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Title: British Pursuit
Post by: jbartistic on October 02, 2007 02:47:28 PM
So my husband and I are American but we love quite a few comedies on BBC but we don't always get what they are talking about so I revamped Trivia Pursuit into British Pursuit.  It is a British Slang/Terminology version that I'm giving to the hubby as a gift. 

A pic of the whole game set up (

Close up of of the question and answer cards (they are really more like old school definitions) (

and then a close up of the key (

I got the words and definitions from (

I used the original Trivia Pursuit ( ( my model so that I could incorporate a lot of British iconic imagery into the board...the only version i have is the Pop Culture edition so instead of pie pieces it is a lava lamp, cell phone, etc.  I figure if I find an original version at the thrift store we can use the pies from that and if not we can use the pop culture version. 

I don't know the post off hand, but to make all the images black on a colored background like the orginal game I used photoshop threshold, that is something I learned from a Craftster post for making stencils...I couldn't find the first post I saw about that to link and give credit so if you want a shout out just post it in the comments  ;)

Thanks for looking at my first challenge entry


Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: violet71 on October 02, 2007 03:48:18 PM
As a Brit, that is ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: KittyCreates on October 02, 2007 03:56:02 PM
Very cool!  It looks like there was a lot of thought put into this.  I wish there were some shots of how you made it, though.

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: jbartistic on October 02, 2007 07:15:27 PM
I actually did most of this work on the is my best crafty tool. 

Most of my time was spent finding images that I "think" are iconic for Britain.  There were 6 colors and 9 images for each so I needed at least 54 images.  I found most online with google images.  I used the threshold feature in Photoshop layers to make each image that silkscreen black. After that I filled with a multiply setting with the appropriate background color.  I sized the images down to about 150 pixels wide so I wouldn't need to do a ton of scaling once i was ready to put the images into the board.

The other hard part was creating the board game outline...math is not my strong suite so instead of calculating exactly where all the lines to divide the areas between each wedge category I just eyeballed it.

The outline was done in Illustrator and then imported into Photoshop.  I would select each section and then copy the image that should go into that section then do "paste into".  This perfectly cropped each image the correct size.  I did the same thing with the flag in the center of the board. 

I printed it out on a large format printer so I wouldn't have to cut and tape it together. 

I don't know if I'm explaining this well at all.  If anyone wants to print their own let me know and I can post the image files on my site for download. 

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: allyinthevalley on October 02, 2007 10:03:27 PM
I would say that's bloody wonderful... but as an American that would (according to the link you gave) sound silly.  :-\ So instead I'll just say I really like this.  :)

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: Narimasu on October 03, 2007 10:27:17 PM
What a great idea! We played American Pictionary with some British friends once, and what a hoot! We laughed ourselves silly over the translations between languages. Spent most of our time going through the cards and asking each other what the words meant. The languages are really different when you get down to little details.

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: aliz on October 04, 2007 03:37:30 AM
i love the design of the board! it looks great

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: Nekoneko on October 04, 2007 12:02:26 PM
Wow! You really put a lot of heart and effort into your project! This is such a great idea because I can make a trivia game with questions that the kids can answer .... maybe like a family trivia game??? See you got my mind thinking...CHEERS to you!

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: spotty_duck on October 04, 2007 01:44:01 PM
 oh wow! It's soo retro! I'm british and I'm loving it! (you should make an american version for all us brits!!!! lol

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: boogirl1984 on October 05, 2007 03:35:31 PM
I love it and I want it and I may have to make one myself!

I'm American too but lived in Britain for six months, and I used to ask my co-worker what I called my "stupid American question of the day."  I still have trouble with a lot of the slang when talking to friends or watching BBC.

Great work!

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: jolliebell on October 06, 2007 11:31:07 AM
What a fun idea!

Title: Re: British Pursuit
Post by: Stroudrose on December 17, 2007 02:25:08 PM
Definitely think we need a US version for us Brits!