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Title: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: raynbow on April 30, 2007 08:54:58 AM
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Swap name: Shop the Swap Round 2
Craftster member who is organizing this swap:  raynbow
Craftster member who is the backup organizer for this swap: xladyluckx
Sign-up date range: This swap lasts from 05/01/07-05/24/07
Date to send item by: Once someone claims from you, you have one week  to mail the item.
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): No
Non-U.S. participants allowed? Yes! Be aware that by signing up for this swap you are agreeing to ship items internationally if they are claimed by someone outside of your country.All ages allowed? Or 18+?  All ages.  If you are under 18 be sure that:
A)   you have your parents permission (you’ll be using their address OR a P.O. Box)
B)   you have access to a computer where you can keep in contact (i.e. if you get grounded from a home computer, you can use the one at the library/friends/etc.)
C)   you are able to walk/get a ride to the post office ON TIME
D)   you have enough supplies or funds to purchase supplies needed to create awesome crafted items

"Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES, xladyluckx will be helping out!

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed at least one swap successfully before signing up for more: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES

Organizer meets the 4 conditions for swapping and will make sure that
every participant meets these conditions: YES

All swappers MUST be pre-approved for this swap!

This is a finished item swap.  Post a "shop" of at least 5 items for everyone else in the swap to choose from.  All items should be finished, and hand crafted.  They do not necessarily need to be crafted by you, but credit the creator wherever possible for items you did not make.

To Sign Up: PM the organizer, raynbow, with a list of at least 5 items you will offer in your shop.  Once you receive approval via PM, you may post your shop.

What is a shop?
A shop is a post in this thread,listing the items that you have available to be claimed.  You don't have to have an actual online shop to participate in this swap.  As long as you can post a list of items, with pictures if at all possible, you have a swap shop!  You can also manage your shop pictures on your own picture hosting and just post links in your shop post.  It's up to you to keep your shop as up to date as possible by removing items that have been claimed and posting any new items you want to add.  Items in your shop should all have a 'price' between 1 and 2 points.  Make sure it's clear how much each item costs.

- The majority of the posts in this thread should be shops.  That's what we all want to see, right?  So let's try and keep all the discussion over here:
- When you claim an item, mail raynbow, xladyluckx, and the person you claim from.  Claims will be first come, first served.  The first person to send a PM to all three of the proper people will get the item.
- Because it's possible for more than one person to claim an item at the same time, wait until you see the recipients name in the send out post before you send.  The send out post will be the ultimate authority on who is getting which item.
- Rather than keeping track of the number of claims, like the other ongoing swaps, we will be using a point system for this swap.  Here are the most important things you need to know about your points:
- Every time someone claims an item from your shop, you get the price of the item in points. (You cannot use your points until you have SENT the item that was claimed.)
- Every time you claim an item from someone else's shop you spend the amount of points in the price of the item.
- Once you have +7 points (either pending or spendable), your shop will be temporarily closed for business until you have less than 7 points.  Please edit your shop post to put 'CLOSED' in large bright letters to make it clear to everyone when your shop is closed.  There will also be a list near the top of the thread with all the closed shops.
- Once you have 0 points, you can't claim any items until you have at least 1 point.
- The organizers will keep a running point total at the top of the thread, but you should try and be aware of your own points too.  Feel free to keep track of your points in your shop post.
- When you receive an item, PM raynbow and xladyluckx and the person who sent it to you.
- Please use DC#s on your packages whenever possible.
- When someone claims an item on your list and is confirmed by an organizer, you are responsible for removing that item from your shop post.

(Please make the title of your PM the name of the swap)

Name of swap: Shop the Swap Round 1
Craftster username:
Email address:
Real name and mailing address:
What are five items you can post in your shop:

Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

Please feel free to ask raynbow or xladyluckx if you have any questions!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: raynbow on April 30, 2007 08:55:34 AM
How many points do I start with?
If this is your first round, you start with 3 points.  If you were part of round 1 you'll start with a number of points based on how many points you had at the end of last round.

Do I have to post pictures?
It's not required, but it's strongly encourage.  Good pictures will make people more likely to claim your items!

What size items should be in my shop?  What size goes with what price?
You can put any size items in your shop, and you can charge whatever price is fair.  If you really need a guideline, try small for 1 point, medium for 2 points, large for 3 points.  But feel free to judge by other criteria like the expense of the materials, how much you enjoy making the item, how popular the item seems to be, etc.

Why does my shop close when I have 7 points?
When you have 7 points, it means you've had several more claims against your shop than you have made yourself. We want to make sure that no one gets shortchanged, so once several items have been claimed from your list, your shop will be 'closed' until you catch up on claiming some things for yourself.  We also want to make sure no one is 'hoarding' points, so we want you to spend your points and get them back out in the economy.

Why don't I get my points until I have sent my item?
There are several reasons for this.  First of all, it's a good way for us to control how many claims you have going on at one time.  If you don't get your points until your items are sent, you can't have a bunch of packages waiting to be shipped and still be making claims.  It will also help protect our swap from anyone who might flake by not allowing them to make lots of claims if they aren't shipping their items.  And it'll encourage everyone to ship on time, or even faster, so that they can get their points!  We aren't waiting until items are received, because that will make it very difficult for international craftsters to participate in the swap.

Why do you keep changing the rules?
Since this is the first time we've run this swap, in this way, there are still lots of kinks in the system.  We're getting lots of feedback from you guys, and we want to make sure we listen to it.  Also, since we're hoping this will be an ongoing swap, we want to make sure that the rules we make don't make it harder for people to participate in later rounds.

What can I put in my shop post?  Can I put a wishlist?  Can I take requests?  Can I post embarassing pictures of my little brother?
The focus of your shop post, should be your shop! However, as long as you are keeping your shop the focus, and keeping it up to date, and keeping it stocked.... We don't care what you put in there! As long as you aren't breaking any rules of craftster, or any laws, go for it!

I want do do another swap, but the month isn't over, can you go ahead and give me my feedback?
In order to leave the swap early, you need to have at least as many points as you started with.  If you do, you can go ahead and 'close' your shop.  Then, once everything that had been previously claimed from you has been received, you can leave the swap and get your positive feedback.

My points/claims don't match what I think they should.  Is something wrong?
If it has been more than 24 hours since you made the claim.  Or if any of the organizers admit to having been drunk/sick/tired when we last updated the claims or points, go ahead and send us a PM.  Otherwise, give us about 24 hours to get caught up with claims.  If your claim is at least 24 hours old, and something seems wrong, feel free to send us a PM and ask.  If your claim is several days old and something seems wrong PLEASE send us a PM to make sure we received the claim!

I think I have 7 points but you only show me with 6, am I closed?  OR I think I have 6 points but you show me with 7, am I open?  OR Why are my points still pending, I sent those items?
In general, if you have recently changed your points, you're probably right and the point total is probably out of date.  When in doubt, it's fine to go with what you think your status is.  It doesn't hurt to include a little note in any PM's you send letting us know, just in case there is an issue.  (For example,  "XladyluckX just claimed my peanut butter sculpture, but your list shows my shop as closed.  I claimed a couple things recently so I think I should be open and this claim should be ok.")  Now, since you are the person who is the most up to date on your own point total, feel free to help us out a little bit.  Please close your shop when you know you're at 7 points.  Also, feel free to re-open your shop when you know you are at 6 points.  And, if you've sent us a PM saying you sent items, feel free to spend the points, even if they still show as pending points on the list.

What do I need to say in my claim post?
The idea format for claim posts is this:
sender - item - receiver - number of points
If you are claiming multiple items at one time, list each one seperately.  If you just absolutely can't remember that, try and at least get those pieces of information in there.  Who you are claiming from.  What you are claiming.  And how many points the item costs. 

What do I need to say in my send post?
Something like this would be great:
sender sent to receiver this item for this many points
Again, the key items here are the sender, the receiver, the item, and the points.  Please make sure all of those things are in your message.

Can I leave the swap early?
You can leave the swap early, but we'll miss you.  In order to leave the swap early and get your positive feedback all your items need to have been received, and you need to have at least 3 points (you need to have shipped at least as many items as you claimed).

What is the 'sale mode' I hear everyone talking about?  Do I need to put my items on sale?
'Clearance sales' is what we call the end of the month when we're trying to wrap everything up and even up everyone's points.  You don't have to put anything on sale, but many people do.  But the real goal of the sale time is for everyone to try and get back to 3 points (the amount of points you started with).  So during clearance sales, the only stores that are open for shopping are stores where people have less than 3 points.  And the only people who can do any shopping are people who have more than 3 points.

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: xladyluckx on April 30, 2007 08:56:58 AM
Watch this list closely so you know who won the item and who you need to contact for an address!

Late,with communication
Missing in Action with No Communication

Send by May 8th
Atsuko to travelbug - cherry necklace - (2)

Send by May 9th
Ptarmic Wumpus to Atsuko - Blue Ridge 2 - (2)
travelbug to Javede - apple red headband - (1)
Ptarmic Wumpus to Gavagai - appliqued patches - (1)
Ptarmic Wumpus to Gavagai - total eclips - (1)
Gatsbygirl to La_Chrystelle - cream tank - (2)
Javede to La_Chrystelle - notebook cover - (1)
Laughinglark to Loves2experiment - 5 beaded pendants - (2)
Laughinglark to Angry Angel - blue/green gods eye - (1)
Avesthel to Angry Angel - blue flower hair elastics - (1)
Knitwit to Avesthel - rapunzel scarf kit - (1)
Angry Angel to Ptarmic Wumpus - little owl - (2)
Knitwit to Avesthel - Tiffany Blue Batt (1)
Loves2experiment to Laughinglark - Japanese floral Wristlet (2)
Grieney to Laughinglark - Green/Yellow 3" bowl - (1)
Grieney to Eliea - Blue, green and clear bowl -(1)
Laughinglark to Grieney - purple french brooch - (1)
Asphalt Queen to Raynbow - green floppy notepad - (1)
PTarmic Wumpus to Atsuko - Undersea Felt -(2)
Travelbug to Asphalt Queen - tampon case - (2)
Gatsbygirl to Asphalt Queen - pink/purple pony holders - (1)

Send by May 10th
La_Chrystelle to Gatsbygirl - pointy kitty - (3)
Grieney to javede - ribbon belts -(1)
Avesthel to La_Chrystelle - pink flower hair elastics - (1)
Fun4bambi to grieney - Mobius Scarf - (2)
La_Chrystelle to Knitwit - embroidered small bag - (1)
La_Chrystelle to KraftyKT - Multi Color Earrings - (1)
Gatsbygirl to Travelbug - blue tank - (2)
knitwit to catpants - tiffany blue batt - (1)
Catpants to knitwit - asst. earrings - (1)
xladyluckx to knitwit - yellow birdie - (1)
Atsuko to Crystalfairy - cherry pendant - (2)
Angry Angel to Ptarmic Wumpus - Mr. Snuffles -(2)
Ptarmic Wumpus to _Suicidal_Angel_ - sushi chopstick purse - (2)
xladyluckx to laughinglark - button wreath -(2)

Send by May 11th
La_Chrystelle to Fun4bambi - Hello Kitty Earrings - (1)
La_Chrystelle to Fun4bambi - Blue Roving Earrings - (1)
Knitwit to Fluffybaka - rapunzel scarf kit - (1)
Avesthel to Valsped - Mobiuos ball chainmail toy - (1)
Peihan17 to Laughinglark -Fleece Kitty - (2)
Dulcinea to Avesthel - Bowl #3 - (1)
Raynbow to Ptarmic Wumpus - Raspberry Ice Batt - (1)
Knitwit to La_Chrystelle - Rapunzel Scarf Kit - (1)
Asphalt Queen to La_Chrystelle - Yellow Floppy Notepad - (1)
Fluffybaka to Eliea - two of the mascots - (1)
LaughingLark to loves2experiment – Set of three spider pendants blues and gold - 1 point
Laughinglark to Avesthel - flower brooch, oceany blue - (1)
Laughinglark to xladyluckx - skully brooch - (1)
fluffybaka to raynbow - - kitty ear hat - (1)
Ptarmic Wumpus to Dulcinea - Felt hanging, _Blue Ridge 2.5 - (2)
Laughinglark to AngryAngel-Mixed charms/pend.- (1)
Laughinglark to Angry Angel - Set of 5 pendants incl. PITA bird - (2)
Laughinglark to La_Chrystelle - Light brown french beaded flower brooch -(1)
Raynbow to La_Chrystelle - felted soap - (1)
xladyluckx to La_Chrystelle - Storybook 1" pin/magnet set ONE - (1)
Chrissiemags to LaughingLark-Ponytail holder Goody brand elastic-(1)
Chrissiemags to LaughingLark-Pretty in Pink facecloth- (1)
Chrissiemags to LaughingLark- blue Mosaic AND sUNSET orANGE soap-(1)
LaughingLark to _Suicidal_Angel_ - gods eye in green and pink- (1)

Send by May 12th
Avesthel to LaughingLark-Chocolate frosted crocheted donut- (2)
Dulcinea to Gavagai - pyro bowl -(1)
Javede to igobylorib - small cupcake purse -(2)
redheadskydiver to fun4bambi-Hello Kitty pendant - (2)
xladyluckx to craftydeb - vintage sewing shrine - (2)
_Suicidal_Angel_ to Ptarmic Wumpus - 1 lb of bath salt -(2)
_Suicidal_Angel_ to crystalfairy - 2 geisha flowers -(1)
Avesthel to redheadskydiver - chain maille bracelet -(3)
travelbug to avesthel - Vinyl Roadster Wallet - (1)
redheadskydiver to sewknitter - cherry blossoms slide pendant -(2)
_Suicidal_Angel_  to raynbow - handmade messenger bag -(2)
redheadskydiver to GatsbyGirl - pin-up microscopic slide pendant -(2)
sewknitter to avesthel -needle holder -(3)
challeyf to gavagai -Wire spiral bracelet -(1)
Gavagai to Raynbow - star wars bag -(2)
challeyf to sewknitter - Blue wire necklace (1)

Send by May13th
crystalfairy to asphaltqueen - yellow flowers original art - (1)
igobylorib to chrissiemags - Set of 4 stamped cards with envies -(1)
dulcinea to chrissiemags - Size F, flowers -(1)
dulcinea to chrissiemags - Size E, ladybugs -(1)
ptarmic wumpus to igobylorib - Batik cotton tea towel -(1)
eliea to rockmygypsysoul - sock monkey -(2)
gavagai to _Suicidal_Angel - Elvis bag - (2)
GatorWrangler to _Suicidal_Angel_ - hard rock cafe' print - (1)
atsuko to _Suicidal_Angel - modified Cherry Necklace - (2)
knitwit to ptarmic wumpus - Rapunzel scarf kit -(2)
ptarmic wumpus to knitwit - 1D. Simple cards four  -(1)
raynbow to javede - Blue Jean batt -(2)
redheadskydiver to avesthel - drop spindle -(2)
raynbow to avesthel - spicy apple chai felted soap -(1)
catpants to dulcinea - handspun wool - (3)
penguino to dulcinea - sherbet colored yarn -(2)
Asphalt Queen to fluffybaka - 2 photos - (1)
mlsocci74 to redheadskydiver - swap journal -(2)

Send by May 14th
Valsped to knitwit - felt pen - (1)
Gatsbygirl to knitwit -embroidered tea towels - (1)
Penguino to catpants - earrings - (1)
Penguino to crystalfairy - Japanese style bag -(1)
Ptarmic Wumpus to Penguino - Blue felted bowl -(1)
Gavagai to penguino - jungle zippered pouch - (1)
rockmygypsysoul to peihan17 -button bouquet -(1)
gavagai to fluffybaka - mini button tote - (1)
peihan17 to laughinglark -amulet bag -(3)
chelleyf to GatsbyGirl - purple beaded hair slide - (1)
mlsocci74 to chellyf - Swap Journal  -(2)
LaughingLark to Suicidal_Angel - Two gods eyes - (1)
raynbow to loves2experiment – Eucalyptus mint sheepy soap - (1)
igobylorib to xladyluckx - tissue holder - (2)
Angry Angel to xladyluckx -Chocolate Chip the monkey - (2)

Send by May 15th
laughinglark to javede - Blue-green french beaded flower brooch - (1)
Avesthel to Grieney - mobius earrings - (1)
Fun4bambi to redheadskydiver - tabletop (black w/red) earring holder -(1)
Dulcinea to Ptarmic Wumpus - Phred - (3)
eliea to ptarmic wumpus - Hand Beaded Bobby pins -(1)
sewknitter to peihan17 - tatted bracelet -(2)
travelbug to penguino - Vinyl Passport holder - (1)
rockmygypsysoul to sansa - four ribbon bracelets - (1)
avesthel to sansa - mobius earrings - (1)
fluffybaka to igobylorib - elephant and neko girl (1)
fluffybaka to catpants - 2 owls - (1)

Send by May 16th
javede to raynbow - knitting needle roll -(2)
igobylorib to raynbow - fabric notecards -(1)
snowyangel to eliea - set of pins - (1)
eliea to javede - Crochet stitch markers - (1)
asphalt queen to snowyangel - Butterfly Falls and A River Runs Through It - (1)
la_chrystelle to catpants - bronze earrings -(1)
redheadskydiver to gavagai -Microscope slide pendant kit -(3)
KraftyKT to fluffybaka -chocolate pie earrings-(1)
chrissiemags to kraftykt -beaded earrings -(1)
grieney to avesthel - Pale lilac scarf - (1)
fun4bambi to avesthel - Crocheted, black cotton kitchen mitt - (1)
Dulcinea to LaughingLark- melted bead bowl #4- (1)
Travelbug to LaughingLark- Snappy Wallet/Spring Flowers-(1)
loves2experiment to GatsbyGirl - felt cupcake -(1)
loves2experiment to GatsbyGirl -threader earrings -(1)
sewknitter to dulcinea - tatted bracelet - (2)

Send by May 17th
Atsuko to Travelbug - Glass stitch markers -(2)
knitwit to avesthel - Roving dye kit -(1)
laughinglark to redheadskydiver - earrings #7, 11 & 14 - (1)
dulcinea to purpleone - bowl 5 - (1)
purpleone to ptarmic wumpus - birdie thank you cards - (1)
purpleone to atsuko - Little resin octopus pendant - (2)
rockmygypsysoul to snowyangel - record bowl - (1)
travelbug to snowyangel - White polka dots pleated wristlet - (1)
purpleone to loves2experiment – Mod domino pendant - (1)
purpleone to rockmygypsysoul - popsicle soaps - (1)
penguino to purple one - black panta - (1)
dulcinea to sewknitter - Size G, multi-flowers - (1)
dulcinea to sewknitter - Size H, hearts - (1)
Laughinglark to angry angel - purple & blue god's eye necklace - (1)
laughinglark to catpants -Tropical blue french beaded flower (1)
laughinglark to chelleyf - Ever-So-Slightly gothic flower pin - (1)
penguino to dulcinea - handdye yarn "little mermaid" -(2)

Send by May 18th
Kraftykt to fluffybaka- strawberry earrings- (1)
nicolassa to penguino - Love Potion #9 Handspun Yarn - (3)
laughinglark to angry angel - pink, blues and green pendant set - (1)
laughinglark to angry angel - daisy brooch - (1)
nicolassa to la_chrystelle  - Lip Balm Kit - (3)
sansa to sewknitter - multi-color goldfish - (3)
gatsbygirl to dulcinea - seven bracelets - (3)
laughinglark to kraftykt - Earrings (#1,10,19)-(1)
purpleone to laughinglark -12 soy tealights - (1)
Raynbow to LaughingLark-pearberry scented sheepy soap -(1)
raynbow to laughinglark - 5 people beads - (1)
laughinglark to knitwit - ice cream charms - (1)
lunanne to knitwit - fat bottom bag purple - (2)
avesthel to purpleone - mobius flower chaimaille bracelet - (3)
grieney to nicolasssa - 2 headbands - (1)
loves2experiment to avesthel - yummy cupcake - (1)
avesthel to nicolassa - mobius chainmaille earrings - (1)
sewknitter to purpleone - black tatted bracelet - (2)
Crystalfairy to Asphaltqueen - emoticon charms/beads and penguin beads (1)
Gavagai to AsphaltQueen - chinese pendant - (1)
avesthel to lunanne -chainmail jeychain with moonstone - (1)
asphaltqueen to catpants - framed red gnome - (1)
gatsbygirl to mlsocci74 - lilac knit tank top - (2)
gatorwrangler to mlsocci74 - pink oriental wristlet - (1)
purpleone to craftdeb - croc bag - (?)

Send by May 19th
javede to loves2experiment - Sock yarn, 100 g - (2)
javede to loves2experiment - Lace Ladder yarn - (1)
Loves2Experiment to LaughingLark-bold paisley zippered pouch- (1)
Knitwit to LaughingLark- one pair knit cuffs- (1)
la_chrystelle to nicolassa - cute black felt pouch - (1)
javede to avesthel - blue roving - (2)
javede to avesthel - blue roving - (2)
Suicide_Angel_ to Laughinglark - asst. bath salts (3)
fluffybaka to javede - coffe cup w/ caffeine molecule - (1)
la_chrystelle to javede - hello kitty fabric keystrap -(1)
la_chrystelle to crystalfairy - skull belt, custum made - (1)
loves2experiment to fluffybaka - eat your veggies pouch - (1)
laughinglark to lunanne - red french beaded flower - (1)
knitwit to gatorwrangler - roving dye kit - (1)
nicolassa to gatorwrangler - Mayan Glyph Pendant - (1)
snowyangel to fluffybaka - red owl earrings - (1)
asphalt queen to peihan17 - boobie soaps and notecards - (1)
asphalt queen to chrissiemags - cards and needle roll - (1)

Send by May 20th
snowyangel to la_chrystelle - owl necklace - (1)
penguino to Javede-felt flowerbobby pins-(1)
penguino to Javede-handdye yarn "Bubblegum" - (2)
fluffybaka to gavagai - coffee cup - (1)
fluffybaka to gavagai - strawberry cake - (1)
javede to penguino - pink sock yarn 50g - (1)
fun4bambi to snowyangel - Small wall style earring frame - (1)
javede to redheadskydiver - the roving - (2)
laughinglark to lunanne - 3 pairs of earrings - (1)
raynbow to snowyangel - sheepy soap in mango - (1)
laughinglark to peihan17  - 3 pairs of earrings - (1)

Send by May 21st
gatsbygirl to fluffybaka - three scarves/headwraps - (1)
chrissiemags to GatsbyGirl -tissue holder #3 - (2)
loves2experiment to penguino - RED AND WHITE WRISTLET - (1)
LaughingLark to _Suicidal_Angel_ - opalite glass tree of life suncatcher - (2)
knitwit to AsphaltQueen - felt bead kit - (1)
catpants to raynbow - kitchen sink yarn- (2)
catpants to raynbow - 2 headbands -(1)
LaughingLark to AsphaltQueen - 3 pair earrings - (1)
Gothmom to AsphaltQueen - My Little Pony Dreads - (1)
Legerdemain to AsphaltQueen - Japanese-esqe earrings - (1)
LaughingLark to Knitwit - 3 pairs of earrings - (1)
_Suicidal_Angel_ to knitwit - playing card notebook -(2)
raynbow to redheadskydiver - sheepy soap in plumeria - (1)
legerdemain to redheadskydiver - pink earrings - (1)
legerdemain to redheadskydiver - japanese earrings - (1)
Kniting_nyxxie to LaughingLark-Melted Bead Bowl - (1)
The SickRose to penguino - pink crochet cupcake (1)
penguino to legerdemain -"Deep in the Ocean" handdyed yarn - (2)
The SickRose to legerdemain - chocolate cake earrings - (1)

Send by May22nd
astuko to Grieney - DotD pendant - (1)
Knitting_nyxxie to LaughingLark -Pressed Flower Resin Necklace-(2)
travelbug to TheSickRose - Reversible headband- pink with white polka dots and black - (1)
redheadskydiver to nicolassa - microscope slide pendant kit - (3)
catpants to theSickRose - felted soap kit - (2)
nicolassa to ptarmic wumpus - Mayan glyph pendant - (1)
purpleone to catpants - kitty earrings - (1)
la_chrystelle to purpleone - blue panta - (1)
Redheadskydiver to LaughingLark- micro slide pendant #6 koi - (2)
mojo to valsped - Felted bag- crocheted - (1)
nicolassa to peguino - Rubber Baby Yarn Pretzel - (1)
nicolassa to penguino - easter yarn pretzel - (1)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: xladyluckx on April 30, 2007 08:57:24 AM

Watch this list closely so you know who won the item and who you need to contact for an address!

Late,with communication
Missing in Action with No Communication

Send by May 23rd
chrissiemags to chelleyf - john deere cameo checkbook cover - (2)
lunanne to knitting nyxxie - Brown with cupcake appliquι - (2)
Angry Angel to Javede-Flora the elephant-(3)
fun4bambi to la_chrystelle - Large wall style earring frame -(2)
LaughingLark to Knitting_nyxxie--surg. steel earrings #6, #12 and #15 --three pair --one point.
raynbow to GatsbyGirl - jasmine chamomille loofah soap -(1)
knitwit to Suicidal_Angel - felt beads kit - (1)
loves2experiment to fun4bambi - threader style earrings - (1)
angry angel to xladyluckx - YODA - (2)
fun4bambi to purpleone - Noticeably Green Large Earring Holder -(2)
laughinglark to cookies - 3 spider pendants - (1)
knitwit to cookies - felt bead kit  - (1)
knitting nyxxie to cookies - melted bead bowl in multi-glitter -(1)
Grieney to GatsbyGirl -clear melted bowl with hearts -(1)
ptarmic wumpus to laughinglark - Koi felt - (2)
javede to nicolassa - white summer headband - (1)
kraftykt to gothmom -CTRL ALT DEL earrings/necklace set - (2)
LaughingLark to Grieney - WTF brooch - (1)
laughinglark to nicolassa -purple french beaded flower brooch - (1)
valsped to nicolassa - Swap Journal -(2)
nicolassa to gatorwrangler - Lip Balm Kit  - (3)
ptarmic wumpus to gavagai- Mini manta in felt - (1)
asphaltqueen to raynbow - project bags, the woof flower card, the zetti fish card, and the sorry monkey card -(1)
laughinglark to raina.storms - Shiny blue and lime green french beaded flower brooch -(1)
dulcinea to raina.storms - #2 crochet hook - (1)
dulcinea to raina.storms - #1 from right, Size K, daisies -
nicolassa to chrissiemags - lip balm DIY kit -(3)
raina.storms to travelbug - personalized address labels - (1)
asphaltqueen to penguino -Set of 6 Red Gnome Notecards - (1)
Legerdemain to fun4bambi - silver earrings with SS chain -(2)

Send by May 24th
TheSickRose to Javede - Happy Rain Cloud Brooch - (1)
TheSickRose to Javede - Strawberry Brooch - (1)
Angry Angel to LaughingLark-crochet octopus pendant-(1)
Ptarmic Wumpus to Raynbow - needle holder - (2)
Knitting-nyxxie to LaughingLark-Pressed Flower Resin Necklace -(2)
Sansa to Angry Angel - red totable tote - (2)
Ptarmic Wumpus to Dulcinea - tool cards - (2)
snowyangel to nicolassa - swirly red sleep mask - (1)
sewknitter to angry angel - custom tatted bracelet - (2)
crystalfairy to eliea - kingdom hearts box - (1)
thesickrose to eliea - fried egg brooch - (1)
Gothmom to Ptarmic Wumpus - circuit board belt - (2)
Grieney to knitwit - melted record bowl -  (1)
Knitwit to Lunanne - Roving dye kit -(1)
thesickrose to lunanne - Sweet crocheted cupcake/pink - (1)
grieney to snowyangel - Red and orange with clear star-shapes - (1)

Send by May 25th
knitwit to thesickrose - felt bead kit  - (1)
peihan17 to loves2experiment - Tabbed Turtle Blanket - (2)
LaughingLark to GatsbyGirl -Purple glass beads and garnet chips Tree of Life pendant - (1)
raynbow to ptarmic wumpus - peachy luffa soap - (1)
LaughingLark to loves2experiment - Tree of Life pendant -(1)
raina.storms to redheadskydiver - personalized address labels - (1)
thesickrose to nicolassa - turquoise bag - (1)
raina.storms to _Suicidal_Angel_ - Personalized Address Labels - (1)
la_chrystelle to laughinglark - skull/stripes blurp cloth and bib - (2)

Send by May 26th
xladyluckx to chrissiemags - vintage sewing shrine - (2)
fun4bambi to eliea - large wall style earing hanger (raffia)  -(2)
redheadskydiver to rockmygypsysoul - microscope slide pendant KIT - (3)
purpleone to knitwit - Japanese style pendant and Brass birdie earrings - (1)
knitwit to penguino -two Tiffany Blue batts - (2)
knitwit to catpants-tiffany blue batt - (1)
knitwit to catpants -mermaid batt - (1)
laughinglark to catpants -cherry quartz tree of life pendants -(1)

Send by May 27th
Dulcinea to knitwit - polymer clay crochet hook  - (1)
catpants to knitwit - felted flower brooches  - (1)
fun4bambi to redheadskydiver - black/silver guitar pic necklace - (1)
cookies to redheadskydiver - kitty toys - (1)
redheadskydiver to knitwit - #1 candle (1)
knitting_nyxxie to sewknitter - Blue Lego Soaps Tropical Vacation Scent *Set of 4* - (1)
knitting_nyxxie to sewknitter - Lemon Shaped and scented soap with actual ground lemon peel inside! *set of 5* - (1) 
TheSickRose to sewknitter - Long Loopy Necklace - (1)
loves2experiment to gavagai - FELT CUPCAKE WITH JIMMIES III - (1)
sewknitter to fun4bambi - tatted bracelet - (2)
loves2experiment to fluffybaka - sushi pouch - (1)
Fluffybaka to knitwit - kitty hat (1)
crystalfairy to sansa - popsicle and pirate beads - (1)
suicidal angel to sansa - Geisha Flowers - (1)
laughinglark to sansa - Pink charms pic 6/9 - (1)
loves2experiment to thesickrose - sushi pouch - (1)
loves2experiment to penguino - Sushi Zippered Pouch - 1
AsphaltQueen to _SuicidalAngel_  - project bag, button earrings soaps and cards - (1)

Send by May 28th
LaughingLark to javede - beaded butterfly brooch - (1)
LaughingLark to javede - Red beaded flower brooch - (1)
Avesthel to purpleone - Mobius flower chainmail earrings - (1)
redheadskydiver to nicolassa -green cat stitch markers - (1)
redheadskydiver to nicolassa  - pirate stitch markers - (1)
penguino to loves2experiment - Hand-dyed merino yarn "Aqua" - (2)
thesickrose to redheadskydiver - hackysack - (1)
catpants to redheadskydiver - blue and the pink felted bead earrings - (1)
redheadskydiver to craftydeb - microscope slide pendant kit - (3)
AsphaltQueen to sewknitter, Magnet Therapy/Hematite Jewelry - (3)
knitwit to loves2experiment - Sunrise batt - (1)
knitwit to loves2experiment - Atlantic batt - (1)

Send by May 29th
Angry Angel to xladyluckx - Leia - (2)
Angry angel to nicolassa - yoda - (2)
Avesthel to Angry Angel - Rainbow chainmail bracelet - (2)
Laughinglark to redheadskydiver -blue tree of life pendant - (1)
knitwit to redheadskydiver - felt bead kit - (1)
grieney to redheadskydiver - purpley pyro bowl - (1)
angry angel to avesthel - yoda - (2)
angry angel to redheadskydiver - yoda - (2)
angry angel to redheadskydiver - leia -(2)
Avesthel to Grieney - mobius chain bracelet - (3)
Avesthel to Fun4bambi - Mobius flower chainmail bracelet - (3)
Avesthel to Fun4bambi - Mobius flower chainmail earrings - (1)
TheSickRose to Fun4bambi - Wooden Face Beads -(1)
Raynbow to Fun4bambi - Orangey vanilla scented felted soap - (1)
Nicolassa to TheSickRose - lip balm kit - (3)
Legerdemain to AsphaltQueen - cherry earrings - (1)
Craftydeb to PtarmicWumpus - amigurumi cat - (2)
Avesthel to knitwit - Fabric pins (1)

Send by May 30th
PtarmicWumpus to Nicolassa - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes tea towel - (1)
atsuko  to angryangel - glass animal stitch markers - (2)
penguino to avesthel - handdye yarn "Tulip" - (2)
lunanne to angry angel - Lunanne - Blue cupcake bag - (2)
catpants to angry angel - grapevine cluster ring - (2)
Purpleone to La_Chrystelle - Abstract art pendant by Etsy artist. 4cm in length &Crocheted flower pin, 7.5cm across. - (1)

Dulcinea to purpleone - bowl - (1)
travelbug to fluffybaka - "I love Etsy" business card holder -(1)
theSickRose to Avesthel - hacky sack - (1)
theSickRose to Avesthel - hacky sack - (1)

Send by May 31st
Cookies to Avesthel -green crochet skullcap & crochet cupcake - (1)
Raina.storms to LaughingLark-Glass Jewelry Catcher-(2)

Send by June 1st
fun4bambi to raina.storms - Frame Style Earring Holders:  d) Tabletop earring frame - The Glittery One (blues and greens!)  -(1)
atsuko to thesickRose - Glass animal stitch markers - (2)
penguino to crystalfairy -Hello Kitty Bandanna - (1)

Send by June 2nd
sewknitter to gavagai - octopus beaded pendant - (1)
xladyluckx to atsuko-Storybook 1" pin set Two -(1)
xladyluckx to atsuko-Storybook 1" pin set Three - (1)
Eliea to sewknitter - Turtle Beaded Anklet glass beads and Malachite Glass - (1)
GatsbyGirl to sewknitter -Jewelry Pouch - (1)
redheadskydiver to la_chrystelle - Microscope slide pendant kit - (3)

Send by June 3rd
legerdemain to redheadskydiver - pink dangly earrings - (2)
Legerdemain to AsphaltQueen - pink sherbert earrings - (1)
Dulcinea to sewknitter - Size I fimo covered hook, roses,- (1)
mojo to catpants - multicolor crocheted baby blanket - (1)
travelbug to catpants - freakin' adorable baby slippers - (1)
fun4bambi to chellyf - novelty fiber crocheted scrunchies - (1)

Send by June 4th
javede to nicolassa - blue summer headband - (1)
javade to atsuko -handknit kids socks- (1)
knitting nyxxie to nicolassa - black flower earrings and white - (1)
gavagai to Angry Angel - Summer snake bag -(2)
gavagai to angry angel - red button bag - (1)
grieney to crystalfairy - 2 ribbon belts - (1)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: raynbow on April 30, 2007 09:00:25 AM
Final Points for Round 2!

Name   Current Points   pending
_Suicidal_Angel_   0   0
Angry Angel   3   0
AsphaltQueen   3   0
atsuko   7   0
Avesthel   4   0
catpants   4   0
chelleyf   0   0
chrissiemags   2   0
Cookies   1   1
craftydeb   1   2
crystalfairy   0   0
Dulcinea   3   0
Eliea   1   0
fluffybaka   1   0
Fun4Bambi   0   2
GatorWrangler   3   0
GatsbyGirl   3   0
gavagai   1   2
gothmom   4   0
Grieney   1   2
igobylorib   1   2
javede   3   0
kayrun   3   0
knitting_nyxxie   4   1
knitwit   6   0
KraftyKT   4   0
la_chrystelle   1   0
LaughingLark   5   0
Legerdemain   7   2
loves2experiment   4   0
Lunanne   2   0
Mlsocci74   4   0
Mojo   5   0
nicolassa   3   0
peihan17   3   0
penguino   5   1
ptarmic wumpus   3   0
purpleone   1   0
raina.storms   2   2
raynbow   3   0
redheadskydiver   0   3
rockmygypsysoul   0   1
Sansa   3   0
sewknitter   3   0
snowyangel   1   0
TheSickRose   5   0
travelbug   6   0
valsped   1   2
xladyluckx   0   2

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: raynbow on April 30, 2007 09:00:52 AM

All my items are 1 point!

1 Green acrylic and polyester blend panta.  Made with chunky yarn, so it's very wide.  It's not too tight on my big fat head, so it should fit big heads fine.  If you have a smaller head, you might need to trim it up a little bit.  Also, since it's so wide, it'll be really warm during the winter I think.

I also have a pinkishpeachish and white cotton panta, no picture yet.

One felted soap! The soap is glycerin base, so it's vegetarian.  It's got green tea in it, and an apple scent.  I think it smells sort of like a spicy apple chai!

One more felted soap.  Glycerin base.  Pearberry scented, mmmmm.

Another felted soap! Orangey vanilla scent.  Felted with a mix of wool and alpaca, much softer than some of my other felted soaps, try this one if you've been worried about them being scratchy!

(If you would like felted soaps of a specific scent, please let me know.  Color is also somewhat chooseable, limited by what I have in my scrap pile!)

I don't have any sheepy soaps pre-made.  But I can make them up easily, so go ahead and claim if you'd like them.  The current batch of sheepy soaps are being made with an awesome shea butter base.  Available scents include rose, plumeria, pearberry, vanilla, baby powder, clean and soapy, orange, mango, lavendar mint, jasmine chamomille, peach ..... i feel like i'm forgetting something.... those are most of them!

Loofah soaps!  The blue one is jasmine chamomille scented. The peach one is, you guessed it peach.  They are 1 point each, but with them you can also choose 2 guest sized soaps (not pictured.)  I have mango scented turtles and plumeria scented froggies!

Duck on the water soap.  Miniature rubber ducky floating on a yummy aqua olive oil soap, baby powder scented.  And so he won't get lonely on the trip, a light aqua, pearberry scented glycerin soap buddy!

I also have another one of these that is a duck lying down instead of sitting up in the soap, and the soap is slightly lighter and less translucent.
Polymer clay barettes, set of two.
Polymer clay covered altoid tin, lid comes completely off.
Polymer clay bead bracelet.  It is not highly sanded or polished, the beads have a very matte surface.  Stretchy cord.
Seed bead bracelet.  I should have taken a picture of this on my wrist.  It looks very scrunchy here but that's just because it's on a stretchy cord.  It flattens out nicely on your wrist.
Seed bead bracelet.  This one is not on a stretchy cord.  It should fit a small adult or large child.
Seed bead rings.  Your choice of ??several??.
Flower beads!  Handmade from polymer clay.  TEN beads for 1 point, mix and match from any of my beads.  (The people beads are all gone now, but most of the others are still available!)
Click the link to see the rest of my beads. (

And a couple 2 point items:

Blue Jean batt -Approximately 50g wool,cotswold curls, angelina for sparkle (hard to see in the picture)

Raspberry Ice batt - Approximately 50g handdyed wool, cotswold curls, and some sparkle

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: xladyluckx on April 30, 2007 09:01:41 AM

Cupcake Pin Cushion - ONE POINT

Cupcake Pin Cushion - Red Sewing Notions Fabric - ONE POINT

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: loves2experiment on April 30, 2007 09:07:48 AM
love2experiment's little swap shop
Sorry!  Shop’s Closed :(

All items are handcrafted by me.  I don't smoke, but I have a mini schnauzer who likes to sleep in my craftroom :)  If you have pet allergies, please take that into consideration!  

To find out more about the items and/or see more pictures of the items, please click on the pictures!  



Measurements for wristlet: 7 inches by 5.5 inches
Strap is approximately 7.5 inches


Measurements: 7 inches by 5.5 inches















loves2experiment's purchases:

LaughingLark to loves2experiment - 5 beaded pendants - 2 points - 1st claim

LaughingLark to loves2experiment – Set of three spider pendants blues and gold - 1 point – 2nd claim

raynbow to loves2experiment – Eucalyptus mint sheepy soap - 1 point – 3rd claim

purpleone to loves2experiment – Mod domino pendant - 1 point – 4th claim

javede to loves2experiment - Sock yarn, 100 g - 2 points - 5th claim

javede to loves2experiment - Lace Ladder yarn - 1 point - 6th claim

Sansa to loves2experiment - Red Totable Tote Medium - 2 points - 7th claim

peihan17 to loves2experiment - Tabbed Turtle Blanket - 2 points - 8th claim

LaughingLark to loves2experiment - Hot pink metallic wire, cherry quartz chips and pink wood beads Tree of Life pendant - 1 point - 9th claim

penguino to loves2experiment - Hand-dyed merino yarn "Aqua" - 2 points - 10th claim

knitwit to loves2experiment - Sunrise batt - 1 point - 11th claim

knitwit to loves2experiment - Atlantic batt - 1 point - 12th claim

Title: Avesthel's emporium of goodies
Post by: greybird on April 30, 2007 09:14:48 AM
Avesthel's emporium of goodies is CLOSED

My Shop in round 3:

Want to see the Sold items? Clicky clicky!-->


started with 3 pts
*Angry Angel - blue flower hair elastics - 1
*La_Chrystelle - pink flower hair elastics - 1
*Valsped - Mobiuos ball chainmail toy - 1
*LaughingLark-Chocolate frosted crocheted donut- 2
*redheadskydiver - chain maille bracelet -3
*Grieney - mobius earrings - 1
*redheadskydiver - mobius flower earrings -1
*sansa - mobius earrings - 1
*purpleone - mobius flower chaimaille bracelet - 3
*nicolassa - mobius chainmaille earrings - 1
*lunanne -chainmail jeychain with moonstone - 1
*purpleone - Mobius flower chainmail earrings - 1
*Angry Angel - Rainbow chainmail bracelet - 2
*Grieney - mobius chain bracelet - 3
*Fun4bambi - Mobius flower chainmail bracelet - 3
*Fun4bambi - Mobius flower chainmail earrings - 1
*knitwit - Fabric pins -1
All the items I sold have been received in their new happy homes! 
*Knitwit to Avesthel - rapunzel scarf kit - 1
*Knitwit to Avesthel - Tiffany Blue Batt 1
*Dulcinea to Avesthel - Bowl #3 - 1
*Laughinglark to Avesthel - flower brooch, oceany blue - 1
*travelbug to avesthel - Vinyl Roadster Wallet - 1
*sewknitter to avesthel -needle holder -3
*redheadskydiver to avesthel - drop spindle -2
*raynbow to avesthel - spicy apple chai felted soap -1
*grieney to avesthel - Pale lilac scarf - 1
*fun4bambi to avesthel - Crocheted, black cotton kitchen mitt - 1
*knitwit to avesthel - Roving dye kit -1
*loves2experiment to avesthel - yummy cupcake - 1
*javede to avesthel - blue roving - 2
*javede to avesthel - blue roving - 2
*angry angel to avesthel - yoda - 2
*penguino to avesthel - handdye yarn "Tulip" - 2
*TheSickRose to avesthel - 2 hackey sacks - 2
*cookie -- green crochet skullcap and cupcake - 1
All items bought have been received!!  :D

Avail: 4
Pending: 0

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: underthemountain on April 30, 2007 09:15:37 AM

See you in June!!  :)

Items are crafted in a non-smoking, bird-friendly home.

1 point items:
-Money Aloha shirt cards.  You get a set of six cards.   Bills are enlarged to 9 inches long prior to folding.  Interior is blank for your personal message.  Cards are approximately 3.5 inches tall.  Buttons/ties can be added upon request.

-Fun, Fruity Bracelet/Anklet.  Custom fit.  Please send me your measurements!

-Freshwater pearl necklace. Simple and elegant. These pearls are really cool, they have concentric rings on can see it side profile on the second pearl.

-Baby in a nest.  Could not manage to capture the detail on the baby's face, but I promise, it's nice.  Comes with silver plated chain --customized length.

-2 flower hairpins pattern provided by joybucket.  Thanks LaughingLark!!  Made with fabric, beads, and love.

2 point items:

-Glass animal stitch markers (elephant, fish, turtle, panda, birdie, and penguin).  The colors of the (elephant, turtle, and penguin may be different from what is pictured, but they will be cute and I'll give you a choice of colors). SOLD Thanks _Suicidal_Angel_   1 set left!

-modified Cherry Necklace made with faceted glass beads and green glass leaf on silver plated findings.  Comes on a silver plated chain customized to the length of your preference.  Everything is the same as the original cherry pendant except for the leaf.

-(right) Stitch markers made with lever-back earrings for either crocheting or knitting...or wearing as earrings.   ;)
(left) Bling, Bling Ring.  Adjustable silver plated ring with glass beads. Fun!! SOLD to Amazing.  :)

-cha cha bracelet in green for a 6" wrist. Made with glass beads.

-cha cha bracelet in blue. Customized fit Square bead cha cha bracelet in blue glass. Please send me your wrist size when ordering.  Sample pictured.

-Bling, Bling Rings!  Made with glass on an adustable silver plated ring. Choose from a-white mixed, b-blues with red center, c-green flowers, d-turquioise flowers, or e-green/turquiose flowers.  FUN!

-Butterfly necklace.  Choose one.  Made with Swarovski crystals and Cech glass with silver plated chain and findings.  One size fits all.  Can modify size if desired.  Chain length 18".
red and pink:
turquioise and green:
Here's an overall view:

Thanks for looking!!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: ptarmic wumpus on April 30, 2007 09:20:01 AM
CLOSED until June

Returning after June 3!
Coming in June:

more batik
more felt, maybe some nuno too
messenger bags and laptop sleeves

Firstly, it should be known that my household is non-smoking, but I do have two furry cats. Please pm me if you need more detailed info about any of the items. 


1A. Fabric wallets (from the Wonder Wallet pattern), approx. 4.5" in width, velcro closure, coin and card pockets. I have two, pick one. (1 pt each) (

1B. Yes, it is a...poncho.  ::) BUT it is a poncho made of a really lovely silk georgette, black with huge (huge) floral print. The fabric is really really nice. Hand-rolled hems, roughly 45" square (with a hole in the center, because it was made some years ago when there was a poncho thing going on). Use as a poncho, convert to an evening wrap, or cut it up into your own fabulous project. (

1E.  Snaily from fulled sweater sleeves; sweaters reclaimed from thrift stores. Wool, poly fiber stuffing. (1 pt) (

1G. Bear-purse for a child, synthetic sherpa, cotton lining, zipper top closure. Will hold a few small items; from a Simplicity? pattern. (1 pt) (

1H. Pillowcover for an 18-20" pillow form, Tan with applique sweater bits and buttons on the front, dark brown on the back. Invisible zipper closure.  Linen, sweaters, buttons. (1 pt) (

1I. Felt cthulhu ipod/small electronic device pouch. I made this guy a few years ago soon after I learned to felt, and he travelled with me to school a few times, but my current situation (cats who chew on things and office environment) are not conducive to tentacled ipod cozies and he needs a new loving home. (1 pt) link because the image is large (
You can even see photos of him being made in this photo-heavy page: (

1J. Batik tea towel, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Cotton, batiked with procion dyes and soy wax. I think it is 24 by 38 inches. (1 pt) claimed! (


2A. Silk/rayon velvet cloche-ish style hat, fits a 22.5" head circumference. From a Vogue pattern. (2 pts) (

2B. Small sequined fish ornament/toy. Silk dupioni, sequins, and beads. I can add a hanging loop if desired. (2 pts) (

2C. Blue vinyl purse, 16 inches from bottom to top of handles, cotton lining. Manta ray reverse applique. (2 pts) (

2D. Chopstick purse, from a McCalls pattern. Irridescent silk dupioni lined with cotton OR sushi print cotton, chopstick handles, plastic canvas, magnetic closure. Size 10" by 5". Due to the plastic canvas interfacing, this bag is very stiff. Color brighter in real life (purple/blue cross weave). (2 pts each) ( ( sushi print purse claimed!

2E. Felted bag with polkadots; button and loop closure, unlined, 8x6 inches. (2 pts) ( (

2F. Felting needle roll ~22 by 14 inches unfolded. Holds up to 15 felting needles of various lengths (using plastic straws); folds over to prevent needles from falling out, tie closured. Sort needles by color if desired.  Cotton, linen, fusible fleece, plastic straws.  I can custom make these in the size you want (small versions might be only 1 pt). This larger version is 2 pts. and has been claimed! But I can make more of these in different fabrics and sizes, so I am going to leave up the photos. ( (

2G. Cherry blossom sweater tote. Needle felted and beaded blossoms on a recycled sweater; ultrasuede handles and cotton cherry blossom lining. (2 pts) (

2H.  owl and cat Mark 2, from a Burda WOF magazine December 1972. Dark burgundy wool gabardine, cotton, polyfill. Not suitable for very small children. As before, they go as a pair. (2 pts for both) (

2I. Stratocumulus Sunset, felt hanging, 20" by 15". Wool. (


3B. Looking for a vintage-y summer dress?  This is a 1927 tea frock from a Folkwear pattern (not actually vintage, it is a few years old but never worn). Rayon voile in dark red with fluttery cap sleeves, dropped waist, and snap side closure. Meant for a size 32.5 bust, 28 inch waist, 39 inch hip. Note that this style is meant for a 20s silhouette - flat chest, no belly, no hips. On someone busty, it looks like a maternity sack, and will emphasize the hips if you have them. Fabric is semi-sheer and needs to be worn over a slip or other garment. Handwash cold, line dry. (3 pts) ( (

3C. Silk jacquard summer top, from a vogue pattern. Really nice silk jacquard with a peachy floral print, fluttery wing sleeves sleeves, drawstring waist with rattail cord, worn one time. Loose fit, meant for a 32.5 inch bust, 29 inch waist. Handwash cold, line dry. (3 pts) ( (

3D. Semi-sheer boxy jacket for evening. Raglan sleeves, contrast collar, never worn. Burnout metallic silk jacquard in black and bronze lined with metallic silk organza in bronze. Loose fit meant for a 32.5" bust/29" waist. Dry clean only. (3 pts) (

3E. Dolman sleeved lined jacket, from a KwikSew pattern. Outer and lining both in quilting cotton; crane print outer, solid green inner. Has two welt pockets, frog closures, and long sleeves. Loose fit, meant for a 32.5" bust and 29" waist, with several inches of ease (especially at the bust due to dolman styling). Machine wash cold, machine dry gentle. ( (

And....random freebies, combine with any of the above items. Can also go with packages that I have not yet shipped.

A. I bought a ball of string at the thrift store, and found when I got home that there was a mostly-finished tatted? crocheted? doily-thing inside. It is still connected to the ball of string, and there are safety pins around the edge. The outer edge of the doily is only partially complete. You get the doily and as much of the string as you think you will need (there is a lot). The string appears to be cotton. (

B. An altered book with some issues, board book with octopus themed poem. The issues are 1) the color scheme is a little odd, as this was for the "triad" color assignment for a color theory class, so everything is supposed to be either red-violet (includes pink), orange-yellow, or blue-green; 2) I used lumiere, matte medium, and scrapbooking paper (ugh), and the paint/paper cracks along the inside seam of the book. I can't fix it, maybe you can. 3) I am *not* expert at any kind of papercraft. Here is a sample page: (

Coming in the next month!
lily pond felt
messenger (and mini messenger) bags
various clothes

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: GatsbyGirl on April 30, 2007 09:28:34 AM
Sorry, We Are CLOSED until June.

Welcome to ...

First Come, First Served

On offer:

Diamond Dog (2 Points): Get your own tribute to the Thin White Duke right here. Made from a vintage Burda pattern and modern Alexander Henry fabric, he measures 10 inches from tail to tip. Don't you want to bring him home?:

From Here Down, Your Choice of 3 Items for 1 Point

Sweat Shop Goodies: OK. So, I was cleaning up and had to make some hard decisions about what I will actually use. Sadly, these three didn't make the cut. With compliments to their makers -- Saor, serialcrafter and glittergirl94 -- we have a felt flower brooch, an anklet with heart charms and a red and orange felted sunglasses case:

Italian Glass Bead Earrings: No story, just darn cute drop earrings.

Don't Mess With Texas Wrist Cuff: Made from a classic t-shirt and backed with dark, dark denim. Velcro closure accomodates a variety of wrist sizes:

Melted CD Tealight Holders (Set of Four): Smaller than those records in your vinyl collection, melted cds make for a perfect tealight holder. Bubbly and sparkly, with a variety of different labels for added interest. You will receive four assorted melted cds, plus four tealights. All for one point. What a bargain:

Set of 7 "Deathproof" Magnets: I know I'm in the minority, but I enjoyed the Quentin Tarantino half of "Grindhouse" far more than the Robert Rodriguez one. So much so that I was inspired to make some magnets. One for me and one to share:

Beads and Buttons Ponytail Holders (1 Pair): Black bands with beaded flowers and button centers in red/topaz:

Embroidered Onesies (Both Onesies Count as One Item): This poodle is the very first thing I ever embroidered (oh, about two years ago). I made it for a friend's baby boy, only to be told that it was "too girlie." Oh well, his loss is your gain. Never worn, it has short sleeves and will fit a 3 to 6 month old. Speaking of girls ... that girl is poison. Here's another short-sleeved onesie. This one will fit a 6 to 9 month old. The word is done in green metallic thread:

Want to see what's been sold this month? Check out the Shop the Swap gallery:

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: la_chrystelle on April 30, 2007 09:31:12 AM

everything is from a smoke free home, I have dogs but they are never in my room ( aswell they are greyhounds even people with asthma can handle them! ) Happy shopping!

NOTE: If you see anything you like but don't like the colour or whatever, pm me so we can figure out a custom. Requests can be considered too! Just let me know!

seashell necklace covered with recycled paper which was very thin so you see some shineyness from the seashell trough is, on a black cord.1 point

white keychain with lots of different beads.1 point

blue keychain with lots of different beads.1 point

black bird bag, I got this in the birds are beautiful swap, but it isn't my style, hopefully someone else will enjoy it. (handpainted) 1 point

red and gold necklace, only 1 point

black and white earrings, 0.5 point

purple pink flower earrings,  0.5 point

bracelet from jade beads and filigiraan beads. 2 points.

mismatched colourfull glass bead earrings, 0.5 point

green heart earrings, 0.5 point

black and pink bracelet in gold. 0.5 point

set of three cards with pretty origami paper, inside is blank, detail pic.

2 written pendants, paper on wood vanished with mod podge. 2 for one point.

2 fruit pendants, one apple and an cherry one. Paper on wood vanished with mod podge. 2 for one point.

2 pretty designs on recycled paper. Paper on wood vanished with mod podge. 2 for one point.

3 small bookmarks made with japanese origami papers, firm paper and ricrac. 3 for one point.

long thin crinkle crochet scarf. cream/white (supersoft, 80 acryl and 20% polyamide)one point

pretty floral clutch with a great fabric inside, I received this one in a swap, but never got around to use it 'cause I have way to many clutch here, so up for one point only. Great fabric inside too!

green long charm necklace. another picture:
1 point.

yellow cherry case for creditcards, money wathever you like to put in 1 point

pretty saloir skirt, I love it, but I never wear it. Darkblue and white stripes and a pretty red anchor. it's elastic the hips are 10.5" unstrechted and streched 19" and it 18" long.two points.

knitted bear, I've got in swap, but not my kinda thing. can be used as keychain or something like that too! one point.

knitted items, you get them all, a pouch, a lipbalm holder, a bow brooch,  a necklace and a flower brooch. Done for me in a swap, but I don't really use it. Not my kinda things.  one point.

needle booklet in lime green and fushia pink with cute embroidery on it.
inside pic:
one point.

pretty black and white pouch we a stencilled dog on sneaking away through the door. ( use your fantasy!) black back and white lining. one point.

set of 4 fabric folded cupcoasters. approx 3.8" X 3.8" one point.

2 small felt mascottes. (so you get them both) approx 4" long, purple cat and pink bunny. one point.

four small soaps, I received in swap, but I can't really use those. rose, fresh laundry, mango scented. Not sure about the green one though. one point.

2 crochet stuffies, one limegreen cupcake critter and one sweet pink bunny head with an cord so you can hang it somewhere, you will receive both. another picture here:
one point.

Brown fat bottom pleated clutch with amazing embroidered flower fabric and a pearly brown button snap
more pictures are here:
two points.

pretty japanese girl fimo bead earrings.
more pictures can be seen here:
one point.

orange flowerly pouch with zipper.
more pictures;
one point.

nice handknitted hat in different colours and there is are even some sparkles! made for me in the birds are beautiful swap (I don't remember who did it ) but it's isn't my colour. I know the sunny weather isn't good
for this, but maybe?
one point.

black customized top, sewed on black lace sleeves, an elastic band and I smocked it a bit. Top say and S but it's more and S/M. 2 points.
detail pictures:

more coming soon!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Eliea on April 30, 2007 09:31:25 AM

Shop is open! I only have one point!
I live in a smoke free household however I have 3 kittys and a dog. I also have 3 ferrets. Hopefully you will claim my crafts. *crosses fingers* I'm more than willing to wash things if it will help.

Stuffed Giraffe about a foot and a half tall. 2 points (he can stand he just doesn't like slippery surfaces.)

Crochet stitch markers! Glass and acrylic beads. They are green and gold. This set is claimed but I can make more if you want! Just pm me with your color choices. :)  (1 point)

All items below are half a point!:
Hand Beaded Bobby pins

Red:(2 sets available.)

Blue and green:

Pink: (2 sets available.)



Psyduck stuffie.

Dragonaire Stuffie

Starry the sock Elephant, NOT BABY SAFE. She has button eyes that sparkle.

Simply Soft Acrylic Neck warmer In bright green:

Machine knit Guinea Pig (acrylic yarn, with acrylic felt feet/ears, and  acrylic bead eyes):

If you see something you like and have no points pm me for a personal swap. :)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: LaughingLark on April 30, 2007 09:32:15 AM
The Laughing Lark is closed until June. Thanks everyone!
(New items added on May 18th) 

Made in a non-smoking home. I have one very, very furry kitty, but I keep my beads away from him...most of the time. :)

New in shop! Tree of Life pendants!

One point. Blue quartz chips, green glass and aqua pearls tree of life pendant.

One point. Blue quartz chips Tree of Life pendant. Sold to redheadskydiver! thank you!

 One point.Cherry quartz glass chips with silver-colored wire Tree of Life pendant. Sold to the lovely Catpants! Thank you!

One point. Hot pink metallic wire, cherry quartz chips and pink wood beads Tree of Life pendant.Sold to the lovely Loves2Experiment![/size]

One point.Purple glass beads and garnet chips Tree of Life pendant. Now belongs to the delightful GatsbyGirl! Thank you![/size]

New flowers added May 18th!

One point.Dark rainbow rootbeer and cream soda colored french beaded flower brooch with cherry quartz chip center. Sounds almost like food, but it's a pretty flower!  :D

One point. Red beaded flower brooch with vintage plastic floral whatsits in the center. I bought a small collection of vintage seventies flower thingies, and these are from my stash!Sold to Javede! Thank you!

One point.Dark rainbow rootbeer flower brooch with wood bead accents, and a vintage seventies clear brownish blossom in the center.

I have three people flowers featuring Raynbow's adorable people beads! I love the people beads!  :)

One point. Red people flower with one of Raynbow's polymer clay beads!

One point. Purple people flower with one of Raynbow's polymer clay beads.

One point. Med. blue people flower brooch with one of Raynbow's polymer clay beads!
One point! Three multicolored beaded flower pins. Yep, all three for one point. These are the first flower pins I made, and they need a new home. Add a riot of color to a purse, or share them with friends! :D

One point for any three pair of your choice! Earrings with nylon ear wires, for people with metal allergies! See the rest of them here. ( Please copy the number and the earring title in your PM if you want to claim some.
One point! this blue green french beaded butterfly brooch. Probably the only one of it's kind I'll make, unless they get a lot easier with practice. This is my first one, and I designed it as I went along... :DFlying off to the lovely Javede! Thank you again!

Pendants are back!

One point! Two blue green experimental pendants (Meaning that I was playing around with beads and wire,and these are what happened!)  ;)

One point! Cherry quartz chip (glass--cherry quartz isn't found in nature, but it should be!) pendant, and a brown and peachy pink rosette pendant.

One point! Set of three pendants-- greens, minty green and cobalt blue.

One point! Three pendants--watermelon green/pink, blue green and peachy pink.

One point! 3 pendants, two pink and browns, one red, black and white.

One point! 3 pendants, one is made with lapis chips, the other two have opalite chips in them. Light blue and minty green with pink.

One point Pearly blue french beaded flower brooch.

One point Purple french beaded orchid brooch.[/img]
One point! French beaded flower--yellow and purple and cheerful all over!

One point! Cute yellow flower pin with green, pink and yellow center. Doesn't it make you happy, just looking at it?  ;)

One point My first daisy! This brooch is a pale, almost buttercream color, with a pearly sheen. The center is made with brown beads with a rainbow finish. Sold to Angry Angel! Thanks again!
One point Blue-green french beaded flower brooch with white center.

All of the ribbon necklaces are approx. 18" long. The gods eyes that were in my shop earlier are still available! Just click here to see the rest of them! (
One point Blue-green girly gods eye necklace with toggle clasp.

Here be earrings! Lots of them! Three pair of these = one point! You mix and match!
Here are a couple of pics, and the rest can be found over  here.  Please ask for them by number, title, and let me know that they are from the surgical steel group. Thanks!  :) (
(I will be adding the earrings I took down from my shop, in mix or match format, after I catch up on my picture-taking! Also, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see here, please PM me, since I need to re-stock soon anyhow.) :)

 I moved the charms over here! I'm making room to add more things! There are seven different sets of charms available here, for one or two points! Take a peek! ;)
Click this link to see my sold items! Thank you!  :)

A note about my pendants and charms available in this swap, since I've been asked: Yes! It's totally fine with me if you use them in your own work and re-sell them! If possible, I'd like to see what you make with them, so post pics, or send me a link if you can. :)

Thank you for visiting my shop!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: knitwit on April 30, 2007 09:34:28 AM
Knitwit's Shop is NOW CLOSED - Will re-open in June! Thanks for the claims everyone!

All items come from a pet-free and smoke-free home. I can handle requests, so send me a pm!

Roving dye kit: Want to try Kool-Aid dying but don't know where to start? In this kit you get: 1 oz soft white mill ends roving, (85% wool, 15% mohair) 2 packets Kool-Aid, (you choose colors - I have a lot of them, including the Mexican Aguas Frescas - we can work it out in a pm) and complete instructions. It's safe to dye in your kitchen using regular cooking stuff because Kool-Aid is a food-grade dye. No worries. 1 point. I've sold a few but just made 2 more.

Amigurumi Hanging Bird: I got this cutie in a swap but have been spring cleaning and trying to lighten up a little. I think he should go to a good home where he will be adored. 1 point.

Felt Bead Kits: Here is what you get: a quart sized bag filled with a rainbow of different fibers (1 oz) and instructions (with pictures) on how to make felt beads. Kit will make about 20 huge beads, 30 mixed beads, or 40 small beads. (Numbers are based on my results, bead quantity depends on what size you make your beads!) 1 point.

Examples of beads you can make:

Rapunzel Scarf Kit: For those wanting a fun project but maybe you don't have the insane fiber stash that I do... (don't tell) I'll send you enough yarn to make a rapunzel scarf, you just have to braid it up. All of the yarn is cut to about 10 feet in length. Included will be some luxury fibers, novelty yarns and homespun, as well as some filler type yarn as well. I can even customize this for your color preferences! NOTE: I after selling 3 of these in as many days, I'm raising the price to 2 points!

example of fibers I'll send:

example of a scarf:

Knit cuffs! You get a pair. I made too many and need to clear some out. These are 100% cotton and are machine washable. They fit 6" to 8" wrists. 1 point. Pick any two: (2 blue on left claimed by Laughing Lark - thanks!)


Here is an example of how they look ON the wrist:

How about a knit hat for your Blythe Doll? This one is made from Noro Silk Garden Lite: 1 point.

Dice stitch markers: Here is a set of four, in your choice of red, lime green or medium blue/green. Each marker fits needles 0 through 10.5 comfortably because there are two rings on there. 1 point.

New Batts: Here are TWO new, hand-dyed batts I carded using mixed wool, mill ends, mohair, silk noils, bits of bamboo and angelina sparkle fiber. They fit in a one-gallon plastic bag and weigh at least an ounce or more. Can be spun or felted. #1 is "Sunrise", a blend of pinks, purples, tans, etc. and #2 is "Atlantic", a blend of blues, green and purples. 1 point each. CLAIMED by Loves2experiment - thanks!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: sewknitter on April 30, 2007 09:45:57 AM
Sewknitter's Shoppe
CLOSED, see you in June!
Thank you for shopping with me, I loved it ALL!!!

I'm from a non-smoking home, fragrance-free, and I have no pets, so no worries that way!

2 points  for tatted bracelet with magnetic clasp, custom made, so please give me a week to make them!] also look through my etsy for more ideas! (

Lots of color choices, just let me know what you'd like.
Victorian Garden: (

English Garden (

Herb Garden: (

blues-purples-aqua-jade and black (

blues & greens: (

beaded versions: (

Please note: I will make a tie-on version for those who would rather have
ties. And I will do custom colors, too!

1 point:
Asian gems hair bobbies, more colors in my etsy (, sample here: (

red cranes: (

cranes & flowers: (

oriental butterflies: (

Are you into other colors? I'll check my stash, and try to find more washi papers in the colors you love.

1 point:
jellyfish with fish earring, metallic threads (

shell collage necklaces!  2 points
Most have front and back collages. The shells are lacquered for extra durability. I hand knit the cords with cotton & silk threads. The cords are subtly changing colors, and my camera cannot do justice to the colors. I originally sold these to a local gallery, who retailed these for $30 each!

shell collage necklace, 2pts. #3 (

shell collage necklace, 2pts. #4 (

shell collage necklace, 2pts. #5 (

shell collage necklace, 2pts. #6 (

this is a cool one, I did a modern design on the one side, and a traditional collage on the reverse:
shell collage necklace, 2pts. #9 (
reverse (

Please feel free to look through my posts, if I made something else, I'll consider adding it.

trades in process:
sending to:
Avesthal -- crochet/needle holder, sent, 3pts
Peihan17 -- tatted bracelet, Victorian Garden, sent, 2 pts
Dulcinea -- tatted bracelet, custom in royal purple & white, sent 2pts
purpleone -- tatted bracelet, custom in solid black, sent, 2pts
angry angel -- tatted bracelet, black-berry, sent, 2pts
fun4bambi -- tatted bracelet, black - berry, sent, 2pts
Knitting_nyxxie -- crochet/hook roll, in process, 3pts
gavagai --octopus beaded pendant, ready to send, 1 point

TheSickRose, Long Loopy Necklace -1pt
asphaltqueen, hematite necklace -3pts
GatsbyGirl,  Jewelry Pouch, 1 pt
Dulcinea, Size I fimo covered hook, roses, -1pt
Eliea, Turtle Beaded Anklet,  -1pt

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Mlsocci74 on April 30, 2007 09:48:42 AM
               Melissa's Treasures

Hope nobody is sick of these yet. :)

For 2 points:

Swap Journals 70 pages each:
claimed by redheadskydiver and chelleyf already, but still available.

The inside of the swap journals is the same except the backround image:

Blank Journals 70 pages each.  Each page has the same image as on the cover:

For 1 Point:
Notecard Sets of 8 with envelopes:

I have tons more in the works so keep watching.

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Fun4Bambi on April 30, 2007 09:52:45 AM
Fun4Bambi's Little Shop of Swappy!


Thanks everyone - May was a on to the next round!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Grieney on April 30, 2007 10:04:01 AM

Salvete! Taverna clausa est. Redete ante diem III Nonae Iunias! [See you on June 3rd!]

All items below are one point unless otherwise noted.  2- and 3-pointers will be coming soon!
Crocheted bun cover, best for normal to thick hair, acrylic yarn with navy ribbon.  Can be made a little bigger or smaller depending on what row you weave the ribbon through.  As shown, the ribbon is through the next to last row so there is a ruffle around the outside.
Bowl created from a vinyl recording of 'The Nutcracker'.  Also available made from a Billy Joel record if you prefer or I can dig around at Goodwill if you have your heart set on someone else (Sound of Music maybe?).  Acrylic sealing by request.  Food friendly after sealing and handwash only.  Around 2" deep.
Pale lilac scarf, second from left, very soft.  Due to shipping/numbering mix-up from last round, this point will be donated back to penguino.  ;) SOLD!

Pyro bowls! Last batch, so get 'em while you can!
Clear bowl with hearts - 8" diam and 3" deep SOLD! to GatsbyGirl
Green and yellow with 3" square bottom, about 3" deep SOLD to LaughingLark!
Red and orange with clear star-shapes, 7" round and 2" deep SOLD to snowyangel!
Lilac and pink with clear star-shapes, 6" round and 3" deep SOLD!
Blue, green and clear, 8" round and 3 1/2" deep SOLD to Eliea!

Black and white beads on black ribbon, with a little elastic so you can slip it over your wrist (choice of 1)
Glass beads on elastic, a little on the heavy side. Clockwise from top: emerald, teal or black (choice of one)

Two-fers!   Mix and match, everything below is two items for one point!
Crochet stars! No backing, do with them what you wish.  From left to right: itty bitty blue, baby blue, big blue and bertha blue.  The light blues are made from satin ribbon and the teal is from grosgrain.
Button Bracelets (red or green) and Headbands (from top right: light green, pink or teal)
Switchplates, clockwise from top right: teal, burgandy and olive.  Pick two of the same fabric, mix 'n' match or pick one switchplate and an outlet plate (or one and another two-fer)! Will have other colors available soon.
Baa! Bibs - Lamb's Head with Bow on terry cloth with velcro closure
Ribbon belts from top: lilac, polka dots, pink and teal sewn on your choice of pink or teal grosgrain with D-ring closure.  Specify length of up to 54".

Ave et vale!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: javede on April 30, 2007 10:17:58 AM
Orang Merajut Design: closed

Sale---some items reduced---Sale

First of I have to admit that I smoke! Since joining the last round of this swap I don't smoke in my room anymore + everything I make gets washed right away and then stored in my brothers 100% smoke free room.

You can click on the pictures to get to the bigger versions!

1 Point items:

new blue summer head bandclaimed by nicolassa (
This headband is made out of a cotton/acryl/viscose mix(very light weight). It's the second one I made, it's a bit narrower than the first one(if you like this one, but not the color, pm me I can easily make more).

handknit kids socks, chose one pairSale:All 3 for 1 Point or 1 pair for 0.5 Point:claimed by atsuko (
The pairs one the left and right are wool socks(machinewashable!) and the one in the middle is a cotton/wool blend if I remember correct.
left pair: foot(from toe to heel):approx. 6.5'' long; 6-7'' circumference
middle pair: approx. 6'' long; 6-7'' circ
right pair: 4'' long; 5,5-6'' circ

stitch marker set of five: (

crocheted belt: (
Pictured is my belt, I will make yours to your measurements!

Fabric brooches, chose one Sale: 0.5 Points for 1: (
They are my newest obsession, but a girl only needs so many yoyo-brooches  :D Please note that my handsewing still needs to be perfected! It's all secure, but the stitches are not perfect as you can see here (

Calorimetry, handdyed and very soft lambs wool Sale: 0.5 Points for 1: (

2 Point items:

new dead octopus...hmm, or is it a hexapus?  (
Why did the ghost of this octopus come back? If only he had a mouth to speak!
approx. 3'' high and 6.5'' from one arm tip to the opposite one. Note, this one is probably not kid safe.

handdyed yarn (
These were dyed with the exact same colors, how different it looks in the roving compared to the sock yarn! Chose either the roving(around 60g+) claimed by redheadskydiveror the 100g sock yarn for 2 Points.

Knitted little smurf: (
It's made from a 1979 Burda pattern! I used acrylic yarn so it's machine washable. Depending on wether you want it for a little kid I will sew on black felt or black beads for the eyes.
approx. 11" high

knit-felted clutchSale: 1 Point: ( (
It's been unfinished for so long, but I finally learned how to sew in lining properly. Featuring a vintage button.
approx. 8" wide and 5.5" high

knit hat made out of handdyed woolSale: 1 Point: (
I made this one for myself awhile ago, but not even once wore it!

crocheted purseSale: 1 Point: (
Approx. 8.5 inches wide and high. It is not lined cause as I said above my handsewing skills somewhat lack a bit. But it could be used as it is or I will send some coordinate fabric with it or I will *try* sewing the lining too if it gets claimed(I have to learn it anyway someday so why not now  :D) My handsewing skills are getting a lot better, so if you want I will line it, no prob.

3 Point items:
Cupcake purse: ( (
Big enough for a little knit or crochet project and lined. The bottom is reinforced with interfacing. It's actually round, the picture is not the best.
approx. 5'' in diameter and 9.5'' high

Cross stitch: (
Inspired by subversive cross stitch I had this in others in my mind for a long time. It's german and means coward, though that's only part the fun. "Angst"=fear and "Hase"=bunny
I originally intended to frame it in a painted IKEA frame, but since I never framed a cross stitch...better not mess it up ;)
Design approx. 4.75" wide and 2.3" high

Sold items:
Notebook:claimed by la_chrystelle (
This was my first try at making a bookcover. It's not perfect and pretty small so only 1 point.(but hey, it's Moschino fabric!!! ::))

small cupcake purse:claimed by igobylorib (
It's the little sister of the first one. This one is unlined.
approx. 4" in diameter and 5.5" high

new knitting needle rollclaimed by raynbow ( (
This one is for straight needle up to 40 cm length. The pink chalk will be gone after I wash it! (
Chose either one for 2 Points, the first is approx. 100g, the second one 60g+ because I tried a new technique there.claimed by Avesthel (
sock yarn, 100g for 2 Pointsclaimed by loves2experiment (
This yarn is only 1 Point each! The pink one is only 50g of sock yarn, maybe use a coordinate yarn for the toe and heel part to make socks?claimed by penguino
The one on the left is a really fine lace ladder yarn. It's incredible soft, but very very fine. I brought it to dye and knit together with another yarn...ok, the real reason was because it was a great bargain and who can resist those  8)claimed by loves2experiment

peachy head band ( by nicolassa

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: peihan17 on April 30, 2007 10:36:40 AM
I'll be back in June :)

Everything here is handsewn/made by me (sewing machines scare me)... and I don't smoke or have any pets :)  If anything that you liked got sold, PM me... I can remake almost anything here!

Gold beaded triangle-y necklace.  The neat structure of this necklace gives it a very interesting, almost angular movement.  3 points.
Here's a picture of me wearing a similar one, in green.
They're the same length, 16".  It closes with a loop and a small donut bead.

Flowery pointy kitty... another baby safe toy with an embroidered face :)  2 points.
Fleece bunny... also baby safe, those ears are good for chewin'!  ~9" long.  1 point.

Tabbed blanket made of cute turtle fabric and fleece backing.  About 20" square.  Lots of ribbons for the kiddo to grab on to!  2 points. (

Closeup of turtle fabric: (

Fleece backing: (

Small beaded amulet bag, about 3" by 2", with a flap closure.  You can use it as is, for small things, or attach it to a chain to wear.  Sorry for the crappy picture-- the beads are turquoise and clear.
SOLD to LaughingLark (

Felty donuts with sewn-on bead sprinkles, 1 point for both.  Please let me know if there's a color you'd like in particular, since I have tons of felt :)  These were 'claimed' by my little brother, but again, I can make more  :P (

Batik puppy, about 6" long.  I love, love this fabric!  This one has button eyes and a flower on the collar, though I can easily make them with embroidered eyes and a removable collar... just let me know :)  2 points.  Will be back in June! (

Fleece kitty... super soft!  And so stripey!  ~10" tall.  Baby safe :)  2 points. 
SOLD to LaughingLark (

Little happy bunnies!  (pick one)  ~5" tall.  1 point. (  Stolen by my mom, but I can make more!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: chrissiemags on April 30, 2007 11:05:11 AM
Chrissie's Custom Creations

Store is now OPEN


REDUCED to 1/2 Point Items Please pick 2 to make a total of 1 point

Peach colored 'Thank You' soap you get 4.  They are 2 3/4" LX1 3/4"W.  These are thin soaps (think about the thickness of the little hotel soaps)  These are Plumeria scent!

Beaded Earrings (1 pair = 1/2 point)

Beaded Anklets (1/2 point per anklet)~ Range 9-10 inches Including Clasp

Poolside Anklets (1/2 point per anklet)~ Approximately 10 inches

Beaded Bracelets (1/2 point per bracelet)~7 inches Including Beaded Clasp

1 Point Items

Beaded Choker

Handy Dandy Lipstick/Chapstick Cozy #1

Handy Dandy Lipstick/Chapstick Cozy #2
Lipstick/chapstick cozies can be made in custom prints or solids!

Travel Tissue Holder - Pick print 1, 2 or 3 (Reduced to 1 point each)

2 Point Items

REDUCED TO 2 POINTS  ~Funk psychedelic long wallet/clutch
Wallet/clutch measures approximately 4 1/2" H when closed and 7 3/4" W.  It has a money pocket, a money sized pocket for storing receipts or your checkbook and 4 smaller pockets to hold ID & credit/debit cards.

I've added John Deere Pink Camo checkbook coverback into my store, found more fabric in my stash~Can be made in custom prints or solids

This stylish little wristlet measures approximately 3 3/4" wide by 4" high and the strap is 1" thick. Perfect to carry your cell phone, a bit of cash, license & credit cards. The outside of the purse is adorned with 6 sequin flowers with pink or purple seed bead centers. 2 points

This stylish little wristlet measures approximately 4 1/4" wide by 3 1/2" high with 1 handle that slips through the other to keep your belongings secure. Perfect to carry your cell phone, a bit of cash &license/credit cards. The outside of the purse is adorned with 4 sequin flowers with blue seed bead centers.  2 points

Amigurumi Baby Bear ~ REDUCED TO 2 points  ** Not recommended for children**

3 Point Items

Sold Items:
Ponytail holder Goody brand elastic~Sold to the Lovely LaughingLark  THANK YOU
Pretty in Pink facecloth~approx. 8" X 9" crocheted with Peaches & Creme crochet cotton in pink variegated~Sold to the lovely LaughingLark  THANK YOU
You get both soaps, blue Mosaic is 2 1/2" wide X 3/4" thick and sunset orange is 2 1/2" wide X 3/4" thick...both are pearberry scented glycerin soap~Sold to the lovely LaughingLark THANK YOU
Travel Tissue Holder Print #3 ~ Sold to the lovely GatsbyGirl THANK YOU
2 pair beaded earrings for 1 point~Sold to the lovely KratfyKT THANK YOU
John Deere Pink Camo Checkbook Cover~Sold to the lovely Chelleyf THANK YOU

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Dulcinea on April 30, 2007 11:09:35 AM
Dulcinea's Bar & Grill has now closed

Three Points
Furry hat, as modeled by Wilson, direct from his starring role with Tom Hanks in Castaway!!
Ok, so it isn't really Wilson.  It's his ugly brother.  Modelling the hat.  Made in Funfur, this hat is stretchy, and fits an adult head (or a child)... and while I can't guarantee that the ears are precisely even, you have to admit, it's darned cute!

One Point
Felted Flower for your hair?
This is the felted camillia pattern from Noni... and I knitted it up with pencil roving that had been dyed with Wilton dye, and a thin strand of a mohair type... and it didn't felt a ton, but it's awful pretty - could add it to your hat, or a scarf?  About 7" in diameter

One Point
Better than a paper umbrella!
Kanzashi flowers!  Two pairs, you get them both, the upper pair is approximately 1-1/2" in diameter, the lower pair is about 2" in diameter.  The colors are actually a bit lighter than the picture shows.

One Point
The fanciest drink stirrers you EVER did see!
Polymer clay crochet hooks, all protected for long life with polyurethane - from left to right (will get more hooks up soon):
From left to right, there is:

#7 from left, Size H, daisies

(not pictured, they're shy)
Size I, funky flowers

One Point
Drink Coasters??
For those of you working on a craftster afghan, here are two 6" squares to add to the mix!

Two Points
Don't forget to tip the waitress!
You want kitsch?  We got kitsch!  This is one of those frilly dolls that fits over the cone shaped air fresheners (like Renuzit)

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Post by: GatorWrangler on April 30, 2007 12:27:08 PM

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Post by: bloodyraven on April 30, 2007 01:03:31 PM

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Post by: rockmygypsysoul on April 30, 2007 02:21:03 PM
RockMyGypsySoul's Land of Crafted Randomness

What we have to offer these days...(again, coming from a non-smoking, but pet-friendly home)

1. record bowls (33s) - 1 pt each.  I have about five on hand (very useful for storing supplies for different projects and stacking them!) you can request as many as youd like at 1 pt each...

2.  set of ribbon bracelets...two in greens, blues, pinks and browns, and two in black and white - 1 pt total

3.  button wreaths!  this particular one was one I did in a swap...I make these custom with either all colors or any particular scheme you may have in mind (as long as it has at least 4-5 colors) - 2 pts each

4.  my button bouquets!!  sets of ten stems - 1 pt per bouquet and I CAN do multiple bouquets

5.  I have a white 4 5/8 x 3 inch window CUSTOM PAINTED picture frame...if in a few days I dont get anyone to purchase it, Ill paint something on it and leave it at that - 1pt

6. and 7.  melted bead votive holders (still waiting for pics of these) is in pinks and purples and creams (very light colored) and one is in reds and oranges and yellows (very colorful); both look beautiful with candles behind them!! They are 1 pt each.  Please know that for safety reasons, I always suggest anyone who uses them puts their votive in a simple glass holder first...if there is a need, I can send one of these along!

I have more stuff on the way, but this is where I'm at today, so start shopping!!  :D

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Post by: travelbug on April 30, 2007 02:45:53 PM
Travelbug's Shop is CLOSED until June!

Vinyl Passport holder (1 point) will fit a Canadian/US/Euro passport (claimed by Penguino)

I love etsy business card cases (1 point for 1 case) There are three cases to choose from ( green or pink, BLUE ALREADY CLAIMED!)

The Vinyl Tampon case in Posh Purple (2 pics) 2 points (claimed by asphalt queen)

Baby slippers (would fit sizes 0-6 months best) 1 point

The Snappy Wallet in Spring Flowers 1 point (claimed by laughinglark)

Vinyl Roadster Wallet 1 points (claimed by avesthal)[/s]

White polka dots pleated wristlet 1 points (claimed)

Reversible headbands 1 point
Pink with white polka dots and black (claimed by thesickrose)
Apple red and black

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Post by: AsphaltQueen on April 30, 2007 03:38:35 PM

Non-smoking home, but we do have a beagle that somehow manages to get hairs into pretty much everything. I try my best to keep craft items hair-free, but I can't guarantee I catch 'em all!


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Post by: KraftyKT on April 30, 2007 03:47:54 PM

2 points for the set

Ctrl-Alt earrings, Del necklace. CLAIMED BY GOTHMOM, thanks!
(More can be made on request, none left in stock)

1 pair for 1 point

One pair claimed by fluffybaka, Thanks!
None currently availible, more can be made on request (within two days time)

Barbie shoes, only one of each shown (they each have a pair)
Also availible in White Heels

pink chain with metal butterflies

Heart earrings.
One dangle
One posts

Earrings with long black chain

Blue Chain with metal painted butterflies

One pair each in:
primaries (not shown)

1 pair hamburger
1 pair hotdog

Pastel spheres on a chain

Two of Each: Pumkpin
Key Lime
Lemon Merangue
Chocolate (claimed by fluffybaka, THANKS!)
One availible:

One pair each in pink and blue

Two pairs each:
Mocha Frosting/yellow cake
Chocolate Frosting/yellow cake
Pink Frosting/chocolate cake
(Not shown) Blue frosting, tri-color cake (pink, yellow, brown)

Spiky ball earrings
Tri-color bead earrings

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Post by: valsped on April 30, 2007 06:06:09 PM
Val Sped's Swap Shop

CLOSED for May, I'll be back in June!!

All items come from a smoke and pet free home, and I can custom make most items so PM me with requests!!
All items are 1 point unless noted in GREEN

little needle felted sock monkey: 2 pts shown with C battery for size (

Grey felted pouch with black edging and swirls shown with index card for size (

Knitting/crochet row counter bracelets: other beads also available, (
please excuse the psycho color, my camera is possessed the table is actually wood!! (

felted pens ( (
1/2 page handbound swap journal- similar to this but without stickers on covers 2 pts ( (

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Post by: igobylorib on April 30, 2007 06:13:38 PM
The Creative Soul

open for business

I will add better pictures later today. My 3 year old wanted to "help" and this was the best I could do at the time :)

Machine Embroidered Tea Towel - colors are grey and teal

Set of 4 stamped cards with envies - sold to chrissiemags

Set of 4 fabric cards with envies sold to raynbow

Handmade journal - has purple marble pages (made by someone from nervousness)

2pts each
travel tissue holders - Please specify A, B, C or D (starting from the left)
A sold to xladyluckx

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: catpants on April 30, 2007 09:14:08 PM
closed 'til june! thanks everybody!

set of four cloisonne bead bird stitchmarkers - large [1 pt for the set]

cell phone charms (choose from: pink flower with leaves, blue amazonite flower, or white cloisonne bird with pink flowers) [1 pt each]

strawberry soaps (made with goats milk base) with apricot seed scrubbiness!  [1 pt for all 3!]

felted bowl/basket with handles -- i made this for myself a while back.  the colors have a lot more depth and variation than shown in the picture; it's mainly pink with some purple, deeper reds, and oranges mixed in. great for a catch-all by the door or next to the bed![2 pts]

felted soap kit (2 pt) (1 claimed by thesickrose, but i can make more)
no picture, but you will receive three smallish m&p soaps (made by me) to practice on as well as instructions and enough roving to make at least the three.  i have tons of wool, so if you have any colors you desperately want, chances are i've got them -- just ask!  ;D

assorted earrings (your pick: anchors, birds claimed by knitwit, pears, apples, felted purple, felted pink claimed by redheadskydiver) [.5 pt/pair]

felt bead bracelet (stretchy) [now only 1 pt!]

felt bead and sterling silver necklace [now only 1 pt!]

red knit hat -- received in a swap last year but not really my style anymore -- [1 pt]

assorted headbands received in swaps (i don't wear headbands much anymore) [choose from blue, purple, sheep, green  thanks raynbow! - 1 pt for two]

handspun "kitchen sink" yarn -- includes alpaca, merino, silk and a ton of other fibers!  main colors are black/dark brown, red, sparkly purple, orange.  plied with metallic red thread -- would make a great addition to a rapunzel scarf! i can't remember the exact yardage, but i think it is around 65 - 80 yards.  i can check if someone is interested. [2 pts]
thanks raynbow!

handspun wool yarn - approx 75 yards [3 pts] - thanks, dulcinea!

felted flower brooches (your pick: red, peach) [.5 pt each] thanks knitwit!

grapevine cluster ring [2 pts]
made with 30 glass and semiprecious beads on an adjustable silver-tone base
thanks angry angel!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: gavagai on April 30, 2007 09:31:27 PM

one point

Pendants with Chinese images one point per pendant
Comes with cord to use as necklace. Made from shrinky dinks for inkjet printer, varnished for durability. Number one claimed!

Red button tote (real buttons on bag, about 7"x9") one point

A bit weird looking cute bag with glass beads, gold paint and ribbons on it (about 9"x9") one point

African/Egyptian tote, reversable (about 8"x8") one point

two points

Over the shoulder bag, summer snake (about 14"x13") two points CLAIMED!
Of the stiffer kind, with 3D handmade applique that I got from Ptarmic Wumpus (and the black square on the bag is square even if it doesn't look so in the picture  :)), white lining

Hunk tote (about 13"x14") two points
Cool blue bag with hunk applique (I just had to get that fabric after the discussion in the other thread some time ago.  ;D), beige lining

Burger Ring!  ;D two points
Adorable adjustable silver plated finger ring with polymer clay burger/fries/ketchup on small china (I didn't make the white/blue plate myself)

the Tacky bag (about 15"x11") two points (I don't think the pictures do it justice though)
This might just be the weirdest bag I ever made.  :D Jeans lining with applique + (on the other side) lipstick/high heels flannel. White lining. Closes with a fassetted button. Both jeans pockets can still be used.

Jeans bag (about 15"x9") two points
You can still use all of the outside pockets, also the back pockets (not visible); white lining, closes with small snap button.

Ninja necklace - plastic ninja, findings and chain silver plated two points
(available in red or black and with different weapons)

Alien surf, stitch tote (about 7"x9") two points

Beautiful Asian bag with bead ribbon (about 9"x11") two points
of the stiffer kind, beige lining

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Angry Angel on April 30, 2007 11:06:40 PM


Welcome! All items come from a smoke free environment, I have two cats however.

My Little Star Wars! Cute little Star Wars characters, crocheted from acrylic yarn and with safety eyes.

If anyone still wants one of these, I should be able to make more. Just let me know if you would like one custom made. Now making 2 Yodas and a Leia, so I'll hold off offering any more custom makes until next month.

Yoda, 2.5" tall, 2 points. Sold to nicolassa.

Princess Leia, 3" tall, 2 points. Sold to xladyluckx.

My Little Yoda. "Judge me by my size do you? Only 2.5" tall I am, but useful I can be. Guard your computer, I will, or look after your keys. Made of acrylic yarn I am, and safety eyes I have." 2 points. Sold to xladyluckx.

This is Flora, she's a shy little elephant with a pretty dress and a flower in her, er, ear. She's 5" tall standing up, made of acrylic yarn with safety eyes. 3 points. Sold to javede.

Meet Emily Anemone! She has a very sunny disposition and would like to meet new people. She's about 3.5" tall, crocheted with wool and a little eyelash yarn, safety eyes. 2 points.

Mr Snuffles the Hedgehog, friendly and fuzzy! About 4" long, made with acrylic and eyelash yarn & safety eyes. 2 points. Sold to Ptarmic Wumpus.

Chocolate Chip the little monkey. About 3.5" tall, made of mixed acrylic, wool & mohair. 2 points. Sold to xladyluckx.

Little Owl. About 2.5" tall, made of mixed acrylic & wool with safety eyes. 2 points. Sold to Ptarmic Wumpus.

Octopus pendant or keyring/bag charm. He has a loop at the top of his head which has a crochet chain through it. That can be removed and a keyring attached instead. Height to top of loop approx 2 1/2 inches, height of chain 14 inches. Cotton yarn with glass beads on legs and other beads for eyes. 1 point.

Crochet Marble Pendant. Clear glass marble enclosed in crocheted turquoise embroidery thread. Total length 12 inches. 1 point.

Two Crocheted Pink Roses. Can be sewn onto brooch backs or hair elastics, let me know what you want. Acrylic yarn. 1 point for both.

Photographs of sold items are in the gallery.

In case anyone's interested, these are the things I'd buy: aprons, a small craft one with lots of pockets and a large plain one; a needle book or whatever to put my sewing needles in; a place to keep my pins, preferably with a pin cushion attached; jewelry, not earrings, and without too much metal, but almost anything else, particularly pendants. Themewise I like Sci-fi , fantasy and nature.

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Yarn or Fabric on May 01, 2007 07:07:38 AM
Craftydeb's Finally Open Shop

Any claims will be sent out on June 1.  I am on vacation but you all can certainly shop while I am away as long as you don't mind me sending out June 1...
Have a great swappy shop while I am galavanting over to NJ/PA!

A cat amigurumi - from a Japanese pattern - brown - 2 points

 It is a dark frosty brown. 
Cat has been claimed by P.T.  Will be shipping out on June 1.... after my travels are done!

kids fish bag - same as last round - 1 point each - I have 2 of these babies!

kids sunflower bag - same as last round - 1 point

I guess it is too hot for my Isotoner gloves so I won't post them up.  I think everyone is probably in for the heat already. They make me sweat just looking at them right now.  Just in case anyone is wanting to look at Isotoner gloves.. this is the pair with the fun fur..

This is the pair with the boa yarn...  One HOT point!

machine knit dish/face cloths with crocheted edging set of 4 - 1 point
Currently no pic.  I will rectify that.. hehheheheh. She said rectify.

crocheted potholders - standard rectangles/squares set of 2 - 1 point

towel hangers - set of 2 for one glorious point

Little tiny crocheted doggies - in white - I have a slew of these babies.  A set of 4 for a point I think is a good deal.  These are small - and I mean small 0 about an inch and a half long I think.  I will measure and take photos next to a quarter for sizing.

Oh!  I also have a teddy bear - he was one point last round.  I won't raise my rates on you guys.  He will still be one point so if you didn't get him last round and you wanted to - he will be available for one super point! 

You all thought I would never open, aye? 
I am going to take pics of the things I don't have pics of and get them uploaded here shortly.

Note - I am going on vacation - I am leaving on Thursday, May 24 - and will be coming back Thursday May 31 - so if you pick something from me I won't be shipping out until I get back unless you get to pick before I go to the post office tomorrow!

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Post by: Mojo on May 01, 2007 11:19:45 AM
~*~ Mojo's Shoppe ~*~

All items are from my smoke-free home.  I do have a dog but she has had no access to these things and anyway is a hypoallergenic breed.

Items are one point unless otherwise noted.

Skinny Rapunzel scarf in vibrant summer colors!  Ideal for child!

Gold pin with dangling beads, cloisonne style roses on the ends and faceted black glass in the center, 2".   Made by my aunt!  This is very pretty!  Sorry, I could not get a clearer picture.

Glass bead necklace, 21", royal blue, amber, yellow, and gold.

Baby Sweater/Hat set- crocheted in mercerized cotton.  Bright red with white trim.  9” long, 10” shoulder span.

Child’s poncho- crocheted in ribbon yarn.  Bright multicolor with white fur trim.  14” at longest point, 10” shoulder span.

Felted bag- crocheted in Lamb’s Pride wool then felted.  Red with maroon stripes and handles.  Unlined.  8” x  8”.

Trinket Box- decoupaged with decorative papers and then varnished, inside painted red and felt lined, felt on bottom.  Bright multicolors.  4” x 4” x 2”

Trinket Box- decoupaged with decorative papers and then varnished, inside painted royal blue and felt lined, felt on bottom.  Primary multicolors.  4” x 4” x 2”

Trinket Box- decoupaged with decorative papers and then varnished, inside painted rose and felt lined, felt on bottom.  Pastel multicolors.  4” x 4” x 2”

Items below are 2 for 1 point!

Funky black/gray bead necklace w/silver bead chain, 16"

Necklace/bracelet set, Amethyst colored glass beads and silver bits.  16" necklace, 7" bracelet

SOLD!Felted bag- crocheted in Lamb’s Pride wool then felted.  Bright lime green with blue trim. 
SOLD!Baby blanket- crocheted in hand-dyed chenille.  Bright multicolor. 
SOLD!Marbelized flat glass bead necklace, 21", jewel and earth colors
SOLD!Trinket Box-  Spring multicolors.  4” x 4” x 2”
SOLD!Baby cardigan-  Pink with lime green trim.  9” long, 10” shoulder span.
SOLD!Baby cardigan Lime green with white trim.  9” long, 10” shoulder span.
SOLD!Lightweight 35" scarf, Autumn colors w/ black edging, knit from Koigu merino.

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: gothmom on May 01, 2007 08:22:22 PM
Gothmom's House of Marvelous Pre-Made Stuff
  BID NOW!!!

A Leather Mask - 2 pts

Another Leather Mask 2 pts

A Belt Made of Circuit Boards 2 pts Claimed!!!

A set of Dirty Hippie  Leather Bracelets - "There's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate" and "Shut Up" 1 pt each

My Little Pony Colored Dreadfall 1 pt SOLD!!!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: _Suicidal_Angel_ on May 01, 2007 09:09:55 PM
Suicidal Angel's Random Shop of Randomness!!
Choose any 1 point item and get an other one free with it!!(excludes the earring deal but you can still get one pair for a point and something else ^____^

tofu! stuffie
1 points
hello kitty stuffie
1 points
Tea stuffie .5 point for 2
Orange stuffie 1 point for 2
pancake with syrup stuffie1 point for 2
flowers, strawberries, kiwi stuffie1 point per pair for all 3
Capri Sun Purse 2 point plus a matching wallet
you can get dice,bottle cap,puzzle,and star earrings for two points! that is 4 pairs of earrings!!!!
Dice Ear rings 1Point
Beer cap ear rings 1Point
Domino bracelet 2 Points
Puzzle Ear rings 1Point
Key board ring 1 Point
you chose the key and you get 4 rings
Star Ear Rings 1Point/per pair
now you can glow in the dark
Playing card note book 1 Point
you choose the card
Record Notebook
2 Points and you get a floppy disk notebook as well
1/4-1 pound of bath salt you decide the scent and powerful it will be along with the color
1/4 pound .5 point
1 pound 1.5 points
bubble gum
fresh flowers
suggestions and i will go get some
i think that is all the colors for it but i could try to get some more soon
and i can do different shades of the colors i.e. light green, baby blue, park purple ect.
Record bowls i have about 20 of them Pm if you want the details on all of them 1 points for 3
or 2 points for 5 bowls

There will be pictures next month my camera is STILL MIA!!!!!!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: fluffybaka on May 02, 2007 06:28:32 PM

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following are made by me, hand-stitched.  All stuffies are made with synthetic felt and polyfill.

I live in a smoke-free, pet-free, and otherwise allergen-free environment.

I will make customs of everything here.  That's why I'm leaving the pictures of my claimed items up.


All packages shipped in these last few days will include freebee items equal to one point.  You may chose your items, or I will throw in something random!

All items below are 3 for 1 point.

Owl  Claimed!

Neko Girl  Claimed!

Elephant  Claimed!



Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles/Jimmies

All items below are 2 for 1 point

Firmo Clay heart pendant.  Includes silver chain cut to desired length

Firmo Swirl Multi pendant.  Includes silver chain cut to desired length

Firmo Swirl Yellow pendant.  Includes silver chain cut to desired length

Firmo Army Green Star pendant.  Includes silver chain cut to desired length.

Pink Globe earrings

Blue and Green Lime earrings

Teal Heart earrings

Purple Cat earrings

Martini Olive Earrings

Yellow and Green earrings

Blue and White porceilin earrings

Purple drop earrings

Purple button earrings

Blue flower earrings

All hair clips are 3 inches across.  They are all plastic buttons attached with hot glue on metal hair clips.  They are incredibly sturdy, despite what they may sound.  I have 3 for myself, which I wear to work frequently.  I work in a bar, and have never had any button fall off, or had any other sort of problems.  Although untested, I think they'll work fine for women and girls of all ages.

"dancer" hair clip (novelty buttons: heart, dancer, woman in tutu)

"fore" hair clip (novelty buttons: 2 flowers, FORE with golf ball for O)

1950s design hair clip (novelty buttons: glasses, shinny button with flower cut-out, poodle dog)

Canadian Pride hair clip (novelty buttons: bunny, Canadian flag, bear)

Candy hair clip (novelty buttons: 2 pairs of wrapped hard candy, candy corn)

Sunny hair clip (novelty buttons: bear, sun, duck)

Autumn hair clip (novelty buttons: pumpkin, 2 ears of corn, gourd, lime)

Green and Pink hair clip (novelty buttons: bird, bikini top, flower)

All below are 1 point

Kitty Hat

These particular hats are not available, but are only examples.  Due to people having different sized heads, I will make every kitty hat custom.  They're machine sewn with fleece.  The inner ears are either cotton or that fuzzy fabric in the first picture.  Please include head size and desired colors in your claim.

Set of 4 Coasters

4 1/4" across.  These are the first coasters I've ever made. That's why they're only 1 point!  You get all 4.

Coffee Cup with caffeine molecule  Claimed Twice!

White Cake with Strawberry  Claimed!

Chocolate Pie with "chocolate shavings"

Brown Owl with Green Hat

Graduation Owls

These specific ones aren't available.  They went to a group of 5th grade girls.  They all have tassels with school colors, also.  Include tassel colors and owl colors in the claim, please.

All below are 2 points

Button Bangle

Tons of buttons hand stitched onto a 1 1/2" strip of elastic.  I wouldn't price these so high, except that they take me a really long time to make!

These are examples of others I have made.  If you don't like the blue or pink, I can make customs, but they will take extra time for me to put together!

raynbow - kitty ear hat - (1) received
Eliea - two of the mascots - (1) received
igobylorib - elephant and neko girl (1) received
catpants - 2 owls - (1) received
javede - coffee cup w/ caffeine molecule - (1) received
gavagai - coffee cup with Caffeine molecule and white cake with strawberry (2) received
knitwit - kitty ear hat (1) received

Knitwit - rapunzel scarf kit - (1) received
gavagai - mini button tote - (1) received
Asphalt Queen - 2 photos - (1) received
KraftyKT - strawberry earrings- (1) received
KraftyKT - chocolate pie earrings-(1) received
loves2experiment - eat your veggies pouch - (1) received
Snowyangel - Owl Earrings (1) received
GatsbyGirl - Headscarves (1) received
loves2experiment - sushi pouch (1) received
travelbug - I love Etsy business card holder (1) sent

1 point

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: redheadskydiver on May 04, 2007 07:31:17 AM
Redheadskydiver's Swap Shop

See ya in June!


Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: chelleyf on May 04, 2007 01:23:15 PM
Shop is Closed  Thanks for the business ;)

Sold Items
Thank you to sewknitter - Blue wire necklace
Thank you to gavagai - Wire spiral bracelet
Thank you to GatsbyGirl - Watermelon hair slide

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: nicolassa on May 04, 2007 02:41:02 PM
Shop is CLOSED !  Thanks for a great May shopping experience, everybody!

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Handspun Yarn Pretzel 1 pt.
CLAIMED! by penguino!  Thanks!

Purple People Eater Handspun Yarn Pretzel   1 pt.
CLAIMED! by penguino!  Thanks so much!

Love Potion #9 Handspun Yarn  3 pts.
CLAIMED! by the wonderful penguino!  Thanks, penguino!

Lip Balm Kit  3 pts.
CLAIMED! by the lovely La_Chrystelle! 
CLAIMED! by gatorwrangler and chrissiemags!  Super fast!  It blew my mind!!
CLAIMED! by TheSickRose!

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: penguino on May 04, 2007 06:22:09 PM
Shop is closed for the month.  See you in June.

All items come from smoke-free, pet-free home.

[1 pt] 16. Hello Kitty Cozy.  Lined with light blue felt.  3.75 in W x 4.75 in H.  I received this from HK swap but I have no use for it.

11. [2 pt] handdye yarn "Dandelion" in yellow-pale green color. merino wool. worst weight.  approx. 220 yards.

13. [1 pt] ID Badge Holder/Lanyard.  With crysal aqua seed beads and ladybug glass beads. approx. 27 inches in length.
Close up of the ladybug beads/crystal aqua seed beads.

2.  [1 pt]cream baby hat.

6. [1 pt] purple/white neckwarmer with polymer clay buttons.

7.  [1 pt] knitted bag "Sueet Suede". size 7in H x 6in W x 3in D

8. [1 pt] stitch markers.  You get two teapots, two ladybugs, two mushroom stitch markers.

9.  [1 pt for two] bobby pins (needle felted-blue/white strip, polymer clay-orange slice, sushi, felted bead/felted flowers).  You get two for 1 point.  Please specific which ones you would like. (SOLD - bottom row: 2nd one from the left, 4th one from the left)

Thanks for looking. :)

[1 pt] 16. Hello Kitty Bandanna.  The yellow binding is 39" in length.  The HK fabric triangle is 19" W by 10" D.  I received this from HK swap but I have no use for it. SOLD

[2 pt] 14. handdye yarn "Tulip" in pink-orange-yellow color. merino wool. worst weight.  approx. 220 yards. SOLD

[2 pt] 15. handdye yarn "Aqua" in blue-pale green color. wool. merino worst weight.  approx. 220 yards. SOLD

12. [2 pt] handdye yarn "Deep in the Ocean" in blue-green color. wool. worst weight.  approx. 220 yards. SOLD

10. [2 pt] handdye yarn "Bubblegum" in bright pink-light lilac color. wool. worst weight.  approx. 220 yards.  SOLD

11. [2 pt] handdye yarn "little mermaid" in light blue-light green-light purple color. wool. worst weight.  approx. 220 yards. SOLD

1.  [1 pt] black panta.  adult size.  made with Caron Simply Soft. SOLD

4.  [1 pt] Japanese style bag. size excluding handle 12 in W x 6 in H.
[img width=450 height=338]

3.  [1 pt]earring galore.  I received these from various swaps but I don't wear earrings.  They have been sitting on my shelves.  They are very pretty so I want them to go to a good home.  SOLD

5.  [2 pt] handdye yarn in pink-orange-yellow color. wool. worst weight.  approx. 220 yards.  SOLD

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Sansa on May 07, 2007 09:52:15 PM
Sansa's Swap Shop- Closed For The Month

A goldfish from the Omiyage book. 3 points.

Blue. Has small pouch in top. I might change the rope in this one as it does not close properly it does look good though.

Some ocean themed quilt blocks not made by me. Received in a block lotto. 12 inch fished size. The lighthouse is hand appliqued and the boat on the yellow background is buttonhole by hand. 1 point each as they will come off my UFO list.

Quilted black log cabin pillow cover.  Zip is horizontal in back. 3 points.

Pink and Cream tote, reversible with pocket on one side. 1 point. Pink fabric was previously a skirt. Cream fabric was unused.

Your choice of two for one point.

One small handbag, Louise pattern from Indygo Junction. Approx 5 x 6 inches with 1.5 inch boxed bottom. Magnetic Snap Closure. Spider bag approx. 6 inches. Black/white headband. Variation of Daffodil pattern from Omiyage. This is tiny, less than two inches high .

Smoke and pet free house

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Post by: Sphinxy on May 08, 2007 09:16:24 PM
Never opened!

Closed! Sorry!

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Post by: purpleone on May 09, 2007 09:56:48 AM
(Images removed)

Title: Re: Shop the Swap Round 2
Post by: Legerdemain on May 09, 2007 01:24:14 PM
Store Closed!!!



One Point:  Pink Sherbert--Lovely shades of pink crystals are featured in this pair of graduated earrings.  Soft pink faceted rondelle surrounded by a darker shade of pink rondelles and topped with irridescent swarovski bicones.  These are soft pink, but I had trouble taking a decent picture of them.  Sold to AsphaltQueen!  Thanks! (


Two Points:  Pink Starlett--Pink danglies!  Bottom beads are vintage glass and are really lovely...soft swirly milky pinks...more leaning towards the raspberry.  Paired with raspberry irridescent swarovski bicones, faceted soft pink glass beads, and pink firepolished czech beads.  SS chain and hooks:  Claimed!  Thanks redheadskydiver!  I have enough beads to make one more pair, if someone is interested next round. (


Two Points:  Sparkley Pink Bookmark, to class up your reading.  Both ends of this shimmery pink ribbon are adorned with a smattering of pink, clear, and irridescent crystals.  Long enough to comfortably fit a paperback novel. Approximately 9 inches long, not including crystal danglies. (

Closeup of the crystal ends: (

 Sterling silver earrings with Tahitian Black pearls, Freshwater round pearls, and Freshwater seed pearls, black and irridescent clear swarovski crystals.  These are really lovely--they sparkle, hang nicely, and match everything.  Three points. (

Cupcake Dishcloths, to sweeten the everyday task of washing those pesky dishes.  Made with 100% cotton and sure to please even the grouchiest dishwasher.  There are actually three included in the price (two with the blue frosting) but I took the pic before the third was done.  It is identical to the blue frosting one.  The purple frosting one?  Well, let's just say that there are a few things wrong with it, namely that it was the first (ever hear of the first pancake syndrome?  well this is the first cupcake: "special") and that it demonstrates my (lacking) crochet skills on the frill.  I switched to knitting for the blue one.  ;D  Measurements = roughly 5.25" tall and 6" wide. Anyhoo, all three for 2 points.
Temporarily Unvavailable.  Pls PM if interested (

All earrings are made with sterling silver components (hooks, rings, chain, wire, etc), unless otherwise indicated.


One Point

I have two pairs of these up for grabs.  Solid sterling silver with glass beads.  I can also make a pair with bigger/smaller cherry beads, and I have irridescent red beads as well, if you would prefer that:
One Pair Claimed by AsphaltQueen!  Thanks! (

Two Points:
Again, sterling silver earrings with SS chain, tri-sided pressed glass beads and swarovski crystals.  These are actually lovelier in person.Claimed by Fun4Bambi!

Below are One Point:

Blue swarovski crystals and vintage blue crystal drop with sterling silver wires.  Sorry for the blurry photo--they were dangling.  Go figure.  They sparkle a lot more than it shows in the photo: (

Juicy Pink drops, with pressed glass, swarovski crystals and silver wires: Claimed by redheadskydiver.  Thanks!

Japanese-esq earrings with flower beads, Japanese bead, swarovski crystals, and little freshwater pearls:  Claimed by redheadskydiver and AsphaltQueen.  Thanks ladies!

Deco earrings:  Claimed

Under-the-sea earrings.  Faceted glass Aqua & Light green beads and irridescent clear swarvoski crystals, with SS wire/hooks:  Temporarily Unavailable. Pls PM if interested. (

Stitch Markers   
(not the exact ones in the photos because of abovementioned camera issues, but almost identical):
Also, If you like a certain colour scheme, I can customize...just ask!

Two Points:
Opening Stitch Markers for Crochet or Knitting.  The top set with the opening bits are metal with inspirational charms and glass beads. The bottom set are silver plate: (

Also Two Points One Point:
Silver plate wire with smooth ends--don't worry, no catching here!  Glass beads, czech beads, and swarovski beads as well: (

Three points
Closed loop stitch markers for knitting, made with silver plate wire, pressed glass beads, and swarovski crystals.  Also with cute little shoe charms--"Made with sole"!  Two sizes of loops. (

Anyhoo, sorry about the truncated shop.  I've got more at home that will be arriving soon.


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Post by: Lunanne on May 10, 2007 11:17:51 AM
Shop is CLOSED

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Post by: K_lox on May 13, 2007 07:35:22 PM
*Kim's Swap Shop is OPEN!*

Come on in!  ;) Everything is handmade by me unless otherwise noted. I craft in a smoke-free, pet-free home. Please PM me if you have any questions!

1/2 Point Items: Choose 2!

1. Marble Magnet Sets- These are the result of my first try making these, and now I’m addicted! Made from ½ inch marbles. Choose one set of marble magnets below.

#1- Rainy Day

#2- On the road

The sets below (#3-5) can be made into magnets or bobby pins like this:

#3- Christmas (no, Christmas shopping isn't too early  ;))

#4- Pink patterns

#5- Pretty swirls!

One Point Items

1. Baby Bib + Washcloth Set- Cute cotton bib and washcloth set!

2. Warm Mary Jane Slippers- I crocheted these from super soft chunky acrylic yarn. I think these would best fit size 6.5-7.5 US.

3. Hand Crocheted Beads- I crocheted cotton thread around 15 mm wooden beads. You will receive all 11 beads!!

4. Sweet Crocheted Cupcakes- These are perfect as pincushions or as eye candy-- the "sprinkles" are actually colorful straight pins! These are 2" (5.08 cm) tall and 8" (20.32 cm) around. You will receive one.
In stock: vanilla, chocolate

5. Bitty Bear- A hot pink and tiny amigurumi crocheted by me! Stands 4" (10.16 cm) tall.

6. Afghan Squares-[/b] Done in a target pattern, you will receive 4 afghan squares measuring 10" (25.4 cm) on the diagonal. 100% acrylic.

7. Juicy Watermelon Brooch-
3-D felt pin made of felt and cute embroidered seeds!

8. Cute Tooth Brooch- Kinda rhymes, huh? This adorable brooch gives a reason as to why the tooth fairy is so eager to get her hands on teeth... 3-D felt pin.

Two Point Items

1. Little Piggy- Adorable amigurumi pig I crocheted. It stands about 3" (7.62 cm) tall.

2. Spring or Rainbow Washcloth Set- Choose 1 set. Each set has two nubbly scrubby washcloths for the kitchen or tub! Made from 100% cotton. In stock: spring, rainbow

Attention Day of the Dead fanatics!

Sugar Skull Brooches: These are 2 points because a ton of time went into designing each individual style as well as choosing the right threads, sequins, and beads. All are handmade from felt, embroidery thread, glass beads, and sequins.




Thanks for stopping by!



6 current, 0 pending points

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Post by: knitting_nyxxie on May 13, 2007 08:02:48 PM
*Nyxxie's Swap Shop is now OPEN for business!*

Everything is handmade by me unless otherwise noted. I craft in a smoke-free, pet-free enviroment, but the cats and dogs would love to be involved whenever they can, so if you would liek something made iwth there help please let me know!  ;) Please PM me if you have any questions!

One Point Items

Melted Bead Bowl
Purple, Teal, and Silver
Claimed by LaughingLark (

Melted Bead Bowl
Multi Colored Glitter Picture does not do it justice believe me! Beautiful bowl!!
Claimed by Cookies (

Melted Bead Bowl
Spring Time Colors Light Pink, Blue, Purple, Green and White

Earrings are 2 sets for 1 point Sale!!!

Pink and Purple Butterfly Earrings! Colors can be changed PM me for choices!

Montana Blue Earrings

Any Two Sets of Soaps For 1 point!!
Green cross soaps baby powder scent *set  of 4*

Blue Lego Soaps Tropical Vacation Scent *Set of 4* claimed by sewknitter

Another set of Blue lego soaps Tropical Vacation Scent

Lemon Shaped and scented soap with actual ground lemon peel inside! *set of 5*claimed by sewknitter

Another Set of Lemon Shaped and scented soap with actual ground lemon peel inside! *set of 5*

Orange Shaped and Scented Soap *set of 5*

Heart shapped Soaps tropical Vacation Scent *set of 4*

Pink Hearts Earrinngs

Black Flower Earrings

White Shell Earrings

2 Point Items

Pressed Flower Resin Necklace
**Real Flower in resin**
Claimed by LaughingLark ( (

Pressed Flower Resin Necklace
**Real Flower in resin**
claimed by LaughingLark ( (

***OK I promise to have more things up soon but for now this is all, thanks for looking!!***

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Post by: Cookies on May 15, 2007 08:16:54 AM
Thanks!  Come see me again next month!

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Post by: raina.storms on May 16, 2007 04:35:57 PM
Raina's Shop -- CLOSED

More items coming in June! Thanks everybody!

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Post by: smotheredsleepingbeauty on May 28, 2007 08:57:19 PM
. . . check the Round 3 . . .