Witchy Women

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Now that it’s October, there’s an abundance of witchy women showing up around town, and rightly so. With Halloween on its way, witches are popping up all over the place, especially here on Craftster.

This witch wears a wonderful stripey skirt, and carries a black cat named “Soot”. MissingWillow included all sorts of great details in this primitive doll.

pottermouth created a rat drawn cart for this little witch to ride in. Glad she packed her pumpkins!
Mistress Jennie made a set of portraits of the witches of Harry Potter. she included several 3D elements to help the portraits “move”.
This cross stitch of Early Witches by kittykill highlights some well known witches of 1692.


She’s small but mighty! This tiny witch by cmarion3 stands less than 3″ tall. She still manages to look pretty wicked, though!

There’s a coven of witches flying around the pages of Craftster this time of year. Click on the tag “witch” to see them all!


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  1. Mistress Jennie says:

    I love all the witchy goodness!

  2. pottermouth says:

    Me too!

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