to dress like everyday if I could!) here ( Usually, I'm somewhere between 'rocker chic' and hippyish(?). I don't try to have a particular style or follow one, but that's usually what I like. I love natural and quality things.
I like vintage and antique things, elephants, penguins, and owls.
I have a slight obsession with small things. I prefer silver to gold, and I don't have pierced ears. I looooove cookies.

My Wists:

1 claims, 0 sent, 0 received

Crafted Items I'd Like:

-Leather/faux book/journal like the one seen here (
-Wide belt similar to here (
-Clothing. Long sleeved dress, brown, black, gray or dark blue/purple. There are a few examples on my wists of the kind of thing I'm talking about. Nothing short sleeved or sleeveless.
-Over the knee socks, tights, etc.
-Warm things likes scarves or gloves are always appreciated (knitted, crocheted, sewn, etc) Thank you LolaandBean!
-Homemade (or not) makeup
-Fabric hair curlers
-Penguin stuffies
-NEW: A makeup bag. Currently I have something like this ( (cheapy from wallyworld). It's about 3 years old now; enough said :P
-NEW: Handmade soap
-NEW: Crocheted bunny (see wists).
-NEW: Arm warmers, I realised this sitting here in the cold. Ones that go to the elbow would be good.

-Jewellery making supplies: swarovski crystals, anything but plastic beads, metal findings/wire, chains, etc.
-I'm dying to try Metal Clay, specifically silver. Would love even a tiny bit of this
-Black fabric - really need some
-Metal buttons, brooches, whatever really, that I could encorporate into sewing or jewellery projects.
-Metal zips! I would love to have more of these.
-Watch/clock parts
-Sewing thread: black, blue, or whatever colour you have.
-NEW: Polymer Clay
-NEW: Chocolate/candy moulds
-NEW: Anything needed to help me start knitting: needles, yarn, mags/books, etc.


-Chocolate...anything goes, really. I prefer dark chocolate; hubby likes white. I love chocolate and toffee. Mint's good...
-Twinnings tea
-Cookies or something along those lines made by you (doesn't have to be)
-Something Stargate related for me/hubby

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Post by: Le Mieux on December 01, 2009 01:06:10 PM
claims 1, sent 1, hates french post 1 (lol)

Hello! I’m Chloe, I’ll be 27 on the 22nd December. I actually like my birthday cos it’s full of 2’s….22/12/1982. Anyway.
I live in Versailles, France, 15km or so from Paris. I am originally from South London, England, and miss a good English breakfast! I teach English to adults and teens, something I enjoy though it isn’t my ultimate calling in life. My passions lie in travelling, my 2 naughty ferrets, charity work, and keeping myself busy (crochet, cross-stitch, sewing). I am a born romantic, and love the Twilight books and movies...I moved out to France to be with my boyfriend, who after 2 years I still adore  :)
I love music of the rock / metal / emo variety. Favourite bands: Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Slipknot, Rise Against, King Blues.
I’m turning 27 this year and still have no idea what my place in the world is. I love making a change and helping others (humans and animals) and I think my ideal job would be as an international aid worker….but I have no idea how to get there, and how that would sit with my boyfriend  :-\
I’d describe myself as spiritual but atheist. I am vegetarian (no meat, no fish; but eggs/dairy etc are all fine)
I have a very ironic sense of humour – I love ridiculous things that are amazing; anything family guy, south park, the office (uk).
Favourite colours: black and red.

I’m allergic to penicillin (just in case….?!), am vegetarian, and do not like fur in fashion (tho fake fur is absolutely fine!)

My wist!

A list of crafted items you would like:
Tshirt/stencilled tshirt
Victoriana jewellery
Cullen necklace/wristband
Bella’s ring from new moon
Bella’s charm bracelet
Quileute tattoo stencil
Coinpurse/wallet (for coins, credit cards, that kinda thing)
Craft organiser for thread/wool/sewing needles
Wrist pin cushion - thanks, jca1982!
Anything for my ferrets – bedding, costumes  :P ….i have 2 boys, Harbles and Bear.
Any of the above twilight themed (i don't care if you think i'm too old, lol!!!)
Any of the above burlesque-styled

Any craft supplies you'd like:
Thick, chunky yarn for crochet
Aida/thread for cross stitch
Animal print fabric
Sewing thread in various colours
Glue gun glue!
Embroidery patterns (I love sublime stitching!)
Cake tins/cookie cutters in interesting shapes

And a few “extras” that aren’t crafted:
Flavoured green tea – I love discovering more!
Different coloured tights
Ribena/walkers salt and vinegar crisps/boost bars – things I can’t get in france!!!

I also wanna say
– I am open to any interpretation of the above – I love other peoples points of view!

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Post by: Taniquel on December 01, 2009 03:20:36 PM
Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm turning 32 on the 6th. I'm currently a SAHM to my 3 month old son. I live in  Brisbane, Australia. I'm familiar with birthday dissapointment, I ended up having dinner with family for my 30th rather than the party I wanted as not enough of my friends were able to make it, and didn't even get cake (though I had told my husband I'd be OK if there was cake). I'm a big reader, favourite authors include Anne Bishop, Neil Gaiman, Lois McMaster Bujold and Neal Stephenson. I'm into nature, animals (especially birds) and science (especially anatomy and pathology). I like earthy colours and jewel tones. my wist is:

1 claim, 0 sent, 0 received. Gifted once.



stencilled tshirt (L if fitted, M if loose)
Cushion cover 50-56cm square. Preferably jewel toned or with a white or cream background
Fabric bucket
tote bag
artwork (probably for my craft room)
Something based off my wists


sock yarn
Embroidery patterns
pretty much anything :)


I love tea, and chocolate (especially if it has peanut butter in it)

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Post by: Tygir on December 02, 2009 06:53:09 AM
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Hello all, I'm Meg! I'm turning 25 on the 29th. I just moved to Maine last year and I work as a hairstylist. I live with my boyfriend, four cats and a leopard gecko. My favorite color is green, but I love all bright colors! Not too fond of pastels. I'm in love with steampunk and want my own airship, haha. I like rainbow themed stuff and Art Nouveau and video games and nature... you can prolly get a good idea of my style from my wist ( ;)

Crafty stuff I do: knit, crochet, paint/draw, papercraft, jewelry, sew, cook... the list goes on!

Thread catcher
Knit socks/slippers
Handmade soap - I have eczema, so something good for sensitive skin would be awesome
Handspun yarn Thanks RhymeswOrange!
home made journal  (
Steampunk pendant/pin
mini terrarium (
Hair clips - I'm growing my hair out, so something I can use to clip my bangs back would be great
Spats! (
Shrug ( - I have to wear sleeves at work (can't show underarms) but sometimes it's too hot for a whole sweater
Wall Art - for my boring white walls  Thanks morglanc!

*linked items are just examples that I like

small weaving loom
neat fabric
wood for woodburning

Tea! - no mint or chamomile please
postcards from your area

Happy Birthday Everyone!!!

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Post by: whisp3rd on December 07, 2009 03:36:54 PM
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Hello! I’m Brandi! I turned 20 on December the 2nd. I'm a vegetarian who resides in the Houston area of Texas.  I’m a college student who has a hard time avoiding her knitting, crocheting, and spinning supplies. I have no allergies and I have two cockers and an apathetic tabby. I’m very big on human medical science and veterinary science.  I love all bright colors but combinations get sketchy so just ask! ( (
And on Ravelry as Whisp3rd

-Screen-printed t-shirts. Half of my wardrobe is polos from high school and I feel very sad because I want them gone and the freshman 15 has hit me hard.

-Car trash can. Something like this, I’d like to be able to use doggy bags to replace the trash.

-Handmade soaps! I’m a pale ginger kid and I’m sensitive to everything and handmade soaps seem to work very well. I love flowery scents and scents that make you think of rain or water.

-Dog toys! My dog is ferocious and tears them up so fast.  Something durable but something a cocker can hold easily without too much weight?

-Knitting project bags! Like drawstring bags in different sizes, or a box bag. Thanks Taniquel!

-Messenger bag/purse. Not huge like a typical messenger but big enough for my purse things and a knitting project.

-Tree of Life pendant.

-Anything with anatomy! Jewelry, clothing, accessories! Love the vintage anatomy look.

-Yarn wreath! Maybe with bright rainbow colors, or white and teal.

-Neutral shawl pin.  Like the one below or one in metal.

-Stitch markers

-Lap top sleeve! Screen is 15.4 in.

-Bird Houses!

-Wisty surprise :3

-Spinning fiber! Oh I certainly don’t have enough!

-Yarn! But please no acrylic, I am trying to purge that from my stash since it’s about 75% of my stash.

-Fabric! I’m getting into sewing so I need to build another stash lol

- DRUM CARDER!  haha jk or donations for one lol

-Threads of any color

-Buttons! I’d love to make a button bag.

-I love chocolate :D

-Knitting/crochet/ vegetarian/spinning magazines

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Post by: whatthepuck on December 10, 2009 07:24:08 PM
I'm Michelle. I live in NC with my husband, not quite two year old son, and 4 cats. My current obssessions are plush monsters, the Tudors, Melrose Place (new and old), organizing my house (mainly crafty stuff) and trying to convince Mr. Bean that I need a VW Bug. My favorite color is purple.

-Plush Monster
-lip balm
-anything from my wist (
-scrabble pendants (see wists for ideas)
-garden gnome earrings or just the beads
-this shirt ( in size 36 month. Instead of Trouble it says Butterbean.
-Glo Worm earrings (
-Waldorf inspired boy doll
-Anything Dallas Cowboy or Carolina Hurricane related
-Cactus-knitted, crochet or sewn
-knit or crochet hockey puck
-handmade Christmas ornaments
-felt food or play kitchen stuff (Mini Bean is getting a play kitchen for Christmas)

-plastic sleeves for ATCs
-faux fur (would love scrap pieces in crazy colors)
-bangle braclet resin mold
-matryoshka fabric (1 yardish)
-plastic eyes and noses for plush making
-Gingerbread Men cookie cutters like this (
-blank cards and envelopes for card making
-Generation T 108 ways to tranform a t-shirt (used is good)

-fake tattoos
-funky socks

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Post by: MissDisney on December 11, 2009 12:58:09 PM
Hi! My Birthday is the 16th. This year I will be 24, and I am starting to feel like life has passed me by, but I know its my fault. This year I am not celebrating my birthday , which is weird because my birthday has always been a HUGE deal to me. But buying gifts for my niece and other loved ones is top priority. This year has been really hard so my expectations are really low. I just want something, anything, made for me, because its my birthday. I am also really looking forward to making someone else something for their birthday. December is a popular month in my house, 3 of the 6 of us are December babies and my hero was born on the same day as my future brother in law (Dec. 5th, Walt Disney).

I have a lot of interests (over 40 favorite shows, ranging from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Glee to Bones) and that list will be updated today : ). Really, if my wish list doesn’t catch your fancy, check out my favorites, cos I really do, sincerely love love love everything on the lists in my profile. My wists have some stuff, but I am not a great wister.

I am allergic to wool and have a very sensitive nose (smoke and musk make my head hurt and I tend to sneeze). I love floral scents, fruity scents and baked good aromas. I am a staunch atheist, so I prefer not to receive anything from a religious text or image of a god (with the exception of Buddha, because though I don’t follow the faith, I am Asian, and nothing screams Asian to me like Buddha). I also don’t like leather or fur (faux is great though). Sexualized Disney things are a no-no but sexual things are awesome! Basically any adult themed item will make me a very happy me. I am not picky about colors, as long as they are theme accurate (like mickey mouse should never be neon, and things like that). I don’t like anime at all, but I love Kawaii foods and inanimate objects, not Sanrio.

Here be the list:
--bubble bath, bath salts, bath teas....basically anything that will make bath time more relaxing and enjoyable
--handmade soap, oh how i love handmade soap (especially with tea leaf essential oil)
--A necklace that says “atheist”
--ANYTHING with NPH on it (especially if its Barney themed)
--ANYTHING for my house:
          Kitchen - Adventureland - anything Tiki , jungle (but not cutesy), Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean themed that I can use to accent my kitchen in any way. Jars, towels, decorations, cozies for appliances.
           Dining Room - Frontierland - Big Thunder Mountain and Old West themes for the table, or the walls
          Living Room  - Tomorrowland - It is a black, silver and white color scheme, mostly we need wall art (ANY of the Attractions, past or present) and decorative elements
           Guest Bath - The Seas Pavilion - ocean, sealife, nemo, coral, greens and blues. Anything for a bathroom, especially wall art
           Stairwell - Main St USA basically a vintage Americana theme, with a firm grasp on the Victorian styles from early American colonial building. Curtains (I have 6 tall thin windows), wall art depicting Disney classic films, and decorative frames to add pictures of our family.
           Master Bedroom - Fantasyland -light pink, powder blue and cream with sparkles (that DO NOT flake, my husband has a glitter phobia, and he cant deal with any glitter that flakes, but anything that is naturally sparkly like chiffon and things like that are awesome). We have a King bed, and that’s pretty much it. Wall art from any of the Princess films (Mulan, Pocahontas, Alice, etc are not princesses), decorative pillows and bed shams would be so welcomed. Anything with a 17th or 18th century feel, from a castle setting
          Master Bathroom  - Donald Duck - My husband’s favorite character ever, and so I gave him the Master bath to show his love. The colors are Blue, White, Yellow and Orange and we need ANYTHING for that room (I havent started at all yet lol). Our master bath doesn’t have a place for a shower curtain though.
           Foyer/Loft area - World Showcase - There are 11 countries in the World showcase, all vastly different. The main color scheme is Morroccan based, but for the walls, we want art and decorations for ALL the countries.
           Office/Studio - Mickey Mouse - Red, Black and White with a hint of yellow. Mostly decorative things, but anything that can STORE other things would be awesome. I never have enough storage

--I NEED LETTERS (any type, style, color, size, even partially used things)
-- Disney stuff. Be it characters or movies or the parks, or historical stuff (books on Walt or the making of the parks. I have some, but always love new opportunities to broaden my knowledge. ESPECIALLY PAPERS! My collection was pilfered
-- ANY STICKERS!!!!! (I started journaling, and I use the stickers to break up the pages, I love BIG ones a lot, but any type, size color, theme..anything…if you have used sets that you don’t know what to do with, I promise they will find a home in my journals)
--bazzill cardstock (it’s the only kind I use, and I ALWAYS need more, so please feel free to send me any colors or even scraps)
--mini albums (I collect all sizes, shapes and binding styles)
--stamp cleaner (I am always out of this too lol)
--ink (black, orange, yellow, gold, dark pink)
--scrolly decorative stamps (wood mounted, unmounted and clear ALL welcome)
--acryllic paints (any and all colors J)
--embellishments of any size type and color (the only themes I don’t need are school, hunting, or religious) for scrapbooking
--ribbon (I like all kinds, and my stash has shrunk in the last year considerably)
--rub-ons (letters, designs, anything really)
--Felt….any color (but not made of wool, I am allergic, and I hand sew with can imagine how uncomfortable that could get) the acryllic felt that’s like .29 cents a sheet is ideal!

I love chocolate and anything fruity. Nothing sour or spicy though (my tongue is sensitive).
I am a BIG tea drinker, actually my New Years resolution is to give up soda (again, I did it for 2 years, so I think I can do it again). I don’t like chai, but I like most other kinds of tea. If you can find Jasmine and Chamomile anywhere, that’s my favorite.
Anything Disney, no matter how small, will find a home here.


Title: Re: DECEMBER Birthday Swap (Sign-up's until December 31) Lists ONLY
Post by: addictd2rachyp00 on December 26, 2009 09:11:54 PM
Hi there! I'm Rachael, from Louisville, OR Bowling Green, KY (Depending on whether school is in or not). I'm a freshman in college, studying either Art Education or Creative Writing. I can't decide. I turned 19 today(the 26th). I love anything naturey especially trees and birds. I love tattoos(I have two already) and poetry. I especially love old fashioned and vintage stuff and STEAMPUNK! I've been trying to learn the art of steampunk for a few weeks, but I'm not very good yet. I'm a huge movie buff, my favorites are Casablance, Avatar, Zombieland, The Family Stone, and Pretty in Pink. I also love all types of music(I'm a radio DJ at my college station) and all types of books. My room is pretty much a library! =]
I would love to recieve:
Jewelry(but not earring bc I have guaged ears)
handspun yarn!
totes/bags, esp. for my crocheting stuff.
necklace pendants from polymer clay, like the tentacle ones on my wist
Any craft supplies I'd like:
acryllic paint, any colors.
old magazines, postcards, etc
stickers and scrapbooking supplies(i got a digital camera so i want to start scrapbooking)
teach-me-how things are always awesome.
rubber stamps and ink (any kind/color)
And also maybe:
green tea
chai tea
basically any type of hot tea bags. Yum.
books, awesome.