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Title: 3 new tshirts
Post by: Dorkabrain on August 31, 2004 09:34:05 PM
ok so, I bought a whole bunch of tshirts from Walmart and a local flea market and here are some of the results thus far:
This first one, I cut off the sleeves and sewed them back on to make them puffy, I also drew my own design, cut it out and used it as a stencil on the shirt. Cut little holes in the side of the shirt to sew a ribbon on each side that go round and tie up in a bow at a back. I thought it was a nice touch, plus it tighten's the shirt a little. The last thing was to sew little bits of ribbon onto the picture of the girls hair to add texture  and match the ribbon on the back.

The second is alot less detailed. An already made stencil of hearts and ribs that I altered a little. Plus binding up the back with red stitching by pulling a bump kind of thing in the middle and hand sewing over it to look a little spine-ish.

The last has just painted on blocks of colour with a stencilled silhouette, and then a faux lace up at the back made with ribbon and safety pins.

Title: Re: 3 new tshirts
Post by: CallMeAnne on August 31, 2004 10:01:01 PM
I love the safety pin/lacing idea.  Reminds me of corset piercings.

Title: Re: 3 new tshirts
Post by: sheriffkarli on September 01, 2004 06:28:54 PM
i love the ribcage/heart shirt. its adorable!