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Title: January Birthday Swap! closed ~Happy Birthday!
Post by: javastain on December 30, 2006 03:16:47 PM

NEW RULES: In order to comply with the new swap rules, ALL BIRTHDAY BABES WHO POST A BIRTHDAY WISH LIST MUST FULFILL A BIRTHDAY WISH OF AT LEAST ONE FELLOW BIRTHDAY BABE.  In other words, if you post a list and receive a gift, you must send at least one gift.  Non-birthday craftsters may still send "unconditionally".  Unconditionally in this swap means if someone fulfills one of your birthday wishes, you will send them a thank you note via snail mail.  PM's or thank you posts do not count as thank you notes.  Negative feedback will be given for those who post lists and receive, but never send.  Negative feedback will also be given to those who don't send a thank you note. Please read below for the exact details.  They are in BOLD.


Swap name: January 2007 Birthday Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: javastain--I AM A JANUARY BABE (organizers may change every month)
FOR POSTING BRITHDAY LISTS Sign-up date range: 1/01/07-1/20/07
FOR CHOOSING A BIRTHDAY WISH TO FULFILL Sign-up date range: 1/1/07-1/31/07
Date to send item by: 2 weeks after you claim someone unless other arrangements are made ahead of time
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): N
Restricted to people who all live in the same country? N
All ages allowed.
Organizer meets the 4 conditions for swapping and will make sure that every participant meets these conditions: Y

Details of swap:  This swap was organized so everyone can get something crafty for their birthday!  Please read the guidelines carefully.

    * If your birthday is in January, then you can post your birthday wish list for this month. To do that, you must first PM me with the Swap questionnaire filled out.
    * Once you have been approved, you may post your list of things that you would want to receive.  The more you think of, the better.  Please try to have a good mix of items on your list.  The last wish you will post is "a surprise."  Then you will post a bio about yourself, including where you are from and what day your birthday is.
    * Please post lists only.  No discussion on this thread please.
    * Everyone will then go through the lists and choose a craftster they want to send a birthday gift to.  Your birthday does not have to be in January for you to craft for someone.   If you want to choose someone, just PM me with your info (including your address, please), who you want to craft for, what item, and I will send you their address.
    * When you choose to fulfill a birthday wish, you have 2 weeks to get the item out the door unless you communicate in advance that something will take a bit longer.  If two weeks pass, and I don't hear anything from youyou guessed it, negative feedback!
    * Each person can be chosen unlimited times!  HERE'S THE CATCH - when you get chosen, you must choose a fellow January babe to send a birthday wish to before 1/31/07.  You must also send the person who crafted for you a thank you note within 2 weeks of receiving.  Failure to do either of these things will result in NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.
    * It is super important for everyone to keep good communication.  When you send, let me know, and of course, don't forget the DC#.  When you receive, let me know and publicly announce in the gallery (even if you don't have pictures).  Also, let me know when you send off or receive your thank you note (no DC# required, you're on your honor!).
    * You can choose to craft for as many people as you like, but you cannot "owe" more than 3 things.  If you are a newbie and this is your first swap, you must successfully send once before choosing again.
    * Please state at the beginning of your list where you are located.  Some people absolutely cannot send to people overseas for any number of reasons.  We need to respect this valid concern.
    *When one of your items is chosen, please cross it out so that it is easier for others to see what has been chosen.  It wouldn't hurt to thank the person at this time either.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, you can post on the link above, or send me a PM with "January 2007 Birthday Swap " in the subject line.

*NOTE: I have removed the questionnaire to make more room in this post!*

If you want to SEND TO A CRAFTSTER BIRTHDAY, information to send to organizer:

Name of swap-January 2007 Birthday Swap
Craftster username:
Email address:
Real name:
Mailing address:
Who and what do you want to send to?

If you are already a January birthday babe, you do not need to send me this info below again.  Just send me who you want to craft for and what you will be crafting.


Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

BIRTHDAY BABES followed by birthdate:    
Green=picked once, purple=picked twice, red=picked more than twice
javastain ...1/11
Ezri_B ...1/19
the littlest ninja ...1/2
loudgrrl4_ever ...1/21
LuxieLou ...1/10
bunnyboo ...1/21
nikkisix666 ...1/26
p0orcelain ...1/4
PepsiTwist ...1/16
kgo6050 ...1/1
hardyswanton01 ... 1/22
Tanza ... 1/26
pharasalia ...1/15
SparkleCookie ...1/5
groschveux .... 1/15
lemon_yeye.... 1/16
3beadgirls ... 1/25
artsiefartsie ...1/26
NELLYSAM ....1/15
Aztma .... 1/26

NON-BIRTHDAY SENDERS; (unconditional senders! Thank you!!!  :-*)
Green=sent, Blue= sent and received

Who, Whom, What, When

javastain <<<<Ezri_B; 4X4 square and bracelet row marker<<<< yarncookie[/b]  printed T  
Ezri_B  <<<< LuxieLou; tote <<<<kgo6050 is sending fabric (send by Jan 24th)  <<<<hardyswanton01 is sending a surprise  (send by Jan 25th)
the littlest ninja <<<< nikkisix666; sending something sewn (sent), bunnyboo; sending origami stuff (received)<<<
loudgrrl4_ever<<<< javastain  a mini magic yarn ball  <<<< kgo6050  scrap yarn  <<<<hardyswanton01  scrap yarn 
LuxieLou <<<<hardyswanton01 sent  fingerless gloves  <<< NELLYSAM  a pin cushion and a surprise  
bunnyboo <<<< the littlest ninja; sent necklace (send by Jan 17)3beadgirls is sending a surprise (2/14)
nikkisix666 <<<< bunnyboo; sent note cards 
p0orcelain <<< PepsiTwist; sent buttons
PepsiTwist  <<< p0orcelain sending a pincushion <<<< loudgrrl4_ever Scrapbooking goodies
kgo6050 <<< bunnyboo sent stitch markers <<<<Atzma is sending fabric and a surprise  send 2/2 <<<< sparklecookie is sending a surprise
hardyswanton01 <<<< Tanzaknitting needles
Tanza <<<< SpookShowBaby-wish #11
SparkleCookie <<<< missamorphosis sent wire crochet
yarncookie <<<<< lemon_yeye sending vintage buttons
lemon_yeye <<<<< artsiefartsie sent surprise
Atzma <<<<< Tanza sent knitting needles and fabric (send by Feb 1) kgo6050 sending  a surprise  send 2/6
groschveux<<<< gala_apples sending handmade journal. (by Feb 2) 3beadgirls sending  a surprise
NELLYSAM <<<< Luxie Lou sent something for her bathroom <<<gossamer_gull sent a surprise (due 2/5)
3beadgirls <<<< groschveux senta surprise gossamer_gull sent a surprise
artsiefartsie <<<< 3beadgirls is sending a surprise! Send by Feb 16th!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: javastain on December 30, 2006 03:44:38 PM
HI~ I'm javastain, and I'm an addict... D'oh! Wrong forum! :)
I am a January baby! January 11th to be exact. I am in the USA and following is my wish list (not in any particular order of course!);

1)crafty crochet related stencil/printed T (or the craftster skully one with your quippy saying underneath!) on it's way! Thanks yarncookie!
2) something for my X-box 360 OR a Halo themed T
3) Yarn (wool to felt, cheap colors to play with, your handspun, but no fun fur please!)
4) a skirt of any kind (I'm a big girl, you can PM me for measurements)
5) knitted sox
6) organizer/calendar/day planner
7) wall art-whatever your medium, I can make it work!!! (PM me for colors or do your own!)
8 ) melted bead lamp shade (PM me for specs)
9) 4"X4" yarn squares for my new obsession, a craftster afghan!
10) felt food (like pie pieces, hamburgers, you've seen them, )
11) barrettes (good sturdy ones!)
12) I would love a wall organizer for my yarn like this one;
13) one or two of these!
14)I'd like to try these row counting bracelets (on it's way! Thanks Ezri_B  :-*)
15)Who doesn't love the button ring?
16) a lego belt!
17) Screen printed T with one of my sayings on it (I have a few I would love to see in print!!!) ;D
18) Handpainted umbrella! Oooo, doesn't that sound cool!?!? Can you do it?!?!  ;)
19) something made out of something recycled or repurposed!
20)A surprise :-*

I am a SAHM, of two of the funnest kids! I live in the northwest and love snowsports. I also play Halo2 with hubby a lot. I have two dogs, a black Pug named Caca (that's short for cacajuate!) and Jack is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We love to be outside, I am an ameteur mycologist, I used to teach Skiing and Snowboarding (that was before kids!), we love to take the truck out and get it a little dirty and just play outside. We take walks when it's not raining here. I love coffee, chocolate, sliver more than gold, my dogs, colors; brown, red, green, blue, and the jewel tones, not so much the limes/yellows pastels, they make me look ill... please PM me with any questions. Sorry I don't have a wist. Well, I do but it only have like 5 things in it!!! Maybe I'll try to fill it up!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: the littlest ninja on January 01, 2007 03:11:40 PM
So, I'm in the US and my Birthday is January 2nd!  I'll probably be adding to this list, as I think of things.  Feel free to PM me if you think of something too.   ;D

1.  I'm a mediocre sewer, so I'd love pretty much any sewn thing you can make really well.  I especially like pajama pants, hats, skirts, purses, aprons, or a new bath robe.  Yay, thanks nikkisixx666!  But I can always use more!

2.  I love sleeping/lounging comfortably, and hence I love sleeping/lounging accessories.  Sleep masks, slippers, pajamas or a sleep shirt, etc.

3.  Okay, thanks to LaughingLark, I'm OBSESSED with tiny felt slices of pie.  I'm using the ones she sent me to decorate my pink sparkly christmas tree, but I need MORE MORE MORE!   But, pretty much any tiny felt food would be okay, I'll just hang them all over my apartment.

4.  Colored Glass tiles (mosaic tiles) or stained glass scraps, at least 1.5" by 1.5", I can cut them myself if necessary.  Thinner is better than thicker.

5.  Pretty much anything Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) themed.

6.  I'll jump on the craftster quilt band wagon, I suppose!  Either quilt squares (12" square) or knit/crochet squares (either 6" square or 12" square), but please try to use natural fibers (cotton or cotton/rayon for quilts, wool or a wool blend for the knit/crochet stuff).  Any pattern/print/whatever!

7.  Some pretty cotton sateen fabric.  Like I said, I'm a mediocre sewer at best, and I have no idea where to find cotton sateen fabric.  I'd like enough for a few pillowcases or some pajamas.

8.  I could use some lightswitch pulls, maybe polymer clay, that look like food? *coughteapotdnkycough*  Honestly, any tiny polymer clay foods would be great, either as light pulls, or little pendants or bits from which I could make rings.

9.  Ohh, I just remembered, I'd really like some sewn cotton menstrual pads.  Like these! (

10.  Surprise me, if you can think of something that I'd like!

About me : I am a ceramics student by day, a security guard by night.  I have two kitties and a boyfriend, and I like all kinds of stuff.  I have an unnatural craving for pastries all the time, and tacos most of the time.  I make jewelry, paper stuff, origami (Yay, thanks bunnyboo!), knit and crochet in my spare time, and I've just started needle felting and embroidery.  I just bought stuff for pouring resin, but I'm afraid I'll pass out from the fumes.  I own more pajama pants than I do regular pants.  I'm spending my winter break knitting a cat sweater.  Seriously.  Also, my boyfriend and I have the same birthday, which is creepy.

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: LuxieLou on January 01, 2007 05:07:33 PM
Hi I'm Luxie and I live in the USA (Denver, CO area) My birthday is Jan 10 and I'm going to be 25.

1. I would love a fun handmade pin cushion. I have seen some fun cupcake ones and ones made out of cool fabrics. Yay! thank you  NELLYSAM
2. A swap journal.  Perhaps one were I could include pics of the items I receive.

3. A Knit newsboy hat like the one in Stitch and Bitch just without the cable in Black or Pink. My knitting skills are not good enough for tackling that and it just keeps snowing here in Colorado I could use a new hat!

4. Fingerless gloves in Black or Pink would also be great for the rest of the winter. Yea! Thank You hardyswanton01!!!

5. I've seen some great knit and crochet sea creatures on craftster like the ones Sewknitter has made. Octopus are my favorite and I would love a girly octopus!

6. A fun stuffie for my craft room like a cupcake, octopus, penguin or piggy.

7. Fabric or Zippers. Any pieces of fabric or any size zippers preferably no brown or orange please.

8. Glass pendants. I love glass jewelry.

9. Handmade jewelry, necklaces or bracelets in silver. Just no earrings unless they are plugs, my ears are stretched (2ga)

10. I too would love a button ring

11. A stamp pendant. The batman stamp that is out right now rocks or a butterfly or flowers.

12. A surprise :) Yay! thank you NELLYSAM!

I'm Nikki and I live with my boyfriend in the Denver burbs. I have a jack russell/rat terrier Brody who is the coolest ever. My favorite colors are black, pink and blue. I love octopus, penguins, and piggies. I love tattoos, tattoo art, skulls and crossbones, and nightmare before xmas but I'm still a girly girl and love tropical hibiscus and daisies. I am constantly crafting and I am mostly self taught. I do a lot with polymer clay and I sew my own handbag designs. I am currently taking a sewing class 1 night a week that is so awesome I have learned so much. I wanted to refine my skills so I could start my business. I just got a new industrial strength machine for xmas/birthday. I really wish I could not work and just stay home and craft! PM me with any questions!
Thanks in advance to anyone that chooses me! :)

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: loudgrrl4_ever on January 02, 2007 01:04:59 AM
Hello craftsters, I'm Maria, I'm turning 21 on the 21st, and I live in Tampa, FL USA :)
I had great fun crafting for last month's swap, so it will be fun to be on the receiving side of the giving this month.

About me: I'm a college student living in Tampa and spending weekends in Orlando with my SO. I love purple. I'm a new knitter and I just can't get enough. Living in Florida, however, I lack use for most of the common knitted items (luckily the boy's family all live up north, so I have made a fair number of scarves for them). I don't like girly stuff and I'm always looking for good ways to use yarn in ways that I can touch all the time. I am an utter failure at crocheting (and a lefty to boot) despite many attempts. I am also the biggest math geek I know.


1. A needle storage system (i.e. a roll-up needle case or a cool compartmentalized tube). I just need something portable because the jumbo sized cup I keep them in tends to tip over no matter how many river rocks I put in the bottom ;) My memaw's getting me a Needlemaster :) I could still use a needle case, but it's definantly moved off of the "what I need/really want" list.
2. Leftover yarn, especially worsted weight acrylic in any colors (I want to make myself a long super skinny scarf with a nice stripe pattern).Thanks hardyswanton01!
3. Row and stitch markers. Row more than stitch because all I have now are safety pins that always seen to get the clasp end turned around and stuck in my work.
4. Yarn for any pattern in S'n'B Nation or an online pattern. I've never knitted a pattern with the yarn that was actually called for in a pattern. Any other nice, soft yarn, maybe something handspun? I really like thicker yarns. Thanks kgo6050!
5. A miniature magic yarn ball. I just signed up for the round 3 swap but I think it would be fun to get my feet wet with a miniature one first. Thanks javastain!
6. Knitting patterns/books, especially those that focus on smaller, quick, or one skein projects.
7. A pattern book for felt-anything cute or useful.
8. Knitting needles: sz 4, >11, except 15; any double pointed needles; any wooden needles, all of mine are metal.
9. A clothing stenciling kit.
10. Fimo clay and/or accessories-all I have right now is an exacto, 4 clay colors, wax paper, and the wire making parts.
11. A purse that sits under the arm (I'm a larger gal, so keep that in mind) and has one inside pocket (a cell phone pocket) and some space (not a ton, but not just an evening bag either) and a zippered change pocket accessable from the outside only. I could give you the dimmensions of the one that I have now that fits me well, but lacks the above pockets. I'd be just as happy with a larger than normal sized change purse or a nice in-purse wallet.
12. A Skipper doll either older or modern. I don't care what she looks like, I mostly just want one to make Blythe clothes for swaps (because I don't own a Blythe doll and I'm told her dimmensions are the same). I don't even really care if she doesn't have a head at all. I'll only use her for her body anyway (so naughty!)
13. A surprise! I really really really love surprises, especially for my birthday!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: Ezri_B on January 02, 2007 05:47:05 AM
Hi, I'm in the US and I'll be turning 29 (for real :) ) on Jan 19th
I will also be adding to this list as I think of things, but here goes!

1. Yarn- Not a huge acrylic fan but anything else is great.
2. Fabric- Fun patterned corduroys are my passion, but neat cottons would be great too!
3. Crochet Hook Roll
4. Knitted Socks (size 8 with slightly larger calves.)
5. Cabled anything
6. crafty crochet related stencil/printed T (or the craftster skully one with a fun saying underneath! [I love "knit fast, die warm,] but I don't knit, and I don't think crochet is quite as cute)
7. 10 X 10 Quilt Squares (As long as its machine washable and will hold up, surprise me!)
8. Glass Pendant
9. Big stuffy Globe to keep track of my swaps on (See wists)
10. 1.5 inch fabric squares for my rainbow quilt (I need purples, reds, pinks, oranges. Cottons, blends, corduroy, flannel, anything machine washable is fine.) Thanks kgo6050!!!
11. Stationary or Notecards (Im in a huge gnome phase right now, but anything that sounds like me is fine!)
12. Overnight/Weekend bag- Im looking for 2-3 days of traveling clothes and bathroom items to be stored in this. Something fun!
13. Rogue sweater with hood Ok, its a shot in the dark here, but I am desperately dreaming of this sweater, Im a bigger girl so youd need to make modifications to the pattern, and obviously it would take more than 2 weeks, but I would so love you forever!
14. Tote to carry my crochet projects in when Im working on them Thank you LuxieLou!!!
15. Knittys Knucks I would love these in purple or a burnt orange (I especially love the Harm None ones on the top of the page. Wouldn't have to put words on them or anything, if you didn't want. )
A Surprise!Thanks hardyswanton01!!!

I live in Central Wisconsin, I am married, I have 3 boys (ages 10, 7, & 6) I am a preschool teacher. I have mediocre sewing skills, I do crochet quite a bit and I'm above average I would say at that. I dabble in just about everything else. My favorite colors are brown, orange, purple, grey, and black, but I like jewel tones. Not a real big fan of pastels, but have been known to enjoy certain shades. I don't care for hot pink or bright lime type green, or hunter orange. I have found a recent obsession of gnomes, I also love fairies. Any questions feel free to pm me! I have a wists list in my signature if that helps you out. Thanks and Happy Birthday to all of us!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: nikkisixx666 on January 02, 2007 02:08:09 PM
1.  A sewn lunch bag- preferably with handles
2.  A necklace or charm bracelet made out of those bright coloured plastic skull / gun charms
3.  A retro / vintage bobby pins / hair clips with little fabric covered buttons on the end
4.  Any jewellery similar to the stuff on my wists list.
5.  Mod style clothes for a blythe doll or cotton fabric with cute tiny prints on it suitable for making tiny clothes (especially polka-dot)
6.  Notecards/paper with polka dots and/or cupcakes Thanks bunnyboo!!
7.  A surprise

My name is Erin, I live in Toronto and am turning 29 on the 26th and am thinking about having my birthday party at a clay painting store (unless I'm too old for birthdays!)  I am currently plugging away at my M.A. thesis on Martha Stewart and also working full time for a foundation that funds short films for a Canadian TV broadcaster.  I have one cat with a bad eye, one cat with half a tail, and one cat with only 3 legs though they are all completely delightful (most of the time).  I love painting, knitting and am now getting into sewing; I also love pop art, old school tattoos, unicorns!, cute skulls, polka dots and bright colours.  I LOVE when inanimate objects have faces. 

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: bunnyboo on January 02, 2007 09:41:32 PM
Hello hello!! I'm Bunny Boo and im a swapaholic  ;) My birthday is January 21st yippeeeeee and this year i'll be 25. I primarily crochet because my sewing machine is temporrarily on loan (i'll never get it back) to my loving mother LOL  I'm Married and live in Oregon, Not kidletts yet, just a kitty. I'm an auctioneer and I sell heavy Equipment.

I love crafts of all kind! I have a wist so that may be helpful. I have a pretty plain, clean line sense of style and I prefer neutrals. My fave color is grey.

Here goes...

1) I love love love to cook in my 50's style kitchen so pot holders or dishtowels would be awesome!!
2) I am a big fan of the 80's..but not of flourescent colors so an 80's hoodie or t-shirt would be totally richeous dude!!!
3) I'm a collector of rabbit everything since i've gone by "bunny" most of my life
4) a necklace would be fantastic!!!
5)absoulutely mad about purses!! especially themed western, computer gaming, animals, surprise me!
6) I do lots of papercrafts so Cardstock, letters, rubons, anything like that
7) anything heavy equipment related!!!!!!!

or..... surprise me!!!!!

questions always welcome of course


Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: p0orcelain on January 03, 2007 03:42:02 PM
Hello Im Filipa im portuguese study industrial design and work part-time as a turist informer (wich i really love) my crafts are related to sewing (pretty adicted), collage and my dolls (Pullip, Tiny Betsy, petite Blythe and Blythe) since some time iv been crafting for them it makes me happy because i make something dress them up and go take their pictures! Almost forgot to say that i'm 22 turning 23... :)

So here goes my wish list:

1. fabric id love to get some of those vintage ones or the ones with tiny little images (little prints)
2. buttons colored ones, small ones, with fruit (or any other cute shapes)
3. ribbons colored ones, several sizes
4. i dont know how to crochet so if anyone knew how to make a crocheted hat for one of my dolls it would be cool
5. handmade clothes, acessories and/or furniture for my girls
6. id really like to have a charm bracelet :$
7. an amigurimi (again i dont know how to crochet but i think they are super cute!)
8. pins, hairclips, headbands, bracelets, necklaces.... i like them all (check my wists
:) )
9. a cute pincushion (i need one) maybe with some colored pins? :D
10. i like those sparrow images like stenciled in t-shirts or bags
11. i always carry arround a journal where i make my collages, drawings and ideas, so one handmade (or bought) would be really cool
12. a surprise would really make my day :D

i know my birthday is already tomorrow (january 4th)  so nothing would get here in time but if you think you could fullfill any of my wishes id be happy to thank you any maybe i can send you anything from your wishlist :)

here is the link for wist:

Happy Birthday everyone!!!***

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: PepsiTwist on January 03, 2007 08:29:19 PM
1.Relaxation things- such as candles or soaps
2.Pin Cushion-be as creative as you like I’ve seen some awesome ones here on craftsterThanks p0orcelain
3.Scrapbook Stuff-I’m wanting anything really, I just bought a kit at Walmart not too long ago and I’m already running out of things, most in need of is letters (stickers or type you glue on) though to spell out titles and such. Thanks loudgrrl4_ever
4.Something for my truck-I have a 94 ford ranger I can’t really think of anything I need but maybe a mix cd (apparently not allowed anymore :'( ) or dice or a small cross or something to hang from the rearview mirror or air freshner or something (I already have a cd visor thing) Oh, and if it helps my truck is Gator themed, I can elaborate if need be
5.Personalized playing cards-My boyfriend and I play cards all the time so I thought it’d be cute to have a personal set. You can be as creative as you like or you can pm me and asks specifics like if you want me to send you pictures or something
6.Beaded wire bracelet-
7.Recipes-doesn’t have to be anything too crafty or fancy, I’m just trying to put together a recipe book for when I move out, so any recipes would be lovely.
8.Apron-cocktail or regular, pm me if measurements needed
9.Shoulder Buddy, doesn’t matter what type be as creative as you like- (that’s what I’m talking about)
10.Unused (not meaning new, like don’t use it anymore) wood burning tool -Just asking because I’d love one to make things more personal that I build for my animals and such. If you have one that you don’t use anymore maybe this could be one way to get some use of it. Thanks to my boyfriend!!
11.Melted Bead Picture, I have a picture of my boyfriend and I from our first date that I really would love to have done like this but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. If you’d want to try this just pm me and I’ll send you the pic.
12.Chess Set-Love to play chess and though one would be cute, maybe out of clay or something unique, I had one in my mind that I thought would be cute, as always be as creative as you like or pm me if youd like to hear my idea
13.Pot Holders in neutral colors- I’m trying to get as much together as possible for when I move out so I don’t really have a themed kitchen and neutral colors go well with anything
14.Etched Glass-as creative as you’d like
15.Fabric-any type, I’m working on a quilt and other little projects so anything is welcome
16. A Surprise-always nice!!!

Anything on my wistlist too,

About Me: My name is Alexis and I will be turning 16 on the 16th. I live in Jax, Fl.I sew as much as I can. Mainly my only craft is sewing and I can’t do too much with that. I’m pretty good with making things of wood and such. I’m a fitness guru; love anything and everything to do with fitness and well being. I’d love to try knitting or crocheting, really I’d try about anything. I’m just getting into scrapbooking.
I love to play chess and cards. I also love planning years ahead, thus, why I am gathering as much as I can of things I will need when I move out.

 ;D ;DHappy Birthday EVERYONE!!!! ;D ;D

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: kgo6050 on January 04, 2007 01:27:36 PM
First of all Happy Birthday to all the other January Babies!!
Here's my list...
1.Yarn, handspun or not (wool, soy, alpaca, silk, any natural fiber)
2.knitting things ( stitch markers Thanks bunnyboo, needles, mags, patterns, books)
3.handknit socks-size 8
4.Sock making kit with instructions, never made one but I really want to try!
5.handmade journal or a kit to make one, I really want to start writing again.
6.Jewelry, maybe a necklace with a big stone pendant or something cool like that. Earrings or bracelets also welcome. I wear mostly silver . Thanks Sparklecookie
7.Silk screened Tshirts size medium-ish pm me for more details
8.Handmade soaps and bath products, lip gloss etc. minty smelling would be cool but I'm flexible.
11.handmade or altered clothes, skirts size 6/8ish pm for more details
12.Pocketbook/purse/bag- there's one in my wists that I love, I really really need a new bag, maybe something I could take to work or something small I could take out on the town.
13.A how to kit for a craft you're good at.
notecards or stationary
14.Quilting fabric 100% cotton please, my sis and I are making my other sister a blue and white quilt for her wedding this August so any spare fabric you have would be great.
15. Needle felting kit I really want to learn how
16. Drop spindle kit, because making your own yarn is probably the coolest thing ever
17. one of those knit market bags (I think there is a pattern on magknits?)
18.Anything inspired from my wist:

About me: My name is Kari and I turned 24 on January 1st. I'm currently living in Downtown Boston but recently got accepted to social policy/practice gradschool in Philly, so I'll probably be moving there this summer. I live with my boyfriend and we don't have any pets :( (pet free building), but I love dogs, cats, and most animals. My favorite colors are natural colors and jewel tones, green (avacado, forest), brown, orange (pumpkin), teal, etc. I'm an advanced beginner knitter and I do a little quilting. I don't eat meat or fish, but I love veggie sushi and all things sushi themed. I was a political science major undergrad so political themed things are cool. My favorite flower is the gerber daisey. Ok that's about all I can thing of for now.

Thanks in advance and Happy Birthday!!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: hardyswanton01 on January 06, 2007 08:32:13 PM
I live in Wisconsin, United States, and will be turning 24 on January 22nd.

Some things I would like are:

1-Knitting needles, any shapes, sizes, plastic or aluminum preferred, double, sets, whatever. Thanks, Tanza!  Anyone else, feel free to send more  ;D

2-Yarn, handspun, something unique, baby yarns--especially red heart baby clouds, tlc baby, red heart soft baby. I do a lot with chunky yarns, I'd like to try working with thinner yarns, anything I can try filet crochet with.

3-Cross stitch kits, completed or not, I'm trying to make myself start yet another hobby.

4-Crochet books, especially one that you can make stuffed Winnie the Pooh and friends--it's a hard book to find.  Patterns for something celtic, too, that'd be fun.

5-Interesting jewelry.  I can do hemp, but stuff with wire would be fun.

6-knitted or crocheted socks, booties--my aunt used to make these for me and I've lost all my pairs.

7-beads, glass, funky, especially shaped like food.


My name is Laura and I live in Madison, WI.  I recently graduated with a BS in Animal Science, Equine Emphasis.  I work at a bookstore for the time being as I try and push myself to go to LAW SCHOOL!  (if elle woods can do it, than so can I!)  I primarly crochet, but I can knit too, and sew a little, do minimal jewelry work, and I'm trying to get myself to cross stitch.

I love horses (I have one named Cat, that's her in my profile pic), dogs, cats, reading, writing, crocheting, knitting, music, faeries, tattoos, piercings, fantasy, Harry Potter, SCA, collecting yarn . . . the list goes on.  Really, I'd like to get something fun and unique for my birthday.  That's all :)  I promise to send cool stuff!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: Tanza on January 06, 2007 10:08:11 PM
Hi I am Tanza and I am swap addicted heheheh

I am 33 on Jan 26th which is Australia Day so everyone has the day off on my birthday which I hated as a kid but now I am loving it.I live in sunny west aussie


1.   barrettes (good sturdy ones!)
2.   a diy kit for any of these, stamp making, scultpy
3.   some nice stuff for my mountains of hair, you know barettes or hair ties not really into clips
4.   pendant like this one  (
5.   a notepad in any of these dragons ,fantasy, black or ginger kitty, wolf, dolphin
6.   some alpaca I cant wear wool so would love to try alpaca or you could knit me a nice scarf or hat from it.
7.   anything dragons, there are some ideas of the style I like on my wist
8.   some beading wire the heavier  stuff
some nice glass beads check my colour likes below
9.   crochet hooks in larger sizes would love some with thicker grips
10.   a plushie or amigurimi(sp) there are some ideas on my wist
11.   something inspired by my fav movies, pirates of the carribean( Johny Depp YUM) , the dark crystal ( which I am yet to find on dvd) howls moving castle, LOTR , Harry Potter. - thanks SpookShowBaby
12.   would really love one of these wallets (
13.   these crochet slippers are so cool could you make me a dragon pair or maybe even a wolf? (
14.   I love the cosmic idea of this ring (
15.   I would love a tee shirt or hoodie with a tree of life stenciled onto it, I have several stencils that I really like on my photo bucket account.
16. I love these drawings one love some to frame or even as a note pad (
17.This head dress is so sweet I love it (
18.some hemp yarn or even cotton would be great.
19. some yarn or wool to knit up any colour would be good but please no feather or eyelet stuff would prefer thicker rather than thinner, not sure what you call it in the states but we call it 8 ply here.
20.some roving or anything to spin on my spinning wheel
21. some nice fabric
22. some metallic pencils or texta's long shot I know but you have to try. and maybe some black card or heavy paper to go with it.
23. a surprise

I am mum to 3 kids 2 in highschool .
yes I am crazy.

I sew and embroider, I love to cook and create, I make all my own bath and body products.
I have long hair that is super heavy.

my fav colours are blue and green but I also really like brown tones , forest tones and ocean tones.
I REALLY DISLIKE yellow and oranges and am not a huge fan of pinks either.
I like tye dye and batik.
I love dragons, wolves , raven, kitties, dolphins , fawns any animal really execpt monkeys( huge dislike of them)
here are some links to the type of dragons I like ( ( (

I dislike retro or girly stuff
I am easy to please

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: yarncookie on January 07, 2007 03:08:10 PM
Hello Everyone!
I am Sasha, born on the 11th (the same day as javastain!)and happy bday to everyone else in January.

My list:
1. unique yarn

2. I love what people have been doing w/ felt (pincushions, donuts, accesories, etc)

3. a stenciled hoodie, maybe tree of life(stolen from tanza)

4. A vintage carnival themed hoodie

5. beads

6. a San Fran stenciled (or something else) tote bag to carry around knitting

7. an accesory with asian dragons

8. something chopsticks themed

9. vintage buttons/sewing notions(The strikethrough thins isn't working but THANKS LEMONYEYE)

10. amigurumi

11. homeade lip balm or soap

12. ATC's (check likes + dislikes for themes)

13. surprise me!

I live in sunny North Florida. My favorite colors are blue and greens(both of which go great with black), but I STRONGLY dislike pink (except dark, like fushcia). I want to go to design school in SF, I sew alot and am a beginning knitter.I like most things vintage, except for when they're icky poylester. I like cheesy commercials (watching TV right now)  ;D I am involved in theater and tech, and I also watch Lost all the time. Good ideas for stencils are celtic knots, dragons, and tickets like these (goes along w/ the carnival theme) ( Oh, and as for scents in soap/lip balm, I really like mint and other natural scents (sandalwood, lavendar,etc) Hopefully that's enough info about me (wow never knew I could write a whole pragraph on my pickiness  ;) )

edited twice b/c the link was broken, then not broken, then broken.

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: SparkleCookie on January 07, 2007 04:17:00 PM
Happy Birthday everyone!

My name is Sharon and I live near Boston, MA.  My 30th birthday was on the 5th.  (I had a pretty crappy birthday...)
I'm a young adult librarian, student and avid crafter.  My favorite color is purple but I like lots of colors and fun, funky designs.  I love sparkly stuff, my cat (, board games, young adult novels and cheesy movies.  Right now I'm into (try not to laugh) Top Chef, Grey's Anatomy, the L Word, the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld, the Rainbow Boys series by Alex Sanchez, Twillight by Stephenie Meyer and Harry Potter. 

So here's my list.

~* A fun, silk screened t-shirt or hoodie.  (size XL)
~* Something fun for my wall.  I love sea turtles, gerber daisies, palm trees, giraffes, penguins, elephants and the ocean.
~* Fun notecards -- something cool, without my initials or name on them.  :)
~* A huggable plushie
~* A crafty address book, maybe something reconstructed...
~* Hand painted wooden beads
~* A cute work bag -- something that can hold my lunch, a couple of hardcover novels, my wallet and various other work necessities. Something with a YA librarian design twist would be awesome.
~* Unusual soap molds -- I prefer the flexible kind. 
~* Knitted or crocheted wire jewelry -- I'm in awe of people who can crochet with wire! Thanks missamorphosis!
~* Surprise me.

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: groschveux on January 07, 2007 08:19:20 PM
Hello and Happy B-day to all of you born in January!

I'm turning 28 on the 15th of January.
I live in B.C. Canada.

Here's my list:

DIY Kits:

- making your own rubber stamps kit
- A glass fusing kit
- Needle Felting Kit
- Crocheted earring Kit

- Roving
- Handspun yarn
- Handmade rubber stamps
- Size 16 SnapSetter and snaps (
- Assortment of paper and supplies for ATCs / Scrapbooking supplies / ephemera


- Japanese craft books or magazines

- Chloeiscrazy style stencilled shirt (;topicseen#)
Women's Medium Please - must be stretchy as I'm kinda curvy (and long because I have a long torso.

- A few Felted Camellia ( I will be forever grateful!

- Beautiful belts like these (

- Cabled fingerless gloves ( in black

- A handmade book/journal   gala_apples is making me a handmade journal  :D

- A cargo Bag (

- This scarf (

- Stuff from or inspired by my wists! (

- A surprise!!!  3beadgirls is sending me a surprise!

OK, here's a little bit of info about me:
I'm a stay-at-home mom/fruit and veggie farmer. I live with my husband, 2 daughters, age 7 and 4 and our pup named Hazel. My first language is French.
I like brown, olive, avocado, deep reds, teal, turquoise, pinks.
Nature, birds, cute creatures/animals, skulls, Sailor Jerry style tattos (especially swallows) are the kind of themes that I like. I love corduroy and printed cotton fabrics.


Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: javastain on January 09, 2007 03:44:40 PM
Hey you all, I just wanted to tell you that a few weeks ago we had a really bad wind storm up here, and I was without power for an entire week (I do NOT live in the boonies either! I live just north of Seattle!), anyway, reports are that we have another storm coming in, and I just wanted you all to know that if I seem to disappear, I am not ignoring you!!! I have a generator, but I can not guarantee the internet service will stay up! The lovely devilninny has my personal contact info in case of an emergency! Should someone want to pick someone else or what have you, go ahead and assume it is OK, and PM that person for their info if you don't hear right back from me. I am rarely away from craftster for a whole day!!! (check for me first of course!)
:) java

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: lemon_yeye on January 10, 2007 07:27:36 AM
Happy birthday to all of you!

Here is my wishlist:

1- Crafty magazines from USA (like Craft, a cool knnitting magazine...). I really like your magazines, they are so cool and modern.

2- A big bag. I love to have with me all my things when I go out. One bag like this would be great:
or like this:

3- A stenciled T-shirt. I wear european M size.

4- Something from trift store revamped (it can be a bag :) )

5- Some yarn

6- Knitting/crochet books.

7- Surprise me! Thank you so much artsiefartsie!! :)

Well, my name is Carla and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I'll be 18 in the 16th. I'm a second year technology student and next year I'll go to the university to study for be an engineer. My favourite color is green, but i also love brown and purple. I love to make crafty things, I can sew (I have a sewing machine), knit and I also can crochet. I love retro and vintage things and I dislike flowers fabric, pastel colors and dolphins. My favourite film is Grease and i really love music like rock (Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin...) and folk music. This is my first swap :) and I hope all is ok.

Be happy.

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: gatheredthreads on January 11, 2007 12:01:56 PM
Happy Birthday everyone  ;D  I turn 35 on Jan 26th.

I am in Ontario, Canada.

My wishlist:

crocheted/knitted corals/anenomes/other reef creatures (I am trying to build a crocheted coral reef around the base of my aquarium).  Look here for ideas

tote bag, any style whatsoever, as long as it's roomy; I use them to store ongoing projects!

fibers other than wool for spinning (soy, angora, etc)

handspun yarn

recycled sari yarn or any other very unique yarn

set of mini beaded icicles: I have a crochet christmas tree, maybe 16 inches tall, that I want to put beaded icicles on (they don't need to be white, but light colours/irridescent/translucent would be good, and 1.5 - 2 inches tall each).  I had planned on making them myself, but I have been having eye trouble and can't focus for long on small beads

fused glass pendant (I like ones that are kinda arty, or have a picture in them: )

fabrics from around the world (kimono silks, african dyes & batiks, etc)

very sheer, see-through fabrics for layering on wallhangings - nets, tulles, scrims, gauzes, etc.

varied weights & types of stabilizers for machine embroidery (cut-away, tear-away, heat-away, wash-away) -- I want to play!

fabrics (fat quarters or small pieces, can be as small as 4" square or 6" square, small prints for quilts, or unique textures - I mostly make textile art wallhangings)

setacolor xpandaprint

back issues of Quilting Arts magazine (I have issues 21,22,23)

shiva paintstiks

a surprise!

About me: I am 34, soon to be 35.  I have a hubby, 3 year old daughter, dog, cat, lovebird, fish.  I work at home as a programmer.  The free time I get is mostly spent sewing, creating wallhanging art quilts, and knitting/crocheting.

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: 3beadgirls on January 14, 2007 11:29:12 PM
Hi fellow January babies and Everyone!!!


My name is Fanny.  My birthday is on 1/25. 

I'm a assistant by day and college student by night.  I love doodling and crafting.  It helps keep me grounded/sane/happy.

I enjoy beading, making stuffies, making cards, and drawing.  But I would like to branch out and try other crafts.  I do not have all the supplies I need to try all of them so...  I would love some supplies for crafting!   :D

*Here is my wish list for supplies:
Jewelry making : beads, filigree, charms, copper findings, pendants, vintage glass buttons, wire (steel, sterling, copper)

Crochet : crochet hook, patterns

Knit : knitting needles, yarn, patterns

Decopauge : modge podge, images (travel, japanese, cute)

Paper crafts : paper cutter, exacto knife, rubber stamps, stickers, ink, embossing tool, embossing powder

Bags & coin purses : fabric, felt, ribbon, zippers, buttons, purse handle, embroidery needle, embroidery thread,

*Here is my wish list for crafty items:
a lacey knit scarf or scarflet

a capelet with a vintage button closure

fabric covered buttons

kanzashi for my hair

a tote bag with a stencil of a fleur de lis

a stenciled tee shirt with hello kitty  (I wear a size XL in Women's.)

a nest ring

an owl stuffie made of kimono fabric

a whimsical handmade journal with mixed papers

a suncatcher

a reversable glass slide pendant

felt sushi, cakes, or food

fimo food charm bracelet

a hat with ears

a retro frilly apron  **Received from groschveux - Thank you!!!**   ;D

a surprise  **Received from groschveux - Thank you!!!**   ;D

Or anything found on my wists or inspired by it...   :D (


Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: NELLYSAM on January 16, 2007 01:52:17 PM
Hi, I'm Nelly and it was my 21st and two anniversaries birthday yesterday (aka 23 but that's a bit to close to being grown up for me!)
I'm in my final year at uni doing a literature/creative writing degree and I live in Cardiff, Wales (uk) with my boyfriend and our ancient but rambunctious hamster.

I have a list of swap favourites/allergies/likes and dislikes on my blog here

-> (

And my wist is (

1. I would love some of the things i cant get over here easily like shrink plastic (shrinky-dinks) and freezer paper.

2.A case for my ninteno light (its pink!) maybe something pink and nintendo inspired?

3. Anything with japanese cherry blossom on it, especially jewelry or clothing.

4.Something comic book inspired for my batman and teen titans bathroom (no superman pweeease)

5. Leftover interesting materials for random sewing projects.

6. A girl never can have too many bags of all shapes and sizes.

7.Resin moulds of any shape and size.

8.Altered band tees (anything alternative) Size medium.

9. A hat with ears like the ones on my wist.

10.Ipod nano case

11.Beads for melting asi'd like to try it but im not sure which work.

12.Sushi/japanese pot holders.

13.Anything cupcake/sushi/ninja inspired

14.Some wire wrapped jewelry...i love the look of the fried marbles ones.

15.A stenciled hoodie/t-shirt (maybe tattoo/banksy graffiti or geek themed)

16.I love belt buckles maybe one made out of a cassette tape or something ese equally "retro/cool"

17.A surprise.

Thank you for reading and HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone! :-*


Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! Sign ups NOW-Jan 20TH*
Post by: Aztma on January 17, 2007 09:47:17 AM
Hello, my name is Tonya and I am new to posting on this board.  I have been lurking for awhile and I just love it.  I always get inspired by all the creative ideas I find here.  Anyways, my birthday is January 26th.  I live in the USA.  Okay here goes my list:

1.   pin cushion
2.   beads for melting (I am dying to try this craft)
3.   any kind of beads (seed, glass, shapes, etc)
4.   fabric
5.   knitted socks
6.   anything teeny tiny (I love miniature stuff)
7.   something made from mosaic tiles
8.   video ipod cozy
9.   travel craft kit ( I travel for my job and miss crafting)
10.   knitting needles (gonna learn)
11.   wire wrapped cracked marble pendent
12.   bathroom wall decoration (color is dark blue)
13.   anything to get me organized
14.   surprise

I work for the Forest Service as a Fire Dispatcher so I travel a lot in the summer and I am gone for long periods of time.  I recently started quilting by hand because it was something I could take with me when I travel.  I have two boys (19 and 7), a wonderful hubby and 3 dogs.  My fav color was purple but since getting into crafting I am expanding to more vibrant color combos.  This is my first SWAP so please be patient with me, I may have questions.  Thanks for letting me  join.

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! crafting until Jan 31 BUT Sign ups closed
Post by: chrissiemags on January 22, 2007 09:07:23 PM
oh poo  :'(  I wish I had seen this earlier (I'm a January baby too) and would have liked to join in this one...maybe next year! 

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Everyone, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! crafting until Jan 31 BUT Sign ups closed
Post by: javastain on January 30, 2007 03:50:31 PM
OK gals.. Sorry the front page updates have been slow, I have run out of characters so I have been trying to come up with a new system to indicate what packages are where and who still owes thank you's an aaahhhh! I bet you all think I need medication!!!
ANyway, I am trying to figure out how I can eliminate some of the verbiage in the first post so you all can watch the package tracking... OH! I just had an idea, what if I placed the Thank you list on the gallery thread!?!? Ok, I will work on that!!! Yup, I need medicating....  ;D

Title: Re: January Birthday Swap! closed ~Happy Birthday!
Post by: javastain on February 01, 2007 10:23:27 PM
Alright, I have moved the thank you list to the gallery thread, I have changed the color coding on the 'who,whom' list... all items green are confirmed received, all other items are either in transit or unconfirmed... please PM me if you have something different in your notes!!!

Lovely swap everyone! Happy birthday!!!