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Title: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: hot-tub on August 27, 2004 01:07:27 AM
Does anyone know of any good thrift stores in any cities around Vancouver? (Coquitlam, New West... anywhere, really...) I just moved out here from the praries where there were too many good thrift stores and I really miss digging through old junk to find treasures! I find that here I just dig through old junk and go home empty handed! I have access to a car, so I can go where ever. I'm in Vancouver now and I feel like I've really explored all the thift stores around and most are miserable at best.

Spill those beans! Please.... I'm having a terrible time finding stores myself..

Title: Re: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: teri on August 27, 2004 04:20:30 AM
I worked in this great little store in Vancouver a few summers ago...its just outside of Richmond in Steveston...a small little fishing village...its called The Steveston General Store they don't sell clothing but they have really great stuff (as well as a lot of junk) coming in all the was an awesome spot to work...also there are a few thrift stores/consignment stores close by...not sure of their quality now...but the General Store is definetly worth checking out....its very old and rustic....tell them teRi says hi if you decide to check it living on the east coast now =(

Title: Re: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: SugarandCandy on August 28, 2004 09:29:15 AM
It's tough in a new area, I know.  I came from Ottawa where I knew all the best places to thrift shop so it's taken awhile to suss out all the ones around here.  The person who posted before me mentioned Steveston which is a good place - there are at least 2 thrift stores there that I can think of.  I also know that the Salvation Army at 68th and Granville almost always has great finds for some reason ( that's in Vancouver, sorry!  But it would be worth checking out.)  Also, go down to gastown and that area, there are lots of great used/thrift places down there.  Hope this helps! :-\

Title: Re: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: corin on September 03, 2004 08:34:23 PM
hey, i dont know how old this topic is , but anyways i live in coq and i checked out some thrift stores today actually

theres one in port moody (not to far, if you know where that is) its on the main street there (sorry i 4get the name) its really cheap tho and often they have "sales" (yes in a thrift store) where the fabrics are on for half off (i got soo much for 11$ one time it was great)
theres also like value village on kingsway(burnaby) and another near lougheed mall
theres a nifty lil one in portcoquitlam on shaugnessy (sp?) its a lil more expensive but it usually has some good things...
cant think of anything else right now, hope this was a big help!

Title: Re: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: kimbarley on September 14, 2004 01:03:14 AM
go to value village, it always has tons of stuff. or if you don't mind going to downtown van try true value vintage, it has some pretty neat stuff although its a bit expensive. salvation army is always good to. plus there is a few good thift stores in downtown poco, someone mentioned one already. yeah one of them is a bit expensive but it does have cool stuff.
good luck in your searching!!  ;D

Title: Re: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: textrix on September 15, 2004 06:33:08 PM
There's been a bunch of great suggestions already, but this may be worth checkin out too. .  They host the 'Secondhand Safari' which is a bus tour, complete with shopping time (yay!), of secondhand shops around town.  Also, my sister, the queen of finding everything for under $3, swears by the Wildlife Rescue Thrift store at Granville and Drake downtown.  For outside the city limits, I've had a blast at the Value Village in Clearbrook (past Chilliwack).
Good  Luck Thriftin' !!

Title: Re: Thrift stores around Vancouver (but not in it!)
Post by: craftydame on May 14, 2005 03:15:24 AM
being from the prairies, you're probably used to MCC and such, right? i always bond with everyone i meet who's from manitoba or saskatchewan about MCC....

there's an MCC in vancouver at 43rd and fraser, one in surrey on king george between 104th and 108th (across from value village), and one in abbotsford. i like the one in abbotsford best, but i only go about once a year, cause i hate abbotsford with a passion and highway #1 even more! i know of a couple others in abbotsford, but i don't remember names or addresses, just how to get there from certain areas of town.

in ladner, there's the hospital auxilary shop, and it's probably the cheapest thrift store i've ever found in the lower mainland, but it's pretty hit and miss. in tsawwassen there's the hospice cottage, which is getting more and more expensive as the volunteers get bitchier, but i can still find some good stuff.

also in surrey there's a really messy and dirty thrift store on 104th between whalley and guilford, something about battered women, but i can't remember the name. i've found some stuff there before, but it's filthy, so be prepared to wash everythin very thoroughly! and there's a bunch of stores around 72nd and king george, one of them's a hospital one. and there's a union gospel mission shop at 108th and king george, but it can be pricier than some.

and there used to be a really tiny one across the street from value village in maple ridge that was great, i haven't been to it in years, so i don't know if it's still there. but i bought a complete tux there for $5!

a lot of the other suggestions given have been good, but generally more expensive than a real thrift store. if you're looking for vintage, there's a ton in vancouver, not much outside of it. main street has a ton of vintage shops.

and i know this thread is really old, but maybe this will still help.