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Title: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 02, 2006 03:44:47 PM

NEW RULE:  Newbies will not get credit or feedback on this swap unless they craft for their fellow August Babies!!!  You can put up you list if approved, but it will not count as a completed swap...


Swap name: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: alwaysinmyroom--I AM NOT AN AUGUST BABY (organizers change every month)
Sign-up date range: 8/01/06-8/31/06
Date to send item by: 2 weeks after you claim someone unless other arrangements are made ahead of time
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): no!
Non-U.S. participants allowed? yes!
All ages allowed? Or 18+? all ages!
Organizer meets the 4 conditions for swapping and will make sure that every participant meets these conditions: YES

Details of swap:  This swap was organized so everyone can get something crafty for their birthday!  Please read the guidelines carefully.

    * If your birthday is in August, then you can post your wishlist for this month. To do that, you must first PM me with the Swap questionnaire filled out.
    * Once I PM you and let you know you have been approved, you may post your list of things that you would want to receive.  The more you think of, the better.   The last wish you will post is "a surprise."  Then you will post a bio about yourself, including where you are from and what your birthday is.
    * Please post lists only.  No discussion on this thread please.
    * Everyone will then go through the lists and choose a craftster they want to send a birthday gift to.  Your birthday does not have to be in July for you to craft for someone.   If you want to choose someone, just PM me with your info (including your address, please), who you want to craft for,what item, and I will send you their address.
    * If you chose to craft for someone, you have 2 weeks to get the item out the door unless you communicate in advance that something will take a bit longer.  If two weeks pass, and I don't hear anything from you…you guessed it, negative feedback!
    * Each person can be chosen unlimited times!  HERE'S THE CATCH- if you get chosen, you must send the person who crafted for you a thank you note in the mail.  You will get negative feedback if you do not send a thank you note (it can be a postcard even).  I think this is a fair trade for all the crafty goodness you'll be getting!
    * It is super important for everyone to keep good communication.  When you send, let me know, and of course, don't forget the DC#.  When you receive, let me know and publicly announce in the gallery (even if you don't have pictures).  Also, let me know when you send off your thank you note (no DC# required, you're on your honor!).
    * You can choose to craft for as many people as you like, but you cannot "owe" more than 3 things.  If you are a newbie and this is your first swap, you must successfully send once before choosing again.
    * Some people absolutely cannot send to people overseas for any number of reasons.  Please state at the beginning where you are so that we can respect this valid concern.
    *When one of your items is chosen, please cross it out so that it is easier for others to see that you have been chosen and what has been chosen.  It wouldn't hurt to thank the person at this time either.

Original idea thread and discussion located here
If you have any more questions or suggestions, you can post on the link above, or send me a PM with "August 2006 Birthday Swap " in the subject line.

If you want to POST A LIST (YOUR B'DAY IS IN AUGUST), information to send to organizer:

Name of swap- August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
Craftster username
Email address
Your real name
Mailing address
Your Birthday

If you want to SEND TO A CRAFTSTER BIRTHDAY, information to send to organizer:

If you are already an August birthday baby, you do not need to send me this info below again.  Just send me who you want to craft for.

Name of swap- August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
Craftster username
Email address
Your real name
Mailing address
Who and what do you want to send to?


Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.


Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 02, 2006 03:45:42 PM
                      AUGUST BIRTHDAY BABIES - in alphabetical order this month!!!

                      aura_reincarnation                   NEWBIE
                      danderson                                Aug 09
                      oops creations                      
                      pixelpusher                                   NEWBIE
                      susanab                                  NEWBIE
                      summerthyme                           Aug 08

                      captainriley                               NEGATIVE--no communication
                      craftymammy                         NEGATIVE NEWBIE

                      Non August Craftsters<----------WE LOVE YOU FOR CRAFTING FOR AN AUGUST BABY!!
                      ctgirl           Positive
                      danfreek22   Positive
                      inle_rah    Positive
                      jesintexas  Positive
                      moonlightbliss33   Positive
                      peariso     Positive
                      shewilldieyoung.   Positive  
                      subdefective  Positive
                      dulcinea --thanks for stepping in the last minute!! Positive

                      Who is crafting for whom:

                      green=FLAKER with no communication

                      • craftymammy(angel) is sending pixelpusher something for the wee one--


                      • danfreek22 is sending summerthyme a monster bag----thank you card needed
                      • susanab is sending sonjaboo a funky headband and cuff----thank you card needed
                      • laughinglark is making a special necklace for hiptobeme----thank you card needed
                      • summerthyme is sending esmerelda a non-knitted wrist cuff----thank you card needed
                      • cookies is sending aura_reincarnation some cardstock--thank you card needed
                      • flying_babyb is sending veganxwater a mixed cd----thank you card SENT
                      • avril222 is sending frogz something sciency--thank you card SENT
                      • esmeralda is sending ironic fingerless gloves----SENT]
                      • jesintexas is sending captainriley a needle roll--SENT/DCN shows RECEIVED--need communication from CAPTAINRILEY
                      • marmalade bombs is sending joolz some recipes and specialty wrapping paper
                      ESMERELDA IS ANGELING!!! THANKS!! thank you card RECEIVED
                      • alwaysinmyroom is sending craftymammy various supplies on her list--thank you card needed
                      • ctgirl is sending danderson a baby quilt--thank you card needed
                      • danderson is sending pixelpusher some baby stuff--thank you card SENT
                      • hiptobeme is making a crochet amiigurumi surprise for sonjaboo -send out to be announced
                      dulcinea is angeling for sonjaboo!! thank you card needed
                      • marmalade bombs is sending gougeaway a mixed cd
                      Thanks jesintexas for angeling! SENT
                        • kristyguna is sending laughinglark some fabric----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • gougeaway is sending k8kre8 something from her wist----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • sonjaboo is sending gougeaway some sweeties and altered books stuff----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • sonjaboo is sending laughinglark some kanzashi pins and maybe other stuff----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • kristyguna is sending veganxwater an alternacraft book----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • shewilldieyoung. is sending gougeaway some music and other goodies----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • veganxwater is sending gougeaway some ATC's----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • avril222 is sending susanab a gothy look plushie----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • k8kre8 is sending gougeaway a surprise----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • kristyguna is sending a surprise k8kre8s----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • gougeaway is sending slygrimalkin a surprise----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • avril222 is sending summerthyme a learn to knit kit----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • veganxwater is sending frogz some vegetarian recipes--thank you card RECEIVED
                        • alwaysinmyroom is sending flying_babyb a surprise--thank you card RECEIVED
                        • cookies is sending theworldfamous earrings----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • subdefective is sending kristyguna some crafty jewelry made from electronic parts!!--thank you card RECEIVED
                        • frogz is sending a sewing guide to oops creations----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • peariso is sending k8kre8s an easy dress!!WOW!----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • inle_rah is sending avril222 a felt starter kit----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • peariso is sending dandersona crochet hook roll----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • jesintexas is sending cookies a gift of time spent printing out instructions of things that cookies wants to craft someday----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • aura_reincarnation/alwaysinmyroom subbing is sending curlygirl51 a surprise--RECEIVED
                        • theworldfamous is sending almostascone fingerless armwarmers--thank you card RECEIVED
                        • jesintexas is sending almostascone something from her wist--thank you card RECEIVED
                        • pixelpusher is sending oops creation a surprise----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • danderson is sending kristyguna some funky stitch markers----thank you card RECEIVED
                        • alwaysinmyroom is sending cookies a coin purse and some embroidery supplies--thank you card RECEIVED
                        • ironic is sending marmalade bombs a surprise--SENT/assumed RECEIVED--she is a flaker and flakers usually don't send thank you's for getting stuff but the rest of us thank you for your effort and hope you will post a pic of what you sent
                        • moonlightbliss33 is sending marmalade bombs a knitted pincushion--SENT-assumed RECEIVED--flaker and flakers usually don't send thank you's for your gift--please post a pic if you have one so the rest of us can appreciate you!
                        • marmalade bombsis sending veganwater a mixed cd
                        Thanks inle_rah for angeling! thank you card RECEIVED
                        • joolz is sending curlygirl51 a surprise (oooo something panda bear themed!!) -- --thank you card RECEIVED


                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 02, 2006 04:06:26 PM
                          IMPORTANT INFORMATION:

                          I will be on vacation from August 4 through August 14.  I will have some internet access but I sure don't want to be here ALL the time, hee hee.  Please sign up quickly so I can approve you before I go--I will check again this weekend but I may not be able to PM everyone with addresses, etc. so please be patient--and let's be sure each August baby gets a special gift!!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: hiptobeme on August 02, 2006 04:54:02 PM
                          Yeah its my birthday!
                          My List:

                           Anything off my wists lists

                           Anything Totoro related, T-shirts (size medium) Hats socks toys anything

                           soft and/or funky yarns for my stash for creating amigurumis with 

                           A cool binder for all my patterns Im constantly collecting with maybe pictures of animals or sealife

                           Supplies for marble magnets such as a 5/8 hole punch, does one exist?, and epoxy glue/silicon glue

                           white roving for my needle felting

                           Beads any size any color ,I especially like wooden ones with designs or shell beads

                           Polymer clay kit so I can try my hand at that

                           A kit to try my hand at T-shirt stenciling

                           Dyes form the Dharma trading company so I can step up my dyeing

                           Topi  from knitty  in cream or green

                          A pair of knitted socks I wear a shoe size 7.5 (american)

                          I could really use a pretty necklace just for me , maybe something with cherryblossoms or partridges I love partridges (not the band/show the bird ) thankyou! laughinglark

                           T-shirts with some kind of stenciling such as an owl , jellyfish, gnome, hedgehog, hermitcrabs , kitties, maybe an image from the movies "8 below" "love actually" "walk the line"

                          Surprise me I looove surprises and on a side note my little niece is turning one on my birthday , which I predicted she would be born that day as soon as I found out my sister was pregnant ;), so any little baby hats/toys surprises would be happily welcomed too

                          Alittle about me  Im 28 soon to be 29 my favorite colors are oceany or fall colors and color combinations like brown/blue and pink/brown Im a huge animal fan and hope to adopt a kitty soon and a trio of hermitcrabs , so crafts for them would be cool too. feel free to PM me and asks for specifics Im almost always near the PC
                           Thankyou to anyone who sends me something at my age most people dont even bother with a card anymore :-\

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: Avril222 on August 02, 2006 05:55:01 PM
                          My wish list

                          Honestly, the one thing that I am beyond obsessed with is the “quickie dress that anyone can make”…I do not sew well and my measurements for this dress are: waistband of 34” and 4” wide, the straps should be like 96” long and 8” wide.

                          Some carded wool so that I can make felt beads like here:
                          Or some cool felt beads

                          A felt starter kit?   That would be awesome…  thanks inle_rah!!!!

                          A food related reconned (sp?) tin a la
                          Or anything that is neat

                          Um, a tutu…I always want to wear a tutu

                          A microscope slide necklace kit with some slides and copper/silver foil

                          Some shrinky dink paper so that I can make my own shrinky dinks

                          A satin mini top hat like this

                          this monster shoe needs to be on my big 8.5 US size feet

                          I don’t know a cool necklace or a bracelet

                          Ooo, maybe some flower earrings?

                          a surprise made by you

                          so me: i live in somerville mass. by way of buffalo, ny. I am 24 about 25, i am a special ed teacher and i just got a rufus, a boxer puppy, and turtle, my 3 year old bearded dragon, klaus: a baby african pygmy hedgehog, and bill murray: my leopard tortoise...i am obsessed with alllll of my go crazy and thank you in advance!!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: k8kre8s on August 02, 2006 05:59:20 PM
                          well, shucks, thanks to anyone who picks me  ;D  seeing as practically everyone i know will be out of town for my birthday (y'all know what i'm talking about).

                          i'll be 28 on august 11th  :P

                          my list:

                          1. handspun chunky yarn (oh, pretty please!)

                          2. an embroidered tank top (size sm.) with one of my favorite designs on it-- see below.
                          3. this ADORABLE amigurumi bunny, in light blue or brown.
                          4. knit leg warmers (maybe with tiny cables?) in tan, olive or chocolate. i kind of have scrawny chicken legs.

                          5. any kind/colour of wool batt, roving or other raw fibers for spinning (i'm taking classes in the fall & want to build up some supplies)

                          6. a bolero like this in green, purple, brown, or tan;topicseen#msg902872

                          7. circular vest like this

                          8. an outlaw skirt made out of denim or tiny cord.

                          9. a flipside style hat with a little front bill (i have a big head tho' so pm me for measurements)

                          10. big wish: a pretty long sleeved sweater like this in a single colour

                          11. vinyl fabric (the solid coloured plasticy stuff on one side, fabric inside) in pink, turquoise, grass green, or sparkled colours

                          12. umm... anyone want to make me the famous "dress anyone can make" rostitchery dress?
                 preferably in a nice green, blue, or chocolate brown.
                          umm... there is a goddess out there named peariso. thankyou!

                          13. a Nestlace (wire bird nest necklace) like this, but a little smaller

                          14. this scarf/shrug combo is VERY cute!

                          15. sweater boots, size  7½ in brown, green, blue, or turquoise. see wists for link.

                          16. little birdie note cards. be creative with fabric, ribbon, papers, stamps, paint, whatever. you can check out my flickr set for ideas:[email protected]/sets/72057594106141328/

                          17. HUGE ohmyGOSh i would love you forever if you made me something like this shrug in green or brown

                          18. something from my wist. (at the bottom down there) please check
                          with me first, cuz some of that stuff has been made. oh the mystery... thank-you GougeAway AND kristyguna

                          or a surprise!

                          "about me"
                          i'm 27 and 7/8ths, a grad student and social worker, and i live in vancouver, canada.  colours i like are greens (esp. limey or olivey), pink, turquoise, most blues, chocolate brown. colour combos i like: light blue or turquoise/chocolate brown, pink/olive green, eggplant purple/olive green, lilac/burgundy. i like brighter stuff and i rarely wear black.  i’m kind of a hippie and like nature themed images like deer, birds, trees, owls, flowers. i also like powerlines, typewriter letters, bmx bikes, airstream campers, and a-frame cabins.  i dig camping, road-tripping, photography, crafting...   please pm me or check out my wist if you need prompting.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: flying_babyb on August 02, 2006 07:15:06 PM
                          We’ve just moved and I’ve got a new room. I can’t paint so I’m trying to beautify my room. I’m going for a Asian theme. I live in Wisconsin. MY birthday is August 30. I will be 22. I work in daycare with school aged children, and preschoolers so I try to keep my room as a personal retret.  ….. Also It might help you to know that my  broadway and Asian room is red, black, and gold and I love bamboo.

                          1.    Old BAND tee (Any size, I will be using them for wall art)
                          2.   Altoid tin (hum, themes you ask?
                          A.   Bosco (third watch)
                          B.   A mikey from third wacth tin (Charlie day)
                          C.   Rent (Roger is my fav, so is angel. Maybe something from the song Glory.
                          D.   Mark Greene (from er)
                          E.   Make me smile tin
                          3.   Those takeout boxes. The cool Chinese ones. It would be really cool if they were black or white with red symbols.
                          4.   A picture frame like this one
                          5.    Angels green Halloween purse from rent
                          6.   wall art
                          7.   another knitted or crocheted mouse
                          8.   A star like this (wow);topicseen
                          9.   A brodway themed goodie?
                          10.   A suprize

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: GougeAway on August 02, 2006 07:33:39 PM
                          Oh, goodness, this is so exciting!

                          A little bit about me: I live in Washington state. I'm going to be 22 on Friday, August 25! Yay! I'm interested in languages of any kind, altered books, video games, and crafting in general.  I'm a quirky book nerd and generally described as a big kid, which suits me just fine might I add.

                          These are a few of my favorite things:
                          Tea; word inspired (dream, wish, curiosity, etc) jewelry; shadow boxes; my wonderful old-school silver charm bracelet; 80's Nintendo(especially Super Mario Bothers); Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland; lucid dreaming; sushi; traveling; Adult Swim; cupcake-inspired crafts; and ANYTHING to do with birds (my favorite animal.) So any crafts associated with these things would tickle me pink!

                          My much debated and obsessed-over wish list:

                          -I can't knit, so anything knitted would be awesome!
                          -I'm recently obsessed with the adorable creatures you craftsters are churning out: amigurumi animals and felted stuffies included.  Some of my favorite animals: BIRDS, deer, octopi, horseshoe crabs, dinosaurs, and pirates.  =)
                          -A rubber stamping or felting kit.
                          -Quirky stationary or notecards
                          -Anything raw-meat related, I don't eat it, but it sure does make me happy! (Look to my WIST if you think I'm crazy on this one!)  =)
                          -Altered book supplies
                          -Candy from my childhood: FunDip, candy buttons, pez, pop rocks, etc.
                            Gracias, sonjaboo!!!
                          -Anything Robot related
                          -ATCs Thanks, veganwater!!  I can't wait!
                          -Cute pillow cases for my new room this fall!
                          -Old art magazines or books
                          -Music you like, and think I will, too!  =) Thanks, marmalade bombs, I feel spoiled~
                          -Anything off of my WIST
                          -And finally a surprise!  I love surprises!
                             Thanks k8kre8!  =)

                          Lurk me:

                          Thanks so much for anyone who crafts for me!  I really appreciate it!

                          *EDIT:  I don't have a digi camera, only a cell-cam, so if you could take a photo before sending, I would be so gracious!  Thanks so much!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: aura_reincarnation on August 02, 2006 07:54:22 PM
                          Hello everyone!My Birthday is on August 17th!I will be 26 years old. :)
                          Happy birthday to all you other August babys! Have a great birthday!  ;D

                          Things I would like to have/get--

                          1.)A needle felt kit!Really all I need is the needles with the tool that you use it with! Thanks to my mom!

                          2.)Any wool yarn that I can dye! I want to try my hand at it!

                          3.)Any knitting supplies other than needles!I have all the needles I need!

                          4.)Tinkerbell/Buddah/Pagan related checkbook cover!

                          5.)any wool roving for felting,handpainted or natural colored!

                          6.)I would LOVE some of the felted bowls from the one skein book!

                          7.)Any handmade soap. I love lavender,rose,jasmine,green appple, and stuff of the like!

                          8.)I know how to knit so anything to help me learn how to crochet would be great!

                          9.)Any crochet hooks or knitting DPN's!(for knitting I already have size 3 and 6 DPN's)

                          10.)Anything you think I might like with tinkerbell on it!(I have a purse and a wallet!)

                          11.)I go knit every thursday so I could really use something to carry my book,folder,notions,yarn and what Im making in!Right now I just have a regular canvas bag from hobby lobby that I painted tinkerbell and the tree of life on.Anything to do with knitting,tinkerbell,Wicca or Geishas (s?) on it would be great!(This bag will be around small children and litlle old knitting ladys so it needs to be friendly to all!)

                          12.)Rubber Stamps!

                          13.)Card stock! I cant wait to get some of this! TY cookie!

                          14.)Hole punchers that make anything but a circle.(Hole needs to be an inch or smaller please!)

                          15.)My new kitty needs a punk type bed! She is orange,long haired and we named her Morgain (More gain).

                          16.)A surprise!Who doesnt love them?!

                          Ok somethings about me!
                          I hate girly colors! If its pink its trash unless its VERY HOT pink with black! I love Black and Red together and alone. I am married,no kids,1 bunny,4 birds,2 hamsters and 14 assorted types of fish! I love animals!I wear earrings but only if there gold.(just so you know not to send me any!) I dont really like purses I carry a wallet.I cant have sweets,im diabetic. :'( Im not a lace and ruffles kind of girl! I like the darker things in life! LOL ;)
                          So thats me in a nut shell.If you need to know anything else please please please pm me! Have a great month! ;D

                          ~UPDATE! I got a kitty yesterday! Look at #15!~

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: Oops Creations on August 03, 2006 07:10:56 AM
                          My 26th birthday is August 3rd, not only am I turning another year older-- I'm even acting more like a grown-up.  Since hurray hurray there are now mortgages to deal with.  Yep I'm moving into "our" first house   :D(although in all reality the Bank owns it).

                          My dear boyfriend has already remarked that unless he "get's all crafty" and makes me something I won't be getting any birthday presents. None at all.  Sniff.   :'(

                          So I'm reaching out to you Craftster community.

                          Here is my official wish list

                          House Stuff

                          1) A "Bed Caddy" This neat thing sticks under the mattress and holds remotes, books, etc., canvas would be fine.
                          I'll have to corral all the remotes in the room to one central location.

                          2) My kitchen will be decorated with a Coca-Cola theme.  My boyfriend collects Coke memorabilia and I've decided to showcase his collection of vintage bottles in the kitchen.  I'd love embroidered tea towels or kitchen towels with red accents. Or surprise me

                          3) test tube bud vases like

                          Just for Me

                          1) I'm finally getting a place to put a sewing machine in my new place and plan on teaching myself to sew.  I'd love a few books or even tutorials on basic sewing.  Materials and Supplies welcome too-- they needn't even be new.  I'd settle for old patterns and fat quarters.
                          Thanks in advance to Frogz for what I'm sure will be a cool sewing tutorial kit.
                          2) Wire cuff bracelets something like this

                          3) the ever famous jordy bag- in blues, florals or a fun vintage print

                          4) A pin or brooch. Fleted flowers, stars or the really cool tape measure rosette .  Link goes to example or or

                          5) Using vintage electronics to make necklaces or bracelets (I already have several earrings)

                          And surprises are welcome, of course. ...

                          About me--- I just moved, from a cramped, old, musty 3rd floor walk up in Cambridge Massachusetts to a split level ranch in an outer suburb of Boston.  Sure the commute is longer but darn it I have a yard and space to spread out my craft stuff.  My dear boyfriend whom I'm living with has promised me 1/2 of a room for craft stuff (the other 1/2 will be his "office").  I'll be unpacking over the next few weeks so something special just for me will brighten my day.  I also enjoy crochet, yoga, scrapbooking, cooking, antiques/vintage, geek-stuff.  I like blues, teals, greens (cool colors-- despite my astrological sign, I really don't like yellows, pinks, oranges or reds)

                          Thanks in advance :) 

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: SonjaBoo on August 03, 2006 07:32:23 AM
                          Happy Birthday fellow Leo Craftsters!   I hope you all have a wonderful day!  (And an extra special happy birthday to all my fellow Mass-holes -- there are a few of us in this swap!  :D Go Sox!)

                          I just want to thank anyone in advance who is able/willing to craft for me!  I really love my birthday and it means so much to be a part of this swap!

                          Here is a list, rather long I know, but I wanted to give variety.  And I would like to say ahead of time that I LOVE surprises or anything that is your specialty to make!  These are just some ideas if you need them!

                          -An amigurumi of any kind!  (However, if you need suggestions, I love black cats (though any cats really), St. Bernards, bees, cute bugs, sea creatures, mushrooms, trees, birds, pandas, elephants, etc.) Thank you hiptobeme!!

                          -Fabric headbands!  I have one but would totally love more in any fun fabrics!  I like to keep my hair out of my face in the summer. Thank you susanab!!

                          -Panta – I have a fabulous brown one that knottydottie made for me, but I would love more

                          -One of those belt pouch thingies that are often seen around Craftster!  My husband and I are doing a lot of walking lately, and it would be so helpful to have something like that to put our keys in, etc.

                          -On a similar note, a fun backpack—again to hold necessities when we are walking/hiking in the woods.  Ideally it could hold two water bottles, our keys, and our camera.

                          -Home made soaps—they don’t have to be fancy!  I would like to make felted soaps for friends/family for Christmas, and ideally would love to have some made by fellow crafters!  (I am without any soap making skills, so this is amazing to me.)

                          -A funky cuff Thank you susanab!!

                          -I love hair stuff—any hair things you can make would be amazing! 

                          -Stationary!  Preferably craft related as I would like to use them in my swap packages

                          -A full apron made from retro-ish fabric – if it had a pocket that would be doubly amazing

                          -Stitch markers

                          -I am going to Hawaii in October and would LOVE anything that I could take with me—a travel bag, a fun purse, anything for the beach, etc.  If it had a Hawaiian feel or retro-Hawaiian motif, that would be amazing!

                          -Art for my dreary cubicle walls—something bright and crazy!

                          -A new wallet – mine has seen better days 

                          -I am a sucker for fabric pouches—if they have a zipper, all the better

                          -Something embroidered!  Doesn’t matter what—I love embroidery and love to have it around my house. 

                          -Crocheted slippers!  I am a size 10 (yes, I am a Sasquatch.  Thankfully not as hairy though.)

                          -An eye pillow with lavender or peppermint scent

                          -A sleeping mask!  If it’s funny, even better

                          -A journal for sketching/journaling on my walks with the hubby

                          -Anything from my wists

                          -A surprise!   Thank you hiptobeme!  I can't wait!!


                          -I would absolutely love a spindle or learn to spin kit.  I know this is kind of a biggie, but it is something I would just love to try!
                          -Bookbinding cloth or supplies
                          -Wool roving for felting
                          -Paper, ephemera, fun doo-dads to play with, game pieces, ribbons, etc.
                          -A beginner’s sewing kit.  I am getting a sewing machine for my birthday and would love any simple patterns or ideas for things I could make! 

                          About me:
                             I am turning 28 on Aug 7th!  Eep!  I am married to a wonderful man named Josh and we love to walk, love animals, Hawaii, and the show “Lost”.  We have a furball named Sonja (thus the SonjaBoo) who is our baby!  I love bright colors, any new crafts that I can become addicted to, animals, nature, the ocean, writing, the Red Sox, Bruins, St. Bernards, flowers, old post cards, Japanese motifs, and am starting to try yoga.  I love anything funny and silly, and have cast my vote for Carl the hamster for President. 

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: frogz on August 03, 2006 08:16:09 AM
                          I’m never participated in a wish swap before, I’m terribly excited.

                          Here’s the list:

                          - sturdy tote for my textbooks (with a shoulder strap so I can ride my bike with it, I like the shape of this one, but it doesn’t need to have the flap or anything:

                          - any hoodie

                          - pillows for my apartment (in chocolate brown and either tan or spring green) I really like this style of pillow:

                          - Leather cuff watch strap (kind of like these ones:

                          - felted bead necklace (in green and blue)

                          - a learn to felt kit of sorts

                          - tofu pincushion (like this one on my wists)  (not received as part of this swap) Thanks to the ottawa knitting guild who gave me the yarn so I could knit one myself (it wasn't quite a birthday gift, but it was still awesome) and thanks to Chloe is crazy who sent me a tofu as part of a different swap

                          - some good healthy recipies for a pseudo vegetarian (I love tofu and other "vegetarian" foods but I still eat fish and chicken)

                          - Rice bowls (since I’m getting a rice cooker from my grandparents :) )

                          - Science plushies thanks to Avril222

                          - Anything science-y (especially brains/psychology and genes/microorganisms because I’m studying neuroscience and microbiology)

                          - Anything off my wists

                          - I love surprises :D

                          Other stuff about me: I’m turning 19 on August 30 and live on the east coast of Canada. I’m moving into an apartment and my room will be decorated in greens and browns. While I’m at university (this is my 2nd year) my only mode of transportation is my bicycle) My favourite colors are blue, green and brown, but I love all colors with the exception of pink (poor pink) I’m a rather small person (5’2”), so tshirts and hoodies and the like are usually sized women’s small. I have a dry sense of humour and love inanimate objects (both with and without faces) and am a sucker for stuffed animals (especially ones of the aforementioned inanimate objects) and pockets. You can check out my website ( or my wists ( to get a better idea.

                          As I said before, I’m very ^(a lot) excited (yes, that’s very to the exponent of a lot) and thank you in advance to everyone.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: susanab on August 03, 2006 09:32:26 AM
                          Hi summer babes! My birthday is August 9. The year...oh, they're all the same!  ;  )

                          Some of the things that I like:

                          --Fabric choker necklace with a cool element on it with tutorial!!

                          --Same as above with as a wristband

                          --offbeat, gothy looking plush; fun creature plush Thanks Avril! ;D

                          --fingerless gloves knit or crocheted in an unexpected maybe metallic color.

                          --Funky fabric purse with an offbeat applique or other extra piece on it. A conversation getter!

                          --Same as above in wallet form

                          --Toy-themed earrings   

                          --Surprise! That would be SWELL!!!

                          Thank you and cheers!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: Strutter on August 03, 2006 09:58:56 AM
                          I'm in Texas, USA
                          (Click on the underline)


                          Baby Blanket - For My Nephew (who will be born in october)
                          Handmade Stationary/Paper.
                          Meat Pillow - For my friend. (
                          Painted Domino(s) (


                          AlternaCrafts ( Thank you kristyguna.
                          D.I.Y. Design it Yourself (


                          Something that is Pinup on my wists. ( Thank you inle_rah.
                          Mix CD/Tape Thank you flying_babyb.

                          About Me: Hello, my name is Heather and my birthday is August 20th. I will turn 15 while all my cool friends turn 16/17  :D. I would like to expand and learn more exciting crafts. I’m a sophmore (in highschool) and in Make a Point club at school - (activist club). I'm taking Chinese at school.

                          Likes: Pinups-Especially 1940's and 1950's, Piercings, Tattoos, Dyed Hair, Music, Non-Veganism/Veganism, Food, Sleep, Stripes, Stars, Pinstripe, Studded Belts, Any Kind of Fashion, Environmental-Friendly, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Gilmore Girls, My Name is Earl, The Office (American), Comedy, Indie Films, Documentaries, Major Films, Craftster  ;D, Laughter, All Colours, Typing, Reading, Zines, etc...

                          Dislikes: Meat, Horror/Scary Movies, Stress, Most of the time School, Hot Tea w/o Sugar, War, Too Much of One Colour-Except Black, Anything to Religious, etc...

                          PM me is you need to more.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: LaughingLark on August 03, 2006 10:10:59 AM
                          Happy Birthday August babies! 

                          I live in Missouri, my name is Kristin, and I'll be 43 on the 19th. I'm also expecting my third child--a boy--so this is an exiting time in my life.  :)

                          Here's the list:

                           1. STENCILED SHIRT- I have always wanted a shirt that says "People tell me that I  have a short attention span, but they just don't underst---Oh look! A kitty!" The best  clothing colors for me are blues, darker shades of green, purple or black. The shirt does not need to be new; I understand that shirts that have been washed a number of times will hold paint better than a brand new one. I would need this to be a size large. Depending on how much bigger my belly gets between now and the  end of Sept, I might not be able to wear it right away, but will love wearing it after Ian is born.

                          2. A PURSE. Jordy, hobo bag, whatever you like to make. It needs to be good-sized because I'm a mom, and always end up carrying lots of stuff (Bandaids, snacks, you name it!) in addition to the regular purse items. Blue, purple and green, or any combination thereof, are my favorite colors. I'm not wild about cartoon characters or Hello Kitty-type stuff (because I'm 43--lol). It cannot be wool, because I'm allergic to it.
                          Other than that, any pretty print in one or more of my favorite colors would be fun---and I would really, really appreciate this!!

                          3.COINPURSE. Something pretty to keep my change in.

                          4. BEADS. Who can ever have enough beads??? Anything that is not plastic.

                          5. FABRIC. Bits of brocades, oriental prints, what have you. Any colors! Neat little scraps I can use to make the items in this book:
                          I have the book, but not enough pretty bits of fabric to try some of these things. I am really starting to get into hand-sewing again. If you have some neat little bits of lovely fabrics leftover from your projects, I'd love to have them, for making Omiyage.  :)
                          Thanks, KristyGuna!!

                          6. SHRINK-ART PLASTIC. I am really wanting to work with this stuff again, and the nearest store that sells it is 60+ miles away. One of the drawbacks of living in a small town. I want to make some of those cute little shrink art pins for pincushions, and some pendants and earrings with it. I would love this!!

                          7. A kanzashi flower pin. Thank you SonjaBoo! I am very excited!  ;D

                          8. FINDINGS. I would love some pretty necklace toggles.

                          9. A surprise!

                          A little more about me--- My favorite color is turquoise; I also love blues, purples and greens, especially teal. I don't care for pastels, yellow, orange, red, or earth tones. They are fine for crafting and stuff, but I don't like to wear them. ;)
                          I like--cats, birds,  dragonflies, butterflies, japanese cherry blossoms, oriental things.
                          I don't like---Disney stuff, or cartoon character themes.

                          Thanks to anyone who picks me!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: esmerelda on August 03, 2006 01:40:50 PM
                          Happy Birthday, August babies!!!

                          I live in London, United Kingdom and it is my birthday on August 6th (Saturday!!)  I am going to be 25 - aaaaargh!  My favourite colours are blues, greens, browns, pinks & purples – I hate orange and yellow with a passion, which is odd because I am a Leo!  My preferred themes are asian cultures, world religions, pirates/nautical/oceanic, dia de los muertos, forest creatures and Billy Wilder movies.  I like opera, folk music, classical and punk (favourites are Puccini, Kate Rusby, Philip Glass and Green Day, respectively) and I tend to read series of books by one author, rather than individual books from varied authors (the Discworld series, the Rumpole books, the Jeeves books, Harry Potter, Narnia, etc.).

                          Here's my list!

                          1.   Amigurumi animals, especially rabbits, frogs, cats and owls
                          2.   Charm bracelets
                          3.   Dangly earrings
                          4.   Non-knitted wrist cuff Thank you so much summerthyme!
                          5.   Diet & exercise journal – although I love my curves, I need to get fit, so one of these would be cool, particularly with motivational quotes.  Please PM me for content requirements
                          6.   Messenger bag with pockets for phone, wallet & knitting bits ‘n’ bobs, enough space for WIPs and 35cm needles, and a key leash/pocket (as I am tired of having to ferret around in the bottom of my tote bags for my keys!)
                          7.   Cool wooden/bamboo knitting needles – fimo ends, painted, engraved, whatever.  Sizes from 2.5mm to 6.5mm
                          8. Ganesh shrine - we have a little Ganesh figurine from India (about 2inches square) and I think he needs a little house.

                          Craft supplies:
                          1.   Sharpies!
                          2.   Wool tops/roving
                          3.   Yarn – lots and lots of lovely yarn! 
                          4.   Quilting fabric – please see my wists ( )for ideas of fabrics I love.  I would particularly like blues, greens, pinks and creams for a quilt I intend to make one of these days.
                          5.   How to wet felt beaded necklace kit – these are awesome and I love the ones that Jane Doe makes.
                          6.   How to make fabric origami ornaments kit
                          7.   Japanese mascot/stuffie books
                          8.  A surprise!

                          For inspiration:

                          Thanks in advance to anyone who picks me!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: curlygirl51 on August 03, 2006 04:10:17 PM
                          Hello my name is sami and I live in southeast Georgia. My birthday was August 2nd and I turned 18. Wooo. So anyway im in the theater and I love music. My favorite bands are Cake, the Beatles, Abba, the Who, and Queen. My favorite musical is Hairspray. I like ska music and pandas. Also my favorite color is green any shade. So ya.. Here is my list you cool kids.

                          -a double light switch plate/and or up to 7 electrical outlet covers of the beatles. Cause my room is becoming yellow submarine themed
                          -sheer yellow curtains
                          -a hairspray the musical bag
                          -any ariguruami animal, panda preferred.
                          - a panda hat
                          -shrinky dink something, really strange
                          -an afghan or throw
                          -weird fabrics like buff men or lobster, ect
                          - some cool type of purse
                          -any thing ABBA
                          - something from rocky horror picture show
                          - any size 10 shoe revamped, I can walk in almost any type of shoe
                          -cool hair chopsticks
                          -weird earrings
                          -crazy jewelry
                          -a nice long scarf
                          -some kind of jewelry holder for earings and or necklaces
                          -funky pillows
                          - theater stuff like drama masks
                          -a surprise thanks joolz i cant wait

                          Thanks a bunchs

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: Cookies on August 04, 2006 01:13:55 PM
                          Hey everybody!  I'm Angela, and I live in Illinois.  My birthday is August 17th, and I'm turning....30.  Here's my list.

                          Crafty Stuff:

                          -A purse or tote bag.  Pretty much any style, I love purses and bags.  Even a smaller zippered bag or coin purse would be awesome. Thanks mishmish!

                          -A new pendant for a necklace.  I like art glass, bottle caps, resin, stuff like that.  I usually wear pendants on a black cord, and I like to have several so I can just slip the one I'm in the mood for on the cord!

                          -An iPod cozy, case, whatever you call those things.  I've got a 5th generation, the one with video, so most of the cases you can buy at the stores are just a teensy bit too small.  Something sturdy/protective would be nice, but not necessary.  Would be cool if there was a place to keep the earphones too.

                          -Handmade soap or bath products.  Or lip balms.  I like natural stuff (oatmeal, almond, etc) or food scents (chocolate, cherry, vanilla, etc).  Just NOT peach or green apple, I really don't like those two.

                          -A big comfy stenciled (or otherwise decorated) teeshirt to sleep in.  I wear an XL, so a 2X or 3X would be ideal.  I can point you to some stencils online that I like, or you can just surprise me.

                          Crafty Supplies:

                          -Embroidery stuff!  I'd love more patterns - anything cute, odd, retro, etc.  Just not old lady ones.  Iron-ons are good, but photocopies or patterns/clipart that you find online and print out are great too.  I'd love to have another iron-on transfer pencil - mine is purple, and transfers as a pale pink, so I just can't see it!  Something a bit darker would be good.  I can always use embroidery thread too.  Any colors, I'd even love to have your leftovers, as long as the pieces are at least a yard long. Thanks mishmish!

                          -Fabric!  I'm wanting to make a patchwork baby quilt, so any cute nursery prints would be great.  Boy or girl or gender-neutral, but I'd like to stay away from licensed characters as much as possible.  Except maybe Classic Pooh.  Any other fabric that is bright, funky, interesting, etc would be welcome too, so I can make things for myself!

                          -This may sound dumb, but I'd love it if someone could print out some of the craft projects I've saved and send them to me.  Our printer quit, and I don't know when we'll be able to get a new one.  I can email you the files I want printed, or direct you to websites with the stuff I want...Most of it can be printed in black & white, and even if you can only do a couple pages, I'd appreciate it. Thanks jesintexas!

                          And Finally:

                          -A SURPRISE!  I love surprises.  I love pretty much anything.  Just knowing that somebody cared enough to send me something makes me feel good.  :)

                          More about me:
                          Like I said, I'm turning 30. I live at home, so I pretty much feel like a loser most of the time.  I have depression and anxiety and take a lot of meds for that and for other things.  I'm not married and don't even have a boyfriend.  I've got an 8 year old son, and I sort of have a cat (she lives at the cemetary that my grandpa takes care of, we needed a cat there, and I can't have a cat here at home.)
                          Things I LIKE: Harry Potter, cats, jellyfish, pink, red & black, black & white, 70's style things, stories about ghosts & hauntings, the Golden Girls, Law & Order, Hello Kitty, jewelry, Neopolitan ice cream colors (pink,brown, & white), anything Mexican or Asian, candy & snacks.....
                          Things I DON'T LIKE: naked people, offensive language (I have a child, have to be careful about things!), guns, green apple & peach (scents and flavors), tea, coffee, getting old....

                          I sure hope someone picks me!  But even if you don't, that's okay, I appreciate that you took the time to read my list!  :)  Have a great day!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: summerthyme on August 04, 2006 03:55:58 PM
                          My birthday is August 8th.  I'll be 19! 

                          My wishlist:

                          1. A messanger bag for school.  I am a university student, and therefore have very heavy books.  I've been using the same bag since the tenth grade, and am afraid the bottom is going to rip out any day now, lol.

                          2. Any sort of purse or tote.  I love bags but never seem to buy/make them. danfreek22, I'm ridiculously excited about this!!!

                          3. A handmade journal.  Or handpainted journal.  Or any sort of journal, really :)

                          4.  Jewelry.  I have sensitive skin though, so non-precious metals give me a rash.  If you make me something, just let me know what it's made out of, because I can always cover it with clear nail polish :)

                          5. Any sorts of bath and body products.  I love vanilla, lavender and minty scents.

                          6. Knitting needles and instructions on how to knit!  I'd really like to learn. Thanks Avril222, I'm looking forward to receiving this! :D

                          7. A wallet.  Mine is 938745435 years old and falling apart.

                          8. Any neat shoes size US 6.5.

                          9. Any neat dorm decorations, preferably with a '50s retro theme.

                          10.  Funny shirts.  I really like the tees at threadless (, so that kinda gives you an idea of my tastes.

                          11.  Neat little notecards.

                          12.  Something to keep my beads organized in.

                          13.  Craft supplies - vintage or vintage inspired buttons or old jewelry.

                          14.  A SLEEP MASK - I've had a hard time falling to sleep lately, most specifically because my windows don't seem to block out the moon/streelights very much.  A sleep mask would be wonderful.

                          15.  A SUPRISE!

                          My name is Summer, and I am a sophomore at Appalachian State University.  This means I get to go to school only 15 minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which I find to be very spectactular :)  I am currently majoring in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, and I love it.  I love clothes and sewing (though I'm not very good at it... getting better though!).  I also really like painting and am currently getting very into making jewelry, particularly with vintage buttons.  I wear a size small (or US 4) top.

                          My wist -

                          Colors: My favorite is green, but I'm a fan of most saturated colors.  I don't really care for pastels though.

                          Likes:  Vintage/retro themed items, journals, bright colors, stars, plaid and argyle, knee socks, vertical stripes,  scarves, indie rock, pirates, animals (particularly the majestic hippopatomus and squids), various sea creatures, the beach, and sunflowers

                          Dislikes:  pastel colors, rhinestones, too much glitter, and clothes that say "Princess" or "hottie" or stuff like that.

                          And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW AUGUST BABIES!  :D

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: SlyGrimalkin on August 06, 2006 06:18:03 PM
                          Hello! I'm Bristol, I live in Michigan. My birthday is August 28th and I'll be 24.

                          This is my wishlist:

                          - anything gothy- jewelry, hair stuff ( I have really long hair)
                          - Shirts- size xl
                          - The Chicken Viking Hat! I wish I knew how to knit....
                          - tote bags or big purses
                          - I like anything that smells like lavender
                          - anything on my wists (
                          - and of course suprises! Thanks Gougeaway! I can't wait to see what you send!
                          - recipe book- like a bound journal type thing to hold recipes.
                          - a quote book- a bound book to hold interesting quotes

                          - I have a black cat, Lucifera, so anything for her would be nice.

                          My favorite colors are black, dark red, any dark jewel tone color. I like bats, black cats and koalas. I read a lot. I love horror and vampire movies. I love the Hannibal Lecter movies!

                          Thank you for looking at my list!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: TheWorldFamous on August 06, 2006 07:19:15 PM
                          Hello!  I'm Gen from New Jersey.  My b-day is the 29th and I'll be turning 18...finally.  Also, I'm leaving for college the 26th, so if you're crafting for me, and you don't think the package will get to me by then, contact me for my college address.

                          1)  I have a wist, and anything from there or inspired by it would be wonderful.  The link is in my signature.
                          2)  FLAIR!  In English, pins and buttons I can but on my vest for work.
                          3)  Any cute fabric.
                          4)  A bag strong enough to carry my books for college.
                          5)  A pair of knee high socks (if possible, striped teal, purple, and grey?  pretty please?)
                          6)  A shirt with one of the following people (And don't be heartbroken if I want to recon. it.  I do that with some t-shirt):  Billy Joel, Jim Morrison, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Michelle Gellar, or James Marsters (Spike from Buffy).
                          7)  My difficult wish:  A shirt with a picture of Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, the movie version) touching the lake, and the quote "And it would be a wonderland" under it.
                          8 )  I just got a new haircut and am in desperate need of hair clips and cute bobby pins.
                          9)  A Mr. Dangly (there's a link to the pattern on my wist)  I love the little guy!  I'm trying to get an army of them so they can take over the world.
                          10)  Anything to decorate my dorm.  My theme is Alice in Wonderland (I got Alice bedsheets and a comforter), so really, anything you can think of that won't really bother my roommate (like a mushroom that 50 feet wide and will wipe out her bed or something)
                          11)  I'm going to Mansfield University, and I was hoping to get a knit hat with earflaps with Mansfield on it in my school colors (red, black, and white).
                          12)  Any knit hat with earflaps (no kitty ears, please!)
                          13)  Paper, and possibly a nice place to put it to keep it looking nice (like a cool folder, maybe?)  I got an awesome kit to make my own stationary, so I want to do a whole bunch.
                          14)  Something to cheer me up on my birthday.  Classes start on my birthday, and it depresses me.  I want a box with things in it to cheer me up what I can't open until my birthday. 
                          15)  My b/f always needs t-shirts.  He's a size 3x, and he's quite a funny guy.  Any fat jokes would be good, but if you have just a funny quote, that would be cool, too.  Or, if you could make him a Mega Man shirt with something rediculous, that would be great, too.  Or a shirt the relates to him needing theropy because his g/f is always on craftster!
                          16)  White wool yarn.  I got a wool dying kit and want to dye more yarn.
                          17)  A learn to spin yarn kit.  That would be great!
                          18)  Felted soap.  I don't like anything flavored orange, grape, coconut, or lavander.
                          19)  A learn to felt soap kit.   ;D
                          20)  Homemade lipbalm or  lip gloss.  I'd like something fruity, but not orange or grape.
                          21)  A cute cuff or bracelet.
                          22)  Your specialty if you think it's something I'll enjoy
                          23)  A pair of post earrings.  I can't wear hooks until Jan.  Thanks, Cookies!
                          25)  Patches!  I have a patch collection
                          26)  Acrylic/ Fabric paint, and maybe some textile median?  I realize my collection of paint is limited to green, purple, red, orange, blue and yellow.  Yeah, no PINK!  but I can make pink... whatever.  I need some crazy shades of paint.
                          27)  Something to hold this paint in, along with my paintbrushes.
                          28)  A "I hate Walmart" shirt.  If you put a list of reasons why you personally hate Walmart (even if you shop there.  I work there and love to buy things there, but they piss me off so bad!), that would be histerical!
                          29)  Any shirt with a funny quote on it. 
                          30)  Handpuppets... I love handpuppets!
                          and 31)....

                          A SURPRISE!  I love surprises

                          Ok, so about me.  I'm 17 going on 18, and I live in Jersey.

                          Likes:  Teal, Teal/Purple combo, Teal/purple/grey combo, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, the 60's or anything 60's inspired, anything from the Victorian-era-ish, butterflies, fish, dancing with myself, Outlaw Star, Billy Joel, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Lifehouse, and running with scissors
                          Dislikes:  The colors pink, orange, and yellow, anything that resembles or smells like poop, 26 year old males trying to get in my pants, especially now that I'm going to be 18 and am going to college (GROSS!), Walmart for making no sense, Uncle Rico ruining all of our lives and eating all of our steak, dancing with myself, diet soda, and anything in bad taste.
                          Sizes:  T-shirts and wifebeaters - L.  ANy other kind of shirt - XL.  Shoe - 11 womens, 10 mens.  Wrist - 7.25 in.
                          I do like other colors besides Teal, Purple, and Grey, in case you made something and it matches with what I wished for, but it's not in my favorite colors.  I just don't like pink, orange, or yellow.  I'm easy going.  I'm going to college to take up space (I'm going undecided).  Any other questions, don't be afraid to PM me.  I can't eat you through the computer, unfortunatly. 

                          And Thank you in advanced for picking me!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: KristyGuna on August 09, 2006 03:55:11 PM
                          Hey all!  It's about time I posted my list, so here I go.  My birthday is August 26th and I'll be 27.

                          DIY Kits
                          - Marble magnet kit
                          - Kanzashi flower kit (cherry blossom?)
                          - Microscope slide jewelry kit (I already have a solder iron)
                          - Shrinkie Dink kit
                          - Crochet granny square kit
                          - T-shirt stencling kit

                          Craft Supplies
                          - Handspun yarn in bright colors
                          - Knitting needles or crochet hooks embelleshed on the ends
                          - Funky stitch markers Thank you danderson!  You rock my world :)
                          - A sewing box ( I just started sewing again, and this box from my 4-H days is falling apart)
                          - anything that will help me sew in a straight line
                          - funky pin cushions
                          - Hello kitty or pet related patterns and books

                          Jewelry (necklaces, pendants, earings, bracelets, pins)
                          - made from transistors, ram, electronics, like electronics Thanks subdefective!  I am sssssOOOOOOoooo excited and you are ssssssOOOOOOoooo awesome :)
                          - Cherry blossom jewelry
                          - Skulls
                          - typewriter or scrabble jewelry
                          - PINK

                          Miscellaneous Crafty Stuff
                          - Some snazzy headbands in retro inspired fabric (check the wists), large enough to cover my heeuuuge irish head
                          - An apron, so I can get my cook on in style
                          - Anything with the Sublime stitching dachshunds on it
                          - Anything for my two mini doxies, Sybil and Ruby
                          - Any Chicago related crafts (I'm a recent transplant and a cubs fan, sorta)
                          - Anything girly geek chic

                          And of course.... A SURPRISE!!! I Loooove surprises :)

                          So who wants all this stuff anyway?
                          Hello!  I'm a girl of many interests, but by day I get paid by being a technology manager at a non-profit where I live in Chicago, IL.  By night, I'm a grad student at DePaul University, majoring in Information Systems.  When I'm not doing that stuff, I spend much of my time with my partner, Tom and my two precious doggies, Sybil and Ruby, mostly walking up and down the stairs of our 3rd floor walkup on the northside (Lincoln square REPRESENT!). I'm always looking for ways to combine my extreme geekiness, feminist and liberal political leanings.  I like cool pastel colors but Pink is my favorite.  As a woman in a male dominated field, pink is a very empowering color for me and I wear it almost daily.  I also enjoy 50's kitsch, japanese patterns, cherry blossoms, skulls, mod, hello kitty, anime, video games, math, things in binary, building networks, writing code, troubleshooting servers, open source, my pink Ipod, organic, fair-trade coffee from independant coffee houses, microbrew and belgian beer, scotch, a good martini, indie music and film, obscure movie references, and other things that do not suck.  I do not like 'the man' or the establishment, brown, orange, harvest gold, avacado (the color), hair in my face, housework, Kountry Krafts, narrow minds, and talking about myself.

                          Happy birthday to all of us August kids, and thanks for reading my self-aggrandizing post.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: marmalade bombs on August 10, 2006 07:35:01 PM
                          Hi! I'm Christina and my birthday was August 3rd. I turned 24, sadly if you want to send me wrinkle cream and Depends, that would be much appreciated. I am obsessed with the following items:

                          + A hot pink felted squid or octopus (or red and baby pink) or an amigurumi one if there's a pattern!
                          + i saw this really cute knitted R2D2 beanie on here (i'll post a link later) and my husband and i collect star wars
                          + weird fabric, retro fabric, cool graphic fabric (i like almost anything from alexander henry btw)
                          + pencil skirt! like the ones that zombie kitten makes! pm for sizing info.
                          + zip hoodie made from a thrift store tee shirt (long sleeves's gonna get cold eventually!)
                          + anything traditional tattoo related like a plaque, painting, necklace, patch etc
                          + a socktopus! or if you're ambitious, a sweatertopus.
                          + knitted pincusion of some kind. cupcake, sushi, etc thanks, moonlightbliss33!
                          + cute hair clips but no bobby pins because my hair is very fine and they won't stay in
                          + anything made of obnoxiously bright oilcloth, like a checkbook cover or makeup bag
                          + cloth pads (they need to be long because i'll be using them to sleep in only. sleeping w/ tampon=BAD)
                          + long shot: CHICKEN VIKING HAT! i long to call down the thunder!
                          + TIPS ON SETTING UP AT CRAFT SHOWS FROM AN EXPERIENCED PERSON (pleeease?)
                          + a pinstriped panel
                          + surprise me!! yay! thanks, ironic!

                          I LIKE: robots, dinosaurs, hearts, catholic imagery, FOOD WITH FACES!!, thomas the tank engine, repeating graphic patterns, hello kitty, fire trucks, french pop, psychobilly, frankenstein, sailor tattoos, loteria, dick and jane, the art of Niagra, the art of Mitch O'Connell, hot rods
                          I DISLIKE: floral print, anything hippie-ish, anything with fairies, "shabby chic", lace, pastel colors, high falutin' ways, bad manners

                          I live in Richmond, VA (recently moved from the Tri Cities area of TN) with my heavily tattooed husband and three cats. Elvis, Lucky, and Puddin' (the cats) are fickle and won't play with anything that doesn't have catnip in it so that's why I didn't include them on my list. I am currently working at a Starbucks and will be returning to VCU in the spring to take many many crafts courses. I don't know you, but I love you.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: ironic on August 14, 2006 07:38:50 PM
                          Hey you all!!! I hope every one is gonna have a great birthday!
                          um I’m 15 going to be 16, on the 16th lol.  im from rogue river oregon. I like dark colors and themes. Nutin frilly and stuff. I’d like anything unique and  fun. And thanks ahead of time.
                          Any shirt with a funny quote on it.  Size xl
                          Magician,fantasy or knight themes stuff
                          A messanger bag strong enough to carry my books for school
                          A handmade journal
                          Fingerless gloves thanks esmeralda[
                          A funky cuff
                          A cool hoodie size xxl
                          any Amigurumi Animals
                          crazy jewelry
                          rock and roll music
                          dark side stuff from star wars
                          An illusion scarf with  um skulls, fire, cats, and stuff
                          a tutu
                          pirate stuff
                          gloomy night themes
                          cool knitted beanie
                          a surprise
                          thanks for taking the time to read all this. And happy birthday to you august babies!!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 15, 2006 08:02:23 PM
                          OK--I am back from vacation and getting back to the routine!!  Please PM me if the first page is not correct, or if you need addresses, etc. I appreciate everyone's patience and I can't wait to see the gallery!!

                          Yipee!!  The goodies are coming in--and there is still two more weeks to select, craft, or join in the fun--is this all the August babies on craftsters? C'mon, people!!

                          Time to celebrate a special group of babies--AUGUST!!!!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: Sew Its For You on August 17, 2006 06:45:37 AM
                          Hi Craftsters!

                          Well my name is Julie and my b-day is August 27th.  I have decided to go backwards in years so..I will be 12 this year..HA.  I will actually be 32.  I live in Tarpon Springs, Florida with my Husband Dan.  He is from England so we love British things especially sweets and tacky london souveniers... I like to wear black a lot, not a huge fan of pink or super girly stuff.  I like to embroider things, read, listen to music, watch Project Runway...
                           Anywho here is a list of things I'd like..

                          1. Anything off my wists
                          Thanks Esmerelda!!

                          2. cool rubber stamps ( ones that are different that what we usually find at craft stores)

                          3. fabric remnants

                          4. unique wrapping paper ( full or partial pieces(
                          5. maybe a book on how to sew

                          6. tote bag

                          7. anything Johnny Depp, Jason Statham, Nightmare Before X-mas, or John Cusack themed stuff

                          8. love Shag and pop artists ie. Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein

                          9. color or black and white photos that are different

                          10. DIY kits

                          11. recipes

                          12. interesting books/magazines, I like to read

                          13. Cadbury Chocolate (even though my rear end doesn't need it)Thanks Esmerelda
                          14. coin purse

                          15. mix tape/cd-big fan of the 80's or check out my myspace to see bands I like..

                          16. mediums to embroider on..

                          17. Surprise me....

                          Thanks to anyone who chooses me!!  Happy b-day to us!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 17, 2006 11:53:50 AM
                          IT'S OFFICIAL!!!  Thanks to all of you awesome craftsters, each August birthday baby has been selected to receive a gift!!!

                          AWESOME JOB EVERYBODY!!

                          Special thanks to our non-August craftsters (may the crafting goddesses be with you!!)! and, how about a special pat on the back to our very crafty August babies that have chosen to craft for their fellow birthday pals!!?


                          But, remember, more than one gift can be sent, so if you are still feeling a little crafty and have not been celebrating too much this month  ;), go ahead and keep on selecting--I am sure no one is going to say "don't send me another gift" ha ha ha

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: aura_reincarnation on August 17, 2006 12:26:18 PM
                          Happy Birthday to Cookies! 8)

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: danderson on August 19, 2006 08:46:14 PM
                          OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I totally just deleted my list by accident...I was trying to edit it, and I'm apparently sitting too far away from my TV (which is my monitor as well)...silly me...

                          Hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting it again...
                          Hello!!!  I'm Danielle, and I turned 24 on August 9th.  I live in Alberta, Canada.  I would love any of the following!! 

                          1. A sock monkey!!  I'd love to have a good old fashioned sock monkey...I really would!
                          2. Some handknit socks...I can't knit (well, I can...kind of...and not well by any means!!)
                          3. A scarf, mitten and hat set for the upcoming winter!! (It's cold here in the winter...really cold!!)
                          4. I would love you forever if you made me this sweater: (Yeah yeah...keep Email for measurements...
                          5. Handspun yarn would be awesome!!  Anything soft and snuggly...
                          6. This teddy bear!!
                          7. Handmade for scent preferences!
                          8. A baby sized quilt...I love quilts, and you can never have enough little ones for the baby!!  heehee...
                          9. A mixed paper swap journal
                          10. Any of the tote bags on my wist
                          11. Some slippers!!  I'd love a pair of knit toes are always cold!
                          12. A crochet hook roll...I am currently using a ziploc baggy!!!  How sad is that...I'd really like a sewn one...
                          13. A surprise!

                          I have a son, evan, who is about 6.5 months old and who I love to bits!  He's my life!  Ive been married to my husband for a bit more than a year now, and we recently moved into our cute LITTLE house (emphasis on LITTLE!).  I am educated as a mechanical engineer, but in my last semester I decided that I never want to be an I finished my degree, got my iron ring, and that's about all I want to do with engineering for the rest of my!! 

                          In my (limited) spare time, I enjoy crocheting, reading, walking, skiing, and spending more than a healthy amount of time on the computer.  I love dogs, and we're hopefully getting a Shiba Inu in November this year (the puppies are due next month).  I like monkeys, and giraffes and fish...I don't really have a particular shape that's my favorite...I love teals, greens and browns together, and I like orange, and red, and blue as well...(I like most colours...not a big pink fan though...).

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 19, 2006 08:56:32 PM
                          No problem danderson!!  I have done similar things with PM's and posts myself--partially because I have very poor eyesight and secondly because I am such a dork, ha ha!!  It happens....

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: MoonLightbliss33 on August 19, 2006 08:58:51 PM
                          this swap is soo great--cant wait for march

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 19, 2006 09:01:15 PM
                          ha ha--me too--I am a March baby!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: flying_babyb on August 19, 2006 10:35:57 PM
                          Im just thrilled to have gotten picked. I was so sad thinking I wouldnt.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 20, 2006 03:02:45 PM
                          flying babyb--HA HA--I just got finished taking a pic of what I am sending you--it is leaving tomorrow!!

                          Everybody has been picked once again thanks to awesome craftsters!!

                          Just keep on sending out good vibes everyone....and make sure to let me know when you send and receive!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: SonjaBoo on August 20, 2006 03:22:38 PM
                          March, eh?  I will have to get crackin' on something special for the birthday hostess! :D

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: danderson on August 20, 2006 11:21:36 PM
                          I would like to claim KristyGuna for funky stitch markers...  :)

                          Happy birthday fellow August baby!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: pixelpusher on August 26, 2006 10:07:16 PM
                           :oLate starter!! :o

                          Hi guys!! I am jumping in late, sorry!!  I hope someone picks me even thought I am SOO late... I am just comingback to craftster  after a too-long hiatus concentrating on baby. :)
                          A little about me:
                          I had my 28th birthday on August 17th.  I am a new mommy to my beautiful baby girl, Katelyn who is almost 5 months old.  She is my world! I havn't really crafted much since she was born...and I miss it! :/  I work part time from home for the coolest company in the world, Apple Computer.  I am a big geek, and am into technology and all things Apple of course.  :D  I knit and sew and would like to start a scrapbook for Katelyn.  I have zero experience and zero scrapping supplies though. I am probably going to be moving from sunny FL to somewhere inthe midwest, so I will need some warmies!!! Colors I like: purple, green, blue, grey... I like brown and pink together, and turqouise and brown together too.  I like plaid alot, but have been into a polka dot thing lately too... I love the styles of the 1920s through mid-century.  OK Ok... list time....

                          Cute, decorated onesies or shirts for Katelyn, sz 6-9mos or bigger
                          (I REALLY want a onesie that says "My mommy rocks!" on it...)
                          Cute burpcloths
                          handmade stuffed toys that are baby safe (knitted ones would be awesome!)
                          Short bits colorful yarn to make a Kate from
                          baby leggings like these ( (kinda like knee socks with no feet)
                          SWAT TEAM kitty!!!  Either the pattern or a finished one would be great
                          a pretty nursing necklace (one that I could wear all the time, not with kiddy beads)
                          anything else that you think my little sweet pea needs :)
                          Scrapbooking stuff that would be suitable for a baby scrapbook (pinks and browns, findings, whatever else you put into a scrapbook lol)
                          Scrapbooking tips and how-tos!!!
                          knitted gloves
                          knitted anything to keep me warm in the cold winters I havn't experienced yet hehe
                          felted cloche (like on my wists)or even a pattern for one
                          yarn to make the headband on my wist (this is just a leeetle bit o' yarn!!)
                          anything from my wist
                          and of course I would love a surprise!!
                          thankyou to anyone who is willing to send a little crafty love my way for my almost last birthday!! (no birthdays after 29!! LOL)

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on August 27, 2006 07:45:31 PM
                          AUGUST BIRTHDAY BABIES!!!

                          Please remember to let me know when you send/receive thank you cards!!  This affects feedback in this swap and people want to get updated asap to join more swaps!!

                          Please check page 1 for any mistakes--I had a couple of computer blips that might not have saved my updates!! Thanks for making this an awesome swap so far!!

                          Wonderful communication and wonderful gallery postings!! Keep up the good work--the swap will be ending in 5 days except for shipping and for sending/receiving thank you's!!

                          Anybody interested in organizing the September Swap?  If not, I think I will be able to do it again!! ha ha--Do I love birthday swaps or what??

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: Strutter on August 27, 2006 07:48:30 PM
                          AUGUST BIRTHDAY BABIES!!!

                          Please remember to let me know when you send/receive thank you cards!!  This affects feedback in this swap and people want to get updated asap to join more swaps!!

                          Please check page 1 for any mistakes--I had a couple of computer blips that might not have saved my updates!! Thanks for making this an awesome swap so far!!

                          Wonderful communication and wonderful gallery postings!! Keep up the good work--the swap will be ending in 5 days except for shipping and for sending/receiving thank you's!!

                          Anybody interested in organizing the September Swap?  If not, I think I will be able to do it again!! ha ha--Do I love birthday swaps or what??

                          You rock!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: aura_reincarnation on August 27, 2006 11:28:20 PM
                          I got my item but with me sick I havent posted about it yet. I will get a ty out asap and a pic posted!  ;)

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: CraftyMammy on August 30, 2006 04:42:36 AM
                          I would like to send something to Pixelpusher a little something for Katelyn, hope this is ok? :)

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap
                          Post by: CraftyMammy on August 30, 2006 10:58:01 AM
                          I know this is REALLY late but I had to wait til today :)


                          Anything for a baby girl suitable for 1yo upwards.
                          Jewlery earring hooks
                          shrinky dinks
                          anything with animals
                          anything with food
                          any clothing in size US 10/UK 12
                          Tote bag
                          Sock Monkey
                          Suprise me!!

                          I am turning 21!! I live in Spain. :)

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on September 02, 2006 05:50:28 PM
                          OK ladies--a little reminder to please let me know when you send a gift, receive a gift, send a thank you, and receive a thank you!!

                          Please make this swap go smooth and fast by keeping me informed!!


                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on September 05, 2006 07:57:57 PM
                          Well, ladies--afraid that we might have a flaker.  You can see that the same person has missed three deadlines and has not responded to my PM's. 

                          I hate to make the girls expecting gifts wait so if anyone wants to angel from this thread, please let me know.  Otherwise, I will post in the angel thread!!

                          YAY!! All three angels have been found!!

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on September 08, 2006 01:41:58 PM
                          Friendly reminder birthday swappers--please let me know when you receive thank you's so i can update feedback quickly!!

                          Thanks--we should be wrapping up this swap next week as far as sending (except for the angels!!)..

                          hang in there everyone!  I am so happy to see everyone getting and sending wonderful items!!


                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: Strutter on September 13, 2006 11:14:49 AM
                          i got my thank you letter from gougeaway

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on September 16, 2006 07:39:41 AM
                          OK AUGUST BABIES!!

                          Help me wrap up this swap soon as I want to join another swap!!

                          Send out your thank you's and don't forget to let me know when you receive them.  I will be forced to give negative feedback for poor communication if I don't get any responses to my private PM's to you!!

                          I have PM'd a few of you for status--please let me know by early next week what is happening--we had one flaker and I do not want anymore as I hate giving negative feedback and taking away swapping privileges!!!


                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on September 22, 2006 08:44:11 AM
                          OK--all packages have been shipped except for angel packages!!

                          Good job ladies!!  Please remember to post when you receive and thank your swapping buddy!!

                          Also, please let me know when you send and receive thank you's--I will give negative feedback if I don't get this info (hey, part of the swap rules!!)


                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: Strutter on September 26, 2006 09:00:46 AM
                          i received a thank you card from Frogz.

                          Title: Re: August 2006 Birthday Month Swap--moved to CLOSED SWAPs
                          Post by: alwaysinmyroom on October 10, 2006 07:44:11 PM
                          LAST CHANCE:  Please everyone, review the first page and let me know what has to be updated...I need answers on those thank you cards!!

                          I know I have missed some PM's and I apologize--I may have given some of you Positives based on those PM's and not what is on page 1--please help me--

                          I also need an angel for pixelpusher--a situation came up and the person who was going to send to her is not able to meet her obligation at this time for a fairly good reason, so, please, if anyone wants to send a baby goodie to pixelpusher, I would appreciate it and so would she!!