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Title: my first sales booth
Post by: I Eat Art on February 21, 2004 03:56:11 AM
Woo, a friend and I are getting a table at a craft bazarre in March.
We're selling:
-hadmade knitting needles
-handmade knit items
-resin magnets (like resin bracelets, but magnets instead)
-gummy bracelets (bracelets made out of gummy life savers dipped in polyurethane)
-marble magnets
-some bracelets I make

anyone have suggestions? We dont really have a good feel for how much stuff should cost. Any suggestions on things to add to our list would be great too.


Title: Re:my first sales booth
Post by: firefly on February 21, 2004 06:01:38 AM
i searched around a bit and found this thread:

and if you're paying a fee for the show, remember to add that into your expenses.  make the most of your time watching your table by bringing a craft to work on, and business cards/promo. materials could help you get sales down the road.
have fun!

Title: Re:my first sales booth
Post by: klippedwingz on February 21, 2004 08:52:55 AM
We did a few craft shows for the first time in years during the holidays.  Good advice about taking business cards!  LOL!

 I totally forgot about that and I even had a sign about taking orders. Luckily I had a stamp w/ me that had my name and phone # and somem card stock and my handy dandy mini paper cutter  so I made cards (sorta) on the spot.  

Also make sure you have change (paper and coins) and display your items attractively.  A few Mug racks worked well for bracelets, bookmarks, etc.

Good luck, Have fun and SMILE :)

Title: Re:my first sales booth
Post by: I Eat Art on February 21, 2004 08:57:37 AM
thanks, I hadn't thought of bringing something to work on while I'm there.

Its not a formal show or anything... every few months a local used book called Chop Suey store gets a permit from the city to shut down a side street and lets people set up tables and sell stuff. its free, but vendors donate 10% of their proceeds to a local charity that Chop Suey picks out. Most stuff is under $10.

This is kind of a dry run for a "real" (aka pay for entry) show in April.