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Title: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: opivygrl on March 04, 2008 07:56:28 AM
Denver, my new hometown as of a few months ago, loves microbreweries.  Colorado has more microbreweries than any other state.  And I am all for celebrating the rebirth of good beer  ;D  So, I figured some beer cozies needed to be made to celebrate my new hometown!

I started by crocheting a circle a couple rows larger than the base of a beer bottle (since I was going to felt, and shrink), then just worked even up to the right height.  I thought it would be cute to replicate the label on the cozy, so I worked a contrasting color in the size of the standard beer label.
Here’s a pic of changing color for the label:

And the embroidery stitching I did for the letters:

And before and after felting (the ‘N’ was my tester):

And one more pre-felting pic with all the cozies ready to go:

Anyways, I love how they ended up, after felting, looking like the letter is cut out of the label……or something ;)  And, I love the idea of everyone at a party having unique cozies so no beers get lost!

Oh, and I'm not advocating the beer in the pics....those are just what we have left over  :D  I am advocating all the fabulous brews that are concocted here - Fat Tire and such.

I am absolutely in love with our new hometown - Denver is a fantastic place to live - especially downtown!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: lustwithscissors on March 04, 2008 08:12:46 AM
i love this... !!!!! you did an awsome job.. im not going to pretend what you mean by felting.. but, i think its seriously awsome.!! it allmost reaminds me of yellow tail.. (sorry i'm more of a wine person).. but anyway you rock !

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: littlebluegirl on March 04, 2008 08:52:31 AM
Great idea, very creative and perfectly executed.

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: psyche on March 04, 2008 10:13:27 AM
That's such a cute idea! Handy too.

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: mandodeb on March 04, 2008 10:52:24 AM
What a great way to identify which beer bottle is yours!
The color choice and the design are wonderful.  Good job!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: AngelKrafter on March 04, 2008 01:37:25 PM
I think you did a great job representing your hometown and you have spelled it out in your challenge. You definetly have my vote. What I been looking for to vote on is someone putting their hometown name on their challenge otherwise I couldn't tell by looking at it what their hometown was. You did that. I love the colors of yarn you used as well. Great job!!!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: waggonswest on March 04, 2008 02:52:04 PM
Neat Idea.  I like the idea of unique cozies for everyone's beer.  Less likely to be lost (or swallowed) than drink charms.  Since I'm not so good with the needlework, I'm going to have to look into making them out of felt or fleece.  Hmmm...  By the way, as long as you are trying local brews, have you checked out Golden City or Tommy Knocker.  I know the folks involved and they make a some good brews. 

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: opivygrl on March 05, 2008 08:44:07 AM
Thanks for all the super nice comments everyone  :D

I'm so used to posting on the crochet board that I forget to explain things that I take for granted!  Felting (technically "fulling", but we usually call it felting) is done with a crocheted or knitted object that was made with yarn that has mostly natural animal fibers.  Once you've finished crocheting the object you beat the heck out of it by hand or in the washing machine with hot water and a little soap.  After a few minutes, the fibers have melded together and you end up with a 'felted' object.

Oh, how I swoon over Yellow Tail, too... If only I could make universal red wine glass cozies...............

I forgot to mention in my original post that I used the army-like colors as a nod to the Air Force Academy near us.  Looking back at the photos, the last pic has the most accurate representation of the colors, but all the photos made the colors a little muddier than they are in person.

We have not tried Golden City or Tommy Knocker yet!  I'm trying to plan a "Tour of Beer Country" for this spring/summer and they are deffinitely getting added to the list!!!   ;D

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: santacruzsugar on March 05, 2008 10:39:45 AM
is that blue moon i see in those super cute cozies?

mmmmm  ;D

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: brii-elzebub on March 05, 2008 09:55:28 PM
Ah Blue moon is delicious!  You can't just ignore the greatness that is inside of the cozys! 

I'm in Fort Collins, which is a HUGE beer town in CO.  We've got Budweiser, New Belgium, and Odell.  Without a doubt Odell is my favorite Colorado beer...they've got Easy Street ;)  Not one to be missed!

Beer is such a great way to represent this state!  I would have never thought of it, but its absoloutly the foundation of our world, haha.

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: sweets4ever on March 06, 2008 04:41:11 AM
These are so cute!

I'd like to make 3 of them in red & grey that are "OSU"! :D

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: sparrowowl on March 06, 2008 06:55:34 AM
Hahaha!  Love it!  In the 70's my parents loved visiting Denver because that was the only place the could get certain beers (Coors, etc) then.

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: MareMare on March 06, 2008 07:37:19 PM
I love the cozies! But Oregon/Portland challenges Colorado/Denver for microbrewery supremecy! Grrrr!   ;D  Maybe we could have a Portland-Denver Crafting/Beer Touring Exchange Program!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: SpunSugar on March 06, 2008 09:10:06 PM
Yay for Denver!!!  I live in Arvada but work in Denver...  You totally have to check out Tommyknockers, they have great brews!  It's funny, a few years ago I hated beer but I did a Colorado tour at our local Old C's and found the ones I love.  Even at our wedding our kegs were Colorado through and through... Fat Tire and Coors Light!  I'm voting for you out of love of your craft and of our town!!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: MommyTheMaid on March 09, 2008 10:04:27 PM
I live in the suburbs of Denver and we make some awesome brews here!  I love your cozies and I think I might try to knit some myself.  Great job!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: audrey1999 on March 10, 2008 05:29:59 PM
Littleton here!  There are awesome breweries around here.  I love your cozies.  I need to learn how to knit so I can make my dad some for Christmas.  They would have to say Auburn though or maybe Tigers.

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: missnihkii on March 25, 2008 09:40:59 AM
oh. those rock! hehe. yes. denver, and colo certainly love their beer...
oh how i miss aunt lives there, and ive worked in denver numerous occasions.. i love those cozies though, great job!

Title: Re: Denver loves beer!!!
Post by: Rakuette on March 30, 2008 09:35:19 AM
awesome awesome awesome!!!
i <3 beer and collect koozies and yours rock!
i could do blue and white ones for the memphis tigers....hmmmm
excellent job.  ;D