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Title: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Silver Ilix on April 01, 2007 11:30:31 AM

Swap name: 2007 Wishlist April
Craftster member who is organizing this swap:  Silver Ilix
Craftster member who is the backup organizer for this swap: shooting star
Sign-up date range: This swap lasts from 04/01/07-04/30/07
Date to send item by: Must send out item within 4 weeks of picking a partner-- the longer crafting time is so you can make bigger items
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): No WAY!!
Non-U.S. participants allowed? Of course!
All ages allowed? Or 18+?  All ages.  If you are under 18 be sure that:
A)   you have your parents permission (you’ll be using their address OR a P.O. Box)
B)   you have access to a computer where you can keep in contact (i.e. if you get grounded from a home computer, you can use the one at the library/friends/etc.)
C)   you are able to walk/get a ride to the post office ON TIME
D)   you have enough supplies or funds to purchase supplies needed to create awesome crafted items

"Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: NO, I'm not organizing more than three swaps now.
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES (details shown below)

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed at least one swap successfully before signing up for more: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES

Organizer meets the 4 conditions for swapping and will make sure that
every participant meets these conditions: YES
All swappers MUST be pre-approved for this swap!

This is a wishlist swap;  post a list and you may receive it!   Your list will need to consist of where you are from (it's okay to just put your state and/or country), crafted items that you would like (it helps greatly to include links to photographs, tutorials, etc.) and/or crafting supplies.

First: You will look through the lists of the people
who have already posted.  You will THEN pick someone from
there to craft for.

Second: As soon as you have messaged me, the organizer,
telling me who you would like to craft for and your answers to the
I will tell you that you can post a list.

- to be able to post a list you have to craft for at least ONE person
- there must be AT LEAST 5 items on your list
- you can be picked as many times as you have items on your list
- if you have been picked 3 times, you have to pick one other person to craft for, then you can picked more...
- this swap starts fresh each month, so if you weren't picked from a previous round, you can post your list up in this round (after you've PMed me and been given approval)
-please include where you are in your wishlist, so people know if they are sending out of country before they choose you.
- please use DC#s or get a copy of the customs number when sending your packages... this helps greatly if they're lost in the mail!
- regular communication is required, so PM me when you send and when you receive
- you can craft for more than one person if you want, just PM me who you'd like to craft for and I'll send you their address!

When one of your items is picked, you must cross it out on your list and thank the person sending the item to you.

Person B wants to have their list posted so they PM the organizer with their questionnaire answers, and what they want to craft from Person A’s list.  The organizer will then PM person B, give them person A’s address, then they can then post their list.

Person C wants to have a list up, so they choose from A OR B, PM the organizer their answers, the name of the person they want to craft for, and what they’re going to craft.   Then they wait until the organizer approves them and sends them the address of whom they have picked.  Then they can post their list.

Say person A has been chosen 3 times. For them to be picked more, they have to pick one more person to craft for. 
The organizer (me) will let you know when you need to pick someone else if you want to receive more items.
Previous swaps: January:

*If you are going to be away from your postal service, you need to have a third party pick up your package and alert the organizer (me).
*Please don't PM me with your estimated date of sendout.  PM me after you have actually sent the package.
*If you have aversions to animal products or you have allergies that you feel need to be addressed, please include that in your introduction when you post your list (this isn't for me, it's for those who are crafting for you!).
*If you or your roommates smoke, please launder your crafts if possible or air-freshen them before sending.

(Please make the title of your PM the name of the swap)

Name of swap: 2007 Wishlist April
Craftster username:
Email address:
Real name and mailing address:
Who you pick:
What you are making:

Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have!


Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Silver Ilix on April 01, 2007 11:33:49 AM
feedback entered on strike names

Number of wishes granted by them   /  Number of times they have been picked for wishes

Craftsters taking part
lolitaneko(free list) 0/2
Goldfishgirl 2/1
Ember77 1/1
teraspawn 1/2
ohsweetie 3/2
shiitake 1/1
AsphaltQueen 3/3
raynbow 1/1
sanditerese 2/3
ivycircle 2/2
roxybadoxy 1/2
Malina 2/2
knuckstermom 2/3
Nesse 2/2
purpleone 1/2
veludo 2/1
drfunctbuffalo 2/0
_Suicidal_Angel_ 1/0
Velvet Rose 1/0
flora 1/0

Craftsters that have yet to be picked
Velvet Rose
(see May)
Craftsters that MUST craft for someone else to be picked again

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Silver Ilix on April 01, 2007 11:35:50 AM
Crafters and Send-Out Dates

Shipped and Received
Late, with communication
Late, no communication

SEND BY.....

May 1
Goldfishgirl> lolitaneko for yarn

May 5
Ember77> lolitaneko Buttons/patches/pins and charms
May 8
teraspawn> Goldfishgirl for a wist suprise!
ohsweetie> Ember77 for supplies
ohsweetie> teraspawn for an apron

May 9
shiitake> ohsweetie for a artsy mix CD
AsphaltQueen> ohsweetie for cat goodies, handmade notebook and ATCs

May 10
raynbow> AsphaltQueen for handspun!
ohsweetie> AsphaltQueen for the donut challenge. ;)

May 11
sanditerese> AsphaltQueen for Happy poo (lol)

May 12
ivycircle> raynbow for silk to spin
roxybadoxy> sanditerese for beads
AsphaltQueen> sanditerese for handmade soap, scrapbooking supplies and other goodies.

May 14
Malina> roxybadoxy for embellished shoes.

May 15
knuckstermom> shiitake for fabric
knuckstermom> ivycircle for vintage patterns
AsphaltQueen> Malina for a wist suprise
Nesse> sanditerese for knitting needles

May 16
purpleone> teraspawn for fabric and supplies
veludo> ivycircle handmade jewlery
veludo> Malina handmade jewlery

May 17
defunctbuffalo> knuckstermom for a mix of greeting cards, postcards, and paper.
defunctbuffalo> lolitaneko for journals
Malina> purpleone for tape measures
ivycircle> Nesse for handspun yarn

May 18
sanditerese> knuckstermom for cards
_Suicidal_Angel_> Nesse for books, craft supplies
Velvet Rose> knuckstermom for papers

May 20
flora> purpleone for supplies

May 24
Goldfishgirl> Veludo for yarn

May 26
Nesse> roxybadoxy for t-shirts.

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: lolitaneko on April 01, 2007 09:03:43 PM
Salut!  My name is Brittany. I'm a 18 year old senior from North Carolina.  I like to hang out with my friends, sew, crochet, and I'm beginning to pick up embroidery.  This summer I want to learn how to knit and get into felting and screen printing if possible.  Anyway, I love winterguard (I mostly do flag) and I'm also a bit of a bandie.  I played clarinet, bass drum and xylophone in my 4 years of high school and hope to play more percussion/pit instruments in the future. My favorite colors are red, kelly green, dark purple, orange and mustard yellow.  I love argyle and plaids and random cute prints.  My favorite charatures are Hello Kitty and Gloomy Bear.  I'm not gothic but I have a love for morbidly cute things and also inanimate things with faces XD (like food, stars.. fruits *lol* whatever.)  I love pinups, Japanese fashion (like FRUiTS and Classic lolita), anime, and small cute things.  They make me happy ^_^

1. Embroidery items.  Like thread, needles, loops, stencils.. whatever may help me.  I'm just getting into it so anything would be fine, I think.

2.  Yarn.  I can always use some yarn.  If you would like to give me some that I can use for a certain project the pm me for a list and I'll put one together for you.  Other than that anything but fun/fur/whatever-they-call-it yarn 'cause I find it hard to work with and I don't like shiny furry things that much to work with it XD  Thanks goldfishgirl!!

3.  Oversized shirts and/or men's 'beaters' in small in any color.  I want to use these to alter and use for t-shirt recon.

4.  Fabrics.  I prefer cottons over anything when it comes to clothing.  I would also like some fabric to make me some flags to practice my tossing with.  For that, china silk and or lame would be ideal.

5.  Felt.  To use to embellish totes, shirts... stuff like that.

6.  Stitch markers for crocheting.  I was using bobby pins for my first project that needed them so yeah.  *lol*

7.  Cute buttons to use on garments/enclosures.  For example, my friend once gave me some buttons shaped like little bunnies... I want some more of the likes of that.

8.  Boxes/baskets or anything to store and organize my fabrics, yarn, patterns.. Stuff like that.

Handmade gifts:
1.  Cute hair clips and accessories.  With cupcakes, rainbows, stars. Cherries.. Anything cute.  Also, a fascinator ( would be soooo cool!!  I kinda have short hair though XD

2.  Sweater vests.  I need more argyle but any kind would be nice

3.  Skirts.  I'm falling in love with pencil skirts for some reason but any other types would be fine.  As long as they aren't denim or long you should be fine.  My waist is a 25 or a 27 and hips a 36 (all inches)

4.  Carrying cases.  For my crochet hooks, embrodery thingies, sewing suplies... whatever.  Ideas should be in my wists.

5.  Buttons/patches/pins.  So I can put them on my bags and jackets.  The random the better in most cases.  Thanks Ember 77!!

6.  Change purse necklace.  I saw this really cool necklace on this Japanese music video.  It was like a change purse on a chain and went around her neck.  Something like that shaped like a cat, star, Gloomy Bear, Hello Kitty, or rainbow would be spiffy.

7.  Anything rainbow, argyle, or plaid.  Socks, fabric, bags... whatever.  I love them so. *^_^*

8.  Stenciled t-shirt or hoodie.  Ask me for a list of sayings if your interested... I have a looong list! *lol*  Or to make it easy just look at the wist/stalk for my over all style.

9.  Knitty's Cleaves. (  In black, red, mustard, dark purple, burnt orange or teal.  I think a small would be fine.  Ask me for measuments, if needed.  And if you think I should get off my butt and use this as a first knitting project then give me the supplies for it!

10.  Journals.  I keep written journals even though I have about 3 online XD I would just like some with cute themes on the paper and or cover.  I also write short stories and I'm working on something like a novel.  Something for that would be great also.

11.  Any classic or casual lolita items.  Like blouses, hoodies, skirts, cardigans.. Whatever.  I'm trying to build my lolita wardrobe up to dress up to full time and I need all the help I can get!!  Tops are most appreciated - they are so hard to find/make.

12.  I know its out there, but shoes would be great.  Its so hard to fine shoes that look good in my size, are even remotely flat, look good with a casual skirt and I can fit my ordipidic arches in.  So any spiffy decorated or cheap ready to be decorated shoes in a woman's 9 (US) would be great.  Any color(s) would be fine.

13.  Cell phone or bag charms.  I don't have a cell charm although my brother has one of a bear... XD  I'm kinda envious, I guess you could say.  *lol*  Also I like hanging things from my bags.  Thanks Ember 77!!

1.  Anything inspired or from my wists!  (link is in my sig)

2.  Surprise!!  I love me a surprise. *^_^*

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: GoldfishGirl on April 02, 2007 11:36:15 AM
Hey everybody! I am Emily.

I'd love to receive any of the following (though the biggest wishes are on the top, and then get less urgent):

Hand crafted stuff:
+ Molly Weasley Sleeves ( )
+ Bodice for the Renaissance Faire (I'd prefer almost any shade of green)... Or a kit to make one. I really like this kind ( )
+ A blue printed wraparound dress like here ( )
+ A new chemise (mid-thigh length at most... natural whites or saffron-y yellow )
+ Some bloomers (in natural fibers-cotton or linen preferably... to wear underneath my skirts)
+ Wallet with Bad Mother F*cker on it
+ Green, Brown, and Black Afghan squares - 9"x9" - I'm making a graduation afghan for a friend

Craft Supplies:
+ Fiber - Batts, roving, locks, yarn or raw fleece (Any sort. Though I'd love to try tencel or angora or anything other than this weird domestic top I got in the kit)
+ Green, brown or Black yarn (for a graduation afghan)
+ Fun stuff to add to yarn (Metallic thread, charms, dye, sparkly bits, whathaveyou)
+ A Learn to Crochet Granny Squares kit (I don't really crochet all that well)

Other stuff I like:
+ Anything from my wists (they are extensive and I like basically everything on there)
+ Harry Potter (Gryffindor. I like to think of myself as an Honorary Weasley), My Little Ponies, Zombies, most anything dealing with Ireland or Boondock Saints, and shiny, colorful objects.
+ We're trying to get a LARP League started in May, so any garb / weapons / or kits to make them, would be very appriciated.

I am going to college at Southwestern (Biology Major, Theatre Minor). Some of the crafts I can do are knitting (pretty well... maybe an Intermediate), sewing (a bit sub-par in some cases, but I can make things stick together with thread, so it counts), and spinning (on a drop spindle: I'm still just beginning).

Thanks for reading my list! And double thanks to whomever chooses me.

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Ember77 on April 06, 2007 08:44:31 AM
I'm in Toronto, Canada!  I'm 29... work full time and volunteer the majority of my free time to a children's community theatre company.  I have a six month old puppy and haven't slept much since I got her. I love to knit, felt and learn about new crafts.  I have a new sewing machine that I haven't done much more than look at. I'm itching to learn how to use it! 

Here's my list, in no particular order: [thanks so much for taking the time to look through it!]

1. Caron Simply Soft Yarn - i can't find it here. I would love colours in white, grey, black, blues, greens, chocolate brown, reds... enough to make a hat or mittens!

2. soap making kit - especially the teeny tiny soaps found here! (

3. sewing kit - I have visions of making kanzashi flowers, tote bags, fabric headbands, cinnamon scented hot pads and quilts. My fabric stash is pitiful. And I'm pretty clueless about where to begin. ???  A project to get my started would be fantastic.

4. Supplies - yarn, wool roving, wool felt, twill ribbon, fabric (fleece, cotton, LINEN)... if you're cleaning out your closet for spring cleaning....*hint hint nudge nudge*  THANKS ohsweetie!!  I'm so excited!

5. A doggy bag - as in a diaper bag for my puppy! I don't know why, but we can't travel light when we go visiting. There's the poop bag, toys, wipes, treats, food, towel, paper towels in case of accidents etc.

6. Small fabric bag - like a lunch bag or something shaped like a typical gift bag but sturdier - if it can be embroidered with my puppy's name on it, that'd be so awesome... she can take it with her to puppy daycare and it can hold her leash, treats, toys and food for the day.  (I know what you're thinking...puppy daycare?!!!)

7. A fabric belt - something in pink, white, brown,

8. Tissue paper holder

9. amigurumi  - cat, dog, turtle...

10. fabric headbands

11. Pink Sock Monkey like this one: (

12. lipbalm holder/keychain

13. knit sock kit... I'm dying to try it...

14. yarn dying kit

15. stencilling kit - particularly for onesies or totes

16. Surprise me from my wists!  There's lots of loves and stuff I drool over on it! (

thanks so so so so much for looking!

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: teraspawn on April 08, 2007 11:16:22 AM
About me
I'm Beth, I'm eighteen years old and I live in England. I'm a vegetarian (no leather!) but I'm okay with wool and honey, etc. I consider black, white, denim and rainbow to be useful neutrals, and I don't have pierced ears. Knitting, sewing and papercrafts are my main areas of expertise. Well, I say expertise...
Things I like quotes from: Aimee Mann, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder, Buffy, Discworld, Dr. Who (recent), Eddie Izzard, Firefly, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Oscar Wilde, PG. Wodehouse, The Princess Bride, The Shoebox Project (
Random things I like: the alphabet, argyle, bright colours, cherries, flowers, octopuses, maths humour, pin-up girls, pirates, polka-dots, rainbows, stripes...

- Plain hair clips that I can add my own decorations to, or plain necklace chains
- Ribbons, lace, fabric and yarn, you know, the usual. Thank you, purpleone!
- A black Sharpie mini (or other dark colour), Sharpie paint markers or fabric pens.

Crafted Creations
- An adorable apron (link) (;topicseen#msg1538202) (link) ( Thank you! ;)
- Some artful ATCs to add to the collection on my wall.
- A darling dinosaur amigurumi or plushie.
- A prepossessing pincushion (link) ( (link) (
- Some sassy stitch markers
- A tempting t-shirt, stencilled with a quote from my list, or a pretty picture. (size US 10, UK 10/12)

- Kits for drop spinning, making paper, microscope pendants or resin casting. I've never done any of these things!

Thanks for checking out my list  :-*

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: ohsweetie on April 08, 2007 08:30:32 PM
hello lovelies!

i'm 24 and i live out here in ye ol' british columbia. i coordinate a craft collective, am doing my master's in gender studies/third wave feminism, so i love all things kitschy and fun. i love the eighties, etc. i just love fun stuff (ie. everything on buy olympia or cut+paste).

sooooo, my list is (and preemptive thank you!!!) supply things as prince george doesn't rock the craft stores, and a few handmade-y things. thanks!

1. magnet sheets (with a sticky side, to put collages on and pictures, etc.)
2. fat fat crochet hooks, like REALLY fat.
3. acrylic paint fabric fixer, or fabric paints for stencilling.
4. modge podge!
5. handmade notebooks, stnairy, stickers, artists cards (thank you mee lady!), etc.
6. music cd! woot! i like weird art music! woot woot! thank you!!
7. slippers size 10.
8. cat toys. for our munchkins thanks!!
9. photo essays
10. collages.

thanks again, i love you all!!

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: AsphaltQueen on April 09, 2007 08:06:47 PM
Hi! I'm Amanda, 31 years old and I live with my hubby in Michigan. I have one furbaby (a female beagle named Snort) who's very lazy (unless there's food or a human hand willing to pet nearby). I love reading, playing board/card games and traveling to new places. I LOVE donuts (almost more than my husband) and candy (chocolate is fine, but candy is dandy). I like most colors, (pink/brown and blue/brown are great combos) but not goth. I'm fine with re-gifted/thrift store items as long as they're in decent condition and don't smell like smoke (or anything worse)! There's more swap info about me on my ATC blog...

My list:
- BIG WISH #1: a stuffie or amigurumi snuffleupagus
- BIG WISH #2: Knitty Knucks, black with red lettering saying "PAVE IT!!" (
- handspun or handdyed yarn, especially with "stuff" (beads, sequins, etc.) in it or crazy colors  Thanks Raynbow - I'm so excited to see it and squish it!
- any kind of amigurumi or stuffy, I promise I'll give her/him/it a loving home!
- crocheted happy poo ( Thanks, Sanditerese - can't wait to see the poo in person!
- crochet, felt or felted donut (I'm working on a collection and so far I have 5!) Thanks ohsweetie! Leaving it up, though, 'cause I can always "eat" more donuts!  ;D
- large barrette to hold my hair in a ponytail at my neck. Nothing flashy, would like a neutral color like brown or black (something made with wood would be perfect)
- anything related to donuts
- anything related to cookie monster (I've wisted a crocheted Cookie Monster)
- bird's nest necklace - preferably with pink eggs
- watercolor pencils - used is fine, just curious to see what these are all about
- any type of candy (chocolate is fine, but candy is dandy), especially something I can't get easily here in the U.S.
- silkscreened or stenciled llama t-shirt
- Dwight Schrute (from The Office) t-shirt (I've got one wisted)
- felted beagle
- original artwork by you, I looove collecting art!
- embossing powder, any colors other than red or clear, used is perfectly fine!
- anything off of or inspired by my wists, there's lots of good stuff in there!
- anything you think I might like, I just love getting crafty stuff in the mail!

- stencilled or silkscreened shirt with the phrase "Cool Beans!" and a cool graphic (maybe green beans with cute faces, wearing scarves?)
- set of green jello "The Office" magnets (I've got 'em wisted)

Thanks in advance to anyone who chooses me!  ;D

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: shiitake on April 10, 2007 12:36:40 AM
Hi! I'm 21 years old girl from Finland and  study textile design so I love anything to do with fabrics :) I sew,weave,design and everything else in between.My favourite colours are black,different shades of green,white and well almost everything but not grey,beige or light browns.I like funky and kitschy style,also retro and vintage are nice.So here's the list!

- - - bag made by you.It would be awesome if the fabric could be kawaii/retro/vintage/cute animals-style
- - - I would love you forever if you could knit/crochet something for my little pet penguin  :) Maybe a jacket,a hat,slippers,...? I don't know how to knit or crochet so maybe you can do it better.

Some measurements:
around head 8"
back 4" long
around waist 10"
bottom of feet 3" long

- - - fabric! Look my wists to get some idea what kind of fabrics I like. Thanks knuckstermom!
- - - chunky/kitschy jewelry - not earrings but everything else.
- - - some handspun yarn would be lovely!
- - - Kool-Aid and a DIY kit for dyeing some yarn with it,we don't have Kool Aid in Finland.
- - - green/white tea or herbal infusions
- - - anything inspired by my Wists!

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: raynbow on April 10, 2007 07:31:42 PM
I'm a 30 something woman who lives in Indiana.  I just bought a new house where I live with my new husband and our two doggies.   

I'm allergic to cats (and dogs and lots of other things) but as long as the item is washable, it's ok if you have allergants around.

My favorite color is green, but I really like any of the bright primary and secondary colors, especially all together in rainbow like patterns.

My big crafting passions at the moment are knitting, spinning, and dying.  But I'm also playing with paper and soapmaking.  And I'm definately interested in other crafts that involve yarn or fiber.

My wishlist:

Anything with monkeys, rainbow brite, carebears, or "old style" strawberry shortcake on it

Handspun Yarn (especially the funky novelty yarns, i'm just now learning to make those)

Non-Wool Roving, cotton, silk, any of the nifty new synthetics that are available now.  I've got a ton of wool and I'd love to play with other things and/or blending.thanks ivycircle!

I can always use roving, but my craft room is starting to get a little stuffed with it, so unless it's something really unique, or Fun colors, I have to cut back for a while.  Or pencil roving, I love pencil roving.

Recycled Sari Silk Waste for spinning

Any kind of other neat additions that I can add to my yarns to make fun novelty yarns

Kool Aid in funky flavors (colors) that you can't get easily in the US.

A cotton (cellulose) dying starter kit, or any kind of dyes suitable for dying cotton, this is a big wish now, because I just got a bunch of awesome natural colored cotton yarn in another swap.

I'd love to learn to crochet those little amigurumi, but I've never had any luck learning to crochet.  So any kind of super super easy stuffie pattern and 'crocheting for complete idiots' kit would be great.

Craft books are always great.  Ones I'm especially interested in right now are knitting for pets type books, or toy knitting books.  I'd also love love love the Ashford Book of Carding or Handspun Revolution.  I also could use some basic needle felting books.

Thanks to some fun swaps, I've just started making paper and soap, so I wouldn't mind any new toys to play with those new hobbies.  Little bits of colored papers of any kind to mix in my paper.  Molds for soap.  Additives or colors for either.  Your favorite recipes for making them.

My dogs always appreciate puppy toys, the "big" one weighs about 25 lbs and loves balls.  The little one is only about 9 lbs and only likes things she can eat.  They've been pretty spoiled in previous rounds so we probably don't need any 'all puppy' packages, but if you happen to throw in a tennis ball or some homemade dog biscuits, nobody over here will complain. :)

Oh, and I have a husband.  Yesh. He doesn't deserve any presents.  But..... He likes Nascar, especially Kasey Kahne & Bill Elliot.  He also loves comics, especially the Flash.

I don't have alot on my wists yet, but anything from there is also great

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: sanditerese on April 11, 2007 07:09:36 PM
My name is Sandi and I live in Sacramento, California, with my husband and daughter.  My favorite crafts to do are knitting, crocheting and scrapbooking.  I would love to learn how to sew, but Iím still waiting for a sewing machine.  There arenít any colors I donít like and as far as patterns go, I like more simple things, no small flower patterns.  Thank you to anyone who chooses me.

1.  Rubber linoleum, or self adhesive rubber (or anything else I don't know about) for making homemade stamps
2.  Scrapbook supplies (stamps, punches, gold leaf, books you donít use anymore, chalks, anything you can think of)
3.  Scrapbook paper, stickers Thanks AsphaltQueen!
4.  Beads, any size/colorThanks roxybadoxy!
5.  12 inch paper cutter
6.  Anything from/inspired by
7.  Knitting needles (PM me for sizes). Thanks Nesse!
8.  Sock yarn
9.  Ephemera, charms, etc. for altered books
10. Colored ink pads.

Crafted items:
1. Homemade soap, bath salts, lip balm, etc.  Thanks AsphaltQueen!
2. Handspun yarn
3. Swap journal (maybe with a space to include pictures)
4. Fun bag (There are some on my wists that I like. I like bags with flat bottoms.)
5.  Wall organizer (there is one in my wists that I love.)
6.   Magic Yarn Ball
7.  Spa kit (bath salts, scrubs, lotions, eye pillow, etc.)
8.  Fabric headbands with elastic.
9.  Passport/ticket holder

DIY/How to kits:
1.  Drop spindle kit
2.  Book binding kit
3.  Paper making kit
4.  Sock monkey kit (cute, girly, pink/purple, etc. would be great)

And anything from my wists! 

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: roxybadoxy on April 12, 2007 06:28:44 PM
Well here it is:

-cute simple totes made with crazy colored fabric or a tote with a really cute stencil of a sewing machine, vintage camera, vintage bike, or a vintage typewriter! (maybe with a pocket?!)

-I am currently in great need of L blank t-shirts!!!! (XL AND XXL AND IF POSSIBLE XXXL WOULD BE EVEN MORE AMAZING!!) All colors needed. I will take thrifted shirts but they must be pre-washed and no stains! And please absolutely no logos. If you go to thrift stores and you happen to find an amazing color but it has a logo itís fine but please let it be fairly small. (haha sorry I sound so demanding! I just really need some!)
thanks nesse!

-knitting needles/crochet hook (Iím a beginner but I would love more!)

-SugaríNCream Yarn. I love that stuff!!! All colors accepted! (I love bright colors especially!!)

-Handspun yarn
-Yarn in really pretty colors!

-a shirt, a purse, or a wallet with one of these embroidered on it! ( ( (

- Fabric! I love all kinds! I like colors that are slightly darker, but bright colors are good too! (Please nothing smaller than 1/8th of a yard)

-an embellished hoodie! (Iím a youth small or a teen small)

-embellished shoes. They can be vintage shoes you decorate or those fake vans anything! I love shoes! thanks malina!

And anything on my wists! (i have a lot of things on my wists so you might want to check it first!) (

About me: I am 16 and I live in Houston, Texas. I love it here! I love many things such as animal print, animals of all kind! (Especially rabbits and pandas), bright vivid colors (well I really like all colors but since itís spring/summer brighter colors are nice), I love anything to do sewing, knitting, crocheting, and photography! I love to learn new things all the time. I just learned how to knit and crochet but I think Iím getting better but if you can give me anything to help me out that would be amazing! 


Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: ivycircle on April 13, 2007 12:18:05 PM
I'm 31 and currently located in Alaska. I am a mother of three and wife to a soldier. I am a college student majoring in history. I love to spin yarn and sew. I love jewel tones and teal. I really don't care for yellow and orange.
Things I'd absolutely love to havefrom most desperate to must have lol:
1. a corset I'd give just about anything for a pretty corset. It's hard to feel pretty sometimes with three kids!
2. vintage patterns of the 40's and 50's especially dresses and suits measurements B=36 W=28 H=36 I can always use a bigger pattern but a smaller one is a pain. Thanks Knuckstersmom!
3. 8x10 photos or paintings of citylife. I live on a tiny island now and really miss the city.
4. lacy embroidered hankerchiefs. Nana said never be without one.
5. A serving dish maybe fused glass or pottery.
6. Fabric! I love wool silk and velvet. They keep me warm in the Arctic.
7. handmade jewelry.I really like necklaces and earrings. Thanks Veludo!
8.DIY needlefelting kit
9. wool roving in brown tones
Hope this helps, I have never made a wishlist before. :-*

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Malina on April 14, 2007 11:55:53 AM
OH BOY!  Thanks Asphaltqueen for sending me a wist inspired SUPRISE!  YAY!  I <3 SURPRISES!!


Hola, I'm Heather Malina Riordan and I'm 32 going on 22.  I live in Tennessee.  I love to paint and rarely have time for it.  I work 2 jobs plus I'm swap addicted.   I LOVE TO COOK!  My style is a little kooky and depends on my mood.  I love japanese lolita, fruits, and general street fashion.  I like punk.  I like to also get dressed up and feel girly too.  I like rockabilly and pinups and old school tattoos (like sailor jerry), skulls, zombies, ninjas, cute things, kawaii, anime, morbid cute things, kitties, sushi, geishas, dragonflies.  I like argyle and polka dots and stripes and PLAIDS.  I have a plaid addiction!  I'm also addicted to Final Fantasy XI.  I'm a sexy mithra with white hair.  I like most colors except excessive yellow and orange (I look terrible in it!)  The best idea is to look my wists over, lol.  Things I would love to get:

1.  bloomers!!  I love them!
2.  lolita style petticoat (plural or sigular hehe)  You can never have to many petticoats
3.  an apron!  with a skull and cross spoons hehehe.  Maybe even a kitty skull.  Or cherries!  Oh, I have tons on my wists, just go look lol
4.  LONG thigh high striped socks.  or argyle or polka dot
5.  cool, funky, jewelry THANKS VELUDO!
6.  asian inspired fabrics, or other fabrics to fit my tastes!
7.  anything cherry blossom
8.  LONG SHOT corset - a girl can dream, right?
9.  a stenciled shirt, see my wists for ideas
10.  sock monkey - but not the traditional, I want a punk sock monkey!
12.  LONG SHOT - lolita style clothing skirts, hoodies, etc
14.  anything from my wists I didn't mention - they are quite extensive!
15.  a kit to help me learn to knit!
16.  a cute stuffie
17.  a resin casting kit
18.  I want to learn to do those cool enamel rings and things!  Even a book or something!
19.  Magazines from other countries (would love some from japan to finish my endtables!) 
21.  Speaking of patches, I want to learn to make them myself
22.  I want to learn how to embroider!!  I guess I also need to learn to spell (*^.^)
23.  A shirt that says RDM PWN
24.  a dress or shirt with kimono sleeves

OK, I went a bit overboard,  Leaves lots of room to find something though, right?

Thanks to whomever picks little ol' me.  Check my sig for my various stalking pages!

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Nesse on April 16, 2007 05:20:06 AM
hi! and Thanks for picking me ;)
my measurements: Bust 32, Waist 26, Hips (what hips??) 29.

.I have this vision of a crocheted (or knitted) lace-like top in this style, (  and these colors. (  but I'm much too afraid to make it myself  :-\ ..anyone willing to make it? or... direct me to a pattern?..
.Grocery ( totes (
.Measuring tape cozy (
.your own artwork.
.music CD with your favorite songs.
.your favorite book. danke _Suicidal_Angel_!!
.handmade journal or sketchbook.
.any art supplies. (I paint - mostly with oils. I do a lot of ink portraits - my micron pens are almost dead! :'( ..oh! and I could always use more drawing pencils!!) danke _Suicidal_Angel_!
.jewelery making supplies. =earing posts/closures for bracelets and necklaces./wire=
.oh! snaps. ;D pardon the pun. (for bags and such. I can't find any good ones.)
.I love roxybadoxy's idea of an embellished hoodie!!
.something recycled. (jewelery, bags, art)
.Fabric: vintage/plaid/funky/"folksy" ( entire page ;D ( material.
.handspun yarn. danke ivycircle!!
.hand dyed yarn.
.other excess yarn you don't know what to do with. I'd love different color wools. so I can felt it (I like these colors ( a lot. but please no fun fur!!  :'()
.poptabs. (I've got hundreds, but could always use more!)
.stretchy (or not) cording in different colors - I can't find 'em anywhere! (for stringing poptabs.)
.kit for working with resin. (looks so fun!)
.felting kit.
.have any extra Special fx hairdye? (or other brands. ask me about colors!)

I'd love a wist  ( surprise!

I have a lot of hobbies. too many for my own good. I like to pretend I'm a photographer. I knit, crochet (a little), sew, make jewelery with polymer clay, and macramť, juggle :D (I hope to be a splendid clown one day.)  I'm 17 and today was my first day driving a standard car. I didn't even make it out the parking lot haha. so if you'd like to get me an automatic car, I'll definitely put that on the list! what am I forgetting... oh! I live in NY :)

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: purpleone on April 17, 2007 04:54:13 AM
Hello I'm Bea, I'm 25 and live in the UK, I love my sewing machine and occasionally do a bit of embroidery and jewellery-making too. My list is mainly supplies as there's so much I lust after crafting with that I can't find here!
Thank you in advance to anyone who chooses me :-*

1. Colourful or oversized buttons - I've exhausted my local thrift stores' supplies and am left with too many boring grey and black shirt ones!

2. Tape measures (white or coloured). I'm trying to collect enough to make myself something like this woven tape measure bag. ( Thanks Malina!

3. Coloured vinyl fabric - small bits are fine.

4. A lace knit scarflet.

5. Marbles for making marble magnets. Thanks flora!

6. A bleach pen (linky). (

7. Round beads for knotted necklaces  (linky). (

8. Tins with clear lids (linky). (

9. Wide lace trim (1.5" or wider).

10. Homemade felted soap.

11. Cotton maryjanes (US Womens sz9) for embroidering  (linky). (

12. Old sewing patterns for tops (especially capes or kimono/wrap styles) Bust 35 Hips 35.

13. Cotton jersey fabric, printed or plain.

14. Kitsch gumball style charms.

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: knuckstermom on April 17, 2007 02:27:21 PM
Hi, I'm in Iowa and I just like to get mail that isn't a bill! I sew(garments & quilts) and like to make things out of paper and spend way too much time on craftster!
Some supplies I'd like are:
1. I love paper, origami, scrapbook, colored, card stock, whatever-paper is great.
2.bookbinders glue-I haven't been able to find this in my area, and I like to make little books.
3. It would be so cool to have a long reach stapler something like this.-
4. a 3/4" round hole punch
5. clipart cd's
6. blank cd folders like these-

Maybe you could make something for me
1. scrapbook or empty book
2. boxes, little boxes or big boxes, wooden or clay or fabric or cardboard-I like boxes!
3. earrings-I have pierced ears (3 holes total so if you only have 1 it would be o.k.)
4.purse-yes, I admit I have just a few already, but is there such a thing as too many? Did you see the cute bowling bag ones?

Other stuff
1.old valentines-they're so cool!
2. greeting cards Thank you Sanditerese!!& postcards-old or handmade-if it's made of paper I pretty much love itThank you defunctbuffalo I can't wait to see what you send!Thank you Velvet rose!
3. how about a surprise?!

Thanks for looking! I can hardly wait to see what comes in the mail!

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: defunctbuffalo on April 17, 2007 07:21:50 PM
Hello!  I'm Laura, a 22 year old student in Atlanta, GA.  I love packages a lot- so anything you want to send will be very much appreciated.   :)

Sewn/altered things:
-  Screenprinted/stenciled/etc. tee, check the wists for ideas.  Women's medium
-  Altered zip-up hoodie
-  I would *love* a tote bag for all of my books, screenprinted or embroidered or appliqued, but also strong and with an inside pocket or two to keep small things organized.  Again, there are examples of awesome ones on my wist.
- A-line or wrap skirt!  Help me survive working in the Atlanta heat!
- Pajama pants (or maybe these t-shirt pants?
- Fabric headbands:

- Mastercarve blocks (or some other brand; for carving stamps)
- Small bits of beautiful fabric, with embroidery hoop, to help me get started on this:
- Fabric for a quilt- at least 7"x7," up to as much as you are willing to send.  It's for a quilt- small patterns are better than large ones, any color, just nothing plaid or too "country" (i.e., no hearts or fruit)

- Short, multi-strand beaded necklaces (some examples are on my wist) in any colors except brown or yellow

- A mug!  I really like mugs.  Something that will make me smile when I pour my coffee in the morning.
- Or- want to send me a coffee themed package?  That could double as an exam survival package?
- **BIG- BUT MUCH NEEDED!** A jewellery box to organize necklaces and bracelets.  This one is great, but I'm open to any set-up if it will let me separate fairly long/bulky necklaces:
- This thing (any design, as long as it has the same function):
- Shrinky-dink starter kit
- I've been wisting like crazy- I'd love a wisty surprise!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to anyone who picks me!

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: _Suicidal_Angel_ on April 18, 2007 07:06:56 PM
Hey everyone my name is cheyanne and i live in michagan in the usa
I am currently studying japanese for my 3 year and i am trying to get as much japanese or kawaii stuff as i can because i am getting rid of a lot of my stuff to charity and other things it is sort of cleaning out my room is like cleaning out my soul or whatever but THANK YOU!!! to anyone that chooses me
i love all things kawaii (cute) and asian. i love ninjas, robots, pandas, pucca, sailor moon, sanrio, argyle, japanese street fashion, san francisco, music and the 80s.My favorite colors aer blues blacks reds and purples dark colors mostly but any mod or flashey colors that aren't like preppy pink then i'm fine Thanks in advance to anyone who picks me!

-An amigurumi of anything but i would really love a dinosaur (a purple or green one perferably)
-a cute tote or messenger bag with a stencil of a robot like this
-Shoes i love shoes and i can never find any cute ones in my size (12 in US) i love ballet flats with cute designs or converse in funky colors please no heels or white shoes i would be so happy if anyone got me any shoes i only have one pair and they are getting very worn out
love the dino shoes
-thigh high socks in stripes or polka dots
-magizines or catulogs form asian countries (japan,china,ect.)Japanese crafting books or mags
-fingerless gloves that i can wear all day like this
-a messenger bag with lots of compartments black, brown or army green
-a 1984 (or any really old one but i prefer 1984) coin from any country with a hole in it to make a pendant
-A necklace of bottle caps or alot of bottle caps of the pop tabs on top of cans
-Sharpies I love them and use them everywhere in vibrant colors would be great
-i would die if i got a bag like this
-Anything Robot or ninja or dinosuar or pirate related
-cutesie Japanese things (but don't need any more stationary stuff),
-Japanese fabric, even scraps are great
-Sushi themed stuff i would love if i got a pillow but anything is fine i love sushi!
-Some mixed cds! Nothing too "screamy", and please no swear words!christian rock would be great (hawk nelson, P.O.D., hillsong untied, skillet to name a few  ;D )
-Any Fall Out Boy stuff!(cds art t-shirt anything pm me for sizes if for a shirt)
-Anything from my wists (warning though there is not much on it)
-Duct Tape any colors i love duct tape and put it on anything the only two colors i can get anywhere near me are gray and blue please some bright colors!
-funky nail polishes used is fine
-big and unusal beads and charms. vintage is cool to. Please no plastic or childisch beads.
- japanese/kimono flowering fabric like this:[email protected]/105173666/
- Anything Tim Burton Themed
- messenger bag my chemical romance theamed i would love but i will take any just needs to be big
- A circle skirt like this-
- harry potter stuff jornal magneys anything i am slytherin potter puffs and stuff like that i love!
--Any kind of plushie! Especially cute food.

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Velvet Rose on April 19, 2007 12:37:55 AM
I live in Australia and am passionate about feltmaking and creating Rapunzel scarves.

My favourite colours are very deep reds, plums and berry shades with greens. I don't like yellow, orange, navy or grey -  or plaids, spots or stripes.

I would describe my taste as "funky girly" and my favourite flower is a rose.

I wish for:

- chunky hand spun yarn (who doesn't!)

- chunky or textured yarn for me to make into Rapunzel scarves I am happy to have scraps from your stash but each piece of yarn needs to be a minimum of 10 feet. Any colour except neons is fine. No eyelash, fun fur or acrylic please.

- angelina, nylon, or firestar fibres

- pure wool knitted socks in any berry shade (no stripes please)

- anything from my wists except roving (I'm trying to destash roving)

- large crocheted flowers made out of handspun yarn in any colours that flowers normally come in (ie not black, grey, brown, neon etc)

Thanks so much to anyone who picks me.

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: veludo on April 19, 2007 01:11:44 PM
i am in portugal.

1- this is a long shot but... a how-to spin kit. i've been wanting to learn to spin for so long i think it's time to really try it.

2- something from/inspired in my wists (link on my signature)

3- pillow covers, i would like something like the following (you can pm for more specifics about colors and measurements):[email protected]/ ,[email protected]/,

4- a bath kit. my favourite scents are coconut, cinammon, strawberry, wildberries, chocolate, ...

5- roving for felting

6- ephemera

7- craft supplies, glass beads, felted wool beads, buttons, ribbons, trims, silver toned findings, felt, fabric scraps (big enough to make something out of them), wool roving, ... everything you have lying around and know you won't use

8- a swap journal

9- origami paper

10 - amigurumi, preferences are a cat, a bunny or a bear

11- anything japanese themed

12- knitting supplies

13- a surprise you think i might like

14- yarn, anything but eyelash or fun fur.

15- needle felting kit.

16- craft books/magazines, if they're japanese it would be heaven...

17- a bag (there are some examples of bags i like on my wists)

something about me that might help people that eventually pick me:
- i'm 27 and i am  a graphic designer
- my favourite colors are pink, some shades of green, red, yellow, orange, black and i love grey
- my favourite color combos are pink and green, green and orange, red and yellow, black and dark orange and dark brown, yellow and plum (dark purple)
- i like vintage and retro things
- i like cats, food, knitting, yarn, beads, buttons, japan, cactus and succulents, stamps, stickers, snail mail, paper, pompoms and felt beads, ribbon, and more and more and more
- some of my favourite cartoons/caracthers/whatever are miffy, hello kitty, alice, smurfs, miss piggy,
- i do not like gaudy things, golden things, bright pink (i am getting tired of it).
- for some more info about my likes check my wists and my flickr favourites (links in signature)

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: flora on April 22, 2007 01:34:46 PM
Here are the things from Etsy I love. If anyone of you likes to sew and wants to do somethings similar like this, I'd be forever thankful

I like the shape of this bag, but you could change the fabric. Something blue/green/tourquoise would be great.

I also love this pencil case. The colours are fantastic.

And this is probably my most favourite bag of all:

Isn's it just devine?

Hey! I'm happy to participate in your awesome swap! I'm flora from Germany and love everything handmade. I just discovered my addiction to paper crafts. I got addicted yesterday and am already drawn into it ;P Yesterday I got some wonderful stamps and have been stamping all time now. I also love jewelry making, but can't sew properly. Since I really need a new bag and saw some pretty ones by all you talented craftsters here, it would be great if anyone would like to make me one. Here are some I love:

From this link I LOVE the first one. It is wonderful. I also love the fabric, but any blue, green, or turquoise fabric would by wonderful. Vintage flower patterns would be just perfect. Or something with stripes. I love the striped handles of this bag. The outer bags to put little things like mobile etc into is also great.

This tote is also very beautiful:

I love especially the shape. For the fabric you could chose something in the colours I've mentioned above.

This one is great, too:

However, I'd prefer if the handles are sewn along the outer fabric (if this makes any sense? like at the first bag in my wishlist)

I also love this bag in another fabric: (the first one)

I love this idea. I'm not that interested in pharmacy, but if you'd like to make me a surprise you could take this as inspiration: (I love different languages/and or travel journals)

Unfortunately I don't play golf, but I LOVE this piece:

So you could change the idea to something more general or just make it without any topic at all so that I could decide what to write on the notebook.

Since I'm starting with scrapbooking, I'd also love supplies for this. It is a bit difficult to get pretty papers etc in Germany, so if you'd like to send me something for this hobby, I'd very much appreciate it.

I'm travelling almost every weekend, so this travel bag would be perfect:

I also love the fabrics she chose.

I also wanted to post some ideas from etsy that I love, but their page doesn't work right now.

Thank you VERY MUCH to anyone who decides to craft for me! Your kind work is very much appreciated!

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Silver Ilix on May 01, 2007 10:36:58 PM
Have no fear, May is here! :D

So, this swap was great! but it's time for a new month! Let's make May awesome to! come one come all! :D
Get those packets in too..... or I will have to get someone else to organize June! LOL (three swaps! yikes!)

This round we had four people not picked for wishes, so the May list will be a "free list" for them. (Let me know that you got the message though.) You post the list without having to pick another person to craft for until you reach 3. Kay?

This means you:
Velvet Rose

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: Silver Ilix on May 30, 2007 08:33:57 PM
Hey gang! Another month is coming to an end.....
ah time flies!!!
I have to let you guys know that I can't organize next month.
Not because I don't want to but because I am still wrangling March, April and May (of course) And I belive that is the limit.
Can anyone take this baby on?
March was my very first organization ever and it was awesome!!!
Let me know if you can! :D

Title: Re: 2007 April Wishlist Swap
Post by: superhooker on June 07, 2007 04:05:40 AM
Hey guys, come check out the June Wish List Swap....

I'm organizing this month, and we don't have any carry-overs, so I need a couple of people to put up lists!  The way we're going to do this, is that we'll have some people put up lists, and then they HAVE to choose a person to craft for before June 15th.

Come on over and sign up!!!!!