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Title: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: corin on February 03, 2005 02:33:30 AM
Ok so heres the deal :          (please ignore spelling/grammar)
My neighbour who is 12 years old was diagonsed with a really rare disease (wich i can never remember the name to) about two years ago or so. its so rare shes actually the only person in canada who has it and theres fewer then 100 cases world wide. well anyways to make a long story short she will eventually have to be in a wheelchair. and the family has to do renovations on there house to make it wheel chair accessable.
well what my point is..i want to do something for them and knowing that they dont have alot of money to do these renovations i thought of fundrasing, so what i need your help is.. ideas for fundraising i could do. im only 17 so i need your creative minds to help me figure out how i can raise money for them...
any ideas are much appreciated!

>i hope its ok i posted this here.
-Corin.  [i posted this in the misc forum to..]

Title: Re: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: Mehtare on February 08, 2005 07:14:02 AM
That's a really awesome thing to do. Just please, before you do anything, make sure they want help. Sometimes people have trouble accepting charity, so make sure you're not going to make things awkward. If they're cool with it, find out how big they're willing to let you go, you know, advertising, craft shows, etc. Once you're at that point, you can start to get really creative.

I was thinking t-shirts would be a good idea. You could make a stencil with a picture of a wheelchair or something on it, with some kind of witty or cheesy saying on it. This is a terrible one, but something like "Let's get rolling". I know, that's bad, but it gives you the rough idea.

Once you've decided on your item, you could set up a free website at geocities or angelfire or whatever, and also take them to local arena and restaurants and such. Also, be sure to get in on big local events... sports tournaments, carnivals, whatever. By the way, I'm operating under the assumption that you live in a city similar to where I grew up... not huge, but not a small town. Am I close?

I'll keep thinking, but in the meantime, good luck!

Title: Re: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: gaiter_girl on February 08, 2005 07:34:00 AM
I'd have to agree that you check with them before doing any fundraising.  Don't make it seem like you want to raise money because they don't have the money.  You might also want to hit up hardware stores or construction groups.  They often want to help their community to boost their image a bit and they might give donations in kind (ie, instead of donating $ they might say, we will donate the wood and screws needed for the ramp).  Also, contact your local community newspaper and let them know about what you are doing, they LOVE doing human interest stories where the community helps a member.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Title: Re: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: CraftyLea14 on February 10, 2005 12:16:30 PM
It think it's great that your actually doing this for them..You need a big heart to do this. I also agree with asking permission. I would, Have a Craft Fair. I would sell crafts and send part of the money to them or even better : Give it all. Maybe Gather up some friends who are willing to do this project with you. Have a Garage sale. Sell everything you and your family dose'nt use anymore. Baking Sale..Cook some goods for the neighbourhood and once again give the money you made, to them.
Other than that, I would have to look more into it. I'll keep you posted.

Title: Re: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: jilybrat on March 05, 2005 10:58:53 AM
Since you're 17 i'd assume that you're still in school.  You can get your school involved.  Instead of just asking people for donations you could put on a dance where all (or a portion, depending on your costs) go to the familly.  I'm sure it wouldn't cost too much to put it on, aside from the DJ.  You could use the gym from the school and whatnot.  You could also do a bake sale, where parents or kids at your school would bake items and you could sell them during lunch hour or free time.  you could also do 50/50 tickets, i know around here the local paper will print them up for free if you place an add naming the winner in their paper.

Title: Re: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: surfergrl311 on March 05, 2005 11:37:40 AM
aww...ur such a good person..and seriously u don't find many ppl who would live up to this challenge! well lets see, i agree w/ the craft fair idea! gather up as many ppl as u can and just start small! i would have the craft fair every weekend until ppl start to see it and decide to join and it becomes more and more popular. if you knew anyone who is like a singer, instrumentalist, dancer...u could host some type of show w/ donations. the arts school i go to had a tsunami benefit concert last night and admittion was through a $5 donation...okay well good luck and i hope i helped! but keep us posted! :)

Title: Re: Off Topic, But *creative* minds needed!
Post by: LorettaYoungSkills on May 10, 2005 08:51:08 AM
what about a bake sale or a telethon?