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Title: a [small] cute gift for someone i love
Post by: dance_dance on August 20, 2006 04:57:48 PM
okay, so my boyfriend left for about a month, and he'll be back in 20 days. i want to make him something AMAZING to let him know that i missed him, but i want it to be kind of small (because he can't think that i'm TOO eccentric. lol)

anywho, he's kind of conceited, he wears makeup (yay! i didn't even have to beg him. lol) he LOVES villie valo. he's kind of tall, a tad bit intimidating if you don't know him. uh...he's pretty into music. he wears a lot of black. he's a self proclaimed punker (which i think is simply adorable.)

yes, so i have about 20 days to do this. it sounds like a long time, but i only have a week left of summer and then it's back to school. so i kind of really have like 10 days, and then a couple of nights.

i've never made him anything before, but i told him what i was making him for valentine's day (a '10 reasons i love you' book)

i'm alright at sewing, but some things just don't work. suggestions would be AWESOME. so....thanks ^_^
<3 suzy.

Title: Re: a [small] cute gift for someone i love
Post by: tardmuffin on August 25, 2006 11:02:49 AM
Manly-man make-up bag?
It'd be simple enough, and you could carry the punk thing over, plus that way he can always use it for something else if it tickles his fancy
And it's pretty fast to bang out the bag, then you can decorate as you have time.
And if you're like me, you can make the inside super mushy, so he has his tough bag with a touch of your senitment in the missing deparment.
Or a pillow? easy too, same concept, masculine, but you can add alot of personality.
I just made my boyfriend one out of a band tee so the fronts all punk, but theres a pink heart and his nickname for me on the back

Title: Re: a [small] cute gift for someone i love
Post by: Weemac on August 27, 2006 05:16:48 AM
ah a HIM fan ;D i'm a big fan myself.

as stated, maybe a makeup bag with the heartagram on it or something. or a journal with some HIM lyrics on it, i can tell you the names of some songs if you want to use the idea and your stuck

Title: Re: a [small] cute gift for someone i love
Post by: heavens_devil on August 27, 2006 01:36:33 PM
My friend is HIM mad and goes bonkers for anything with the heartagram on it...mind she also goes bonkers for anything lime green....she a tad weird :D
...o ass, I had a page of writing but instead of highlighting it I deleted it all...bugger!!!!
*tries again*
As I put before, maybe buy a plain black bag and decorate it, I got a bag for my friend and put badges on and she loved it. In the bag you could put other presents like the makeup bag thing, poster etc. you can also buy studs and spikes to add yourself (from goth shops).
The goths/emos/punks/indie folk around here like to wear ties and I hear they're fairly easy to make just abit fiddly I imagine.
I should turn the Leeds festival off, it's making me jelous and depressed lol!
Anywho! Wallets are easy to make too, you could put a photo of you both or yourself in it, so he can never escape your gaze! muahahhaa.