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Title: Adorn & Canada
Post by: DancingBoots on August 31, 2007 07:38:08 AM
I had been buying Adorn magazine since it's first issue but it's becomming increasingly difficult to find. In fact with both my husband and I looking, and searching 8 different stores, we finally found 1 last copy at Chapters in Metropolis/Metrotown (Burnaby outside of Vancouver). This store is an hour and a half from my home - so I don't plan on making such a trip for future issues.

So I was going to subscribe. But guess what? They only ship in the USA. I contacted them about it but they do not want to supply to Canadians.

I will not run around like I did for this issue again - it's not THAT good. Next issue if I see it, fine, if not-oh well.

I'm very dissappointed to find such a close minded attitude, especially when it's so very easy to ship across our borders and the subscriber pays in US funds and pays for the postage. Canada has many great crafty contributors I feel it's a big mistake of theirs to exclude us.

Title: Re: Adorn & Canada
Post by: adornmag on September 06, 2007 10:56:47 AM
Hi there,
I'm writing from Adorn Magazine.  Trust us, we wish we could be distributed everywhere and be available to everyone who would like to subscribe!  We are a small company and are doing our best to make that happen.  Your support means a lot to us! In the meantime...single copies and back issues of Adorn are available for purchase at in the magazine section. We currently ship to the US and Canada.

Hope this was helpful to you!

Adorn Editorial Staff

Title: Re: Adorn & Canada
Post by: DancingBoots on September 10, 2007 08:20:17 AM
Thank you for your reply. Your answer is much better than the one sent to me by customer service. Perhaps I will consider giving the magazine a second chance.