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Title: Camel hair
Post by: sharpie_slut on July 16, 2008 01:20:08 PM
So I went to a pettig zoo with the kids today. While I was there I asked if they still had the shearings left over from the llamas and sheeps. Well they didn't but they had about a pound of camel left. (Some lady already stole it up!!!  >:( ) So I took that camel. I wash it just like sheep right?!? And has any one ever used it?!?

Title: Re: Camel hair
Post by: misfitknits on July 16, 2008 07:27:43 PM
i've never spun camel, although i'm dieing to try it! the only thing i know for sure that will help your situation is that you have to dehair it. camel has two tyeps of hair, guard hairs (long, sometimes wire-y, if it's in there, you'll know because the down is VERY short and soft and the guard hairs are not)  you can dehair it yourself with hand combs, or send it out to a fiber processing mill. i've never done either *well, i own combs, but i've never dehaired with them!* i know hobbledehoy spins camel sometimes, you could ask her!

hope that helped....a little!

Title: Re: Camel hair
Post by: mullerslanefarm on July 21, 2008 10:08:26 AM
I've dehaired buffalo.  It is a time consuming process.

Dehair the fiber, only keeping the soft, short down.  Gently wash in warm water (you don't have lanolin, only dirt).

if you haven't spun with a short fiber before, you may want to card with some longer staple fiber at first.

congrats on your haul!

Title: Re: Camel hair
Post by: jacquiw on September 08, 2008 08:42:45 PM
I have spun camel I spin it the same as Alpaca slightly more twist ,light tension. Wash as for Alpaca.