Zombie Attack!

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cheerleader I’m just sitting here writing articles and wondering what to have for lunch. Soup? Meh. Fish sticks? I dunno…maybe tomorrow. A nice salad? Nah, that doesn’t sound good. Wait, I know…


doll plate quilt
hanky apron shoes

Zombies have taken over Craftster!! From the Simon Pegg and Zombie swaps to the many, many zombie crafts on all of the boards, it’s clear they are here to stay. You may want to start building your bunker now, or at least craft a handy Zombie Defense Station!

defense station stitched bear
makeup tute pony painting
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  1. mumbot says:

    Love those shoes!

  2. endlessly_intricate says:

    Ahh! Zombies! I made my sister a Zombie attack gun for her birthday last week and I’m now inspired to post it.

  3. batgirl says:

    Oh, yes! Please post it! I want to see it! 🙂