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Title: FAQ For Scrapbooking
Post by: BeccaJaneStClair on July 03, 2007 09:28:20 PM
Scrapbooking FAQ, part 1.

I am going through all of our previous posts and creating a Frequently Asked Questions thread with links to other threads to help us out when we need help with something, and don't want to make a new post, and to help cut back on multiple posts asking for help with the same things.

The following is from pages 1-3 of the scrapbooking forum.  I will be adding to this post with questions/links off of the other pages in the next few days, and if I have forgotten or neglected a topic, please send me a PM so we can add it!

Scrapbooking Frequently Asked Questions

I just started scrapbooking, what should I get?

There are a lot of basic things you should have right away, such as paper, adhesive, scissors, and a paper trimmer. For more information, see:

What Kind of glue/adhesive can I use?

Always make sure any type pf adhesive you use on your scrapbook is acid free, as it will prolong the life of your book. You can use glue or tape, or special adhesives specific to scrapboooking.  For more information, see:

What is "Digital Scrapbooking"?

Digital Scrapbooking simply means that you are creating your scrapbook pages on the computer, using Photo Shop, or any other photo editing program.  Special programs are made that create digital scrapbook pages. You can then print the out and put them in your book, or share them on a webpage.
For more information, see:

Where can I find quotes for my scrapbook pages?

You could go to a bookstore and purchase a book of quotes.  Some scrapbook stores even sell quotes printed on vellum paper for scrapbooking. There also are a lot of sources online for finding quotes, even just by using Google and typing in "Quotes".  Some sites we've recomended before (please note clicking these links will take you off Craftster, and Craftster is not responsible for the content on the following sites):

What are Eyelets and Brads?

Eyelets are small metal rings that you can punch through your pages as decoration, or to thread ribbon and string through.  Brads are also made of metal, but do not have a hole in the middle and are used to attach things to your pages.  For more information, see:

I'm on a small budget, where can I get scrapbooking supplies?

Believe it or not, many Dollar Tree stores now offer a line of scrapbooking items all for $1. 
JoAnn Fabrics also has a $1 line of scrapbooking supplies, and many of the larger craft stores offer promotions weekly that put their scrapbooking supplies on sale and offer some brand name knock-off items for $1-$3 regularly.  Most Sandylion and Stickopotamus stickers only cost $0.99-$1.25 per packet, and Sandylion is starting to put more than one sheet in their packages.  For more information on scrapbooking on a budget, see:

What are Page Protectors and do I need them?

Page protectors are thin pieces of plastic that go over your scrapbook pages.  Many books and page sets come with page protectors, and they are sold in almost all page sizes for you to add them to your book.  Page protectors are good because they will keep fingerprints and dust off of your pages, however they are not mandatory.  Page protectors can be added at anytime to your scrapbook, so you do not have to decide right away to use them.

What is a Xyron Machine?

A Xyron machine is basically a DIY Sticker Maker.  you can insert anything paper within the size limit of the Xyron machine into it and it will add an adhesive backing to it. Many people will use a Xyron machine to back strips of paper with adhesive, then use a Sizzix Machine to create die cuts with adhesive already on them.  Many scrapbook stores have these machines out in the open for customers to test out before investing in their own machines.
For more information, see:

What is a Sizzix Machine? 

A Sizzix Machine is a die-cut maker. You can purchase many templates - alphabet letters, animal shapes, etc. and you use the Sizzix machine to create your shapes. Much easier than having to hand-cut everything, and if you do a lot with lettering or repeated shapes, it is a good thing to own.  Like the Xyron machine, the Sizzix machine can run on the expensive side. You can try out the Sizzix machine at most scrapbooking stores before deciding to invest in them.

What's a Crop?

A crop is a group of people who get together to work on scrapbooking together. You can have a crop that just runs a few hours, or one that runs many days.