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Title: Valentine's "outfit"
Post by: themoonisout on February 06, 2008 12:55:42 PM
One day last semester my BF had a surprise for me. When I finally made it back to campus after some long weekend or something, I discovered it was a nylon cheapy French maid outfit.  ???

Well, at least he was thinking about me. For a while now I've been planning/slowly working on more sophisticated (maybe) outfits for him if that's what he's into. But I'm having a hard time and I'd really like to finish one or two for V-DAY.

Any ideas for easy lingerie-esque outfits in themes such as maids and nurses and whatever other weird fantasies boys apparently have? I've looked through tutorials to see what can be modified...Really I'm just curious to what you guys think.

Title: Re: Valentine's "outfit"
Post by: aislingrose on February 06, 2008 02:33:23 PM
Well if you're up to sewing from a pattern, there's a bunch of "risque" looking outfits in the costume section. They seem to be towards the back now that the fall season is over with now.

If you wanna you don't wanna sew or anything like that just get some lingerie and slap on some animal Mean Girls...

"I'm a mouse, duh."

hope that helps  :-X

Title: Re: Valentine's "outfit"
Post by: themoonisout on February 06, 2008 04:05:26 PM
Haha, well it was funny at least.

Title: Re: Valentine's "outfit"
Post by: blondigirl on February 06, 2008 09:05:02 PM
School girl.  Guys love it and its really easy to do.  Wet Seal has cute pleated plaid miniskirts.
I wore it for my boyfriend for his birthday (it was his only request) and he loved it.

Otherwise, there are tutorials on here on making pasties.  You could always make some heart shaped ones for him...

Have fun!

Title: Re: Valentine's "outfit"
Post by: Lethargic on February 08, 2008 08:51:43 PM
I agree with aislingrose. Making some more costume type rather than a full costume would be easier and sexier if you ask me. Like instead of a full blown french maid costume maybe some kind of black lingerie with white lace trim and you could wear black fishnets and a lace headband or something. hold a feather duster if he wanted to get more literal.

I think its great that he at least tried to do something for you to express his sexual interests. For a lot of guys they would be terrified to do anything of that sort. Big pansies.  :P

Title: Re: Valentine's "outfit"
Post by: meriweather on February 08, 2008 09:24:40 PM
Some of the French Maid outfits I have seen use fluffy petticotes under them. Those tutus made with a band of elastic, strips of tulle, would work. There are tutes on here. Like the other replys said, then add fishnet hose, and a Betty Boop type voice maybe. Have fun