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Title: Janome RX18S
Post by: megankhines on December 10, 2006 07:11:18 AM
I'm a complete novice looking to purchase a sewing machine.  After spending some time at Sears, WalMart, and other retail stores, I found a local sewing shop which is selling some older (I think) machines but that are brand new and in great shape, all original packaging, books, case, etc.  I'd rather buy from this guy over WalMart...

One of these machines is the Janome RX18S.  He's asking 250 for it, is that a good deal?  I've been searching high and low on eBay and elsewhere on the web and can't really figure out, how old it is, if I could get extra stuff for it..  I'm a bit confused.  It does have with it original warranty information, so I'm assuming it would still be under warranty if I bought it and sent that info in.

How concerned should I be that I can't find much info on this machine?  Even the year it was first/last made? 

From posts on some forums, I can tell it was around in late 2003, early 2004.  The one eBay listing with this model lists it at 389 (Buy it Now) with the original retail price around 700. 

Can anyone let me know if I'd be making a bad choice?  My concern is that 3 years ago this machine was great, but now it's just average and I could spend 250 on a different machine with more functionality.. etc. 

Thanks to anyone who has a few opinions to share!!!