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Title: My attempts at a crafty wedding
Post by: adyldrop on July 14, 2009 07:02:57 AM
My fiance proposed on July 5th so I haven't gotten too much planned yet :) It was a total surprise--I knew he was coming upstate to ask my parents for their permission and blessings but I didn't know he planned on asking me a question too! We are planning a January 2010 wedding if it'll pan out. First he is moving closer to me--he's an hour and a half away--and then we need to book a venue. We don't have too much planned yet and I'm getting odd looks already when I say that I want to craft a lot of the wedding.

This is where he proposed:

 Non-crafties just don't get it!! So far I have bridesmaid dresses. My boss called to tell me we had gorgeous $150 dresses on clearance for $9.00. Yup. $9. I of course had her put 3 on the side and rushed down after I got off my shift at the second location. They are beautiful!! So I got one for fiance's sister ( bridesmaid #1) and my little sister ( bridesmaid #2) and one for me  ::) cuz ya never know and for that price?!!! So this is the shot I sent fiance of me in the dress....

MOH is my older sister. That dress may take a little bit. She has been working out so we can't commit to a dress yet. And most likely my mom will have to make it. My colors are soft blue, black and touches of silver/white. So I want her to pick the style of it--I just want her to have a blue dress with black trim or black on it somewhere to tie into the other 2. We want to keep things simple. He doesn't like cake and I've wanted a cup cake tier for awhile so I'm thinking the top tier will be an apple pie for us instead of cake. I have a few other ideas floating around in my head but until we have a venue and a definite date I'm not too sure what else I can get started on!!

Title: Re: My attempts at a crafty wedding
Post by: YarnWranglerC on July 14, 2009 09:23:35 AM
There is soooo much you can do! Pick out the flowers you want. I used silk flowers, and had them made for me. You could start on that. The tute for the Coffee Filter Roses is awesome and you could totally do that! Figure out what kind of table centerpieces/place markers you want, etc etc etc. I could go on and on.
I crafted a lot of my wedding too! You are very right, non-crafters just don't get it!

Title: Re: My attempts at a crafty wedding
Post by: adyldrop on July 14, 2009 09:31:52 AM
I actually bookmarked that coffee flower tute!! I know I want my bouquet to be Purple/yellow callas and some blue and white flowers mixed in. My bridesmaids I'm thinking can be artificial to help cut costs. I want to start figuring out the design on invitations so i'll only have to make and assemble later. I've been all over here and the knot and looking through a couple books we picked up gleaning ideas! I wanted to make the cupcakes myself and that kinda got shot down. Hmmmm i am a retail manager...I can delegate!!!

Title: Re: My attempts at a crafty wedding
Post by: YarnWranglerC on July 15, 2009 11:10:36 AM
Like I said I could go on and on! You can make your own jewelry, jewelry for your bridesmaids. Figure out your favors, programs, etc etc.
I love the idea of doing fake flowers for everyone. All of the flowers were silk, all of the bouquets, boutennieres, corsages. My centerpieces were dried hydrangeas.
I crafted my Invitations, Programs, Favors, Table Runners, Centerpieces, Bench Covers, Flowers, The "pew flowers" (we had rows of chairs, and my sister made flowers things to go on the ends of the rows), the Arch, signs for directions, yeah lots of work. A lot got delegated to friends, bridesmaids, family, etc, but it turned out awesome! We had family make our food, we didn't have a DJ, we just loaded up the laptop with music and had our speakers. We saved a TON of money.
You can see some pictures here-