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Title: It's either me or the squirrel....
Post by: aquamarine007 on July 10, 2008 05:13:32 PM
So, I love putting out birdfeeders, but I think I either have a squirrel or a raccoon problem. They have figured out how to open every birdfeeder I have put out. I started buying the mesh bags with the seed bells in them and hanging them on a skinny branch but the birds are having trouble landing on it because the branch makes the bell bounce around.

I am pretty sure it is a squirrel because one of the feeders I pout out was in a box and the corner was chewed off very neatly. I think a raccoon would have done more damage.

Tree and birdhouses

Wooden birdhouse - they have learned how to slide the plastic part up so all the seed falls out

Destruction of paper bird house

Seed bells on a very shaky branch

Any suggestions for deterring a pesky squirrel?



Title: Re: It's either me or the squirrel....
Post by: jshires on July 10, 2008 05:34:10 PM
My grandma had the same problem. First thing she did was use a plastic hanging pot to put seed in and put a paper plate over the top of the pot so the birds could get at the seed from the sides but the squirrels couldn't get at it from the top (which was the roof since she hung it from the eaves of the house...) It sort of worked until the squirrels just started to dump the seed out by tipping the whole thing. THEN she got one of those dried corn cob holders and that worked like a charm! The squirrels liked the corn much better than the birdseed so they ate the corn and left the seed for the birds. Plus, it was fun to watch because the holder was actually a see saw and the squirrels would get on there and balance while they nibbled the corn. Anyway, the point is if you put out something the squirrels like better than the seed they will leave the seed for the birds.

Heres a link to a similar one, although the one Gram had was bigger. It held 2 corn cobs and actually stood on the ground... (

Title: Re: It's either me or the squirrel....
Post by: SugarySweet on July 10, 2008 06:10:29 PM
My daughter has a friend who's Dad likes to feed the birds. He opens a new bag of birdseed and adds a small container of chili powder and then mix it together.

The birds eat it and the squirrels will not. 

I've never heard of that before. Maybe you could try looking it up to find out a little more about it?

Title: Re: It's either me or the squirrel....
Post by: cataway on November 15, 2008 02:27:23 PM
  I concur with the chili idea, I once had the bright idea of buying parrot food for our rats(thats all the store had) and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't eat it until I notice dried whole chilis in the mix.  Squirrels are nothing more than rats with bushy tails!

Title: Re: It's either me or the squirrel....
Post by: gigiallin on May 05, 2009 12:36:11 PM
I agree with the chili powder idea, but I would use cayenne powder. It's spicier. Birds can't taste "spicy" so the seasoning doesn't affect them, but it's unpleasant for a mammal. They may try to open the bird feeder a couple more times after you fill it with the new bird seed, but they will quickly learn that your spicy bird seed isn't worth the effort.

Title: Re: It's either me or the squirrel....
Post by: JessWal on June 27, 2009 09:22:46 AM
we have the same problem at my house... we just had to finally give up and buy some squirrel resistant feeders, [ones that with the squirrels weight on them close so the critter can't get to the food, and then we put a couple squirrel feeders out too. it helps a lot an then the birds don't go hungry!