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Title: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on January 03, 2008 08:15:20 AM
****Swap Closed****

Swap name: January / February Birthday Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: frenchnewwave
Sign-up date range: Jan. 3 - Feb. 29
Date to send item by: Must send within 2 weeks of picking a partner

Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): no

Restricted to people who all live in the same country? no

All ages allowed? Or 18+? All ages, if you are under 18 please get your parents permission. 

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES

Everyone has to be pre-approved for this swap!

Details of swap:
Happy Birthday to us! This is a January and February birthday swap. Post a list and get a birthday pressie! You can ask for supplies or handmade items. You will also need to let people know where you are located: city, state & country. You need not post your age, but please let us know your birthdate.

First: You will look through the lists of the people
who have already posted. You will THEN pick someone from
there to craft for.

Second: As soon as you have messaged me, the organizer,
telling me who you would like to craft for and your answers to the
questionnaire, I will tell you that you can post a birthday list.

This is not like the other claim swaps- such as OWS where you must pick again to repost your list. In this swap, you post your list once and it will stay there for craftster to scroll through at will. I will be updating the sending/receiving list rather frequently, so if you are unsure who to craft for, that might give you a better idea 

- To be able to post a list you have to craft for at least ONE person
- There must be AT LEAST 5 items on your list
- Once you have picked someone to craft for, you can be picked as many times as there are items on your list. (To make sure things are fair though, the organizers retain the right to restrict people's lists if they are receiving a significant amount more than they are giving).
- You can choose to craft for as many people as you like, but you cannot "owe" more than 3 things. If you have picked 3 people to craft for, you must send at least one of those items successfully before picking again.
- If you are a newbie and this is your first swap, you must successfully send once before choosing again.
- Please use DC#s or get a copy of the customs number/receipt/proof when sending your packages... this helps greatly if they're lost in the mail!
- Regular communication is required, so PM me when you send and when you receive.
- You can craft for more than one person if you want, just PM me who you'd like to craft for and I'll send you their address!

If you are one of the first five who sign up, you may post your list without claiming someone beforehand if you wish (this is to get the list rolling). You will need to claim someone before the swap is over, however. It's only fair! This has been approved by the moderators.

If you were not born in January or February, you may still craft for somebody if youíd like to, however they are not bound to craft for you in return. That being said...

If you receive a gift from anyone in this swap, it is polite to mail a thank you note/card/letter. Also post pictures of your received items in the gallery- or let your partner know beforehand if you don't have a camera/scanner, so that their work can be appreciated.

When one of your items is picked, you must cross it out on your list so that other swappers know what is available.

If you want to participate, information to send to organizer:

Name of swap: January / February Birthday Swap
Craftster username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address including the country:
Who are you claiming and what will you send?:

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE, REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR INFO TO ORGANIZER VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE AND NOT TO REPLY WITH IT HERE. Please put January/February Birthday Swap in the subject lines of all of your PM's regarding this swap! Please send all PMs to frenchnewwave.

Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on January 03, 2008 08:16:04 AM
Gallery here:

Swap tracking:

Orange = sent
Pink = sending late, but notified organizer
Green = rec'd
Red = pls contact organizer immediately

Send by Jan. 17
santacruzsugar ---> Ezri_B for sewn/quilted placemats

Send by Jan. 18
mclianne ---> santacruzsugar for marble magnets
singingshanti ---> frenchnewwave for stationery
KMartKid ---> singingshanti for a surprise from her "inspired by" lists

Send by Jan. 19
Ezri_B ---> mclianne for an embroidered patch

Send by Jan. 20
Timpani~jax ---> frenchnewwave for something 60s related
frenchnewwave ---> mclianne for crocheted flowers

Send by Jan. 21
!b ---> santacruzsugar for McCall's Pattern 5513 and iron-on transfers

Send by Jan. 22
stellato_escuro ---> frenchnewwave for yarn

Send by Jan. 23
purpleone ---> snowyangel for a hat  
Timpani~jax ---> stellato_escuro for seed beads
frenchnewwave ---> stellato_escuro for fabric scraps
snowyangel ---> santacruzsugar for cat toys with catnip

Send by Jan. 24
mclianne ---> purple one for bedtime organizer and quilting mags  *lost in mail -- will find angel*

Send by Jan. 28
lucy van pelt ---> frenchnewwave for beret

Send by Jan. 30
hardyswanton01 ---> lucy van pelt for a tote
itscute ---> timpani~jax for magazines

Send by Jan. 31
klum78 ---> lucy van pelt for decorated notebook

Send by Feb. 4
kiwikero ---> singingshanti for knit item from wist

Send by Feb. 11
animegirlie ---> timpani~jax for neck warmer

Send by Feb. 18
windshadow ---> KMartKid for a journal
beadbakery ---> itscute for beads
beadbakery ---> KMartKid for a bookmark
mclianne ---> itscute for wist surprise
KMartKid ---> kiwikero for clutch and journal

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on January 03, 2008 08:22:35 AM
About me:
I will be 26 on January 26, making me an Aquarius. I live and work in Philadelphia, PA and while I love urban life, the rougher elements of this city are starting to get me down. I'm trying to see beauty in every day, but some days are harder than others.

I'm trying to make each day count, and start living in the moment.

Things I like:

- I love anything to do with England or France.
- I love the 60s - culture, music, movies, fashion, etc.
- Doctor Who and Lost.
- Necklaces.
- Lavender and pomegranate (smell, taste, color, everything.)
- Mythology.
- Astrology.

Things I'd like to receive:
- Anything to do with my interests, above.
- Hot pink and/or red things for my desk at work, or office supplies.
- Anything to do with yoga - I just started.
- Yarn and knitting supplies. 100% wool for felting is always good, but I'll take anything except for fun fur or novelty. I also need DPNs.
- Stationery for writing to pen pals.
- Books - used is fine! I'll read just about anything. Knitting and craft books are also good.
- A knitted or crocheted beret.
- Vintage necklaces and brooches.
- Needle felting supplies.
- A black or gray purse, any style.

Various links:

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: Ezri_B on January 03, 2008 08:44:42 AM
I'm Tab from Wisconsin USA. My birthday is January 19th and this is my big 30th this year! I just found out my husband and boys are going to be out of the state on a trip during my whole birthday week, so I will be all alone for my birthday.
Ok, a little about me. I am sort of transitioning (growing up? maybe) from a bit more gothy to clean, classic, crisp, cottage type feel. I have a wonderful husband & 3 boys ages 11 to 7. I like robins egg blue, pale pink, bright red and white (except white shirts, they never last!.) I love woodland type things especially gnomes, hedgehogs, mushrooms, squirrels owls, deer. I have a strange love of argyle especially for clothes and out of the ordinary things. I'm a plus sized gal so if you have questions on size please ask. And I love Doctor Who. I sew, quilt, crochet, embroider.
Thanks so much in advance!!

-Wisconsin souvenir towels, tablecloth or plates sample of what I mean:
But Please not Wisconsin Dells

-Doll quilts (Lots of great inspiring ones )

-Small Red fabric yo yos

-Fingerless gloves/knucks

-Gnome, Tardis, or Dalek Cookie Cutter

-Knit Socks size 8US

-Buttons (not too many with shanks please, unless they are awesome)

-Table Scarf- Something like this, but preferably not holiday themed

-Spoon Heart Pendant (I've been meaning to make one, but honestly I won't)

-Surprise from or based off of my wists

-Surprise you think I'll like

-Sewn or quilted placemats for 6 Thank you santacruzsugar(My kitchen is woodland themed sort of [gnomes, red capped mushrooms, hedgehogs] if that helps or not)

-Cloth napkins (again kitchen is woodland themed or simple)

-Hedgehog, gnome, or robot fabric,

-wooden thread spools

-cotton fabrics in blues, preferably florals (we're making a quilt and need lots of blue fabrics, we need at least 11" squares)

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: singingshanti on January 03, 2008 02:43:16 PM
I will be turning 19 on Feb. 17th!  I am currently working on an associates in Advertising & Graphic design, and plan on graduating in May.  I also do some web development.

I love vintage/chic designs!  I'm inspired by:


- Something inspired by one of those above "inspired by" links thanks KMartKid!
- A painting! I love watercolor, pen & ink, and oil especially...but I see some amazing results with other mediums.
- A t-shirt with a vintage/chic design (size medium)
- Something made by stalking my previous posts ;)
- A good sturdy tote bag for all those school supplies!
- Cute buttons, if you have a button maker.
- Glue sticks :)
- A quilt would be AMAZING.
- A nice big squishy pillow, decorated in some way :)
- Knitting needle roll

Happy Birthday Everyone! :D

~ Elizabeth from NC

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: santacruzsugar on January 03, 2008 05:41:39 PM
About Me:

Hi! My name is Melissa and I'm in Northern California (USA). I'm going to be 24 years old February 29th (yeah!!! I finally have a BDay this year!!!)  ;D. I just broke up with my boyfriend (no boo-hoos needed...he was kinda a jerk) and am back living with my parents till I can save some money and find a new place to live. When I find a new place, Iím planning on doing my room in a kinda modern theme with LOTS of house plants...mostly white but with small splashes of bright pink, green, orange and yellow. I am kinda girly, but not too to an extreme. I am not a vegetarian, but am very food conscious and try very hard to only eat organic and sustainable foods. I have one cat that sleeps on my bed every night and gets very annoyed when you roll over in the night. I love music, reading, cooking, and being outside. My main crafting skills are scrapbooking and stuff with modgepodge, but Iíve tried a little bit of everything. Feel free to check out my wists if you wanna see ideas, or PM me for my myspace.

My Wish List-

-McCallís pattern # M5513 thanks !b

-A patchwork tote bag similar to this one
With similar colors (pinks, whites, greens, etc.) big enough to throw in a bottle of water, some books, a first aide kit, and some notebooks (Iím a substitute teacher).

-Other tote bags decorated in anyway but still washable

-Those cute little magnets made from marbles. thanks mclianne!

-Mini clay food (sushi or desserts) charms I could add to assorted stuff.

-Fun long necklaces with large, bright pendants of any media.... similar to or in the same genera as these (with silver findings.... I donít ware gold):

-embroidered pillowcases in similar style to this

-clay or pottery dishes in above mentioned color scheme in assorted sizes and shapes to plant assorted grasses, moss and houseplants in my room

-a lunch bag/box

-an overnight duffel-type bag. ( I currently use a Rubbermaid tub because I own NO forms of luggage)...Iíd love something glittery/sequiny

-Soy candles in either unscented, or flowery/fruity scents

-handmade soaps receiving them from another swap! Thanks!

-small cat toys with catnip in them thanks snowyangel!

-needle nose pliers for jewelry making

-scrapbook papers/stickers/die-cuts in nature themes. Iím currently working on my album from my job as an outdoor school/science camp teacher. receiving from another swap, but I can always use more!

-kits for candle making

-iron on transfer patterns for embroidery in pin-up girl themes, naturey stuff, or flowers thanks !b, I can always use more!

-an iron

-anything you think might go well with my new room!

THANKS in advance to anyone who picks anything from my list and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: snowyangel on January 04, 2008 12:48:52 PM
Oh hey there, I'm Laura from South Dakota, USA and I'm gonna turn 23 on Feb 2(Groundhogs day! :D).  I recently moved into my first home, yippee! I like modern, geometric, animal prints and simple styles.  I'm a clothing addict and I'm a fabric hog since I love to sew! I'm trying to be vegetarion so no leather, fur, etc. Recycled materials are fine! :D

My Wish List:
- 4-6 person napkin or placemat set in brown/white, black/white, navy blue/white, pastel blue/white, or red/white. I love this simple styles: ,
- Oven mitt in red, grey, white or black mod fabric.
- 4-6 napkin rings, i love these 2 styles! ,
- Home made Fudge, yummmy!
- Fabric! satin, textured, silk, something with sheen, sheer or uphosltry type fabric in light blue/brown, burnt orange, golden yellow, or red with an accent of white, black, brown, tan. Prints in: solid, stripes, swirls, damask, textured.
- Fabric labels with my store name that i can sew on.
- Pinking shears
- Rotary cutter
- Rotary Cutting board
- Purse handles: wooden, plastic, material, pleather, etc.
- Spartans or Gladiators books for the husband.
- Candy! I like sour/tangy candy: Nerds, sweet tarts, gobbstoppers, sour straws, skittles etc.
- Stenciled top like: "Ryans girl" in writing, angel wings on the back, a cute vegan saying, a tiger. Size med in juniors or small in womens sizes.
- Beer scented soap and/or lotion
- Pretty multi-stranded, large pendant or simple beaded necklace. See Wist and Etsy favs for examples.
- Mirror either with a thick frame or fun mosaic over top.
- A surprise from my wist:
- OR anything off my Etsy favs:
- Or off post stalking me, i tend to compliment alot of things on here. ;)

A BIG thanks in advance to who's making one of my wishes come true! 

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: mclianne on January 04, 2008 01:29:27 PM
About Me...

Greetings...  I'm Lianne and on Jan 15th I will be 40 years old.  I can hardly believe it!  Turning 30 didn't phase me, but this birthday is bothering me a little.  I am a stay-at-home mother to two little girls ages 2 & 4.  Have always been on the "Zaftig" side, but two babies and a raging sweet tooth have left me a size 22.  I am an RN by profession.  Depending on who you ask the RN stands for Registered Nut or Registered Nurse with my specialty being Cardiac Surgery.  Over the years I have lived in Maryland, Texas, Florida, Russia, Indiana (briefly!), Nebraska, and now Kentucky.  Personality wise I am Sanguine, love to laugh, relatively happy, somewhat sarcastic sense of humor and a well developed sense of the ridiculous.

Interests and things I like

Travel! Photography, sewing, scrapbooking, cardmaking, surfing the net, various crafts I find while surfing, trying to learn to crochet.  I want to learn to needle felt as well.  Love most colors except for fluorescents, and I really don't like them!  I love blues, greens and purples, also like monochromatic combinations, and black & white with a splash of color thrown in.  I love chocolate and trying snacks from other countries.  I love the European fabrics from Hilco, BizzKids...  Wish they weren't so expensive!

Wish List

wool felt pieces
Amy Butler, Hoffman, Kaufman, Fassett fabric- remnants are great
Japanese Fabrics
needle felting mat/pad
wool roving for needle felting Thank You Ezri_B!
Stuffies for my girls
Cool/hip purse
Crochet flowers for embellishing DD clothesThank You frenchnewwave ( (
Embroidery patches for embellishing DD clothes- Thanks Ezri_B! ( (
Cool marble fridge magnets
Swap Journal
Anything from my wists!
Surprise you think I would like
Thank you to whoever chooses to fulfill a wish and Happy Birthday everyone!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: timpani~jax on January 06, 2008 11:38:10 AM
Hey, my name's Jane and I'll be 23 on the 10th of January. I live in Devon, England. I'm obsessed with embroidery and have been for the past couple of years. I finished a degree in English Literature last year and graduate in a few weeks. I love pop art, the twenties and illustration. Colours, blues and greens, purple, black and white.

Wish List

Knitted Neckwarmer Thank you animegirlie
Crocheted Headband
Handmade oatmeal soap
Screenprinted tee, UK size 12.
Something from my wists,
Nylon or Jane Magazine old or new Thank you itscute!

Fabric, cotton in above colours.

Happy Birthday everyone.

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: KMartKid on January 07, 2008 04:41:11 PM
Hi, I'm Kristin and I'll be 27 on Feb 17th.  I'm a counselor and I work with high school students.  I love my job and teens are so much fun... even though everyone thinks I'm crazy for working with teens.  I can't help it they are fun. 

-books, I'll literally read anything... and book acessories
-fun desk accessories
-hello kitty, stripes and polka dots... I love bright colors
-handmade items made of felt or fabric, but not clothing... accesories, purses, scocks, mittens, whatever you dream up)
-journals.  I love to journal. (hand decorated are awesome)
-Music. I play guitar and piano... mostly guitar.  I write music.  And I sing.  I love writing music, that's usually what's in all those journals. 
-Overall, anything handmade is awesome cause I know someone put their time into it and themselves. 

Wist for ideas:
I really like handmade items though so feel free to use these as inspiration, I'll be thrilled with anything :).

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: !b on January 07, 2008 04:49:44 PM
About Me:

Hi, Iím B! I'm 21 and will be turning 22 on the 13th of January! I live in Alberta, Canada.

I try to keep my personal style very minimal, think sweaters and jeans. I want to take my love for mismatching to a more refined place of mixing unexpected fabrics and prints. I am a girly girl who doesn't wear any make up and hates when things for women are the same for men but PINK. I love earth tones and rich colours. Green is my favourite followed closely by purple, brown and amber/goldenrod. I have a strange love for that mustardy/goldy colour that no one else seems to like! I like black accessories because then I can get away with pairing them with every outfit I own. I like nature themes like elephanst, deer, animals, trees and calming things like that. I ride my bike daily.

As for dislikes I am not a fan of any brand names, pastels, and while I love Disney movies I feel that the characters are better left to children.

Thank you in advance to anyone who fulfills a birthday wish! I am ever grateful for the crafty goodness that is sent my way!

The Wish List

Knitting or Crochet

Argyle Head Band;topicseen#msg696106

Really any knitted or crochet cozy mittens would be amazing. I really love wool too! ( ( (

Heart Earflap Hat!


Vinyl in pearlescent white and/or sparkle-y purple.
Enough to make bags so 1 meter/yard

Crewel embroidery thread. Wool. Earth tones would be superb!

Vintage/Vintage inspired sewing patterns. I love almost anything from the 50's!

Fabric with bikes on it!

Any pattern drafting books or books about almost any kind of sewing!


The gold one is awesome.

I think this looks so beautiful.

Hair pins with cute designs on them.


A T-shirt with a SEWING MACHINE somehow embellished onto it.;topicseen

If you or someone you know is into design I would love an image of a dinosaur riding a ROAD bike.

Bath Stuff
I have this bath salt that totally unclogs my stuffy nose! Itís filled with all that good stuff like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint. If you can make similar soap, lotion, bath bombs etc etc I would appreciate it. The stuff I currently have is called Barefoot Venus Therapeutic Mustard Bath.

And of course, anything inspired by stalking or my wists is very welcome.

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on January 08, 2008 06:42:29 AM
hello everyone! just checking in...if you haven't yet received the address to which you should send your gift or if you don't have the swap listed on your profile, please let me know!

if i can be of any other help, do not hesitate to PM me.


Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: stellato_escuro on January 08, 2008 01:52:26 PM
Hello! My name is Katherine, I am 24 and I live in MT with my hubby and puppy. I sew, make jewelry and do altered arts. I have a blog and wists, although the blog is a bit outdated. I am not a big fan of things for thing sakeÖI like stuff that functions. If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

WISH #1: supplies
I am spending the next 6 months on one big project, which is a giant cloth book. I am oversimplifying it, but thatís essentially what it is. And I need lots of supplies. If you have any of the below supplies in metallic, that would be a great added bonus!
- GIANT WISH!!! Timtex of any size. Bigger is better, but even quarter-sized scraps will be used.
- Fabric. Scraps that are the size of your palm, all the way up to big pieces. My only request is no prints involving people/cartoons/specific holidays or anything that is a huge print. If you have a question, feel free to ask. I would also love things that are fun to touch.  Thanks Frenchnewwave!
- Embroidery thread, sewing thread and washable fabric paints/markers. Even used ones, as long as there is enough for me to work with.
- Seed beads. Other beads are good, too, but no plastic please.  Thank you Timpani~jax!- Fabric trims, especially cords and pretty ribbons.
- Angelina fibers and/or Angelina fusible film. I have never worked with the latter, and I would like to try.
- Clear vinyl for sewing.
- Interfacing and fusible web. Just like the cloth, any size is appreciated.
- Tiny charms/ odds and ends, especially weird keys. I would prefer not to get plastic, unless it is too cool for words.
- Any weird little ďmaterialsĒ you think would be cool (tyvek, mylar, etc.). If you want to know more about my project to get ideas, just let me know, and I will give you the big, full-blown explanation.

#2 About 3-4 yards of a good, lightweight (but not see-through) fabric for making shorts or Capri pants. Nothing too crazy patterny, just basic that will match with a lot of stuff.
#3 Carved wooden ring.
#4 Cute, sturdy small pencil jar for work.
#5 Resin pendants. I want something simple, and if someone picks this, I will send them specific examples.
#6 A funky purse. I need it to be practical, but not black. I have some on my wists, and can always send more examples.

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: purpleone on January 09, 2008 07:10:30 AM
Happy Birthday Crafty ladies! My name's Bea and I live in England with my folks and two cats. I'll be turning 26 at the end of January :)

I love animals, earth tones/neutrals and subtle patterns.

Supplies (pre-loved is a-ok!)

-Large size inkpads - black or colour!

-Quilting magazines Thank you mclianne!

-Heavyweight iron on interfacing

-Fabric with bears, snakes, bats or seals (more realistic than kiddyish)

-Printed template plastic

-Black or green corduroy

-T shirt or sweatshirt-type fabric

-Shrinky dinks for inkjet printers

-Green tea powder for baking


-Knit pear cozy

-Felt/emboidery cassette pouch

-Wall organizer Thank you mclianne!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on January 11, 2008 09:12:06 AM
We have sender, so a gallery has been started! Be sure to post pics (and alert me) when you receive!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: lucy van pelt on January 14, 2008 09:56:49 AM
About me:
Hi! I'm lucy van pelt, but that's not my real name...I love Peanuts and Lucy is my alter-ego!
My birthday was January 10, and my friends took me out to lunch for my b-day for Thai food...I'm a big Asian food fan, love sushi, yakisoba, anything at all to do with those cultures' foods...oh, and Indian food too...mmmm.... :D I'm a girly-girl and love classic, refined things.

Things I like:
-Anything to do with English culture - I love the BBC, Victorian architecture and history, Dickens, Brontes, Wilde...the & chips & tea...the Underground...Big Ben...Yorkshire
-Japanese stuff - the traditional fabrics are gorgeous Thank you hardyswanton01 - I LOVE my Japanese totebag!
-The 1940s-50s - from sultry film stars to happy housewives
- The beach! Especially Miami Beach, where I hope to move someday!
-Old-time baseball. Phillies, yay!

I would love:
-vintage jewelry (thrifted is great!)
-A nice decorated notebook or binder in which I can put my loose knitting and sewing patterns. Something tropical-themed would be awesome, but I'm not picky! Thanks klum78!
-A paperback copy of "Starring Sally J. Friedman As Herself" by Judy Blume
-A paperback copy of Dickens' "Bleak House"
-A fabric roll for my crochet hooks!
-Fun, old buttons (for sewing)
-Anything with Miami Beach - postcards, perhaps
-Anything with a flamingo on it
-Patterns for embroidery (I'll take your old Sublime Stitching ones, if you're done with them!)
-Tiny things - I love to collect teensy, tiny miniatures, like worry dolls, little animals, fruit, miniature teacups, polymer clay tiny things - whatever!
-Knitted Jaywalker socks!
-Anything from my first list!

More about me: (friend me while you're at it!)

Thanks - nice to make your acquaintance! - lucy

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: hardyswanton01 on January 16, 2008 09:12:43 AM
Hi, hardyswanton01 here!  I'll be turning 25 on January 22nd.  I live in Madison WI.
My interests: crafting (duh), music, movies, my boyfriend, my horse.  My clothing style is I am too big to fit into most things that I own, but I am slowly working on that.  I currently live with my family, but will probably move in with my boyfriend soon.  I work full time, craft full time and ride my horse full time, lol.  I have a weird taste, sort of goth/elvish/modern/vintage/retro/french.  See my wists for ideas or PM me.

Crafted items:
Plugs for my ears (2 gauge and 8 gauge, currently)
Organizer bag with multi pockets
anything cabled
messenger bag, any style
Lingerie (pm for sizes)
edibles (pm for flavors)
swap journal
anything relating to D&D
something related to weight loss, exercise or one of my other interests
housewares to jazz up boyfriend's apt
handspun/hand painted yarn!  no boucle tho, thanks.

calendars--nice picture ones
patons SWS, any color
sock yarn
fabric for my 9 patch quilt project--i use 4 inch squares for it
japanese/asian/oriental fabric for another quilt project

PM with questions :)

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on January 16, 2008 09:13:32 AM
Hi everyone -
Sorry if you've tried to get in touch with me the past few days. I've been sick and out of commission. If I seemed to have overlooked any PMs, feel free to send me another msg. Thanks!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: itscute on January 16, 2008 08:08:14 PM
Happy Birthday Month!    I've been approved to post my birthday wish list, My birthday is on the 9th of Jan.
I just participated in fill a box swap, and i must say I really like getting other people's supplies, is that weird?  so here's my list.

-US 1, 2, 3, 4  Circs at least 40' (100cm)
-"bling" stones like those ( that  you can decorate things with with glue.
-buttons, large and small, and medium
-knitting magazines that you can spare

-knit socks, i am size US 6.5 i'd love a pair of jaywalker (, or the horcrux socks (
- recon t-shirts, i'm a size medium.
-knitting needle bracelete.

i have a wist, it's in my profile.

Thank you for those who pick me.

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: klum78 on January 17, 2008 01:13:18 PM
Happy birthday to all of you!
 I am Kimberly and I will be 30(!) on the 14th of Feb.  (Yes, on Valentineís DayÖ)  I am a stay at home mom to (soon to be) two children, we live in Portland, OR.  I mainly sew but never for myself, isnít that always the caseÖ  I am a total bag whore, I can never have enough bags! I love most colors, green is my favorite.  All shades of green are great when paired with brown, cream, white, black, or robinís egg blue.  I am not super girly so I only do pink in limited quantities. 
Thanks in advance for whoever chooses me!

I would love any of the following:
*a purse like this:

*or this one, I donít like the boring fabric, but the shape is great:

*this bag, would need it to have lots of inside pockets so I could use it as a diaper bag:;topicseen#msg2208306

*Any of these books, used is fine:
Happy Hour by Atkinson Designs
Omiyage: Handmade Gifts by Kumiko Sudo
Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan
Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol
Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy

*A knitted or crocheted swiffer cover, I need one for a wet mop and one for a swiffer vac.  Like this:

*a boyish pair of Saartje booties:

*a few of these binky bags, I cannot figure out the construction on this for the life of me:

*a pair of cute/comfy pj pants, elastic only waist is fine (PM me for size)

* a new makeup bag, I love the boxy shaped ones, I am outgrowing my current one

*boyish fabric, anything from a fat quarter to a yd+ is appreciated, so I can make things for my infant son, no skulls or really babyish patterns please

*Amy Butler Fabric, remnants are fine

*Fun or funky patterned fabric

Almost anything from my wists:

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: kiwikero on January 21, 2008 10:45:56 AM
About Me:
Hello! My name is Keri. I'm from Columbia, MO, and I'll be turning 20 on January 29th (so I'm an Aquarius). I'm a college student at Mizzou majoring in Philosophy and currently live with my lovely girlfriend, our goldfish, and seven rats. As for crafting, I've been knitting since October of 2007, I love taking pictures, and I occasionally make things out of sculpey.

Things I Like:
*Doctor Who

Things I'd Like to Receive:
*Anything inspired by the above list
*Anything from or inspired by my wist: (
*Knitting supplies: Yarn (I like soft yarn and pretty colors, but I'm allergic to hemp!!), needles (I would especially love DPNs... US #4, 5, or 8 would be great but I'll take any size!!), or books (used is wonderful).
*Anything handmade: Clothes, bags, anything knitted or crocheted, little sculptures, I promise I'll love it.
*Artwork - I have a very good friend who's an artist, and I'd love to have some pretty work to go alongside hers. Any medium is fine.
*Journals and supplies: I can always use pens and stickers, and I love journals both store-bought and hand-decorated. ^_^
*Chocolate-covered strawberries: I can't find them anywhere! All I see are the dried fruit ones, not the fresh ones.

Please feel free to PM me with questions.

That's all from me! Happy birthday, everybody!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: Beadbakery on February 04, 2008 05:04:02 PM
My name is Kathleen and my birthday is Feb 17, I'm going to be 25.  I'm currently in Edmonton Canada, but am from Toronto Canada.  Being in a new city I am missing my favorite crafty places and pals, Edmonton doesn't have much of a craft scene at all.  I love to make jewelry and have just received a sewing machine for Christmas that I'm currently in love with.  Hmm, what else about myself....I love colour and patterns.  I work for a clothing company which dictates alot of my style so I use a lot of accessories to make it personal. 

**My Wish List**

-Fabric (any size will do, I'm new to sewing so more then a meter is intimidating)
-Rotary Cutter
-Simple patterns
-craft/sewing/bead mags (past loved or present)

-Anything to do with Dirty Dancing(best movie ever if you haven't seen it) or Coronation Street
-lunch bag
-handmade cards/stationary
-pouches or small bags (make up or pencil case size, I love little bags, they are soo handy)
-herbal tea (any flavor, I've just discovered them so I would love to try some different ones)

I love surprises so anything not on my list would be great too!

Happy Birthday Everyone!!!!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: windshadow on February 05, 2008 04:22:40 AM
I'm Windshadow, 19 this year, my birthday was on 25th Jan; currently waiting to enter college. My style is simple but i like funky accessories that can be used to dash up my outfits. I like mainly neutral colours and accessories that are black are best for easy matching. I've picked up book-binding myself a few years back and love experimenting with things to make them into something different. I'm quite an outdoorsy person but i also enjoy reading a good book with a good cup of coffee.

Although i'm a person who likes things that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, i've started to take an interest in ATC making. I would love to pick up new crafts and am dating an artsy guy who drums and skates.

Big thank you to anyone who picks my list !  ;)


Pillow case with awesome prints for recon, thrifted would be good
ATC supplies
Etching cream
Coloured buttons
Fabric with funky prints
Resin kit
Crafty books

Stuff they dont sell in my country
Panic Manic/Special Effects, blue would be great
Pixy Stix

Handmade Stuff

Cracked CD bracelet
Sterling Cuff
Crackle Marble Necklace
Tote bag
Knitted headband with tribal design
Victorian inspired jewelery
Coin purse
Silk screened shirt, pm for ideas
Kangaroo plush for the guy
Armwarmers like this would be cool

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on February 07, 2008 07:23:49 AM
IMPORTANT: Hi everyone, it seems there is a "rule" that ongoing swaps can only go on for a month, so I've been instructed to close this one down. I will honor all claims that have been made up until now, so please continue to craft and send if you have claimed someone. No more claims will be accepted, sorry!

If you would like to start up a February birthday swap, please feel free to do so!!!

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: Beadbakery on February 07, 2008 09:54:54 PM
that's really disappointing.....

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on February 08, 2008 07:25:18 AM
that's really disappointing.....

I know :(

If someone starts a Feb. swap, I suggest they let whoever wasn't claimed in this round post their list "for free."

Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: Beadbakery on February 13, 2008 07:27:23 AM

I'm pm'ed you twice for the addresses of my claims, now I'm thinking that maybe you didn't get them.  Could you send me the addresses, i have finished crafting and ready to send them out.


Title: Re: January / February Birthday Swap!
Post by: frenchnewwave on March 03, 2008 09:30:31 AM
windshadow ---> KMartKid for a journal
beadbakery ---> itscute for beads
beadbakery ---> KMartKid for a bookmark

hi - if senders above could PM me the delivery confirmation numbers for your packages, that would be great. THANKS!