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Title: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: alteredmommy on July 30, 2009 06:11:13 PM
Swap name: Shop the Swap Round 29  Closed for signups
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: alteredmommy
Craftster members who are the backup organizers for this swap: lapoli, loves2experiment
Sign-up date range: 30/07/09  to 21/08/09
Date to send item by: Once someone claims from you, you have ONE WEEK to mail the item. The swap runs through to the last day of August
Limited to a certain number of people? 50
Non-U.S. participants allowed? Yes! Be aware that by signing up for this swap you are agreeing to ship items internationally if they are claimed by someone outside of your country
**This swap is open to crafters who are 18+**

Shop the Swap 29 discussion thread:
Shop the Swap 29 gallery:

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
Organizer meets the 4 conditions for swapping and will make sure that
every participant meets these conditions: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Is at least 18 years old
- Has completed at least two previous swaps with positive feedback: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES

All swappers MUST be pre-approved for this swap!

The Shop the Swap (or STS) is a different kind of swap in that we start with finished items.  We use a point system in which you “price” items in points that you receive when you “sell” your shop item to another swapper.  Once you have sent your claim out , you can use those points to “buy” any available item from any open shop in the swap.   Like the real world, you can’t spend points that you don’t have (no overdraft here) and you can’t hoard your points under your mattress (you must close and go shopping when you have +7 points).  

- Post a “shop” in this thread with at least 5 finished, handcrafted items for the other swappers to choose from.  You can also post a small amount of craft supply items at the bottom of your shop.  **Custom items can be offered, but must be finished and sent in a timely manner, so keep this in mind and only offer custom items that you can finish quickly.  Please let us know if you will be sending late.
-Handcrafted items from other people may be offered in your shop, BUT  be aware of the potential of hurt feelings when “selling” items made for you in other swaps.  This is a high profile swap that many people see.  Crafted items from others must be credited with the name of the creator or you will be requested to remove that item.
-Each item should have a SHORT identifiable title, description and picture.  Each item should be priced between 1 and 3 points.  Groups of items can be priced at a choice of 2 for 1 (or 3 for 1 etc).  Charge what you think is fair for your crafted item, considering time/supply cost/popularity.
-Check people’s wishlists and use the discussion thread for brainstorming any new items to offer in your shop.


-all persons new to the swap receive 3 points to spend.  This is a STS “loan” and you must leave with 3 points (in effect pay the “loan” back) for positive feedback.  
-Your shop must be open before you can spend your points in other shops.
-Remember there are no guarantees that claims will be made from your shop.  To make a sale you may need to adjust your prices or offer new crafted items/supplies.
-Everytime someone claims from you, you will get whatever point price you have listed for it.  List the claim at the bottom of your shop and add the points into pending and to your points total.  You cannot spend pending points.
-Once you have sent the claim, move the points into current.  All current points are spendable so go shopping!
-When you have +7 points (a TOTAL of current and pending) you must close your shop temporarily.  Edit your shop post to put CLOSED at the top in big bold letters that people will see.
-Once you go shopping (with your current points, you may have to ship first)and spend your points down to 5 or less, you can re-open your shop.
-Each round  claims to and from you should be listed with your point tally at the bottom of your shop.  See the next post for the proper shop format.
-Points will be carried over to the next round.  You need to send a sign-up for each new round of the STS, which will occupy a separate swap slot in your profile.


-Each round will need a space in your swap profile
-Positive feedback for the previous round will be given once you have signed up/opened shop for the next round AND the new round is open in your profile. If any prior claims go missing you may be required to remake/refund the points/offer something else in your shop if you have no DC# or shipping receipt.  If you have a valid DC# or shipping receipt an angel can be arranged.
-You are responsible for signing up for the next round by the 15th of the month if you have under 3 points.  If we have not heard from you by then, temporary negative feedback will be given.

-If you wish to leave the swap, please let the organizers know.  Positive feedback will be given if you have 3 points and all your claims have been received.
-Negative feedback will be given for leaving (this includes NOT sending in a signup before the end of the signup period) with less than 3 points and/or not sending claims made to you.  If you wish to leave and need points, have a sale, let people know in the discussion thread, offer some supplies.  
-Spend your points down to 3 if you do not plan on continueing to the next round.  If you leave with more than 3 points, any points above 3 will go into the inflation fund if you have not sent in a sign-up by the end of the next round's signup period.  Again, reminder pm's to join will not be sent out.  You can sign up and just go shopping if you do not wish to open a shop, just let us know. These points will not be returned to you should you join the STS in a future round.  So go shopping!

-Remember that you have ONE WEEK to ship from the day you receive a claim.
- DC# are required on all claims if eligible AS PER CRAFSTER SWAP RULES; if sending internationally please keep your postal receipt until your item is received.   Thin items can be padded with a plastic grocery bag or something similiar to make them thick enough for a DC#.  If your item has not been received within a reasonable time (3-4 weeks domestic; 4-5 weeks international) an angel can be arranged if you have a DC# or postal receipt.  If not you will be required to remake or offer something else from your shop and resend.
-Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

-It is your responsibility to keep relevant people informed of your shop and claim status
-all claim/send/receive pm’s must be sent to all 3 organizers as well as to the person you are claiming from/sending to.  Please check you're outgoing pm's to ensure that everyone has received a copy!!!!!!
-Poor communication will be noted in your feedback.  This includes not informing the organizers/other swappers of claim status via the correct claim format; not posting in the discussion thread; slow signups for the next round when you have less than 3 points.
-Do join in the lively conversation on the discussion thread which can be found here:

PLEASE PM THE ORGANIZERS alteredmommy, lapoli,  loves2experiment WITH THE FOLLOWING

(Make the title of your PM  Shop the Swap 29 SIGNUP)

Name of swap: Shop the Swap Round 29
Craftster username:
I am at least eighteen years old:
I have completed 2 swaps with positive feedback:
Email address:
Real name and mailing address (formatted for mailing):

Do you have at least 5 crafted items to start out with?
Have you read through the first 2 posts of guidelines/rules?
favourite summer activity (besides crafting)?
massage, facial or mani/pedi?

Feel free to ask alteredmommy, loves2experiment, lapoli if you have any questions!!

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Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **read and you shall know all**
Post by: alteredmommy on July 30, 2009 06:11:23 PM
Shop format

Name of your shop and a brief bio, your location, allergy info…..

OPEN or CLOSED  <<remember to change this when you need too!!>>

-List all crafted items you have to offer, either by high point to low point, newest to oldest-however you like to organize your items.
-A good picture of your item makes it much more likely to be claimed
-Make sure every item has a SHORT recognizable title that can be used in claiming (and makes it much easier for cutting and pasting to the claims list)
-Clearly mark the price of the item (1-3 points)
-List how many of the items are available
-Once items are claimed, it is your responsibility to remove them from your shop to avoid claim confusion.  Pictures can be transferred to the gallery for each round.
-Include a brief description of the item

-Craft supply items can be listed after crafted items.  Please keep these to a  manageable amount and if you have more than a few use thumbnails for pictures.  If you put the thumbnail links together with no spaces they will show up in a line.
At the end of your shop please put your claims list and point total

Claims made from me -  <<List all claims made to your shop for this round only like this:>>
to alteredmommy –  fabulous soap (2 pt)

Claims I have made -  <<List all claims that you make to other people like this>>
from lapoli – fabulous roving (2 pt)

Started with: 2   <<This is how many points you start the round with>>
Pending:2           <<This is the point total of claims made to you that HAVE NOT BEEN SENT YET-once you
                               send these points get removed from pending and added to current points
Current:1            <<These are your spendable points from claims that you HAVE SENT-the point value of any
                                claims you make gets deducted from here

TOTAL: 3           <<This is the total of PENDING and CURRENT points.  When the total is +7 you must temporarily
                               close your shop and spend (using current points) down to 5 or less

A wishlist of items you would love to see in people’s shops can be included at the bottom of your shop  


Claim/Send/Receive pm format

All pm’s must be sent to all 3 organizers alteredmommy, lapoli, loves2experiment AND the person you are claiming/sending/receiving from.  All pm’s must be sent in the proper format to be valid, the FIRST properly formatted claim for any item wins the claim.  

Here is an example of a claim made on January 1:
To: “alteredmommy””lapoli””loves2experiment”person you are claiming from
Subject: STS 29 Claim

Send by January 8
Phizzychick to alteredmommy – 5 neato cards (1 pt)
                                        -bunch of doo-dads .5, bird necklace .5 (1 pt)
Cheryl DM
10 moose eating my yard street
My town, AB
Canada,  H0H 0H0

Here is a line by line breakdown:

TO:   <<all 3 organizers must be in this line and the person you are sending to.  We need to see all names in this line for the claim to be valid.  Make sure you use the To: space and NOT the bcc space.  Please check your outgoing message copy to see that the correct people received the pm and resend the message to everyone if anyone gets missed-this is REALLY, REALLY important and we don’t mind getting copies as long as we eventually get a correct one!  Hint- write the names with quote marks around each one except the last>>
SUBJECT:  <<STS round #  Claim  OR Send OR Receive – Please make sure the subject line is correct as it really helps with filing the hundreds of pm’s into the proper folder>>

SEND BY  <<7 days from the date that the claim was made, which is the date directly under the claim date on the calendar, include this on ALL claim/send/receive pm’s>>

person you are claiming from to alteredmommy – 5 neato cards (1 pt)
                                                  -  bunch of doo dads .5, bird necklace .5 (1 pt)
<<the person you are claiming from goes first, you go second>>
<<use the brief title of the item on ONE line, please write the claim beside the swapper names (this needs to be cut and pasted to the list)>>
<<each full point claim should be written on a separate line>>
<<multiple part point claims should be written as 1 claim as above>>
your address, written as it should be for mailing

<<you can copy the original claim made to you, make sure you change the SUBJECT line.    Obviously when you send a claim, your name goes first and the person you are sending to goes second….>>

<<again you can copy the original claim, making sure you change the SUBJECT line to receive

Any personal comments or messages (“I love this”  “thankyou” etc…..) needs to be put at the BOTTOM  of your message so we can see the claim info.

General Info

what about customs and holding claims  <<<<please read!!
Putting items on hold in your shop is up to your own discretion.  Only items that are currently listed in your shop can be put on hold.  Holds should only be accepted when your shop is open, if a shop is closed and you are itching to claim something please pm the shop owner and ask that they let you know when they reopen so you can claim.  Custom items should be posted and reserved on hold for the person you made them for, then they can submit a formal claim.  Please do not ask people via private message to hold items for you until you can submit a proper claim; this is not an acceptable way around the "first properly formatted claim wins the item" rule.  And as always please be reasonable about the time you expect someone to hold an item for you.

What is the Shop the Swap inflation fund?
This is where the extra points go.  The Shop the Swap has its own little economy and the average points per person runs about 3.5- mostly because of many swappers leaving with less/more than 3 points in earlier rounds.  The points need to stay in the swap to keep inflation down, that is why we ask that people spend down to 3 pts when leaving.  The inflation fund may be used to offset people leaving with less than 3 points; refunds for claims that have gone missing etc.

My points/claims don't match what I think they should. Is something wrong?
If it has been awhile since you made the claim or if any of the organizers admit to having been drunk/sick/tired/attending to life in the real world when we last updated the claims or points, go ahead and send us a PM. Otherwise, give us time to get caught up with claims. If your claim is a few days old and not has not shown up on the list, please send us a pm inquiring about it (it may have been missed in the hundreds of pms that we get or not messaged to everyone)

I think I have 7 points but you only show me with 6, am I closed? OR I think I have 6 points but you show me with 7, am I open? OR Why are my points still pending, I sent those items?
In general, if you have recently changed your points, you're probably right and the point total is probably out of date. When in doubt, it's fine to go with what you think your status is. It doesn't hurt to include a little note in any PM's you send letting us know, just in case there is an issue. (For example, "XladyluckX just claimed my peanut butter sculpture, but your list shows my shop as closed. I claimed a couple things recently so I think I should be open and this claim should be ok.") Now, since you are the person who is the most up to date on your own point total, help us out!! Please close your shop when you know you're at 7 points.  Re-open your shop when you know you are at 5 points or less. And, if you've sent us a PM saying you sent items, go ahead and spend the points, even if they still show as pending points on the list.

Why do I have to list my claims in my shop? Aren't you keeping track of my points?
Yes! We are keeping track of your points, and in any disagreement, ours is the list that counts. But to make it easier to resolve any disagreements, we'd like to be able to compare your list of what you think you've claimed/has been claimed from you, and compare it to our list.  I do go through everyone’s shops on occasion to add up points and make sure we’re all on the same page.
Also, if you keep a running list of your claims in your shop, it makes it much easier for people to look at your shop and figure out if you are open or closed in case you haven’t updated recently or when the points list hasn't been updated in the last 5 minutes!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hestitate to pm the organizers!!!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **shop directory of swell swag**
Post by: alteredmommy on July 30, 2009 06:11:34 PM
spectacular shops of swell swag

all the shop the swap fantastical shops:

under/over 3 need to sign up!

Angry Angel
corduroy cat
ptarmic wumpus
Velvet Rose

Title: Shop the Swap 29 - Claims Record!
Post by: loves2experiment on July 30, 2009 06:16:59 PM
Not yet sent
Late, with communication
Missing in action with no communication
Item MIA

Total Stats:
Number of claims made so far this month: 154
Number of points spent so far this month: 238
Number of claims SENT: 153
Number of claims RECEIVED: 116

Send by August 7
atsuko to A2K - Crochet hook keyring - (1)
alteredmommy to Zelda.Suicide - Summertime package bows (set #1) - (1)
atsuko to Zelda.Suicide - Swirl tee - (2)
atsuko to Zelda.Suicide - Russian cuties (random mix of 20 dolls alone) - (1)

Send by August 8
Zelda.Suicide to corduroy cat - Crocheted yeti - (2)
alteredmommy to AsphaltQueen - Its Greek to me bracelet - (1)
alteredmommy to AsphaltQueen - Set #2 of zipper bows - (1)
alteredmommy to AsphaltQueen - Four 5" x 8" grunge board punchouts - (1)
loudxmouse to AsphaltQueen - Hotdog scarf - (1)
SewMamaLady to freestyle - Set of hair curlers - (2)
Zelda.Suicide to atsuko - AB/CD tee - (1)

Send by August 9
A2K to aeronberry - 10 skeins of silke tweed - (5)

Send by August 10
loudxmouse to Eliea - Wing earrings & 2 custom buttons - (1)
Nesse to kitschkween - Nag champa cp soap - (1)
freestyle to AsphaltQueen - Two custom shirts - (3)

Send by August 11
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Reynolds rapture - (1)
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Noro lily - (1)
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Jo Sharp soho summer yarn - (1)
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Jo Sharp soho summer yarn - (1)

Send by August 12
mullerslanefarm to lapoli - Sweet pea soap - (1)
mullerslanefarm to lapoli - Pepper zest soap - (1)
mullerslanefarm to lapoli - Lemongrass & sage soap - (1)
A2K to AsphaltQueen - T-bone wallet A1 - (1)
A2K to AsphaltQueen - Coiled rope trivet & Hand embroidered towel - (1)
mullerslanefarm to AsphaltQueen - Citrus basil soap - (1)
Zelda.Suicide to pinkanddinky - 3 barmops & 2 crocheted dishcloths - (2)

Send by August 13
Eliea to mullerslanefarm - Large custom messenger bag - (3)
pinkanddinky to Zelda.Suicide - Birds & trees pen holder - (1)
pinkanddinky to Zelda.Suicide - Stone river pen holder - (1)
Nesse to Zelda.Suicide - Joy of almond soap - (1)
lapoli to Cya - Bag of random fiber, 2oz - (1)
lapoli to Cya - 100% soysilk fiber (white), 2oz - (2)
lapoli to Cya - Dark red/purple gotland locks, 2oz - (2)
lapoli to Cya - Louet fine mohair (white), 2oz - (2)
ptarmic wumpus to AsphaltQueen - 10 oz of yak yarn - (3)

Send by August 14
mullerslanefarm to ptarmic wumpus -  4 oz romney - (3)
Sansa to crumpet79 - Green patchwork & Knitting needles - (1)
aeronberry to crumpet79 - Olive jade & friends - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to aeronberry - Chinese medallion bottom right - (1)

Send by August 15
klum78 to Eliea - Vintage linens 3 yds of #8 - (2)

Send by August 16
ptarmic wumpus to atsuko - Chinese medallion top right - (1)
Nesse to lapoli - Ink pads - (1)
Nesse to lapoli - Nag champa soap - (1)
Angry Angel to loudxmouse - Wicket the ewok - (3)
Nesse to lapoli - Tie dyed tshirt hoodie - (1)
Nesse to lapoli - Tie dyed tank - (1)
Nesse to lapoli - Mini duffle bag - (1)
lapoli to kayrun - M&P soap making kit - (2)
loudxmouse to ptarmic wumpus - Flat rate box of fabric - (3)

Send by August 17
Zelda.Suicide to lapoli - Barmops L x 4 - (2)
SewMamaLady to Zelda.Suicide - Bernat yarn - (1)
RubyTuesday to Zelda.Suicide - Ecru owl blanket buddy - (1)
AsphaltQueen to A2K - Garnstudio eskimo yarn X 4 - (2)
AsphaltQueen to A2K - Duck earrings & Gecko bookmark - (1)
pinkanddinky to Nesse - Pantyliners (4, 6, 18, 23) & Maxipad I - (3)

Send by August 18
AsphaltQueen to loudxmouse - Flying steampunk locket - (2)
ptarmic wumpus to atsuko - Chinese medallion bottom left - (1)
loudxmouse to atsuko - Custom bat brown/blue - (1)
atsuko to sewknitter - Cha cha bracelet - (3)
Sansa to donniesgirl - Leaf lace scarf - (3)
loudxmouse to wwrich - Flat rate box of fabric - (3)
Zelda.Suicide to wwrich - 1lb of buttons - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to AsphaltQueen - Assorted small change - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to AsphaltQueen - Chinese medallion upper left - (1)

Send by August 19
Zelda.Suicide to loudxmouse - Custom yeti - (2)
pinkanddinky to loudxmouse - Woodland creatures 2 - (1)
Cya to Zelda.Suicide - Machine embroidered 8-bit final fantasy black mage badge - (1)
oneredboot to Zelda.Suicide - Kimono baby booties (linen & denim) - (2)
Nesse to Zelda.Suicide - Soft 'n stretchy tie dyed shirt - (2)

Send by August 20
loudxmouse to SewMamaLady - Turkish table cloth - (1)
Zelda.Suicide to lapoli - 1lb of buttons C - (1)
loudxmouse to oneredboot - Box o' suitings - (3)
loudxmouse to oneredboot - Yazma #7 - (1)

Send by August 21
penguino to loudxmouse - Indigo4 - (2)

Send by August 22
corduroy cat to alteredmommy - Jellyfish rising - (2)

Send by August 23
A2K to ptarmic wumpus - Quilted bag for fall - (3)
A2K to ptarmic wumpus - Black picture frames, Blue and Fair isle sweaters for fulling - (1)

Send by August 24
lapoli to loudxmouse - Stimulating herbal oil - (1)
sewknitter to pinkanddinky - Kitty puke sampler - (2)
freestyle to Zelda.Suicide - FQs (x4) - (2)

Send by August 25
kayrun to alteredmommy - 3 leaf dishcloths - (1)
Mlsocci74 to alteredmommy - 1 set of dressform notecards - (1)

Send by August 26
RubyTuesday to corduroy cat - Owl blanket - (1)
donniesgirl to A2K - Set of placemats - (3)
lapoli to Nesse - Lavender & eucalyptus dryer sachets - (1)
lapoli to Nesse - Scented wax melts cornucopia - (1)
lapoli to Nesse - Tencel 2oz - (2)
gavagai to AsphaltQueen - Custom shirt - (3)

Send by August 27
Zelda.Suicide to Nesse - Plastic embroidery hoops - (1)
Nesse to freestyle - 3 pairs of tie-dyed socks - (2)
corduroy cat to freestyle - "Radioactive" altered domino pendant - (1)

Send by August 28
AsphaltQueen to pinkanddinky - Typewriter key pendant (V) - (1)
Cya to Angry Angel - Totoro shrink plastic charms (all 3) - (1)
sarahj2001 to mullerslanefarm - Two crayon soap - (2)
Cya to mullerslanefarm - Custom crochet roll - (3)
gavagai to sarahj2001 - 2 point needle felting kit - (2)

Send by August 29
lapoli to loudxmouse - 3oz "beach day" - (3)
loudxmouse to SewMamaLady - Turkish scarf #6 - (1)
loudxmouse to SewMamaLady - Pink circle-square, summer, slouch hat - (1)

Send by August 30
oneredboot to Angry Angel - 2 sets of 3 drawstring bags - (1)
Angry Angel to gavagai - Toadstool - (1)
Zelda.Suicide to pinkanddinky - Vogart lot - (1)
Zelda.Suicide to pinkanddinky - Simplicity lot - (1)

Send by August 31
freestyle to penguino - Fat quarters Twiggy 1, 2, 8 & Wildland 9 - (2)
TwiztidBlood to penguino - White totoro - (1)
Angry Angel to penguino - Woodland fairies - (1)
Angry Angel to penguino - Flower fairies - (1)
calluna to RubyTuesday - Circular knitting needle collection - (1)   VOID
Mlsocci74 to freestyle - 2 sets fortune cookies note cards without envelopes - (1)
Mlsocci74 to freestyle - 2 sets heart note cards without envelopes - (1)
donniesgirl to Angry Angel - Wildflower return address labels - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to Angry Angel - Felted tree mosaic - (2)
penguino to A2K - Acid dye roving lime green-blue-purple - (2)
gavagai to oneredboot - Ikea fabric (fredrika) - (1)

Send by September 1
gavagai to klum78 - Fredrika 59"x36" - (1)
mullerslanefarm to loudxmouse - Dragon's blood - (1)
Zelda.Suicide to gavagai - Creative machine stitchery - (1)
Zelda.Suicide to gavagai - Embroidery frames - (1)
Angry Angel to freestyle - Hedgewig - (2)
SewMamaLady to ptarmic wumpus - Ten cigar boxes - (1)
oneredboot to klum78 - Wool dryer balls - (1)
gavagai to oneredboot - Ikea fabric (fialena, gunilla) - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to corduroy cat - Sweater cat - (2)
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Simple steampunk necklace - (1)
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Roamer steampunk necklace - (2)
AsphaltQueen to Nesse - Custom typewriter keys - (2)
AsphaltQueen to lapoli - Mouse steampunk animal brooche - (2)
oneredboot to lapoli - Canvas kimono boots (1)
oneredboot to lapoli - Orange kimono boots (1)
calluna to loudxmouse - Complete set of circular knitting needles - (1)
loudxmouse to AsphaltQueen - Custom crab - (3)
sarahj2001 to AsphaltQueen - Small ticket bowl - (3)

Send by September 2
ptarmic wumpus to Zelda.Suicide - Pacman perler - (1)
penguino to ptarmic wumpus - Black walnut roving - (2)
penguino to loudxmouse - Lime green-blue-purple - (2)   VOID

Send by September 3
ptarmic wumpus to mullerslanefarm - Sweater lamb - (2)
pinkanddinky to donniesgirl - Pen holder (deer 1) - (1)
kitschkween to sarahj2001 - Crafty stenciled & screen printed shirt - (3)
calluna to gavagai - 20 Edward Gorey postcards - (1)
calluna to gavagai - Botanical handmade paper & 30+ men's ties - (1)
gavagai to A2K - Custom shirt - (3)

Send by September 4
A2K to Eliea - Custom change purse - (1)
crumpet79 to loudxmouse - Purple beanie crochet - (1)
calluna to loudxmouse - Handmade mini-journals mystery pack - (1)
corduroy cat to AsphaltQueen - Pave the world - (1)
loudxmouse to freestyle - Mini crabbie - (2)
A2K to AsphaltQueen - Two coiled trivets (green, red) - (1)
AsphaltQueen to gavagai - 2 yards cotton turtle fabric - (2)
AsphaltQueen to gavagai - Mickey mouse sheet - (1)
AsphaltQueen to gavagai - Whale fabric - (1)
pinkanddinky to calluna - "Deer 1" pen holder - (1)
Nesse to Zelda.Suicide - Soap samples - (1)
Nesse to Zelda.Suicide - Tea tree & lavender soap - (1)

Send by September 5
lapoli to ptarmic wumpus - 2 oz tencel top - (2)
Nesse to calluna - Custom mary jane slippers - (3)
lapoli to loudxmouse - 3oz "beach day" spunky eclectic handpainted roving - (3)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 ***DO NOT POST YET**
Post by: loves2experiment on July 30, 2009 06:18:00 PM
Fruits & Veggies and all the goodness summer brings...

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 ***DO NOT POST YET**
Post by: lapoli on July 30, 2009 06:19:17 PM

last updated:

30 august 2009 @ 940am

name current/pending/total

A2K   1   2   3
aeronberry   3   0   3
alteredmommy   4   0   4
Angry Angel   7   0   7
asphaltqueen   0   4   4
atsuko   8   0   8
bkrenning4   5   0   5
calluna   2   0   2
corduroy cat   0   1   1
crumpet79   5   1   6
cya   5   1   6
donniesgirl   3   0   3
Eliea   6   0   6
Freestyle   1   0   1
gavagai   2   1   3
kayrun   1   1   2
kitschkween   3   3   6
klum78   3   0   3
lapoli   5   5   10
laughinglark   3   0   3
leighi123   2   0   2
loudxmouse   4   0   4
loves2experiment   0   0   0
mimiw   3   0   3
mlsocci74   4   2   6
mullerslanefarm   0   0   0
nesse   -3   5   2
nosusanfx   3   0   3
oneredboot   0   2   2
penguino   6   0   6
pinkanddinky   1   2   3
ptarmic wumpus   5   0   5
RubyTuesday   5   0   5
sansa   4   0   4
sarahj2001   3   0   3
sewknitter   2   0   2
SewMamaLady   1   0   1
TwiztidBlood   0   1   1
velvet rose   3   0   3
wwrich   1   0   1
Zelda.Suicide   1   2   3

currently closed:

angry angel

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 *le altered atelier
Post by: alteredmommy on July 30, 2009 06:25:10 PM
moved to round 30

Title: L2E's Little Swap Shop!!!
Post by: loves2experiment on July 30, 2009 06:29:48 PM

L2E's  Little  Swap  Shop

All items (excluding supplies) are handcrafted by me.  I don't smoke, but I have a mini schnauzer who likes to sleep in my craft room :)  If you have pet-related allergies, please take that into consideration! 

Item descriptions and/or additional pictures are available for view by clicking on the thumbnails!!











Claims from me:

Claims I have made:

Started: 0
Current: 0
Pending: 0
Total: 0

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 ***DO NOT POST YET**
Post by: lapoli on July 30, 2009 06:31:02 PM


*Custom Knitting available per special request.  Please PM me for more details! It's never too early to begin planning your holiday knitted gift-giving!


Sheep Necklace, 1 point.  Not sure of metal content, but from ( who works with sterling silver and gemstones.

3oz "Beach day" Spunky Eclectic handpainted roving.  60% merino, 40% bamboo.  from the July '09 Spunky Club.  1 available, 3 points/each.  Beautiful, I just don't do bamboo. :)


Set of 2 loofa soaps.  1 point.  Made from natural loofa and melt and pour glycerine soap.  Many scents and colors to choose from, PM me for more info, or claim soaps and let me choose!  Total weight between bars is approximately 5 ounces.

Scented Wax Melts from Etsy Seller AJs Country Cottage. 1 point/each. Choose from Cornucopia, Mediterranean Fig, Apple Clove.  1 block (each is packaged with six blocks) lasts FOREVER.  I bought these months ago and haven't had to use hardly any of them!

Knitted Cuffs. 1 point/each. Choose from purple triangle or blue wavy garter.  

Floral Oil - Romantic and fragrant oil blend for conditioning skin, adding to a bath or applying to pulse points for a sweet and feminime touch!  Made with rose, lavender, geranium and ylang ylang essential oils.

Stimulating Herbal Oil - Invigorating oil blend for use in baths, as a moisturizer or for massage.  

Lavender EucalyptusDryer Sachets. 1 point will get you two muslin bags and eight mini lavender sachets to use for tossing in your dryer.  Reusable many times!  Once they're opened, you can reuse the lavender as a carpet refresher--simply sprinkle on your carpet, wait a couple minutes and vacuum up!


Spinning Fiber Supplies

*100% soysilk fiber (white). 1 point/oz, 4 available.

*Tencel Top (white) 1 point/oz, 6 available.

*Louet Fine Mohair  (white) 1 point/oz, 3 available.

*Light Brown Mohair, 1 point/oz, 1 available.

Loosely Carded Ecospun (made from 100% recycled soda bottles). 1 point/oz, 6oz. available.

The New Secret Language of Dreams.  Completely brand-new, gorgeous illustrations throughout. Decode the secret meaning of your bizarre dreams! :) 2 points, US only, please!

"The Mystic Messenger" - "gentle but potent system for psychic development"  Kit contins 52-page wire bound, full-color book, step-by-step instruction booklet, 4 color-coded 12 sided dice, and since no expense is spared, a deluxe DVD that contains a grounding ritual, glossary and more!  2 points, US only, please!

Vintage Sak-Lites. 1 point/both.  Use them for lunch, for votives, for gifts!

Starting Points: 3
Current Points: 9
Pending Points: 0
Total Points: 9

Claims from me:

to cya - bag of random fiber (1)
to cya - 2oz gotland locks (2)
to cya - 2oz fine mohair (2)
to cya - 2oz soysilk (2)
to kayrun - melt and pour soap making kit (2)
to nesse - cornucopia soy wax melts (1)
to nesse - 2oz tencel (2)
to nesse - lav-euc dryer sachets (1)
to loudxmouse - stimulating oil (1)
to loudxmouse - beach day (3)

Claims I've made:

from mullerslanefarm - sweet pea soap (1)
from mullerslanefarm - pepper zest soap (1)
from mullerslanefarm - lemongrass and sage soap (1)
from nesse - nag champa soap (1)
from nesse - ink pads (1)
from nesse - Tie dyed tshirt hoodie [1pt]
from nesse - Tie dyed Tank [1pt]
from nesse - Mini Duffel Bag [1pt]


Embroidered Handkerchiefs
Small gifts for 7 year old boy
baby hats / premie hats
7 x 9" squares made from acrylic/washable yarn

(if you need more info about any of these wishes, please PM me!)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: A2K on July 30, 2009 06:38:10 PM

Brief bio:  I am a Michigan (USA) native and can't imagine living anywhere else!  No smoking goes on in my house, but we have an 18 year old scruffy cat and my darling jack russell, Haily.  I try my best to keep Haily hair off things, but I'm usually a carrier, so if one or two slip through, my apologies!  

A2K's Shop
A2K!!! - It's official!!!!

Handknit socks for small woman or average child (3)

Second sock is finished! These WILL fit a thick ankle - I put my foot in this sock!  It was tight, though!  I think someone with up to a size 7 could wear these socks!  I will take them back if I'm wrong!  

NEW!  Coiled rope trivets!  (.5)

1 point

Teacup tea wallets! (1)  Order from Row A, B, C and column 1, 2, 3.
You can choose either a teabag  or an oval "Be Good" charm for your zipper pull.  Please specify your preference in your claim.  If you do not specify, I will ship with teabags!

T-bone wallets (1)!  For the dog lover on your list!  Comes with milk bones tucked inside!
 Order from Row A or B and columns 1, 2   A1  

"Fishermen" stationary - 12 cards, (1)[/b][/u]

Vinyl covered zipper bags! (1)

Blue sheep bag (1)  This one sports a vinyl exterior AND interior with see through pockets.  Could be used to carry lunch (one inside pocket is big enough for an ice pack) or store your lotions and shampoo for travel.  The interior is a shower curtain liner over muslin, so it's mildew resistant!

Blue felted bag (1)
- unlined, "drawstring" handle

Hematite necklaces (.5) each

I brought these back from Alaska, but they are probably from China!  :D  Great beads!  I did keep a couple of these for myself!  Order left to right:  heart, circle, round bead, stones, moose

Striped felted bag (.5) - snap closure, static handle

Apartment bowl (.5)

The autumn bowl is pieced from a place mat.


When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters (.5)

Trinket boxes  .25 each

order Monkey (2 available), fox (2 available), mouse, frog and friend(2 available) bunny, or horse and mule

Kids large playing cards; poker deck (.5)

Acid-Free ink pads (All 4 for .5 points)

Hinged frame (.5)

Crewel embroidery kit - 1970's era Frog and Toadstools (.25)

YARNY GOODNESS!!!  (clickable pics!)

R2 Fuzzi Felt:  nylon, merino, acrylic and alpaca blend!  4 available. (.5) each
Silke-Tweed from Garnstudio:  silk and lambswool 10 available (.5) each  Thanks, aeronberry!

Bucilla Instant Tweed: 2 for (.5)
Berrocco Cotton Twist, dark gray, 3 available (.5) each
Classic Merino , 3 available (.5) each
More Mohair, bright yellow, fingering weight, 4 available, (.5) each
Universal yarn "moods" Wool/acrylic blend 7 available (1pt) each
Cascade Bollicine Holiday (Gray) - 2 available (.5) each
This is a dk weight yarn
( Blue/green rug yarn (.5) per cake (4 available)
( Bucilla 4ply worsted Wool .5pt each 1 left
] (


Claims from me:
A2K to AsphaltQueen - T-bone wallet A1 - (1)
                                - coiled rope trivet - (0.5)
                                - hand embroidered towel - (0.5)
A2K to ptarmic wumpus - quilted bag for fall (3)
A2K to ptarmic wumpus - black picture frames, blue and fair isle sweaters for fulling (total 1 pt)

a2K to Eliea - custom change purse - (1)
A2K to AQ - red, green coiled rope trivets (1)

Total:  8


Claims made by me:
atsuko to A2K - Crochet hook keyring (1)
atsuko to A2K - Seabreeze cha cha bracelet (3)
AsphaltQueen to A2K - Garnstudio Eskimo yarn X 4 (2)
AsphaltQueen to A2K - Duck earrings (.5)
AsphaltQueen to A2K - Gecko bookmark (.5)

Penguino to A2K -  Acid dye roving lime green-blue-purple (2)
donniesgirl to A2K - placemats (3)
gavagai to A2K - Custom shirt (3)



Started with: 2

Please give me feedback on my shop!  If my prices need adjusting, let me know - or make me an offer!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: underthemountain on July 30, 2009 06:41:17 PM

Items are crafted in a non-smoking, bird-friendly home.
Want some custom jewelry?  PM me!!

New items:

Tree of Life Pendants - 2 points each w/chain OR 1point w/o chain. Made with semi precious chips: 1-turquoise, 2- jasper , 3-red coral, 4-pink quartz, 5-brown. Claim as TOLP#1-5.  
 More stones available: greens (adventurine, jade, moss), purple, yellow jade, etc.

Russian cuties endless possibilities!

Random mix of 20 dolls alone - 1 point (make your own cards, add to altered art, etc.)
Choose any 10 to be mounted on 4.5"x5" cards w/envelopes - 1 point
see example here:

Map envelopes/cards - 1 point.  Each set contains 12 cards and envelopes. Measures 3" x 4".  

Example of the insides:

Zippo lighter - 2 points.  Brand new Zippo lighter covered with pink Swarovski crystals.  This is sure to dazzle.

Stitch markers set of 5.  Available on either lever back earrings or hooks.  Please note preference in your claim or they will be sent as pictured.  :)

Green glass with Swarovski  Stitch markers - 1 point

Pink crackle glass with Cech glass accent Stitch markers - 1 point

Blue green flower pressed glass with Cech glass accent Stitch markers - 1 point
Blue green bead with Cech glass accent Stitch markers - 1 point

Cherry earrings -OR- cherry necklace - 1 pt each. Made with glass and silver findings.  Chain is 18", but can be custom fit for you.  Pic borrowed from Funthreads! :)

Nestlace alone - 1 point  Please PM me before claiming so we can discuss the bead choice for the eggs.  Examples here:

Comes on a silver colored chain.

Shell pearls - 1 point  Please include color when ordering.  
Shell pearls available:

orange, light orange,pink/purple,white,yellow, and champagne (slight pink hue).
example of pearl pendant:

Bird cards (set of 8 your choice, 4 different designs) - 1 point approx. 3.5" x 5" stamped in black ink.  Can also do a set of 20 for 2 points.

Custom notepads/notebooks-points based on size/weight.  You send me the images either electronically or by mail and I'll do the rest.  :)

Generation T kit - 1 point each.  Choose from Recycle, Skulls, or Lightbulb.  Each has a set of 8 different patches that you can see on the back.  

Lemony Snicket misFortune telling cards - 1 point. Comes in velvet pouch.

large printable address labels with room for your return address - 1.  These will be laser printed.

Custom items that I can make for you:  Please PM inquiring before claiming.  Thanks!  :)

Steampunk rings custom orders please - 2 points.  See examples of ring bases available.  All watch movements contain visible rubies.

Custom Fun felt foods - 3 points click the link of the basket of felt foods in my profile to see more than this example here

address labels - 1 point for 3 laser printed sheets (90 labels).  You provide your image and address and I'll do the rest.  :)  Don't have an image?  No worries.  PM me and we can work something out.  :)


10 custom notecards for Corduroycat - 1 point.  4 x 5 inches.

10 custom lace stitch markers for Sansa - 1point.  Made with millefiore beads.  Starting marker has 2 beads on either end. 

lilac crochet hook for Sansa - 1 point.  4mm/G hook on a keyring. 

Russian nesting doll notecards - 1 point. Set of 10 (3x2.5 inch) cards.  Reserved for A2K

felt ornaments for Zelda.suicide

crochet hook for Twiz.  4.5mm

Claims from me:
atsuko to A2K - Crochet hook keyring (1) rec'd
atsuko to A2K - Seabreeze cha cha bracelet (3) rec'd
atsuko to Zelda.Suicide - Swirl tee - (2) rec'd
atsuko to Zelda.Suicide - Russian cuties (Random mix of 20 dolls alone) - (1) rec'd
atsuko to sewknitter --cha cha bracelet - 3pts

Claims I made:
zelda.suicide to atsuko - AB/CD tee  - 1 point
ptarmic wumpus to atsuko - Chinese Medallion top right - 1 point
ptarmic to atsuko - Chinese Medallion bottom left - 1
loudmouse to atsuko - Custom bat - 1

Started with: 5 points
Current: 5
Pending: 3

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Zelda.Suicide on July 30, 2009 06:57:43 PM
Amyzing Creations
All items come from a smoke free, 2 cat home in Raleigh, NC (USA).


Stenciled/Appliqued 4T shirts (1 pt each)
I made these shirts for my cousins son but I couldn't ever get her address so I bought new shirts in the next size up to remake them since there is no way these will still fit him.  They are all size 4T (Rabbit Skins brand).
Claim as Skull (long sleeve) or Yo! Octo

Circus Burp Cloths (1 pt)
Set of 3 pink/purple burp cloths with circus print flannel strip in the middle, very cute!

Since there are so many items I made a blog post about them all, with pictures, details/sizes and how to claim/points. (

Crocheted Tote  (2 pts)
Crocheted "Tidy Tote", approximately ??in x ??in flat bottom and ??in tall with ??in long straps.  I fell in love with this pattern, started it in Sept and finally finished it in May... but I really don't need any more bags/totes.  The yarn is a twisted cream, pink, brown (like neopolitan ice cream).

Padded Laptop Sleeve (1 pt)
Laptop sleeve (made for my old laptop, hardly used since that thing was too heavy to really be portable, I washed before taking pics and the flannel pilled in the wash, which is why it's only 1pt instead of 2), padded with several layers of fleece, and closes with velcro.  (The measurements of my old laptop as provided by the Gateway website are= 1.31 to 1.40-inches (H) × 14.09-inches (W) × 10.39-inches (D)... it fit quite snug into this sleeve)

Apple Baby Blanket (2 pts)
Cute hot pink/green apple flannel on one side, hot pink fleece on the other.  Approximately 23x23 inches.

Fabric Button Magnets  (4 for 1 pt)
Fabric button/badge magnets.  The little ones are 1.25in and the big ones are 1.5in.  Use the numbers on the 2nd picture for claiming.

Barmops! (1 pt for 2)
Fabric embellished terry barmop cloths, approximately 15inx18in. (#)=how many of that cloth is available, mix & match any 2 for 1 pt.
Click here to see how the cloth looks unfolded. (
Claim as skulls (2) or polka dots (2)

Claim as yarn (2) or batik (2)

Claim as stripes (2) or needle & thread (2)

Claim as watering cans (1), ladybugs (1) of pink/brown (1)

Elephant Pouch (1 pt)
Zipper pouch, w/ light interfacing and 4 card slots.  Made from a cute aqua with white elephant print fabric my grandmother brought back from Thailand when I was in elementary school (15-20 years ago).  Has white lining and a pink zipper.  Approximately 7.5in x 5.5in.

Coin Pouches (0.5 pt each)
Coin sized zipper pouches.
Claim as Elephants.

Onesie & Skirt/Short Sets (2 pts each)  
Choose Blue/Green Snails (skirt/0-3 mos),  Blue/Green Apples (shorts/6-9 mos)

Toddler skirts (1 pt each)  
Choose Black Hawaiian (12 mos), Butterflies (18mos), Pink Butterflies (MODA Flutterby) (2T)

Toddler shorts (1 pt each)  
Choose Green Polkadots (tiny white polkadots) (12 mos), Big Polkadots (18 mos), Red Sports (2T), Camo Hawaiian (3T), Blue/Green Honeycomb (Amy Butler Midwest Modern)(4T)

Crocheted dish/washcloths!  (.25 pt each)
Claim as cloth name & # (cloth name is at the top of each column)
Granny 3 & 4 are no longer available.

Appliqued Onesies (.5 point each)  
Choose white Eagles (6-9 mos) or white Redskins (6-9 mos)

SALE!  Quilted Coffee Cozies (2 for 1 pt)
Claim as geo-yellow, flowers/dots, Eagles, geo-green, circles, UNC

Claim as UGA, Duke, Steelers, Pink Honeycomb, Bees, Candy, Camo



Embroidery Patterns (1 pt each lot)
Lots and lots of embroidery patterns, some may be used, some may not, great condition for as old as many of them are (from my GMIL).
Claim as Aunt Martha's lots 1 (Santa on top) , 2 (Flowers on top), or 3 (Peacock on top).
Contain Aunt Martha's patterns, each lot contains 11 patterns.

Friends Embroidery Sampler (.5 pt)
Has been opened but appears to have everything still included.

Candlewicking Patterns (.5 pt for both)
2 Envelopes of candlewicking patterns, 1 opened (but the patterns don't even looked like they were unfolded), the other is still sealed.

2001 CrossStitch Designs Book (1 pt, US only, this sucker is heavy)

Metal Embroidery Hoops (1 pt)
Lot of 4 metal embroidery hoops.  1 5"x9" oval, 1 5", 1 6", & 1 7"

Embroidery Hoops (1 pt for 6 hoops)
on hold for TwiztidBlood 1 10", 2 7", 2 6", and 1 5" wooden hoops

1lb of Buttons (1 pt)
1 lb bag of buttons, random assortment.  Choose from A, B (on hold for sewknitter) or C.

Tins (1 pt)
Lot of 4 different sizes/shapes of tins.

Yarn (1 pt for all)
Lot of 5 random skeins/balls of yarn, all acrylic.

Red Heart Plush Yarn (1 pt)
2 skeins (they appear to both be full to me but the one without the wrapper may be missing some, I'm not sure) of black Red Heart Plush Yarn.

Tiny Bows! (0.5 pt for bag)
Bag of 30+ tiny ribbon bows, perfect for embellishing little girls clothing items.  There are baby pink, blue, white and red ones, in 3 different styles.  Very cute!

Random Books/Etc... (1 pt for all, 0.5 pt each)
Found these in my stash, would be great for papercrafting/decoupaging/etc projects.  The first is a book of Mom quotes (great for Mother's Day projects), the second is a Love Hina manga/graphic novel, and the last is actually not a book, but a copy of FinalFantasy8 for the PC (the packaging is pretty neat and the manual has usable pictures in it, I don't know if the game actually works anymore).

Inside shots... mom quotes (, manga (, FF8 (

Sheer Star Fabric (1 pt)
Over 6.5 yds of (58in wide) sheer fabric with cute green and yellow stars on it (has a few stain spots, pictured below... one looks like it might be rust and the other looks like ink but it's right above the selvage).  (pictures- 1. fabric, 2. close up of star, 3. rust-looking stains, 4. ink-looking stain)

- Sewing, Embroidery, Crochet or Knitting supplies
- Crochet or Knitting Books/Magazines/Patterns (as well as sewing patterns)
- Yarn! (I love bulky & cotton yarn and I can always use food colored acrylic yarn)
- Fabric!
- Stuff for my kiddo (3yrs old, boy)
- Art (Crafty related, birds/trees/seasons, videogame/movie related)
- Really anything (tshirt/tote/fabric/etc) sewing/crafting related (I sew and crochet/knit mostly)
- Also I am a HUGE Legend Of Zelda nerd, so anything LoZ related...


Claims from my shop:
to atsuko - AB/CD tee  - 1 pt
to corduroy cat - Crocheted Yeti - 2 pts

to pinkanddinky: 3 barmops (G,I,W) & 2 crocheted dishcloths (Granny 3 & 4) - 2 pts
to lapoli - Barmops  (L x4) - 2 pts
to wwrich - 1lb of Buttons (A) - 1 pt
to loudxmouse - Custom Crochet Yeti - 2 pts
to lapoli - 1lb of Buttons (C) - 1 pt

to nesse - Embroidery Hoops (all 6 plastic ones) - 1 pt
to pinkanddinky - Embroidery Patterns (Vogart & simplicity lot) - 2 pts
to gavagai - Creative Machine Stitchery - 1 pt
to gavagai - embroidery frames (the ones that are left) - 1 pt

Claims I have made:
from alteredmommy - Summertime package bows (set #1) - 1 pt
from atsuko - Swirl tee - 2 pts
from atsuko - Russian cuties (Random mix of 20 dolls alone) - 1 pt
from pinkanddinky - Birds and Trees Pen Holder - 1 pt
from pinkanddinky - Stone River Pen Holder - 1 pt
from Nesse - Joy of Almond Soap - 1 pt
from SewMamaLady - Bernat Yarn - 1 p
from RubyTuesday - Ecru Owl Blanket Buddy - 1 pt
from Cya - 8-bit Final Fantasy black mage badge - 1 pt
from oneredboot - kimono baby booties (linen & denim) - 2 pts
from Nesse - Soft 'n stretchy tie dyed shirt - 2 pts
freestyle   FQs (x4) - 2 pts

from ptarmic wumpus - 1G. pacman perler - 1 pt
from TwiztidBlood - Elf Baby booties - 1 pt
from Nesse - Soap Samples [2/1pt] - 1 pt
from Nesse - Tea Tree & Lavender Soap - 1 pt

Started with: 6
Current: 0
Pending: 2

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: SewMamaLady on July 30, 2009 07:05:27 PM

Located in DFW, Texas. No pets, no smoking!


Please claim in full point increments. Thank you! :)

Handmade Items:

Hand Dyed Ruffle Tank (2 pt)
Tank top dyed by myself with vivid blue and black dyes. Very soft and comfy. The small ruffles really give this tank a girly look. Little heart buttons. Size LARGE Larger, more detailed shots of shirt. (

Custom CD Drop Spindle (2 pt)
Can decorate, paint, stain. Have different papers for decoration.

Fabric Hair Curlers (2 points)
12 hair curlers with button or Velcro closure, your choice. PM me about color.
These curlers are inspired by this ( post by Shawnee at life with monkey (

Picture is an example. Yours will be different. 

Small Tie dye Tote (1/2 pt)
Small tote bag made from a tie-dyed shirt I found at the dollar store. It needed to be a bag! Has lots of decorative stitching, several buttons from my coveted collection. The bag is super psychedelic and the inside has a fab Astrology print. The bright green decorative stitching is glow in the dark. Perfect size for a lunch or a planner and some other small items. 9.5" x 9.5". Freshly made!

Black/Red Cameo Arm Cuff (1/4 pt)
Black w/ red fleece, sewn with decorative curvy stitch and embellished with vintage buttons. Super soft on the inside and can be adjusted to your measurements. Will Velcro closed.

Gift Tags (1/4 pt) ** Reserved for Velvet Rose **
Sets of various colors gift tags with assorted colors of metallic thread, ribbon or twine. Prints will be assorted, as there are many colors. About 1.5" wide. Set of 25

Close up of all gift tag patterns. (

Welcome Baby Garland (1/4 pt)
Pink/Cream circles sewn onto twine, perfect accent for a Welcome Home Baby party! Circles are reversible. Would be cute with a name embroidered across or decorated with buttons. My original idea was to put a package of baby item shaped buttons on it. Roughly 6 and 1/2 feet long.

Felt Hair Clips (1/4 pt)
Hair clips with butterfly, flower and cupcake felt cut outs. Hot glued to metal clips. Pick 5 clips.

Hair clip choices (

Please claim with corresponding number of clip.


Christmas fabrics

Close ups of fabrics. (

A. 1/2 pt
B. 1 pt
C. 1/2 pt
D. 1 pt
E. 1 pt
F. 1/2 pt
G. 1 pt
H. 1 pt

Or all fabrics for 3 points! Not sure on the yardage right now, but I will check ASAP I think they're all at least a yard. The 1 pt pieces are more like 2 or 3 yards.

Lot of Watch Parts (2 pt)
Lot of watch pieces, some complete, some not. Straps and empty faces. Several of the insides. One really cool purple face and one Little Mermaid Disney watch face. Several dainty watches. There are also lots of backings that are not shown. DO NOT KNOW ALL THE BRANDS. :)

Click link for larger image of watches. (

Cigar Boxes (1 pt)
10 paper Swisher Sweet paper cigar boxes available. They are the smaller ones. Perfect for storing supplies or altering. 1 point for all, 1/2 for 5. Let me know how many you would like.

Crafty Pink Grab Bag (1/2 pt)
Includes: Yellow Barbie watch, bit of burgundy trims, several pink & burgundy buttons, vintage bow buttons, fabric covered buttons, metal buttons for covering, faux pearls, pink sequins, paper, vintage thread, bows, ribbon flowers in a floral drawstring bag.

Pom-poms (1/4 pt)
8 1/2" x 11" envelope full of multi-colored and varying sizes of pom-poms.

Patterns (1/4 pt)

A. shower curtains

D. pillows

* Claim as Patterns A, B, C, D or E.

Set of Leaf Foam Stamps (1/4 pt)
New, unused. 3 in set.

Spanish Moss Bags (1/2 pt)
2 different colors. One is a solid dark green. The other is a more natural/real looking, lighter green and brown. 4 bags, roughly gallon size bags worth. Some opened, but new and unused. All bags for 1/2 point or less if you don't want them all.

Claims I have made:
loudxmouse to SewMamaLady - turkish table cloth (1 pt) - received
loudxmouse to SewMamalady - turkish scarf #6 (1 pt) - received
loudxmouse to SewMamalady - pink hat (1 pt) - received
(Total: 3)

Claims made from me:
SewMamaLady to freestyle - Fabric Hair Curlers (2 pt) - received
SewMamaLady to Zelda.Suicide - bernat yarn (1 pt) - received
SewMamaLady to ptarmic wumpus - ten cigar boxes (1 pt) received
(Total: 3 )

Started with: 0
Current: 1
Total: 1

Wish list:

Rovings & spinning supplies

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Sansa on July 30, 2009 07:30:06 PM

Sansa's Swap Shop

Items come to you from a small farming community near the Great Barrier Reef.

Smoke and Pet Free Home

Three Point Items

None at this time

One point Items


Hello Kitty purse(1) Approx 6.5 inches wide, five inches high, crocheted from acrylic yarn. Rests at my waist when strap is over shoulder. Lined with white fabric. Zip at top is approx. 3.5 inches wide. One cherry is fixed, the other dangles. Hand stitched appliqué features.


Bamboo and Butterfly Project Bag (0.5) Approx. 12 inches square and 2 inches wide.

Owlorimetry (1) headband fastens with button. Added bead and sequin eyes to this.

Cabled Mug Warmer (1) Made from some beautiful hand dyed obtained in this swap which by chance happened to form this cool striping pattern.


Half Point Or Less Items (0.5 pt)

( Mini Crochet String Bag (0.5) Approx 8 inches tall.


"Urchin" Hat (0.5) Size Medium. 50% wool 50% acrylic. Knit.



Quilted bag (0.5) approx 5.5 inches square and 2 inches deep. Two internal pockets, one pleated one flat. Closes with magnetic snap.




Green Knitting Needle Bracelet (0.25)


Pink Knitting Needle bracelet (0.25)


Alien Invasion iPod cosy.(0.25)  Crocheted from sock weight 100% wool yarn. 10g





Ephemera (1) Pages from old pregnancy book containing many weird baby pictures and X-rays. I will send enough to fill an envelope, up to 20mm or 125g to keep it at letter rate.


Charm Squares (1) one hundred 1.5 inch squares each one with a different pattern. This is one I already sent but the fabrics will be similar.

Quilting Book (1)

Half Point Items  

Knitting Needles (0.5) 20g Sullivans brand

3.0mm/Size 3  40cm/16 inch circular metal

3 available

3.25mm/Size 3 40 cm/16 inch circular metal

1 available

2.75 mm 60cm circular needle Pony brand
 1 available

3.25mm 80 cm circular needle Pony brand
 1 available

Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Sullivans brand metal 3.0mm Size 3 23cm/9 inch length
3 sets available

Sullivans brand metal 3.25mm Size 3 23cm/9 inch length
5 sets available

Wish List.

Lots of yellow (30) and a few (5) purple 100% cotton charm squares 3 inches.

Cable needle necklace

Shawl Pin for laceweight shawl

Flower coloured 100% wool for felting. Approx 18 metres of each colour.


Initial points 0

Claims made from me 1

Send by Aug. 14

Sansa to crumpet79
- Green Patchwork Bag (0.5)
- Knitting Needles: 3.25mm/Size 3 40cm/16in circular (0.5) SENT  10th August

Send by 8/18

Sansa to donniesgirl: Leaf Lace Scarf - 3

Claims made by me 0

Current points 1
Pending 3
Total 4

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Mlsocci74 on July 30, 2009 07:43:35 PM

Melissa's Marvelous Goods

All notecard sets are 1 point per set with envelopes or 2 sets without envelopes for 1 point.  

1 point crafted items:

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.27" x 5.5 - 5 of each design shown (blank inside) - Stars

[colorred]Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.27" x 5.5 (blank inside)[/color] - Dressform

[colorred]Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.27" x 5.5 (blank inside)[/color] - heart  

[colorred]Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.27" x 5.5 - 2 of each design shown (blank inside)[/color] - peace, love, twilight  

[colorred]Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.27" x 5.5 (blank inside)[/color] =- Dandelion pair  

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5 (blank inside)  - Dandelion Wish

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5" (blank inside) - Fortune Cookie

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5" (blank inside) - sushi

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5" (blank inside) - damask/chandelier

Set of 12 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5 (blank inside)  - Pin Up Girls (2 of each shown)

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5" (blank inside) - camera 1

Set of 10 notecards with envelopes 4.25" x 5.5" (blank inside) - camera 2

2 Point items:

simple coin pearl necklace with gunmetal findings

Blue swarovski crystal heart necklace with gunmetal findings

a multi color flower necklace with gunmetal findings

red and blue flower necklace with gunmetal findings

Blue crystal pendant with gunmetal findings (2 points)

Red porcelain star necklace with gunmetal findings (2 points)

Black Acrylic Heart Necklace with gunmetal findings (2 points) [color]

Butterfly Pink mirror acrylic necklace with gunmetal findings (2 points)

Clear acrylic swallow necklace with gunmetal findings (2 points)


1 Point items:

Set of 15 hot pink frosted shopper bags.  They measure 8" x 10" x 4.5".

preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', '_______________________________________________________________________')

Claims made from me:
Mlsocci74 to alteredmommy - 1 set of dressform notecards (1 pt) - Sent
Send by August 31 - Mlsocci74 to freestyle - 2 sets fortune cookies note cards without envelopes (1 pt.) and   - 2 sets heart note cards without envelopes (1 pt.)

Claims I have made:

Current: 4
Pending: 2
Total: 6

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: loudxmouse on July 30, 2009 08:04:42 PM

fiber/yarn/knit things

custom baby crabs:2pt

custom knit racer-back:2pt

PM me about custom colors and sizes

custom donut:1ptnew!

ask me about flavor choices, if you want eyes or not, sprinkle colors, or if you want one of these ones I have already made! yum!

custom bats:1pt

^^custom bats for atsuko and loves2experiment
PM me for colors and fiber choices or to ask for something special.

zippered knitting needle case:1ptnew

stiff plastic case with handle repurposed into a knitting needle case. distressed label-maker labels mark the needle sizes and elastic holds needles in place.


a knit bikini top made from elann esprit (comparable to cascade fixation) a cotton and elastic blend yarn. I made this for myself, but quickly out grew it before I could even wear it once.
The color work makes it thick enough to prevent any nip-slips, but not so thick that it is bulky or uncomfortable.
13" along bottom of cups
6" along inside edge of cup
14" long ties

peacocky wool ~25yds:1pt

warm, brown wool plied with thin, peacock feathers. They are spun in tightly, so they won't fall out, and don't stick out too much to give it that "novelty yarn" feel. really subtle opalescence peeks out from a rich brown wool.

custom monsters:1[t

a custom, surprise monster in the color of your choosing. PM me about specifications and colors.


falling swallow necklace:1ptnew!

gold chain with antique gold charm of a swallow flanked by asymmetrical, vintage, faux pearls. 18" chain closes with a gold glasp.

leaf-nook necklace:1ptnew!

silvertoned circular charm, hides a translucent-green leaf bead. 22" chain

leaf earrings:.5 ptnew!

frosted glass leaves on sterling ear hooks

forest cha cha bracelet:3ptnew!

antique gold chain loaded up with gold charm of birds, green leaves, buttons and pearls. 9.5" chain with a toggle clasp (not seen in pictures.)

art-yarn necklaces: 1pt each

wool with angora puffs:

green, blue and pink granny stacks with acid-green silk slubs:

thick and thin teal and blue:

crocheted purple:

CUSTOM 1" badges! 5 for 1pt

give me a theme and I can use epehmera from mags and such to make them or send me images to print. I have a TON of fashion mags, craft mags, etc. If you give me a color or feeling or something even I can make a nice little matching set.
let me know if you need a bigger amount and we can work it out!

swallow necklace:1pt

hand colored charms on silver plated chain.

when worn the swallows rest right on collar bones.

nutella and cookie pendant:.5ptreduced

hand colored nutella charm with a shiny, gold cookie/biscuit/cracker charm behind it. tasty!

key and clock pendant:1 pt

36" gold toned chain with vintage pearl, key charm and clock button

pheasant and rhinestone fascinator:2pt

hand placed pheasant feathers on a felt pad with vintage, rhinestone button and sheer ribbon detailing. attaches with clip backed with grosgrain ribbon.

feathers and bone fascinator: 1pt

hand-shaped commercial pheasant pad with added peacock and faux bone button.
attaches with clip backed with grosgrain ribbon.

shockingly yellow fascinator: 1pt

hand-shaped commercial feather pad in a brilliant yellow.
attaches with clip backed with grosgrain ribbon.

hand bound books/other

all the books are hand bound and only use acid free PVA and methocellulose. many of the paste-paper covers/fly sheets were hand made by me as well. all have TONS of blank pages and are signed by me in the back (though i can erase that for you if you want)
if you want exact measurements please ask.

green and grey accordion:1pt

a hard cased book opening to one, continuous accordion only tacked down on one end (like the one above). this would be great for a long, skinny drawing or painting. handpainted pastepaper covers and vintage book cloth.

experimental yarn book: 1pt

a slightly soft covered book with three, handspun yarn ties. The yarn was my 1st real handspun yarn ever and the cover paper was hand painted by me :)

'Eat Me' 'Drink Me' Demitasse and saucer:1pt

an espresso demitasse and saucer with the quotes "eat me" and "drink me" from Alice In Wonderland drawn on them in dishwasher resistant glaze.

tea emblem mug:1pt

a small mug, perfect for tea, with a hand drawn "tea" and ornate design.

personal teapot:2pt

a personal teapot waiting for the addition of your image. I can doodle whatever piques your fancy. PM me to talk about it!

tiny, custom demitasse:1pt

talk to me about what design you want! this could be perfect for a kid's tea party.

tiny teacup:1pt

says "all i need is yarn and tea in dishwasher resistant glaze. It would probably like being hand washed more than anything though.

you tell me what color, style and design you like and I can make it happen.
PM me for details.


turkish scarves (yazma) with needle-lace edging:1pt eachnew!

claim by number, please. If you want measurements or better picture of a specific scarf let me know! gone: #4

more pix (,etc (,wear it like this ( or like this (
info sheet (

"our lady of perpetual knitting" kid's shirt:1pt

( (
kid's medium teeshirt with hand silkscreened "our lady of perpetual knitting" design. This shirt was an "irregular tee" I think because it has an odd seam by the right shoulder that I never noticed.

claims from me:
loudxmouse to AsphaltQueen - hotdog scarf - (1)
loudxmouse to Eliea- wing earrings (.5 pts), and 2 custom buttons (.5 pts)
loudxmouse to ptarmic wumpus - flat rate box of fabric (3)
loudxmouse to atsuko - custom bat brown/blue - 1
loudxmouse to wwrich - flat rate box of fabric: 3pts
loudxmouse to oneredboot - box o' suitings - (3)
loudxmouse to oneredboot - yazma #7 - (1)
loudxmouse to sewmamalady - turkish tablecloth for (1)
loudxmouse to SewMamaLady - turkish scarf #6 (1 pt)
loudxmouse to SewMamaLady - pink slouch hat (1pt)
loudxmouse to asphaltqueen - custom crab - (3)
loudxmouse to freestyle-crab (2)

claims i have made:
from round 28:
rubytuesday to loudxmouse--Bag of feathers, new and sealed (.5)
rubytuesday to loudxmouse--Retro set 4 DPNS(.5)
eliea to loudxmouse- Peacock Messenger(2)
from 29:
angry angel to loudxmouse-wicket-3pt
asphaltqueen to loudxmouse- Flying Steampunk Locket - (2)
zelda.suicide to loudxmouse--custom yeti (2)
pinkanddinky to loudxmouse-Woodland Creatures2-(1)
penguino to loudxmouse-Indigo4 (2)
lapoli to loudxmouse Stimulating Herbal Oil-1pt
lapoli to loudxmouse 3oz "Beach day" (3)
mullerslanefarm to loudxmouse- Dragon's Blood (1)
calluna to loudxmouse Complete set of circular knitting needles (1)

crumpet79 to loudxmouse-Purple Beanie - Crochet (1)
calluna to loudxmouse handmade mini-journals mystery pack (1)
lapoli to loudxmouse 3oz "Beach day" Spunky Eclectic handpainted roving. (3)

Started with: 4
Current: 4
Pending: 0

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Velvet Rose on July 30, 2009 11:28:41 PM
Velvet Rose's Garden


All items come from a smoke free home in Australia. We have 1 cat & 2 mice but I keep all my craft stuff in plastic bags and containers.


 none at the moment



Sized 6" x 6" - contains 16 pages of patterned cardstock

Your choice of theme/style & colours. Here are sample of ones I've made in the past

Shabby chic Style

Antique Style

Bohemian Chic Style


Japanese Glass Brooch


Upcycled Mouse pad - not as fluorescent as the photo!

Decorated Notepad 3" x 4" - choose from blue, mustard or pink (1 notepad=1/2 point)



Flower Alphabet Stickers

Vintage Leather Elbow Pads

Metal Charms 2 packs available

Paper Flowers

Merino roving
Romney roving
Silk hankies
Angelina, firestar, nylon
Ink pads for rubber stamps
Vintage looking metal charms
Vintage buttons
Altered art supplies




Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: RubyTuesday on July 31, 2009 12:19:23 AM
I'm Open  :)

Allergy Info:  Smoke and pet free home, please message me if you'd like further info on any item

Dainty flower necklace. 16.5 inches in length.  0.5 points

Long green necklace. All glass. 48 inches in length -Looks great worn as a necklace or a bracelet  :)  1 point

English Garden Earrings.  Pink mother of pearl sits behind pretty little vintage charms from my jewellery stash.  1.5" long including earwire. all findings silver plated.  1 point

Blanket Buddies.  Knitted from very soft 100% Cotton. Choose from Ecru owl sold to Zelda.suicide  Lilac bunny. Sage green owl sold to corduroy cat.   Owls measure 9" x 10"  Bunny: 11.5" x 9.5"   1 point each

Macrame bracelets made from plastic coated wire, all 6 for 1 point

Apple Jacket - Knitted in soft 100% cotton. Red. 2 available. Fits apples up to 9" circ. - 1 point each

Little felt heart brooch. Decorated with buttons, sequins & beads. Measure 2-2.5" across. SALE 0.5 points each
Choose from- Top row: Strawberry, Grass (not available) Lemon. Bottom row: Apple (not available) Mandarin, or Raspberry.

Beaded Gecko?  measures 3.5" long - not including keyring, made by another crafter SALE 0.5 points

Strawberry necklace and earring set. (Unscented) Strawberry pendant hangs on fully adjustable cord. With matching earrings.  All findings are new and silver plated SALE 0.5 points

Soap cozy.  Crocheted in 100% cotton.  prevent your handmade soap going soggy and get an exfoliation into the bargain! :D   SALE 0.25 points

Tissue case  SALE 0.25 points


Vintage Old Maid cards, from 1950s. These would be collectable but there's a card missing -the sailor & there are no instructions but that wont stop them being altered or used to make greetings cards!  40 cards in total, each measuring 6.7 x 4.7cm 0.5 points On hold for CC  :)

Skinny scarf, ideal what ever the weather.  3.25" wide, 60" long. Beautiful soft shades of Raspberry, lilac, duck egg and buttermilk make up this latice work design - my cousin bought it from a craft fair for me thinking that I would be able to copy the pattern and make some - unfortunately it's machine made :D Yours for a point!

The finishing touch designer applique.  Honey jar   2.75" x 3.25"  New in bag  0.5 points

Applique seed bead rose.  Cheat a little with this beaded applique, a couple of hundred beads have been threaded up and set into the rose design, all you need do is iron it into position and it will look like you've spent HOURS carefully sewing each bead into place!  3" x 4.5"  1 point

Silk cushion cover: PARROT  Size 40 x 40cm Design in Clear gutta, ready to be painted with silk paints  0.5 point

Largish Star foam stamp, unused  0.25 points


RubyTuesday to Zelda.suicide - Blanket Buddy, Ecru owl  1 point SB 17th Aug
rubytuesday to corduroy cat - owl blanket - 1  SB 26th Aug

Starting points: 3
Available points:  5
Pending points:  0
Total points: 5

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: corduroy cat on July 31, 2009 03:41:11 AM

British based crafty shop with 2 feline occupants. please ask if you'd like more pics or info on any item! all small images are clickable.




Hedgehog - (1)
please adopt this little hedgie who was born in honour of spring! he's only about 2" tall and completely needle felted

Big Meh - (.5)reduced!
needle felted flat square, can be hung on wall or used as you wish. about 8"

Needle Felted Butterfly - (.5) reduced!
wings made from luxury wool by loop on etsy, tiny glass eyes, approx 3" tall


Kitty Beanie - (2)NEW!
soft wooly kitty hat, adult size; ears are light purple in front, white in back. won in contest and never worn

Tin Nicho - (2)reduced!
Size Overall approx 3" w x 4 3/4" h x 5/8" d ,Inner window approx 1 1/4" w x 1 1/2" h
This gorgeous authentic mexican nicho has a real glass door that opens along with hand embossed decorative patterns. door has been left empty to put your special treasure/picture in! There's a loop at the back for easy hanging.
Sacred Heart

Mini Tin Nicho - (1) reduced!
only about an inch big. use as wall decoration or ask for suede necklace cord so you can wear it; you can easily remove decoration and create your own!
Just Right

St. Lazarus Charm - (1) reduced!
Altered Domino Pendant - large quality domino drilled through holes in sides for cord, back is painted silver and still shows the domino markings. sacred heart milagro (charm) with vintage text "chapter 13" and "so many years". protection against the crummy economy perhaps?

Gloomy - (.5) reduced!
mini embroidered wall hanging

Large Brooch - (1)
silver brooch with turquoise stones and a floral center applique to which i applied shiny glass-like glaze. approx. 3"

Felt Mascot - (1)
your choice of the below mascots, pick your colours! i can also make them into cell charms or brooches, etc.

Skateboarder Stickers - .5 for all NEW!
made these for my nephew but he hurt his ankle and doesnt skate now :P 2 matte, 3 shiney

Magnet Sets - .25 per set reduced!
iron on transfer applied to felt, backed with cardstock; set 1&2= 2"x1.5" set 3= 3"x3"
set 1
set 2

Felt Star Brooch - (.5)reduced!
purchased from etsy; 4" starfish made of purple felt with embroidered face; pinback attached...cute!

'Diving Journal' - (.5)reduced!
lined journal with vintage scrabble tiles and sea life


Sublime Stitching Patterns - 1pt ea
Viva Las Vegas (new in envelope)
Michael Sieben (opened but never used)

Origami Monsters Book - (1)
fun stuff!
( (

Charm and Beads - .5NEW!
large metal charm "protect our family" and set of blue and clear beads

Pin Set - .5 for all NEW!
10 misc. enamel and metal pins. cool as they are or cover with clay and bake to make your own pins!

Alphabet Stamp Set - (.25) NEW!
never used

Soap Chips - (.25) NEW!
handmade olive oil soap chips for wet felting; a small bag goes a looong way!

Tiny Pillows - (.25 for both) NEW!
only about 4" square, has chain for hanging. would be adorable for embroidering, etc!

Started with: 2
Current Points: 0
Pending: 1
Total : 1

claims i made:
zelda.suicide to corduroy cat - Crocheted Yeti -(2 pts) rec'd
rubytuesday to corduroy cat - owl blanket - 1 rec'd
ptarmic wumpus to corduroy cat - Sweater cat - 2

claims from me:
corduroy cat to alteredmommy - jellyfish rising - (2) sent
corduroy cat to freestyle - domino pendant - 1 sent
corduroy cat to asphaltqueen - Pave the World - 1

- stuffies
- amigurumi animals, especially sealife
- gocco printed anything
- mini shrines/ assemblages
- sideshow/horror themed art objects
- steampunk jewellery

- altered art/found objects
- handmade papers
- plastic vending machine toys, especially vintage
- heavy cardstock
- watch gears for altered art

Title: Muller's Lane Farm
Post by: mullerslanefarm on July 31, 2009 05:02:33 AM

Tobacco free home (we do heat with wood stove in the winter).
In/Out short hair dogs & cat.

Hand spun yarns.

Spinning  Fibers!

Faukland Top
4 oz Faukland (3)
2 available

4 oz Romney (3)
1 available

Meeskers 1 pt

Made from 100% Hand Spun Wool.  Stuffed with raw sheep wool and Organic Catnip & cat mint (just picked and dried by me).  

Endorsed by Seymour & Cat!

more coming!

Milk Soaps (cold processed using 100% fresh milk) 1 pt

It's Back!
Lavender & Lace

Lavender essential oil, swirled with purple ultra marine and white oxide.
(picture as soon as I can find it!)

Pepper Zest  is Back!
Sweet Orange, Lime, Lemongrass & Black Pepper essential oils

Citrus Basil
Citrusy and floral all in one.  My current personal favorite.

Cucumber Melon   NEW! 04/06/09
This screams SUMMER!!

Lavender Vanilla  
Soothing Lavender with a kick of vanilla - and not your ordinary vanilla either!  This is Black Vanilla with a hint of Patchouli in it!!

Please note, the soaps do not look the same as they do in the picture.  The purple has faded to a greyish-lavender and the dark cream is now brown.  Still smells wonderful!!!


Dragon's Blood  NEW! 03/02/09
It's moody, warm and very appealing with touches of amber, incense and a tiny hint of patchouli making the layering of this fragrance something special. (as described on FO suppliers website).

This fragrance colors the soap to a dark purplish brown

Lemongrass & Sage
This isn't overpowering in either lemon or sage, but combines both into a fresh clean scent.  

Sweet Pea
Not the prettiest soap out of my soap kitchen, but the sweet scent of spring is wonderful!  I had difficulty with this soap turning into soap-on-a-stick so had to hot process it.  

Not yet sent
 Late, with communication
Missing in action with no communication
Item MIA

STS #29

Claims from me:
mullerslanefarm to lapoli: Sweet Pea (1)
mullerslanefarm to lapoli: Pepper Zest (1)
mullerslanefarm to lapoli: Lemongrass & Sage (1)
mullerslanefarm to Asphalt Queen: Citrus Basil (1)
mullerslanefarm to ptarmic wumpus -  4 oz Romney (3)
mullerslanefarm to loudxmouse- Dragon's Blood (1)

Total:  8  pts

Claims I have made:
Eleia to mullerslanefarm:  Large Custom Messenger Bag (3)
Cya to mullerslanefarm Custom crochet roll (3)
sarahj2001 to mullerslanefarm (2) Crayon Soap (2)
ptarmic wumpus to mullerslanefarm Sweater Lamb (2)
Total: 8 pts



Started with: 2

Current: 0
Pending: 0
Total: 0


Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: wwrich on July 31, 2009 05:32:04 AM


Basics: I own a smoke-free home near Chicago, IL (USA).

[click on any picture to see a REALLY HUGE version...]

Beaded Chapsticks - 2 points

Description: Made by me using only thread and Delica beads. They are designed to slide on a standard "Chapstick" brand lip balm tube (one is included). The majority of patterns are my own creation, although some are inspired by photos of things others have done.  They take about the duration of a movie (1.5-2 hours) to complete.  They are made from exclusively little glass beads and a fine nylon thread.  I try to make sure that knots are secure, and I use a "locking" stitch on every other row, so if the thread breaks, you don't lose the whole thing.  I have one in my purse.  Its been in there for more than 5 years now, without any repairs.  The beads look somewhat worn, and one or two beads have broken and are missing.  People have informed me that dropping them on concrete will, indeed, break the beads, and wear on the top and bottom (where the threads are visible) will cause the thread to break.


FINALLY!!  Here are pictures of each chapstick available.  Click on the pictures for larger view. Claim by group letter (A, B or C) then number. (beaded chapstick A-12 (2 points))  X instead of a number means already claimed. (Feel free to add words like "the green dragon")

Note: I sold C1 at a craft show this weekend, but I am at work, and can't edit the pictures.

Group A:   (  

Group B:   (

Group C:   (

Crochet Turtles - 1 Point

Description: Crocheted by me using the free "Tiny Striped Turtle" pattern from Crochetville.  They are about 4 inches from nose to tail.

Turtle Parade! (  


   * Aqua with darker sparkly aqua stripes - front row, #2 - claim as "aqua turtle (1)"
   * Yellow with sparkly black stripes - back row, #1 - claim as "yellow turtle (1)"
   * Navy with sparkly pink stripes - front row, #7 (last) - claim as "navy turtle (1)"
   * Plum Wine with sparkly black stripes - front row, #3 - claim as "wine/black turtle (1)"
   * Rose Violet with sparkly pink stripes - first row, #1 - claim as "rose/pink turtle (1)"
   * Sage (green) with sparkly black stripes - first row, #5 - claim as "green turtle (1)"
   * Navy Blue with sparkly white stripes - back row, #5 - claim as "navy/white turtle (1)"

Plum Wine and Rose Violet are the color names from the Simply Soft yarn that I used.  I would have used dusty rose instead of plum wine.

Crochet Dragons - 2 Points

Description: Crocheted by me using the free "Baby Snow Dragon" pattern from Crochetville.  There are 3 basic sizes.  Large (bulky weight yarns) are about 8 inches tall, medium (worsted weight yarns) are about 6 inches tall, and the small ones (baby yarns) are about 5 inches tall.

Size Comparison ( So Cute (

Glamour Shot ( I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.... (


   * Medium Green Dragon made with bamboo yarn - ( - Claim as green bamboo dragon (2)
   * Large Multicolored Dragon in Pink, purple, yellow, and blue - ( - Claim as "large multi dragon (2)"
   * Medium Hot Pink Dragon (an exceptionally soft yarn) - ( - Claim as "medium hot pink dragon (2)"
   * Medium Orange Dragon with green eyes and whiskers (an exceptionally soft yarn) - ( - Claim as "medium orange dragon (2)"
   * Sad Little Red sparkly Dragon - ( - Claim as "small red dragon (2)"
   * Medium Rose dragon ( Claim as "medium rose dragon (2)"    
   * Small purple with white fluff dragon ( - Claim as "small purple dragon (2)"  
   * Small yellow/multi dragon mostly yellow with pink and purple ( - Claim as "small yellow/multi dragon (2)"
   * Small yellow dragon ( Claim as "small just yellow dragon (2)"

Beaded Witch Earrings - 2 Points

Please claim as "<color> Witch Earrings (2)"

Description: Made only from beads and thread with my own paws.  Each little witch is different.  Most have red and white stockings, black shoes, a little broom, pearl heads, and surgical steel hooks.  Several have wooden beads for heads.  The yellow ones are "princesses", and carry a magic wand instead of a little broom.  The two points includes a "matching pair", meaning a witch with a left-facing broom, and a right-facing broom.  (The color names are from the tubes of beads that I use for these)

Mob Shot
( (   (   (

Black Matte (have 4 pair, 3 with green pearl heads, 1 with wooden heads)

Dark Green Matte (have 1 pair available)

Medium Blue Luster (have 1 pair available)

Transparent Red (have 2 pair available)

Yellow Iris (have 1 pair available -- these are "princess" with little silver butterflies on their magic wands)

Cobalt Matte (1 pair available)

Purple/Aqua (1 pair available)

Little Monster Purses - 3 Points

Please claim as "<color> Monster Purse (3)"


Description: Each little purse is hand made by me from a pattern of my own design.  The purse is about 7 inches from side to side. I made the original of this purse for my now 5 year old daughter.  Each purse if fully lined, has a Velcro closure, and the strap is firmly sewn into place.  The lining fabrics vary, but most are flannel. The teeth and eyes are vinyl fabric.  The eyes are satin stitched into place, and the "glint" in each eye is embroidered on.  They come in a variety of colors.

Here is a picture of the inside of one: (

Colors Available: (When I make them, I make multiples of each color. Click for my current inventory ( will try to keep it fairly up to date.  (I do keep the copy on my laptop pretty accurate, I just have to remember to copy it to the server occasionally)  If you go to that page, you can follow the links to see pictures of the actual monsters that you can decide between.  Each does have its own personality!

Dark Brown (3 available): (
Black (1 left): (
Red (2 available): (
Variegated Yellow (1 available): (
Light Yellow (2 available): (
Gold (3 available): (


Claims made from me:

total 0 received

Claims I have made:

[received] Aug 18 - loudxmouse to wwrich - flat rate box of fabric: 3pts
[received] Aug 18 - Zelda.Suicide to wwrich - 1lb of Buttons (1 pt)

total 4 spent

Started with: 5
Pending points: 0
Current points: 1
Total: 1

DIY Kits for crafts I don't do haven't done yet (ha!)
Things that I can't (or won't) make myself
Always a sucker for anything with cats or kittens
Things that might excite a 6 year-old girl
soaps and lotions that smell fruity or have no fragrance
yarn that will make cool dragons or other animals

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Eliea on July 31, 2009 07:55:37 AM

Hello! I'm a wife of 3 years and we have 7, 4 legged, children. They are 1 giant yellow dog, 4 crazy cats, and 2 silly ferrets. The ferrets are caged for their own safety. The dog is in the craft room but in a kennel and all craft items are kept in plastic or out of reach. Cat hair is pretty common but I am totally willing to wash/lint roll, and items you claim. We do not smoke.
(unless I set a small toaster oven fire. It's been known to happen.)
I live in the Southern part of the USA.

2 Point Items:
Custom Messenger bag
( ( ( ( (
Bag measures approx: 3 inches thick at the gusset, 7-10 inches deep, 12 inches wide at mouth, 15 inches wide at base. I can directly measure the pattern if you want exact measurements.
I can make your bag in up to 4 colors. I can also make the strap longer or shorter. You bag will have the second-5th pictures design for the tab the swivel snap is attached to.
Info I need when you claim:
Color of front:
Color of back/flap:
lining color:
Strap front color:
Strap back color:
closure tab color:
If yes 1 large or 2 small:
Length of strap:

If you are looking for a particular color scheme check out my photobucket of my fabric stash:
If you are looking for a solid I don't have just let me know I can easily acquire it. :)

Marisol mouse:
Knit with acrylic yarns. Body is simply soft and pink bits are harrahs yarn. :) My first "in the round" project! It will come with a purple ribbon aorund it's neck. :)
( (

Amigurumi Alpaca or horse
I can make these in any solid color.
( (
specify color desired. Give me 2 color choices in case I don't have the first choice on hand.

Custom beaded/felt cuff
Can be made in most simple designs. I just need the following info:
Wrist measurement:
Design: (please limit to 3 colors, if you want more than that pm me and we'll discuss it)

1 Point Items:

Mystery bag of scrap fabric!
Small sandwich bag of scraps left over from various projects. I toss all my scraps in a box and it's time to purge the box. They are varying in types but mostly cotton and alova suede. Scraps range from 1/2 inch -4 inches in width and length. Most are at least 1/2 inch in some area. I'll make sure to throw a few larger piece in the bag so you get some good scraps!
Great for crazy quilting!

Little Ditty Bag
Teal claimed by aeronberry!!! I can make one more in this color though if someone wants it! Lavender is available. Bags are between 4-6 inches tall and about that wide around the circular bottom.
I can make these taller by doubling yarn for 2 points. Don't see a color you like? PM me and I'll see what's in my stash same point value!
( (

1/2 Point Items

Crocheted  Cuff
Made with acrylic baby fine yarn and crocheted. This has delicate plastic pearl buttons and is really easy to fasten. It's a bit too big for my wrist and my wrist measures 7 inches:

Safety Pin Earrings
Can be made with any solid or 2 colors. The current pair is green/clear. I can also do up to 2 safety pins per earring.
They are permanently closed so you do not risk them popping open and spilling beads everywhere.
( (

Pop-tab Earrings
Made with pop tabs from real soda pop cans. They are extremely lightweight and feel like you aren't wearing anything! Please note that my wire wrapping is much better now than it was then. These are my personal pair and they are about 2 years old. you will receive a brand new pair.

Please note: style of pop tab may vary slightly as they are donated to me and typically brands vary slightly.
( (

Instant shirt
Made from remnant from wal*mart. The shirts seams are all serged and you get the little tie shown as well so you can add straps if you like. It's shown on my mannequin and the bust measures about 36 inches there. However it is a bit loose and will easily stretch at least to a 38 inch bust. Possibly a bit more.

Free with claim:
Pick one of these items for free with any claim(please only 1 freebie item per shipping address):

Top: poly green fabric(at least 1 yard), blue spandex type mystery fabric(I think there is over 2 yards of this), Pink table runner
Middle: unfinished Stuffed dog
Bottom left: Blue Neckwarmer, Silk Shirt sized medium (I thought the hot air balloons were cute but never did anything with it.)


Starting Points:7
Current Points: 6
Pending Points: 0
Total Points:6

Claims from me:
Send by August 13th:
Eliea to MullerLaneFarm- Large Custom Messenger Bag (3 pts)

Claims I've made:
Send by August 10th
Loudxmouse to Eliea- wing earrings(.5 pts) and 2 custom buttons (.5 pts)

Send by August 15th:
klum78 to Eliea: Vintage linen-2yards #8(2 pts)

Send by September 3rd:
a2k to Eliea: custom change purse (1pt)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: TwiztidBlood on July 31, 2009 08:52:23 AM
TwiztidBlood's Shop


Located in eastern Ontario, with 3 cats

Custom Items:
I will happily make any custom items you wish. Please PM me if you are looking for anything crochet, sewn, spun, knit, quilted etc.

3 Point Items:

2 Point Items:

Crochet loofah, made with cotton yarn. Crocheted to be large and squishy. Photographed and ready is natural and green. Custom colours available, just PM your colour choice/s when claiming.


1 Point Items:

Penis lip balm cozy, fits lip smackers sized balms or larger. Please let me know if you would like it turned into a keychain before sending.

Brown apple cozy

Elf Baby booties, size 0-3 months, secure bells on toes

Green banana cozy, tied with crochet

Green ( 1 up on mario ) mushroom, fits in your palm. - Red, Coming soon

White totoro with pink feet

Brown bear baby hat. Size 0-3 months

1/2 Point Items:

Purple knit flower brooch with button center. Size measures 1.5 inches across
Claim as right or left

Wooden flower earrings, flowers are about the size of a loonie

1/4 Point Items:

Purple earrings


1/4 Point Items:
Extra large FQ of cotton black and white print fabric

none at this time

Started with: 0
Current: 0
Pending: 1

Claims made from me:
penguino - white totoro - 1pt

Claims Ive made:

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Angry Angel on July 31, 2009 11:09:03 AM
Angry Angel's
Crochet and Creature Shop


All items come from a smoke-free, 2 cat environment.

Princess Leia Amigurumi - 2 points

She might be small, but she's tough! This Star Wars amigurumi is not quite 3" tall, crocheted from acrylic yarn and has safety eyes.

Red and Pink circle Bracelet - 1 point

( (

Crocheted from cotton yarn, this has a button closure and is a little over 7" long.

Mole - 2 points
A sweet little mole with a red scarf. Crocheted from acrylic yarn (the scarf is wool hand-dyed from a previous round of STS), he stands 5" tall and has safety eyes.


Pip the Monkey - 2 points
A cute monkey with a blue scarf. Crocheted with acrylic yarn, 6" tall, safety eyes.


Angry Angel to loudxmouse- Wicket the Ewok - 3 points
Angry Angel to gavagai - toadstool - 1 point
Angry Angel to penguino - Woodland Fairies - 1 point
Angry Angel to penguino - Flower Fairies - 1 point
Angry Angel to freestyle - Hedgewig - 2 points

Cya to Angry Angel - Totoro shrink plastic charms - 1 point
oneredboot to Angry Angel - 2 sets of 3 project bags - 1 point
donniesgirl to Angry Angel - Wildflower Return Address Labels - 1 point
ptarmic wumpus to Angry Angel - 2C Felted Tree Mosaic - 2 points

Starting - 4
Pending - 2
Current - 5
Total - 7

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: freestyle on July 31, 2009 11:46:21 AM

Shop is OPEN

All items come from a smoke-free, 2 dog house in Alexandria, VA.

Photography SALE- buy 1 8x10 get one free, or get one 11x 14 for just 1 pt. 8x10 (1 pt.); 11x14 (2 pts.)

Please visit to view the pictures. Here is a list of the images and sizes available. Please specify the title and size when claiming.

Crossedout indicates temporarily out of stock. PM me and I can order additional prints and let you know when they are available for claiming.

Giraffe- 8x10
Alligator- 8x10
Baby Elephant- 8x10
Empire State Building- 8x10
Ground Zero- 8x10
Annapolis- 8x10
Bridge, Annapolis- 8x10
Turtle- 8x10
Jellyfish- 8x10

Cherry Blossoms- 8x10
Cherry Blossoms 2- 8x10
Tulips- 8x10
Pink Orchids- 8x10
White Orchids- 8x10
Red Orchids- 8x10
Waterlillies- 8x10, 11x14
Leopoldskron Castle- 8x10
St. Maarten- 8x10, 11x14
Shenandoah- 8x10

Black and White
Dragonfly (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
St. Maarten (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
Salzburg (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
Nymphenburg Palace (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
Venice (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
Lake, Austria (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
Dock, Austria (B&W)- 8x10, 11x14
Shenandoah (B&W)- 8x10

Painted Porcelain
All porcelain is from Crate and Barrel and is dishwasher/microwave safe. All painted using professional, dishwasher resistant porcelain paints. Baked at 300 degrees to set the ink. PM me if you have something specific in mind and I'll pull together some images for you. I have lots of colors! If you see something you like but want different colors, just shoot me a PM. Custom orders welcome!

Espresso cup and saucer set (1 pt. each)
Saucers are 4"x4".

Vines- 2 available (may be able to get more- PM if you want a larger set)

Espresso Bean- 2 available (may be able to get more- PM if you want a larger set)

Appetizer Plates (1 pt. each) I can make multiples- PM if you'd like a set. These are just some I've made- PM if you have an idea and want me to put together some concepts. Plates are 6"x6"

Red Flower Power

Spring Bouquet

Custom Stenciled T-shirts (2 pts.)
PM me to discuss colors, sizes, images, etc. Examples below:

I *heart* Feminist Men

Wrap-around tree

Bumblebee pincushion with 3 pins (1 pt.)
Lots of fabric/ribbon options- PM me if you have something specific in mind.

Dog Stitch Markers, set of 5- 1 pt.
Several colors available. PM me if you have specific colors in mind. Glass dogs with Swarovski crystals.

Cat Stitch Markers, set of 5- 1 pt.
Several colors available. PM me if you have specific colors in mind. Glass cats with Swarovski crystals.


Fat Quarters, 100% Cotton- 1/2 pt. each

"Twiggy" by Sanae for Moda Fabrics- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

"Wildwood" by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit Fabrics- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

"Soiree" by Lila Tueller for Moda Fabrics- 1, 2, 3, 4
I unfolded 3 and 4 so you can see the print better

"Arcadia" by Moda Fabrics- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

"Nature-ology" by Studio E- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

"In the Pink" by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass- 1 (2), 2 (2), 3, 4 (2), 5, 6, 7, 8 (2), 9 (2), 10 (2), 11, 12 (2)
(2) = 2 available

Made from me:
freestyle to AsphaltQueen - 2 stenciled shirts (3 pts.)
freestyle to Zelda.Suicide - 4 FQs (2 pts.)
freestyle to penguino - 4 FQs (2 pts.)

Made by me:
SewMamaLady to freestyle - Set of hair curlers (2 pts.)
Nesse to freestyle - 3 pairs of tie-dyed socks; 1, 5, 7 (2 pts.)
corduroy cat to freestyle - "Radioactive" Altered Domino Pendant (1 pt.)
Mlsocci74 to freestyle - 2 sets fortune cookies note cards without envelopes (1 pt.)
                              - 2 sets heart note cards without envelopes (1 pt.)
Angry Angel to freestyle - Hedgewig (2 pts.)
loudxmouse to freestyle - Mini Crabbie (2 pts.)

Started with: 5
Pending: 0
Current: 1


Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Nesse on July 31, 2009 01:55:21 PM
! Nessa's Shop !

I'm a 19 yo art student living in a small town in NY. I have an adorable kitten who likes to eat my roving as I'm spinning. I live in a smoking household, keep all my crafts in air tight containers and bludgeon anyone who smokes in the vicinity of my craftiness.


ColorBox [2]
[red, yellow, green, blue, brown, lilac]
1.2 oz of hand pulled roving. This is a blend of cormo, alpaca, a bit of mill end wool, and bamboo. This will definitely make a super-funky, lumpy-bumpy yarn, don't expect to get an even yarn from this one! (unless, of course, you are insanely patient) I can make more of this if anyone's interested.

( (

Tie Dyed Socks!!!
One for 1 point, Three for 2 points, Five for 3 points

The brand is No nonsense and they're all womens size 9-11. The colors look a little off on my computer... #s 2 and 5 are turquoise and deep purple. 4 and 6 are grey and pink.
[1, 3, 5, 7, 9]

[*my mannequin is a size Medium*]

Tie dyed summer shirt [1pt]
Brand: Amelia Size M 100% Cotton, super soft and light. Dyed with blue and yellow, with a lot of white still showing.

( (

Furoshiki bag [.5]
Furoshiki's are made using a square of fabric. They can be tied in lot's of different ways to make different style bags for gift wrapping and such. This one was tied in three places and makes an excellent over night bag... I could probably fit myself in it, if I scrunched up into a tight enough ball haha.

Jean bag [.5pt]
I made this soooo long ago. It's not lined, and the straps were decorative hangy-things from some jeans. It's simple and silly, but maybe someone could find use for it?


Custom Mary Jane Slippers! [3 pt]
Made of 100% acrylic yarn so they are machine washable! I can do any size, and nearly any color. PM me before you claim so I can make sure I have the colors you want! Here are a bunch of examples:

Handmade Vegan Soaps!! [1 pt]

Soap Samples [2/1pt]
CPHP soap with aloe. Choose between 4 scents: Fir Needle & Sandalwood, Nag Champa, White Tea & Ginger, Oatmeal Milk 'n Honey. Total weight is about 4oz for two bars.

Lavender & Vanilla[1]

Nag Champa & Sandalwood w/ Loofa [1]
When I first poured the soap into the mold with the loofah, I ended up with a hole through the middle where the soap didn't penetrate. So I made another batch to fill the middle [see the white-ish parts?] Might not be the prettiest soap... but it sure does smell good!

Joy of Almond:
CP soap with almond & coconut fragrance oil, swirled with cocoa powder. [get it? Almond Joy? hehe copyright infringement my arse]

Sandelwood & Coconut:
CP soap, smells mostly of sandelwood with very subtle undertones of coconut. I added coffee grounds for exfoliation.

Nag Champa:
CP soap with nag champa FO. Loooove this stuff.

Homemade vegan-friendly laundry soap! 1pt
I need to make more...
unscented and low sudsing. You get 1.5 cups that's enough for 24 (1 tbsp per load) washes in a regular machine, or 48 (1/2 tbsp per load) washes in an HE front loader.

Hemp Rings [1 .5 pt]: One size fits most (about a size 7 or 8,) but please specify if you want it smaller/larger! These rings stretch when they get wet, so keep this in mind! (and try not to get them wet too often, or let them air dry.)
Claim as: Ring 1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6

Fire Starters:
[4 for .5pt]
[10 for 1 pt]

Fire starters are made from toilet paper/paper towel tubes, cut up into 2" sections and filled with dryer lint. Great for camping, and bonfires. Choose between Red or Blue. or I could make them with a different color, just let me know!


'60s Stamp Set [2pts]

Stamp Set #2 [1pt]

Stamp pens [1pt]
Hardly ever used. I went through a scrapbooking/stamping phase when I was 12, and lets just say it didn't last very long haha.

Computer Paper [1pt for all]
The two on the right are opened, but I only used a few sheets, so they've got about 40 sheets in them. The one on the left is unopened and it has 50 sheets.

Cute Bandanna's [.5pt each]
Comes with two complimenting bandannas. Choose from Monkeys, Watermelon, & Earthy.

Paint Stuffs [.5pt each]
on the right: Acrylic paints
on the left: Paint brush pens

to kitschkween - Nag Champa cp soap - 1 pt
to Zelda.Suicide - Joy of Almond Soap - (1)
to lapoli - Ink Pads [1pt for all]
to lapoli - nag champa soap (1)
to lapoli - Tie dyed tshirt hoodie [1pt]
to lapoli - Tie dyed Tank [1pt]
to lapoli - Mini Duffel Bag [1pt]
to Zelda.Suicide - Soft 'n stretchy tie dyed shirt -  (2)
to freestyle - 3 pairs of tie-dyed socks; 1, 5, 7 (2 pts.)
to Zelda.Suicide - Soap Samples [2/1pt] - (1)
to Zelda.Suicide - Tea Tree & Lavender Soap - (1)
to calluna: Custom Mary Jane Slippers (3 points)

from AsphaltQueen: Reynolds Rapture - (1)
                                 Noro Lily - (1)
                                 Jo Sharp Soho Summer Yarn - (1) per skein
                                 Jo Sharp Soho Summer Yarn - (1) per skein
from pinkanddinky - PANTYLINERS: 4, 6, 18, 23
                                        MAXI PADS: I [3]
from Zelda.Suicide - plastic Embroidery Hoops (1 pt for 6 hoops)
from AsphaltQueen: Simple Steampunk Necklace - (1)
                                 Roamer Steampunk Necklace - (2)
                                 Custom typewriter keys [2]
from lapoli - Lavender & eucalyptus dryer sachets - (1)
                     Scented wax melts cornucopia - (1)
                     Tencel 2oz - (2)

Started with: 3
Current: -3  :o ??? :-\ idk how that happened!
Pending: 5
Total: 2

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: klum78 on August 01, 2009 08:23:59 AM
I am located in Oregon, USA.  My home is smoke free but we own a cat and a dog.

Sock Monkey (2 pts)
13 in tall with pipe cleaners in his tail and arms so they can be posed- to a certain extent

Patchwork Tag Blanket (2 available, 2 pts each or both for 3 pts)
Made from minky, chenille and flannel backed.  Aprox 14 in. squared.  Made for my son but he didn't take to them.  (Made 2 identical ones so I could swap them out when needed.)  One was barely used and the other is new.  I cannot tell which is which.

Rar Baby Booties (2 pts)
Made from reclaimed suede, so the suede is not perfect.  These will hold up well to wear, tear and washing.  Were too small for the boy's giant feet when I made them.  5 in. long

Pyramid Pouch (1 pt)
Paisley print on the outside and plain muslin on the inside, aprox 4 in. tall

Chain Smoking Necklace (2 pts)
Measures 21 inches from tip to tip.  Made from silver plated findings & chains.  Uses dark purple and black beads.

Pink and Orange Jewelry (2 pts for the set or priced individually below) made by my aunt
Necklace aprox 19 in. long (1 pt)

Bracelet adjustable from 8.5 in. to 9 in. (1 pt)

Earrings 1.5 in. long (1 pt)

Pink Flowers Set (1 pt for the set)
Necklace is aprox. 32 in. long and earrings are 2 in. long  (Made by my aunt)

Purple Flowers Bib/Burp Cloth Set (1 pt for set)
Cotton front, flannel backed and a layer of flannel in between

Shrinky Pendants (1/2 pt each)
Victor (1.5 in. tall) or Corpse Bride (2 in. tall)

Crocheted(?) Coasters (set of 5) (1/2 pt)
Aprox 4 in squared Received as a gift many years ago from ??, never used.  (Gorgeous but we don't use coasters.)

Keyboard Wallet (1/2 pt)
Made from packaging tape & the circuit board of an old keyboard, Has a money slot and 3 add'l pockets

Knitted Newborn Hat (1 pt)

Photos are all taken by moi.  Anything in color can be converted to B&W.  
You can choose 1-8x10 for 1 pt or 1-5x7 for 1/2 pt.  Please specify print size and title.
*some images are clickable thumbnails*

Broken Angel

Iloilo (can only be printed as 5x7)

Egg Collecting (can only be printed as 5x7)

Wet Owl (can only be printed as 5x7)

USS Constitution

Key West

Loving Memories

Rides Again

Central Park Carriage Ride


Central Park

Rockefeller Center


Crochet Orangutan Stuffies Pattern 1/2pt
Vintage-ish pattern picked up at library sale.


Vintage Linens (bedsheets or pillowcases) Fat Quarters 1/2 pt each or 3 for 1 pt
3 yds of #8 2 pts -on hold for Eliea
Claim by number

Claims made from me -  
to Eliea- 3 yds vintage fabric (2 pt) rec'd

Claims I have made -  
from gavagai: Fredrika. 59"x36"  (1 pt)
from oneredboot: wool dryer balls: multi - 3 for 1 pt (1 pt)

Started with: 3  
      Pending: 0
      Current: 3          

      TOTAL: 3          


-manly laptop case/sleeve w/ a zipper for my hubby
-a girly painting/artwork for my daughter’s room.  Would love for it to have her name or initial on it (room colors: coral pink, yellow and/or cream)
-a boyish painting/artwork for my son's room. Would love for it to have his name or initial on it.  (room colors: robin’s egg blue, apple green, cream, and/ or brown)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: crumpet79 on August 01, 2009 09:09:54 AM

All items will be making their way to you from Southern California!
Please make your claims as full points.  All small thumbnails should be clickable links.
Thanks for checking out my shop!

Please feel free to submit a request for a custom order and I'll see what I can do!

2 Point Items

NEW! Black Magic Scarflet/Cowl (2)
This is a button-up cowl done in tunisian crochet.  The yarn is a soft wool/acrylic 50/50 blend.

Men's Fingerless Mitts (2)
I knit these up using Paton's SWS and while I find that yarn to be lovely and soft, my husband found the yarn to be itchy so he can't wear them.  Perfect for the guy in your life who doesn't have sensitive hands.  Careful...these will felt and should be handwashed gently!

1 Point Items

5"x7" Original Photography (matted to 8"x10") (2) (1)
These are all my original photographs taken from my portfolio.  I have matted these 5"x7" prints so they are ready for framing.  The mats are signed by me.  Please specify the title of the print in your claim.

Tequila SunsetThe Guide
Standing Tall
Childhood MemoriesLeft Behind

Baby Blanket w/ Crochet Edging (1)
A teal fleece baby blanket that I added a scalloped crochet edging to in cream acrylic yarn.  It measures 30"x30".

Pillar Candle Base (1) (U.S. claim only please - these are kind of heavy)
These were made using marbles from the centerpieces of my wedding, fixed onto glass candle bases.  You have the choice of frosted green marbles or clear green marbles (candle pictured here not included!).  Please specify frosted or clear in your claim.

NEW! Purple Beanie - Crochet (1)
This was crocheted up in a variegated purple to white acrylic yarn with cluster stitch.

Raspberry Lemonade Yarn (2)(1)
This is yarn recycled from a thrift store sweater that I then dyed using Kool Aid.  Fiber content is 35% Wool / 35% Acrylic / 30% Cotton.  It's 100 yards and is approx DK/Worsted weight.  There is one knot in the skein.

Scented Eye Pillows (1)
Inside of each pillow is rice, lightly scented with essential oils.  These can also be used either hot or cold.  For heat therapy, pop the pillow in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.  For cold therapy, place the pillow in a sealed bag and leave in the fridge or freezer until chilled.  Please specify blue, green or yellow in your claim.

0.5 Point Items
Please redeem in full points.  Thanks!

Crochet Baby Booties (0.5)
These are adorably cute and I give them to friends as baby shower gifts all the time.  I have an excess inventory though!  Please specify color in your claim.  Black and green pairs are gone!

Fuzzy Scarf (0.5)
Knit up with fun fur with large needles to give a nice soft and fuzzy scarf.  The scarves were designed to be shorter but with a lot of stretch due to the open stitch.  Please specify lavender or grey stripes in your claim

Golden Dangle Earrings (0.5)
I've been playing with learning wire wrapping and this is my prototype pair!  They are glass beads on gold wire - very cute and delicate.  

Rustled Up Socks Knitting Pattern (1) (0.5)
I designed this sock pattern in the fall, but the lacy leaf design would be a great spring/summer sock too!  This is for a pdf copy of the pattern that would be sent to you via e-mail.

0.25 Point Items
Please redeem in full points.  Thanks!

Fuzzy Pouch (0.25)
This fuzzy pouch was knit using a white acrylic yarn and some self-striping fun fur.  It's lined and has a button closure.  My husband's baby sister uses the one I made her for the tooth fairy!   :D

Photo Notecards (0.5) (0.25)
These are photo notecards that I bought as a big lot at a garage sale.  I can't quite date them, but they're all hand-mounted and the photos are by a local (Los Angeles) photographer.  Each claim is for 2 complimentary cards with matching envelopes.  Please specify the title of the cards in your claim.  

Silhouette LandscapesUmbrellas

Points noted next to items.  Please redeem in full points.  Thanks!

Mill End Roving (2) for 3oz
When I was first learning to spin, I ordered 3lbs of the brown tone mill end roving from Sheep Shed Studio.  I've still got a ton and would love to destash some so I can buy other roving!  I have over a lb available.  There is mohair in this, but I've found that it's pretty easy to separate.  The colors remind me of smores!

Mystery Yarn (0.25 pts)
I'm not sure where I got this or what exactly the type of yarn is.  Would probably work best for home decor type items.

2 Sailor Girl Vintage Notecards (0.25 pts)
Sweet image of a sailor girl with a nautical line-drawing behind her.  This is for 2 blank notecards with envelopes.  Perfect for paper crafting - would make a really cute notebook or scrapbook page theme.

Claims made from me: sent/received
crumpet79 to loudxmouse - Purple Crochet Beanie (1)

Claims I have made: received
sansa to crumpet79 - Green Patchwork Bag (0.5)
sansa to crumpet79 - Knitting needles: 3.25mm/Size 3 16 inch circular (0.5)
aeronberry to crumpet79 - Jewelry: (G) Olive Jade and Friends (1)

Started with: 7
Pending: 0
Current: 6


Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: kayrun on August 01, 2009 03:13:31 PM
~~Kayrun's Shop~~

Leaf sachet = 1 point each
(custom - - color choice as is wool & rust is bamboo blend...other colors available, just ask...shown were approx. 4.5 in.)

Cotton washcloths:
SALE - - 3 for 1 point - - mix & match!
Flag washcloth
approx. 8.5" x 7.5"
Princess waschloth (1/2 point)
approx. 8 in. square

Cabled cloth (1/2 point)
approx. 8 in. across

Hexagon cloth (1/2 point)
 / approx. 8 in. across
other colors available for custom order ~ just ask

Fishie cloth (1/2 point)/
custom colors (just ask)

Leaf cloth (1/2 point)
custom colors (just ask)

Texas Dishcloth (1/2 point) /approx. 7in. square


The Workbasket = set of 5 for 1 point
(vintage magazines)
(photo only shows 2 issues, but I have
1956:  Jan., April, May, Aug., and Dec.)

started with 2 (+1 pending a sendout to atsuko from prev. round)

Items claimed from me:
(pending) from alteredmommy:  3 leaf cloths = 1 point

Items claimed by me:
from lapoli!  M&P Soap Making Kit. 2 points

Total = 1 + 1 pending

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: AsphaltQueen on August 01, 2009 03:51:26 PM

The smaller photos are all clickety-clicks to larger images.

All crafted items come from a non-smoking household with one lovely beagle.

Crafted Items


Steampunk Animal Brooches - (2)
Please claim by name.
Bee 1, Whale, Frog, Gull, Butterfly

Mouse, Butterfly 2, Bee 2, Seahorse, Bird

Chunky Green Ring - (2)
Adjustable band, most comfortable for sizes 7 and up. Much more sparkly in real life.

Chunky Gold Bracelet - (2)
I can get measurements if anyone is interested, but this does fit my wrist and I have probably average to slightly-larger-than-average wrists. It has a closed-clasp-hinged thingie in the back (that you can't see in the photo).

Slender Gold Bracelet - (2)
I can get measurements if anyone is interested, but this does fit my wrist and I have probably average to slightly-larger-than-average wrists. It has an open back (as seen in the photo), so it is slightly adjustable.

Jasper Necklace - (2)
So much more beautiful than the photo shows. Approximately 16" long. (It doesn't have a weird kink in it, I had a hard time keeping it flat when taking my own picture.)

Stone Necklace - (2)

Chunky Tuna Necklace - (2)
This is a big necklace, not for the faint of heart. I'll double-check measurements, but this fish is about as long as my hand.

Gold Cross Necklace - (2)

Silver Cross Necklace - (2)

Steampunk Rings - (2)
All rings are adjustable. I can size it for you if you include your ring size in your pm, otherwise you can easily adjust it yourself.
Ring #1

Ring #3

Ring #4

Ring #5

Ring #6

Ring #7

Ring #8

Ring #9

Ring #10

Ring #12

Swarovsky Rings - (2)
Adjustable ring bases with sparkly swarovsky crystals. Please claim by color.



Mother and Child Cameo Necklace - (2)
Very intricate cameo with lots of detail. I'll attach a jump ring and an antiqued silver necklace before mailing.
( (


Simple Steampunk Necklace - (1) - TEMP ON HOLD FOR NESSE

Roll holder - (1)
Handmade, but not by me. Each of the words designate a city or region in Portugal. I was told that people use these to hold dinner rolls (but they weren't entirely certain that is what it was used for). First photo shows it flat, second photo shows it when you snap the two snaps closed.
( (

Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant - (1)
Add your own necklace through the sterling silver bail, or claim a delicate, 16" sterling silver necklace from me for an additional 1 point. Please specify which pendant you would like by symbol/letter/number. If you have a specific letter/key in mind, pm me! And if you want to claim three or more (for gifts or for you), pm me and I'll cut you a deal!


Filigree pendant with vintage watch movement - (0.5)
The watch movement is a teeny, tiny bit off level on this piece, so it's just one point. Comes with an antiqued gold necklace.

Mini-bookmarks - (0.5) each
Bookmarks are 3.5" tall, so they're great for both soft- and hardcover books. Contain Swarovski crystals for some sparkle! The first photo shows the shape and length of the bookmark (which is the same for all of them), and the subsequent photos show the different charms and crystals.


Purple Earrings - (0.5)

Supply Items

3.5 yards of colorful flannel - (3)
40" x 128"
[URL=] (


Set of 5 French Children's Books - (2)

Blue and Brown Floral Fabric - (2)
58" x 54", feels like an interior decorating fabric (I used it for totes and a to upholster a bench cushion), unwashed

3 Yards Big Red Heart Fabric - (2)
3 yards x 48", unwashed cotton

2 Yards Pink Sweatshirt Fleece(?) - (2)
2 yards x 36", it feels like really thin sweatshirt material

OnLine Supersocke Sock Yarn - Green - (2)
100g/400m - superwash


Two skeins Berocco Comfort - (1)

Three skeins Mission Falls 100% cotton- (1)

Beadwork Creates Jewelry - (1)

Super String Games - (1)
ex-library book, circa 1980s, over 25 string games (think cat's cradle)

French Text catalog of an african art exhibition - (1)
( (

Four pieces of blue/brown pleather - (1)
Four pieces of 12"x28" embroidered pleather (at least I think that's what it is)

1 Yard Blue Cotton Floral - (1)
1 yard x 44", unwashed cotton

1 Yard Red and Yellow Felt - (1)
1 Yard x 72", unwashed felt

1 Yard Small Red Hearts - (1)
1 yard x 44", unwashed cotton

1 Yard Travel Flannel - (1)
1 yard x 44", flannel

1 Yard Pink Floral Felt - (1)
1 Yard x 42" of hot pink felt with floral pattern

Bernat Sox Yarn - (1)
100g/425 yds - 60% acrylic/40% nylon - machine washable and dryable

Plymouth Encore Yarn - (1)
75% acrylic/25% wool - 100g/200 yds - worsted

Super Stereogram - (1)
Has loads of pictures - those kind where you cross your eyes and see the hidden photo.
( (


A Bear Named Grumms - (0.5)

Rosalie the Bird Market Turtle - (0.5)

TGI Friday's Unabridged Dictionary of Food and Drink - (0.5)
( (

1/2 Yard backed pleather/vinyl(?) - (0.5)
1/2 yard x 52", it's that fabric you use for tablecloths and it has the white, soft backing

Musical Bees fabric w/ coordinating plaid - (0.5)
1/2 yard x 22" of the bees fabric, 8"x44" of the coordinating plaid - both are higher quality cottons

Easter Tablecloth - (0.5)
52"x70" vinyl tablecloth. I bought it to use for fabric and never got around to doing anything.

Frog Fabric - (0.5)
12"x42", unwashed cotton (I can't remember for certain, but I think this is a nicer quilters cotton)

Claims from me:
nesse - Reynolds Rapture - (1) - sent 8/4
           Noro Lily - (1) - sent 8/4
           Jo Sharp Soho Summer Yarn x 2 - (2) - sent 8/4
superhooker - super sweet gift - (1)

loudxmouse - flying steampunk locket - (2) - sent 8/11
A2K - four skeins of eskimo yarn, duck earrings, gecko bookmark - (3) - sent 8/11

Nesse - two steampunk necklaces, 3 typewriter key pendants - (5) - sent 8/20
lapoli - mouse brooch - (2) - sent 8/20
pinkanddinky - typewriter pendant - (1) - sent 8/20
gavagai - turtle fabric, mickey mouse sheet, whale fabric - (4)

Claims by me:
alteredmommy - Its Greek to me bracelet - (1)
                         set #2 of zipper bows - (1)
                         4 -5" x 8" grunge board punchouts - (1)

loudxmouse - hotdog scarf - (1) - rec'd
freestyle - two custom shirts - (3)
A2K - T-bone wallet A1 - (1) - rec'd
        - coiled rope trivet - (0.5) - rec'd
        - hand embroidered towel - (0.5) - rec'd

mullerslanefarm - citrus basil soap - (1) - rec'd
ptarmic wumpus - yak yarn - (3) - rec'd
ptarmic wumpus - chinese medallion and currency - (2)
gavagai - custom shirt - (3)
loudxmouse - knit crab - (3)
sarahj2001 - small ticket bowl - (3)
cc - pave the world - (1)
A2K - two coiled trivets - (1)

Starting Points - 8

Current Points - 0
Pending Points - 4
Total Points - 4

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: aeronberry on August 01, 2009 06:38:28 PM

Everything from non-smoking home.  I do have a small dog (dachshund), who rarely comes in contact with my craft supplies, but stray dog hairs are a fact of life around here  ;).

I might be able to take custom orders for...
amigurumi, other crocheted items, machine embroidered stuff , jewelry, hand drawn designs (for embroidering, logos, whatever), stuffies, photographs (I have lots of flowers, dolphins, birds, animals, travel, etc)


Items for sale, in an order than only makes sense to me  ;):

**Jewelry - sterling silver findings unless otherwise noted, lengths include wires - 1 pt each
(   (   (   (   (   (   (
A.  Green resin stone w/mystery brown beads - 2 inches
B.  Wood squares with green glass flowers - 1 7/8 inches
C.  Ceramic birds (birds "fly" when the earrings are worn) - 1.5 inches
D.  Vintage owls - 2.25 inches
E.  Turquoise w/birds (pewter) - 2.5 inches
F.  Purple freshwater pearls - 2.25 inches
G.  Olive jade and friends - 2.5 inches  sold to crumpet79!
H.  Pink briolettes - 2 inches

Chinese knot necklaces - 1 pt each.
Choose brown (17 in) or grey (19 in).  Metal magnetic clasps.

**Vintage bobbins - 8 inches tall, base 1 inch across.  Blurry matryoshka not included  ;).  3 for 1 pt.  (three sets available)

**Photography - Gallery here. (  (Click the link in the gallery to view all 33 photos)  Color changes available at no extra charge.  Cropping might vary slightly for different sizes.  Will be shipped to you directly from Shutterfly.  Larger sizes available as "custom" orders.  Here are some examples:
(   (   (   (
4x6 - .25 pts
5x7 - .5 pts
8x10 - 1 pt  ("stripes" and "peace" not available)

**Reversible project bags - Inspired by this post (  Perfect for small knitting or other projects.  You can slip the handle over your arm for knitting on the bus, at the movies - anywhere you don't want to drop your yarn  ;).  Approx 8.5x11.5 inches, 10 in handle.  1 pt each
(   (   (
1.  Skulls/Dots     2.  Skulls/Roses     3.   Pins/Flowers
4.  Sushi/Dots    5.  Koi/Banners    6.  Dragonflies Navy/Tan
7.  Paris Travel/Dots    8.  Turtles/Flowers   9.  Kids/Dragonflies
10.  Dolls/Dots    11.  Dress Up/Design    12.  Skulls/Abstract
13.  Girly Skulls   14.  Skulls/Camo

***Seek Sacks - "I Spy" style toys.  25+ items hidden in each fleece Seek Sack, includes list of items to find.  Not for kids under 3 years old.  8x8 inches.  More designs/themes available - just ask.  2pts each
A.  Blue with dalmations/fire hydrants
B.  Blue with dinosaurs  (lots of dinos inside)
C.  White with black writing
D.  Blue swirls (most items inside are blue)

***Mini Seek Sacks - smaller versions, great to keep in the car or mom's purse.  15 items in each, no list included (more of a challenge!).  4x4 inches.  More designs available - ask if you're looking for something in particular.  1pt each
A.  Green with flowers
B.  Pink/magenta swirls
C.  Blue swirls
 Sold to Sewknitter!  More available - send me a pm if you're interested

***Wristlet clutch.  Long handle slips through small.  Great size for carrying wallet, cell phone, plus a bit more.  Body of bag is 9x12 inches.  2pts each.
(   (
A.  Bright flowers, lined in magenta polka dots
B.  Classy camo, lined in olive green

***Japanese style clutch.  9in tall, 9in wide at base.  Strap is 6in tall and slips through a ring to close.  2pts each.
(   (   (  
A.  Pink woodland critters
B.  Blue geisha girls
C.  Teal kimono print

***Quilted fabric bowls - log cabin style.  These are reversible and washable.  Thumbnails aren't working right now, but the links do.  I'll try to fix it!
(   (
A.  Shabby Chick - 12x12in, shades of pink and beige with chicken in the center, reverses to neutral vine pattern  3pts
B.  Kitschy Kitty - 10x10in, shades of orange and pink with vintage kitty in the center, reverses to orange diamond pattern  3pts

***Shopping bags - approx. 13x15 inches.  2pts each
  (     (
A.  Grey dots/pink skulls with magenta dot lining.
B.  Henna patchwork print with brown lining

***Reversible double wrap fabric cuffs.  .5pts each
(   (   (   ( (   (   (   (
A.  Black/red/turquoise, turquoise floral print.  14.5in
B.  Blue with skeletons, light blue print.  14.75in
C.  Vintage tattoo, black with pink dots  14in
D.  Japanese bunnies, bold Asian flowers  13.5in
E.  Aqua flowers, pink swirls  14.25in
F.  Mod quilt, bold brown flowers  14.5in

***Funny faces clutch/wristlet.  Perfect size for small wallet, keys, phone, etc.  Zipper doesn't match up perfectly, but you barely notice it and it works just fine.  1pt


*** Surprise Box O'Fabric - 3pts  US only
2pts if combined with another item (except another surprise box) - these will be shipped together, so you'll get a little less fabric
Flat rate box full of fabric - cottons, prints, etc - something for everyone!

*** Surprise Box O'Yarn - 3pts  US only
2pts if combined with another item (except another surprise box) - these will be shipped together, so you'll get a little less yarn
Flat rate box full of yarn - mainly acrylics, great for charity crafts, kids, scouts, etc.

***Bag of beads.  Mostly plastic, would just about fill a snack size bag.  Lots of animals (mostly white because I can't use them in my "I Spy" bags), and fun random stuff.  Great for kids!  .5pts

More coming soon!!

A2K to aeronberry - Silke Tweed yarn 5pts
ptarmic wumpus to aeronberry - chinese medallion 1pt

aeronberry to crumpet79 - Olive jade and friends earrings 1pt

Points started with - 5 (2 pending)
Points available - 2
Points pending - 0

Wish List
- shawl pins
- summery cotton scarves
- crocheted/tatted snowflake ornaments in white, red, or olive green
- ocean life themed Christmas ornaments
- artsy photography (Asian themes, horses, Europe)
- forest animal cookie cutters
- felted sweater scraps, prints or earthtones
- vintage knit/crochet/sewing patterns, especially for toys
- Japanese fabric (cotton or kimono, small pieces are fine)
- Madeira embroidery thread
- vintage fabric
- Japanese/origami paper
- cording for making Chinese knots
- vintage embroidered trims

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: sewknitter on August 03, 2009 05:14:47 AM
sewknitter's shop of sewing, knitting, tatting, and crafty goodness. . . .

closed until STS30

Custom: knitting, tatting, crochet

Non-smoking, non-scented house, & no pets. (wish I could have a cat -- I do love cats.)
International buyers welcome!

Clickable thumbnails, click pictures for larger, closeup images.

Newest items on top!.

Handwoven rayon chenille scarf/sashed belt --2 pts
Size is 6" x 60". The ends have twisted warp, leno lace borders and fringe. Regularly sold for $45 in national galleries, yours for 2pts!

Cat notecards & envelopes -- 2 pts
4 different cat notes with matching envelopes.
Cats playing with  hand-drawn fish or handspun yarn are hand stamped, sprinkled with embossing powder, then  heat embossed, and each note is hand stamped by me in different designs. Beautiful outside, blank inside. I also hand stamped the front and back of the envelopes. These are beautiful, one of kind cards, each took time to make.
( (

Cupcake notecards 1pt
Set of 4 handstamped cupcake cards. Will customize. Choose icing colors, and can add words. I stamp cherries on the envelopes, both front & back.

swap enclosure cards 15 for 1pt CUSTOMIZED with your name or swap name. Assorted card stocks.
   CHOICE: ASSORTED OR OWL OR BIRDIE (or ask,  I have tons of stamps and card stock)
Look at the ones I made for lapoli:
( (

kitties puke sampler - 2pts
Says: Kitties will puke on everything you love.
NOTE: Will customize kitties or sampler

Bunnies cabled Vest 2pts
Acrylic with google eyes on front, cottontail pompons on back. Soo cute! Like a herd of wild bunnies jumping!
Size? chest finished width is 18" with lots of give.
( (

Acrylic knit stretch vest/shell 1 pt
Hand knit in true red/black variation.
This is a total ribbed vest about 36" finished chest, 20" long
True red & black, the colors in pics are off.
( (

Acrylic hat, hand knit on small needles 1 pt
machine/hand washable
( (

tawashi -random or custom color - 1 pt
"The tawashi (たわし or 束子, tawashi? lit., a bundle) is a Japanese traditional scrubbing brush to wash off the dirt. Crocheted from 100% acrylic yarn. Scratch-free, and used for dishes and small cleaning jobs." -- quoted from (

The twashi is 4 inches across, soft and makes dishes more fun to do!
here are some I've made in the past:
( ( ( ( (
I have a variety of colors, please PM before claiming, I'll make it up as ordered.

glass magnet set .5 pt
sealife related. seahorse, hermit crab, jellyfish (on the side, sorry!) and assorted seashells.

Jumbo gems on bobbie pins 1pt per pair:
the jumbo gems are 1 1/4" +/- and set onto silver plated bobbie pins.
Extra strong, japanese fabric/paper was used to create the designs. This paper is called Yuzen washi and is lushly decorated with color and golden metallic highlights.

Black/Gold flower 'wheels" set of jumbo 1.25 inches gems (1pt)

red-orange summer set of jumbo 1.25 inches gems (1pt)

purple feathers set of jumbo 1.25 inches gems (1pt)

Leaves-squares set of jumbo 1.25 inches gems (1pt)

gold lettering set of jumbo 1.25 inches gems (1pt)

cranes set of jumbo 1.25 inches gems (1pt)



Knitter's Companion Book -- 1pt
read about it here by clicking (

Plastic charms .5 for all:

Rubber sushi on tray .5 for all:

Long-prong-snaps .5 pts per package, 2 available.
extra grip for a secure fit, package of 10 12 sets, size 16, open white ring:

unmounted rubber stamp set .5pt

That's My Sister's Apron pattern 1 pt
New, unopened, regularly priced $12.99, this vintage apron comes in FOUR sizes!
Mother Large & Medium; Daughter Small; 18" doll mini.
3 styles. (

Knitting Ephemera -1pt
US only, one 9" x 12" envelope stuffed with vintage knitter's ephemeral material. This is old charts, hand-written/drawn patterns, vintage magazine and newspaper patterns. Came in with a vintage knitting machine. Most is about 30 years old.

Musical push buttons, 1pt
Musical Push Buttons measure 1 3/8" x 3/8". Used for making musical cards, scrapbooking, in dolls, stuffed animals, toys, books, clothing and more. Any where you want to add a bit of music in a simple "push to play" format!
Tunes available:
It's a small world (1 available)
Rock a by baby (2 available)
Teddy Bear picnic (1 available)
Music Box Dancer (1 available)


Claims sold from me -
to pinkanddinky: kitty puke sampler-2pts
Delivery Confirm:   420208519101805213907677788443
total sold - 2pts

Claims I have made -
from atsuko - cha cha bracelet - 3pts
total bought 3pts

Started with:1

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: kitschkween on August 03, 2009 07:06:43 AM
Kitschkween's swap shop
note: if you can still see the picture, i have it in stock.

3 point items

crafty stenciled and screen printed shirt. Made to order-you can choose style (tank, t, fit) and color. - 3 pts.
( ( -claimed by mlsocci74

2 point items

Custom stenciled shirts. Made to order- choose style, fit and color. - 2pts each

thread spool- can be standard or reverse stenciled (shown)

tekken panda - bangles can be blue instead
( (

Radiohead - can be reverse stenciled too


1 point items

computer keys - all for 1 pt

needle books (choose strawberry or chocolate strawberry) -

brushed aluminium lotion bottles. never used. the pump tubes were too long, so i had to cut them. - 4 for 1 pt. (4 sets available)

sun coasters 100% cotton - 1 pt for set of 6

lavender pearl earrings - 1pt.

teal & yellow flower necklace

leopard heart necklace - 1 pt
( (

Lavender and green jade necklace. I think the leaf pendant is jasper. - 1 pt.

Super long Hello Kitty guitar pick earrings - 1pt

beige & gunmetal flower earrings - 1 pt

wire wrapped flower ring (size 4) - 1 pt
( (

hk black bead guitar pick earrings - 1 pt

.5 pt items

green plastic chain (2mm, 1/4") - .5 pt per foot I have quite a bit.

owl earrings (pick red or yellow) - .5 pt/ pair
( (

plaid ring (pick pink or red) - .5 pt
( (

sushi earrings - .5pt

started with: 1
total: 3


nesse - soap - 1pt.


mlsocci74 -crafty stenciled tee - 3 pts
sarahj2001 - crafty stenciled and screen printed shirt - 3 pts

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: pinkanddinky on August 04, 2009 07:49:17 PM
All Things Pink & Dinky!!!
OPEN for Business!!!

1/2 point items:

Turtle Needlebook- .5

Curry Needlebook- .5

Girls Hot Dog Shirt-.25 REDUCED AGAIN!
This is a new pale pink American Apparel Classic Girl Shirt size M/OS (14 inches across chest when laying flat)
It looks like it would fit a preteen girl or a very thin adult.
Has an iron-on decal of a hot dog and says "hot diggity dog." Decal directions said it is dryer-safe but I would still hang to dry to be extra cautious.

Crib Queen Baby Sweatshirt -.25 REDUCED AGAIN!
This is a thrifted sweatshirt that says 6/9 months but I think it has shrunk significantly because it looks much small than that to me. It is almost 12 inches across under the arms and about 11.5 inches from neck to hem. Because of the iron-on words, this one should not be put in the dryer.

1 Point Items

Pen Holders - 1 point each
Have a brilliant thought but can't find your pen? Ready to doodle in your journal and there is no pencil to be found? Here is the cute and functional solution! I have not sewn the elastic in yet, so if you have a specific journal/book you would like it to fit, just let me know and I can make it extra long or extra short. If you don't specify, I will just make it the standard size (need to go measure so I can list specifics).

Birds and Trees:

Mrs. Darcy:

The Sophisticate:

Stone River:

Woodland Creatures 2:

Deer 1:

Deer 2:

Here is what they look like inside the cover.

Vintage Puppy Hanky-1
This is vintage through and through. The handkerchief is vintage (a pale mauve color with white edging) and the embroidery pattern that I used was also vintage.

Covered button thumbtacks- 1 point per set- only 1 set available
Gift ready...Each set comes on a cute gift tag with a piece of corkboard

Covered button barrettes- Green flower set - 1 point
Gift ready...comes on a card and with a little brown envelope

Covered button barrettes- Frogs- 1 point

T-shirt yarn - 4 for 1 point REDUCED!!!!!!  (you can also just get two for 1/2 point)
These average between 9 to 14 yards and are all made of one long continuous piece. I noticed the yellow ball didn't make its way into one of the other pictures so just let me know if you want it.

Blues (please indicate which one you want by column and row (i.e. R1, C2))

Pinks (please choose pink, maroon, or purple)

Earthy (please choose brown, gray, or beige). The two on each end are beige and are from matching t-shirts. If you are doing a large project and need a third one of the same beige color, I have one that I didn't post because it broke a couple of times when my husband was helping me make the yarn and he pulled too hard. I'll throw it in for whoever can use it.

Black and white and red all over. These are so similar, please just choose red, black or white.
Both of the black ones are really long because they came from XXL t-shirts...probably 13 or 15 yards.

Vintage Pinwheel quilt squares - 1 point for 2
You can have these like they are for 1 point or I can sew them into two pillows (without the stuffing) for one point each.

One for 1 point, Three for 2 points, Five for 3 points
These are made from 100% cotton flannel for ultra softness and absorbancy. The pantyliners have five layers of flannel and the maxi pads have six layers. They will all have snaps on the wings when you receive them (I can only hammer so many at once and keep good relations with my neighbors :)). The layout of the fabric may differ, but I do take great care to make sure that as much of the design shows as possible. If you want more than one of the same pad or pantyliner, just pm me because i have multiples of most of them.

Please choose by number: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 23 , 24 , 25

In case the picture isn't clear the top left is gardening boots, second from left is a cherry print. The bottom right reminds me of like Bazooka gum cartoon strips.

backs (click for bigger image):

backs (click for bigger image):

It's hard to tell, but the frog fabric is kind of blue-green with a pale yellow liner. And the camo actually has dinosaurs on it. #17 and #19 are no longer available.

backs (click for bigger image):


Please choose A , B , C , D , E , F , G , H , I




Cat and Mouse Wreath-1
Handmade but not by me. I picked it up at a yard sale. It's about the size of a large plate.

Chifunky Pincushion-1
Made from an Anthropologie egg cup and vintage fabric. Super cute and last one available!

Watering can pincushion -1

Arm band wallet-1
Made from waterproofed cotton so it won't absorb sweat. Velcro closure. One-size-fits-all adjustable strap. Lined with pink fabric. Perfect for times when you don't want to carry a purse.

2 Point Items

Pride and Prejudice Sash- 2


Wuthering Heights Sash- 2  ON TENTATIVE HOLD


Silver Heart necklace-2
This is a silver-plated heart with two swarkovski crystals on each side.

Vintage scrolled chair pincushion-2
I got this chair at a yard sale and added some padding and changed the cushion because the one on it was kind of grungy. It appears to be handmade from an old coke can. It is absolutely adorable and a wee bit delicate. The fabric on the cushion is also vintage.

So you can see the side scrollwork and get a perspective on size

3 Point Items

Wooden Vintage Purse- 3 points (can only ship to US)
I bought this about ten years ago at a flea market and have enjoyed it so much. But seeing as I haven't used it in several years and it is too awesome to go to waste, I thought I'd let it go to its next owner. I hate to do it but I have got to limit this heavy item to those with a US address only.

Here is the back. You can see where the two pieces are glued. But it has held together fine for many many years.


Seed beads- 3 for one point
The turquois and red are a bit bigger than seed beads and the cobalt blue are seed beads.
These are a great deal!!

Magnifying Glass-2
I got this at the Discover Channel Store a long time ago and never really used it. Click the thumbnails for additional views.



Trims- 2 points for lot
Most of these are over one yard and some are two yards. In this lot there are two unopened packages, including a daisy lace trim and a velvet trim embellished with beads. The leather cords are salvaged from various things so they are not as long.

Vintage Travel Stickers- 2 points per box
These are fantastic for all kinds of projects. Each box includes 20 large stickers. Choose: Wings of the World (vintage airline ads/logos) or Exotic Destinations (vintage hotel ads/logos). These are reproductions of actual old ads from around the world.

Wings of the World:

Exotic Destinations:

Pending: 0
Current: 4
Total: 4

To loudxmouse: pen holder-1
To Nesse: 5 pantyliners/pads- 3 points
To Zelda.Suicide: 2 penholders-2

from Sewknitter: kitty puke sampler-2
from Zelda.suicide: 2 crocheted washcloths (.5) and 3 barmops (1.5)- total 2

Small pieces of felted wool in fallish colors (mustard yellow, subdued green)(I have orange now thanks to PtarmicWumpus!)  :)
Handcarved rubber stamps
Springy skirts/jackets
Large purses
Delicate/lightweight scarves that I can wear with dressy clothes
Simple, classy earrings (pearls, matt silver, etc.)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: gavagai on August 05, 2009 11:59:10 AM
gavagai's swap shop is...



Custom orders

I can make custom made stenciled t-shirts (or other stenciled stuff). I would make the stencil myself as you wish it to be. PM me with what you have in mind and we'll discuss it. Here are a few examples of what I made before:

(   (   (   (   (

IKEA fabric at fabulous prices!  :)
All 100% cotton new fabric.

Gunvor. (whole piece showing, sorry about the folded corners in the picture) 59"x47". 1 point

Unknown name. Out of production. (whole piece showing) 59"x36". 1 point


Elsa. 59"x40". 1 point. Sorry about it being all wrinkly, but I can't iron it right now. If you want to I'll iron it before sending.


Katarina. Out of production. 59"x78". 2 points

Fredrika1. 59"x27". 1/2 point ON HOLD FOR TWIZTIDBLOOD

Fredrika2. 59" x 26". 1/2 point ON HOLD FOR TWIZTIDBLOOD

Burger ring, 2 points


Adjustable finger ring (silver plated) with a polymer clay hamburger with fries on a blue china plate.

Nestlaces (clickable thumbnails), 2 points each

Gemstone eggs in a silver plated nest. The nests are about 1 1/4" across. Comes with a silver plated chain.


Yellow egg nestlace. Yellow jade?


Turquoise egg nestlace. I think the "eggs" are green aventurine.

needle felting kit, 2 points

This includes:
1 foam pad to use as a base when felting (approximately 7"x7", will measure...)

1 felting needle with plastic cover/case and plastic "head" for better grip.

Instructions and tips!

about 40 grams/1.5 ounces of carded wool of your choice:
 -"regular" sheeps wool in many different colours
 - merino wool in many different colours (softer but might be slightly more difficult to felt, hard to say, a matter of personal taste really, why not try both!)
 - natural wool of different breeds, different colours, some curly, you can even have some camel fleece in there (some of the natural wool is much harder to felt, since it's not as processed, discuss with me and I would recommend somehow mixing coloured and natural).

Sample kit (but you will have a chance to customize it):

Below are just a few colour examples from my stash:

Deluxe needle felting kit, 3 points

Same as above, but for this kit you get an extra felting needle and may also choose either a wool handbag (felted by hand) or a flat wool piece (also felted by hand). You can choose from colors below. These are for you to decorate with needle felting. Handbag measures approximately 8 1/2" x 6" and has a zipper and lining. Manufacturer says that you can needle felt on the bag without removing the lining, but I noticed that there will then be tiny little marks in the lining from the felting needle (it is still fine to use it though!), so (if you are as picky as me  ;)) you might want to loosen the lining from the bag a bit so that you can insert a small foam pad (included) while needle felting. The lining can then easily be sewn back by hand. The felted wool piece is about 17" x 12".

temaris, 2 points

The below are my own improvised designs based on the ancient Japanese art of temari, which translated into English means "hand ball". The ball itself in these cases has a base consisting of a plastic bag (since temari is all about recycling) and round it is layers of hand wound yarn and thread to shape the ball and make the decorative surface. The embroidery is made with cotton perle. All handmade by me. Choice of blue ball (very dark blue IRL) or green. Egg cup/temari stand and image editor frames not included.  :D

Claims made from me:
gavagai to asphaltqueen - custom shirt - (3) - send by August 26 SENT!
gavagai to sarahj2001 - 2 point Needle Felting Kit (2) - send by August 28
gavagai to oneredboot - IKEA fabric (Fredrika) - (1) -  send by August 31 SENT!
gavagai to klum78: Fredrika. 59"x36"  (1 point) -  send by September 1
gavagai to oneredboot - IKEA fabric (Fialena, Gunilla) - (1) -  send by September 1 SENT!
gavagai to A2K - Custom shirt (3) - send by September 3 SENT!

Claims I have made:
Angry Angel to gavagai - Toadstool - (1) - send by August 30
Zelda.Suicide to gavagai - Creative machine stitchery - (1) -  send by September 1
Zelda.Suicide to gavagai - Embroidery frames - (1) -  send by September 1
calluna to gavagai - 20 Edward Gorey postcards - 1 pt - send by September 3
calluna to gavagai - Botanical handmade paper & 30+ men's ties - 1 pt - send by September 3
AsphaltQueen to gavagai - 2 Yards Cotton Turtle Fabric - (2) - send by September 4
AsphaltQueen to gavagai - Mickey Mouse Sheet - (1)  - send by September 4
AsphaltQueen to gavagai - Whale Fabric - (1)  - send by September 4

Started with: 1

Current: 2
Pending: 1
Total: 3

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: ptarmic wumpus on August 05, 2009 11:43:17 PM
Saturday Shipping Only!

Firstly, it should be known that my household is non-smoking, but I do have two furry cats. Please pm me if you need more detailed info about any of the items.


V1. Batik clothing! See the gallery here: (
for photos and points.

V2. Clothing gallery! All sewn by me, mostly from commercial patterns. (

V3. Fabric gallery - fabric can be claimed for custom items, or by the piece (

HALF POINT (pick any two):

H1. Ornaments circa 1990! I made these when I was ~13, way back when, they have pretty much been in storage since. Mix and match, 1/2 pt per ornament, or combine with other items. The top three are cotton, the bottom two are felt, with polyfil.
red bell
stars with hearts (two avail)
clown kitty
blue kitty

little girl has been claimed!

H2. Felted booties A pair of 'test' booties, wet felted wool, turned out a bit large. length approx 5". Wool is very soft. (1/2 pt for pair).

H3. Animal scarf rayon/silk satin devore scarf, pink on teal. This one is fewer points because I had problems with the pink dye and it went on unevenly. (1/2)

H4. Baby hat soft cotton knit, grey with tiny doggies. One size fits most. (1/2)

H6. Felted eyeballs wet felted with needle felted details. Choose by eye color, or mix and match. Custom eyeballs available. (1/2 pt per eyeball) heart scarf very small (24" long) silk charmeuse scarf with shibori resist hearts

H8. mini shibori scarf very small (24x6") silk charmeuse scarf in shades of turquoise with a few rust smudges (1/2)


1A. Fabric chain garland starched fabric strips in a chain garland. Your choice of fully constructed chain, 5 ft for 1 pt, or a bag of prepared cut, starched, and pressed strips ready for gluing, 6 ft for 1 pt. I can make a large chain for multiple points. Approx. 24 ft available, sorry I can't take color requests. (1)

1B. Wine cozy made from thrifted felted sweater, with needle felted design and sequins. Ribbon strap on bottom to keep wine from falling out. (

1C. Beaded ornament silk dupioni with handsewn seed beads. Approx. 3" diameter. (1)

1D. Fulled sweater basket 'knitting baskets" from a Martha Stewart pattern. Thrifted wool sweaters, thread. Circumference of bottom of basket approx 38". Use to store projects, as a pet bed, whatever. Sweater a fugly grey flowers (1)

1E. Food mobile #2 felt food items dangle from wooden cooking implements. Your choice of attachment at the top of the mobiles.
mobile #2 (1)

laying flat: (

1F. Acid dyed silk scarves Choose: (1 each)
red and toffe, crepe de chine, ~7x48" (1)
purple crackle, ~8x50" (1)
black and blue, 8x50" silk crepe (1)
watermelon, 11x60", silk crepe (1)
white with multicolor stripes, silk crepe, ~8x52"
red and gold, silk charmeuse, ~11x60"

1H. Felted star bowl little felted wool bowls. Bowl is about 2.5" across. Can be flipped inside out to reverse color scheme. (1) each or all three for (2) - choose purple/turquoise, light blue/jade, or red/lime.

1I. Sweater soaker custom soaker for mimiw. Can make more in your choice of color and size. From a fulled sweater. (1)

1J. Shibori tea towel fuchsia and purple shibori cotton tea towel (1)

1L. handwoven bag small bag handwoven on cardboard, approx 8x11", acrylic blend yarns. (1)

1M. Walrus batik shirt cotton thrifted tee, short length, 38" bust 34" waist shirt dimensions. (1)

1O. Shibori thrift store garments Choose (1 pt ea)
Old Navy maternity top, cotton, size L (38" bust)
Onesie, robins egg blue, size 12 mo
woven cotton tank, 39" bust

1P. Tibetan bag small embroidered bag/pouch, backing is black and white tweed, lined, 2.5x4.75". (1)

1Q. Hello Kitty origami paper new packet, I think it has some bonus stickers. (1)


2A. Denim doggie jacket from Simplicity 4000, metallic denim with knit cuffs, front zip, studs and chain, fully lined. Sized to fit 7 to 11 lb dogs with chest measurement 15-18" and length 8-10" from collar to base of tail. I'll send you extra studs in case you need to shorten the chain. (2)
Kahlua, who weighs 11 lb, deigned to model this for about 10 seconds, with the front unzipped. (

2B. star mat nuno felted mat - exact size coming later (2)

2D. Vibrant felted bag merino wool claimed last round, wet felted bag 8x10" with felted handle, no lining. (2)

2E. Purple flame beret mill end wool (not merino) wet felted beret in orange and purple. This one is poofier and bigger than the pale lavendar one below. Currently snug fit for a 21/22" head, but I can wet and shape it for a larger size, within limits. (2)

2F. Lavendar beret medium wool (not merino) claimed ages ago in this swap, with yarn swirls, wet felted beret. Currently snug fit for a 21/22" head, but can be shaped for a somewhat larger size. (2)

2G. Rousseau-esque felted mat nuno felted mat with jungly scene. (2)

2I. pink felted hat wet felted hat in shades of pink/purple. Fits approx. 22.5" head. (2)

2J. Floral floppy hat cotton floppy hat, inside ribbon sweatband, sized for a 22" head. (2)

2K. Sherbet felted hat wet felted wool hat in intense turquoise/magenta combination (colors don't photograph well). Fits 22-22.5" head size. Brim can be folded up or down. (2)

2L. Sweater frog sweaters, fiberfil, child-safe eyes. (2)


3A. Spikey bag felted bag with spikes and felted handle. Unlined, approx. 12" diameter. (3)


S1. Half point mix n match. Everything is 1/2 pt, except the tracing paper which is claimed. Choose: plastic easter eggs, aida bookmark for cross-stitch, plastic dominoes, Rub n Buff gold, veggie fabric trim, two silk ornament blanks (rust or bronze) for decorating, wooden box bottom lined with brown velveteen (for shrine?).

wood box wooden box with latch and shallow compartments inside. outside dimensions 4.25x6x1.25" (1/2)

S2. batik panel choose from three designs:
butterfly hill 18x28" (left); butterfly branch 18x28" (center); birds  18x20" (right). (1 pt each)

S3. Finger gloves package of latex finger gloves, contains 6 large and 6 medium sized fingertip gloves. Unopened! Use for painting, hot glue work, soap and candle making. If you can't tell, the gloves each cover one fingertip about down to the middle knuckle. (1)

S4.  Books:
Easy Guide to Sewing Skirts by Marci Tilton (1)

S5. Linen placemats for embroidering or whatever. From the thrift store, one of them has a very very faint small pink stain in the center, may be removable with bleach. Set of six, 1 pt.

S6. Matryoshka dolls set of three, largest ~3.5" tall. (1)

S7. clothing blanks some for dyeing, some for printing only. choose from:
dark green Jerzees 50/5- poly cotton, printing only, size M, 38" chest (1/2 pt)
fruit of the loom black 100% cotton tee, size 2XL, 51" chest, (1 pt)
fruit of the loom black 100% cotton tee size L, 43" chest (1 pt)
LAT black 100% cotton tee size XL, 44" chest (1 pt)
mossimo 100% cotton blue tank, XXL, 34" chest (1 pt)
3 dots black sleeveless , thrifted, 100% cotton, M, 30" chest (1/2 pt)
men's white tank, 100% cotton, size L, 42" chest, I think it has cotton thread  (1)
men's knit watch cap, 100% cotton jersey, one size (1/2)
Cherokee women's knit top, meatier 92% cotton/6% nylon/2%spandex knit, I have two, one size XXL (42" chest), one size M (34") chest  (1 ea)
Hanes kids tees. 100% cotton. One size 6-8, four size 10-12. (1/2 ea)

Items I have claimed:
mullerslanefarm to ptarmic wumpus -  4 oz Romney (3)
loudxmouse to ptarmic wumpus - flat rate box of fabric (3)
A2K to ptarmic wumpus - quilted bag for fall (3)
A2K to ptarmic wumpus - black picture frames, blue and fair isle sweaters for fulling (total 1 pt)
SewMamaLady to ptarmic wumpus - ten Cigar Boxes (1 pt)
penguino to ptarmic wumpus - black walnut roving (2)
lapoli to ptarmic wumpus - 2 oz tencel top (2)

Items claimed from me:
ptarmic wumpus to AsphaltQueen - 10 oz yak yarn (3)
ptarmic wumpus to aeronberry - chinese medallion bottom right 1 pt
ptarmic wumpus to atsuko - Chinese Medallion top right - 1 point
ptarmic to atsuko - Chinese Medallion bottom left - 1
ptarmic wumpus to asphaltqueen - assorted small change - (1)
                                                   chinese medallion (upper left) - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to Angry Angel - 2C Felted Tree Mosaic - 2 pts
ptarmic wumpus to corduroy cat - Sweater cat - 2
ptarmic wumpus to Zelda.Suicide - 1G. pacman perler - (1)
ptarmic wumpus to mullerslanefarm Sweater Lamb (2)

wool batts/roving for felting
hairsticks (long and preferably metal or strong wood, I tend to snap them)
nerdy scifi stuff, haha
crochet/knit leaves and flowers
things with vintage motorcycles (not harleys)

Starting Points: 5 available; 0 pending
Available Points:    5
Pending Points :     0
Total Points:         5

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: Cya on August 06, 2009 12:48:52 PM


I live in Quebec, Canada with my wonderful husband and adorable daughter. We have two cats and our home is smoke-free.

3 points

Custom cross-stitched bookmark

Machine cross-stitched bookmark featuring the manga/video game character of you choice.
It has a wool felt backing to make it more sturdy.
Please send me a reference picture of the character you want once you've claimed.
If you'd like the Zelda bookmark shown in the picture, I can make one for you for 2 points instead of 3.

2 points

Organic merino handspun

1.4 oz, thick and thin. Blend of organic merino, soysilk and sari silk. Very soft. One available.
Sorry, it's been claimed but I'll make some more.

Custom crochet roll

Embroidered crochet roll with space for 11 hooks, needles, scissors and other tools. It ties up with a ribbon. I can make a longer roll if you require more space for your hooks. Your choice of main fabric, contrasting fabric, ribbon and embroidery color (fabrics will be posted soon). Tools not included.

Totoro scarf

This 6"x57", black & white polar fleece scarf is thick, structured and warm. The edges are serged. The Totoro design is 4"x5", machine embroidered.
The scarf color will differ from the picture (black fleece instead of grey). I have other fabric and thread colors for you to choose from if you like.

Custom pencil sketch of your favorite anime/manga/videogame character

This is an example of what I do but I can draw in other styles too. Add two points for each additional character if you'd like me to draw more than one.

Custom digital lineart

Simple digital lineart of either an original character or any anime/manga/videogame character. If you'd like an original character, please send a description.
You will receive the file by email but I can also send you a printed copy if you like. Because of the one week shipping deadline, I cannot color it (heh, I'm slow!)

1 point

Machine embroidered Totoro

Machine embroidered Totoro on a one foot square piece of fabric. I can use fabric from my stash or you can send me a specific fabric or garment if you like. It has to be a pretty heavy fabric (t-shirt fabric or light cotton will pucker). 140+ thread colors to choose from.

Machine embroidered 8-bit Final Fantasy black mage badge

For the true geek only! 3x4 inches approx. It can be sewn or glued on a bag or other support. I can embroider him on another background color and I'll fix the problem with his right hand before embroidering.

1/2 point

Guest soaps

I made these little glycerin soaps with my daughter. Each is 2 inch diameter, perfect for guests.
Claim as green clay (no fragrance), green clay and rose, pink grapefruit.
I can also make lily of the valley, rhassoul clay (no fragrance), cucumber, lime, watermelon, vanilla or coffee.  
1/2 point each, several available.

Totoro shrink plastic charms

Hand drawn and colored, finished with matte varnish for durability
1/2 point each or 1 point for all three
Claim as grey, blue or white Totoro

Hand-drawn shrink plastic animals

Each animal is carefully hand-drawn and colored. You can choose from the picture or I can draw any other animal of your choice. They are pierced for jewelry making. 1/2 point each.


1 point

Newlook patterns for toddlers

Both are size 6 months to 4 years. New and uncut, bought recently. 1 pt each. Claim as dress or sleepwear Newlook pattern.

Wash away stabilizer

This is a thick, tear-away/wash-away embroidery stabilizer. It has a papery texture and doesn't stretch easily. It can be used with any fabric but it's especially useful for embroidering knit fabric.  
5 sheets for 1 point or 0.25 point/sheet. They're 8.5"x11".

Claims made from me:
Cya to Zelda.Suicide - Machine embroidered 8-bit Final Fantasy black mage badge - (1)
Cya to mullerslanefarm - Custom crochet roll (3)
Cya to Angry Angel - Totoro shrink plastic charms (all 3) - 1 point

Claims I have made:
lapoli to Cya - Bag of random fiber, 2oz - (1)
lapoli to Cya - 100% soysilk fiber (white), 2oz - (2)
lapoli to Cya - Dark red/purple gotland locks, 2oz - (2)
lapoli to Cya - Louet fine mohair (white), 2oz - (2)

Crafted: cosmetic bag, handspun, cat toys, children toys, wool socks, handmade soap, hats and scarves, amigurumi...
Supplies: soapmaking supplies, shiny or exotic fiber for carding, wool felt, spinning or felting books, diy kits, acid dye, colorful trims, handmade paper, japanese fabric, shrink plastic book or supplies...

Starting Points: 8
Current Points: 2
Pending Points: 4
Total Points: 6

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: penguino on August 10, 2009 10:34:43 PM
Store is closed for the month.  I am taking Sept off because of wedding/honeymoon.  Will be back in Oct.  Thanks everyone. :)

All items come from smoke-free, pet-free home.

[NEW]  natural dye roving.  Indigo.  2 oz merino (2 pt each).  There will be some chalking when you spin it.  I did 5 rinses on the fiber and the water is clear on the last rinse.

[NEW]  natural dye roving.  2 oz BFL (2 pt each)
Left to Right.
J7 purple - red tone
J8 purple - yellow tone
J9 purple - yellow tone
J10 purple - red - yellow tone

[NEW]  acid dye roving.  2 oz merino (2 pt each)
top - red-green-brown-orange
bottom - green-blue-orange

[NEW]  acid dye roving.  2 oz merino (2 pt each)
top2 - blue-brown-purple-red-orange
bottom2 - lime green-blue-purple

[NEW]  handspun yarn from crazy batt (mill-end wool, corredale, merino, mohair, angelina, etc)
top, 1.5oz - (2)
center, 1.5 oz - (2)
bottom, 2.5 oz - (3)

walnut hat - (1)
adult size.  knit from handspun and natural dye(black walnut) wool with mohair hair roving.  2 available.

crazy batt hat - (1)
adult size.  knit from handspun and wool/mohair/alpaca/angelina/etc crazy batt.

landscape hat - (1)
adult size.  knit from lions brand landscape, colorway rose garden.

[2 pt each] "black walnut" roving.  
varigated brown-tone.  brown sheep mill end-wool with mohair.  natural dye with black walnut.  2 oz ea.  4 available.

rib hat - (1)
adult size

purple tote bag - (1)

Set of shooting star notecard - (1)
Approx.  1.5x1.5in, perfect for use when swapping.  You will receive 20 random ones.  These are example.  Multipled Sets Available.

knitted felt bowl set - (3)
A set of three.  approx size: 1.5"dia x 1.5" H, 3" dia x 1.5" H, 4.5" dia x 2"H

beaded radish earring - (1)
silver plated findings.  Inspired by Luna Lovegood's earring in the Harry Potter movie.

wine charms - (1)
in 10 different colors

ID Badge Holder/Lanyard - (1)
With crysal aqua seed beads and ladybug glass beads. approx. 27 inches in length.

Close up of the ladybug beads/crystal aqua seed beads.

purple/white neckwarmer with polymer clay button - (1)

knitted bag "Sueet Suede" - (1)
size 7in H x 6in W x 3in D


See picture below.  Items listed from left to right and top to bottom.

Turtle paperweight - (1)
New.  In original packing.

Fairytale flexible push mold - (1)
New.  Never been used.  No original packaging.  For polymer clay

Tri Bead Roller - (1)
New.  Never been used.  In original packaging.

purse handle - (1)

wooden link, flower-like shape - (1)

polymer clay buttons.  I handmade them. heart shape, flower shape, circular ones. - (2)

buttons - (1)

Thanks for looking. :)

Claims from me:
penguino to loudxmouse--Indigo4 (2)
penguino to A2K -  Acid dye roving lime green-blue-purple (2)
penguino to ptarmic wumpus - black walnut roving (2)

Claims I have made:
freestyle to penguino - Flat Quarter "Twiggy 1", "Twiggy 2", "Twiggy 8", "Wildland 9" -(2 pt total)
TwiztidBlood to penguino - white totoro - (1)
Angry Angel to penguino - Woodland Fairies - (1)
Angry Angel to penguino - Flower Fairies - (1)

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Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: donniesgirl on August 11, 2009 10:00:23 AM
Donniesgirl’s Swap Shop

Current status: CLOSED til November-ish

I'm bringin' customs back...

PM me if you have interest in deer skins in a future round (November to January ish).  They will be from deers harvested for food, and can be used for purses, pillow covers, and other craft projects.

About My Shop
Texas based shop.  Smoke free, although I do have a cat.  She is afraid of the sewing machine so stray hairs shouldn’t be a problem.  :)  


3 Points

Custom A-Line Drawstring Skirts
PM me your measurements & what you are looking for.  Below are some examples:


Custom Placemats - set of 4

Pieced, stenciled, plain ol' sewn...Halloween, Christmas, etc...PM me what you are looking for.  Examples are below.



Custom Apron

PM me what you are looking for - I can do all kinds of styles although I'm not terribly fond of doing ruffles unless it's a preruffled trim like eyelet.  :)  Examples:



Set of 20 Cloth Curlers

PM me color preferences, or I have lots of scraps if you don't mind a mix.  :)  Examples:


Custom Appliqued/Hand embroidered Dishtowel

PM me the applique shape and a quote up to 4 lines.  The quote is hand embroidered onto the applique, which is machine sewn to a C&B dish towel.  Example:


Reusable Grocery bags - 3 points for 2 lined, sewn bags.  PM me your color/pattern preference(s)

Satin Sleep Mask - PM me your color preference(s)

2 Points

Custom Herb/Plant Markers - set of 5

Please specify the herbs/plants in your claim.  Works best on up to 10 letters, but especially 8 or less.

Custom Cat & Dog Food Placemats

Please specify the colors/prints you would like.  These are two sided mats for cat/dog food & water bowls.  The cat ones are shaped like fish & the dog ones are shaped like bones.

Copper Seed Bead Necklace - 2 points.  

(   (

1 Point

Nick Nack Pottery - 1 point each

Chain stitch necklace  – 1 point.  Made with blue bamboo silk yarn.


Lavender sachets - set of 2 for 1 point.  Satin & Velveteen (2 sets available) or Cotton Botanical (6 sets available).  Note the Cotton Botanical may vary some as the fabric is a large botanical print (18" repeat or so), but the colors in the picture are true.

(   (

Wildflower Return Address Labels, 5 sheets return address labels (30 labels per sheet) for 1 point.  Set has a variety of 5 different wildflowers taken by me here in Texas.  My spring allergies ought to be good for something!   :D  

(  The flowers:   (   (   (   (   (

Every Day "Eco Friendly" Dinner Napkins.  Set of 6 for 1 point.  They are casual (one sided) & each one is 12" x 12."  The fabrics I have available are below.  If there is a motif or color that you are looking for & I don't have it, please PM me.  

Color choices available are shown below, left to right (Asian flower print, medallions, sailboats, tan w/white flowers, tropical, & palm trees.  

(     (   (   (   (   (  

Coasters - set of 4 for 1 point.  Please specify black/white/pink, blue/white/red, coffee, or Texas.
(   ( (   (

Kitchen towels - 1 point each.  Each towel has a yummy recipe appliquéd, similar to below.  Washable.  Please specify Cabernet Brownies, Poppyseed Madeleines, Jen's Blondies, Lavender Madeleines, St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake, or Cabernet Jelly.  The colors may be different than below, so if you have a color request, please let me know.  Or, if you would like a particular recipe appliquéd, I can do that too.

(   (  

 Wine grapes cell phone charm - 1 point.  I didn't make this, but it was made by a friend of my cousin's.  I think it's cute, but I'm just not a cell phone charm person.


Quarter Point Items
Please order in increments of one point.  Mix & match potholders, iron on transfers, and hair doo dads.


Action shot of the eyelet/cherry blossoms print headband: (

Unfortunately, I don't have the fiber content or washing instructions on any of the fabric, but I'll try to describe the fabric as best I can.

3 Points

Blue fabric  - 5 yards for 3 points.  There is a total of 10 continuous yards.  Each 5 yard increment is a total of 3 points.  It has a very subtle herringbone type weave.  The picture makes it look like denim, but it really isn't anything like it - it's more of a royal blue color with a heavy challis feel.
(   (

2 Points


1 Point

Bag of Scraps - cottons

Sequined Christmas Appliques - all for 1 point

Sewing patterns (never used, any 2 for 1 point).  
(   (   (   (   (   (   (   (     (   (  

Pink seed beads - 1 point.  As you can see, I started a necklace out of these a looooong time ago.  I lost the pattern (it’s like the copper necklace above) & lost interest, though, so here are the beads & the partial necklace for whoever wants them.

(   (

Black sheer - 2 yards (44" w) for 1 point.

(   (

Pink silky fabric with roses - 1 3/4 yards (45"w) for 1 point.


PJ Shorts Fabrics - 3 fabrics for 1 point.

Horoscope silky fabric (1 3/4 yards @ 60"w), Red flannel with a girly print (1 1/3 yards @ 41"w), Girly silky fabric (1 3/4 yards @ 45"w)

(   (   (

My Wishlist
~ Any summer scarf from the summer 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting
~ Something similar to the tree of life pendants with ice blue colored stones, except a cross instead of a tree of life
~ Soap
~ Cute notecards
~ A nickel-free nestlace with ivory colored eggs
~ A steampunk cross
~ Suiting fabrics (preferably natural fibers)
~ Black & white pic of the northern California coast
~ Girly knitted/crocheted slippers in natural fibers
~ Broches nice enough I could wear to work
~ Embroidered kitchen towels


Claims made from me -
donniesgirl to A2K - set of placemats - 3
donniesgirl to Angry Angel - Wildflower Return Address Labels - 1 pt

Claims I have made -   
Sansa to donniesgirl: Leaf Lace Scarf - 3
pinkanddinky to donniesgirl: Pen Holder (Deer 1) - 1

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Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: bkrenning4 on August 11, 2009 05:16:21 PM



Everything below is 4 for 1!  That's right...4 items...1 point.  Pick and choose...
















SHELL PENDANTS -- >25 each






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preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', '___________________________________________________________________________')


Current Points: 5
Pending Points:
Total Points: 5

preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', '___________________________________________________________________________')


Fish soap in a  bag (or some other water creature!)
Knitted socks
Calvin & Hobbes anything, but especially amigurumi (
Needle box (
Simple nightgown
Anything off my wist!
Contact me for pricing if you want to make something from my wist![/center]

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: leighi123 on August 11, 2009 09:13:05 PM
Roots and Wings Shop the Swap Shop

Welcome to my shop!  I'm a single mommy to a wonderful 25month old, and I mostly sew, and make things for baby/kids, but I try all kinds of other crafts too!  I live in Florida, and we have a dog.  I might be willing to do customs depending on how busy I am with other orders (links on my profile to all kinds of cool stuff I make) and I also do personal swaps!

My stuff:


In-stock in my store:

Please send me a message if you are interested in anything, and we will work out the points etc. 

Hat for Jasmine - this is a reversable sunhat, with the name 'Jasmine' embroidered on it.  (it was a custom order from someone who never paid!   )  Fits up to about 2-3yrs old, depending on head size.  2pts

Kimono style shirt.  Its black/white/red tiny flowers.  Ties closed.  Fits 12-18month ish.  2pts

Custom glass pendant  I'll use a photo/graphic or whatever that you send me (needs to be sized about 1" square, pendant is slightly smaller than 1").  Does not include a chain.  2pts

Bandana bibs - 1/2pt each.  These fit baby and toddler, some are only baby size tho, a few are doll ones!  They fasten w/elastic, great for drool.

Chamilion shirt - I think its 18month size.   1pt

girl blowing bubbles - 12months skorts 2pts

paint chip wallet - has pocket for money and slots for cards - 1pt

american apparel knock off dress/tunic top - inspired by this post    25" long, 16" across (laid out)- it streches.  Dk purple sorta color.  (sorry, no pic yet!)   1pt

Crayon roll up - holds 8 toddler crayons, or 16 regular ones.  Does not come with cryons b/c its super hot here and they will just melt everywhere.   1pt each
More colors are shown here:  The pink one and the orange one are gone, I might not have your first choice of colors avaible, so please have a back up color choice!

Fabric letters - Made to order.  These are sewn and stuffed, great for hanging on the wall, or just playing with, safe for babies too - fun way for kids to learn to spell their name too!    .5pts each, you can get as many as you want
Fabric choices are here:  (be sure to check the additional links to the left, please note that I may run out of your first choice in fabrics!)

Obanu carrier - sunflower print, lightly padded straps, 'scrunches' at the base for small babies/front facing carries.  Better for smaller babies/mommys.


Glass pendants. 
 1pt each

The one on the far right is gone

lots and lots of patterns - mostly womens clothes in sizes bigger than I can wear and more complicated than I care to make.  A few mens patterns, and a few are home decor like pillows or something.  Majority of them are simplicity patterns,  and are 'older' ones.  Some are used.  If you are interested, let me know and I'll get out the box to see what I have.    4 for 1pt
Pics of the ones I have are here -

Claims made from me:

Claims I have made:

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Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: oneredboot on August 12, 2009 02:22:33 PM
oneredboot’s shop
the psychiatrist is:  IN  [I'm ***OPEN***]

all-organic, pet-free, smoke-free
located in North Carolina

custom fabric labels - 1 point per sheet
washable fabric labels printed with your very own text, image, or both!  
number of labels per sheet will vary depending on the size of your design

here are some examples:

baby legs - 1 point per pair
just in time for fall!  
leg warmers for baby or toddler
stretchy knit fabrics
if you have the recipient on hand:  send me thigh measurement and length
if not:  just let me know the age

choose from (clockwise): storm grey, silver grey, black-and-white stripe, white, space, kelly green, orange flowers, bright stripe


custom kids' socks - 3 points
choose size:  6 months - 1 year, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 4-5 years
choose colors:  cherry (pictured), blue multi (pictured), black, red, royal blue, gold, brown, hot pink, cupcake (cupcake is a fun, fuzzy, fluffy acrylic).

wool dryer balls - 3 for 1 point
choose from sunshine or multi

( (

chickens tablecloth - 1 point
100% cotton
about 40" square


silk-screened panel - 1 point 1/2 point
handmade (purchased from a craft fair)
image is 18" square (with a few inches of cloth on either side)
great for framing or making into a cute pillow


black fabric - 1 point 1/2 point
45" wide, cotton blend, great for linings
2 yards


claims from my shop:
Aug 19:  oneredboot to ZS - 2 pairs kimono baby booties (2) REC
Aug 30:  oneredboot to Angry Angel - drawstring bags (1) REC
Sept 1:  oneredboot to klum78 - wool dryer balls, multi (1) REC
Sept 1:  oneredboot to lapoli - canvas kimono boots (1) REC
Sept 1:  oneredboot to lapoli - orange kimono boots (1) REC

my claims from other shops:
Aug 20:  loudxmouse to oneredboot - box o' suitings - (3) REC
Aug 20:  loudxmouse to oneredboot - yazma #7 - (1) REC
Aug 31:  gavagai to oneredboot - IKEA fabric (Fredrika) - (1) REC
Sept 1:  gavagai to oneredboot - IKEA fabric (Fialena, Gunilla) - (1) REC

starting points: 2

current: 2
pending: 0
total: 0

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: calluna on August 17, 2009 06:20:23 PM
!calluna’s Shop!

back from the dead and OPEN!!

I have a dog, and I'm fairly fuzzy, so pardon stray hairs...There shouldn't be as many now I'm in a cleaner house...I don’t smoke and there is no indoor smoking where I live.

For 2 points:

NSWF altered puzzle - The ABCs of Iniquity - 25 vice-tainted pieces! I can send it assembled and sealed, or broken into pieces with order/directions on the back. See individual pieces here:

Joker needlework - approx 4x7”

“Heirloom” handspun art yarn - off-white roving spun with old artificial pearls, doll shoes, miniature tarnished safety pins, little scraps of antique lace, metal beads, a wooden spool, and an aged, off-white lace trim. It's only about 7 yds.  :-[

For 1 point:

handmade mini-journals mystery pack - 4 (or maybe more?? that's part of the mystery! :D) different small softcover blank books, made from reclaimed/reused paper. Each a different size, each with different paper colors, and each with various imagery mixed in. At least 2 will be a sewn binding, and at least one will be a Japanese adhesive binding. I'll customize at least one just for you. All will be kinda silly and fun, not specimens of fine bookbinding prowess.
Quilt top - vintage, hence not made by me. Twin-sized, would be perfect for a bunch of iron-on images, appliques, stenciling, writing with fabric markers, or embroidering in the solid-color blocks, eh?

bodice floss bobbins - inspired by both how_german and Phizzychick.  :) You'll get 12 bobbins, each one unique, on a small binder ring. Some that may be included:

custom-made recon’d hardcover book from an old Readers Digest Condensed Book. The one shown is sold, but I have a variety of different cover colors and patterns, and I can do a variety of different bindings. Some of the cover designs I have:
They can be matched or mismatched if you prefer. The binding of the one shown is a Japanese album/flutterbook, which is an accordion binding with no open end. Here’s the closed book:
( here it is open: (

custom-made recon blank book - the ones without photos generally have plain covers, and all can have the covers altered if you like. Choose from these hard-cover titles:
 - "To The Wedding" (brown and black; good for a mini-scrapbook of wedding preparations, perhaps? or an envelope book for writing ideas and storing clippings of wedding inspirations?)
 - "Unto A Good Land" (blue-grey, has a small train going across the front)
- "Madam, Will You Talk?" (yellow)
 - "Rock & Roll Heaven" (red)
 - A green book with no writing on it, but stamps of 3 pears are embedded on front
PM me to discuss in advance!

magnetic mail holder - hard plastic, altered surface. Rescued from its earlier life as an ugly early-80s Avon item with a bland cutesy neighborhood on the front. Now it's got a metallic goldish finish on the visible portions, and lots of embellishment (mail-related) all over the place. There is a small area partitioned inside for pens and such, and the whole thing has a depth of about 1.5 inches. It has magnets on the back so it can sit on the fridge, and it also has holes for nails if it would go better on your wall.

Custom cross-stitch and/or embroidery - I have a lot of thread and a lot of small fabric pieces, so  I can do just about anything right now! As long as it isn’t too huge of a project, of course. Please contact me before claiming to verify that it’s something I can finish within a week.

recon’d vintage children’s textbook to CD holder - can hold 28 CDs and several liner note booklets. Bright colors, retro children’s theme, has a notepad inside and free space for adding personal embellishments. Manu Chao not included.

Journaling prompts in a box - 50+ prompts for journaling, or words for random ATC theme inspiration. I have collected various styles of prompts and printed them all on cardstock, and will stuff as many as will fit into an Altoids tin or little wooden box (your choice), which will be decorated however you like.

crocheted kerchief beautifully made by farmgirljane. I absolutely love it but somehow the shape of my head and my copious large hair don't allow it to sit right when I'm wearing it.

For 1/2 a point:

bright book with postcard pocket: This was an experiment; hence the bright wonky colors (wonky to me, maybe not wonky to you). Elastic loop on the inside for holding pens, and flip-up pocket for storing postcards or whatnot. Pages are a basic glue binding, with mixed paper and some random retro clipart.

Barbie pasties! Not pasties for Barbie, pasties for you (or other recipient) with Barbie on them. Technicolor images of vintage Barbies from a 1960s craft magazine, decoupaged on cardstock base, backed with vinyl and sealed to discourage deterioration. Off-white and yellow lace trim on the outer edge, with a bow made from the lace on the bottom of each. Clear iridescent sequins dotted around the outer surface. No tassels on the end and no special emphasis on the nipples...Though, if you have some Barbie shoes, it would be awesome if you made tassels with those! I can't find any, myself.

set of 5 molded crayons from scrap-crayons - choose mixed color ones like these, or I'll make you a set with the colors/variety of your choosing (craftydeb sent me pounds of crayons!)

- x-stitch Amelia Earhart quote made by Craftster kiden2, with fabric backing/border

- handmade recycled paper pack - choose any of these for half a point, or take all 3 for one point. Papers are approx. 8x5.5". Would be great for linoprints or something similar. Made by another craftster (they were handed down to me by the original recipient), and very nicely done. Each pack is bound with a variety of coordinated novelty/art yarns, most of which are handspun (some by me, some by anonymous others). The one in the foreground has a cover, and I can remove it if you want, or add a cover to the others if you want it to be a book. Choose pink, blue or greys.


1 point

2 blank 6x6 inch, stretched canvasses, still wrapped in original packaging. I can also throw in another that has already been painted on, if you want to gesso over it.

half a point

cut and marked quilt pieces for a double wedding ring pattern quilt. - A swap-meet find. Vintage fabric in various colors and prints, with the original templates in case you want to substitute some of the pieces with different fabric. I'm hand-washing all of it before sending.

approx 1 yd of Wonder Under with instructions. Several available.

vintage cake toppers - warning, includes 2 scary clowns! All the strange plastic goodies in the picture except the ruler.

Flat-Rate envelope stuffed with paper/ephemera - this is a more manageable amount to receive, methinks.  ;D vintage goodies, book pages, weird randomness, most images too big for ATCs. there will be embellishments, too, maybe some handspun yarn as well. Let me know your preferences and interests when claiming.

Quarter of a point:

- glossy blank punched cards - 16 sheets, heavy cardstock, about the size of a recipe card or large index card, bright white with a somewhat slick surface--not as glossy as a photo but has a sheen to it that makes it a perfect surface for rubber stamping and maybe alcohol inks. I got these second-hand but I'm pretty confident they were made to be altered. Large hole in the corner for binding them all with a bunch of chunky yarns!

sandwich baggie full of dried lavender buds (US only due to int'l shipping regulations)

old wooden spools of thread - I also have MANY wooden spools with no thread; if you would rather have some of those, please let me know.

Take some paper/ephemera for FREE with your purchase (please request specifically)– give me a theme and some likings and I’ll include some in the package

thank you for shopping!

Items claimed from me:
Send by Sept 2 - calluna to loudxmouse: circular knitting needles (1) (sent)
Send by Sept. 3 -
calluna to gavagai - 20 Edward Gorey postcards - 1 pt
calluna to gavagai - Botanical handmade paper & 30+ men's ties - 1 pt (sent)
Send by Sept 4 - calluna to loudxmouse -  random journals mystery pack - 1 pt

Items claimed by me:
Send by Sept 4 - pinkanddinky to calluna - "Deer 1" pen holder - 1 pt
Send by Sept 5 - Nesse to calluna - Custom Mary Jane Slippers (3 pt)

Starting Points - 3
Current Points - 2
Pending Points -1
Total Points - 3

Title: Re: Shop the Swap 29 **Shops only!**
Post by: sarahj2001 on August 21, 2009 10:29:21 AM

Sarah's Super Shop

I live in Aurora, Ohio (USA) and have a chocolate lab and a cat.  I try to keep them away from my crafts but you never know when a hair will sneak in (...lots of hair will sneak in the Hairy Spoon rests hehe).  No smoking in my house so nothing will smell bad from smoke!

Please claim in full point increments.

Custom Orders:
- Stenciled shirts (2 points each)
     I love doing multi-colored ones.  Here are some examples:
     I can make my own stencil or use's a great website for ideas:
- Anything knit or crochet - PM me for more details
- Resin Anything I have a mold for - spoon rests, jewerly, paperweight, light switch/plug covers
   I can put whatever you want into resin - a photo, bugs, plants, really just about anything... 
             PM me with your idea and I'll let you know the details

For 3 Points:

The Famous Hairy Spoon Rest - haha's my dog's hair sealed in resin.  If you would like your own dog's hair in a spoon rest (or something else), I can do that too! (3 ponts)

Small Ticket Bowl - Red or Green with Stripes - Height 3 1/2 in, Diameter 4 1/2 in (3 points)

Record Purse (3 points)

For 2 Points:

Frog Tapester and Scissor Holder (2 points)

Hello Kitty Tapester and Scissor Holder - comes with red scissors instead of those pink ones (2 points)

Dandelion Puff Paperweight - the dandelion puff is not's mostly just the seeds from the puff, not in the nice puff circle, the bottom has grass (2 points)

For 1 Point:

Handmade Beer Soap - made with Heineken beer - the edges came out rough and it's a bit crumbly so I didn't cut them down nicely (1 point for 2 bars)

Crayon Soap - 5 different color crayons that will write on the side of the tub and then wash away (1 point)

Resin Sprinkles Light Switch or Plug Cover (1 point each)

For 1/2 Point:

Gnome Stuffies (1/2 point each)

Resin Pendants - tell me the number when you claim (1/2 point each)

Paper Art Project - (1/2 point)

Embroidery Kit - (1/2 point)

Tag Tracers - (1/2 point)

Knitting Magazine - (1/2 point)

Items claimed from me:
sarahj2001 to mullerslanefarm 2 Crayon Soap (2)
sarahj2001 to asphaltqueen - small ticket bowl - (3)

Items claimed by me:
gavagai to sarahj2001 - 2 point Needle Felting Kit (2)
kitschkween to sarahj2001 - crafty stenciled and screen printed shirt (3)

Current points: 3
Pending points: 0
Total points:  3

Knit/Crochet hook roll
Roving for Spinning
Any Spinning supplies (I'm just getting started on drop spinning)
Weekender Bag