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Title: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: cherade9 on May 19, 2007 09:46:01 AM
Edinburgh craftster here! Edinburgh itself is a little thin on the ground for crafting, especially on a budget. However there are places to try.

Knitting and crochet:

John Lewis in the St James Centre (Usual range of John Lewis, fabrics, yarn, sewing machines and haberdashery. I only bother when they have a sale on)

Jenners on Princes Street (Yarn department and haberdashery. Sadly no longer sell fabrics)

Edinburgh Bargain Stores on Clerk Street (Cheap acrylic yarn, lots of cheapish cooking pots for dyeing, a treasure trove of fairly cheap tools, picture frames, glass jars for fimo coverage, candles, votives. Many cheap things!)

Handknits on Bruntsfield Place (Generally high end yarn. Very very knowledgeable and friendly, both women who work/own it are professional knitwear designers, Jeanette Trotman and Carol Meldrum. If you see Carol, say Hi! from Liz)

Pins and Needles on Home Street (Sells yarn through the back of the shop, cheaper than HK but not only acrylics. Also sewing fabrics and haberdashery, sewing patterns, good alterations service. Say hi to Serafina from me!)

Ali's Cave next to the Festival Theatre (Similar to the Bargain Stores, but not as big a range or generally as cheap)

Dainties yarn shop on Causewayside (Owned and run by a very elderly eccentric woman named Hilda. You need to go, just to see what a knitting shop used to be like!)

McAree Brothers on Howe Street (Mostly mid range yarns, with some higher end stuff. Also have a good online ordering service.)

Drummond's on Haymarket (Sells sewing machines, yarn, haberdashery and offers a limited number of classes. Overpriced and a little unfriendly and unwelcoming)


Edinburgh Fabrics on Clerk Street (Big Indian shop, friendly and helpful)

Mandors on East Claremont Street (Small but with a large range, especially of more luxurious and dressy fabrics)

The Cloth Shop Bonnington Road (Warehouse with the downstairs full of upholstery fabrics and upstairs the dress fabrics. Has reasonable sales)

Various Indian shops on Leith Walk

John Lewis (As above)

Pins and Needles (As above)

Beads and jewellery making:

The Little Bead Shop on Bruntsfield Place (Also sells Silver Clay and offers classes)

Helios Fountain in the Grassmarket (Expensive for beads and findings but handy)

Scrapbooking and stamping:

The Edinburgh Craft Shop on Slateford Road (Stamps, embossing powders, ink pads, brads, paper, wooden box and shape blanks, craft buttons. Friendly owner)

Stampers Grove on Grove Street off Fountainbridge (Pretty much anything you need for scrap booking or stamping from paper to stickers, rubber stamps with a custom service available, ribbons, card blanks, die cutters and stencils)

Charity shops:

Shelter on Clerk Street (Good for fabric and old jewellery to remake into new designs)

St Columba's Hospice Shop on Morningside Road (Yarn, needles and patterns. Many good yarn bargains over the years)

Hospice of Hope (Romania) on Home Street (Sometimes fabric, yarn and needles. Mostly craft books)

Edinburgh Methodist Mission on Earl Grey Street (Books, yarn, needles and fabric. Also sewing patterns for all you retro and vintage fans)

Bits and Bobs Scrapstore at Lairdship Yards at Broomhouse Road (Recycling project in an industrial estate. Sells *everything* although you need to purchase a membership either as an individual or as an organisation. This, however, is cheap as chips compared to the bargains you can get there. Run, do not walk!)

We also have a Stitch and Bitch on a Wednesday night at Chai Teahouse on Merchants Street from 7pm. Also we meet on alternate Saturdays and Sundays at Double Dutch. We're mostly knitters and crocheters but any stitch crafts are welcome and encouraged! Check out (!

I'm always happy to meet new craftsters if anyone wants to get together. I knit, machine knit, crochet, sew, pattern cut, make corsets, print, dye yarn and fabrics and generally use fabric and yarns any which way I can. I make beaded jewellery, button jewellery, fimo jewellery, beads, felted stuff, wire work jewellery, bags, recycled objects.. anything I can think of really. If you're into any of those things then please get in touch!

Liz Ashton

Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: intergalacticj on October 11, 2007 03:03:47 PM
wowee thank you soooo much!!! ive never even thought to shop in john lewis and jenners for crafty stuff.

i dont live in edinburgh but i live in bo'ness (near grangemouth/falkirk) i try to get to edinburgh as often as i can cos i love it there! i was wanting to join some arty (life drawing,cos i just left college and miss it) and crafty clubs or classes and i just discovered that there is an edinburgh stitch n bitch wow!! im totally skint and in need a job right now but as soon as im rich ill be popping into all of the above shops and hopefully even the stitch n bitch, im pretty much a new-ish knitter (ive been knitting - usually in the autumn/winter for 2-3 years but i cant do much considering,im self taught and i would love to know somwone who can knit and help me along...)

wow... i think ive written enough for a book there...

Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: scarlettholly on October 20, 2007 11:13:31 AM
Thanks for this!!! I have only been going to John Lewis and I don't like it that much. I must try the Pins and Needles place. I've only learnt to crochet in the last three weeks, but would love to come along to the stitch n bitch group, if you don't mind that I've only got a hook!!

There are two bead shops you missed - there's one in stockbridge, and one just off the royal mile that I'll have to figure out the names of!

Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: QuiltersBlock on March 29, 2008 08:47:12 AM
I realize this is an old post, but want to thank Cherade9 for such a informative list! We'll be in E most of July this year, and I am now planning to visit most (if not all!) of the shops you've listed! Thanks!!


Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: Trekky on March 30, 2008 05:16:16 AM
If your in Edinburgh then check out K1 yarns knitting boutique on West Bow which has recently opened  :)

Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: claire mc13 on April 04, 2008 02:57:35 AM
just to say re bead shops in edinburgh the bead shop scotland does nice little workshops for beginners (i live in glasgow but thought it was worth the bus!).

Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: MsCupcake82 on September 15, 2009 10:47:18 AM
Wow - great list of places!

I've just moved to Edinburgh for six months and it's nice to have a list of places to explore.

Title: Re: List of Edinburgh craft resources
Post by: ladybattenburg on November 18, 2009 12:06:02 PM
I'm from Edinburgh and I absolutely love the Edinburgh fabrics shop, i can spend hours in there just wandering and drooling over the fabrics.  Theres also a really nice beading shop on dean park street just off of Stockbridge, I think the women that work there design all the jewellery for the window displays but I'm not really sure.  It's not too expensive and its a really good place to go for inspiration.  Also they sell Fimo, something it took me ages to find in Edinburgh back when i started with clay and now its everywhere!