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Title: How Do You Know When?
Post by: booglass on September 15, 2004 01:26:45 PM
I have a new website built and ready to go but am suffering a crisis of confidence.  My last venture turned out to be agreat tax write off (not what I was looking for).  I took it down shortly after I joined craftster. 

Sometimes think I should put up some products and just go for it.  And other times I feel like I should just keep working towards perfection. 

How do you know when you are ready?  Thanks.   


Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: CallMeAnne on September 15, 2004 05:19:09 PM
I know exactly how you feel... unfortunately I do not have the answer.  I would love to hear what some of the other crafters have for advice....

Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: Lindsayanne on September 15, 2004 06:31:09 PM

Ready, schmeady. Just do it on the cheap and take the chance. If this one fails you'll start a new one and something eventually will work!

I started my business with a sewing machine and $200 cash. I had two products and about 10 pages on my site. I didn't buy stuff until I had enough money in my business account to pay for it- I still operate that way financially.

What do you feel needs improvement? Products? Web Design? What are your biggest fears? Maybe this info will help other craftsters know how to encourage and advise you.

Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: birdinaskirt on September 16, 2004 03:08:08 PM
you should just do it... i've been fiddling with my site and making stuff all year.  my boyfriend finally forced me to pick a launch date.  so i selected sept. 25th.  then the other day, i asked myself what i was waiting for.  so on a whim, i launched my site yesterday, sept. 15th!

sometimes you just have to take the plunge.  i totally know how you feel because i'm the kind of person who could tweak and perfect till the cows come home.  i'm beginning to learn that nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect. 

best of luck to you!


Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: vitamin on September 19, 2004 07:00:37 PM
what birdinaskirt said is really good advice. picking a launch date is a good way to put a cap on it and just go for it.

i am finally ready, my launch date is oct. 31. i have been going over my designs again and again...and finally i put it all together and just showed it to everyone i could think of. that helped me narrow it down and choose what to launch for my first season. getting feedback from everyone imaginable (well...everyone that would potentially buy your stuff) is so helpful. it also boosted my confidence about setting forth because i chose to go with the designs that were the most popular, so i'm not stabbing blindly with the first season.

also, it helps to have a plan. ask youself questions like, what do you see yourself doing with your line? what are your immediate goals, and long term goals? what is your rough timeline for those goals? just sitting down for a day and writing it all out really helped me. now i have a checklist and i just go through and meet my self imposed deadlines and check off the days until launch!

good luck!

Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: booglass on September 20, 2004 10:58:36 AM
Thanks for the advice.  It has really helped me.  I think I have been pretty unfocused.  I know that I want to have an outlet to sell my wares but have thought little beyond that.  Thanks.

Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: noelle on January 12, 2005 02:36:29 PM
i have the same problem.

i've dabbled in fantasies of owning my own business since i was little.
now i'm considering it legitimately, as a part-time pay-off to a nearly full-time hobby!

it's very encouraging when i give friends gifts, and they can't believe i actually made them myself.
BUT, there are so many talented people out there. and so many are learning to market their products on the web.

it's hard to imagine that anything i put up wouldn't be
a) lost in the shuffle
or b) just plain superfluous!


Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: booglass on January 18, 2005 10:55:30 PM
Geez, my ony thought is why are you rading my mind!!!  I think what we both need is a good dose of false bravado and a pair....if you know what I mean!

Title: Re: How Do You Know When?
Post by: beadgirl on January 22, 2005 02:24:18 AM
Booglass I just looked at your site and I LOVE it!   :D