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Title: the boot state
Post by: audica11 on March 05, 2008 07:37:47 PM
since i'm from a small town within Louisiana i decided to give props to my state. Louisiana is nicknamed the "boot state" for it is shaped like a boot. that got my noggin thinkin. Louisiana is full of culture. why not fill the culture over some real boots and sport them. so i started.

i got the boots from goodwill for 4.99. they fit great, however i don't want to wear them too much for they're durability.

i wanted the collage to reflect the grande culture across the state so i included the 2 state songs "you are my sunshine" and "give me louisiana" among other nifty things that occur here. magnolias, gators, jazz, crawfish, bayou's, pelicans, tabasco. 

unfortunately i haven't finished them, but i wanted to post them anyway
because i loved the idea!!!

Title: Re: the boot state
Post by: Mbellish on March 05, 2008 09:55:04 PM
Know the drill about Louisiana looking like a boot.  I'm from Bossier and I'm constantly illustrating where that is by picking up my foot and pointing to the back of my ankle. :)